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Rev. Frederick Dibblee's Diary

Rev. Frederick Dibblee's diary seems to be quite well known but it is not available anywhere in full on the web. I have been given, or found, four different sets of extracts from it, which I have reproduced here. The entries are arranged chronologically, but the different sources are coloured differently so you can distinguish between them. (Anyone who can't distinguish the colours can look at the HTML to sort it out - click on View, then Source, above.)

There are still some parts missing, parts of 1812 and 1815, plus the end of the diary. For this, all we have are the fragmentary bits from Rev Raymond.

Some brief notes have been added, by me and others, inside square brackets.

In general, Rev. Frederick Dibblee seemed to keep his diary from Spring (March or April) through to mid-summer (July). Then he covers early winter (November and December) although there are variations.I don't know why he did this. It seems to be mostly a weather record, and an account of when he planted his crops, presumably as a record to be used in future years. Harvests are summarised, but when they actually happened is less important to him. Perhaps harvest time was so busy that he didn't have time to keep his diary. It seems that early winter was important because whether the river was clear, frozen over, or with loose ice, was very important for travel. The rest of winter - nothing much happened.

There are various references to bushels and some references to length and weight and other units. Please read discussion on volume, length and weight for an explanation. The Dibblee family tapped maple trees for syrup, click here for more on this.

Various articles have been written about this diary. Click here for some of them.

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Nov 8:We have had a very fine Fall to this Date warm and pleasant; no Snow or Frost; but a great Quantity of Rain.
Nov 9:Cloudy wind North and very Chilly, the first Cold Day.
Nov 10:Cloudy wind No-East and 9 O'Clock begins to Snow hard and continues all Day very Cold. It has snowed six Inches.
Nov 11:Cloudy wind norwest and high, very Cold; but no Ice in the River, it being very High and the water warm. Everet killed the Cow I had from Mr. Smith.
Nov 12:Cloudy Wind Nor-west and very Cold. The first Ice we have had this Fall began to Run this Day.
Nov 13:Sunday. Cloudy and Cold as Ever, the Ice runs thick Today - We have [ ] since the Snow as in Winter.
Nov 14:Cloudy and still, not so Cold as before. The Ice still runs thick, and has now Stopt all going on the River.
Nov 15:Clear and Still after a very Cold Night; but soon moderates and is very Pleasant. The Snow has melted some today but we are Obliged to Fodder the Cattle.
Nov 16:Cloudy and still - and very Chilly - The Ice Runs Thick and it has Froze some Distance from the Shore - We have not had so Severe Cold weather so Early in November for 6 years - and it has the appearance of winter.
Nov 17:Cloudy and more moderate, wind South. It thaws some to Date. Mended up the back of the oven. The Ice runs thick.
Nov 18:Cloudy and rains very hard all Day with the wind at East - Sou - East. During the Day it carried off the Snow.
Nov 19:The Wind came round to Nor-west in the Night and it Snowed so as to cover the Ground. very Cold all Day, and the Ice makes again very fast. Lockwood came up to get his bonds.
Nov 20:Sunday - Very Cold indeed, with Snow Squals.
Nov 21:Cloudy Wind South West but very little. Very Chilly. Lockwood went home in my Cannoe, but the Ice thickened it some.
Nov 22:Cloudy and rains hard all day wind Sou-West and high.
Nov 23:The Wind came round to the Norwest and less of Cold with Some Snow - very windy Night. Lockwood called here being brought by Anderson after Captn Smith.
Nov 24:Clear and very Pleasant. - Anderson carried off Captn J. Beardsley Repairing House, and we Plastering. Night Lieut Bradly Staid with us on His way to Presque Isle, very little Ice now running.
Nov 25:Cloudy and Chilly Wind North - Plastering.
Nov 26:Cloudy but warm no wind - geting wood
Nov 27:Sunday. Cloudy. Wind north - High and Snow Squals all Day. - The Ice runs thick. - Bradley called on his way Down.
Nov 28:Clear and very cold - wind High at North. Jack and Wm. Bull plastering Captn Ketchum's house.
Nov 29:Clear and Cold, wind North; geting Wood
Nov 30:Clear and Still; Puting up Hovels

Dec 1:Cloudy wind Sou-east and very warm - At 9 o'clock begins to rain and Continues very hard all Day, which carried of what little Snow there was, and the Fields are now free from ice and Snow as in September and the cattle refuses hay.
Dec 2:Cloudy Still and warm, very mixed work at the Hovels - 12 o'clock wind rises at Norwest.
Dec 3:Clear and very Cold morning after a most Severe frosty Night - Wind very high at North. Never knew a much Colder Day; The Ice makes Surprisingly - and runs Exceeding Thick.
Dec 4:Sunday Never was there a colder Night and Morning without any Snow - wind Sou-East by 12 o'Clock, grows pleasant, Night Cloudy like for Rain
Dec 5:Clear, warm and Still, as pleasant a Day as in October; The Cattle, Sheep and every thing about the House out in the Fields as September; Thus in 24 Hours, we have Experienced the most Excessive Cold, and as warm weather as ever known in plastering House.
Dec 6:Clear still and pleasant as ever. Beardsley at House, Everet and the boys getting Wood.
Dec 7:Clear and Pleasant after a Clear Still Frosty Night. Everet making Bridge; Boys at the Wood. Beardsley finished House. Sprained my Ancle. The Ice continues to Run, but not to freeze up solid.
Dec 8:Clear Still and very pleasant; Evert and Boys made the Sheep Hovel. Mr. Fair and Armstrong came from Presque Isle. Mr. Bull gave a Ball.
Dec 9:Clear and warm as September; Messrs. Fair and Armstrong Stayed with us, listing men. Afternoon clouded up and rains Hard all Night from SouWest
Dec 10:A little Cloudy Wind Sou-West and very warm. Fair & Armstrong left us for Fredericton
Dec 11:Sunday. Clear and pleasant as September - There is now Scarse any Ice in the River, and the Cattle, Sheep and Horse get their living in the Fields with very little Fodder - We have not yet put the Horse one Night in the Stable. Night very cloudy.
Dec 12:A very heavy rain all Day, wind Sou-East.
Dec 13:Cloudy and from 10 o'clock Rains hard all the rest of the Day. Wind Sou-West and very warm. Night clears away very fine; but in the night comes to the Nor-west, and then round to the No-East with a very Heavy Squal of Hail and continues round to Sou-West with Rain, very muddy.
Dec 14:A remarkable fine Day with the wind at west. The River has Rose and Carried of all the Ice, and it is now as good Padling as in Summer. The Cattle Require very little Fodder, and the Sheep and Horse has had none to this Date.
Dec 15:Cloudy wind Norwest and cold; the Ice makes again very fast. Put my hams to Smoak, Boys threshing.
Dec 16:Cloudy Part of the Day but not very Cold. Boys threshing. The Ice now Runs very thick, but the River is very high. Put the Horse in the Stable the first time. A Good Winter.
Dec 17:Cloudy wind norwest and cold with Snow Squals all Day. Cleaned my Wheat. Boys getting Wood. The Ice runs thick, but the River continues very High no Snow on the Ground.
Dec 18:Sunday. Clear but not very Cold; wind Nor-west.
Dec 19:Clear and Pleasant, till 12 O'clock when it Clouded up from the Sou-west and has some Appearance of Snow. Boys getting Wood - Pier Joseph came Down the River and left his Cannoe with me; The Ice runs thick.
Dec 20:Cloudy wind North and Cold. It Snowed last night just Sufficient to cover the Ground. Visited Capt. Bull.
Dec 21:Clear and very cold. The Ice Runs thick, and the River falls fast. Beardsley mended my Chimneys.
Dec 22:Cloudy Wind Nor-West and very Cold. Everet killed Browna; Boys geting Wood. Betsy had Company.
Dec 23:Clear and Still after a very Severe Frosty Night. Boys getting Wood, Broke the Sled. Grows moderate.
Dec 24:Cloudy and Snows with the Wind East. We hope now to have Slaying. Boys hauling Wood with the Horse. The Ice is now fast at Joseph Woolverton's. Quite moderate.
Dec 25:Sunday and Christmas.- Cloudy but moderate. Wind North, but very little; a fine Christmas. There is now not an Inch of Snow. The Ice loosed last Night and has become very Ruff the River being High
Dec 26:Cloudy and Still. a fine Day. The People begin to cross the River on the Ice. getting wood.
Dec 27:Clear and very Pleasant.; Beardsley mended Sled.
Dec 28:Cloudy Wind North after a very Frosty Night - This Day Cellebrated the Season, and had to Dine with Captn Bull & wife, Captn Ketchum & wife and Sally - Mr. Beardsley & wife, Mr. Smith & wife - Mrs. Ketchum.
Dec 29:Cloudy and warm. Boys skating and slaying. Deb calves.
Dec 30:Clear and cold. Visited Mr. Yorke.
Dec 31:Cloudy and warm wind South. Spent the Evening at Captn. Ketchum's with Captn. Bull & wife.


Jan 1:Cloudy but Warm wind South - Captn Bull and wife, Capt Cunliffe, William Upham & Joseph Bedell Dined with us and Sally Ketchum and the widow Ketchum. - A fine New Year's Day as we ever had.
Jan 2:Cloudy after a very snowy night when it fell about 6 Inches; Wind North and very high with Snow Squals all Day. Grows Cold. The Sheep have got their living to this Day in the Fields, without Hay - Jack carried Mrs. Ketchum to the Creek.

Apr 2:Lost a Cow bought of Michael Smith, by falling on the ice.
Apr 9:We have had a very Pleasant Winter from my last Date; There has been some Days as Cold as Ever we Experienced. But not Such Steady Cold weather as Some Winters; neither has there been so much Snow as is common in this Country. The Spring to this Date very Backward, and there is more Snow on the Improvements and in the Woods than we have known for a Number of years - A Prospect of a very fine Spring for Sugar, the Boys have now made 82th and 6 Quarts of Honey. The River is now just Rising, and the Ice so Strong that they Crossed Yesterday with Horses at Raymond's - The Sheep begin to pick a little round the Stumps and a few bare Places, where the Snow blew off.
Apr 10:A Clear and Pleasant Day wind Norwest. A Good Day for Sap. The Snow now goes fast, and the Sheep are gone into the Fields, without any Hay -The Ice is yet Strong enough to Persons afoot - Boys making Sugar
Apr 11:A Clear Morning after a frosty Night. A Good Day for Sap. The Boys brought 1/2 Tons of Hay from Clark's - at 12 o'clock Clouds up with the wind at South, which Stops the Sap -at 3 it Begins to Rain
Apr 12:Rainy Morning with the Wind No-East and Chilly, which continues all Day, but with very little Rain. - Boys Boiling down Sap. Mr. & Mrs. Bull with us.
Apr 13:A very Rainy Night and morning wind North; it Rains hard all Day. Hawled some Wood.
Apr 14:Cloudy wind Norwest and rain. The Ice has now broke at Raymond's and Small Parcels of Ice have Run Several Times toDay; The Ice is yet fast at McShaff. The River Rises fast, and the Snow is half gone from the Improvements. The Cattle Pick Considerable.
Apr 15:Sunday - Charles Connell came to Church in His Birch [bark] Cannoe. Cloudy but soon clears up with the Wind Nor-West, and Showers all Day.
Apr 16:A fine Pleasant morning after a Small White Frost, a little Sap today. The warmest Day we have had this Spring. The Snow now goes very fast, and Two Thirds of the Improvements are bear. The Ice has run to Day very much, and appears to have come from a Distance; It has all gone of from us, but where it Jamed on the Shore last fall, and the Top of my Bar.
Apr 17:A very pleasant morning indeed and still a Considerable white Frost. - Boys at the Sap and getting Wood - 3 o'clock, the Ice came Down in a Tremendous Body, and carried all before it. It ran Amazing Thick for Three Hours - and then, after not being so Thick, till Bed Time; - To Appearance the Ice has all Come Down. - A Very Warm day. A small Shower at Night, brought the Wind Norwest and Grows Cold.
Apr 18:A very cold Morning Wind North and High. The Sap has not run toDay owing to the Cold, No Ice Running, but what Tumbles off the Jams on the Bank of the River - The Ice ran so Thick last Night, that it raised the river so as to bring the Ice on my Intervale and Buried up some of my [ ] In the Morning the Ice had ceased Runing and the River had Fallen to its old Standard and left the Ice Ten Foot high on my Front - Night very cold.
Apr 19:A Still Morning after a very cold Night which froze the Ground as Solid as a Rock - 9 o'clock, wind Rises north, but not so High or Cold as Yesterday. The Sap Runs very little, the Best Day we have had this Spring. Boys Making Sugar. Night very Cold. Set a gone.
Apr 20:A very fine Morning Still and Warm, after a severe White Frost. A most Excellent Day for Sap, the Best this Season. The River for Three Days Back has fallen owing to the Cold Nor-West wind.- toDay it begins to Rise, but no appearance of a Fresh this Spring. Dug some Parsnips toDay, but there is considerable Frost in the Ground too much for Gardening or Mending Fence.
Apr 21:A Still Pleasant morning after a Small white frost - The Sap does not Run toDay as it Did yesterday owing to the wind Blowing from the South and Blowing Fresh. The Boys caught yesterday above 60 Pails of Sap which they Boiled Down toDay. The River rises a little; - Sot both Turkies - A very warm day. The Snow gone off Improvements.
Apr 22:Sunday - Cloudy, wind east-sou-east, and High; in the afternoon begins to Rain. Sister Dibblee with us - Night Rains hard - wind very high.
Apr 23:A very Rainy Morning Wind East and still very high. Began to move my Front Fence for fear of the River's Rising. Sister Dibblee and family with Captn. Bull and Lady afternoon at Captn I. Ketchum's.
Apr 24:Cloudy and blustering wind No-East with Snow Squals - The River Rose Two Feet last Night. Morning very Busy in moving up my Fence from the Freshet. Afternoon, Captn Bull & Lady Sister Dibblee, Mrs. Carvel & Captn Ketchum's family with us - The River Rose very little During the Day.
Apr 25:A very fine morning, but the wind Soon Rises at North and Blustering - The River Rose last Night above Two feet, and is now considerable above my Fence on the Highest Part of my Front. Busy in geting up my Rails to Save them. 8 o'clock the Ice Began to Run and Continued for Three Hours, Pretty Thick, but Small Pieces; Suppose it came from Toback and Rustick.- The River now falls again, and the Lakes being now broke, we hope it will Rise no Higher.
Apr 26:Cloudy Wind No-East and Rains The Principal Part of the Day - The River Rose last Night at least Two Feet and we were obliged to move our Rails further up the Bank - It continued to Rise fast all Day and is now as High as is common.
Apr 27:Cloudy Wind No-East and Misty. To our Surprise we found this Morning that the River had fallen Two feet or more Perpendicular and it Continued to fall During the Day.
Apr 28:A fine morning after a smart frost. The Boys caught 25 Pails of Sap toDay. The River fell last Night but not so fast as the Night and Day before. A very warm Day - Began my Garden. Planted some Cucumbers and Sowed Lettuce.
Apr 29:Sunday 6 - Cloudy and before Night begins to Rain. The River Begins to Rise again.
Apr 30:A very Rainy Night and Morning but Clears away in the afternoon. River Rises fast.

May 1:A fine Day Wind Norwest and warm. Began to Mend fence. Afternoon visited Captn Bull and Baptised his Daughter. The River Rose last Night very much and is now as high as it was before. A very Warm Day.
May 2:A fine Morning and Still after a Smart white Frost. The River Rose Two feet last Night and carried off some of my Rails. Mending Fence. 11 o'clock the River at a stand.
May 3:A very warm day wind Sou-West. The River at a Stand but before Night began to Fall. Mending Fence. Boys brought in Potatoes. Night cloudy and Rainy. Visited Mr. Bedell with Captn Bull.
May 4:A clear fine morning. the River now falls fast - Boys hauling Rails. Mending fence. A very warm day.
May 5:A fine morning no frost last night. The River has now fallen two feet Perpendicular and there is no appearance of its Rising again. We have had a very moderate Fresh, it having hardly reached my Rock on the Intervale. Boys finished hawling Rails and then Plowed my Garden, Myself at the Fence.
May 6:Sunday - Cloudy and Chilly Wind South but no Rain. The River Quite unexpected begins to rise again and before Night rose 4 Inches.
May 7:Cloudy morning but soon Clears away - very warm - The River Rose last Night near 2 feet and at Sundown was Higher than before -Boys ploughing for Flax and Wheat - Mending fence.
May 8:A very Pleasant Morning and warm wind Nor-west. River rises and is now 6 Inches Higher than before. Boys plowing at the Garden.
May 9:A cool morning but no frost wind at North and High - The River Rose last Night 1 1/2 Feet and Carried off some of my Fence. Boys Plowing. Myself at the Garden. Rose Calved and when we found her the Calf was Dead.
May 10:A very warm Morning, wind south and Cloudy - The River Rose but little last Night and at 10 o'clock began to fall. Sowed Onions and Set out Parsnips. 3 o'clock begins to rain; which put a stop to Plowing.
May 11:A fine Clear Day Wind Norwest - The River now falls very fast - Making Fence. Sowed Cabbage Seed - Set out Turnips. - Jack brought 200 lb. of Hay from Mr. Uphams.
May 12:A cold morning after a Smart white Frost. Wind Rises at North but warm. Sowed Flax Seed and Peas.- Made Fence to shut up the Geese. Planted 1/2 Bushel of Early Potatoes. - The River falls very fast Indeed - The Grass now Grows very well and the Trees begin to Show their Leaves. a Good Spring.
May 13:Sunday - A Very warm fine day
May 14:- Cloudy and Still, but warm. The River Falls but is yet too High to Set our Nets. The Grass has now grown So as to afford the Cattle good living, and the Trees are very Forward - The Boys hawling rails to mend Fence. Sowed a Bushel of Bawled Wheat. [This may be bald wheat, as opposed to bearded wheat.] Richard harrowed it in. Towards Sundown a heavy Cloud from the No-East with Rain which Continues all Night.
May 15:A very Rainy Morning Wind East. 12 o'clock Clears away very Pleasant. Mending Fence.
May 16:A very warm day Wind Sou-West. Boys Plowing. Myself at the Garden. River Falls slowly.
May 17:A good day and warm. Boys Plowing. Myself at the Garden. Afternoon visited my sister Dibblee at Mr. Beardsley - Night very Cloudy - Wind South.
May 18:Clear but not warm. Wind North and High. Boys finished Plowing for Wheat - Myself at the Garden - Caught a Fine Mess of Trout. Planted carrots Beets & Parsnips. Very Cold Wind High.
May 19:A fine warm day after a Smart frost. Wind Sou-West - and High - Sowed 1 3/4 of Banded Wheat - Put fire to my Clearing which Ran Surprisingly and Burnt up Some of my Fence. The River Falls, but is yet too high to set Nets.
May 20:Whit Sunday - A very warm Day.
May 21:Cloudy and Soon begins to Rain but very warm - Boys Threshing. Mr. Smith sheared Sheep. Sowed some early cabbage and Lettuce Seed. Set my Short Net for the first time. First Goose hatched eight Goslins. Flax, Peas and first Wheat now up and looks well. Rains all Day moderately.
May 22:A very fine day, wind west. The River now falls very fast. Boys plowing. No Salmon. Took off the first Turkey with 13 young ones. Cleaned some Seed Wheat.
May 23:A Good Day, Wind Nor-West. No Salmon. grass and Everything now grows finely. Sowed half a Bushel of Balled Wheat. Jack Cross Plowing for Wheat. Planted a Busl of Beets. Sowed Sage Seed, Pepper Grass and Saffron Seed. - Night Set the Small Net, very warm.
May 24:Clear and Warm. Wind West - Boys Plowing for Wheat - Sowed a Bushel of Belled Wheat. Richard Harrowed it in. Caught the first Salmon.
May 25:Clear and Warm. Jack plowing for corn. Planted Pole and Bush Beans - No Salmon. Boys planted Water Mellons. Mended Cannoe.
May 26:Clear and warm as July. Boys Plowing for corn. No Salmon. Cherry Calved. Went to Prince William.
May 27:Warm indeed and Clear. Wind East.
May 28:Clear and warm. Very Dry. Came Home.
May 29:Very warm. Wind Sou-West. Boys Plowing for Corn. No Salmon.
May 30:Never was Warmer, Wind South. Caught a Small Salmon. Boys still Plowing. Very Dry. Set my Long Net. Night like for Rain. Betsey plucked her geese. Captn Bull & Wife drank Tea with us.
May 31:Cloudy and Rainy Wind East and Chilly. No Salmon. Jack finished Plowing for Corn - began to Harrow - very little Rain

Jun 1:Very Rainy Morning but soon Clears away Warm Wind South. No Salmon.
Jun 2:Clear and Pleasant. Began to Plant Corn. Caught a Salmon. Planted 1 1/2 peas.
Jun 3:Sunday. A very Rainy Day till 12 o'clock.
Jun 4:Cloudy and Some Showers, but warm. Planting Corn - Caught a Small Salmon. Took of Three Hens with 40 Chickens, and a Goose with 5 Goslins
Jun 5:Clear and very warm. Planting Corn. Visited Captn Bull - Caught a fine Salmon.
Jun 6:Married Charles Connell and Nacy Palmer.
Jun 7:Clear and Cool. Wind Norwest. Caught a Large Bass. Boys planting Corn for Captn Ketchum.
Jun 8:Clear and very Warm. Wind South. Boys finished planting Corn for Captn K. Began to Plant Potatoes. No fish.
Jun 9:Cloudy and a little Rain in the Morning but soon clears off - Planted 4 Bushels of Early Potatoes and 1 of Jack's. My Corn is now up that was Planted on Wednesday the 6th - Caught a fine Salmon.
Jun 10:Sunday. Cloudy and 9 o'clock begins to Rain and Continues Hard for 3 Hours.
Jun 11:Clear and very Warm Wind Sou-West. Boys Planting Potatoes. Myself Cross Plowing for Oats - Afternoon we had the first Thunder Shower.
Jun 12:Clear and Warm. Wind Nor-west. Boys Finished Planting Potatoes, having planted 12 Bushels. - Caught a very Large Salmon. Boys making Fence by the River. Tommy Cunliffe helping them. The Corn and everything grows Surprisingly. finished Plowing for Oats.
Jun 13:Clear and very warm wind west - Boys at the Fence. Sowed 4 of oats Richard Harrowed them in - No Salmon.
Jun 14:Clear and very warm wind Norwest. Boys making fence. Planted my last Beans and Cucumbers - Caught a large Salmon.
Jun 15:Clear and warm Indeed - Sowed Grass seed. Boys finished Front Fence. Jack went to Meductic to Hire Cannoe for Prince William. No Salmon. Captn Bull and Lady, Mr. Bedell & Lady Visited Us
Jun 16:Clear and warm. Wind North and High. Boys at the Front Fence. Caught a fine Salmon. - Hull calved last Night and Stately Night Before.
Jun 16:Went to Prince William. Jack Plowing.

Aug 25:We have had a very wet and cold Summer to this Date, and for four Days Past - Remarkable Cold, with the Wind Norwest and High - and Every Night there has been a frost - the Second of which was so Severe, that it has Destroyed Two Thirds of the Crops of Corn; and Injured a Great Deal of Wheat - Buckwheat and Potatoes. But I have escaped Remarkably - Nothing being Hurt but Cucumbers - Crops of which very good.

Oct 5:From the last Date, the weather has been Remarkable Cold and Windy - Except two Days the 6th & 9th of September, which were warmer than any we have had this Summer; it has also been very Dry and the River has for Two months been lower than ever known before.
Oct 12:We have now had Three Cold Wet Days Wind No-East and the River Rises fast. Andrew Carney helping Boys Pick Corn.
Oct 28:From the last Date we have had the Weather very Severe and there has been two very Severe frosts - and on this Day the Snow has fell 4 Inches and lasted one Day and Half before it went Intirely off.

Nov 6:The weather has been so Severe that it froze my Pond so as to Bear the Boys, and Scarcely Thawed any during the Day - and Night before last it began to Snow and Continued till This Evening when the Snow fell 8 Inches and very wet, We are now Obliged to Fodder our Cattle. We never knew Such a Summer and Fall as this - Lockwood mending the House. He began yesterday. Cloudy but not very Cold
Nov 11:We have had from the 6th very Cold weather and the Snow has not thawed in the least but it is now very good slaying - Yesterday it Snowed and rained very hard all Day, wind at Sou-East - But Cleared away this Morning very Pleasant, and it begins to Thaw fast. In the morning James Upham and Joseph Cunliffe Breakfasted with us on Their way from Fredericton and at Night Mr. Beardsley arrived from St. John. having left my Cannoe Two Miles below Fredericton, where the Snow fell Three feet and filled the River so Thick that no Cannoe could Stir, no more than if it was Solid Ice. We now Fodder as in Winter and there is very little appearance of the Snows going off - Gloomy.
Nov 12:Clear and Pleasant. Thaws some toDay but there is now considerable Snow on the Ground and for the first time Some Ice in the River. Night Cloudy.
Nov 13:Cloudy and eight o'Clock begins to Snow but Snow Clears away, wind Nor-west, and Night very Cold - Boys went into the Wood to look to Traps.
Nov 14:Clear but very Cold Indeed - The Ice now Runs very thick - and all the Still Places are Froze so as to bear a Man - The River was never so low in our Memory; and we have never had such a Fall.
Nov 15:Cloudy - Wind East and Soon begins to Snow and Continues all Day - Wind at Night very High - Covered our Hovels - Captn & Mrs. Bull visited us.
Nov 16:Cloudy, Wind High at North - and very Cold - The Snow fell Yesterday 6 Inches - Geting Wood.
Nov 17:Sunday. Clear Wind Nor-West and very Cold- Very Good Slaying.
Nov 18:Clear and Still after a Very Cold Night - Mr. Raymond Crossed the River by His House with Mr. Carvell's family in Their Slays to Church - It moderates.
Nov 19:Very Pleasant Day after a Frosty Night.
Nov 20:Clear and Pleasant Day, it begins to Thaw, fast. Began to Plaister House - Very good Skaiting.
Nov 21:Still very Pleasant - Wind at South.
Nov 22:Clear and a Very Warm Day. Plaistering.
Nov 23:Continues very Warm, but it does not carry off the Snow very fast owing to Frosty Nights, which make a Thick Crust on the Snow. The Cattle and Sheep now begin to creep about the fields.
Nov 24:Cloudy and appearance of Rain but warm.
Nov 25:Sunday. Very Pleasant Indeed, wind Sou-West, and warm. It Thaws very much and the Ground begins to appear in Places - The Horse has got his living these two Days by scraping away the Snow.
Nov 26:Clear and very warm - no Frost last Night it being Cloudy - Boys gone to Prepare for Sugar next spring.
Nov 27:Cloudy but soon Clears away. Wind Nor-West and very High - It blows very High all Day and by Night grows Excessive Cold - geting Wood
Nov 28:Cloudy Wind No-East and Cold - Like for Snow.
Nov 29:The Wind has come round to the South and grows warm. Mr. Bedell & Wife Captn Bull & wife, with us.
Nov 30:Cloudy and Rainy with Hail all Day. Fixing Stables -Quite warm, wind sou-East.

