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2024 temporary - Standing Tall

In March to June, 31 decorated graffes will appeared on the streets of Cambridge. This is a temprorary scheme, so this is just a record. Click here for more information.

By the way, I seem to have scored a fair number of "Keith"s while taking these! (My husband)

Click on a picture for a larger image.

Large Giraffes

1. Giraffodil - In Knights Park, Eddington

2. Cosmic Explorer - Eddington Square

3. Hubert the Giraffe - West Hub, JJ Thompson Avenue

4. Umnyama - Outside University Library

5. Grandifolia Camelopardalis - St Johns St near All Saints Passage

6. Anne of Green Gacles - St Johns St near St Johns

7. Find a New Perspective - Market, near CUP bookshop

8. Growth - in front of Great St Marys

9. Theory of Everything - in front of Great St Marys

10. Carat - Peas Hill

11. Boaty - Graduate Hotel Garden

12. On Yer Bike - Hilton

13. Metropogiraffopolis - Grand Arcade (ground floor)

14. Gina Giraffacts - Grand Arcade (ground floor)

15. Gearaffe - Lion Yard (ground floor)

16. Nelson Mandela - Lion Yard (ground floor)

17. Go Wild - Drummer Street, by Christs Lane

18. Poppy - Christs Pieces, by crossing to New Square

19. Jiggles and Iggles - New Square, near Fitzroy Street

20. In My DNA - Grafton Centre, near Fitzroy Street

21. Endangered - ARU

22. Evie - Parkers Piece (Football Rules)

23. Swifts - Visitors to Cambridge - Parkers Piece (Hobbs Pavilion)

24. Savannah's Golden Guardian - Parkers Piece (University Arms)

25. Strawberries and Cream - Gonville Hotel, Gonville Place

26. Jungle Giraffe - Hills Road, bottom of Station Road

27. Kind Hearted - Station Road

28. Glisten Up - Top of Station Road (station end)

29. Born to Stand Out - Station Square

30. Honey - North Cambridge station

31. Kickers - North Cambridge station

Small Giraffes

32. Giraffe Lampada - Knights Park, Eddington

33-34. Bidulph, Feeling Herd - Storeys Field Centre, Eddington

35. Alan the Giraffe - Heffers bookshop window

36. Persey, the Perse Prep School Giraffe - Heffers bookshop window

37. United - CUP bookshop window

38,39,41,44,48,49. Erwin, Frida La Vida, Hope, Amber, Jeremy, Stewart - Lion Yard, shop window near St Andrews the Great

40,42,43,45,46,47. Giraffington, Foxy G, Giraffes can dance, Maurice the Globetrotting Giraffe, Stand Out- Lion Yard, shop window near St Andrews the Great

50,52. The Elsworth Trail, Milton - Library (second floor)

51,53. Gladys the Fawcett Giraffe, Thriving Together - Library (first floor)

54,55,65. Gerade the Giraffe, Living the Opal Life, Giles - Grand Arcade (first floor)

56,57,61. Sunset Giraffe, RJS Mini G, Sarah - Grand Arcade (second floor)

58,66. Giraffulous, Gaston the French Giraffe - Grand Arcade (ground floor)

59-60. Riley - the Rights Respecting Giraffe, Courage and Collaboration - Grand Arcade (ground floor)

61 - see above

62-64. Riley - Geraldine, Gerald the Giraffe, Geoffrey Giraffe - Grand Arcade (first floor)

65,66 - see above

67-70. Many Hands One Spirit, Smiley Miley the Positive Affirmation Giraffe, Richard, Gem - John Lewis

71-73. Gilly the Girlguiding Giraffe, Haleidoscope, Corpus Christi Camelopard (plus a cow...) - Hilton

74. Crosshill Junior Ambition - inside Gonville Hotel, Gonville Place

75. ELA - inside Gonville Hotel, Gonville Place

76-78. Starburst, Day and Night, Gauguin - ARU

79, 82, 83, 88, 89, 90. Gary the Grove Giraffe, Gerald, GLADys, Faith the Flourishing Giraffe, Geronimo - Grafton Centre shop window, near Fitzroy Street

80,85,87,91. Marsha the Marshland Giraffe, Stukely, Nigel, Patch-rick the Petersfield Giraffe - Grafton Centre shop window, near Fitzroy Street

83, 84, 86. Proud to be Eynesbury, DeeDee, Proud to be HBK - Grafton Centre shop window, near Fitzroy Street

92,93. Turiga, Nugget - Novatel, near Cambridge North Station

Metropogiraffolis (stunt double), in Grand Arcade

This was made by the Dinky Doors people. It doesn't have a number, and was installed half way through the season. They also did the large Metropogiraffopolis (13).