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Frederick Lewis Dibblee (junior)

Son of Frederick Lewis Dibblee (senior)
Father of John Frederick Dibblee

Frederick Lewis Dibblee junior was in the Royal Marine Artillery.

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Modern dateTimelineEvidence
1872Frederick Lewis Dibblee born in Madras, India.see Frederick senior
1888Frederick's father dies in India.Frederick senior
1892Frederick Dibblee in Queenstown, Ireland on HMS Triumphservice record
1894Frederick Dibblee goes to Ascensionsee career
1897Frederick Dibblee part of Benin Expeditionsee career
1897Frederick Dibblee promoted to Captainservice record
1903Frederick and Violet Geddes were married in Southsea.see wife
1904Margaret Emily Dibblee, daughter of Frederick, born in Southsea.see children
1909Frederick Dibblee promoted to Brevet Majorservice record
1910David Lewis Dibblee born in Malta.see children
1911Frederick Dibblee promoted to Majorservice record
1916Frederick Dibblee at Battle of Jutlandservice record
1916Frederick Dibblee promoted to Brevet Lt. Colonelservice record
1918John Frederick Dibblee born in Southsea.see children
1937Frederick Dibblee dies
Violet Dibblee, Margaret and David Dibblee
Violet, Margaret and David Dibblee


Frederick Dibblee married Violet Alice Geddes, daughter of Col. A. C. Geddes, on June 30th, 1903, at St Simon's Church, Southsea, Portsmouth.

See the Wedding of Frederick and Violet Dibblee for a wedding invitation, two newspaper accounts of the wedding and Violet's wedding veil. There is a photo of her on this page (above, right). See Frederick's photos for another photo of her.


Margaret Emily1904-1974Southsea, PortsmouthWilliam Wallace in 1948
David Lewis1910-1963MaltaDoris Mitchell in 1949
John Frederick1918-2012Southsea, PortsmouthCelia Elizabeth Packe in 1946

There is a photo of Margaret and David Dibblee on this page (above, right). See Frederick's photos for photos of all three children, plus David's wife.


Frederick Lewis Dibblee junior was in the Royal Marine Artillery. He became a second lieutenant 1st September 1888 (see his commission). His father died 28th September, 1888, and apparently money was short, so they could not afford the cost of educating Frederick as an engineer.

In 1892, Frederick's service record and ships' certificates state that he served on HMS Triumph, in Queenstown, Ireland. There is a photograph of HMS Triumph in Frederick's photos. Frederick started a drawing of Queenstown cathedral - see Frederick's drawings.

In 1894, Frederick's service record and ships' certificate note that he went to Ascension, serving on HMS Wye. A note states "Erected telephone between George Town and Green Mountain." Frederick made a map of Ascension and drew the Commodore's Cottage there - see Frederick's drawings.

In 1897, Frederick's service record and ships' certificate say that he was part of the Benin expedition, serving on HMS Malacca. A note states "Present at capture of Benin City. In command RM battalion after Capt. Byrne wounded 18/02/1897." The Benin Expedition of 1897 was a punitive expedition by a United Kingdom force of 1,200 under Admiral Sir Harry Rawson in response to the defeat of a previous British-led invasion force under Acting Consul General James Philips (which had left all but two men dead). Rawson's troops captured and burned Benin City. The fire got out of hand. Frederick made a note of what needed replacing in his kit afterwards because of the fire - see Frederick in Benin.

On Frederick Dibblee's service record, it mentions "Malta dockyard 06/1911". His ships' certificates says that he was Intelligence Officer on Malta. His family lived there for a while, and his son, David, was born in Malta in 1910. See Frederick in Malta for his map of the harbour there and photos of Malta.

On Frederick Dibblee's service record, it says that he served on HMS Marlborough, battleship, from Feb 1914 to Feb 1917, and that he was at the Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. His ships' certificates says "Major Diblee's knowledge of German has been very useful during the war". His duties including interpreting German messages. One of those was a report that the Marlborough had been sunk during the Battle of Jutland, whereas, though she had been torpedoed, she was afloat and on her way back to port. Click here for a photo of HMS Marlborough.

On 5 June 1917, Admiralty, S.W., 5th June 1917: Allied Decorations Conferred on Officers of the Royal Navy.
The following decorations were conferred by the Russian Government on Officers of the Grand Fleet for distinguished service rendered in the Battle of Jutland:
Order of St. Stanislas 2nd Class (with Swords).
Maj. Frederick L. Dibblee, R.M.A. (now Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col.)
[with many others]

By now, Frederick Dibblee had become deaf, probably as a result of the time he had spent as a gunnery instructor, so he had to retire in 1919.

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