Gimp (simple pattern)

Honeycomb picture

Honeycomb pattern

A gimp in lace is a thicker thread which is worked as a single thread rather than a bobbin. It outlines patterns.

This is a simple Bucks Point pattern which uses 11 pairs and 2 gimps (or 24 bobbins). It . It uses picots and a gimp.

Hang two or three pairs of bobbins wound with ordinary thread from each start pin. The headside, on each side, is a standard Bucks Point headside. Click here to see how to do it. It involves picots, which are described here.

The ground is Bucks Point net. Work the pattern down to the line in red, which is the gimp. Hang a pair of gimp threads from the pin at the top of the gimp loops. Working a gimp is described here. That describes both starting and finisging gimps. When one gimp croses another gimp, it doesn't really matter which gets lifted over which.

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