About my interactive webpages

How to use these webpages

Some of my webpages are interactive. This means that you don't just read the webpage, you type or click on the mouse and the webpage responds to you. These interactive webpages are written in Javascript. This means that the program is physically part of the webpage. Nothing has to be downloaded, or saved, or loaded. You go to the webpage, which only takes a short time to load, read the instructions on that webpage as to how to use it, and start straight away.

Printing or saving an end result

May of my pages allow you to make designs online. You might wish to keep what you have designed. Unfortunately, you cannot save the picture you see in the usual way.

The easiest way to preserve the picture is to print the whole webpage (with the Print button, or via File/Print...).

If you wish to save the picture onto your own computer, press the 'Print Scrn' key on the keyboard. This will copy the contents of the current screen to the clipboard. Go into any Paint program (or some word processors) and paste it in. You will find that you have the whole of the screen, but you can cut out your own work and paste it to a new file, which you can save or print.

Saving the webpage to work offline

You might find it useful to be able to save a webpage on your own computer, so you can use it offline (when not connected to the internet). It might work faster, and if you pay for internet connect time, then it will save you money.

Save a webpage by doing the following: To use the webpage:

Remember this will only save one webpage. You cannot move from one webpage to another via the links.

Unfortunately this method of saving won't work for the following programs. To save these, click on the relevant zip file to download.

WebpagesZipped files
Roman board game zipped Roman board game website
Probability - tossing coins
Probability - throwing dice
zipped probability website
Solid shapes and their nets zipped solid shapes and their nets website
Find the Apostrophe zipped apostrophe website
Unicorn zipped unicorn website
Big Unicorn zipped big unicorn website
Lion and antelope simulation zipped lion and antelope simulation website
Solitaire board game zipped solitaire website
Gaps Patience zipped patience website
Identify Countries zipped maps website
Lace website zipped lace website
Lace website zipped numbers website

You will need
Winzip to unzip and save the files.
To use, go into My Computer or Windows Explorer, go to the folder where you saved it and double click on a file ending with '.htm'

When the webpage doesn't work

Unfortunately some of these webpages might not work for all computers. They use Javascript, which is sometimes turned off. Some may use features of Javascript which work under modern Internet Explorer, but not under Mozilla or other browsers, or older browsers. I indicate on the webpages themselves if there are known problems. I apologise if you can't use the website.

If you have downloaded a page and it doesn't work, then it may be a known problem with Internet Explorer, which you can correct. Click here for details.

If you still have problems, then contact me (see index page).

So why have I written these webpages?

My name is Jo Edkins. I am a programmer, and I wish to learn Javascript. I have written many programs for my local school in other computer languages. Adapting these programs as webpages is an enjoyable challenge, and I would be very happy if anyone wishes to use the result. I would be particularly pleased if schools were to find these programs as useful for IT education as I have found in the past. Anyone may use these webpages, and save it on their own computers, and print it, and copy and distribute it round a school or other educational establishment or within a family, for free, without contacting me. I'd love to hear from you, of course (see index page). Anyone who makes money by copying and selling my webpages is breaking copyright law.

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