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Lazy Join - 4 pairs

How to do a lazy join

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Description: This is not possible to describe using the cross/twist system, since eight bobbins are involved.

Working: As for cloth stitch, but instead of lifting one bobbin over another, lift a pair of bobbins over another pair. So - middle left pair over middle right pair, far right pair over middle right pair and middle left pair over far left pair, middle left pair over middle right pair.

This is also known as a windmill. It is used in Bedfordshire lace.

Unlike most stitches, this uses four pairs (eight bobbins). This is a lot of bobbins to show in a diagram, so they are shown as unspangled, coloured bobbins.

You work a cloth stitch, but with pairs of bobbins rather than individual bobbins. The bobbins stay in their pairs, not only at the end of the stitch, but throughout the stitch as well.

The Dutch for this is 4-parige Verbinding.

Lazy Join or Windmill
A lazy join allows two plaits or tallies to meet and cross over. The photo show tallies crossing. See pattern 87.

This type of join is common in English Midland lace.

It is possible to have a lazy join of six pairs of bobbins.