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How to make lace
Equipment - pillow, bobbins, etc.
How to make lace
Starting and finishing lace
Lace stitches - cloth stitch, half stitch, etc.
Footsides (straight edge)
Headsides (wavy edge)
Simple Grounds (open areas of lace)
Other Grounds
Solid areas (more dense areas)
Simple spiders
Peas and open spiders
Junctions and crossovers
Bucks Point and hexagonal grid
Corners and mats
Picots - tallies - gimps
Some comments about my lace patterns
How much thread?
Tightening threads
Joins and twists
Printing off information
Free lace patterns and instructions
Lace patterns for Beginners
Zig-zags and diamonds
Patterns with hearts
Spiders and roses
Torchon Flower patterns
Bucks Point patterns
Braided (e.g. English Midland)
Wedding Garters
Christmas patterns
Ribbons - very thin strips of lace
Letters and numbers
Celtic knots & Greek keys
Kat stitch, star ground, open spiders
Winkie pin footsides, scallops
Ideas from existing lace
Inspired by old lace
Strange materials
Lace (mundillo) from Panamá
Patterns for different shapes
Triangles to go in corners
Wiggly lace
Variable grids
Designing lace
How to design lace
Blank grids
Interactive lace designer - corner
Torchon lace design kits
Ideas for lace projects
Types of English lace
Pictures and quotes about lace
My lace collection
My Kindle Books
How to make Bobbin Lace - Buy UK - USA
see Patterns used in How to make Bobbin Lace
Bobbin Lace Stitches and Techniques - Buy UK - USA

Glossary Dutch translation of site by Rene' van Hassel Books about lace Links to other sites (including lace groups, suppliers, online information, etc.) Contact me

Picture index to patterns
Simple patterns
for beginners
& diamonds
Spiders and roses
Bucks Point
Celtic knots
Greek keys
Ideas from
existing lace
stitches (1)
stitches (2)
Inspired by
old lace
Strange materials
Lace (mundillo) from Panamá
Square Mats
Other Mats
Triangles for corners


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Adding bobbins
Armour net
Australian whole stitch

Bedfordshire spiders
Bias ground
Binche Armure
Bobbins (winding)
Books about lace
Bucks Point
Bucks Point fan
Bucks Point ground

Cathedral spider
Cinq trous (rose)
Cloth stitch
Cloth stitch and twist
Cloth diamond
Cloth fan
Cloth footside
Cluny edge
Contact me
Covering a pin
Crown headside
Dense areas
Designing lace
Dot ground
Double Torchon ground
Double twisted footside
Downton whole stitch

Finishing lace
Finishing mats
Five hole
Fond a la vierge (rose)
Fond de mariage (rose)
French fan

German spiders
Grids for designing lace
Grounds (simple)
Grounds (other)
Half spider
Half stitch
Half stitch diamond
Half stitch fan
Half stitch ground
Honeycomb net
Honeycomb stitch
Honiton lace

Joining diamonds
Joining lace
Joining threads

Kat stitch
Knotted picots

Lattice ground
Lazy join
Linen stitch
Links about lace
Making lace
Maltese headside
Midland lace

Nine pin headside

Open spiders
Orge (spider)
Overhand knot

Part twisted fan
Passives and picots headside
Picots (knotted)
Pins (using)
Plait stitch
Plaited headside
Pricking card
Pricking a pattern
Raised tally
Reef knot
Removing bobbins
Réseau (net)
Ribbon in footside
Rose ground

Scallop headside
Serpent headside
Sewn footside
Solid areas
Spider ground
Square knot
Star ground
Star mesh
Starting lace
Taking out bobbins
Toilé (dense)
Three-way join
Torchon ground
Torchon ground (double)
Turning stitch
Turning stitch and twist
Trail headside
Triangular ground
Triple cloth footside
Twisted fan
Twisted footside

Virgin ground

Whole stitch
Whole stitch (Downton)
Winding bobbins
Winkie pin
Windmill join


My own lace books (on Kindle)

How to make Bobbin LaceJo Edkins This teaches you to make lace, assuming you are starting from the very beginning. It describes the equipment you need (and cheap substitutes!), and takes you through a lot of stitches and techniques in 22 easy patterns. Only 12 pairs of bobbins required throughout!
Click here for patterns used in How to make Bobbin Lace
How to make Bobbin Lace is also available in printed form - more expensive, I'm afraid, as there are a lot of diagrams, and this cost in print (but not in Kindle) - use same links above
Bobbin Lace Stitches and TechniquesJo Edkins This is a reference book of the basics. It describes stitches, simple and complex grounds, headsides and footsides, and other mysteries such as picots and tallies. It uses LOTS of diagrams, and step by step instructions. UK USA

Other people's books about lace

The Book of Bobbin Lace StitchesBridget M. Cook and Geraldine Stott Photos and diagrams explaining different types of lace stitches UK USA
Pillow Lace and BobbinsJeff Hopewell A booklet showing antique pillows, bobbins and lace equipment - fascinating! UK
Identification of Laceby Pat Earnshaw Descriptions of all different types of lace (not just bobbin) UK USA
Logarithmic Lacecompiled by Deborah Robinson Variable grids - an intriguing idea! UK USA

Or enter 'bobbin lace' or a lace type, such as torchon, into the relevant search box below.

