Torchon fans (simple pattern)

Torchon fans picture

Torchon fans pattern

This pattern (see left) uses 9 pairs (or 18 bobbins). This is a Torchon version of the Bucks Point fans pattern, but it uses half stitch fans as well as cloth fans.

You need to work some Torchon ground to start with. Then there is a cloth stitch fan. Then more Torchon ground, and then you have to work a half stitch fan. This is exactly the same as a cloth stitch fan, except that every stitch is worked in half stitch rather than cloth stitch. This gives a different effect to the fan. This pattern does cloth fan, half stitch fan, cloth fan, half stitch fan, cloth fan.

There is a twisted footside

I have given a close-up of the lace so you can see where the threads go. However, close-ups always make lace look ugly, so here is a photo closer to the real size.

Torchon fans picture

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