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History of Mazes and Labyrinths

This website describes the different sorts of historical mazes and gives their designs.
Introduction Introduction What is a maze?
Books, websites
Pre-maze patterns Pre-maze patterns Spirals
Cup and ring marks
Greek keys
Ancient mazes Ancient mazes Cretan (classical)
Maze myths
Roman mazes Roman mazes Roman mosaics
Church mazes Church mazes Chartres
Medieval church mazes
Other religious mazes
Turf mazes Turf mazes Turf mazes of England
traditional and modern
Garden mazes Garden mazes Hedge mazes including
Hampton Court maze
Modern mazes Other mazes including some of my own
Design mazes Design your own maze How to design and make your own maze
Layout mazes Lay out a maze Setting up a standard maze
Design your own maze Maze designer Design your own maze using this interactive online webpage
Design your own maze Maze games Solve this online one-way maze, and others
Tapestry pattern Tapestry (needlepoint) Some of these mazes made into tapestry patterns
Lace pattern Bobbin lace Some of these mazes made into lace patterns