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Listed buildings in Cambridge

All photographs on this website have been taken by me, Jo Edkins. Anyone may use them for their own use, or for educational use. Contact me for any other use.

I have based the website on the British Listed Buildings website. This contains the actual listing descriptions, and maps. Click here for all listed buildings in Cambridgeshire. This website only covers Cambridge.

Please note that I am only photographing buildings visible from public roads or paths. This means that the colleges will be under-represented. There are also private houses hidden by hedges or trees. Occasionally I have managed to photo through a gate or archway which may not always be open.

I have tried to be accurate, but I cannot guarantee the accuracy. I may have made mistakes, or mis-identified a building. I have tried to double-check a building from the listing, but sometimes it's hard. So, please do not take this website as authoratitive!

Grade I and II*

Grade I listed buildings are of the highest interest, followed by grade II*. So I have a page for each, organised roughly by area. The third grade is grade II, and those are covered by the rest of this website.

Grade I listings
Grade II* listings

Groups of streets by ward

All grades of listed buildings are included below, apart from the ones that cannot be seen from a public road. There is a photo for each, which you can click on to see a large photo. There is also a link to the listed buildings webpage for that building, including the listing and a map showing where it is. The British Listed Buildings website is organised by ward - a political division used to elect councillors. However, sometimes the ward boundary goes down the middle of a road, ward boundaries change from time to time, and in fact some of the listed buildings have ended up in the wrong ward! So I have put all listed buildings on a street together (even if they are in different wards). Some wards have many listed buildings, so I have sub-divided them. A page may contain several streets, or a single street, depending on how many buildings are there.

Abbey ward - map
Newmarket Road and nearby

Arbury ward - map
Chesterton Lane, Histon Road, Frenchs Road

Castle ward - map
Magdalene Street
Castle Street and nearby
Madingley Road and nearby
On the Backs and nearby

Cherry Hinton ward - map
Cherry Hinton village, Cherry Hinton Road

East Chesterton ward - map
Chesterton High Street and elsewhere

Market ward - map
Bridge Street
Near Bridge Street and Jesus Green
St Johns Street and nearby
Trinity Street
Kings Parade
Near Kings Parade
Along river
Round the Market
Benet St and nearby
Pembroke Street and nearby
Sidney Street and St Andrews Street
Trumpington St
Near Trumpington Street
Jesus Lane
King Street and nearby
Parkers Piece and nearby
Maid's Causeway and nearby

Newnham ward - map
Grange Road and nearby
Silver Street and nearby
Sidgwick Avenue and nearby
Barton Road and nearby

Petersfield ward - map
Mill Road, Gwydir St, Mill Road cemetery, Petersfield, East Road, St Matthews Street

Queen Ediths ward - map
Around Hills Road

Trumpington ward - map
Trumpington village
Hills Road and nearby
Trumpington Road and nearby

West Chesterton ward - map
River Cam, Asham Road

Streets in alphabetical order

The groupings above, by ward, are useful if you know where the wards are, and where the boundaries are. However, if you don't, here is an index of the streets of Cambridge which contain listed buildings. Click on a street to take you to the page of photos which include that street (it may include others as well).

A: Abbey Road, All Saints Passage, Asham Road
B: Backs, Barton Road, Bateman Street, Beche Road, Benet Place, Benet Street, Botolph Lane, Bridge Street, Brooklands Avenue, Brunswick Walk, Burrells Walk
C: Castle Street, Chapel Street, Cherry Hinton High Street, Cherry Hinton Road, Chesterfield Road, Chesterton High Street, Chesterton Lane, Chesterton Road, Christs Pieces, Church Lane, Church End, Church Street, Clare Road, Clarkson Road, Coe Fen, Conduit Head Road
D: Downing Street
E: East Road, Eden Street, Emmanuel Road
F: Fitzroy Street, Fitzwilliam Street, Free School Lane, Frenchs Road
G: Garret Hostel Lane, Gilpin Road, Grange Road, Granta Place, Grantchester Road (Newnham), Grantchester Road (Trumpington), Green Street, Gresham Road, Grove Lane, Guildhall Street, Gwydir Street
H: Harrison Drive, Hauxton Road, Herschel Road, Hills Avenue, Hills Road (Queen Ediths), Hills Road (Trumpington), Histon Road, Hobson Street
J: Jesus Green, Jesus Lane, Jesus Terrace
K: King Street, Kings Parade
L: Lady Margaret Road, Latham Road, Lensfield Road, Little St Mary's Lane, Lower Park Street
M: Madingley Road, Magdalene Street, Maids Causeway, Malcolm Street, Malting Lane, Market, Market Hill, Market Street, Marris Lane, Melbourne Place, Midsummer Common, Millington Road, Mill End Road, Mill Lane, Mill Road, Mill Road cemetery, Mount Pleasant
N: New Square, Newmarket Road (east), Newmarket Road (west), Newnham Road, Newnham Walk, Northampton Street
O: Observatory Drive, Orchard Street
P: Panton Street, Park Street, Park Terrace, Parker Street, Parkers Piece, Parkside, Parsonage Court, Peas Hill, Pembroke Street, Petersfield, Petty Cury, Portland Place, Portugal Place, Pound Hill, Prospect Row
Q: Queen Ediths Way, Queens Lane, Queens Road
R: Regent Street, Ridley Hall Road, River Cam, Rose Crescent, Round Church Street
S: Scroope Terrace, Sedley Taylor Road, Senate House Hill, Senate House Passage, Shelley Way, Short Street, Sidgwick Avenue, Sidgwick site, Sidney Street, Silver Street, South Green Road, St Andrews Street (centre), St Andrews Street (Chesterton), St Johns Street, St Marys Passage, St Matthews Street, St Peters Street, St Peters Terrace, Storeys Way, Sussex Street
T: Tennis Court Road, Tennis Court Terrace, Thompson's Lane, Thrifts Walk, Trinity Lane, Trinity Street, Trumpington High Street, Trumpington Road,, Trumpington Street
V: Victoria Avenue
W: Water Street, West Road, Wheeler Street, Wilberforce Road, Willow Walk, Worts Causeway