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Cloth stitch and twist ground

A kiss is a connection stitch in Beds lace (otherwise known as Bedford lace, Bedfordshire lace or English Midland lace). It may connect two trails or a trail to a footside or either to a bud.

The kiss uses two pairs (as most lace stitches do). These are the two worker pairs from the trails, or a worker pair from the bud, or a pair coming in from the footside. These pairs are twisted to cover the distance until they meet. Then they are worked in a cloth stitch and twist (see below), then twisted again until they meet the next part of the lace.

There is no pin in the centre of a kiss. There may be two pins supporting the central stitch.

The kiss has the effect of swapping over the workers from, for example, one trail, to the other.

The name "kiss" must come from the fact that the stitch looks like an X. X is often used to mean "Kiss" in letters.

Cloth stitch and twist

How to do a cloth stitch and twist

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