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Overhand knot

How to do an overhand knot


This knot can be used to finish off lace. It ties one or more pairs of threads together. The diagram shows 4 threads.

Working: Unwind the bobbins. Trim the threads to the same length, but not too short! There must be enough thread to tie the knot - about 15 cms, possibly more. Hold all the threads together, and make a loop, then poke all threads through the loop, and pull tight. When all knots have been tied, trim all ends to the same length.

The problem (when I do it) is to get the knot to tighten in the right place. It is all too easy to have the knot tighten some distance from the end of the lace, which hardly provides a neat finish to your lace. And once the knot is tight, it is hard to undo it and redo it in the right place. I find it helps to poke a pin into the middle of the knot before tightening, then position the pin close to the end of the lace. Hopefully the knot will now slide up the threads to the correct place. If it doesn't, then at least you have a pin in the middle of the knot to help you undo it and try again.

When doing the final trimming, it is not necessary to trim them close to the knot. You can leave a certain amount of thread to make a fringe. This knot is suitable for that, as the threads end up all going downwards.

finish of lace pattern
Example of an overhand fringe. See pattern 22.