Dec 1:It thaws very much. The Cattle, Sheep and Horse all over the Fields - Finished the Stables
Dec 2:Sunday and Advent. Cloudy Wind West and Warm.
Dec 3:A Very Pleasant Day and Still geting Wood.
Dec 4:Cloudy and like for Rain Wind Sou-East.
Dec 5:Cloudy, but little Wind has come to Nor-West with a little Snow in the Night. Visited Capt Bull.
Dec 6:Clear Wind Norwest but not Cold. Threshing Wheat. Geting Wood.
Dec 7:A very fine day and Still. It thaws much toDay. Boys threshing Wheat. Put my Hams to smoke.
Dec 8:It snowed Last Night about an Inch but in the Morning Turns to Rain, Warm and still. The Ice has not increased in the Least for 10 Days; and there is but one Passage on the Ice from Mr. Campbell's down to Dr. Lasle's old Place and this Passage is at Raymond's about 10 Roods wide - The Sheep and Horse continue to Pick about the fields, but they are chiefly covered with snow.
Dec 9:Sunday - Cloudy. Wind North and Fresh Grows Cold.
Dec 10:Very Cold. Wind North and Cloudy - geting Wood.
Dec 11:Clear and still after a Cold Night geting Wood.
Dec 12:Cloudy Wind No-East - but not Cold
Dec 13:Very Snowy Day. Wind No-East.
Dec 14:Cloudy. Wind North and Cold. It snowed 7 Inches Yesterday and Night. The open Places in the River froze.
Dec 15:Cloudy and still not very cold, geting wood.
Dec 16:Sunday. Clear and wind Nor-west not very cold.
Dec 17:Clear and very cold - wind North - Joseph Cunliffe died.
Dec 18:Clear and never Colder. Sick. Boys geting Wood.
Dec 19:A Very Cold day after the Coldest Night tis Year. Joseph Cunliffe Buried - but being Sick Mr. Bedell performed the Mellencholly Duty. Recd a Note from Judge Saunders.
Dec 20:Never was Colder - the Night very much so.
Dec 21:Still and Cold Morning after another Amazing Cold Night. A. [ ] Helping Boys get Wood.
Dec 22:Clear and Pleasant Morning - after a Moderate Cold Night - A. [ ] Helping Boys get wood for Christmas. Night clouds up from the South and begins to Snow - The Two Weeks back has been attended with the Greatest Cold Weather than ever Experienced this Season before., and four of the Days never was Colder. Several Slays have been to Fredericton and found good travelling which never happened before Christmas Since we have been in Woodstock. This Night very Moderate.
Dec 23:Sunday - So much Better as to Preach. It snowed last Night 4 Inches - Cloudy and Moderate.
Dec 24:Cloudy. Wind East and Warm. Like for rain.
Dec 25:Christmas. Cloudy but not Cold. Wind No-East and Soon begins to Snow Continues all Day and Night.
Dec 26:Cloudy but soon clears away Wind South & Pleasant. It snowed yesterday Night 8 Inches.
Dec 27:Pleasant morning but soon Clouds up. Wind Sou-East. Sundown begins to Rain very Hard which continued Two Hours & Turned to Snow. But soon Clearing. Captn B. & Lady Mrs. Woollard Dined with us & Mr. Bedell & Lady spent the Evening - Very warm wind and high.
Dec 28:Cloudy but soon clearing Warm and very Pleasant. Wind West.
Dec 29:Cloudy. Wind No-East and little Snow. Grows Cold.
Dec 30:Sunday Very bad Storm of Snow. Unwell
Dec 31:Cloudy. Wind North but not very cold.


Jan 1:Clear and not Cold Wind Norwest.
Jan 2:Clear and very Cold.
Jan 3:Clear and never Colder.
Jan 4:Clear and Continues Cold
Jan 21:From the last Date it has been Remarkable Cold, more so than we have known Since we have been in the Country. The River never was lower but the Ice very strong. The Snow is now very deep and there has not been one Thaw to Help the Mills; and they have all Stopt Grinding, but Mr. Allen's. A very severe Winter.

Feb 1:From the last Date it has been moderate and not one Cold Day; But it has Snowed every Other Day, and the Snow is deeper now than for 6 years before. A most Remarkable Winter.:
Feb 28:From the last Date we had moderate Weather as to Cold - but it has Snowed every other Day and Drifted in a Surprising Manner. The Roads have been Impassable and we have been obliged to Shovel away the Snow to prevent our being Buried up - The Snow is now 5 feet Deep.

Mar 20:From the last Date we have had Good Weather, and only Two Days, which however, was very Cold. The Snow has settled very much Tho' there has been Scarse any Rain - There is now two and Half Feet on the Ground - The Ice very Strong and never better going. Yesterday the Boys began to Tap for Sugar and from about 30 Trees caught 6 Pails full.
Mar 26:From the last Date we have had 3 very Cold Days and till Yesterday no Weather for Sugar. This Day the Boys made 19 3/4 of Sugar - Wind Nor-West and Clear; the Snow Melts Considerable. Brought the Flower of 6 Bushels of Wheat - wt. 273 lbs. Ten Pounds more than 6 Bushels Produced from Mr. Allen's mill - The fifth goose egg. Visited Capt. Cunliffe.
Mar 27:Clear and Cold Morning after a very Frosty Night. The Boys made toDay 40 lbs. of sugar - The Sap runs very Little toDay; but it thaws fast. Betsey has now 4 Ewe Lambs.
Mar 28:Clear and warm a Good Day for Sap. No wind. The Snow goes fast. Brought a Ton of Hay from Roger's.
Mar 29:Clear and very warm after a smart frost - a good Day for Sap - The Boys made 43 lbs. of Sugar. Cleaned 6 Bushels of wheat for Mill. Ewe Lamb.
Mar 30:Clear cold Morning remains too Cold for Sap - Boys sugared off 28 lbs. this Day - Wind drives at Sou-West and Chilly - Night clouds up and like for Rain - Everet left Here, having worked 13 Days. Brought the Flower of 6 Bushels of wheat from Mill ground by Captn Bull Camber having gone to help Ingram - wt. 275
Mar 31:Sunday - Cloudy and Rainy but still.

Apr 1:Cloudy and misty, but at 11 o'clock wind comes round to North and Grows chilly. Boys at Sap. Last night Deb calved. River rises fast, and the Ice begins to Break. The ground is now entirely covered with Snow.
Apr 2:Clear and very warm, wind at Sou-West. The Ice Broke above the Bar for the first Time. There's now no Passing the River, which Rises fast. A Good Day for Sap. Jack brought 500 wt of Hay from Upham. The Snow goes Fast, and the Sheep begin to peck a little.
Apr 3:Clear and very warm, much more so than any we have had this Spring. Wind Sou-West. The Ice Broke this Day from my Bar and Run off as far to Appearance as Meductic - The Snow goes very fast and the Sheep pick considerable - Too warm for Sap - The Boys toDay Sugared off 33 1/2 lbs. very Good Sugar.
Apr 4:Cloudy after small Showers at Night, Wind comes round to North - Boys Boiling Down the Sap they caught yesterday - The Snow Continues to melt, but not so fast as yesterday. The Ice goes slowly. Yesterday the Post called with an English mail.
Apr 5:Clear and Warm a Fine Day Indeed. 10 O'clock wind rises at North - no Sap toDay there having been no Frost in the Night. The Ice has Now Intirely Broke from my Bar and Run off; a Canoe may now Pass from Mr. Connell's to this side. The Boys last night brought Home Sugar 23 3/4 lbs.
Apr 6:Cloudy, Wind East and Chilly - It Snowed Last Night just to Cover the Bare Ground - 11 o'clock the Wind comes to South and Misty all Day. The Ice last Night from above broke and Run off, without Jaming very little on the Banks - it Runs all Day but not thick and in small Pieces. It has no Doubt come from the Falls. Boys made 12 lbs. Sugar.
Apr 7:Sunday. Cloudy and Rains hard till 12 o'clock. Wind Sou-West. The Ice Runs today but not Thick and in small Pieces. River Rises fast. It Snowed last Night just to Cover the Ground, but the Rain soon drives it off.
Apr 8:Cloudy and warm. No Sap. River Rises. The Sheep now get their living and we Fodder the Cattle only once a Day. Captn Bull & Lady Mrs. Bedell with us. Boys getting Rails.
Apr 9:Cloudy and 3 o'clock begins to Rain with the wind at Sou-West and Continues all Night - The Ice has Run toDay for 3 Hours Pretty thick - Boys geting Rails - The Rain carries off the Snow but not so fast as the Sun.
Apr 10:Cloudy and Rainy Morning the wind continues Shifting, but after breakfast, at Sou-West; when the Boys went to getting Rails. William Bull Crossed to Connels in His Cannoe. - very little Ice running - River Rises but not fast - The Sheep Intirely get their Living; Fodder the Cattle once a day.
Apr 11:Cloudy and Small Rain Wind South and warm. Set Two Geese on 15 eggs. Boys emptying their Troaths in Hope of Good Weather for Sap. There has been no Sap for 6 Days.
Apr 12:Good Friday. Cloudy but no Rain - Wind North-East. but warm - River Rises Slowly - a small congregation. Mr Gilbert came in Cannoe. Snow goes very little. Clarke had my Cannoe to go to Dickinson's Mill. Little Ice Running.
Apr 13:Clear and cool Wind No-East. Several Squals of Rain during the Day - Boys moved up the Fence on the Front where the water had come to it. Afternoon William Emptied Sap Troaths. Jack visiting the Uphams. Night Cloudy and Warm - Cherry Calved.
Apr 14:Easter Sunday - A very pleasant morn, but the Wind soon Rises at Nor-West and Blows Hard - at 9 o'clock the Ice began to run very unexpectedly and soon was so Thick as almost to cover the whole River, Suppose to Come above the Falls as the River is Rising very Fast - by 12 o'clock Cloudy and grows cold.
Apr 15:Cloudy Wind North and High and very Cold - Boys making Sugar - a very good Day for Sap - the River is at a Stand - owing to the Cold North Wind
Apr 16:Clear and pleasant morning. Wind rises Nor-West but not Cold - the River has fell 2 feet - Boys made 30lb of Sugar - Ice Intirely gone.
Apr 17:Clear Wind Norwest and Chilly. Boys at the Sap. The Snow is now all gone, but in the lowest Places, and in the Woods there is very little - The Grass begins to grow and People begin to burn brush and Raymond is now Plowing on the Island - Three weeks sooner then he ever experienced before. The River Neither Rises or Falls. A Prospect of a very early Spring.
Apr 18:Clear and warm after a Small Frost but the wind soon Rises to the Norwest and grows Cold and Cloudy. Jack unwell - Boys made 24 1/2 lbs of Sugar.
Apr 19:Clear and very Cold after a Smart Frost, Wind N. West. Brought in Early Potatoes - Took up part of the Fence on the Front. River at a Stand and has neither Rose nor Fell for 8 Days owing to the Cold Norwesters - snow almost gone in the Woods
Apr 20:Clear and very Cold Morning after a very Smart Frost - which Froze my Pond over - Boys at the Sap - Took up Fence on the Front - 12 o'clock very warm. Lost a Hen.
Apr 21:Sunday - Clear and Pleasant after a Smart Frost at Night - There has been 3 Good Days for Sap.
Apr 22:Cloudy and Rains Hard for Two Hours and then Misty all Day - William Caught 3 Trout. Boys made 21 lbs of Sugar - Mended Plough.
Apr 23:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest and High. Mended Garden Fence. Boys made 15 lbs. Sugar and brought in all Their Things - They have made in the whole 294 3/4 lbs and Four Gallons of Honey. The River has fell a few Inches, but from all Appearances there will be no Fresh. this Spring of any Consequence.
Apr 24:Clear and Warm Wind at South. Jack & William Transplanted Apple Trees and they Caught a Small mess of Fish - Sowed Some Lettuce Camber finished triming Currents and Gooseberries - Visited Mr. Beardsley and Night Clouds up, and Begins to Rain before we got Home.
Apr 25:A Very Rainy Night and Morning but Clears away at 12 o'Clock with Showers. Jack brought 2 Bushels of Oats from Mr. Upham's. Camber Killed Deb's Calf - Making Harrow
Apr 26:Clear and warm Wind Sou-West - Begin Plowing - moving Rails and mending Fence - Visited Captn Bull - Yesterday Set an Hen on 7 Turkey Eggs.
Apr 27:Cloudy at Times and Showry all Day - Wind West - River yesterday and Night Rose very much and is now up to my Fence on the Front - Jack finished Plowing [ ] Ground and Potatoe Ground. - moved Rails and mended Fence - Set a Turkey on 14 Eggs.
Apr 28:Sunday Cloudy in the Morning but Soon Clears away Chilly - River Rose last Night and toDay 6 Inches - but at Night almost Done Rising - and we hope to have no more; it is now just above my Fence, oposite the Rock.
Apr 29:Clear and Warm Wind at Sou-East - But at 12 o'clock Clouds up and Begins to Rain with the wind very high - Jack began to Plough for Wheat - Mending fence and taking out Potatoes. Afternoon nothing done - River Rose a Little last Night about 3 Inches - but the High Wind has made it Rise fast toDay.
Apr 30:A Very Rainy Morning till 12 o'clock and then Showers till Night - Jack Carried a Bushel of Corn to Mill - The River Rises very fast - Moved up Rails.

May 1:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest - Jack brought 500 lbs of Hay from Clark's for Potatoes - Afternoon Ploughing - Mr. Beardsley & Wife Mr. Smith & Wife, with us - Took up Cherry Trees. Shut out the Hogs. The River Rose last Night very much and made us move up Rails - ToDay it rose only 5 inches. A small Trout last Night.
May 2:Cloudy and Some Rain Wind Sou-West. A Smart Shower at Noon which brings the Wind at Norwest and Clear weather. Jack Plowing. At the Garden - The River Rose last Night about 4 Inches. This Morning began to Fall, and at Night was Down to where it was yesterday - Wind High and Cold.
May 3:Clear and Cold Morning after a Frosty Night. Jack a Plowing. At the Garden - River falls fast
May 4:Cloudy Wind Sou-East but warm - Jack a Ploughing - Planted Early and late Trees ["trees" in typescript, but check mss. - "peas" much more probable]. Set Onions. At Night a heavy Thunder Shower. The first Swallow.
May 5:Sunday - A very Rainy Morning, but warm as Jun -- The Grass and every Thing Starts up Surprisingly.
May 6:Clear after a most Severe Rainy Night which made the River Rise Surprisingly, it having Rose 2 feet, and is now higher than before. Jack last night Killed a wild Goose. Too wet for Plowing. Very Cold. Wind North.
May 7:Clear and Cold - Wind Norwest - The River Rose last Night 3 Feet and Carried off Some of my Rails, it is now up to my Rock. Too wet for ploughing - Hawled Boards to make Garden Fence. Got wood and Moved up Rails.
May 8:Clear and very Warm after a Smart Frost. The River Rose last Night 2 1/2 feet and is now almost to the Topt of my Rock. Jack finished Ploughing for Wheat - and then began to Plough for Oats. - Sundown the River had Rose 1 Foot when it got to its Hight and began to Fall. - It was just over my Rock, and has been the Highest Fresh that we have had for 4 Years - Planted Cucumbers and Sowed my Cabbage Plants. Chamber killed Cherry's Calf. Night Cloudy and Some appearance of Rain.
May 9:A Rainy Morning but Warm Wind South. Sowed my Onions and Planted half a bushel of Early Potatoes. Afternoon Jack Ploughing. The River falls very fast. Jack brought 2 bushels of Oats from Upham's.
May 10:Clear and Warm. Jack Ploughing. William mending Fence. Myself cross Ploughing for Peas and Oats & Flax - River Falls and is now half of my Interval. Grass Grows very fast. a Good Spring. Two Geese brought off 12 Goslions.
May 11:Clear and very Pleasant Morning. Wind Sou-West. At 9 oClock it Clouds over and Directly begins to Rain and Continues all Day - Sowed half a Bushel of Peas and Do of Flax Seed. Harrowed it in altho' it rained hard. Jack Ploughing for Corn.
May 12:Sunday - A very Rainy Morning after a Severe Rainy Night - The River Begins to Rise Some.
May 13:Still Continues to Rain Hard, wind East. The River is now Rising at a Great rate, and is above my Rock having Rose 2 1/2 Feet in 24 Hours. We Shelled our Seed Corn, and a Bushel for Mill, Got Wood. Prepared my Seed Wheat - Night Still Thick and Misty - Took of Goose with 6 Gostlins.
May 14:Still Rainy Morning after a Severe Rain all Night - The River has Rose much and is now at Sundown as High as before, being just over the Top of my Rock. No Ploughing or harrowing owing to the Rain. We never Experienced so many Rainy Days at this Season. It is now almost as Cold as Winter, Wind North - by East. Dressed our last Flax. Last Night Mr. Beardsley arrived from Fredericton but left my Cannoe at Mr. McLaughlin's - Gloomy Indeed.
May 15:Cloudy but no Rain and Still. Jack Ploughing for Corn. River Rose a Little and is higher than before. Sundown began to fall. Captn. B & Lady Mr. Bedell & Lady Michael Smith & Lady Drank Tea with us. Very Chilly.
May 16:Clear and Very Warm - Wind Sou-West. Boys Cross Ploughing for Wheat -- Jack Planted Half a Bushel of Early Potatoes. River falls Surprisingly. Married Thomas Philips and Sally Cunliffe.
May 17:Cloudy and Warm Wind Sou-East. Planted a Bushel of Early Potatoes and a little Corn - Some Rain During the Day - and just before Night began to Rain Amazing Hard - Boys finished Cross Ploughing East of the Brook, but it is too wet for Sowing. River continues to Fall.
May 18:Cloudy but little Rain Wind North - Made Pen for Sow - Planted 3 Pecks of Early Potatoes and 2 1/2 pecks of hasty Potatoes. Jack Planted His Mellons May 17th - We had a Thundershower last Night - The Ground too wet for Ploughing or Sowing - Rose calved May 18th.
May 19:Sunday. A very Rainy Day. Smut calved.
May 20:Cloudy after a Rainy Night, but Clears off by Noon - Wind Sou-West - River Rises a little owing to the Rain. Afternoon Jack Ploughing for Corn - The Ground too wet to Sow. Planted a little Corn - Never knew so wet a Spring.
May 21:A little Cloudy - Wind Sou-west - after waiting Ten Days for Dry Weather we this Day began to Sow our Wheat - But when we had Sowed 1 3/4 Pecks of Bearded Wheat and 1 3/4 of Bawled, to began to Rain Hard - which Prevented our Harrowing it once over - it Continued to Rain hard all the rest of the Day - Gloomy Indeed. The River is now Rising, and is almost to my Rock on the Intervale - Nothing Grows but Grass. The Rainy Weather has prevented all Burning this Spring - and Seed being very Scarce There is a bad Prospect in Regard to Crops - A Number of Families are now in Distress for Bread, and there is not any to be had and if we cannot procure it from Fredericton we must suffer Indeed
May 22:Cloudy and Rains Considerable in the Forenoon and then Clears off very warm. We never had a more severe Rainy Night than the last. Forenoon mended Fence. Afternoon Cross harrowed the Wheat - Myself Night a Severe Thundershower - Rains hard for some time. Mr. Smith sheared my sheep - May 20th
May 23:Clear and very warm - Wind Nor-west. Sowed a Bushel of Bawled Wheat and 2 1/2 Bushels of Oats. Jack and William Harrowed it in - and then to Cross Ploughing. Took off Hen with 5 Turkies.
May 24:Cloudy and Still with Some Rain, but it Did not Prevent our Sowing 1 1/2 Bushel and 2 Quarts of Bearded wheat, which Compleats our Sowing, having Sowed in the Whole 62 1/2 of Wheat.
May 25:Clear and warm Wind Norwest - Jack Ploughing for Corn - Planted some Pole Beans, Bush Beans, Cucumbers and Squashes - Took off Turkey with 12 young ones - Set Small Net at the Rapid Rock.
May 26:Sunday - Clear and Warm Wind Norwest
May 27:Clear and Warm, Wind Sou-west and high - We have had now Three fine Days which is Remarkable this Spring - Jack Ploughing for Raymond to plant Corn - finished Planting Corn by the House. Mr. Beardsley yesterday brought my Cannoe from Mr. McGlaulin's - Night Wind comes to North and very Cloudy like for Rain - No Salmon; the River being too High for the Eddy, Tho' it falls fast.
May 28:Clear and very warm. Jack Ploughing for Corn - Planted Parsnips and Carrots - Night a Smart Shower which brought the Wind Norwest and produced a Small Frost - First Cucumbers up after being in the Ground a Month.
May 29:Clear and Cool Wind Norwest and High - Sowed Pepergrass - Sage - Lettuce - and Asparagas - Planted Beets - and in afternoon began to Plant Corn in the lower field. Night Set the Small Net then being a Small Eddy - The River falls Fast.
May 30:Clear and warm after a Small Frost - No Salmon - but the River has now fallen so as to make a Good Eddy and we Hope to Catch one to Night. Afternoon a Smart Shower mixed with Hail. Finished Planting Corn in the lower Field. Jack Still Ploughing for Raymond's corn - Visited Captn Bull,.
May 31:Clear and Cold but no Frost - Wind North. Jack Still Ploughing for Raymond's Corn - Planted more Bush Beans & Peas - No Salmon - Bloss Calved, but the Calf Died - Night Set Both Nets.

Jun 1:Clear and Cool after a Small Frost Wind Norwest. We Caught last Night for the first Time 4 Salmon and a Shad. Raymond began to Plant his Corn. Boys Helping Him. Cold all Day and like for Great Frost. Set again Both Nets - We caught 3 Salmon and a Shad at the lower eddy and one up here.
Jun 2:Whit Sunday - A fine Day but Cool after a Smart Frost. Wind Norwest. Caught a Salmon.
Jun 3:Clear and Warm Wind Norwest. No frost. Jack aPloughing for Raymond's Corn. Caught 4 Salmon - Mr. Smith Sheared Two Remaining Sheep.
Jun 4:Clear and Warm Wind Sou-west. Jack Ploughing for Raymond's Corn. Sowed Barley. Caught 2 Salmon and a Shad. Afternoon very warm.
Jun 5:Cloudy and Soon begins to Rain which Prevents all Work - Wind Sou-East - One Salmon.
Jun 6:A very Rainy Morning after a Severe Rainy Night, which continues Steady all Day - Wind No-East. No Salmon. Nothing Done.

Oct 23:We have had from the 7th of Jun one of the Best Seasons for the Produce of the Earth that we have Experienced in this Country. Hay and all Kinds of Grain being Good and More abundant than in Common Years; Corn especially, which is more and in Greater Quantity than we ever Knew. The Fall to this Date fine Indeed and very warm which has Enabled People to Secure all Their Crops, Blessed be God for all His Mercies. - Yesterday it was very Chilly and Cloudy Wind East and in the Night it Snowed 3 Inches, but has not melted toDay it being Cloudy and Cold - Came Home with Betsey from Prince William for the last Time of my Doing Duty there this Season. Lockwood came to work for me a few Days. Night grows warm, with the wind South and Cloudy.
Oct 24:Cloudy Morning wind South and Chilly. Lockwood at work at Captr Ketchums House.
Oct 25:Cloudy Morning after some Rain at Night which carried off all the Snow - Wind Norwest and Chilly - Mr. Smith Rogers & Lockwood Killed my Hogs - The 7 Hogs weighed 977 wt being 23wt less than my 6 Hogs weighed last Year.
Oct 26:Cloudy and like for Rain Wind Sou-West - Lockwood went Home. James Upham and Jack Set out for Fredericton with Crissy Griffith bound to New York-----
Oct 27:A very Rainy Morning Wind Sou-East and blows in Squals most Severely, which Continues the whole Day.
Oct 28:Cloudy Wind West-Nor-West and High. Mr. Nicholson set out for Magerville. Brought in Turnips and Cabbages.
Oct 29:Cloudy wind Nor-west with Snow Squals and very Chilly. Geting Wood - Mr. Dickerson Cut out Cloaths - Prepared for Salting Meat.
Oct 30:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest and High - The Ground Froze Considerable Last Night. William trying to Plough. No Salt yet.
Oct 31:Cloudy and Cold. it Froze my Pond last Night so hard as to bear the Boys. No Ploughing. Benjamin arrived with 3 Bushels of Salt. Salted my Pork. William aPlowing.

Nov 1:Cloudy warm and Smoaky no wind. Put Pickle to my Pork and Hams. William Plowing - Mrs. Dibblee and Sally Ketchum went to Presque Isle, George Bull & Wm. Upham waited on them. Night Cloudy and Some Rain.
Nov 2:Clear and Very Warm no Wind - Plowing
Nov 3:Clear after Some Rain at Night, wind Nor-West and Chilly. James Upham & Jack arrived from Fredericton. Night Cold.
Nov 4:A very Cold Morning, after a Smart Frost - 9 O Clock Clouds up with the Wind at South and Soon begins to Rain which lasted all Day. Geting Wood - and Hawling up Boards for Church.
Nov 5:Clear and Chilly Wind Norwest - Jack Plowing - Myself and William begin to Plaster the House. Mr. Turner came from Presque Isle.
Nov 6:Cloudy and Cold Wind at Norwest & High - Jack Plowing - William Plastering. Mr. Turner went home.
Nov 7:Clear and Very Cold Indeed; wind Norwest and High the Ground Froze too Hard to Plough. Jack & William helping the Uphams to Raise their House. The River is now very High but no Ice and no Snow on the ground.
Nov 8:Still very Cold Wind North and High. Some Ice in the River for the first time. Boys began to Cast Dung - Night Very Cold Indeed.
Nov 9:Clear and very Cold after a most Severe Frosty Night. The Ice now Runs very Thick and has Stopt all going on the River...Mr. Smith killed Stately who had 63tr of Ruff Tallow. Boys gone to help Richard Smith Raise His House. Afternoon wind dies away and Grows more Moderate.
Nov 10:Sunday - To our Regret this morning found it Snowing very fast - and by 12 o'clock it had fell one Foot when it turned to Rain and continued till Night. We fodder now as in Winter.
Nov 11:Clear and Pleasant Morning and Still. Thaws some toDay - Boys set up their Troaths for Sugar. Wm. Bull came Home yesterday, having let his Cannoe.
Nov 12:Cloudy and Cold Wind Norwest - Ice Runs Thick. Boys with the Oxen hawling wood at their Sugar Camp.
Nov 13:Still Cloudy but not Cold - Ice Runs. Boys geting wood at the School House. Myself threshing Barley.
Nov 14:Still Cloudy without Wind not Cold - No Ice. Boys geting Wood - Myself threshing peas.
Nov 15:Clear and Cold morning - Boys cuting a New Road to get Wood. Threshing Peas. Mr. Putnam & Lady, Captn Bull & Lady Visited us. Afternoon Wind Rises at Sou-East and at Night begins to Rain and Hail - Grows Warm.
Nov 16:A very Stormy Morning of Hail - Nothing done but cutting Wood for Sunday.
Nov 17:Sunday - Cloudy in the Morning and Still - Afternoon Clear and Still Very Pleasant.
Nov 18:Cloudy wind North with Snow Squals all Day. Boys hawling up Rails on the Front - grows Cold.
Nov 19:Cloudy Wind North but not very Cold - Boys hawling up Rails on Front - There is now no Ice Runing, but all the Still Places is Froze out a good Distance from the Shore. We Fodder as in Winter.
Nov 20:Cloudy and Windy at North - Boys helping Captn Smith Raise his Barn - began to Cast Dung.
Nov 21:Still Cloudy and very Blustering, Wind at North, Boys Casting Dung & geting Wood. Grows Cold. Visited Captn. Bull, with Mr. & Mrs. Putnam Esq. 2P.M.
Nov 22:It is Clear at last but the Wind at North. It Thaws of the House toDay, which it has not Done for Ten Days, owing to Cloudy Weather. Saml [ ] broug [ ] Down his Sheep for us to Winter yesterday. The River falls fast - Some Ice Runing toDay.
Nov 23:Clear and Cold the Wind North and High - The Ice now Runs Thick, but Cannoes Cross the River. Boys Hawling Dung & Cuting Wood.
Nov 24:Sunday - Clear but Cold after the Coldest Night we have had - The Ice Runs very Thick to Day.
Nov 25:Clear and more Moderate, wind North, it Thaws on the House toDay - Boys geting Wood - The Ice very Thick - Captn. Ketchum moved yesterday.
Nov 26:Cloudy Wind North but not High - The Ice Runs toDay Thick - Boys at the Dung.
Nov 27:Clear and Pleasant, no Ice Runing. Boys Plastering House and Geting Wood.
Nov 28:Cloudy Wind South and Fresh - at 9 o'clock it begins to Rain hard and Continued four Hours when it Clears away very Pleasant. There is No Ice Runing - but considerable Snow on the Ground, and it Has been good Slaying ever Since the Snow fell; Night warm and Pleasant.
Nov 29:Cloudy and Warm Wind South - Boys geting Wood - No Ice
Nov 30:Cloudy and Clear by Turns all Day - Dixon mending my Chimneys -- Very Warm.

