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These puzzles are simple enough for anyone to try, but need some thinking to see how they work. They are based on logical thought rather than knowledge or memory or skill or arithmetic. They are also counter-intuitive (another way of saying that they're tricky!) Even if you can't work them out for yourself, once you know the trick, you can fool other people.

The goat, the wolf and the hay
Roll one coin round another
Do two people have the same birthday?
Dividing a circle into different bits
Colouring a map using only 4 colours
Draw 4 lines through the dots
Seven bridges of Konigsberg
Some sequences
The rabbit in the lake
The Monty Hall problem
What colour is the bear?
Where did the extra bit come from?
Weighing balls puzzle
The liar and the honest man
Rows of apple trees
Rice on a chess board
Knot the scarf
Dice that beat each other
Simple puzzles

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