For Beginners

Samples - start here
Cloth6 pairs
Net6 pairs

Lace schools used to teach how to make lace. This website is my online lace school!

First, you must make sure that you have the necessary equipment. Click here for a discussion for what you need.
Click here for further information about the details of working lace, such as pricking patterns, winding bobbins, etc.

I suggest that you start with some samples of single stitches so you learn how to handle your bobbins. See left for the samples.

You can then try the simple laces below. I advise that you do the footsides pattern first, as it is the simplest pattern and you will need to learn how to do footsides.

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Torchon and DowntonPatternBobbinsPicture
Footsides6 pairs
Diamonds14 pairs
Fan headsides9 pairs
Spiders8 pairs
Double Fans8 pairs
Torchon sampler12 pairs
Hearts12 pairs
Fans and roses11 pairs
Bucks PointPatternBobbinsPicture
Bucks fans9 pairs
Gimp11 pairs + 2 gimps
Honeycomb12 pairs + gimp

English Midland and BraidedPatternBobbinsPicture
Le Pompe pattern12 pairs
Crown9 pairs
Buds13 pairs
Tallies11 pairs

Some simple patterns using 8 pairs or lessRibbon patterns

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