Dec 1:Sunday - After Sun Rise it Clears Away Wind Norwest and very High, but not Cold - It Rained Considerable last Night.
Dec 2:A very Pleasant Morning and Still after a Severe Windy Night - 9 o'Clock it Clouds up with the Wind at South and just a Sundown it Snowed a little. Quite Warm.
Dec 3:A Cloudy Day Wind North but not cold. Boys geting Wood - Myself Threshing Oats.
Dec 4:A Cold morning wind North and High. Boys at the Dung - Treshing Oats.
Dec 5:Cloudy Still and Warm. It Thaws fast - Boys at the Dung - Fixed Shed. Night Misty wind South - The Snow goes Surprisingly. Betsey had Company.
Dec 6:Still Cloudy and Misty. Quite Warm. Boys at the Dung - Visited Mr. Putnam
Dec 7:Cloudy and Rainy, But Still and Quite Warm - It began to Rain last Night, but not Hard.
Dec 8:Sunday - Cloudy with Small Rain all Day, Wind No-East and Fresh which makes it Chilly. River is now Rising very fast and has carried off almost all the Ice and Snow is chiefly gone So that the Sheep Horse and Cattle are all over the Fields Picking the Grass - We Scarce ever had Such a Thaw at this Season of the Year.
Dec 9:Wind Still at No-East and very High. Cloudy. Jack at his traps William Hawling wood at both Houses. grows Cold. The Ice begins to Run again.
Dec 10:Cloudy and very Cold Wind North & High. Jack went to Collard's to get work Done. William and myself Threshing Wheat. Night Cold Indeed.
Dec 11:Clear and Cold Morning after a very Severe Cold Night - Wind Norwest and very High. - The Ice now Run's very Thick and the River falls fast - Jack & William made Hog and Ash House. Cleaned Wheat - The Coldest Day for this Year.
Dec 12:Cloudy and moderate wind Sou-East but very little - Boys geting Wood - The Ice very Thick.
Dec 13:Cloudy and Warm, and Soon begins to Rain which Continues the Whole Day moderately.
Dec 14:Cloudy and Misty but Quite warm - The Horse Sheep and Cattle get half their living from the Fields - Boys geting Wood.
Dec 15:Sunday - Cloudy Morning and Some Rain but Soon clears away very Pleasant. The Snow is now almost gone and the Roads are nothing but Ice - Captn. Ketchum taken Dangerous Ill.
Dec 16:Clear and Warm - very Pleasant Indeed, no wind. Captn. Ketchum Still alive but appears near His Dessolution. - Noting Done owing to the Dangerous State of Captn. Ketchum.
Dec 17:Clear and Pleasant Wind norwest not Cold. Captn. Ketchum remains in a very Dangerous Situation.
Dec 18:Cloudy and warm, no Wind. Captn K. in the Same State - Geting Wood - like for Rain.
Dec 19:A very Rainy Morning Wind South and warm - Captn Ketchum left this Life for a Better at 8 O'Clock A.M. - Nothing Done
Dec 20:Cloudy and Misty - No Wind but Quite Warm - Mr. Bull at my House making Coffin.
Dec 21:Still Cloudy and Warm - very Muddy. Buried Captn Ketchum. Some Rain During the Day.
Dec 22:Sunday - Cloudy morning after a Rainy Night. Wind norwest and warm - a large Congregation.
Dec 23:Cloudy Morning after a Smart Shower at Night, but soon Clears away, wind Norwest and warm - We have had no Frost for 6 Days Past and the Snow is intirely gone from the Improvements. We Fodder the Cattle but once a Day - The Sheep get their living. The River Rises fast and looks like summer.
Dec 24:Cloudy but warm no wind - geting wood.
Dec 25:Cloudy and Snows fast, but soon clears away. Wind North and High. It Snowed about 6 Inches last Night and Drifted very much. - A Small Congregation owing to the weather.
Dec 26:Cloudy Wind north but not very Cold. Preparing for the Season. The Snow drifted so as to Prevent Slays.
Dec 27:Cloudy. Wind North and High but not Cold - Mrs. K. and Sally - Mr. Smith & Wife Dined with Us. Mr. Beardsley & Wife spent the Evening. Night grows Moderate.
Dec 28:Cloudy and Warm. Wind South - geting Wood - William for 3 days laid up with a Sore ankle owing to small Cut and Cold.
Dec 29:Sunday - To our Regret found it this Morning Raining very Hard with the Wind at Sou-East and High, which Continues all Day - The Snow is now again almost Intirely Gone, and the Sheep, Cattle and Horse are all over the Fields. The River very High owing to the Ice which has Closed up the River from the Falls to Putnam's, but from the appearance of the Rain must go again.
Dec 30:Cloudy and Warm - No Wind - The Snow is now Intirely Gone and we Fodder only once a Day - The Ice has moved Down to Meductic.
Dec 31:A fine day.


Jan 1:Clear but not Cold - Mr. Smith & Wife - Mrs. Ketchum and Sally Dined with Us - Mr. Beardsley & Wife spent the Evening. The River Rises very much.
Jan 12:From the Last Date we have had very fine weather, Scarse any Cold worth Mentioning. We have had but Three Snow Storms, but they all Cleared of Warm and Pleasant - The Snow is now about 1 1/2 Inch Deep - We never Experienced So fine a Winter to this time. The Ice has now Closed the River to Captn. Smiths Island from the Falls at Meductic.

Mar 29:From the last Date, we have had a very fine Winter, with very little Cold Weather, and less Severe Storms than Usual. Our Cattle never Wintered Better. The Spring to this Date very Bad and for five days we have had very Cold Weather with the Wind at North and High. The Ice is now very Strong and good Slaying - There has not been any appearance of Sugar yet - Cherry calved last night. We had this Day Three Goose Eggs, the first.
Mar 30:Sunday - Still very Cold, wind North and Exceeding High - It thaws very little and there is 2 1/2 feet of Snow on the Improvements and it has Drifted for Some Days as in the Midst of Winter.
Mar 31:A Cloudy Morning after a Smart Frost - Grows Warm and Some Small Rain - no wind - The Ice very Strong.

Apr 1:A very Cold Morning - Wind North-West and High - Never so Cold the first day of April before - Boys preparing for Sugar.
Apr 2:Cold as Ever Wind NorWest and very High - The Ice is now as Strong as any Time this Winter and it does not Thaw only about the House. Bad Spring.
Apr 3:A very Cold Morning but the Wind falls and it thaws considerable in the afternoon. Boys first began to Tap for Sugar but too Cold to Run.
Apr 4:Good Friday - A very fine Morning Wind Sou-West and warm. The first Day for Sap.
Apr 5:Clear and Cold as Ever wind Norwest and very High - too Cold for Sap. Ice Yet very Strong.
Apr 6:Easter Sunday. Clear and Still. It thaws Considerable toDay, it growing Warm a Good Day for Sap.
Apr 7:Cloudy but not Cold; it Thaws but very little toDay - Richard Ketchum and Thomas Philips carried Mrs. Putnam upon the River. Never was the Ice so Strong as now before at this Time of the Year.
Apr 8:Cloudy and 10 O'Clock begins to Rain, no Wind, Small Rain all Day, the Boys Sugared off - 7 lb. of Sugar which, with a Gallon of Honey is all they have made. Never was so backward a Spring.
Apr 9:Cloudy, Wind East-No-East and Rains Hard. In the afternoon it Hails to Cover the ground - There is now some small places where the Snow blew off, bere. Night Cold.
Apr 10:Still Cloudy Wind North. It Snows all Day but did not Fall only 3 Inches - Cold as February. Visited Mr. Bedell.
Apr 11:Still Cloudy after a Severe Cold Night. Wind West Norwest. It does not Thaw toDay on the Eves of the House. Too Cold for Sap. Mr. Ketchum took the Widow Dibblee Home. Boys Cutting in the Stacks of Hay. Gloomy Indeed.
Apr 12:Still Cold and Cloudy. Wind North. Snow Squalls all Day. Cold as February. Boys geting Wood. It has not Thawed in the least. toDay. There is now Two feet of Snow on the Improvements, only where the wind blew it off. We never knew it at this Time of the year before.
Apr 13:Sunday - Still Cloudy after a most Severe Cold Night. Wind now Norwest and High. In the Middle of the Day it Thaws a little on the South Side of the House - But at Night Cold as ever.
Apr 14:Still Cloudy after a most severe Cold Night. Wind Norwest and High - In the Middle of the Day it Thaws a little. Gloomy Indeed.
Apr 15:Cloudy but soon clears away. Wind Norwest - but not Cold - The Sap runs toDay for the first Time of any Consequence - The Boys got 40 Pails from 150 Trees. They are now Taping the Trees as fast as Possible. Visited Mr. Beardsley.
Apr 16:A fine Day, Clear Still and Warm; very good for Sap. The Sheep for the first Time gone into the Fields to Pick a little - But there is no Ground bare, but where the Snow was blown off. The Ice Breaks very fast toDay, warm Indeed. Yesterday, April 15th Woolverton Crossed at Mr. Putnam's with His Horses and Slay.
Apr 17:Cloudy morning after Rain and Considerable Snow in the Night. The Boys Caught Yesterday 84 Pails of Sap. They are Boiling toDay. Showry all Day and Warm. Rose Calved.
Apr 18:A fine Morning, Still, after a Smart White Frost - Pretty Good Day for Sap - The Snow goes fast - The Ice likewise; but they crossed from the Island on Foot to the Major's - There being a Small Piece not yet broke Thro' - Several [ ] ToDay - The Boys brought in 25 lbs Sugar - Night a fine Prospect for Sugar
Apr 19:Clear and Still after a Smart White Frost - Never a Better Day for Sugar. The Boys Brought in 45 3/4 lbs of Excellent Sugar - The Ice is now So Strong that Saml. Carney came from Presqu Isle on the River - There is now a large quantity of Snow on the Improvements and Still more in the Woods.
Apr 20:Sunday - Clear and Still and Warm after a Smart Frost. Never a Better Day for Sap. The Boys Caught 106 Pails full. - The Snow goes Surprisingly and the Ice breaks fast. The Cattle now begin to Pick Considerably. The Sheep almost get Their living. The Ice broke at the Isle end.
Apr 21:Clear and Still and very Warm, but little Frost - The Sap toDay has failed for want of Frost - The Boys Caught only 40 Pails full. They have Sugared off today 88 lbs. of Good Sugar. The Ice has Run ToDay Considerable. The Rise Rises. [?]
Apr 22:Clear Wind South and warm, but little Frost - and of Consequence Little Sap - The Boys Sugared off 84 lbs of Excellent Sugar - The Snow almost Gone & we Fodder only once a Day - The Ice Runs much toDay and broke from my lower bar and Ran off
Apr 23:Cloudy and chilly. Wind South. little Sap. The Ice broke from my upper Bar and went Down - it runs Considerable toDay. It rains all Day.
Apr 24:Cloudy and Chilly. It Snowed last Night to Cover the Ground and Continued till Now when it Turned to Rain. The Ice Continues to break. Pink Calved last Night. Night Cold Wind Norwest.
Apr 25:Cloudy but soon clears away Wind North. Boys gone to clear out their Troths. Browna Calved. A large jam of Ice Ran toDay, but it has not broke at Mr. Putnam's.
Apr 26:Clear and Cold Morning after a Smart Frost. Wind Rises at Nor-West. a fine Day for Sap. The Boys Caught 125 Pails Full. The Jam of Ice at Mr. Putnam's went toDay and the River fell 3 Feet.
Apr 27:Sunday - Cloudy with some Rain. Wind East - A large jam of Ice ran last Night Supposed to come from Pine Island. Boys Boiling Sap.
Apr 28:Cloudy but soon clears away Wind North and Warm. The main Body of Ice ran last Night and jamed very much on the Banks of the River. There is now Considerable Snow on the Improvements and a large quantity in the Woods. We fodder the Cattle a little Night and Morning. The Sheep get their living. Boys gone to Sugar off.
Apr 29:Cloudy and Chilly Wind North - the [section missing] Called on His way Down, Having Come from the Grand Falls [...?] in His Cannoe - The Boys brought in last Night 53 lbs of Sugar - William, Boiling [...?] a little Sap with Richard - Jack gone to [....?]
Apr 30:Cloudy and Rain mixt with [...?] Cold Storm, wind North - Finished Th[...?] William Sugared off 12 lbs of Sugar.

May 1:Cloudy and Showery [...?] Norwest and Cold. River Rise[...?]
May 2:Cloudy Wind North [...?] Cleaned Seed Wheat. Boys [....?] the front. There is yet Snow [in] Places and Round the Fenc[e] [...?] in the Woods - a good [...?] Ground and there is now [...?]
May 3:Clear and pleas[ant]. [...?] Day. The Snow is now gone [...?] Dug the first Parsnips, the [...?] Frost in the Ground til[...?]
May 4:Sunday - Clear [...?] frost. A most excellent [...?] Begins to rise fast. A [...?]
May 5:Cloudy but very warm. A little [...?] at South. The Boys Gathered Sap [...?] Ran Yesterday 68 Pails full - and would [have had] above 100 if the Snow had not [...?] and the troughs fell Down. Began [...?] - Sowed Lettuce - Cucumbers [...?] Hill of Mellons - The Grass [...?] Time begins to appear and [...?] Night Rains. [...?] It Rained Hard all Night and [...?] when it Cleared away [...?] grew at last an Inch [...?] Rain - The Boys brought [...?] from their Camp, and [...?] began to Plow Sowd Ground [...?] first and is now [...?] Mending Fence & Digging. [...?] Warm Wind Sou-west [...?] 329 lbs. in the whole [...?] Plowing
May 14:Cloudy Wind East - Jack Ploughing for Corn - William burning old Logs - finished my Garden fence - Planted Onions - Set out Beets, Carrots and Turnips. The River falls very fast and is now below my Rock. Set a Hen on 15 Eggs. Night like for Rain.
May 15:Clear wind North and High. Baker left this Parish for St. John and Major Griffiths for New York - River falls but not so fast as yesterday. Jack Ploughing Corn ground - William Burning and fetching up Rails on the Barn. Sowed Some large Seed, Peper-Grass and Cabbage Seeds.
May 16:Clear and very Pleasant Wind Norwest - Sowed a Bushel of Flax Seed - Richard Harrowed it in. Plowed my Garden - Sowed some mustard 3/4 Took off Hen and 12 Chickens - Set Turkey on 13 Eggs - Jack and William hawling Rails - River falls very little.
May 17:Clear and very warm Wind Norwest - The River has Rose a little about 5 Inches, the warm weather having broke the Lakes - We have had now 2 Days as warm as common at this time of the Year - Jack begins to Cross Plough for the Wheat it having been too wet and the Ground Cold till now - The Trees now begin to Show the leaves and the Grass grows fast. We never had So Bad a Spring - Sowed 3 1/2 Bushels of Oats
May 18:Sunday - Clear and very warm - Wind Still Norwest - a most Excellent Day for Drying the Ground - the River Still Rises.
May 19:Clear and very warm - River now begins to fall fast - This Day being very Dry and the Wind High at North the Fires Ran most Surprisingly thro' the woods on the other Side of the River - Mr. Smith Sheared my Sheep. Jack Plowing for wheat - Wm. Spreading Dung - Sowed Betsy's Flower Seeds - Wm. Planted His Water Mellons & Mellons - Took off Goose & 8 Goslins.
May 20:Clear but by Noon grows Cloudy with the Wind High at Sou-East - Planted my Green Peas - Boys Sowed their Onions - River falls fast.
May 21:Clear and Still very Warm. Began to Sow Wheat - 3 Bushels of Bearded Wheat - Jack Still Cross Plowing. Caught 3 Fish. Yorke's boys brought another thousand Rails. River falls.
May 22:Clear and Still very warm - Sowed 2 Bushels of Bawled Wheat - Sowed my Carrots and Parsnips - more Sage Seed and Lettuce, and more Cabbage seed - This Day first Cucumber up - Jack and William with Mr. Smith's oxen Cross Ploughing.
May 23:Clear Still and very Warm - It is now geting very dry - The River falls Surprisingly. Sowed 3 1/2 Bushels of Bawled Wheat - Mr. Rogers and Richard Harrowed it in. This Day finished Sowing Wheat - in the whole 8 1/2 Bushels. Jack planted his Mellons - A very Warm Day.
May 24:Clear and very Warm, Wind Norwest, Jack and William Ploughed the Land, and we Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Peas. Planted Pole-Beans. Night Cloudy and Some Small Showers.
May 25:Whit Sunday - Clear and Still very warm wind West - afternoon a Small Thunderstorm which brought the Wind Nor-West.
May 26:Cloudy and Cold wind No-East - Jack helping Mr. Rogers Plough Soard Ground. Ploughed and harrowed Potatoe Ground. Sowed Beet Seed - Planted Bush Beans, William Planted his Mellons and water Mellons. Planted Saffron Seed. Night very chilly.
May 27:Clear and cold morning after a smart Frost. So great as to friese the Ground and my Pond almost over - It has ruined my Cabbage Plants. Cross Ploughed and Harroed my Corn Ground. Sowed more Sage seed, asparagus. Planted Squash & Stertions. Set my Short Net.
May 28:Clear and Warm after a Small Frost. Jack Plowing for Corn - Planted a Bushel of Potatoes - Planted Cucumbers - Put corn in Water. Caught a Salmon, the First. The River Falls very fast, and there is now a goodly Eddy by my House but we caught the Salmon at Raymond's.
May 29:Clear and Cold. Wind Norwest and very High - but it produced no Frost Jack helping Mr. Rogers Plough Soard Ground for Corn. William hawling Rails. No Salmon. Visited Captn. Bull.
May 30:Clear and very Warm Wind High at Sou-West - It is now geting very dry, having had no Rain for three Weeks - Jack Still helping Mr. Rogers - Wm. At the Rails. Myself and Boys Cleaning off the Logs and Stumps on the Corn Ground. No Salmon. Night Set both Nets.
May 31:Clear and very warm and Remarkably dry. Began to Plant Corn above my House - Caught 2 Salmon one in each Net - River falls very fast.

Jun 1:Trinity Sunday - Cloudy and warm but no Rain - Small Wind at East Sou-East. Caught no Salmon but a Shad. Night like for Rain.
Jun 2:Cloudy and Rain till 8 O'Clock when it clears away with the Wind at North and very High which makes it cold as March. Finished planting the Lot above the House. Sowed a few Oats. Caught 2 Salmon Night Still and like for Frost. Jack mended Plough.
Jun 3:Clear and Cold Morning, after a Smart Frost - but Soon Gows very Warm, wind sou-west. Jack Plowing for Corn with Mr. Roger's help - William Hawling Rails - Caught Some Salmon. Night Clouds up like for Rain - Which we Want.
Jun 4:Clear and very warm wind west - Jack and Mr. Rogers Plowing for Corn - Willm Cuting Rails. Myself and Boys making Fence by the Road. No Salmon.
Jun 5:Cloudy and Some Small Rain - Wind No-East, but in 2 Hours clears away Cool with the Wind at North - Richard & Wm Harrowing Corn Ground. Jack and Myself making the Fence. Caught 2 Salmon.
Jun 6:Cloudy Wind Sou-West and Some Rain - Began to Plant the Lot by the Barn - Caught One Salmon - Night begins to Rain Hard - Mrs. Turner Arrived.
Jun 7:Cloudy all Day and a little Rain - Planting Corn - Caught a Salmon
Jun 8:Sunday - Cloudy and very Warm. Afternoon Clear - No Salmon - No Nets Set.
Jun 9:Cloudy Wind Sou-East but no Rain finished Planting Corn in the Lot by the Barns having planted 1 1/2 Bushels - Night Set both Nets.
Jun 10:Cloudy Wind Sou-West in the Afternoon in little Rain - Jack & William making Fence about the Corn - Myself Plowing for Peas & Oats - One Salmon
Jun 11:Cloudy and Misty but no Rain. Wind East - Sowed Some Peas and 1 of oats - Planted Some Corn by the Barn. Jack & William at the Fence around the Corn - No Salmon
Jun 12:Clear and Warm very Dry - Boys at the Fence, Caught one Salmon. Afternoon a fine Thunder Shower.
Jun 13:Clear Wind Norwest and Chilly. Jack at Mr. Uphams, Caught 2 Salmon. Wm. and Myself at the Fence.
Jun 14:Clear and Cool - Finished Fence toDay finished Planting Potatoes having Planted 28 Bushels. One Salmon.
Jun 15:Sunday - Clear & very Warm - No Salmon - Night Wind gets Norwest.
Jun 16:Clear Cold Morning after a little Frost - Boys at the Front Fence. Caught One Salmon. Very Cold Day.
Jun 17:A little Cloudy - Very Dry. Boys at the Front Fence. A Salmon.

Nov 2:We have had a Very Cold Summer and Remarkable Dry - The Crops of Wheat most Excellent, also Oats and Flax - but the Corn very Poor more so than we have Experienced for a number of years. The Hay also very Scanty, it having been too Dry and Cold for the Grass, Potatoes Indifferent - The Fall to this Date very Good and Warm, excepting Two Weeks the middle of October which were Cold; There has been no Rain for Six Weeks Past, and the River was never Lower at this Season.
Nov 3:Clear and Pleasant after a Snow Squal which covered the Ground, but went off before Night - We have now Plowed about four Acres with the Horses. Everet Killed one of the Hens we had from Mr. Rogers.
Nov 4:Clear and Pleasant after the Cold Nights we have had this Fall. Killed my Hog the weight 886 wt. Jack and Upham Set out for Fredericton in my Birch Cannoe.
Nov 5:A Fine Day after a Frosty Night. Cut up my Hogs and Salted Pork...
Nov 6:A most Excellent Day Still and warm. Blackmore & William began to Cast Dung. Cut up and Salted Beef - Little Frost last Night.
Nov 7:A very Warm Day - no Frost - it never was Dryer - Blackmore & William at the Dung. Had 10 Bushels of Turnips from Charles Connell. Night Cloudy and like for Rain Warm as Summer.
Nov 8:A very Rainy Morning Wind South at 10 o'Clock Breaks away Night begins to Rain.
Nov 9:Sunday - A Rainy Morning with the Wind Norwest and Continues Showery all Day but not Cold - Mr. Putnam Killed my oxen - Very Good - the Pair weighed 1448 wt.
Nov 10:This Morning found the Ground just Covered with Snow - Snow Squals all Day Wind North and Grows Cold - James Upham and Jack came Home from Fredericton at 12 o'Clock.
Nov 11:A very Cold Day - Wind North and Exceeding High - It froze the Ground Hard Last Night, but no Ice in the River - Jack geting Wood - William gone to Collard's - Night begins to Snow.
Nov 13:Cloudy and Snows hard but not Cold. It Snows and Rains all Day. Jack mending Shoes. The Snow fell about Six Inches, which has Stopt all Poling on the River.
Nov 14:Cloudy and Misty with Some Snow. Wind Norwest, but not Cold. Blackmore and William at the Dung. Jack geting Wood.
Nov 15:Cloudy but still and Warm. Some Snow toDay - We have been Foddering for some Days as in Winter - William and Richard Hawling Logs for Stable, Jack Cutting.
Nov 16:Sunday - Cloudy and Misty with Some Snow, Wind NorEast. Not Cold.
Nov 17:Cloudy with Some Snow. Wind North. Making Stable and geting Wood.
Nov 18:Cloudy and Cold Wind North - Blackmore and Boys Making Stable and hawling logs & wood.
Nov 19:Still Cloudy and Cold, Wind North. It Snowed last Night & Day 3 Inches. The first Ice in the River for this Fall. Jack & William geting Wood & Stone. Plastered the School House - Visited Captn. Bull.
Nov 20:Cloudy but Warm Wind North. It Snowed a little Last Night. Everet killed my Steer I had from Rogers and 6 Pigs - Jack at the Stable. Prepared for the Mason.
Nov 21:Still Cloudy but Warm no Wind. Gracier [ ] making Oven - Jack at the Stable. The River is as clear of Ice as the middle of Jun but there is about 4 Inches of Snow on the Ground.
Nov 22:Still Cloudy and Warm; Gracier and William finished Oven - Jack geting Wood and then Helping Them. Some Snow Squals and Misty Weather toDay.
Nov 23:Sunday - Cloudy and Cold Wind North.
Nov 24:Clear at Last after a Still and Remarkable Clear Night, and of Consequence Froze very hard - Some Ice Runing which is the first of any Consequence; a very fine day - Intirely Still and its Thaws Considerable. Plaistering House.
Nov 25:Clear and Still after a Severe Still Cold Night - The Ice Runs thick today - Plaistering the House and geting Wood. Afternoon muddy.
Nov 26:Clear and Still after a Cold Night - The Ice Continues to Run - Jack gone to pay Richard Smith a Day; William geting Wood. Myself Threshing Wheat - Mrs. Ketchum spent the Day with Us - Sally K - and Mr. Hutton Drank Tea & spent the Evening.
Nov 27:Cloudy and foggy in the Morning but soon Clears away very Pleasant - We have had now four Remarkable Still Pleasant Days, but very Cold at Night - finished Plaistering House.
Nov 28:Clear and Still after a very Cold Night geting Wood and making Stable.
Nov 29:Cloudy but still and Warm, Some Small Rain all Day - Jack mending Sled
Nov 30:A very Rainy Morning after a Severe Rain all Night, and Continues all Day.

