London Gazette references to Frederick Dibblee

These are references to Frederick Lewis Dibblee junior in the London Gazette.

22 Jun 1897Admiralty, 19th June, 1897.
Royal Marine Artillery.
Lieutenant Frederick Lewis Dibblee to be Captain, vice Bishop, promoted.
Dated 12th June, 1897.
13 Mar 1908Admiralty, 17 th July, 1908.
Royal Marine Artillery.
Captain Frederick Lewis Dibblee (supernumerary) is absorbed in the Establishment, vice Gaitskell, promoted.
Dated 13th March. 1908.
31 Mar 1908Admiralty, 26th March, 1908.
Royal Marine Light Infantry.
Captain Cyrus Hunter Regnart is seconded for service in the Naval Intelligence Department, vice Captain Frederick Lewis Dibblee, Royal Marine Artillery, vacated appointment.
Dated 8th February, 1908.
4 Jan 1910Royal Marine Artillery.
Captain Frederick Lewis Dibblee to be Major by Brevet under the provisions of Order in Council of 19th March, 1883.
Dated 3rd December, 1909.
5 Sep 1916Admiralty, 29th August, 1916.
The undermentioned Major to be Lt.-Col. by Brevet under the provns. of O. in C. of 19th Mar. 1883:-
Frederick Lewis Dibblee. 1st Sept. 1916.
13 Dec 1918Admiralty, 6th December, 1918. B.M.A.
Maj. and Bt. Lieut.-Col. Frederick Lewis Dibblee, on return to Corps duty from the Seed. List, is absorbed in the estabmt., vice Paterson, seed.
9th Dec. 1918