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2022 temporary - Book Benches - Solar System

Cambridge Book Benches

Our Place in Space (Solar System)

Cambridge Book Benches

In summer 2022, a number of decorated book benches appeared on the streets of Cambridge. I assume that these will be temporary, like the cows. The "blurb" says "This summer Cambridge BID are working with Wild in Art to install 12 Book Bench sculptures across the city, all individually designed by UK artists. You will find them in the historic core, shopping centres, train station and in the parks and open spaces.

The numbers below are taken from the map which was given here.

Click on a picture for a larger image.

1. Pieces of Eight

first floor, near Central Libray, Lion Yard / Grand Arcade

2. Wonderland

next to Guildhall, by the Market, Peas Hill, by the Market

3. Fairytale Dreams

near entrance to Grafton Centre, junction of Burleigh St and Fitzroy St

4. Once Upon a Fairytale

Sussex Street

5. Peaceful Escape

Drummer Street, between Christs Lane and Christs Pieces

6. Outer Space

near Hobbs Pavilion, Parkers' Piece

7. Matchstick Men

near swimming pool, Donkey's Common, Mill Road

8. Colour me in

second floor near John Lewis, Grand Arcade

9. Lemur Conspiracy

near station, One Station Square, Station Road

10. A Seat For Friends

outside the Divinity School, opposite St John gatehouse, St Johns Street

11. Time to Sit and Reflect

Cambridge Judge Business School, opposite Fitzwilliam museum, Trumpington Street

12. A Public Library

Botanic Gardens entrance, bottom of Station Road, Hills Road - note bear-related puns in book titles!

Our Place in Space (Solar System)

From Cambridge News: "The 10km Solar System sculpture trail which is being installed alongside the river between Midsummer Common in Cambridge and the Woodlands Trust Cow Hollow Wood in Waterbeach. A massive new solar trail will be coming to Cambridge this summer. Our Place in Space, designed by artist and author Oliver Jeffers, is currently being installed and is due open from July 30 to August 29. The model is a unique collaboration across art, science and technology showing a recreation of our solar system. It had previously been launched in areas across Northern Ireland, including Derry-Londonderry and Belfast.

I am illustrating the sun to mars only! And I didn't notice Mercury...