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A simple guide to JavaScript as a programming language inside webpages - (What is JavaScript?)

On the left, the JavaScript examples have the coding alongside. The HTML that you should know about already will be grey. (If you don't, go away and find out!) Literals and numbers in JavaScript will also be grey. There is some HTML which you may not know yet, which is needed for JavaScript. This will be green. JavaScript itself will be red. Names (which you make up for yourself) will be blue. You don't use this colouring when coding JavaScript, of course, it's just to make things clearer for you. You can copy any of this code to make your own webpages. I suggest that you use copy-and-paste so you don't forget any quotes or brackets - these are extremely important! Try changing bits of it to start making your own code.

Programming tips and debugging

JavaScript examples

Alphabetical index to website

Reserved words in JavaScript and HTML

Debugging page for curly brackets

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