Passengers of the Recovery - 1633

Here is the roll of passengers of the Recovery, which sailed from Weymouth, Dorsetshire 31 March, 1633, Julian calendar, bound for New England. The ship arrived safe at Massachusetts Bay. The year can be relied on, since it is after March 25th (see discussion of dates).

This information was transcribed in the 19th century by James Savage, and later by Michael Tepper from records found in London, the Public Rolls Office, PRO:E190/875/8. I have taken the version given on the Winthrop Society webpage.

Robert Dible is number 10 on this list.

Master:Gabriel Cornish
Passengers: 1. Thomas Newbery
2. Thomas Long
3. David Phippen
4. Jonathan Gillet
5. Elizabeth Parkman
6. Mary Coggen
7. Thomas Wakeley
8. Daniel Norchat
9. Joseph Androes
10. Robert Dible
11. John Pope
12. Stephen Terrey
13. Robert Elwell
14. John Wotts
15. William Bowne
16. John Hardy
17. Sarah Hill
18. John Woolcocke
19. Thomas Shawe
20. Antony Eames
21. Thomas Swift
22. George Pl-----
23. Thomas Biscomb
24. Ezechia Hore
25. John Elderman
26. John Pinny

John Winthrop was founder of the colony of Massachusetts Bay in New England, which included Dorchester. In his journal, he says:

1633 June 24 A ship arrived from Weymouth, with about eighty passengers, and twelve kine, who sate down at Dorchester. They were twelve weeks coming, being forced into the Westen Islands by a leak, where they stayed three weeks, and were very courteously used by the Portugals; but the extremity of the heat there, and the continual rain brought sickness upon them, so as [blank] died.

This sounds very like the Recovery. The dates match, as does the starting point, and we know that Robert Dible (or Deeble) went to Dorchester. While only 26 people are listed here, it does not include any wives or children, which are on other ship lists.