Frederick Lewis Dibblee's Service Record

This service record of Frederick Lewis Dibblee junior is from the Public Records Office at Kew.

F L Dibblee

FromToShip, etcPromotionComments
10/188806/1890RN College Greenwich09/18882nd Lt., Lt
07/189004/1892RMA Division
04/189208/1893HMS Triumph, battleship 3rd classGuardian Queenstown, Ireland
08/189303/1894RMA Division
03/189403/1896HMS Wye for AscensionErected telephone between George Town and Green Mountain
1896 – Penelope, coastal defence ship borne for service at Ascension
03/189601/1897RMA Division
01/189703/1897Benin Expedition HMS MalaccaPresent at capture of Benin City.
In command RM battalion after Capt. Byrne wounded 18/02/1897
03/189706/1901RMA Division06/1897Capt.
06/190106/1902HMS Prince George, battleshipChannel squadron – captain Arthur C Clarke
06/190201/1903RMA Division
01/190302/1908Naval Intelligence Department
02/190809/1911HMS Egmont, cruiser12/1909Brv. Major Malta dockyard 06/1911
09/191107/1912RMA Division09/1911Major
07/1912HMS Illustrious
07/191207/1913RMA Division
07/191308/1913HMS Good Hope
08/191306/1914RMA Division
06/191402/1917HMS Marlborough, battleship09/1916Brv. Lt. Battle of Jutland 31/05/16
02/191706/1919RMA Division
06/191907/1919HMS ImperieuseGerman interpreter SNO afloat, Scapa
07/191907/1920RMA Division

Retired on account of medical unfitness (chronic nerve deafness)

Died 27/10/1937

1902: German, Drawing. A very clever officer & particularly good in cyphering & decyphering code. Liable to fits of depression when at sea.

1908: A very hard working officer, painstaking & very reliable, he is accurate in his work to a very marked degree & a very highly finished draughtsman, & as he combines brains with the latter accomplishment, he is a valuable officer in a department where frequently points can be made clear by diagrammatic treatment.

From the journal of the Royal Marines, May 7, 1897:

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