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English language

Parts of speechDo you know your nouns from your verbs, or your adverbs from your prepostitions? This webpage will show you what they are, with examples from well-known poems.
ApostrophesLots of people find apostrophes difficult. Here are some games to teach you where they should go, and should not go!
SentencesWhy have punctuation? A game to show why (and have some fun).

English literature

Quotes from ShakespeareThis game teaches you some well-known Shakespearean quotes by asking you to unscramble them.
Quotes from AntigoneAnother 'unscrambling quotes' game, this time for Antigone by Sophocles.
Shakespearean speechesSome of the most famous speeches in Shakespeare's plays.
Gospels from King James BibleThere is a lot of English literature which is influenced by the Authorised Version of the Bible, known as King James Bible. Here is a different way to see the Gospels. The four gospels are laid out, side by side, so you can see how they treat different episodes, and who covers what.
Quotations that I likeNeat quotes that make me smile, and perhaps think a little.
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Typing practiceMost writing now takes place using word processors, and for that, you need to be able to type. This game gives you practise in finding the letters on the keyboard. A complete beginner can acquire enough confidence to be able to tackle typing complete sentences without giving up in despair!
Robot alphabetThis is a game for very young children (of all ages!) You type in a letter and the robot does something. You can try typing at random, or figure out what the different letters do. It works a little like an old fashioned alphabet book, but based on adjectives and verbs rather than nouns (different actions). There are colours, directions, sizes, and actions.
Make words from lettersA common word game, but this version isn't timed, which makes it less frenetic.
Coded quotesDecode a quote!
Specific interactive text convertors for my own use, but anyone else is welcome to use it, if they want.


Convertor 1Various options
Convertor 2Convert captals to lower case on request