Celia Elizabeth Dibblee (née Packe)

Daughter of Claudia Packe (née Barclay)
My mother - I am Joanna Edkins, writer of this website.

Husband and children
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Celia Elizabeth Dibblee (née Packe)


1922Celia Packe born
1946Marries John Frederick Dibblee dieshusband
1962Maj. Edward Alexander Packe diesfather
1973Claudia Packe diesmother
2005Celia Dibblee dies


Celia Dibblee's WRVS badge

During World War II, she worked as a VAD (see wartime experiences and her memoirs). She was a housewife while her children were at school, although she did some voluntary work for the WRVS (now known as the Royal Voluntary Service). In 1970, she trained as a teacher (and found the exams hard, since she had not done them since childhood!). She graduated in 1974, the same year as her daughter (me!), then became a Primary School teacher in Radford Semele for several years before retirement.

Husband and Children

Husband: In 1946, she married John Frederick Dibblee
Children: They had two children, me and my brother. We have both married and had children of our own, some of whom have married in turn, and are starting to produce the next generation. But this website is looking at the past, not the present or the future.