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Simple flowers lace pattern

Simple flowers lace photo

Big and little fan flowers

Someone sent me an email asking for patterns with flowers on. I replied that my patterns were Torchon lace, which didn't lend itself to flowery patterns, and I advised that she tried Bucks Point or Honiton instead. Then I started thinking whether you could produce flowers with Torchon designs. Here is my first attempt.

I used coloured thread to high-light the leaves and the flowers. The leaves are based on cloth diamond with the worker threads in green. The net on the bottom is cheating a little, since it is Bucks Point ground, but you could use some other Torchon ground if you prefer.

I wanted to try different effects for the flowers. The large flowers in the headside are Twisted Fan headside. I used one yellow and one orange thread as workers for this, to give a slightly richer effect. The small flowers are simple half stitch fans and there is a twist at each pin to make sure that the same colour thread is used as worker throughout, with the other thread staying at the edge of the flower. By twisting at the start of the flower, you can choose which colour to make the flower. I've varied this, but you might wish to make the small flowers always the same colour. These close-ups show where the different coloured threads go. Of course, you could always works the whole pattern in white.

With single twisted footside, this pattern takes 15 pairs of bobbins, including one pair of green threads, and one pair of whatever colour you want the flowers to be.

Flowers 1 lace photo

Flowers 1 lace photo

Flowers 2 pattern

Fan flowers and roses

I enjoyed the half spiders from my cobweb pattern, and thought they looked a little like stalks of plants, so I tried to combine it with the first flower pattern. This time, I used rose ground between the flowers in the headside and the leaves. This seemed appropriate for a flower lace! Perhaps they are shorter flowers, or flowers in the background. The head side flowers are of two different sizes, since Twisted Fan headsides are larger than cloth fans with the same number of threads. They also give different effects. The single twisted footside is of brown thread, and represents the flower bed. This high lights the half spiders splendidly.

Again, this pattern takes 15 pairs of bobbins, including three pairs of brown, one pair of green and one pair of red thread (or whatever colour you want the flowers to be). You could make it all white, of course, but they might not look like flowers anymore.

Flowers 2 photo

Bookmark with flowers (eight petals)

Bookmark with flowers (eight petals) pattern

This is a more complicated pattern. Having made a single flower as a corner and as a mat, I thought I'd do a simple strip with several flowers. I have made it into a bookmark. You could extend it to make a longer bookmark, or any other use of a strip of lace.

You can start the top point (right) in a conventional way, but I tried to produce a similar effect to the end - see lace starts. Apart from the flower, there are half stitch strips, rose ground and a few Torchin ground stitches. The edge has, in fact, no reall footside at all. For a longer description of how to work the flower, see the flower corner. The main different here is that the edges are more ragged and there is a centre to the flower. The upper horizontal edge of the flower is worked by dividing the pairs into groups of two pairs each (you can use pins to divide them if you want), then working these with a single cloth stitch for each two pairs. Then start the end pair as workers along all the others, which now become passives. The lower edge works the last row with the workers, puts the pins in, then works the groups of 2 pairs with cloth stitch again. The vertical edges merely take the worker pair either to the edge or the edge minus one, according to the pinholes. In the diagonal divisions between the petals, I've worked each 2 pairs as a cloth stitch and twist without any pin, just so they get grouped together similar to the other divisions between the petals. The centre of the flowers are a single dot. You end the bookmark by working all the threads to the centre, then tying them all off - see lace finishes.

This is a Torchon pattern, all one colour, and they do look rather like flowers! But it is a little tricky to work. You may spot that the bottom of the first flower's petals (right) have ended in points rather than the ragged edge they should have - a slight error on my part!

This pattern uses 18 pairs of bobbins.

Bookmark with flowers (eight petals) photo

Apple blossom 1 lace pattern

Apple blossom 1

I was asked for some designs for apple blossom - individual flowers. Here are some attempts. These are not worked as a strip. Instead they are treated as a mat but a very small one. I call them mini-mats! You start at a blue line and work to the next blue line (starting work at the edge rather than the middle). Then you turn the pillow and work the next section. Continue with this until you get back to the start, and join the start to the end. I've made rather a mess of this here! See corners and mats.

This design is nothing but five cloth fan headside fans. The worker pair and the edge passive pair are plaited between the fans. The other pairs are tiwsted. The passives are white, and the worker pair is pink.

I have made a mess of the finishing off, plus the scale of the pattern was too big for the thickness of the thread. So a bit messy...

6 pairs of bobbins.

Apple blossom 1 lace photo

Apple blossom 2 lace pattern

Apple blossom 2

Here is another mini-mat (see above).

There is honeycomb net. The edge is Winkie pin footside with two passives (cloth stitch). If you preferred, you could puts some picots in, making it a Bucks Point Passives and Picots Headside. The passives are green, and the rest of the pairs are white. To continue the framing of the petals in green, between the different sections, the outer passive pair are worked in cloth stitch across all other pairs, pin near the centr, and back again.

One pattern is a lot better. You could try different combination of colours, or make it all one colour.

9 pairs of bobbins.

Apple blossom 2 lace photo

Apple blossom 3 lace pattern

Apple blossom 3

This is another attempt at five cloth fan headside fans, but this time the petals are closer together. All the pairs are the same colour. Also this was worked on a smaller scale, so the cloth stitch is closer worked than above.

6 pairs of bobbins.

Apple blossom 3 lace photo

Apple blossom 4 lace pattern

Apple blossom 4

This is similar to the previous, but with five half stitch fan headside fans instead. The worker pair goes through the outer pair with cloth stitch rather than the half stitch of the rest of the fan. This makes a stronger edge, but also it means that the outer edge pair can be a different colour (I've done pink). The petals are spaced further apart again. Between the petals, the pink outer pair are worked in cloth stich across all other pairs, and back again. This frames the white petals in pink.

6 pairs of bobbins.

Apple blossom 4 lace photo

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