Dec 1:Clear and Pleasant as September Wind Norwest. We have had a most Severe Thaw, which has carried off all the Ice and Snow - and left the Fields Perfectly Bare. This is very Fortunate, for the River never was Lower, or the Earth ever more Dry before Rain set in. Boys at the Dung.
Dec 2:Cloudy Wind North but not Cold. The River Rises fast and brings Down Considerable Ice - Horses, Cattle and Sheep find their living in the Fields - Boys at the Dung - Night grows Cold.
Dec 3:Clear and very Cold Wind North - The Ice Runs very Thick. Boys giting Wood.
Dec 4:A very Snowy Morning Wind East and High - The Snow Soon Turns to Hail. Afternoon and Night Rains Hard. Jack at Uphams.
Dec 5:Clear and Chilly Wind Sou West. The Ice Runs Exceeding Thick and the Rivers Rises - Jack mending Sled - William geting Wood.
Dec 6:Clear and Cold Wind Nor-West. Ice Continues to Run - William gone to Pay Willm. Upham a Day's Work - Jack at Jobs & Mill.
Dec 7:Sunday - Cloudy and Cold.
Dec 8:Still Cloudy and very Cold.
Dec 9:Cloudy and a little Snow, but moderate Wind Sou-West - Captn. Bull & Lady - Mr. Putnam and Lady, Mrs. Ketchum and Sally with us
Dec 10:Still Cloudy but not Cold no Wind. The River is this Day Closed above Captn. Smith's Island - and the River below is Clear of Ice. The River falls very fast.
Dec 11:Clear and the Coldest Day we have had. Wind North and High. Mending Stable.
Dec 12:Clear and Cold Morning but Soon grows Pleasant.
Dec 13:Cloudy and Snows fast, wind east Sou-East and very High. It snowed about 3 Inches last Night. 12 o'clock the Wind Comes round to Sou-West and Begins to Rain and Continues Misty all Day.
Dec 14:Sunday Cloudy and Blustering but not Cold - Wind North
Dec 15:Clear and Pleasant Wind North but not High or Cold. An Express Arrived to meet the Post with a large English Mail - Jack at Richard Smith's Frolick - Wm. at the Wood and Mill.
Dec 16:Clear and Still a fine Day after a Cold Night - Jack and William geting Wood - Visited Mr. Putname with Captn. Bull & Lady - The River having Closed above there has been no Ice for Some Days.
Dec 17:Clear and Still after a Very Cold Night.
Dec 18:Clear and Still after a very Cold Night.
Dec 19:Cloudy with a little Air from South, and very Warm. It Thaws very Much toDay and the Sheep and Horses get Considerable by Scraping away the Snow of which there is about 3 Inches on the Ground. We never knew a warmer Day at this Season of the Year - Jack & Wm. made Horse Stable.
Dec 20:Cloudy and Warm no wind - mended Chimney - Jack & William at the Wood.
Dec 21:Sunday - Cloudy Morning after having Snowed about 3 Inches in the Night - Still not Cold.
Dec 22:Cloudy and Still and very Pleasant, Jack mending Harness - William geting Wood.
Dec 23:Clear and very Pleasant after a fine Night no Wind - we never Experienced such fine weather to this Period. At Night, Clouds up, and like for Snow.
Dec 24:Clear and Remarkable warm, after it had Snowed about 3 Inches in the Night; wind Norwest but not High - It thaws very much to Day - Preparing for Christmas.
Dec 25:Christmas - Cloudy and warm - no wind. A large Congregation which made the House too warm for Comfort - we never knew finer weather.
Dec 26:Cloudy after a Clear Still Night, wind South and at Night begins to Rain. The Young People gone to Celebrate the Holy Days with R. Smith.
Dec 27:Cloudy but warm and Pleasant after a Smart Rain the best Part of the Night.
Dec 28:Sunday - Cloudy and like for Snow. Wind South, but very little. Night very Thick.
Dec 29:A fine Morning Indeed as warm as September. Wind Sou-West. It Rained most Severely the greater Part of the Night and Carried of almost the Snow
Dec 30:In the Night the Wind gets Round to North and Snows about 4 Inches, but clears away by 12 o'Clock in the Day very Cold. Jack & William geting Wood.
Dec 31:Clear and the Coldest Day we have had this Winter - but nothing to Some Winters - The Young People gone to Celebrate the Season and Betsy Griffith's Birth Day. Preparing for N. Year.


Jan 1:Clear and Cold Indeed. Wind North and High. Celebrated the Season, Captn. Cunliffe and Lady - Captn. Bull and Lady - Mr. Ketchum & Lady - Mrs. & Sally Ketchum, Mrs. Woodford & Widow Dibble Dined with us. Mr. Bedell and Lady spent the evening. Night very Cold.
Jan 2:Still very cold. The River is now Open from Captn. Smith's Island to Meductic.
Jan 3:Still Cold. Wind Norwest and High.
Jan 4:Sunday. Very Cold Indeed.
Jan 5:It grows moderate after a severe cold night - Clouds up and like for rain.
Jan 6:Cloudy and warm, Wind South.
Jan 7:A fine morning, warm and pleasant after a most severe Rainy Night. Joseph Bedell Celebrated the Season. Grows Cold.
Jan 8:Clear and moderately Cold; Wind norwest. There is now nothing but Ice in the Roads and every Low Place. Thre is not more than 4 Inches of snow, and the Horses and Sheep Pick Considerable by Scraping away the Snow. The River is open from Captn. Smith's Island to Maductic. There has not been but 5 Cold Days to this Date. We never had such weather.
Jan 9:Clear after a Moderate Cold Night no wind a good Day - Towards Night - Clouds up from the South.
Jan 10:Cloudy but warm. Wind Sou-East.
Jan 11:Sunday. A Very Snowy Morning. And Continues all Day with the Wind at North but not High. The Snow fell last Night and toDay 16 Inches.
Jan 12:It Snowed the Greater Part of the Night and made the whole about 1 1/2 feet Deep. Wind North but not High and it is warm. Cloudy with Snow Squals all Day. The River Continues open.
Jan 13:Cloudy but not very Cold. Wind North.
Jan 14:Still Cloudy and Cold Wind North.
Jan 15:Cloudy but Moderate. No Wind.
Jan 16:Cloudy and Snows about 2 Inches.
Jan 17:Clear and very pleasant after a Cold Night. The River is closed up to Putnams.
Jan 29:From the Last Date, we have had Three Days as Cold as ever was known and about one Foot of Snow. yesterday it began to Rain with the wind at Souith and continues very hard - It has settled the Snow above half of what we had - and there is water in all the Low Places, up to the Knees - The Snow on the River is all Turned into Water.

Feb 2:We had one Pleasant Day after the last Thaw - and Day before Yesterday it Clouds up with the Wind at South and in the Night begins to Rain which Continues very hard till Night when the Wind gets Round to North and Blows and Snows amazingly. But toDay is Clear and Still. There never was a more Pleasant Day for the Second of February.
Feb 14:The two Ketchums and their neice arrived. From the last Thaw we had three or Four Days very Cold, the rest Cloudy and warm and toDay it begins to Rain with the Wind at East and Continues all Day moderately.
Feb 15:Sunday. It Rains amazing hard all Day, and every Hollow Place is filled with Water. The River is rising very fast. We never saw such a Thaw. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning very Cold but before Night Clouds up and begins to Snow with the Wind at South.
Feb 19:This morning we find it Raining very hard with the Wind at South and very high. At 2 O'Clock the Ice began to Break and after Jaming at Putnam's it ran off - It Raised the River on my Interval half way from the Fence to the brook - at Night the Ice Runs Thick.
Feb 24:Very Pleasant. The River is now open from Captn. Smith's Island to John dow's where the Ice is jamed to the Falls - and from the Falls it is open, but how far Down we have not yet Heard. Never was there such a Winter, nothing but Ice all over the Fields and Road and not a Foot of Snow in the Woods. Young Lawrence and Captn. Ketchum set out for their Homes having been detained in Woodstock by the Rain and Ice Breaking - Five Days.
Feb 26:Very Pleasant Weather not in the least Cold. This Day the two young Ketchums and their Neice left here for their Homes. They had to take their Horses and Slay round by the Madusnacreek acrost to Bell's and so Down to Woolverton's. Deborah went acrost the River at Putnam's in a Cannoe.

Mar 7:The Weather from the last Date very pleasant. Mr. Upham & Wife and Daughter Set out for Home - Mr. Allen went with them. Having been Here 9 Days on Arbitration between Griffith & Raymond.
Mar 27:Good Friday. From the last Date we have had very Cold Windy weather from the Norwest with Some Snow there having Scarcely been a Clear Day. The Ice is now as strong as any time this Winter - This Day tapped a few trees and caught half a Pail full, being the first Sap we have had. - The Boys are all Prepared for making Sugar, but the weather has been too Cold as Yet. There is Considerable Snow on the Improvements, and 2 1/2 feet in the Woods, altho' we have had such great Rains. Hay grows very Scarse, and if the Snow Does not go very Soon we fear the Cattle will suffer. A very bad Spring. This Day the first Goose Egg.

Apr 2:Cloudy. Wind Norwest and Cold, after a fall of Snow about 5 Inches. Cold weather. Indeed. No Sap, it being too Cold. The Snow on the Improvements has not thawed in the least and the Ice where the river is not open, never was Stronger. Rose Calved.
Apr 3:Cloudy and Cold Wind Norwest.
Apr 4:Cloudy and Snows hard till 11 o'clock. Wind Sou-east and High - and then Misty all Day.
Apr 5:Sunday - Cloudy and very cold. Wind No-East.
Apr 6:Clear and Cold Wind North. The Sap Ran a Little ToDay. The Boys caught 20 Pails full.
Apr 7:Clear and Warm a very Good Day for Sap. The Boys are now Taping as fast as Possible and Boiling Down - Visited Mr. Putnam. Captn. Smith arrived yesterday from Fredericton. It Thaws fast.
Apr 8:Still Clear and Warm; a most Excellant Day for Sap.It now thaws fast but no Ground Bare. George Armstrong came to buy Wheat.
Apr 9:Still clear morning after a smart Frost - a fine day for sap, Boys making Sugar Night and Day. The Ice Still very Strong.
Apr 10:Still and Clear a Good day for Sap. The Snow now goes very fast. The Sheep, Horses & Cattle begin to Pick Considerable. Night Cloudy.
Apr 11:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest and High. It Rained Hard for 2 Hours last Night. No Sap to-Day, there having been no frost.
Apr 12:Sunday - Still and Clear after a Smart Frost. Good Day for Sap. Boys Sugaring off. Night Clouds up from the Sou.
Apr 13:Cloudy but warm and Still; no Sap. Boys still in the Woods. Ice Strong.
Apr 14:Clear and Cold Morning after a fine Night for Sugar - Wind North. Boys weighed off 140 lbs of good Sugar, and have considerable on hand not weighed. A good Spring for Sugar. Made Fence Round the Garden. The Snow Goes fast. The Sheep get their living. The Horses went Down to Captn. Bull's Fields on Sunday and Stayed till toDay. The Cattle get half their living.
Apr 15:A Cold Clear Morning after a Frosty night. Began to move my Front Fence the River having Rose last Night Considerable. The Boys brought in 58 lbs. of Good Sugar - Night Cloudy.
Apr 16:Cloudy and still. No Sap for want of Frost. The Ice has not yet broke. The Snow is now almost off the Improvements. The Sheep get their living. We fodder only once a Day.
Apr 17:Clear after a little Frost. Wind Norwest. The Boys brought in 72 lbs. of Excellent Sugar. Jack & William Dressing Some Flax.
Apr 18:Cloudy and Still after a little Frost. Some Small Rain toDay. Boys at the Sugar.
Apr 19:Sunday - Cloudy morning but soon Clears away is warm as June. This Morning Boys brought in 39 lbs. of Good Sugar. The Grass now begins to Grow and the Snow is off the Improvements but Ice in the Low Places. Considerable Snow yet in the Woods. The Ice this Day begins to Run, and at SunDown was very Thick. Suppose to have come from the Main Jam at the White Horse.
Apr 20:Cloudy and Misty, Wind Sou-East. Some Ice Runing toDay, but did not Prevent my Crossing the River to Marry A. Carney and Mary Tompkins. Very Muddy Walking
Apr 21:Cloudy and a little Rain, Wind No-East - Jack making Plough. No Ice toDay.
Apr 22:Clear and Cold, Wind NorWest; a most Excellent Day for Sap - Boys at the Sugar, Some Ice toDay. The River Rises Slowly, but is below the Alders.
Apr 23:Cloudy after a Smart Frost. Pretty good Day for Sap - Wind Rises Sou-West warm. Smut Calved - Maria Set her Goose the 21st. Dug the first Parsnips. Moved Some Front Fence.
Apr 24:Clear and Cold Morning but Soon Clouds up Wind South. At Night begins to Rain.
Apr 25:A Very Rainy Morning morning[?] but still. The River is now Rising very fast. Boys in the Woods.
Apr 26:Sunday - Cloudy and Some Rain Wind East - The River Rose last Night 2 feet Perpendicular and is now up to my Fence. Boys came in from the Woods having made this time 118 lbs. making in the whole to this Date 425 lbs.
Apr 27:Clear and warm. The River Rises most Surprising. Employed in Moving up my Rails. Jack making Plough - Camber Killed Rose's Calf. William opened Potato Hole found them Good.
Apr 28:Clear and warm as Jun Wind West. The River now Rose so Fast it is now about about [?] Round my Rock and has been rising but Three Days. Jack still at the Plough. Wm. myself and Boys moved my Rains upon the Bank - The Grass is now growing fast and the Trees begin to Show their Buds. The Snow almost gone in the Woods, a fine spring.
Apr 29:Cloudy but no Rain wind South. The River Rose last Night 2 feet and is almost to the top of my Rock - Jack making Plough. Wm. & myself mending Fence. Considerable Ice Ran yesterday and toDay. Night River at a Stand.
Apr 30:Cloudy and Misty Wind Sou-West. The River Neither Rises nor Falls. Niting Herring Net for Burt. Jack finished Plough. Night Rains hard with some Thunder from the Sou-West.

May 1:Cloudy but soon clears away very warm. Began to Plough Soard Ground, but found it too Wet and Miry. At 11 o'clock the River began to Rise fast and at Sundown was up to the Topt of my Rock. Neting Herring Net. Wm. Mending Fence.
May 2:Cloudy and warm wind south; a 4 o'clock it begins to Rain amazing hard. River Rises fast - Jack Ploughing but very wet. mending Fence.
May 3:Sunday - A very Rainy Morning, wind North. Employed in Securing my Rails. Rains more or less all Day. The River Rose from SunSet yesterday to Sundown toDay 10 feet Perpendicular, at last and is almost over the Bank against my House - a Number of Rails gone and the Rest in Danger - Jack gone to Mrs. Ketchum's...
May 4:Cloudy and warm wind Norwest. The River carried off almost the whole of my Rails from the Front - It Continues to Rise all Day, but at SunDown appears to be at the Hight. We never had such a Freshet - It is now 4 or 5 feet over the Topt of my Bank - and so high above the Stumps that it has floated my Rails over them - Distressing Indeed. Captn. Bull has lost a great number of Rails and Mr. Putnam has had his Place Intirely Striped of all the Fence. All the High Intervales are under Water.
May 5:Cloudy but no Rain and Warm. The River Rose last Night 2 feet; but at Sunrise was at a Stand - The River is now 6 feet Higher than we ever knew - Ploughing and mending Fence.
May 6:Clear and very Warm. The River fell last night 6 Inches, and Continues to Fall all Day very fast - By Night it was off my Bank by the House. Sowed Lettuce and Planted Cucumbers and Peper Grass - Set out Cabbage Stumps - & Carrots
May 7:A Very Rainy Morning. Wind No-East. The River fell Surprising last Night. Nothing Done.
May 8:Cloudy and misty Wind No-East and Cold - River falls fast. Mending Fence.
May 9:Still Cloudy and Cold, Wind No-East. Sowed some Cabbage Plants - Dug Parsnips - Jack Ploughing Stubble Ground - Wm. at the Flax
May 10:Sunday - Clear but very Cold, Wind Still Nor-East - A Smart Frost last Night
May 11:Clear but Cold Wind North - Mending Fence and Plowing - River falls very fast.
May 12:Clear and Pleasant after a Smart Frost mending Fence and Ploughing.
May 13:Clear and Warm at the Garden and Fence. Jack Ploughing, but yet very wet.
May 14:Clear and very warm Wind high at South, at the Garden Wm. at the Fence, Jack Ploughing. Night Clouds up for Rain.
May 15:Rains all Day. Nothing done. Finished Kniting Spencer's Net.
May 16:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest and High - Jack Cross Ploughing for Wheat - Wm. Mending Fence.
May 17:Whit Sunday - Clears after a Black Frost. Wind High at Norwest. The River is almost Rounding my Rock and is as High as a Common Fresh. A very bad Spring.
May 18:Clear and Cold after a White Frost. River Falls again. Ploughing.
May 19:Clear but Still Cold - The River Falls fast. The top of the traped Rock is now Bare - Ploughing for Wheat and Flax.
May 20:Clear wind High at Norwest and Cold - 3 1/2 bushels of Bearded Wheat. Wm. and Jack Harrowing - Night Cloudy.
May 21:Clear and Still and Frost. A good Drying Day. Sowed 1 3/4 of Bearded Wheat and 1 3/4 of Bawled Wheat - Wm. and Jack Harrowing. The River Falls now very fast and is down to the Alders. Micheau and Martin with an English mail was overturned May 15th above Youngs, 2 Drowned.
May 22:Clear and Warm Wind High at South. Sowed my Flax Seed and Half a Bushel of Bawled Wheat which finished the land above the House. Took off Maria's Goose with Six Goslins. Like for Rain.
May 23:Clear and Cold after some Rain in the Night - Jack Cross Ploughing by the Barn for Wheat - Made Fence that was burnt and Planted a Bushel of Early Potatoes.
May 24:Sunday - Cloudy but soon Clears away - A Very Cold Night. But no frost, owing to a Fog. The River Falls but is not low enough to set Nets. Cherry Calved.
May 25:It began to Rain before last Night and Continues all Day. Very Chilly. Nothing Done.
May 26:Cloudy but soon Clears off with the Wind at North and Cold. Ploughing for Wheat and Mending Fence below Capt. Ketchum's. We never had so cold a Spring. Scarce a Warm Day to this Period. Night clouds up like for Rain. The River has Rose above a Foot. No eddy.
May 27:At Sun Rise it began to Rain hard. Wind Sou-West but not Cold - finished my Ploughing for Wheat. Mr. Smith sheered my Sheep.
May 28:Clear but cool wind west - The River now falls fast Sowed 5 Bushels of bawled Wheat making in the Whole Twelve Bushels and a Peck. Jack and William Harrowing Wheat.
May 29:Clear and Warmer - Finished our Harrowing the Wheat - and then to Ploughing for Peas - Set both Nets for the First Time.
May 30:Clear and warm more so than any we have had - Caught Two Shad and Two Salmon but William let a Salmon get away from him. Sowed 2 Bushels of Peas and one Bushel of Peas and a Bushel of Oats together. Jack and William Harrowed them in - Afternoon Clouds up and Sundown Rains hard - Wind Sou-West. Sowed Some Sage - Lettuce and Cabbage Plants. Lill Calved.
May 31:Sunday - A very Rainy Morning, but breaks away by Church time very Chilly with the Wind at North - Caught a Shad

Jun 1:Clear and Cold Wind at Sou-West. Caught Two Salmon. Ploughing for Corn - Planted Beets Carrots and Parsnips.
Jun 2:Very Cloudy Wind Sou-West and Soon begins to Rain hard for 5 Hours - Caught 5 Shad. Jack having broke the [- space in typescript -] of his Plow made a New One.
Jun 3:Clear and Warmest Day and Night we have had this year - Wind South - Ploughing for Corn - Caught one Shad - Planted Some Bush Beans, Stertions [nasturtiums? a type of watercress] and Asparagus. Night Cloudy.
Jun 4:A very Rainy Morning till 10 O'clock when it Clears off very warm. Everything now for the first time begins to grow. Ploughing for Corn - Caught Three Shad - Planted more bush Beans - The River has Rose and Fell a Little for a Week past and is now too High for Good Poling or Fishing.
Jun 5:Clear after a Cold Night but not Frost. Began to Plant Corn - Caught one Salmon and Two Shad - a warm Day. Finished Diging.
Jun 6:A fine morning. Very Warm. Planted Two and Half acres of Corn. Caught one Salmon and Two Shad. Night, Cloudy and Rains Hard for several Hours.
Jun 7:Sunday. Cloudy and very warm Wind West. The River Now Falls very fast. Caught a Shad. Several Thunder Showers in the afternoon.
Jun 8:Clear and warm. Finished Planting Corn. Ploughing for more flax and potatoes. Caught a Salmon and 2 Shad.
Jun 9:Cloudy Wind Sou-West and Chilly. Planted Bell Pumpkins, Cucumbers, Stertions and Pole Beans. Afternoon several Thunder showers with Heavy Rain and Two Severe Claps of Thunder - Began to Plant Potatoes. Jack Plowing for Oats - from Sundown till 2 o'clock. Continued Thunder Showers with very Severe Rain and one Hard Clap of Thunder. No Fish.
Jun 10:Clear and Warm Wind high at West. Planting Potatoes. Finished Planting Bush Beans. Ploughing for Oats. Caught 2 Noble Salmon.
Jun 11:Clear Cold and Blustering Wind North. Sowed 10 Quarts of Flax seed. Jack Harrowed it in. Caught a Shad - River has Rose 2 feet, like for frost.
Jun 12:Clear and Very Cold Wind High at North but no Frost - Sowed 6 Bushels of Oats 1 Bushel of Barley and Half a Bushel of Peas finished Potatoes. The River is now too High to Set out Nets. Caught one Salmon last Night - Very Cold Indeed
Jun 13:A fine Day after a Cold Night but, thank God, no frost. Jack sowed 3 Bushels of Oats making in the whole 10 Bushels which finished our Crop. Went to Prince William - River is now on the Fall - but too high for poling.
Jun 15:Returned from Prince William, we have had 3 very fine days, and everything grows very well. The Boys Caught 5 Salmon.
Jun 16:A small Shower last Night brought the Wind North, and it blows very hard and is of course very cold. Caught a Salmon.
Jun 17:A cold Morning but Cloudy yet no frost. We hope now to escape for the summer. Caught one Salmon.
Jun 22:Jack and Betsy Jarvis set out for Fredericton - Good weather and everything Grows Well. Deb Calved on the 20th. Browna calved Jun 14, Pick the 15.

Nov 16:We have had from the first of Jul one of the warmest and wettest Summers that we ever Experienced. From the amazing Cold Weather and Spring we were almost Discouraged in Regard to our Crops, Especially Corn - but after the Warm weather began, everything grew almost beyond belief - Wheat is not so good as last year - But all other kinds of Grain excellent - and a Remarkable Good Fall. Secured our Crops of Corn which were equal to any we ever had, altho' the corn grew but very little till Jul 10th. We have had but little Cold to this Date; and two Squals of Snow just to cover the Ground, but went immediately off.
Nov 17:A Cold Morning after a very Frosty Night - No wind - Killed Hogs - afternoon Married Wm. Upham & Betsy Smith. The first appearance of Ice in the River but very little.
Nov 18:A Cold Night Indeed - and a very Severe Snow Storm. Wind East No-East. Cut up Hogs & Salted Pork - Night grows warm and Rains.
Nov 19:Cloudy and Misty. Wind Sou-East. Snow fell yesterday 8 Inches, but not Melts fast. The Ice amazing Thick Yesterday & toDay.
Nov 20:Still Misty and Warm, the Snow goes fast. The Ice very thick today.
Nov 21:Cloudy and warm, the Snow almost Gone and the Ice very little toDay.
Nov 22:Sunday. Still Cloudy and Warm.
Nov 23:Cloudy with [?] soon clears away with the wind Norwest and of course Cold. No Ice.
Nov 24:Cloudy Wind North and very Cold.
Nov 25:Clear and Cold Wind North and very Cold, but no Ice. Camber had my Cannoe to go after Mrs. McGee.
Nov 26:Cloudy and Cold with a Little Snow.
Nov 27:In the Night the Wind comes round to the South. Grows Warm, and at Sunrise it began to Rain and Continues all Day. Warm Indeed. The Snow is now almost off the Improvements and we have yet foddered the Cattle very little. A Remarkable Fall - There has not been more than 3 or 4 Days that the Sun has Shone in 2 Months and a Great Quantity of Rain. The River is very High and No Ice, very good Poleing.
Nov 28:A Rainy morning after a most Severe Rain all Night. All the Brooks are Running in a most Surprising Manner; the Snow Intirely Gone. 12 o'Clock the Sun Shines as Warm as Septr.
Nov 29:Sunday. Cloudy Wind North & Cold - The River Rose last Night 4 Feet Perpendicular - and is almost to my Rock.
Nov 30:Clear & Cold Wind North. The River at a Stand. Began to cast Dung.

Dec 1:Clear and Cold Wind North. River falls.
Dec 2:Cloudy Wind South, grows Wild.
Dec 3:A very Rainy Day wind South and High - We never had so wet a Season. Quite Warm. We have foddered the Cattle but very little to this Date; The Horses & Sheep Intirely have got their own living from the fields.
Dec 4:A most Remarkable Pleasant Morning - but at 12 o'Clock Grows Cloudy and Chilly - The River is again Rising and is above the Alders - Mended Chimney.
Dec 5:Cloudy Wind North but not Cold. Wm. & Everet at the Dung Jack Threshing.
Dec 6:Sunday. A very Snowy morning. Wind East - Afternoon the Wind comes round Sou-West and breaks away - it has Snowed about 4 Inches.
Dec 7:Cloudy Wind High at North; grows cold. Jack gone to Philip's Mill. Everet at Mr. Dixon's.
Dec 8:A Pleasant Morning after a very Cold Night. Clear and Still; Ice very Thick. Jack came from Mill - with 3 of Wheat. Everet and William at the Dung. Very Pleasant.
Dec 9:A very Cold Night, but it Clouds up and Begins to Snow before morning. There fell about 3 Inches - when the Wind Rises from the South, grows warm and mists. Wm. & Everet at the Dung - Night Joseph Bedell's House Burning - little Ice Runing.
Dec 10:Cloudy Warm and Misty all Day - Wm. & Everet at the the Dung and Wood - very little ice today - Captn. Bull & Lady, Polly Hamilton Sally Ketchum and Saml. Drank Tea and Spent the Evening. Warm as Septr.
Dec 11:Still Cloudy and Misty and Warm. Robert Philips brought 300 feet of Boards that Burt owed me - No Ice in the River which now falls Fast and is below the Alders. Wm. & Everet at the Dung. Fixing Spring.
Dec 12:A very Pleasant morning but afternoon clouds up and Snows a little, with the Wind at South. Captn. Bull had my Cannoe to Fetch Boards from Philip's Mill. Wm. & E. At the Dung - Finished Spring.
Dec 13:Sunday. Clear and Pleasant. Some Small Ice in the River.
Dec 14:Cloudy Morning after a little Snow in the Night - Afternoon clears away as Pleasant as Septr. Wm. & Everet at the Dung.
Dec 15:Clear and Cold Wind North - Everet Gone to Rogers. Boys geting Wood. Put my Hams to Smoak - Some Ice Runing. River falls.
Dec 16:A very Snowy Day Wind East - Fixed the Hovel, Cut Wood, Ice Thick. River Falls.
Dec 17:Clear and Pleasant Wind Nor-West. Wm. & Everet at the Dung - Ice not thick.
Dec 18:Cloudy Wind South and Soon begins to Snow and then Runs all Day Quite Warm - a most remarkable winter we have Scarce had a Cold Day and very few that it Did not Storm. Little Ice toDay.
Dec 19:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest but not High - Wm. & Everet Geting Wood
Dec 20:Sunday. Clear after a Severe Cold Night the first very Cold Night and Day we have had. Night Cloudy.
Dec 21:Cloudy and Misty Wind South but is now quite warm again Wm. & Everet at the Dung - Jack Mending Slay - The River falls and the Ice is now lodged on my Bar - The Ice Runs thick, but no appearance of the River Clearing [?] - A fine Winter thus far.
Dec 22:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest finished Dung - Jack mending Slay - Night very Cold.
Dec 23:Clear and Cold Wind West - geting Wood.
Dec 24:Clear after a very Cold Night - Boys and Everet gone to Hall Wood at the Sugar Camp. The Ice now Thick and Slow, a Proof that the River is going to Close - Preparing for Christmas.
Dec 25:Christmas. Clear and very Cold. The River last Night Closed from Dr. Earle's Old Place up to Pine Island - and has Shut up very Smooth.
Dec 26:Cloudy and Moderate Wind South. At 2 O'Clock begins to snow and falls about 2 inches when it Turned to Small Rain - now quite warm.
Dec 27:Sunday - Cloudy and Still. Very Warm.
Dec 28:Clear and Warm as Septr. Wind Sou-West. Threshing for Mill. Jack finished Slay.
Dec 29:Clear and Pleasant Wind North. Boys went to get Timber with Rich. Smith.
Dec 30:A very Snowy Morning with Hail Wind Sou-East, but Comes back to No-East.
Dec 31:Clear and Cold. Wind North.


