Drawings of Frederick Lewis Dibblee

These were among the family papers of Frederick Lewis Dibblee junior.

Map of Ascension
Commodore's Cottage, Ascension, 1894
Cathedral at Queenstown

On Frederick Dibblee's service record, from March 1894 to March 1896, he was serving on HMS Wye "for Ascension". There is a note "Erected telephone between George Town and Green Mountain. 1896 – Penelope, coastal defence ship borne for service at Ascension." Here are a map of Ascension, and a drawing of the Commodore's Cottage, Ascension. The second is dated 20th May 1894.

Map of Ascension Island c.1894

Drawing of Commodore's Cottage, Ascension, 1894

This looks like a postcard which Frederick used for some doodles.


Here are the doodles on the front.


The Cathedral at Queenstown, draw in pencil and started to ink in.
Frederick's service record shows that he was in Queenstown from Apr 1892 to Aug 1893.
Queenstown is now called Cobh, County Cork, Eire. .

Cathedral at Queenstown