Places connected with Rev. Frederick Dibblee and others

Frederick Dibblee (later Rev) was born in Stamford, Connecticut. He studied at King's College, New York. When the American War of Independence broke out, Frederick and his brother Fyler were loyalists. They settled in Long Island. At the end of the wear, they moved north to Nova Scotia. They got land grants in St. John. Frederick Dibblee moved to Woodstock. He travelled to Halifax to become ordained. He was Rector of Woodstock for 35 years, dying there in 1826. See Places mentioned in Rev. Frederick Dibblee's diary for the places close to Woodstock which are connected with him.

His son, George Jarvis Dibblee was born in Woodstock. He moved to Fredericton to become a barrister, and stayed there for the rest of his life.

Rev Frederick Dibblee's grandson, George Dibblee's son, Frederick Lewis Dibblee, senior was born in Fredericton and educated there. He trained as a railway engineer, working in Brazil and Prussia. Finally he got a good job working on railways in India. He died in India.

Frederick Lewis Dibblee's wife was Emily Binney. She lived in Moncton bewfore marrying Frederick. Her family had previously lived in Halifax, where her father was the first Mayor. She travelled to England to marry Frederick before they left for India together.

The boundary between USA and Canada is the modern boundary. There was some dispute about where it went during this time. Also, the name Canada referred to Ontario and Quebec only. Rev. Frederick Dibblee talks in his diary of people going to or coming from Canada. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were separate British colonies.

Map of places connected with Rev. Frederick Dibblee, his son and grandson