Jan 1Clear and very Cold - Wind North

Feb 2From the last Date it has been most Remarkable Weather. There has not been Two Cold Days together and we have had Four Severe Rains, one of them so Great that it raised the River to the Height of a Common Fresh - and had it not been for the Rains before, which Raised the River very much, it would have swept off the Ice intirely. The Ice broke in Several Places - and with us, the whole Body moved Down about 10 Rods. The Snow has been almost Intirely off the Fields for 14 Days, and the Horses, Sheep, and Cattle are all over the Improvements after Grass - This Day our Friends - Col. Jarvis with his Daughter Frances and Miss Younghusband left us for Fredericton, having made us a very friendly Visit of 6 Days.

Mar 10From the Above Date we have had but a Few cold Days and only Two Snows and they together not more than 12 Inches. The 2 & 3rd of March were very Warm and good Days for Sap. The Snow melts Surprisingly. The Improvements are now half clear of Snow, and there is very little in the Woods. We never had so good a Winter.
March 31From the last date we have had a number of Days that were Cloudy and Stormy. Some of them Snow, and some of them Rain. There has been but a few Days for Sap, not of consequence to Tap the Trees; and this the first Day of Begining, the Boys having Taped about 50 trees, but it runs very Little. The Snow is almost Intirely off the Improvements and about 1_ feet in the Woods - The Slaying is entirely over the Road being bear; and the Ice by my House is breaking away fast; Tho Strong in General.

Apr 1:Cloudy morning after a Still Cold Night - not Good for Sap. Some Small Rain and Snow - Boys Taping - made a little Honey.
Apr 2:Cloudy and Rains most of the Day. Wind No-East and warm. Harry Morehouse arrived from Fredericton with Jack's horse - The Boys Caught 25 Pails of Sap.
Apr 3:Sunday - Cloudy Wind East, very Muddy. Night clears away very fine. Ice goes fast.
Apr 4:A Remarkable fine morning after a Still Frosty Night - a Good Day for Sap. Boys Taping as fast as Possible. Ice goes fast but a Slay with a Span of Horses crossed from Major Griffith's Island this morning. The Snow is all off from the Improvements but in the Hollow Places, and the Sheep get their Living - the Horses and Cattle hardly eat their Hay. Warm as Jun and no wind. Never was there a prospect of a Better Spring.
Apr 5:Cloudy and Warm after a small Frost. Not very Good for Sap. Little Wind at Sou-West. The Ice Broke from my Bar and moved Down about 40 Rods. It is likewise broke above and Jamed at major Griffith's but there is a Piece of Ice from the Island to Burts.
Apr 6:Cloudy and Cold Wind very high at No-East - No Sap - The Boys Sugared off 80 lbs of Very Good Sugar. The Ice remains at the Island.
Apr 7:Clear Wind very high at North. A Pretty Good Day for Sap - The Ice broke from the Island and Runs very Thick for some time...
Apr 8:Clear and Cold Wind North and High, a Good Day for Sap. Boys making Sugar.
Apr 9:Clear and Cold after a very Frosty Night Wind North and High - Boys at the Sugar - not very good for Sap, it being too Cold - a large Jam of Ice Ran toDay.
Apr 10:Sunday Clear and Cold Wind, North and High. Too Cold for Sap.
Apr 11:Clear Still Morning after a most Severe Cold Night - The Ground is Froze as Hard as the Rock - 11 o'clock the Wind rises from South and very Chilly - Too Cold for Sap. Little Ice Running.
Apr 12:Cloudy and Snows with the Wind at South. The Snow fell last Night 5 inches. 11 o'clock turns to small rain which last all Day - Boys brought in last Night 112 lb. of Excellent Sugar - They are now gone to empty their troughs. a Jam of Ice Ran toDay. grows quite warm.
Apr 13:Cloudy and warm Wind South, a Good Day for Sap - Boys caught 120 Pails of Sap.
Apr 14:Cloudy and some Rain Wind South good for Sap. Boys caught 180 Pails of Sap. Considerable Ice Ran toDay. River rises.
Apr 15:Good Friday - Clear and Pleasant Wind Norwest - No Sap for want of Frost. Boys at Boiling and Sugaring off - a large Jam of Ice Ran last Night - little Ice toDay.
Apr 16:Cloudy wind South and warm Boys brought in 84 lbs of Good Sugar.
Apr 17:Easter Sunday - Clear and Warm - Boys brought in 139 lbs. of Excellent Sugar - a Large jam of Ice Ran toDay.
Apr 18:Cloudy Wind East, but very Warm. Considerable Ice toDay - River rises - Dug the first Parsnips - The Grass Grows.
Apr 19:Cloudy and warm Wind East - The River Rises very fast and a Great Quantity of Ice Ran toDay, Suppose it to be the large Jam at Presque Isle , it ran Very Thick for Three hours. William brought in 20 lb of Sugar which we believe is the last. The Boys having made 425 lbs and some honey.
Apr 20:Clear Wind North but warm - A Run of Small Ice toDay, Suppose to be the last - River Rises - The Grass and Elders grow fast - A very good Spring.
Apr 21:Cloudy and Warm No wind - some Frost last Night. River Rises very fast - Boys gathering Sap.
Apr 22:Cloudy Wind North-East and Cold. The River is now almost to my Rock. Boys Boiling Down Sap.
Apr 23:Clear and Cold Wind North. The River is now at a Stand. The Boys Brought in 28 lbs of Sugar 2 1/2 Gallons of Honey a Bushel of Beer and all their things from the Camp. This last Sugar makes in the whole 453 lbs with Honey.
Apr 24:Sunday. Clear and Cold as winter Wind North. River falls.
Apr 25:Cloudy and Snows fast a great part of the Day - it fell 4 inches - Wind South.
Apr 26:Cloudy but warm wind east. Some Small Rain toDay. Mr. & Mrs. & old Mrs. Putnam, Captn. & Mrs. Bull with us. Deb Calved.
Apr 27:Clear and very pleasant. Snow all gone. Mending Fence. Shut out Cattle and Hogs - Afternoon Boys begin to Plough Soard Ground. The River has now fell 3 feet perpendicular - It has not been up to my Rock nor half over my Intervale.
Apr 28:Clear and warm as June. Grass grows very fast. The Trees begin to bud, a fine Spring. Mending Fence. Boys Ploughing. The River falls. We caught 5 trout, the first fish.
Apr 29:Still Clear and warm indeed - River Rises - Ploughing at the Garden - Two Trout -
Apr 30:Clear and warm as ever - River rises fast and is up to the Alders, set out Rose pips, [...] Cabbage Stumps - set Currant Sprouts.

May 1:Sunday - There never was a warmer day in May - Clear and Still. River Rises.
May 2:This Day equals the last - The River Rose but very little. To appearance there will be no Fresh. this Spring. There is now plenty of grass for the cattle - Never a better Spring - God be praised. Boys Ploughing at the Garden and Fence. Mull Calved.
May 3:Still, Clear and very Warm. River Rises. Boys Ploughing. Sowed Lettuce and Cucumbers. Peper Grass - and Peppers - Betsy Sowed her Flower Seeds yesterday - Caught Two Trout.
May 4:Clear and Exceeding Wind High at South. We never had such warm weather at this Season before. River Rises but very little. Sowed Cabbage Plants - Boys Ploughing for Wheat.
May 5:Still Clear and Warm as ever. Wind High at South. River Still Rises a Little; but is now hardly on my Intervale. Cleaned Seed Wheat - Boys Ploughing for Wheat - Browna brought in her Calf, Supposed to be two Days Old. Fires run very much.
May 6:Cloudy Wind very high at South - Jack gone to Raft Timber - Wm. & Richard harrowing for Wheat - Planted Early Peas - Towards SunSet begins to Rain - Mr. Smith's House Burnt Yesterday. Betsy Set her Goose.
May 7:Cloudy and Rains the Principal Part of the Day. jack and Upham brought their Bass Wood Timber down to Putnam's Creek - William Threshing and then Plowed the Garden. River Falls. Capt. Morehouse came up to pay off his Company and Stayed with us. Knitting Net.
May 8:Sunday - A Wet Day. River at a Stand.
May 9:Cloudy and Some Small Rain. Still. Jack at Richard Smith's Rafting their Timber. River falls a little. Dug Parsnips. Garden Fence.
May 10:Cloudy, wind Nor-East and Chilly. River falls fast. Jack & William & Smith's lad Rafting their Timber at the Church. Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Bawled Wheat. Boys Harrowing. Jack Finished Rafting his timber. River falls.
May 12:Cloudy but Warm Wind South, Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Bawled Wheat. jack Plowing. Afternoon Rains Considerable. River Falls Fast.
May 13:Cloudy and Showery wind Souwest. Forenoon Boys Clearing off Some land in Raymond's Field for Wheat. Afternoon Ploughing and harrowing but wet. Finished Knitting my Net. River falls.
May 14:Cloudy and Rains Hard Chief of the Day. Nothing Done but Threshing. The River falls now very fast, but not low enough to set the Net.
May 15:Sunday. Cloudy but no Rain Wind Still No-East.
May 16:Before Noon Clear and Warm Wind North - Sowed 2 Bushels of Bawled Wheat. Afternoon Heavy Showers and the Wind High and Grows cold. The River has rose a little Owing to the Rain.
May 17:Clear and Exceeding Cold. Last night it Froze the Ground hard and my Pond almost over - it has killed everything exposed to Frost. Sowed 2 Bushels of Bawled Wheat which finished the Field. Harrowing. The river is now falling again. Very Cold.
May 18:Clear and Cold after a Most Severe Frost, as bad as the Night before. Sowed 2 Bushels and a peck of Peas. At Garden Fence.
May 19:Clear and cool morning after a Smart White Frost - Boys finished Harrowing in the Peas - The River has fell so as to make a Good Eddy. Set Short Net.
May 20:Clear and Pleasant - Boys at the Raymond Field. Planted turnips and Radishes - No Fish - Strung and set long Net.
May 21:A very Warm Day Wind High at South. Boys Ploughing Raymond Field for Wheat. No Fish - Planted Sterions and Onions.
May 22:Sunday. Cloudy, Wind Sou-East. Like for Rain. Caught a Shad. First Fish.
May 23:Cloudy morning after a Rainy Night - Thick and Misty all Day. No Fish. Jack Ploughing for Wheat. Threshing.
May 24:Clear and Warm Wind Sou-West. Jack Finished Plowing for Wheat. Ploughing for Peas. No Fish.
May 25:Clear and very warm - Wind High at South - sowed 2 Bushels of Bawled Wheat which is the last for this Season making in the whole 11 Eleven Bushels - River has rose 1 1/2 feet. Jack Ploughing for Corn. Wm. went to mill with 2 Bushels Wheat and 1 3/4 pecks of corn. Caught 2 Salmon and a Shad. Visited Capt. Bull.
May 26:Cloudy and Like for Rain, Wind South - Jack Ploughing for Corn, Wm. at the Dung. Richard harrowing Wheat. 12 o'clock begins to Rain which continues all Day. The River has Rose in Two Days 2 Feet Perpendicular and is so high as to have very small Eddy's. Caught 2 Salmon and a Shad.
May 27:A very rainy Day. Nothing Done.
May 28:Cloudy and Showers all Day. Went to Prince William - Ploughing for Corn
May 29:Sunday - Rains almost the Whole Day. Col. Jarvis at my House on his way to Canada - with Major Tompson.
May 30:Clear and Warm. Came Home.

Jun 1:Began to Plant Corn. Clear and very warm. Wind West. River falls fast.
Jun 2:Still Clear and Warm - at the Corn - No fish, the River being too High.
Jun 3:Clear and Cool. Wind Norwest and High. Caught a Salmon. Finished Planting Corn. Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Oats and Peas. Jack began to Plough for Oats - very cold.
Jun 4:Clear and Cold morning but no frost. Planted Bush Beans. Grows Warm.
Jun 5:Whit Sunday - Clear and never was warmer - Wind High at North
Jun 6:Cloudy and like for Rain. Jack Ploughing for Oats - William at the Fence - Fenced Boys Garden. No Fish.
Jun 7:Clear and Cool Wind North - Jack Plowing for Oats. Planted 1 1/2 Bushels of early Potatoes in the lower Field - Caught a Bass.
Jun 8:Clear after a very Cold Night. I found some Frost on the edge of the Board Fence and on some Boards that were in the Garden, but there is not anything that appears to be injured. Boys finished Planting Potatoes in the lower field, 4 Bushels. Sowed 2 Bushels of Oats. No Fish. Cloudy.
Jun 9:Clear and very Warm. Wind Nor-West. Sowed 4 1/2 Bushels of Oats - Planted 2 1/2 Bushels of Potatoes in the Field by the Barn. Caught 3 Salmon. It was never warmer and now is very dry.
Jun 10:Clear and warm as ever. Wind South. Sowed 2 1/2 Bushels of Oats making in the whole 9 Bushels - Planted more Bush and Pole Beans and Cucumbers - No Fish. Afternoon a very heavy Thunder Shower.
Jun 11:Planted Some Cucumbers. Cloudy and Warm with some rain. Harrowing Oats. Planted Pole Beans.
Jun 12:Sunday. Cloudy. Wind High at North. Caught two Shad. Showers.
Jun 13:Clear and Pleasant - went to Fredericton with Jack & Maria.
Jun 20:Arrived Home with Jack left Maria in Fredericton. Found all well. Everything has grown very well, and there is a good prospect of Excellent Crops which God Grant us - we had on the 18th of Jun when we were at Captn. Davidson's a very Cold Night with Some Frost, which has injured the Beans, Cucumbers and in some Places the Corn, but not to Injure the Crop. Wm. caught 3 Salmon while we were about.
Jun 26:Sunday - From the last Date we have had continual Warm Weather which made the Ground Dry, but Day before Yesterday we had a Moderate Rain all Day, which made everything grow almost beyond credibility - Thanks be to God - We have taken but 5 Salmon and three of them were cut up by the Eels - began to Hoe Corn Yesterday.

Jul 18:Arived from Prince William with Phebe Davidson - we have had for two weeks almost Continual Rain but warm; and Grass and Wheat never looked better - Indeed there was never a better Prospect of Good Crops.
Jul 16[?]:Came from Presque Isle with Mrs. Dibblee and Mrs. Griffith having went there Yesterday - and never was there No Days and Nights that were warmer. Corn grows very fast.
Jul 19:Sunday and Night Warm Indeed, but Monday wind High at North and very Chilly. a Surprising Change - and toDay blows amazing hard till Towards Night when it Dies intirely away and grows warmer - Finished Hoeing Corn the last Time. Preparing to Cut our Grass. The first mess of Green Peas.
Jul 28:Since the last Date we have had Three of the Warmest Days we ever knew. The weather in General wet and warm, everything grows in a Surprising Manner. We are now in the midst of our Hay

Aug 30:From the last Date we have had Continual Dry weather and Cold. We have now Secured our Hay - and are Cutting our Wheat which is very good - Arrived Yesterday with Mr. Allen from Prince William where I left my daughter Betsy and Hariet Griffith.

Sep 17:From the last Date we had Continual Dry Weather as fine as could be to get in the Harvest - it is so Dry that all the Mills are Stopt Grinding for Want of Water - We have now the Wheat in Raymond's Place yet in the Field - and the Oats to Cut - The First Frost last Night which has Killed the runing Vines - but no other Damage - Excellent Crops of all Kinds - Praise be to God for His Mercies.

Nov 8:From the last Date the Rains have been great and the River has rose more than Usual in the fall; and in October we had some Days very Cold, for that Time of Year, but in general Remarkable fine weather for this Country. This Day the first Snow which covered the Ground - but cleared off Warm
Nov 9:Cloudy Wind South and warm. Wm. went to Mill at Philips, with 5 1/2 Bushels of Wheat and 2 of Corn.
Nov 10:Clear Wind Norwest but not Cold - Wm. came from Mill - very good Poleing - having had no Rain for SomeTime the River is now falling fast
Nov 11:Clear and Cold, Wind North - Killed Hogs - Wt 1101
Nov 12:Clear Still and Cold - the Coldest Night and Morning we have had, but no Ice in the River - 11 o'clock warm Indeed - Cut up and Salted Pork and Hams.
Nov 13:Sunday. Cloudy Still & Warm.
Nov 14:Still Cold and Clear - No Ice
Nov 22:From the last Date we have had Pleasant Weather - till last Night when it snowed just to cover the Ground.
Nov 23:It began to Rain last Night from the South and carried off the Snow and Continues all Day - Mr. Putnam & Lady - Mrs. Houlton old Mrs. Houlton and Mr. Cooke spent the evening with us last night.
Nov 24:Cloudy and Warm wind South at 11 o'clock begins to Snow very fast, and covered the ground Several Inches; towards Night Cleared off - William went to Mill for the last time by water, good poling.
Nov 25:A Pleasant Morning after a Still, Clear, Cold night, which has Produced for the first time, Some Ice in the River but not to stop a Birch Cannoe which Poled up this Morning - we now fodder the Cattle - 12 o'clock Grows Cloudy and has the Appearance of Foul Weather from the South.
Nov 26:Cloudy Wind North with Snow Squals. The Ice Runs Considerably toDay and has stopt all Cannoes - fixing Hovels
Nov 27:Sunday. Very Cold Night and Day. The Ice Increases fast and Grows Strong.
Nov 28:A Cold Morning after a Severe Cold Night - But Soon grows Moderate, Wind South - Ice now Very Thick - Boys gone to Hall Wood at the Sugar Camp. Night Cloudy.
Nov 29:Cloudy Wind South. A little Snow toDay. Boys at the Dung. Ice Very Thick.
Nov 30:Cloudy and Warm Wind NoEast. Mending Spring. Boys at the Dung.

Dec 1:Cloudy. Wind North but not Cold - Finished Spring. Boys hawling Dung. There is now about 4 inches of Snow on the Ground. The Ice Grows Thin.
Dec 2:Cloudy and Misty - Wind North - There is now hardly any Ice. Wm. Setting up Sugar Troughs - Jack making Shoes.
Dec 3:Cloudy Wind South and at 3 o'clock begins to Snow very fast - geting Wood - Night grows Warm.
Dec 4:Sunday - Cloudy and Rains hard till Noon when it Clears off very Warm - Lockwood came to work. The Rains has almost carried off the snow - A great Thaw indeed.
Dec 5:Cloudy Wind Norwest and Snow Squals all Day. First Sow Piged. Lockwood Jack and Wm. gone into the Woods to get Timber for House.
Dec 6:Clear and Cold Wind North - Ice very thick - Lockwood & Boys at the Timber.
Dec 7:Clear after a most severe Cold Night. Lockwood & Boys at the Timber. Visited Capt. Bull.
Dec 8:Clear and Cold Indeed. At the Timber. The River this day Closed. The Ice very Smooth.
Dec 9:Cloudy Wind North not so cold. Lockwood and Boys at the Timber.
Dec 10:Cloudy and Still moderate. Lockwood and Jack gone to look Pine Timber. Wm. geting Wood.
Dec 11:Sunday Cloudy and Pleasant - at Night 2nd Sow had nine Pigs.
Dec 12:It Snowed a little last Night and then turned to Rain and Continues most of the Day - Night Wind High at North.
Dec 13:Clear Wind very High at North but not very Cold. L-d & Boys at the Timber.
Dec 15:A very Snowy Morning and some Snow all Day. Wind comes round to the Sou-West. It Snowed last Night and toDay 2 feet - Jack & Lockwood getting Runners for Bob Sled.
Dec 16:Cloudy Wind North but not Cold. Geting Timber.
Dec 18:Sunday. Clear after a Still Cold Night - Lockwood went Home. Night Cloudy.
Dec 19:Cloudy and Warm. Wind South. 3 o'clock begins to Rain and Continues all Night.
Dec 20:A very Rainy Morning and most of the Day. Warm Indeed. The Snow alto' so Deep is almost Intirely of the Improvements, and the River nothing but Ice, a Great Thaw.
Dec 21:Clear and very Pleasant there is now so much Ice that the Cattle can hardly stir.
Dec 22:Cloudy and Misty Very Warm.
Dec 23:Cloudy and Misty Very Warm.
Dec 24:Cloudy and Rains Considerable in the Morning. Wind North Then Turns to Snow which just covered the Ground - Preparing for Christmas.
Dec 25:A most Excellent Christmas - Warm enough for Plesure.
Dec 31:To this Date there has been not one Cold Day. Three Days following Christmas were too warm and Clear. Last Night a heavy Snow but Clear toDay and not Cold - Killed Cherry. last evening Captn. Bull & Lady, Mr. & Mrs. Putnam, Mr. & Mrs. Cook, Saml. Houlton, Polly & Louisa Houlton Celebrated the Season with us. A good winter so far.


Mar 18:From the last Date we have had a most remarkable Steady Cold Winter, without any Rain to settle the Snow - the Cold having continued to this Date - and the Snow Remarkable Deep - there has not been a Warm Day from January to the 18th of March and the Snow has Drifted very much - till now; when for the first time there is some Small Rain. - The Snow is now 4 Feet on the Improvements and much more in the Woods. The Mills have been almost Dry to this Date; But our Cattle Sheep etc never Wintered better - And by the Goodness of God our Crops of Hay were very Great - The Ice never Stronger.
Mar 29:This Day arrived from Fredericton Cloudy and Some Snow very wet but Soon Clears away Cold. The Ice never Stronger and Yesterday so Cold that Col. Jarvis and myself almost Froze in Driving from Coln Barbarie's to Captn. Morehouse's
Mar 30:This day for the first Time Warm and begins to Thaw considerably - Jack and Betsy arived from their Visit to Kingston to fetch Sally Ketchum - Warm Indeed.
Mar 31:Good Friday - Very Warm and cloudy. Wm. gone to Carry Home Hamilton Davidson's Horse and bring back Jack's who is lame.

Apr 1:Clear and very warm.
Apr 2:Easter Sunday. Clear and Warm Wind North. A good Congregation.
Apr 3:Clear and very Warm - Sap begins to Run for the first Time. The Ice begins to break by my House - Richard gone to Mill - Newman Raymond Thrashing Wheat. Captn. tompkins started this Morning to fetch Dr. Earle to Coln. Griffith - Returned next Day.
Apr 4:Clear and Warm after a Frosty Night. A Good Day for Sap. Boys Taping Trees.
Apr 5:Clear after a Frosty Night. a Good Day for Sap - Jack Brought 5 Bushels of Wheat and 2 of Oats from Mill - Ice in the Morning Strong - The Snow and Ice goes Fast - Some Small Places on the Banks now bear and the Sheep Cattle and Hogs for the first time picking a Little.
Apr 6:Clear after a Frosty Night a very Good Dy for Sap. Boys began to boil down Sap.
Apr 7:Cloudy and Snows fast, Wind South - Snows all Day and fell about 4 inches. Boys in the Woods - Mrs. Ketchum and Sally moved Home.
Apr 8:Clear and very Warm - a good Day for Sap. The Boys caught 95 pails of Sap - and not done Taping. Brought in 20 lbs. of sugar and some honey. Night Cloudy.
Apr 9:Sunday - Cloudy Wind High at Norwest & Some Small Rain and Squall of Snow in the Night - No Sap.
Apr 10:Clear after a Most Severe Cold Night Wind Excessive High. We never knew so Cold Blustering Day and Night as Yesterday. the Snow that Fell drifted all Day into heaps - Too Cold for Sap - The Boys Sugared off and Brought home 74 lbs. of Good Sugar - The Ice begins to break in Places - but they travel yet on the River a foot.
Apr 11:Clear and Cool morning after a Small Frost at Night. a Good Day for Sap - Boys caught 115 pails of Sap - Visited Captn. Bull - Night Cloudy.
Apr 12:Clear after a Frosty Night - a pretty Good Day for Sap. Boys caught 95 pails of Sap. Wind Fresh at South. Snow goes fast, and the Ice.
Apr 13:Clear after a small Frost - little Sap - Wind fresh at South. We fodder now once a Day - set 2nd Goose, the first having sot 5 days. They now travel on foot on the Ice.
Apr 14:Cloudy after a Little Rain in the Night. Very Warm and Still; no Sap; Boys Sugaring off - The Ice now breaks very fast - and the Snow wastes away. People passed the River on the Ice from Coln Griffith's Island this morning on foot - Visited Coln Griffith.
Apr 15:Cloudy after a Windy Night, Norwest. Set a Hen on Turkey Eggs. Visited and Gave the Sacrament to Coln Griffiths who is in the last stage of his Existence. - But little Sap - Boys brought in 160 lbs of Sugar - The Ice broke from the Island toDay - But Soon Jamed up again. Browna calved.
Apr 16:Sunday - Clear Wind Norwest - Little Sap - The Ice Brake & Run a large jam. - The Ice is now gone to the Head of Captn. Smith's Island - The Snow goes very fast Two thirds of the Improvements are bare.
Apr 17:Cloudy and very warm no wind. at Night a small Shower - no Sap - Wm. Rd. sugaring off - Jack Thrashing Oats. Opened large Potato hole, found them very Good.
Apr 18:Clear and very warm Morning - 11 o'clcok wind Rises at Norwest and blows hard. A jam of Ice Runs toDay - but it has not broke at Putnam's. Visited Coln. Griffith who is almost in his last Struggles for life. Wm. made 25 lbs. of very Good Sugar - River Rises
Apr 19:A Cold Clear Morning - a pretty Good Day for Sap - Boys caught 80 Pails of Sap - Two Small Runs of Ice toDay - The Ice Broke at Mr. Putnam's and Run Off - Captn., & Mrs. Bull with Us. Coln. Griffith Died last Night between the Hours of 9 and 10 - The Snow now is off the Improvements only in the low Places - but there is 2 Feet in the Woods.
Apr 20:A Cold Clear Morning after a Smart Frost. A very Good Day for Sap. Boys caught 90 Pails of Sap - Sugared of 46 lbs. of Good Sugar, Considerable Ice Run toDay, The Ice has come from the Grand bar - Deb Calved.
Apr 21:Clear Wind Norwest and High - little Sap there having been no Frost - Buried Coln Griffith.
Apr 22:Clear and very Warm after a Frosty Night. The Boys caught 80 pails of Sap - and Sugared off 64 lbs. of Good Sugar. The Ice came Down last night in a Body and Jamed Surprisingly on the Banks of the River, and Ran all Day but very Fine, it being the last of the Ice to all appearance. Night cloudy and like for Rain.
Apr 23:Sunday - Cloudy and Warm and Rains Hard all Day - The River Rises very Fast - Boys in the Woods.
Apr 24:Cloudy Wind Sou-West and Some Rain - William gone with the Oxen to Hawl out some Birch Timber at Captn. Smith's . Jack Sugared off 50 lbs of Good Sugar and made one Gallon of Honey. Visited old Callahan who is his last Stage of his Existence. In the Night rains very Hard and the River Rises Fast - Dug the Second Mess of Parsnips - the first on the 22nd, but there was considerable Frost in the Ground. The Grass grows.
Apr 25:Cloudy morning but soon Clears away after a very Rainy Night - The River is now coming on my Intervale and has taken off the Ice that was jamed on the banks. Yesterday I Rec'd a Letter from Coln Jarvis by William Bull. a large Jam of Ice, but very Fine, this morning. The Ice has been very Thick all day. Night Clear and Cold.
Apr 26:Clear and Still, after a Smart White Frost. The Sap ran Considerable, but the wind Rising Sou-West Stopted it - began to Fix Garden - The River is now up to my Rock - but the Cold Night has Checked it, and it has not rose any toDay - Some Ice runing, what was jamed on the Banks - Boys Hawling Timber
Apr 27:Clear and very Cold Morning; wind at Norwest and very High; Boys hawling Timber; and then went to gather Sap of yesterday and toDay, and got 90 pails of Sap. The River falls fast owing to the cold - Thrashing Wheat.
Apr 28:Clear and Very Cold morning - The Ground Frose hard and there was Ice in the Water Pail in the Kitchen - a very good Day for Sap - Boys at the Sugar. Thrashing. The River Falls fast and is now off my Intervale.
Apr 29:Clear and Cold Indeed - Wind High Norwest - a good Day for Sap - Boys Caught - 100 pails of Sap. Sugared off 60 lbs of Good Sugar - River Falls Fast. Visited Mrs. Putnam with Mr. & Mrs. Bedell - Mr. Nicholson - Captn. & Mrs. Bull and Sally Ketchum.
Apr 30:Sunday, Still and very Cold - but Cloudy Wind very high at North - a very good day for Sap. Buried Thomas Callaham - a large congregation.

