Hearts (simple pattern)

Hearts picture

Hearts pattern

This pattern (see left) uses 12 pairs (or 24 bobbins). It also uses coloured threads. If you disapprove of this, then you can do it in all one colour, if you prefer, but the different colours do show how the threads move through the pattern.

This pattern is very similar to the simple diamonds pattern, but it uses hearts instead of diamonds. Hearts are quite easy if you know how to do diamonds. You just need to keep an eye on the pattern. For a diamond, you take up a new pair every row until you have them all in the diamond, then you drop off one per row. But with hearts, it varies. Sometimes, in the same row, you drop one pair at one end and pick up one at the other. The other problem with hearts is that you need to work half the heart, and then do a few Torchon ground stitches, to get the threads ready to do the other half. Click here for some more on hearts.

This pattern shows a new way to start the lace. The top is straight across, not sloping. Every pin will have two pairs of bobbins hanging from it. Take the left-hand most pair, and work with cloth stitch across all the other bobbins (you can wind the bobbins just before you work them if you prefer). You don't put any pins in. You hook the threads of this worker pair round the right-hand most pin. Then take either the same pair or the next pair in (it doesn't really matter) and work that pair back again through all bobbins, again hooking the worker pair round the last pin. This makes two rows of cloth stitch, and a neat start to the lace. Then twist all bobbins and continue with the pattern. One problem with this method is that the rows of cloth stitch do tend to obscure the pinholes that you haven't used yet. Also, Torchon ground stitch is a little easier to do on the slope rather than in straight lines. Still, I prefer this way, as I think the result is neater. I have finished the same way, with two rows of cloth stitch. I am not quite so sure that these are as neat, as I've finished them off with reef knots. I think I should have used the fringe method!

I am not giving detailed explanations of how to make this lace, as it is so similar to the diamonds pattern. I have given a close-up of the lace so you can see where the threads go. However, close-ups always make lace look ugly, so here is a photo closer to the real size.

Hearts picture

If you are using colour, then there are a few important points. First, the coloured thread bobbins will be using more thread than the others, so you may need to wind on more thread to start with. Then, you must start the coloured threads where I have marked them on the pattern, or it will not work. The coloured threads are always the worker pair when doing the hearts. Finally, when you leave the hearts, you will find that in order to get the thread to go in the right direction, you have to leave out the last row of the heart (which is just the last two pairs).

If you like these hearts, then here are some more heart patterns.

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