Frederick Lewis Dibblee (senior)

Son of George Javis Dibblee
Father of Frederick Lewis Dibblee (junior)

Frederick Lewis Dibblee was born in New Brunswick. He trained as a railway engineer, and after doing some work in Canada, Brazil and Germany, he took up a railway engineering post in India where he worked for the rest of his life. His wife, Emily Binney, was also born in New Brunswick. She married him in England, and they went out to India together, where their children were born. Three of the children died in India when young, so they decided that Emily and the children should settle in England. Frederick died in India.

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Signature of Frederick Lewis Dibblee, senior
The signature of Frederick Lewis Dibblee, senior, on a passport to Europe.

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Modern dateTimelineEvidence
1837Frederick Lewis Dibblee born in Queen's Street, Fredericton.
1852Frederick Dibblee entered King's College in Fredericton.FLD's education
1854Frederick Dibblee attended early engineering lectures there.FLD's lectures
1855Frederick Dibbleegot a B.A. from King's College.FLD's education
1856Frederick Dibblee began his apprenticeship under Mr. Alexander Luders Light, at that time Chief Engineer of the European and North American Railway in New Brunswick.FLD's early career
1861Frederick Dibblee engaged on explorations for the Intercolonial Railway in New Brunswick.FLD's early career
1863Frederick Dibblee employed by James Brunlees on the construction of the Sao Paulo Railway in Brazil.FLD's early career
1864Frederick Dibblee made engineer-in-Charge of a division of the East Prussian Railway, under George Bruce.FLD's early career
1864Frederick Dibblee married Emily Binney in London.FLD's wedding
1864Frederick Dibblee sent by Mr. Bruce to Madras, India in a similar capacity. He works on railways in the south of India.FLD's railways
1866Frederick's son, David Lewis Dibblee, born. (He died young.)FLD's children
1867Frederick's daughter, Susan Dibblee, born. (She died young.)FLD's children
1868Frederick's son, George Binney Dibblee, born in Trichinopoly, IndiaFLD's children
1869Frederick's daughter, Jane Emily Dibblee, born in Hounslow, Middlesex, EnglandFLD's children
1870Frederick's daughter, Bertha Grace Dibblee, born. (She died young.)FLD's children
1871Frederick's children, David, Susan and Bertha Dibblee, all die in IndiaFLD's children
1872Frederick's son, Frederick Lewis Dibblee (Junior), born in Madras, India.FLD's children
1873Frederick's daughter, Bessie Maud Dibblee, born in Madras, India.FLD's children
1874Frederick Dibblee entered the Public Works Department of India, and started work on the Indus Valley State Railway.FLD's railways
1876Frederick's son, Tom Arnold Dibblee, born in Karachi, IndiaFLD's children
1879Frederick Dibblee working on Punjab Northern State Railway.FLD's railways
1880Frederick Dibblee working on Scindia State Railway.FLD's railways
1881Frederick Dibblee working on Delhi and Ferozepore Railway survey.FLD's railways
1881Frederick Dibblee working on Nagpur Railway survey.FLD's railways
1882Frederick Dibblee working on Southern Mahratta Railways.FLD's railways
1882Frederick Dibblee working on Western Deccan Railway survey.FLD's railways
1883Frederick Dibblee working on Nellore Tirupati Railway survey.FLD's railways
1883Frederick Dibblee working on Cuddapah Nellore State Railway.FLD's railways
1885Frederick Dibblee working on Benares Cuttack Puri Railway survey.FLD's railways
1886Frederick Dibblee working on Toungoo-Mandalay Railway in Burma.FLD's railways
1888Frederick Dibblee died in Calcutta on his way to Desert Railway survey.FLD's railways


Frederick Dibblee's wife was Emily Binney. Her family seemed to think that Frederick was not good enough for her, so their wedding was postponed until Frederick got a good enough job. This happened in 1864, when he got his first job in India. Emily joined him in England, they married there, and then went out to India together. They had eight children in all, but three died in India. This led to Emily deciding to keep all her children in England, partly to educate them, and partly for health reasons. She seems to have split her time between her children in England and her husband in India. She was in England when Frederick Dibblee died.

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Frederick and Emily Dibblee had eight children. Three of them, a son and two daughters, died while young, in India. The surviving five children were three sons (George Binney Dibblee, Frederick Lewis Dibblee junior and Tom Arnold Dibblee) and two daughters (Jane Emily Dibblee and Bessie Maud Dibblee).

See my website on Frederick Lewis Dibblee for details, including photographs, of the children of Frederick and Emily Dibblee.

Frederick Lewis Dibblee senior, his wife and their children


Frederick Lewis Dibblee senior was born and educated in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. In 1854, he attended some engineering lectures in King's College, Fredericton, which seems to have decided him an a career as a railway enginner. He started as an apprentice working on the development of early Canadian railways, then followed his boss, James Brunlees, to Brazil, to do some work there. Then he had another short-term job in Prussia, working under George Bruce. Finally, in 1864, George Bruce got him a job on the Indian railways, starting at Madras (now called Chennai). This was a more serious job, and enabled him to get married (see above). Later, in 1874, he got a government job in India, working on railways in what is now Pakistan. He subsequently worked on different railways throughout India, including a lot of railway surveys. His final railway job was in Burma, in 1886. He died of a fever in Calcutta in 1888.

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