May 1:Cloudy Wind High at North Some Snow Squals and Rain - We never had such a Spring, all appearance of Grass is intirely Gone, and the Trees has not the least appearance of Buding - There is Snow in the low Places on the Improvements and Considerable in the Woods - Joseph Bedell bought half a tun of Hay - Richard Brought 2500 wt. of hay from Mrs. Griffith - Boys Boiling down Sap. River falls.
May 2:Clear and Grows warm - Boys brought in all their Things from the Sugar Camp - having made 502 wt. of Sugar and 18 gallons of honey. The best season we ever had for Sugar - River falls very much - Caught two trout lst evening for the first time this Season.
May 3:Clear and still very Warm. The River is now Rising again - mending Fence - Jack making [...?...] and mending plough - visited Mrs. Griffith. Mull brought Home her Calf - Four Days old - William with the Oxen helping Nicholas Cunliffe hawl Timber.
May 4:Clear and warm. The Grass begins to Grow and the Trees to Bud - Set out Cabbage Stumps and Turnips - fixing Garden - River Rises very Fast - Jack at the Plough & Harrow. Wm. & Boys moving Fence in Raymond field. We never had so Bad a Spring - The Current bushes and Trees just begin to Bud, and the Grass to Grow. Night Cloudy.
May 5:Cloudy and soon Begins to Rain Wind North-east. Continues all Day. River Rises.
May 6:Cold Morning - it Snowed last night to cover the Ground and remained till 8 o'clock. The Afternoon Pleasant - Jack Ploughed a Place to Set his Trees - Fixing Garden
May 7:Sunday - A very warm and Pleasant Day Indeed - River Rises but not fast - Night Cloudy.
May 8:A very Rainy Day - Wind Sou-East. The River now Rises fast - Nothing Done
May 9:Cloudy Wind East and very Chilly. River Rises and is now as high as before. Sowed Cabbage Plants. Jack began to Plough soard Ground. Wm. at Fence.
May 10:Still Cloudy & Misty Wind Sou-East and Cold - The River is now Halfway up my Rock - but has Rose very Little toDay. Sundown at a stand. Jack Ploughing. Wm. at the fence. Set out Betsey's Flowers and Tree onions and Rose Pipes [a pipe may be a cutting] - Dug Parsnips.
May 11:Still Cloudy and Cold Wind South-East. The Trees or Grass has not Grown in the Least for 4 Days, owing to the Could Cloudy Weather. Never so bad a Spring - The River fell last Night 6 inches and continues to Fall very fast all day - Jack still Ploughing Soard Ground. Wm. at the Fence. Sowed Lettuce and Peper Grass - Night very Cloud and very Cold
May 12:Still Cloudy and very Cold - Sowed two beds of Early Peas when it began to Rain and Continues all Day and all Night, Wind no-East - River falls Fast - Began to Knit small Net - Ploughed in the morning.
May 13:Cloudy but warmer - Ploughing Soard Ground - Wm. at the Fence - Finished Small Net. River falls - Some Small Rain night very Cloudy.
May 14:Sunday - Cloudy and very Cold; Some Rain; Wind Nor-east - River at a Stand
May 15:Cloudy but 12 O'Clock clears away Cold Wind Nor-west. Finished Peas - Ploughing. River Falls Again.
May 16:Clear, Wind Norwest but not so Cold as some Days past - Sowed my Onions - the River Falls - Ploughing - Wm. & boys clearing the Lower Field.
May 17:Clear and Warm - Wind West - River Falls and is now off my Intervale - We have had a very low Fresh. It was only just over my Intervale so as to bring plenty of trash upon it - Jack finished soard ground - Richard began to harrow for Wheat - Planted Wind [?] for Beans - Sowed Sage - and Digging - Caught a fine Mess of Trout - Night warm
May 18:Clear and very warm Indeed - Wind west - Sowed 1 Bushels of Wheat - Richard harrowing - We never had a Warmer Day in May - every thing now begins to grow finely - Jack Ploughing for Wheat
May 19:Clear and amazing Warm. Sowed one Bushel of Wheat and two do of Peas - Boys harrowing - River at a Stand. William Mending Fence by the Barn.
May 20:Clear and Warm as Yesterday - Planted Beets, Carrots, and Parsnips - Richard & Frederick Planted Water-Mellons - Planted first Cucumbers Yesterday. Sowed 1 3/4 Wheat - Jack & Richard Harrowed it in - River Neither Rises nor Falls - The Warm Weather having brought down all the snow from the Swamp.
May 21:Whit-Sunday - Warm as Ever - a large Congregation.
May 22:Cloudy by turns and some small showers - Sowed a bushel and half of Peas - Richard Harrowed them in - jack Ploughing Corn Ground for Wheat - Wm. Sprading Dung - River now Falls Fast - Night very Cloudy. Jack Planted Water mellons, Wm. Mellons. Lill with her Calf 3 Days Old - Pink Calved the 17th.
May 23:Clear and Cloudy by Turns - Wind very high at Sou-West - Sowed one Bushel of Wheat Richard Harrowed it in. Jack Ploughing. William went to Mill with 4 1/2 Bushels of Wheat & 1 1/2 of Corn, and Oversot his Cannoe and lost the Whole of it - River falls fast but too high to set Nets. My Peas and Cucumbers are now up - everything grows surprisingly - Boys Planted Water-Mellons, Mellons and Cucumbers - Planted Squses [squashes?] - Boys Caught a fine Mess of Fish - Night very Cloudy and Rainy.
May 24:A very Rainy Night and Morning but at 9 o'clock clearing. Wind Norwest and Chilly. Mr. Smith Sheared my Sheep. Set my long Net. Jack Ploughing - Richard Harrowing - Cleaned Wheat.
May 25:Clear and Warm Wind West - River Rose a little from the Rain - Caught the first Salmon - Sowed 2 Bushels of Wheat on the Corn Ground - Richd Harrowing - Jack Finished Corn Ground and then Harrowing - Wm. went to Mill and to look for Wheat, carried 3 Bushels. Could not find lost Grain.
May 26:Cloudy and Showery all Day Wind Norwest and very Chilly when not at work we are obliged to get Round the Fire. - Sowed 2 Bushels of Wheat in the Corn Ground the last for this Season - making in the Whole of our Wheat Crop - [.....] Bushels - Caught a Salmon and a Shad
May 27:Cloudy and very Cold wind Norwest - Some Showers - Lockwood having dissapointed us as to Flax seed - Sowed the Ground with Wheat, so as to make above 10 Bushels Sowed - Caught a Shad - Jack Ploughing for Corn - Finished harrowing Wheat
May 28:Sunday - Clear and Warm wind Sou-west. Caught 3 Salmon. Night Cloudy and like for Rain -
May 29:Cloudy and Rainy Wind South-West. Caught 4 Salmon and a Shad. Jack Ploughing for Corn -
May 30:Cloudy and very Cold wind North - Showrs. all day - Caught one Salmon - Jack Ploughing.
May 31:Still Cold and Showrd all Day - We had a Severe Shower of Hail - Caught a Salmon. Jack Ploughing for Corn Wm. at the Fence. Richd harrowing.

Jun 1:Cloudy Wind Sou-west and warmer. We had last Night a Severe Cold, but escaped Frost by a Fog. Carvel began to Plant Corn. Caught 4 Salmon and one Shad - Jack Ploughing for Corn.
Jun 2:Clear and Chilly Wind Sou-West - Began to Plant Corn - Caught one Salmon and a Shad. Night very Cloudy Visited Captn. Bull with Mrs. G & Daught.
Jun 3:Cloudy and Some Rain before Noon finished Planting Corn Carvel likewise finished his Ground. Caught one Salmon. Afternoon very Rainy. Wind NoEast.
Jun 4:Sunday - A Cold Blustering Morning after a Cold Rainy Night. Wind North. Caught 3 Salmon.
Jun 5:Clear and Warm Wind South-West - Jack Ploughing for Oats and Peas. Planting Potatoes. Caught one Salmon. River Falls Fast.
Jun 6:Clear and Chilly - Afternoon showers - Jack Ploughing for Oats. Boys Planting Potatoes - Wm. Threshing - Caught one Salmon.
Jun 7:Clear after a Severe Cold Night - but no Frost owing to a Fog - Sowed one and a half Bushels of Peas - Planting Potatoes - Jack Ploughing for oats - No Fish - Planted Crown Peas - River falls.
Jun 8:Jack went to Fredericton - Clear and warm - Wind South - Planting Potatoes - Caught one Salmon.
Jun 9:Clear and Some Rain in the Morning but soon breaks away Warm - Wm. went to Mill - Harrowing for Oats and Planting Potatoes. Planted Bush and Pole Beans - No Nets Set for want of Cannoe.
Jun 10:Clear and very Warm - finished Potatoes, Sowed 6 Bushels of Oats Wm. and Richard Harrowed them in - Corn is now just making its appearance. Pidgeons very troublesome to the Grain.
Jun 11:Sunday - Cloudy and very Chilly Wind South - Smut calved Jun 7th.
Jun 12:Clear and Warmer Wind Sou-west. William Threshing Oats & Richard poling Peas.
Jun 13:Clear and very warm - Things now grow Finely - Jack returned from Fredericton - Caught a Noble Salmon - Pidgeons are so thick that they Injure the Crops very much.
Jun 14:Clear and Pleasant morning after a very warm night - Musquitoes for the first Time Trouble Some; Began to Plough soard Ground for Buckwheat - Sowed a Peck of Flax Seed - Some Oats Betsy brought from Kingston and a few Crown Peas - Caught a Salmon.
Jun 15:Cloudy but no Rain Wind west. Planting Soard Ground. Planted Some Corn where the Crows pulled it up - Caught 2 Salmon.
Jun 16:Clear and very warm - Wind West - Jack Ploughing - Soard Ground for Buckwheat - Wm & Fred. Threshing Wheat for Mill - at the Garden
Jun 17:Jack ploughing - Wm. gone to Mill. very Warm - Caught a Salmon - weeding Garden.
Jun 18:Sunday - Preached and Ministered Sacrament at Mr. Gilberts. No Nets Set. Very Cloudy.
Jun 19:A warm Cloudy Morning after a moderate Rainy Night - Which makes everything Grow Surprisingly - Jack finished Ploughing - set out 700 Cabbage Plants - Caught a large Salmon
Jun 20:Cloudy Wind No-East but Warm - Sowed our Buckwheat - Which finished our Crops. 12 O'clock begins to rain and continues very Hard the rest of the day and Night - Mr. Turner Stayed with us on his way to Fredericton.
Jun 21:Clear and warm wind North. finished Harrowing Buckwheat - Polled Crown Peas. Weeded Garden - Caught a Large Salmon. Night Cool.

Jul 10:From the last Date we have had some warm weather but generally cool Nights, but for Four Days past - very warm indeed and warm Nights. Corn now grows amazingly fast, and looks well - Wheat never looked better - all the other kinds very Promising.

Aug 20:From the last Date we have had continual Cool Weather, so much so, that the Corn grows very little, but every thing looks very well - Wheat very backward but good.

Sep 20:We have just now got in our Wheat and we never had better - Peas and Oats, also Remarkable Good - but Corn very Poor

Oct 29:Just Arived from Fredericton. From the last Date we had one of the best Seasons that we ever Experienced - We had the last of September two Smart Frosts, but from the Fog the Corn on the Intervals Escaped; and till 19th of Octr. we had warmer weather than we had in August - this good dry weather Ripened the Corn so that we had more than half a Crop - Every other Produce of the Earth was good Indeed - Wheat much more so - Thanks be to God.

Nov 8:We had on Friday last a Rain from the South, So as to Rise the River and set the Mills a going - And on Saturday morning the wind came roud to No-East with Snow and it Continued to Snow all Day and Night.
Nov 5:Sunday Very Chilly with some Snow; Monday Cloudy and Cold. Lockwood went Home not being able to Raise from the Snow. Tuesday wind South and mild but in the night the Wind came from the Norwest in a Terrible Gust and very Cold.
Nov 8:Wednesday never was Colder at this time of the year
Nov 9:This Day the Ice is Runing amazing Thick, the Ground as hard as a rock. - The Ice never was so Thick and Strong from one Night's Freezing - but the Wind Rises from the South and grows more Moderate - Cloudy and Some Appearance of Rain - Threshing Wheat for Mill
Nov 10:Cloudy and Rains Moderately almost the Whole Day - George McGee and Foster Staid all Night, having come from Brooks's - altho' the Ice ran thick - and in the Rain
Nov 11:In the Night the Wind came Nor-West and High - and of course Cold - McGee Started early for his Home - Night very Cold
Nov 12:Sunday - Cloudy Wind Nor-West and very High. We never had so cold a Night and Day as this in November - The Ice now Runs amazing Thick, and very Strong - Snow almost off
Nov 13:Clear after a very Cold Night, Wind Norwest - but not so High and Moderates
Nov 14:Clear and Still - grows Moderate. The Ice has almost Shut up the River - Killed Hogs - Wm. Upham Helped Us.
Nov 15:Clear at 9 O'clock after a little Snow in the Night - quite warm - The Ice almost stopt runing - Cut up Hogs. at Night the Wind Rises at Norwest with Snow Squals - The Post with Mr. Harding from Upper Canada, Staid with us. Grows Cold.
Nov 16:Cloudy and Chilly - wind North. The Post with Mr. Harding left us - Richard went with them to Capt. Morehouses. Jack and William went to Mill with the Birch Cannoe, but some Ice begins to Run.
Nov 17:Clear and Cold no wind - Boys came last Night from Mill with their Grist.
Nov 18:Cloudy Wind South and very Chilly.
Nov 19:Sunday - Cloudy and Cold Wind South at Night begins to Snow from the South.
Nov 20:Clear and Cold Wind North. It Snowed last Night just to cover the Ground. George and Henry went over to Mrs. Wollard's in my Birch Cannoe. Cleaning Wheat for Mill.
Nov 21:Clear and still after Very Cold Night - William gone to Mill with Peter Bull and Amos Putnam, But Considerable Ice Runing - They had Mr. Beardsley's Log Cannoe, and went from Mr. Bedell's. Never was there so Cold a Month as this November - The River is very Low and all the Bars Covered with Ice, and from the Shores Some Distance into the River and so Strong that Tan [?] may drive an Ox Team upon the Ice - The Ground Froze as hard as a Rock.
Nov 22:Still very Cold Wind Norwest. William came from Mill with his Grist; Considerable Ice runing. Jack making Sled to hall Dung.
Nov 23:Clear and Cold after a very Cold Night; The Wind Rises at South and it moderates -
Nov 24:Cloudy and Cold Wind No-East and at 11 O'clock begins to snow fast, Wind high. William gone to Mr. Ketchum's to lay up Brick. Jack finished Sled. Covered Cow Stable.
Nov 25:Cloudy and Snowy Morning after a very Stormy Night - It Snowed last Night and Day never so Fast. Very Cold. Wind High.
Nov 26:Sunday - A Clear Cold Morning but by 2 o'clock Clouds up with the Wind South and begins to Snow - very Chilly.
Nov 27:Cloudy but warm wind South. It Snowed about 2 inches last Night. Boys begin to cast Dung - Thaws a little for the first time this three weeks. The River never was lower.
Nov 28:Cloudy and Still. at the Dung.
Nov 29:Cloudy and Still. Wm. & Everet at Dung.
Nov 30:Clear and Cold but Still - Night Cloudy.

Dec 1:Cloudy Wind Sou-East. Small Rain all Day.
Dec 2:Cloudy Wind No-east but Warm.
Dec 3:Sunday Still Cloudy Wind No-east.
Dec 4:Clear and very Pleasant. Wm. & Everet at the Dung. Jack in the Woods.
Dec 5:Storm of Snow from the Sou-west.
Dec 6:It began to Rain last night at 7 o'clock and all Day but not hard. The Snow now goes fast.
Dec 7:Cloudy but very warm - and Foggy at 3 O'clock begins to rain amazing hard and Continues late in the Evening. Fixing Spring. River Rises.
Dec 8:Cloudy Wind North but not High or Cold - Finished Spring. Mr. Beardsley and Jack geting Timber - Wm. & Everet at the Dung.
Dec 9:A very rainy morning and Chilly. Wind Wou-East - and Continues all Day.
Dec 10:Sunday - Cloudy and small Rain all Day but quite Warm.
Dec 11:Cloudy Wind North but not Cold. Mr. Beardsley and Jack at the Timber. Wm. geting Wood. The Snow is now almost off the Improvements, the Sheep and Horses pick Considerable. The Roads nothing but Ice. The River has Rose much; but being very low before the Rain, it has not carried off the Ice from the Bars and Shores. Night snowed a little.
Dec 12:Cloudy Wind North but not Cold. Mr. Beardsley, Jack & William geting Timber. Visited Capt. Bull with Mr. Griffiths & L
Dec 13:Cloudy and warm wind South. Everet & Wm. at the Dung. Night like Rain.
Dec 14:A very rainy morning, no wind, before Night Clears away very warm. Just at Day-Light, the Ice came Down in a large jam, and Swept off the Ice from the Bars and Shores. How far it has gone Down the River we have not heard
Dec 15:As Pleasant a Day as Septr. The Roads and Fields all covered with Ice.
Dec 16:A Cold Morning after a Frosty Night, which has made some small Ice in the River - The Ice is jamed very much on my Bar and the Shores - Night Cold
Dec 17:Sunday - Cloudy and moderate Cold. Wind Nor-west - Small Ice begins to Run.
Dec 18:Clear and Pleasant after a Cold Night.
Dec 19:Clear and Still after a Cold Night.
Dec 20:Clear and Still after the Coldest Night we have had - Noon Clouds up from the South. Finished hawling Dung for this Year
Dec 21:Cloudy with Some Snow and Rain from the Sou-west - but Quite warm - The Jam of Ice that came Down did not go thro' the Falls. and the Ice is Closed up to Maductic. Raymond came over in a Cannoe. Herd from Richard.
Dec 21:Clear and Pleassant Wind Nor-West and a fine day. Boys Yesterday and Today geting Timber - Visited Squire Bedell - [why 2 entries for this date? Weather is recorded as different...]
Dec 22:It Snowed today and Night one Foot and Clears off very Cold. Geting Wood.
Dec 23:Clear and very Cold - The Ice Closed toDay very Smooth geting Wood for Sunday and Christmas - Night Still and Cold Indeed.
Dec 24:Sunday A very Cold Morning & Day but at Night wind Rises from the South and grows Moderate - Raymond Crossed the River on the Ice by my house. George & Henry came Home by way of the Island - The Ice very Strong.
Dec 25:Christmas - Cloudy and very warm wind South - a large Congregation. Night Rains.
Dec 26:Cloudy and Warm as Summer. Ot Rained severely all Night and has Carried the Snow almost off the Improvements. Mr. R. Smith Celebrated the Season. The Cattle are all over the Fields.
Dec 27:A very Cloudy and Foggy Day, warm as ever - The Ice Remains but we fear it will Go - Captn. Bull & wife - Mr. Bedell & wife & Mrs. Griffith with us.
Dec 28:The Rain began again at Sundown and Continued all last Night Severe Indeed - Lockwood Staid with us having crossed the Ice at Putnam's with the Post having an English Mail. The Rain turned to Snow at 3 o'clock and the Wind came round Norwest. Grows Cold.
Dec 29:Clear and Pleasant Wind Norwest. This Morning we found the Ice all gone but it is Jamed up at Putnam's Island. Sally Ketchum, Maria - Wm. & George Bull with Jack gone for a Visit to the States.
Dec 30:Clear and Cold Indeed but Still. The Ice is now making very fast and it is [...?] up to my Bar - Night very Cold
Dec 31:Sunday - clear Still morning after the Coldest Night we have had - The Ice broke from above last Evening and Ran very Thick - and carried all the Ice that was making down to Ell River, where it is heeped up in a Surprising Manner; but it Jamed all the River full up to the Foot of Captn. Smith's Island and so Strong that they crossed over to Major Griffith's Island this Morning - Towards Night it Clouds up from the South and begins to Snow. The Boys and Girls came from the States.


Jan 1:Cloudy but Quite Moderate. It snowed about 3 Inches last Night. Put my Hams to Smoake. 12 o'clock wind Rises Norwest and of course Grows Cold - We are to kill Mull to morrow.

Mar 13:From the last Date we have had a most Excellent Winter - A Few Days Cold Indeed, but in general very Mild, and less Snow than was ever known. For 12 Days Past the Rain carried off all the Snow on the Improvements and on the River nothing but Ice, which made very Good Travelling on the River, but it was Impossible to keep the Road, as the Snow was entirely Gone. March the first Mr. Bell arrived from Fredericton , and next Day William drove him and me to Presque Isle, the Day after he Returned Home - Yesterday it began to Snow from the Sou-East - and Continued very Fast all Day, the wind geting No-East - The Snow fell at last 18 Inches Deep - We have not had such a Snow the whole Season - But the 14th is warm and pleasant. Thaws Considerably. We never had so mild a Winter.
Mar 23:From the last Date we had Continual Cloudy Weather and small Snow; but warm though windy. There is now near a Foot of Snow on the Improvements, and but little more even in the woods. There is not yet any weather for Sugar - Day before yesterday was a Clear fuine day - William taped 3 Trees, but they Ran very Little. The Ice to Appearance Strong and covered with Snow - A very backward march.
Mar 28:Cloudy morning went to Prince William to visit Captn. Davidson - came home Sunday, after Preaching at Mr. Jones's. Snowed a little every Day

Apr 2:It began to snow fast last evening and continues all Day. Wind No-east - Snow fell 1 foot.
Apr 3:Clear and very Cold. Wind North. Wm. went to Mill with 8 1/2 Bushels of Wheat. Ice very strong.
Apr 4:Clear and warmer - the first Day the Sap began to Run. Boys fixing Camp.
Apr 5:Clear and Warm. Sap Runs very well.
Apr 6:Clear and Warm indeed. good Day for Sap. The Snow begins to melt fast. Ice yet Strong.
Apr 7:Clear and very Warm after a frosty Night - a most Excellent day for Sap - Boys Taping as fast as Possible - The Snow is now a Foot Deep on the Improvements and 2 feet in the Woods - The Ice Very strong. Several Slays went to Philips's Mill toDay. We never had so much Snow at this time of year.
Apr 8:Sunday - Clear and warm Night Cloudy.
Apr 9:Cloudy and soon begins to Snow and then Rain all Day at Night turns to Snow.
Apr 10:Cloudy Wind North and Cold. the Boys gone to Sugar off. The Snow fell last Night 3 Inches and being Cloudy it does not melt. The Ice begins to Break about my Bar. Captn. Bull & Lady, Mrs. Griffith and Hariot with Sally Ketchum spent the Evening with us.
Apr 11:Clear and Cool Wind Norwest a Most Excellent Day for Sap. Boys caught 115 Pails of Sap - Snow goes Fast - The Sheep Horses and cattle begin to Pick a Little. Ice Breaks at the Bar.
Apr 12:Clear and warm morning after a good Frosty Night - Good Day for Sap. Wind at Sou-West - The Ice has now broke down to my lower Bar. 55 pails of Sap.
Apr 13:Clear and very Warm. Wind Rises at South and in the Afternoon grows Cloudy and therefore not good for Sap - Boys caught only 50 Pails full - Snow goes very fast and one half of the Improvements are bare. The Ice Breaks at my Bar but is yet very Strong.
Apr 14:Cloudy and Rains fast but very Warm and Still. 1 o'clock Clears away very Pleasant.
Apr 15:Sunday - Clear and Warm no Sap for want of Frost. The Snow is now intirely off the Improvements but the lowest Places.
Apr 16:A fine morning - after a smart Frost - good for sap - Boys caught 78 Pails full - Cherry calved - Ice breaks - very warm.
Apr 17:Clear Morning and Cold. a middling Day for Sap. Boys caught 75 Pails Full - Ice Broke and Ran Down to Captn. Bulls. at 10 o'Clock the Ice came from above in a monstrous manner and Ran for one hour when it stopted; and is now jamed up full to Captn. Smith's Island and as high as a Common Fresh. we greatly Fear it will Do a great Damage when it Runs. We Suppose it has come from the Grand Bar.
Apr 18:Clear and Cold Morning, but soon grows Quite Warm - 12 O'clock the Ice remains Jamed, and the River very High; my Interval covered with Ie to the Topt of my Rock - One Hour before Sundown the Ice Broke and began to Run and Continued two Hours Surprising Thick, when it became Thin and the River fell; leaving the Ice Jamed from the Topt of my Rock as far as the Aulders. We greatly fear the people below will be very much Injured, as we never had so great a Body of Ice and so High ran off at one Time before. Very warm.
Apr 19:A very clear and Pleasant Morning. Very Little Frost and of course very little Sap - The Ice Ran last Night at 12 O'clock very thick but toDay, very little and small; Suppose it came from the Rivers above. Warm as June.
Apr 20:Good Friday - Clear and Warm as June, a small Congregation Some Ice Running, but no more than Naturally Falls of the Jams on the Banks. River Rises.
Apr 21:Still clear and Warm, but some Frost at Night - a little Sap every Day - The River is now Rising very fast - a Small Jam of very fine Ice ran toDay, Suppose to come from above the falls; warm as June.
Apr 22:Easter Sunday. Cloudy but no Wind. A Good Congregation. Night a little Rain. Rose Calved last night.
Apr 23:Clear and Chilly Wind high at Sou-east - The River Rises but very slow, it is now just up to my Rock - No Sap, we never had so bad a Season for Sugar. The Snow Intirely off the Improvements, but Considerable in the Woods and more Frost in the Ground than in Common Years. On Saturday dug the first Parsnips, but the Frost prevented me from Geting more than half the length of them, but toDay dug more and very little Frost. The Ground Dries very fast. William brought home 385 lbs. of Sugar.
Apr 24:Cloudy and soon begins to Rain and continues all Day moderately. River falls. Still and warm - Pink Calved - Everet & Wm. Thrashing.
Apr 25:Still Rainy - The River fell last Night one Foot - afternoon Rains hard by Spells.
Apr 26:Still Rains and sometimes very Fast. Cleaned the last Wheat; 12 Bushels in all 135 1/2. The River beyond all Expectation yet it falls.
Apr 27:A little Cloudy Wind Sou-East & High. 2 O'clock begins to Rain very fast and continues very fast until 11 o'clock at Night. River begins to rise a little - Before Noon Wm. & Everet began Pasture Fence.
Apr 28:Clear and Chilly Wind Norwest but not High - The River last night rose about 4 Inches and is now up to my Rock - William and Everet at the Pasture Fence. Jack making Plough for Ebenezer Dibblee. Noon River Rises very fast - and now Runs Round my Rock - Sundown the River has Rose toDay 1 1/2 Feet Perpendicular.
Apr 29:Sunday - Clear and still. Very Warm. The River Rose last night 1 foot and is now within 6 Inches of the top of my Rock - Sundown the River at a Stand, and is almost over my Rock. A Common Fresh. Night Wind Fresh at South and like for Rain - Grass begins to grow finely and the trees and Bushes to bud - A fine Spring.
Apr 30:Cloudy and Some Rain in the forenoon. Afternoon rains hard - Wm. & Everet at the Fence and in the afternoon brought in their things from the Camp, we never had so poor a season for Sugar. The River fell last Night near a Foot, and Continues falling all Day.

