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Bobbin Lace patterns - Mazes - Introduction

Click here for maze patterns.

I am interested in mazes - see my mazes website.

My interest lies mostly in unicursal mazes. These are mazes without branches, with a single path winding to the centre. They have an ancient history. There are three main patterns:

Classical or Cretan maze, dating back to at least 1200BC. It appears on ancient pottery and coins, and is often used today. Click here for more on this.

Roman mazes, used in Roman mosaics. There are different designs. Click here for more on this.

Chartres maze, in Chartres cathedral, which was built in 1235 AD. This is a very attractive design, also widely used today. Click here for more on this.

Saffron Walden turf maze

There is a wonderful turf maze in Saffron Walden (a Chartres pattern), and a good puzzle maze as well. Saffron Walden has a maze festival every few years. Some of my maze lace was shown there in 2016.

Mazes are tricky to reproduce in bobbin lace, as there is a complex, winding path. I have attempted various techniques to do this. Click here see them.