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Search for books by keywords:
Search for books by keywords:

Links to other websites

British lace museums:

Bucks County Museum in Aylesbury - Bucks Point
Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney, Bucks - Bucks Point and Bedford lace
Museum of Cambridge - lace pillows and bobbins
Norris Museum, St Ives, Cambridgeshire - Bucks Point style lace
Salisbury Museum - Downton lace
Allhallows Museum in Honiton - Honiton lace
Shetland Museum - Shetland lace knitting (not bobbin lace)
V&A in London - various lace, not always on display
Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge - various lace, not always on display
Royal Albert Memorial Museum - I think this has lace
Lace Guild Museum - Limited opening

Other lace websites:

Different types of British lace from the Lace Guild
Lynxlace - includes lace identification
IOLI For those who want to learn how to make, identify, design or collect lace
A Lace Lover's Diary including descriptions of different styles of lace
Examples of lace with large scale photos
The Structures of Antique Lace
Kloeppelklub - German forum on lace
My own lace collection to help with lace identification, or for ideas of patterns
Barmen lace sample book

Guilds for bobbin lace and similar crafts:

The Lace Guild
The Lace Society
OIDFA (International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organisation)
Ring of Tatters
Guild of Needle Laces

Lace Groups:

East of England: Fenlanders
Aragon Lacemakers
Alban Lacemakers
Norfolk Lacemakers
London & UK98 Lace Group
North of England: North Cheshire Lacemakers
Shrewsbury Lacemakers
Wolds Lacemakers around Hull
Midlands: Olney Lace Circle
South of EnglandWessex Lacemakers
Tonbridge Lacemakers
North Downs Lacemakers
Isis Lacemakers in Old Marston
West CountryAxe Vale Lace Group
Tor Lace Group
West of England Lacegroup
ScotlandRoxburgh Lacemakers in Kelso
Bon Accord Bobbins in Aberdeen

UK companies making machine lace:

Swisstulle makes Bobbinet lace
Cluny Lace makes Leavers lace
Malmic Lave makes Barmen lace

British lace suppliers of equipment:

XXX Jo Firth
XXX Makit
XXX Roseground
XXX Church Meadow Crafts
XXX Mainly Lace
XXX SMP lace
XXX Biggins
XX Claire's Lace
XX Lacewing Designs
X Sixpenny Bobbins
X Winslow Bobbins
X Alison Tolson bobbins
X Chris Parsons, Bobbin Maker
X Lace Bobbins by Chris Parsons

Lace Days:

List supplied by the Lace Guild
List supplied by Jo Firth
Diary of Lacemaking and Quilting Events by Makit
Events by Mainly Lace
LaceNews events

Lacemaking classes:

Makit lace courses
The Lace Guild
The Lace Society
Devon Lace Teachers
Knuston Hall residential adult education - does lace courses

Lacemaking classes may be run as adult education classes, advertised by your local authority or council. Or try finding a local lace group and ask them if they know of any local lace classes.

Lacemaking tutorials or books online:

This website!
Lacemaking videos on YouTube
Online video for beginners about how to make lace from the Lace Guild
Introduction to Bobbin Lace taught by: THL Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth
A first lesson in Bobbin Lace as published in Lace Magazine International 1999
Online training by Bobbin Lace Eurpean Network - click on lesson links near top
Glossary by Bobbin Lace Eurpean Network - click on glossary links near top
Jenny Brandis craft, including lace
Fiches techniques - diagrams with text in French
Landelijke Organisatie Kant Kunst - diagrams with Dutch text
Digital Archive of Documents Related to Lace - download the books or a sample page
Volume 1 and Volume 2 of The American Lacemaker 1904
Catalog of Antique Pattern Library - download pattern books for many crafts
The Art of Modern Lacemaking 1891
Chats on Old Lace and Needlework 1908
Le Pompe (mid 16thC lace pattern book)
Another edition of Le Pompe (mid 16thC lace pattern book)
Resources for renaissance bobbin lace
Generator of Flanders meshes
The Online Books Page - Lace and lace making

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