May 1A Remarkable Clear Warm Day - There has not been any Frost for ten Days. The Grass Grows Fast; The Trees Bud; Never a better Spring so far - Thanks be to God. The River falls surprisingly. It is now off my Interval. Night Lockwood came for Seed Corn - Wm. with Oxen Helping Wm. Bull.
May 2Clear and Warm wind Norwest. Jack at the Plough - and then with Wm. & Everet Rafting their Timber. Began to fix Garden, but too wet to dig. River falls. Caught Three Trout, the first fish.
May 3Clear and very Cold Morning after a Smart Frost - Boys at their Timber - Gardening. River Continues to fall. Caught one Trout.
May 4Cloudy and very Chilly. Jack and William Bull carried Down their Raft. 11 O Clock begins to Rain and Continues hard all day. after noon Jack & Wm. Bull went to Connell's; Everet and William Threshing Oats. Deb brought in her calf from the woods. She Calved May 1st. Very Cold Rain.
May 5Cloudy and some Rain no wind. River falls - Wm. & Everet at the Fence. Jack fixing for to Plough - Very Cold and Wet. No Ploughing or Gardening.
May 6Sunday - Clear and very Cold Wind north. The River at a Stand, owing to the Rain. Browna went into the Woods to Calve.
May 7A very Cold and Showery Day Wind North. Made Line for Ploughing - Jack began to plough, by the New House - Wm. & Everet at the Fence. Visited Mr. Smith.
May 8A very Cold Rayney Day Wind No-East. A very Cold wet Spring. Never much Worse. The Grass or Trees has not grown for Ten Days - and the Frost is not yet out of the Ground - Bad Indeed. Browna brought in a fine Heifer Calf. River falls.
May 9It is now very Warm and Pleasant. River falls but not fast - Jack began to Plough the lower field for Wheat - but very wet. Began to Dig Garden - Wm. & Everet at the Fence.
May 10A very warm day - Sowed Lettuce and Peper Grass - Set out Seed Onions and Tree Onions. George Morehouse came after me for to see Captn. Davidson being very Low and Dangerous. Afternoon set out for Prince William with him.
May 18Yesterday Returned from Prince William. Captn. Davidson Died on Sunday at 7 O'Clock May 13th and was Buried on Tuesday. The Weather to this Date very wet and Cold. Never was there so Bad a Spring. We are Ploughing but nothing Sowed and too wet to Harrow. The Boys set the Short Net when I was absent but have caught no Fish. Mr. Smith Sheered my Sheep on Monday and Tuesday the 14th and 15th of may.
May 19Cloudy and Still very Cold Wind No-East - Planted Early Peas - Ploughing for Wheat. Everet at the Fence. Set Long Net & Short.
May 20Sunday - Cloudy Wind No East but not so Cold - River falls very fast. No fish.
May 21Clear and Much Warmer. Boys Ploughing - at the Garden - No fish
May 22Clear and Warm Indeed - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Peas and a Bushel of Wheat. No Fish.
May 23Clear and very warm. Caught 1 Salmon and 3 Shad, the first fish - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Wheat; and 1 Bushel of Peas.
May 24Clear and warm - Caught a Shad. Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Wheat. Planted Onions. Baptised Thomas Cutler son of Captn. Upham. Very warm.
May 25Clear and warm as Yesterday. No Fish. Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Wheat - Sowed Parsnips & Cucumbers. Jack Sowed 1 1/2 Wheat. Preparing for Prince William.
May 26Clear and warm. Caught 2 Salmon. Jack sowed 2 Bushels of Wheat making in the whole 9 Bushels. Finished harrowing. Went to Prince Wm.
May 27Sunday. Preached Captn. Davidson's Funeral Sermon. A Large Congregation.
May 28We had two Heavy Thunder Storms which Prevented my Geting Home. Stayed at Mr. Bets's. Everet Planted 5 Bushels Potatoes in the Orchard. No Fish. Very warm.
May 29Very Cloudy and Still. Came Home. began to Rain very Fast when we were at Putnam's. Caught a fine Salmon. Rains very much all day. Richard came home with me from Prince William.
May 30Very Rainy Indeed, Caught Two Salmon - Nothing Done.
May 31Another very Rainy Day but Still. No Fish. This is bad Indeed, there has been 3 Days no Ploughing or Planting and People very behind in their crops - Grass Grows but nothing else.

Jun 1Clear at last and cool, Wind Norwest. We had one of the most severe Rainy nights that we ever Experienced, and the River Rising fast. Planted - Carrots, Sage, Water mellons, and more Cucumbers - Boys Ploughing for Corn but very wet.
Jun 2A fine warm day after a cold night but no Frost - The River Rose last Night two feet and is now almost up to my Alders - and too high for Fish - Finished Ploughing for Corn. Harrowing. Planted Wind for Beans and Beets, Night River Rises Still. Lill Calved.
Jun 3Sunday - Clear and Warm - Wind Sou-west. The River Rose fast last Night 10 Inches, and is up to my Rock.
Jun 4Cloudy Wind Sou-west but very Warm - began to Plant Corn - 12 o'clock at heavy Shower from Norwest, which Prevented Planting - River at a Stand - Very Cold and wind very High but Cloudy.
Jun 5A very Cold Morning but no Fish, it being Cloudy. Planting Corn - Afternoon clear and warmer. Visited Mrs. Griffiths - River too High to set Nets - Never was it wetter or Colder at this Season before - People very Backward with their Crops.
Jun 6Clear and Cold Indeed but no Frost, owing to a Fog - Finished Planting Corn at 12 o'clock. Sowed my new Oats - Afternoon planting Potatoes. Set both Nets - Very Cold Wind North.
Jun 7:Clear and Cold Morning, finished Potatoes. Planted more Cucumbers in the field. No fish. Ploughing for Peas and Oats.
April 23: Wiggins Everet came to live with me at 9 Dollars a month for the summer - to be paid Monthly.
May 25th Then Paid Everet one Month Wages being Two Pounds five Shillings.
Jun 8:Clear and very Cold, but no Frost, Wind No-East - Planted Bush Beans, Sowed Flax Seed. Boys Ploughing - Caught Two Salmon. We have had Four very Cold Days - Wind High - Nothing Grows but Grass.
Jun 9:Clear and Not so Cold - Wind Still at No-East and Chilly. Sowed 2 1/2 Bushels of Oats; Planted Pole Beans and Some green Peas - Caught one Salmon. Took up Nets till Monday.
Jun 10:Whit Sunday. Cloudy Morning after Some Rain in the Night - Misty.
Jun 11:A very Rainy Morning No Wind. Jack Set out for Fredericton on Tuesday the 12th. Ceases Raining at 10 O'Clock - Afternoon Clear and Warm - Wm. Then at Ploughing for Oats - Caught Two Salmon.
Jun 12:A very Rainy Night and Day - Caught one Salmon - Nothing Done
Jun 13:Cloudy and Some Showers but Warm. Sowed 2 Bushels of Oats - Administered Sacrament to Mr. Slason - Caught one Salmon.
Jun 14:Cloudy and Some Rain. Ploughing.
Jun 15:Clear and very Warm. Sowed 2 Bushels and a Peck of Oats and 2 Bushels of Peas - Sowed Parsley and more Lettuce - George Planted his Beans - Planted more cucumbers and Polled Peas - Afternoon Smart Shower - Caught Salmon Jun 16th.

Nov 1:We have had some most Excellent Weather this Fall, and some as bad - The Summer from the last Date - Very wet more so than we ever knew - and bad Indeed for Corn - but 3 weeks the last of September very Warm and Dry - brought the Corn forward Surprisingly and we have had a very Good Crop in respect of Several Years Past - Oats and Peas good - Wheat very poor and Some Crops that were late intirely Cut off by the Rust - Potatoes never better, but a great many lost by Frost - Buckwheat midling - Hay our great Staple - Indifferent - The Intervales were hurt by the Ice last Winter, but the very wet Summer produced a fresh Crop of Grass, that was midling tho' very late; and the wet weather Injured Considerable Hay in the Curing.
We had on October 17th - a Snow Storm that covered the Ground Five Inches and lay two Days. Preached at Prince William October 21st and on Monday, which was a Rainy Morning after Marrying Two Couples Set out for Fredericton, but went no further than Green's. Tuesday morning very early, it never Snowed Faster for Two Hours and then very Blustering from Norwest the Whole Day - Wednesday Cold as December and Thursday - Friday more Moderate, left Fredericton for Home and had good Weather. Found Lockwood who came to work Tuesday October 22nd - and went Home Novr. 3rd having worked Nine Days - Very Cold -
Nov 3:After a Very Cold Day and Stormy Night we found it Snowing this morning very fast and Continues all Day. William went Down with Lockwood - Wind High at North and the Snow Drifts very much which makes Considerable Ice in the River.
Nov 4:Sunday Cloudy and a little Snow all Day but warmer. The Ice Runs Thick toDay. William, who went Down with Lockwood to get our Cloath at Dow's Returned toDay, it not being Done.
Nov 5:Cloudy Wind North and Some Snow to Day - Cold - The Ice Runs but not so Thick as Yesterday - Jack brought our Salt and Fish from Mr. Cook's, where Bets left them on Saturday.
Nov 6:Cloudy and Some Wind from North - Some Ice Still Runing. William and Peter Bull gone to Mill in my Birch Cannoe - Not Cold and it Thaws a little about the House
Nov 7:Still Cloudy and Windy from North, but not very Cold. There is now no Ice Runing - William came last night at 12 oC - from Mill with 2 1/2 Bushels of Corn and 2 1/2 Do. of Wheat. Boys began to Plaster House - It Thaws not in the least toDay.
Nov 8:Clear and much Warmer. Boys Plastering - Killed Dimond - Night Still and Pleasant, No Ice.
Nov 9:Some Cloudy but Warm. Killed Duke. Wm. & Richd with the Beef in Bet's Boat went to Fredericton. Saml. Raymond went with Beef likewise. No Ice Running River very low.
Nov 10:Cloudy morning with a little fine Snow but Soon Clears away very Pleasant - Lockwood making bunk. The Ice along the Shore goes fast and the Snow, but the Ground is still Covered with Snow some Inches deep.
Nov 11:Sunday - Cloudy and Warm. No Ice.
Nov 12:Still Cloudy and Warm. Lockwood went Home. Visited Wm. Jackson who is very Sick and Married John Chena and Sarah Wright by Banns.
Nov 13:Still Cloudy and Some Rain, the Snow goes fast and the Ice. Threshing. Everet has been home from Friday last when he killed Duke
Nov 14:Still Cloudy and Warm - Wind Sou-east.
Nov 15:Still Cloudy and Very Warm. Visited Wm. Jackson who Remains very Dangerous, Cleaned Wheat for Mill - The Ice and Snow Intirely Gone and the Cattle get their Living.
Nov 16:Cloudy and Rainy but not Hard - Jack went to Mill with 2 1/2 Bushels of Wheat, 2 of Corn and 2 1/2 of Buckwheat - Boys setting their Sable Traps.
Nov 17:Cloudy but soon clears off very Pleasant; Wind Norwest. Jack came from Mill - River Rises very fast
Nov 18:Sunday Clear and Warm Indeed. Visited Jackson who is not any better - Night William arrived from Fredericton.
Nov 19:Cloudy after a Still Clear Night - It Froze the Ground Considerable last Night; but no Ice. The River very High - Preparing to Kill Hogs
Nov 20:Cloudy and it Rains Considerably all Day and at Night very fast till 12 O Clock when it Clears away. Wm. Upham and Saml. Houlton helped us to Kill Hogs - the 7 Hogs weighed 1180 wt. River still rises.
Nov 21:Clear and very Pleasant. Wind Norwest. The little [Cattle?] Sheep and Horses get their living. There is not the least Appearance of Snow or Ice. Cut up and Salted Pork made Pickle for Hams. A fine Day Indeed.
Nov 22:Cloudy by Turns and Squally Wind South, but not Cold - put Pickle to Hams and Pork - Married Samuel Larle and Miriam Watson.
Nov 23:Cloudy Wind North and Grows Cold. Jack went to Mill with 5 Bushels of Wheat and one of corn - William Diging Stone at Mr. Smith's. Night Jack came back from Mill - Finished Plastering House.
Nov 24:Clear and Cold - Some Ice Now Runing; the River very High but at a Stand - Jack Gone after our Cloath at Dow's - Cold Indeed - Geting Wood.
Nov 25:Sunday - Cloudy and very Cold Wind North. The Ice now Runs Amazing Thick and Strong.
Nov 26:Cloudy and Misty, Wind No-East. Quite Warm again - The Ice not so Thick as Yesterday. Moving the Roof from the old House to the hovels. Captn. Bull & Lady, Mr. Bedell & Lady - Mr. Griffith, Mrs. Dibblee and Hariot with Us - Jack brought our Cloaths from Captn. Tompkins's on Saturday Night.
Nov 27:Cloudy and Misty morning after a Severe Rain in the Night - Quite Warm - The Ice almost gone.
Nov 28:Cloudy and Warm no wind. Afternoon began to Cast Dung. Everet for the first Time from the Time He got Home, Helping the Boys. married Thomas Fields and Ann Wright - They came in a Cannoe and never better Poling - River very High. No Ice.
Nov 29:Cloudy after a Clear Night which Froze the Ground a little - Casting Dung - Jack at the Timber - Fixed the Smoak House - We fodder the Cattle only once a Day. The Sheep and Horses get their living. A good fall.
Nov 30:Still Cloudy and Warm - Casting Dung.

Dec 1:A very Foggy Morning, but soon Clears away very warm and Pleasant no Wind - It is now as good and Pleasant Poling a Cannoe as any Time in the Fall not the least appearance of Ice or Snow But very Muddy.
Dec 2:Advent Sunday - Clear and very Pleasant - Indeed - Wind Norwest - Visited Polly Beardsley who is very sick.
Dec 3:Clear and Colder after a Cold Night - but no Ice. Visited Polly Beardsley who is much better - Casting Dung - Jack at the Timber for Sawing. Wind Norwest.
Dec 4:Cloudy Wind No-East and Cold - but no Snow - Visited Mrs. Griffith with Captn. Bull & Lady, Mr. Beddel and Lady - Mrs. Smith and Betsy Turner.
Dec 5:Cloudy and 9 o'clock begins to Snow and Continues a little all Day - Jack gone to Baker's after Saw. Wm. & Myself covering Hovel. Everet killed a Cow for Captn. Bull.
Dec 6:Cloudy and Cold Wind Norwest and High - It Snowed Yesterday and Night about 5 Inches but very light , and it is not deep Enough for Sleding - There is now Considerable ice Runing - Jack & Wm. in the Woods - Everet & Fredk geting Wood - Mrs. Dibblee and Hariot Griffith spent last evening and this Day with Us - No Snow toDay - but very windy & Cold.
Dec 7:Clear and never a more Pleasant Day at this Season - Cleared out Spring - jack & Wm. Hewing Timber for Flooring - Night Put together Slay, and then Boys and Girls went to Visit the Upham's - Everet and Fred geting Wood - The Ice Runs Thick. The River Falls fast.
Dec 8:Cloudy Wind North - but not Cold - The Ice Runs Thick and in Large Cakes - Afternoon Jack went with his Oxen to hep Captn. Bull move his Frame from Putnam's - Wm. & Everet fixing Hovel & geting Wood.
Dec 9:Sunday - Clear and Cold Wind Norwest
Dec 10:Cloudy Wind South and soon begins to Snow and Continues to Snow fast all Day. Everet and myself made Shed over the Door - Jack & Wm. hawling Timber for Sawing. Sml. Houlton began to Saw Flooring with Jack. Ice very thick.
Dec 11:Clear and Cold Indeed Wind North and high - Jack and Saml. Houlton Sawing - Everet & Wm. at the Dung - Everet killed the Ox - very good - Cut up Beef and Salted it - The Ice very Thick and Slow. River very low.
Dec 12:Clear and the Coldest Night and Morning we have Had - put Hams to Smoak. Put Brine to Beef - Sawing - at the Dung - Boys & Girls at Richard Smith's.
Dec 13:Cloudy and Snows a little Wind North and Cold - The River Closed up very Smooth last Night. Sawing. Everet & Wm. geting Wood - Groes very Cold again.
Dec 14:Clear and Cold Indeed - Sawing - William and Everet at the Dung - George Hillman Crossed the River on the Ice and Carvel at Mr. Connell's.
Dec 15:Clear and very Cold - Wind North and High - Sawing - Wm. & Everet geting Wood & felling Timber.
Dec 16:Sunday - Cloudy and Snows all Day but no Wind and grows Quite Moderate. The Snow is now one foot on the Ground and is good Sleding.
Dec 17:Snow squals all Day from the Sou-West but no[t] Cold - William & Everet geting Wood; Jack and Samuel Houlton Still Sawing; Betsy Dibblee went to Mrs. Griffith's after being here a fortnight.
Dec 18:Clear and Cold - William & Fred hawling Timber - Everet gone to kill a Cow for Thomas Philips. Jack & Houlton Sawing - Myself Threshed some Oats.
Dec 19:Cloudy and a very Cold Morning after the coldest Night we have had this Winter. After Breakfast it begins to Snow and Continues all day - Wm. & Fred hawling Timber - sawing - Everet gone to A. Carney's.
Dec 20:Clear and Pleasant Morning Wind West, Sawing - Wm. & Everet at the Dung - Snow Squalls. It Snowed yesterday and Night 6 Inches there is now a foot and half of Snow, which makes good Slaying.
Dec 21:Clear and Cold no Wind and Soon Clouds over - Sawing - Wm. & Everet geting Wood - grows moderate.
Dec 22:Cloudy Wind South but little - Quite Warm, Sawing - Wm. & Everet geting Wood for Christmas. It Hails with some small Rain all Day.
Dec 23:Sunday. Clear and Cold Wind Norwest
Dec 24:Clear and Still and not very Cold - Sawing - Everet Threshing, Wm. making Bridge.
Dec 25:Christmas. Cloudy no Wind and not Cold - it Soon begins to Snow, but little and afternoon Clears off very Pleasant. A large Congregation.
Dec 26:Clear and Cold Morning - Sawing Wm. Preparing for Mill. Captn. Smith Cellebrated the Season - Dined there with Captn. Bull & Lady, Squire Cook & Lady - Mrs. Griffith, Squire Bedell & Lady - Mr. M. Smith & Lady - Squire Upham & Lady, William Upham, Lady & Sister a very pleasant Party. Night Cloudy and some Snow.
Dec 27:Clear and not Cold - William went to Mill with 3 [bushels?] of Wheat and 1 1/2 of Buckwheat - Everet Keeping Christmas - Sawing - Put Beef to Smoak Yesterday - a very fine Winter so far.
Dec 28:Cloudy Morning after a most Severe Cold Night - Wind South and Soon Moderates - Wm. came last Night with his Grist from Mill; Captn. Bull Celebrated the Season with a Tea Party - Squire Bedell and Lady - Squire Ketchum & Lady, William Upham and Lady - William Dibblee and Mother, Mrs. Griffith and Parson Dibblee and Lady - a very Pleasant Evening - Finished Swing Flooring - Quite Warm at Night and the Snow goes fast but no Rain - Richard Smith and Sophia spent the evening with Maria.
Dec 29:Cloudy and Warm Indeed after a little Rain in the Night. Samuel Houlton left us - Mended Chimney - Snow goes very fast.
Dec 30:Sunday - Clear and Pleasant as Septr.
Dec 31:Cloudy Wind North and High and very Cold - Jack & William geting Timber - Everet Killed a Cow for Captn. Bull - William Bull Cellebrated the Season with a large Party of Young Folks.


Jan 1:A very Cold morning after the Coldest Night we have had, but it Clouds over and grows quite Pleasant before Night - Kept the Season; Richard & Mrs. Smith - Mr. & Mrs. M. Smith; William Dibblee & Mother - Squire Bedell & Lady, Mrs. Griffith, Captn. Bull & Lady and Betsey Turner spent the Evening in a most agreeable & Friendly Manner.
Jan 2:Cloudy warm & Misty - Jack & Wm geting Timber - Everet Keeping New Year - Richard Smith and William Bedell set out for Fredericton and Ebenezer Dibblee for Kingston with Letters to Our Children.
Jan 8:From the last Date we have had Remarkable Warm Weather not a cold Day; and the Four Days Past warm Cloudy and Considerable Rain, which has carried off almost the Snow; and on the River it is all water; and if it should be Cold without Snow, the Ice will be as Strong as ever Known. Jack & Maria Cellebrated the Season with a Dancing Party of 31, Jany 4th.

Feb 4:From the last Date we have had but Four Days that were Cold - and we have had several Days as warm as April - I left Home with Wm. & Maria for Kingston Jany. 16th and found the Slaying Remarkable Good - It being Ice the greater part of the Way; and we Arrived at Home with Richard on Saturday night Feby. 2nd, having left Maria with Betsy to come in the Spring - a most remarkable winter.
Feb 12:From the last Date, we have had not one Cold Day, but Cloudy, and two or three Days as Warm as April - We never had such a Winter. Richard left Home yesterday for Mr. Bell - having made a Visit of Ten Days - this day Pleasant Indeed
Feb 20:From the Last Date we had not one Cold Day - on This Day Judge Hubbard and Mr. Allan arrived and Stayed with Us Two Nights and a Day - Clear but not Cold - Saturday 23rd - Major McCarty - Captns. Hunter and Moody - Lieuts. Joblin, Rainsford and Shore arrived and Breakfasted with Us - a very Cold Morning the Coldest we Had.
Feb 24:Clear and Cold Morning - but Soon grows moderate - Jack came Home from Fredericton with a Hhd., of Lime.
Feb 26:Cloudy and Warm Wind South - My Children came from Kingston with Charlotte Ketchum -

Mar 25:From the last Date very Moderate weather - no bad Storms nor Cold. We never had Such a Winter. Mary Morehouse and Her Brothers Wm. and Henry came with Sally Ketchum Jack and myself from Prince William for a Visit, March 9th. the Ice Good - and Stayed with their friends here till 15th. The 17th Preached at Mr. Jones's a very large Congregation. Came Home the Same Day. The Ice then Good.
There has been 4 or 5 Days very Good for Sap; and we are Preparing for Sugar - March 21st Jacob Allan came after Seed Wheat and Stayed with us till the Morning of the 23rd when it was Raining a little and Continued Misty all Day with the Wind South. The Snow at this Time near 2 feet Deep on the Improvements - The Weather Continued Misty and Some Rain till the 25th and never was Such a Thaw - The Snow is now almost Entirely off the Improvements. The Brooks runing in a Surprising Manner; the River Rising very fast and the Ice Breaking - The Wind was very high at South and very warm, which carried off the Snow beyond all Conception, nothing but water all over the Fields - Rogers went to Fredericton on the 22nd - look for Him toDay. The large Sow had Nine Pigs on the 25th of March.
Mar 26:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest - River Rises. The Ice on my lower Bar broke and Run Off. too Cold for Sap - Boys in the Woods Preparing for Sugar.
Mar 27:Still Cold - Wind Norwest - Ice broke from my Bar and at the Island and Run off. Night the Jam at Putnam's broke and went Down. The Small Sow Piged. Boys at the Sugar Camp.
Mar 28:Clear and Still after a very Cold Night. - Wind Rises at South - very Chilly. Boys Taping - but too Cold for Sap - No Ice toDay Runing.
Mar 29:Clear and Cold Indeed Wind SouWest; no Sap - a Jam of Ice Ran toDay - Afternoon Boys at the Sugar Camp
Mar 30:Cloudy and very Chilly some Snow toDay but melts as Fast as it Falls - Boys made a little Honey - Pink Calved.
Mar 31:Sunday Still Cloudy but warm Wind South - Very Muddy - a Small Jam of Ice Ran last Night - The Snow is almost gone even in the Hallow Places and very little in the Woods - The Horses, Sheep and Cattle Pick Considerable from the Fields. The Sheep almost get their Living.

