The early history of the Dibblee family

otherwise known as Dibble, Dible, Deeble, Deble....

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Robert Deeble-?1640
his sonThomas Deebbellc.1613-1700
his sonEbenezer Dible (the older)1641-1675
his sonWakefield Dibble1667-1734
his sonRev. Ebenezer Dibbleec.1715-1799
his sonRev. Frederick Dibblee1753-1826
his sonGeorge Jarvis Dibblee1800-1877
his sonFrederick Lewis Dibblee (senior)1837-1888
his sonFrederick Lewis Dibblee (junior)1872-1937
his sonJohn Frederick Dibblee1918-2012
his daughterJo Edkins - me!   1953-

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Settlement of Massachusetts Bay
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Parish register entries from Glastonbury, Somerset
Passenger list of The Recovery - 1633
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About the early Dorchester Church
The first school in Dorchester
Signatures to Free School funding document, 1642
The job of bailiff in Dorchester
Early maps of Massachusetts Bay
Entries from Roger Clap's memoirs
Freemen in Massachusetts and Connecticut
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Passenger list of an unnamed ship - 1635
Freemen in Massachusetts and Connecticut
Winthrop's entries about move to Connecticut
Entries in Matthew Grant's Old Church Record concerning Dibbles
Maps of Ancient Windsor
Case of Israel Dibble & Deborah Bartlett
Wills connected with Thomas Dibble
Ebenezer Dibble (the older) documents and evidence
Military equipment of Windsor
Letter about the death of 'King Philip'
Wakefield Dibble documents and evidence
Wills connected with Wakefield Dibble
Snippet from Wakefield Dibble's will
Rev. Ebenezer Dibblee documents and evidence
From Biographical Sketches of the Graduates of Yale College
The Church in Connecticut 1705-1807 - Letters 1762-3
Sketches of church life in colonial Connecticut
From Diocese of Connecticut 1784-1791 - Letters 1788-89
Address in Memory of the Rev. Ebenezer Dibblee
Account of the Rev. Ebenezer Dibblee
Extracts from History of Stamford, Connecticut
1783 Studholm Report about Fyler Dibblee
Kings County Gazette about Fyler Dibblee
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Rev. Frederick Dibblee's Diary
Hand-written pages from Rev. Frederick Dibblee's Diary
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Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
Extracts from First Fifty years of New Brunswick Church of England
Letter by Ebenezer Dibblee, 1783, about Frederick
Centenary of the Ordination of Rev. Frederick Dibblee
George Jarvis Dibblee documents and evidence
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Woodstock land grants and map
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Will of George Jarvis Dibble
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Website of Frederick Lewis Dibblee
Website of the Binney family
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Frederick Dibblee's Service Record
London Gazette references to Frederick Dibblee
Frederick and Violet's wedding
Frederick Dibblee's Commission
Frederick Dibblee's drawings
Frederick Dibblee at Benin
Frederick Dibblee at Malta
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John Dibblee at Dunkirk
"Hats" by John Dibblee
"Loch Fyne" by John Dibblee
"Smoke" by John Dibblee
"Ties" by John Dibblee
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Newspaper account of Dieppe raid
Newspaper account of The Forced March
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John and Celia's wedding