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These are not conventional walks, with a start point and an end point and a length. Instead they cover an area of Cambridge or a theme, telling you about interesting things to see and pleasant roads and paths to walk down. Feel free to construct your own walks round them! There is a map for each walk.

If you are visiting Cambridge then I suggest that you look at the Tourist hotspots, which give the most popular areas. If you want to do a walk, then I suggest the third river walk: Magdalene Bridge to Silver Street Bridge. This covers views of the Round Church, St Johns and Trinity gatehouses, Kings College Chapel and the Mathematical bridge, and gives a contrast between the city centre and the Backs. If you have children, then try searching for some of the animals, which points out a few museums as well. Or you could head for one of the open spaces.

Along the River Cam:
      Elizabeth Way to Stourbridge Common
      Elizabeth Way to Magdalene Bridge
      Magdalene Bridge to Silver Street Bridge
      Silver Street Bridge to Paradise

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