My lace collection

I collect lace, from antique stalls and other places, and I have inherited some from relatives. These are not outstanding examples, but perhaps they may be of interest to lace collectors or lacemakers. I have given as much information as I know. I would be interested if anyone can tell me more. My email address is here - please note that I cannot identify or price other people's lace. I am not an expert.

Bobbin lace

Bobbin lace is made on a pillow, with bobbins holding the thread, and pins to space the pattern out. The bobbin lace below is sorted roughly into styles, but there is no guarantee of accuracy! Some of it is probably machine made, but it would be possible to make the patterns by hand.
Click here if you want to find out how bobbin lace is made.

English bobbin laceOther bobbin lace
Honiton lace Torchon lace
Bedfordshire lace edgings Maltese lace edgings and collars
Bedfordshire lace collars, etc. Maltese lace mats
Bedfordshire lace mats Cluny lace
Bedfordshire lace edged mats European lace
Other Bedfordshire lace pieces Bobbin tape lace
Bucks Point Other bobbin lace
Pieces made with lace
Other lace
Some of these lace is made by hand, and some by a mixture of methods.
Needle lace Crochet
Limerick lace Carrickmacross lace
Netted lace Mixed tape lace
Filet lace Drawn thread work
Sol lace Other crafts (tatting, knitting)

Machine lace
Difference between bobbin and machine-made lace
Chemical lace Broderie anglaise
Lace with different thicknesses of thread Cut machine lace
Machine lace with simple patterns Flowery machine lace
Embroidered lace Other machine lace
Barmen machine lace sample book from Le Puy

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