Identify counties of England - West

This game asks you to identify the counties in this map. When you click on the Start button, the names will disappear, and you will have to replace them by matching the colours.
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Pictures of these counties

Cheshire Cornwall
Clifton Suspension Bridge
The Clifton Suspension Bridge was
designed in 1830 by Brunel.
Picture of Chester Rows
The Rows in Chester are double levels of shops.
They date from medieval times.
St Michael's Mount
St Michael's Mount is an island off Cornwall.

Devon Dorset Gloucestershire
Dartmoor Ponies
Dartmoor Ponies have run on
Dartmoor for a thousand years.
A large ammonite fossil
on the beach at Lyme Regis
Cotswold cottages
Stone Cotswold cottages
at Bibury, Gloucestershire

Herefordshire Shropshire
Mappa Mundi
The Mappa Mundi is a medieval map
of the world in Hereford Cathedral.
English Bridge in Shrewsbury
The English Bridge in Shrewsbury

Somerset Wiltshire
Mappa Mundi
The Roman Baths in Bath
Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain
Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain,
over 4,000 years old