Buds (simple pattern)

Buds picture

Buds pattern

I suggest that you try the Crown headside before this one, to learn about plaited headsides.

This pattern uses 13 pairs (or 26 bobbins). It is an English Maltese pattern. It uses half stitch, so be prepared for your pairs of bobbins to get muddled up!

There are five starting pins. Hang pairs on the pins as shown in the pattern on the left. There is a normal footsideand a Nine Pin headside. The pairs from the middle starting pin start to work a half stitch diamond. The threads that come in from left and right are not quite the same as a conventional diamond, since they are in legs (which contain two pairs of bobbins rather than the normal one). Plait the legs until they get to near the diamond. Then work the top pair of the leg into the diamond (this will be about the second row). Work back in half stitch to the other side of the diamond (picking up the top pair from the leg on the other side). Work back again to pick up the second pair from the leg. There is a row in the middle of the diamond (which is called a bud, by the way) which attaches itself to the headside, or footside (use cloth stitch for this). Then you drop off pairs, one pair at a time at the end of each row. When you have finished the bud, then you can pick up the threads four at a time (two pairs) and plait them into legs again.

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