Ankh Ankh Ankh Ankh Ankh


Ankh Ankh Ankh Ankh Ankh
Amun - God of Creation
crowned with ostrich feathers

Amun was an important god, but there are no stories about him. He created all things. At the same time, he remained apart from creation, totally different from it, and fully independent from it. In fact, he was invisible, so you couldn't have a picture of him! However, if you called him Amun-Re, this allowed people to see him. Then he had a hat with ostrich feathers on, and like all gods with human heads, a beard. Re is another way of spelling Ra, the sun god.

Tutankhamun's name contains the name of Amun. It also contains the Ankh, which means Life. His name means "Long life to Amun."
The ankh was a very important amulet or magic charm. See how many ankhs you can find on this website!

ammonite Amun is sometimes spelled Ammon. The fossil ammonites are called after him, because his sacred animal is a ram, and ammonites are shaped like ram's horns.

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