Bird Song sculptures by Gordon Young

Scattered throughout the cemetery are a number of artworks by Gordon Young, on the subject of bird song. Each sculpture gives the song of one of the birds that you can hear in the cemetery, and a poem or verse about that bird. The sculptures are made of different types of stone, each one with its own history. There are perching places for birds (high enough up for cats not to get the birds!), and at the top of each, a groove to fill with water for the birds to drink.

'Dove' is a bench, and is the tree that used to be outside Holy Trinity in Cambridge City centre. It had to be cut down because it was too close to the War Memorial shelter. Holy Trinity used the Mill Road cemetery, as did other churches in central Cambridge.

Each sculpture has its bird name prominentally on it, and you can see them below, except for Blackbird (that name is on the other side of the artwork). Gordon Young himself is in that photo, standing next to his artwork.

There is a map showing locations at the bottom of the page.

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Dove by Gordon Young
Crow by Gordon Young Gold Finch by Gordon Young Robin by Gordon Young Blackbird by Gordon Young
House Sparrow by Gordon Young Song Thrush by Gordon Young

Map of Birdsong by Gordon Young

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