Gwydir Street in 1879 directory

Apologies if I have made any mistakes. The printing is sometimes hard to read!

Post Office directory of Cambridgeshire 1879

Edited by E.R. Kelly, M.A., F.S.S. Printed and published by Kelly and Co. Price to subscribers, eight shillings - non-subscibers, ten shillings (ten shillings would would be 50p in modern money).

The references are only to commercial people, and one person (a "gentleman") on the Cambridgeshire Court Directory. Unfortunately, in most cases the house number is not given - just 'Gwydir Street'. The street was renumbered sometime between 1878 and 1881. It used to be numbered from the Norfolk Street end sequentially on that side down to Mill Road, and then continued on the other side back to Upper Gwydir Street, which was next to the highest number. Now, like most streets (but not all!), it's numbered with odd numbers on the Norfolk Street side and even on the other side, starting from the Norfolk Street/Upper Gwydir Street end, with the highest numbers in both cases being at the Mill Road end. Frederick Bridges is at No. 87, while Sidney Strange, a beer retailer, has no house number. But on the 1904 directory, Sidney Strange, a publican, lives at 87. So this must be on the old house numbering. Perhaps if the renumbering was going on, most people didn't feel like giving their house number!

Cambridgeshire Court Directory

This begins with the following delightful sentence: In order to afford space for the address, the abbreviation "esq." for esquire has no longer been appended to each name in the "Court Directory". It should be understood that such should be added to the name of every gentleman in the following pages to which no inconsistent addition is affixed.

We only seem to have one gentleman in Gwydir Street at this time. He has an "inconsistent addition" of "Rev."

Rev. John Jull, Leicester House, Gwydir Street

Commercial directory

The Commercial directory is by surname and by trade. I have only given the references to Gwydir Street in the surname ordered directory, since the entries are the same in both.

Commerical (by surname)
Last nameFirst nameTradeHouse number
BridgesFrederickbaker87 Gwydir St
CarpenterWilliambutcherGwydir St
ClarkeJohnshopkeeper10 Gwydir St
CrossWilliambutcherGwydir St
EllwoodJamesbeer retailerGwydir St
ForsterFrancisAlexandra ArmsGwydir St
HeapEdwardchemistGwydir St
KeyEdwardshopkeeperGwydir St
OdellElijahgreengrocerGwydir St
PamphilonBrotherscarpentersGwydir St
PorterJamesGwydir ArmsGwydir St
StartJosephhosier36 Gwydir St
StrangeSidneybeer retailerGwydir St
WatsonHerbert JohnsongrocersGwydir St
WilderspinJohncarpenterGwydir St

Cambridgeshire Population in 1871

This was an interesting bit of this directory.

North Witchford15,585

Note that Chesterton was considered separate from Cambridge, which makes Cambridge about the same size as Newmarket and not much bigger than Ely. And look at Wisbech!

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