Identify counties of England - East

This game asks you to identify the counties in this map. When you click on the Start button, the names will disappear, and you will have to replace them by matching the colours.
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Pictures of these counties

Cambridgeshire Essex
Saxon church
The church of St Peter de Merton,
Bedford dates back to Saxon times.
Trinity college gatehouse
The Tudor gatehouse of Trinity
College, Cambridge University
Colchester castle
Colchester castle was built using
Roman bricks.

Hertfordshire Lincolnshire Norfolk
Thatched cottage in Melbourn
A thatched cottage in Melbourn, near Royston
Lincoln Imp
Lincoln cathedral has medieval
stone carving, including this imp.
Green Man at Norwich
A medieval green man in Norwich Cloisters

Rutland Suffolk
Great Hall Oakham Castle
The great hall of the Norman castle at Oakham
Oulton Broad
Oulton Broad is part of the Broads, wetlands in East Anglia.

The Rutland photo is 'The hall of the Norman castle, with All Saints church tower and spire in the background' by Simon Garbutt.
The Suffolk photo is 'Oulton Broad' by Robert Henson.