Maps of Gwydir Street

Modern maps

Open Street mapping
Satellite map from Google
Geological Survey map

Historic maps

Baker's map 1830
Dewhurst and Nichols's map 1840
OS map 1889

Satellite map

Open Street map of Gwydir Street

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Satellite map from Google

Google sattelite map of Gwydir Street

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Geological Survey map

There is a well or water borehole at the end of Gwydir Street - I presume either for Dale's Brewery or Bath House. There is a similar well/bore hole in Sturton Street, where Linton House now is. There used to be a brewery here. The Gault areas are clay, used for the original Cambridge bricks.

Geological Survey map of Gwydir Street

Historic Maps

Baker's Map of the University and Town of Cambridge 1830

This is before the railway was built. You can see Mill Road, Covent Garden, East Road and a few houses off East Road. Some of the Kite area is starting to get built up. Also note the Rope Walk. Some people may remember Simpers, selling rope, in roughly the same area, before it moved. Gwydir Street apparently used to be a field boundary.

Baker's map 1830 - Gwydir Street area

Cambridge 1840 by J. Dewhurst and W. Nichols

Gwydir Street still not built. There is a workhouse now on Mill Road. This has become Ditchburn Place (via the Maternity Hospital).

Dewhurst and Nichols's map 1840 - Gwydir Street area

Ordance Survey 6" to a mile map of Cambridge 1889

The railway has arrived, and the whole area now built.

OS map 1889 - Gwydir Street area

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