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Bobbin Lace - Quotes

Quotes byWorkDate (approx.)
Le Pompepattern book1559
Nuw Modelbuchpattern book1561
ShakespeareTwelfth Night (play)1602
Miguel de CervantesDon Quixote (novel)1605
M. G. TengnagelFrik in 't Veurhuis (play)1642
Jacob v. Eyck(Latin verse)1651
William CowperTruth (poem)1782
TraditionalWhat did the wife of the soldier get (song)  ?
James Francis HollingsThe Lace Maker (poem)1835
Lewis CarrollHunting of the Snark (poem)1876
John B. AldenAlden's Handy Atlas Of The World (reference)1888
Rudyard KiplingA Smuggler's Song (poem)1906
TraditionalWind the bobbin up (rhyme)?
Thomas WrightLace Tells (history)1919
Flora ThompsonLarkrise to Candleford (novel)1939
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