Apr 1:All-Fool's Day - Cloudy and Rains and Snows all Day - very Chilly - It Snowed just to cover the ground.
Apr 2:Clear and very Cold Wind North - last night Boys brought in 15 3/4 lbs. of good Sugar the first we made. Too Cold for Sap - Afternoon Boys Taping
Apr 3:Cloudy Wind Sou-East and High - no Sap. Old Mr. Slason died Monday Night at 1 O'C - The Ice has only gone from bell's to maductic.
Apr 4:Still cloudy but warm wind Sou-East. a little Sap today Buried old Mr. Slason yesterday. Everet came Home toDay - having been absent 18 Days. He went away March 17th and Returned April 4th - Boys gone to gather Sap.
Apr 5:Clear after some Rain in the Night - Wind Norwest and High. a pretty Good Day for Sap - Boys moved out to the [sugar] Camp - Bed and Baggage
Apr 6:Some thing Cloudy after a Severe Cold Windy Night - Wind North and Amazing High - very little Sap, it being too Cold - River falls No Ice Runing for Several Days but what falls off the Banks. The Ice is now strong from Bell's up the River; and from Maductic down to the Falls - Below we have not heard.
Apr 7:Sunday - Cloudy and Cold - a good Day for Sap
Apr 8:Still Cloudy but warmer, a Pretty good Day for Sap - Boys Sugared off 48 1/2 good Sugar - married David Fero and Mary Adams by Banns.
Apr 9:Still Cloudy - Very little Sap - no Frost - Mrs. Griffith, Captn. Bull & Lady with us - Boys at the Sugar
Apr 10:Still Cloudy with Snow Squals Wind No-East - no Sap - a large Jam of Ice Ran last Night. Deb Calved last Night, afternoon Some Ice Runing.
Apr 11:Cloudy after a Cold Night, a Pretty Good Day for Sap. The Boys Sugared off - 49 3/4 of Good Sugar - Some Small Ice Runing - but the Ice has only broke from the Mill a Small Streak open to Pine Island. The Ice from there is gone down to the Coacks were it is Jamed Surprisingly - Very Cold
Apr 12:Good Friday - Cloudy after a Frosty Night - Never a Better Day for Sap - The Boys caught 153 Pails [of sap] full - very Muddy - No Ice Runing. The River falls fast - The Snow almost gone
Apr 13:Clear Wind North, and Chilly; very good for Sap, Indeed never better - An Excellent Season for Sugar
Apr 14:Easter Sunday - Clear and Cold Wind North - Never a better Day for Sap - Boys Caught Yesterday 150 Pails.
Apr 15:Clear Wind North but warm - Not so Much Sap - too Warm - The Ground Dries very fast, and is intirely Clear of Snow - and very little Frost - But what is very Surprising no Ice Runs - The River was never so low at this Season of the Year - there is now a Considerable Piece of my Bar bare, and the Ice that James on it is melted away. We never had so mild a winter - We never had so good a Spring to this Date - Warm as June.
Apr 16:Clear and Warm Indeed, wind sou-west, very Smokey. Little Sap - there having been hardly any Frost - Last Night a Large Jam of Ice Ran - The River now Rises fast. Dug the first Parsnips, but Found Frost in the Ground. Boys in the Woods, Boiling down Sap. The Grass begins to grow.
Apr 17:Clear and warmer still than yesterday. Wind Souwest. No Sap. Boys Sugaring off their Honey. Began to Cut the Alders on the Front and to fix the Garden. The Ground Dries very fast and the Grass Shows itself. Considerable Ice from the Banks Runing toDay. River rises very fast and is over the Bar.
Apr 18:Clear and Warm as June. River Rises very fast. Cut off the Alders on the Front - Some Ice from the Banks Runing - Boys brought in Their Sugar - 600 and 2 Pounds the most They ever made.
Apr 19:Clear warm and very Smoaky - Never was there so many Warm Days at this Time of the Year - The Grass grows very fast; and it is now as Good Ploughing as it was on the 9th of May last year - River Rises, and is just coming on my Intervale. William opened the last Potatoes, found them midling. Cut down the Stumps on the Intervale. Jack at the Shingles. A large Jam of Small Ice Ran toDay; Suppose it to be the last.
Apr 20:Clear and warmer Still than yesterday - Boys Boiled down some Sap for Beer - Cuting Bushes on my Bank - Some Small Ice toDay - River Rises very fast.
Apr 21:Warm as ever - but Some Appearance of Rain, Wind Sou-east and High, the River is now up to my Rock.
Apr 22:Cloudy and Some Rain - but at 10 oC - the Wind comes round to the Norwest with a very heavy Shower - Everet went to Captn. Smith's. The Boys brought in their Things from the Sugar Camp. - grows Cold - The River now Runs Round my Rock - Cuting Bushes on my Bank
Apr 23:Clear and very Cold Morning - The Ground Froze Hard - Wind Nor-West and very High - and of Course very Cold - River Rose last Night 10 Inches - Finished Cuting Bushes on the Bank - Wm. at the Fence - 12 O-C - River at a Stand - Wm. & myself Cleared off the Intervale - 2 O-C - River begins to fall; and at Sundown it has fell 6 inches - It has been a very moderate Fresh. - it wanted 6 Inches of Runing over my Rock.
Apr 24:Clear but very Cold - The Ground Froze very hard - a good Day for Sap - Wind North - River has now fell 2 feet - finished Cuting Bushes - Jack Transplanted his Trees into the Orchard
Apr 25:Clear and Cold Indeed - a very good day for Sap - William & Fred brought home 2 Barrells in the Hhd - for Beer - Afternoon Jack began to Plough. Put up my Division Fence - a very Cold Day
Apr 26:Clear but warmer - Wind Nor-west - Jack Ploughing. There has been 5 very Cold Days which has made the River fall Surprisingly; it is now off my Intervale, Boys brought more Sap from the Camp.
Apr 27:Clear and Warm - Wind Still Norwest - Jack Ploughing. Made a Barrel of Beer - Sowed Lettuce, Peper Grass and Planted Some Cucumbers - Everet Killed Pinck's Caff.
Apr 28:Sunday - Cloudy but very warm. Preached at the School House River falls and is now just off the Alders.
Apr 29:Cloudy but not Cold - Wind No-east - Wm. & Fred Casting Dung - Jack Ploughing - Myself at the Fence.
Apr 30:Cloudy Wind No-East and little Rain - but very Chilly. Ploughing and Casting Dung. Ploughed Garden.

May 1:Clear and Cold Morning; the Ground Froze Hard. Ploughing. Cleaned Seed Wheat. Visited Captn. Bull.
May 2:Clear and very Cold Morning - but soon grows warm, it being very Still - Sowed 3/4 Pecks of Wheat on the Flax Ground - Willm. & Fred Harrowed it in. Afternoon Sowed 1 1/2 Bushel of Wheat in the lower Field. Everet began to work this Day - Plaisant
May 3:Clear and Cold Morning - Sowed 6 1/2 Bus. of Wheat - Wm. & Fred Harrowing - Jack Dressed 15 of good Flax besides cleaning 3 1/2 Bushels of Seed Wheat - Everet mending Fence.
May 4:Clear and very Dry, but warmer; the Wind has been now 5 Days Constantly at North - Sowed 1/2 Bushel of Wheat and 1 - Bushels of Peas; Boys finished Plowing - Jack and Everet made the Fence at the upper Garden and then Plowed the Ground - Planted my Early Peas and Some Early Potatoes - Very Dry Indeed.
May 5:Sunday - Clear and Warm as Jun
May 6:Clear morning and warm but 12 O-C- Clouds with the Wind fresh at Sou-West and like for Rain. Boys Rafted their Timber for Richard Smith, Everet helping them. Mended both Nets - Towards night fine Rain - Set Netts.
May 7:Cloudy and Rainy but warm which is a Great Blessing, the ground being very Dry. No Salmon. Everet Threshing Oats - Jack making Shoes, Wm. nothing. 12 O-C- Clears off very Warm and Pleasant. There has been just as much Rain as we Wanted. The Grass now Grows fast; and the Wheat will Spring Up; it was too dry before. Thanks be to God.
May 8:A very Remarkable warm and Pleasant morning. The River Rises a little - Caught 3 Salmon - Wind at South - Afternoon Clouds up, and before a Night a Sharp Shower - Jack Ploughing for Corn & Peas; Wm. & Fred Casting Dung for Potatoes - Everet Planting them
May 9:A Cloudy and very Rainy Morning, but quite Warm - Wind Sou-East - We had last Night very heavy Showers - 12 O-C- Ceases Raining - Planting Potatoes. Caught 3 Salmon - River Rising owing to the Rain.
May 10:A Cloudy Drissly Morning and Cool, Wind North. The River Rose very much last Night and Covered up both Nets, but we caught 4 Salmon - 10 O-C- Clears away but Small Showers all Day - Everet & Fred Planting Potatoes in the Oarchyard - Jack Ploughing & Wm. mening Line Fence between Rogers & me. Night the River has Rose this Day Surprisingly and is now so high as to prevent setting Nets. Very Cold. My Wheat is now up that was first Sowed, and Lettuce & Peper Grass - Benjamin Smith Started this Day for Fredericton with the Boys Timber - Like for Frost.
May 11:Clear and Cool Morning but no Frost - and Now Grows quite Warm - Jack Ploughing - Everet & Fred, Planting Potatoes - Wm. mending Fence - at Garden - Set out Onions. River Rises very fast; and is now up to the Alders -
May 12:Sunday - Cloudy but warm - Wind Sou-west. The River Rose very Much last Night and is now on my Intervale and up to the Stakes were I hang my Nets - Smut brought Home a fine Calf this Morning. 2 O-C- River at a Stand - and Night falls a little
May 13:Cloudy but warm - Jack Ploughing - Wm. & Everet Casting Dung - on the Corn Ground - River falls but slowly. Sowed Some Parsly and set out Parsly Roots - Sowed a few Carrots. Towards Night begins to Rain fast - and continues all Night.
May 14:Clear and Very Cold, Wind North and High - Jack Ploughing - Wm. & Everet Casting Dung on the Corn Ground - Fred. Planting Potatoes - Planted Carrots, Beets, & Parsnips - River falls but not fast owing to the Rain - It is now Chiefly off the Intervale, but Too High to set out the Nets.
May 15:Clear and Cold Morning after a Smart White Frost - Jack Ploughing - Forenoon William and Everet at the Dung - afternoon spreading the Dung on the Corn Ground - Maria and little Maria Ann went to Mr. Smith's to wean Maria - River falls now fast, but too High to set the Nets - Very Cold Wind High at North Planted my Onions - Grass & the Trees very forward.
May 16:Clear and Cold Indeed - The Ground Froze Considerable - William & Everet Casting Dung for Corn - Afternoon Wm. went to Captn. Smith's to get his Bull to work, one of our Oxen having a Sore Neck - at the Garden - River falls and at Night Set both Nets, but a small eddy at my House.
May 17:Clear and Warm Wind South, nowest [?]. Jack Still Ploughing - Wm. & Everet Casting Dung - Boys Spreading - at the Garden - Set out Sage Roots and Sowed Some Sage Seed. Polled Hops - Mr. Smith Sheared my Sheep - Caught 3 Salmon.
May 18:Clear and warm - Jack finished Corn Ground - Wm. & Everet finished Casting Dung - sowed some Mustard - Caught 3 Salmon took up Nets.
May 19:Sunday - Warm Indeed and Clear. It is now Quite Dry.
May 20:Clear and very warm, and very Dry - Jack Ploughing for Oats - Began to Plant Corn, Fred Harrowing - Night Set both Nets - River falls fast. William Bull went down with the last Raft. Mrs. Griffith went with him to Fredericton - Nicholas Cunliffe with a Raft.
May 21:Clear and Cool Morning after a Smart Frost - This was very Singular for Yesterday was a Warm Day with the Wind at South - 10 O-C- grows very warm Indeed - Jack Ploughing for Oats - Planting Corn - Afternoon, Cloudy, Dry Indeed - Caught 5 Salmon - like for Rain.
May 22:Clear and very warm Wind South - finished Planting corn Jack Ploughing - Caught 3 Salmon, Saml. Houlton came after Seed Corn. Night Cloudy.
May 23:["rest torn" in typescript, presumably mss. page torn & missing]
May 26:Sunday - Clear and Warm - a large Congregation.
May 27:Clear after a Rainy Night, Wind Norwest and High. Came home from Prince William - Boys Harrowing for Oats.
May 28:Clear and Cool. Wind North - Sowed 4 of Peas. Wm. Harrowing - Jack & Everet & Boys Planting Potatoes. Caught a very large Salmon - River very High.
May 29:Cloudy Morning after a little Rain in the Night, and very cool - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Oats - Boys Harrowing - Caught one Salmon.
May 30:A very Cold Morning after a little Frost - Sowed 4 3/4 Pecks of Oats - Making in the whole 8 - No Salmon - River begins to fall again.
May 31:A Cold Morning but no frost - Began Sheep Pasture Fence. Wm. & Fred Harrowing - One Salmon -

Jun 1:A Warm Day. Caught Two Salmon - Finished Harrowing - Jack & Everet at the Fence.
Jun 2:Sunday - A Clear and Warm Day after a Rainy Night.
Jun 3:Clear and Pleasant Wind North and High - Poled my Early Peas - Jun 1st Planted my Pole Beans - Sowed my Flax Seed - Boys Planted their Early Peas, Mellons and Cucumbers - Planted Marrow Peas. River Rises a Little. Night Cold.
Jun 4:Clear but Cold Morning - Jack went to Mill after a Grist left on Saturday - Wm. at the Fence. Planted Bush Beans - Caught 2 Salmon.
Jun 5:Clear and Warm. Caught one Salmon.
Jun 6:Cloudy and Rains all Day - Caught one Salmon. Jack & William in the afternoon went to Clear their Land.
Jun 7:Clear and Pleasant - No Salmon. Everet went to Captain Smith's Jun 2nd and came back on Wednesday Jun 4th having lost 3 Days.
Jun 24:Settled all Accounts with Wig[gins Everet] to this Date. ["rest torn" in typescript].

Nov 18:We have had one of the Best Summers since we have been in this Country - It was a very Rainy Season and the Crops in Genneral most Excellent. Wheat and Corn never better; for which we are entirely Beholden to the Goodness of our Heavenly Father, who hath Blessed the Earth for our Benefit; and for which our Best Thanks and Praise are justly Due, Amen. We have had to this Period one of the Best Falls we ever knew - and the least Snow or Ice. The last of October was Cold - but since then as Fine Weather as we could Wish - Lockwood assisted Jack and the Boys this Day to Kill our Hogs - the Eight Hogs weighed 1456 lbs. Warmer and Saml. Houlton began our Chimney in the House. - a Good Day Wind Norwest.
Nov 19:A good Day - Wind Sou-west - Cut up Hogs - Warmer & Houlton at the Chimney - Jack and Lockwood at the House - Night, Wind Norwest & Cold.
Nov 20:A very Cold Morning - a little Ice for the first time in the River - Salted Pork - at the House and Chimney - Wind Rises at South. Cold - William Bull & Peter came from Fredericton.
Nov 21:A Cloudy Morning with Snow - it fell last Night about 4 Inches - 10 O-C- grows warm and turns to Rin - as Usual at the Chimney and House - The Snow has made Considerable Soft Ice in the River. The River very High - but falls.
Nov 22:Cloudy but warm - it Rained almost the Whole Night but did not carry off the Snow - at the Chimney and House - Wind Comes Norwest - a Considerable Ice in the River - But Stephen Tomai brought 100 Bricks from Raymonds.
Nov 23:Cloudy Wind Norwest but not Cold - Finished the Chimney - Warner having been 6 Days and Saml. Houlton 7 Days - Lockwood Two - Some Ice yet in the River - This Day Mr. Bull had a nephew come from the States to visit his Relations here.
Nov 24:Sunday - Cloudy Wind Norwest but Moderating - This Day Captn. Smith ferried over his Oxen for Lumber from Clarks Point in Mr. Bedell's boat.
Nov 25:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest and High; more Ice to Day. Lockwood and Jack began to lay the Floors.
Nov 26:A Clear Cold Morning the Coldest we have had. Wind Still at Norwest - Visited Mrs. Bedell, with Mrs. G and Hariot - Wm. D & Mother, Captn. & Mrs. B. Captn. and Mrs. Smith - Lockwood & Jack at the Floors.
Nov 27:A very Cold Morning - but Still and grows moderate - Put Pickle to my Hams - The Ice now Thick in the River - Jack & Lockwood at the Floor.
Nov 28:Cloudy Wind Norwest but not Cold - The Ice Thick in the River - Afternoon very Pleasant. Married James Foster and Polly Burt; William went with me and brought Home our Tile.
Nov 29:Cloudy but not Cold - Wind North. a little Ice now Running - There is just Snow and Ice for Slaying - at the House.
Nov 30:Cloudy and Hails most of the Day but quite Warm, Wind sou-west and high. Jack & Lockwood finished the Floor.

Dec 1:Sunday - After a Rainy Night it Clears off this Morning Remarkably Warm and Pleasant. We never had such a Pleasant Day in December.
Dec 2:Clear Wind Norwst but not Cold - Hardly any Ice in the River - Began to Plaister House - grows warm.
Dec 3:After a Cold Night a most Remarkable Pleasant Day warm as September - Warner Plaistering House.
Dec 4:A Still cold Night - but toDay warm as Septr. Warner left us - Having been Six Days in the Whole - Jack Plaistering were Warner left - a little Ice
Dec 5:A Still Cold Night - but warm as Yesterday. It has Thawed Considerable these three Days, and were no Ice, very Muddy - We never had Three Such Days in December - Lockwood Has been Two Days making Sashes for George Bull - Jack finished Plaistering - Night Clouds up from the Southard - Some Ice running.
Dec 6:A very Mild but Cloudy morning and at 10 o'Clock begins to Rain and continues heavy all Day, warm as Summer - The Ice almost gone.
Dec 7:Clear and Pleasant Morning; warm as Septr. We never had a more Rainy Night; the Ice and Snow Intirely gone and the Fields look like Summer - an Indian went to Mill in my Cannoe. Never was there Such a Season before.
Dec 8:Sunday - Cloudy and Rains till 11 O, C - when it Clears off with heavy gusts from the Sou-West; warms as Septr. The Ice intirely gone and the River Runing fast. Jacob Allan came Home in his Birch Cannoe with Wm. Anderson - staid all Night - Wind very High.
Dec 9:Clear and Pleasant - Jacob Allen Set off for Gensson's after Mill Irons - 12 O-C- Wind Rises Norwest and grows Colder with Snow-Squals
Dec 10:Clear and Cool Morning - Some Ice in the River - Wind Norwest - Jacob Allen went Down but did not call - This Day moved into the New House - A Frenchman and Soldier with the English Mail Stayed at the Old House, having left with Us their Cannoe, there being a Considerable Ice in the River - Towards Night Quite Moderate.
Dec 11:Clear and very Pleasant - Certainly we never had Such Weather before - Moving and Fixing -
Dec 12:Clear Wind North and Colder, The Ice Thick - Jack finished the Kitchen Chamber Floor -
Dec 13:Clear and Cold - Beardsley in the Evening Helped Jack make Closet - William & Richard began to Cast Dung - Ice Thick; River Falls
Dec 14:Clear and very Cold - The Ice is now very Thick - Jack making Maria's BedRoom. Put up stove in the Kitchen Chamber. Wm. & R. at Dung.
Dec 15:Sunday - Clear, Still and Exceeding Cold Night & Morning - The Ice now Runs in large Cakes & very Slow - Towards Night moderates
Dec 16:Cloudy and Still; it Snowed last Night. Just to Cover the Ground which has been intirely bare above Three Weeks - The Ice Thick but quite Moderate - Visited Captn. Bull - With Mrs. Griffith and Mr. & Mrs. Bedell - Night Wind Rises South and Cloudy.
Dec 17:Clear and Still and warm as Septr. No ice.
Dec 18:Cloudy Wind Sou-West. 10 O-C- Begins to Rain and Continues all Day - But warm as Summer.
Dec 19:A Very Rainy Morning - We had Thro' the Whole Night the most Severe Rain we ever had in this Country and Warm as Summer - All the Small Streams Runing in a Surprising Manner and the River Rising Faster than the Greatest Freshets
Dec 20:Cloudy Wind Norwest and Cold - When the Wind Changed last Night it Snowed just to Cover the Ground - The River is now on my Intervale.
Dec 21:Cloudy but Mild - River falls - Some Ice.
Dec 22:Sunday - Cloudy and Cold - It Snowed last Night 2 Inches - which made Considerable Ice - Mrs. Bull had a son last Night.
Dec 23:Cloudy but Clear by Turns - very Pleasant - Everet Killed [ ] Cow - She had 91 lb Ruff Tallow and 66 lbs of Imed Tallow - William gone to Work on the Road - Jack to help Jacob Smith to Rause his House - There is now but little Ice - River High
Dec 24:Cloudy and Snows Fast from the South and at 10 O-C- Comes Round North-East - and Snows and Hails and Blows Surprisingly. We never had a more Severe Storm.
Dec 25:Christmas - A Cold Snowy Morning after a most Severe Gale all Night with Hail and Snow.
Dec 26:Very Cold Wind North and High - The Ice very Thick.
Dec 27:Cloudy but not so Cold. No Appearance of the River Closing - being very High, altho' the Ice is Thick.
Dec 28:Cloudy - and towards Night begins to Snow and Continues to blow and Snow all Night in a most Terrible manner - Visited Widow Dibblee and Bachelor.
Dec 29:Sunday - Cloudy and Snows Some all Day Wind very High which Drives the Snow into Heaps.
Dec 30:Cloudy Wind Nor-west but moderate.
Dec 31:Cloudy and Misty. Wind Norwest. Quite Warm. The Ice almost Gone only small pieces, Suppose it is Closed above us. All Hands Breaking Roads Yesterday.


Jan 1:Jany 1st Cloudy and Misty but warm as Jun - Cellebrated the Season - Captn. Bull - (Mrs. B. in the Straw)[!], Captn. Smith and Lady, Mr. M. Smith & Lady - Wm. Dibblee & Mother - Captn. Upham & Lady, Mr. William Upham & Lady - Mr. Abner Bull - Peter & Sally Ketchum. -

Nov 10 We have had a most remarkable summer and fall that ever we experienced - continually wet and cold. The crops very indifferent indeed. Early wheat good, but late wheat hurt by frost. Grass very good - no buckwheat, ruined by frost, and no corn. Potatoes very poor in general. Peas not half a crop and oats but middling. We fear there is not sufficient bread for our own consumption. Some families not half enough. Bad indeed. Altho' it has been a very cold fall, this is the first day that there has been any ice in the River - but the ground has been covered with snow 5 or 6 inches, some days, and we fodder as in winter

Dec 8 From the last date we have had continual cold, and snow, and but one rain, only just to settle the snow. This day the River closed up with ice, and pretty smooth considering the River is vey high. But we suppose it will break again. There is now a lot of snow on the ground, and no thaws. Lockwood at the house with Jack. He would went home this week, but the ice prevented him. His neighbour Snyder came the 11th of Decr. to see what had become of him; his(?) family supposed him lost and (?dead). Snyder crosses the river on the ice at Wolvertonton's


Jan 1 From last date, we have had several snow storms but no winds and very good weather for Holy Days - Cold nights but moderate days. There has been no heavy wind since the snow ? and no rain to carry off the snow. The snow is now very deep for the time of winter. This day, Jack left home for Fredericton with the first Draughted Militia. William found a substitute for 6. Captn. Ketchum commands the Company. Jack Lieut. Harry Morehouse Ensign. Snows a little, but moderate wind south
Jan 28 From the last date, it has snowed almost every other day, but little at a time and moderate, there being no heavy winds. One day very cold, the next wind rises at South, soon grows cloudy and begins to snow, and then grows moderate. The snow seldom falls more than 4 or 6 inches, but it has now almost covered up the fences, the top rail only to be seen, and it is with great difficulty that we get our fire wood. The snow is deeper than for 12 years past at this date. Not one rainy day.

Feb 14 From the last date we have had cold windy weather. Never was there such a winter. The snow has drifted in such a manner that the roads are impassable - Charles Khetchum, Betsy and Children were a week in coming from Prince William. No rain but continual snow. The snow is now 3 1/2 feet deep

Mar 1 From the last date the weather severe cold and very windy, no rain and the roads only passable for a single ?Sley and that with difficulty. The 104 regiment are now on their way to Canada. Charles Ketchum is gone to Kingston.
Mar 6 The weather still very remarkable. The snow is not settled in the least either by rain or sun - amazing cold nights. The snow is now 4 feet on a level. We never knew such weather at this season. Walter Dibblee came from Fredericton, from hauling wood
Mar 17 Clear but soon clouds up from the south. Buried Lamie, a soldier belonging to the 104 Regiment, who was taken sick on his way to Canada with the Regiment, and returned to Mr. Rogers' where he died. Mr Jones came for me to visit Mr. Burns who is very sick; left home 3 o'clock, and begins to snow soon after from the south, and continues most of the night
Mar 18 Very cloudy - wind south. It snowed about 5 inches last night. After visiting and giving the sacrament to Mr Burns, set out for home, when it began to snow fast and continued the whole day, and night. Never such a winter.
Mar 19 Appointed for a fast day. Cloudy and snows very fast, with the wind north and high. Snows blows in a surprising manner, 9 o'clock clears off, but the wind very high which drives the snow all into heaps. No church. Captn and Isac Smith come from Fredericton, but the horses could scarcely walk, the snow drifted in such a terrible manner. Never, never was there such a spring.
Mar 20 Clear still and very cold morning. The wind rises from the south and there is an appearance of another storm, bad indeed. The snow is now near 5 feet on a level and dry as the 1st January. No rain, and not warmth from the sun to damp the snow so as to prevent it's drifting into heaps. It has scarcely thawed on my kitchen roof. The roads are now impassable from the great drifts of snow and in some places, you travel 10 feet above the tops of the fence. This is from Wolvertonton's to Sam'l Lamb's. We greatly fear that the cattle will suffer for want of fodder. No calves yet, and but one lamb.

Mar 21 Sunday. It began to snow at 3 o'clock and continued moderately most of the night. The snow fell about 4 inches, wind south, but in the morning gets round to the norwest and blows exceeding high, which drives the snow again all into heaps. No church, the weather too bad. Richard Smith and his sister arrived in the afternoon from Fredericton, having been 5 days coming up, the roads being so bad, and their horse beat out. Never, never such a spring.
Mar 22 Cloudy morning, wind south, after a severe cold night. ? calved last night. An appearance of another storm. Opened a hole of potatoes. Ketchum, William and Boys getting them in; very good. 9 o'clock begins to snow and continues the rest of the day. Capt. Bull and Lady spent the evening with us. Quite warm.
Mar 23 Cloudy and warm, but soon clears off. Wind west and high. This day for the first time it thawed a little so to make the ? damp. Capt. Hunter called in on his way down, having gone through Mrs ? with the 104 Regiment. Nicholas Cunliffe carried him to Mrs Phillips's. Ketchum and William began to get timber. Myself cleared out the church door. Afternoon an Indian came to help get timber.
Mar 24 Cloudy, wind north and very high, and it snows and drifts in a most surprising manner. Never was there in this country such a season. The roads and where we had shovelled out the snow are now all drifted full again. Altho' it storms, Ketchum, William and the Indian were gone to get timber. 12 o'clock, it stops snowing, but it drifts as bad as ever.
Mar 25 Clear, wind to norwest but not high. A snowy cold night and morning. Jack Smith came to help Ketchum and William get timber. Fredk went to Mrs Johns. John S Bentley came from Fredericton last night. Roads very heavy - he was 8 days gone. 3 o'clock grows moderate and thaws a little off the house, but not in the roads. There is now 3 1/2 feet of snow at least on the ice in the River, and the ice so weak that there is danger if you leave the road. This never happened before at this season of the year. Mr Kean began to haul his hay from the church lot.
Mar 26 Clear and exceeding cold morning. Wind rises at west and blows so as to drift the snow. Visited Capt. Smith with Betsy & Ketchum. Capt Ketchum arrived on a visit to his family, and brought the good news that General Harrison and 4000 men had surrendered without firing a shot. Ketchum in the forenoon with William and John Smith getting timber.
Mar 27 Clear and still and very warm. It thaws today considerably. George & Harry brought the Steer, that William bought of Mr Smith, home. Ketchum & William getting wood. Afternoon warm indeed. The first day like spring. Wolsey brought me letters from Jack and newspaper.
Mar 28 Sunday. Cloudy, wind sou-east. 3 o'clock begins to rain hard. Quite chilly. George Bull arrived from Fredericton last night.
Mar 29 Cloudy. Misty morning after a very rainy night. The first rain we have had this winter; the snow now settles fast. 2 o'clock clears off very warm which melts the snow fast enough. Night, wind gets Norwest. Fredk went and got chain mended and his shoes. William gone to Wigwams for canoes for sap
Mar 30 Cloudy and warm but no rain. Ketchum, William and Fredk began to fix camp for sugar. No sap yet. Night wind no-east. March 31st Clear and cold morning. It froze hard last night. Preparing for sugar. Afternoon Ketchum & William got wood. Night cloudy.

Apr 1 All Fools Day. Cloudy and cold. Lost a year old calf last night. Fredk gone to Mill. Myself at the Spiles? Ketchum and William at the camp. Wind north and cold. Snow goes slowly.
Apr 2 Clear and cold afternoon. William gone to bring Hhd from Richard Smiths. Ketchum & Fredk getting wood. Afternoon Wm. and Fredk at the camp. Still and warm; the sap begins for the first time to run, but tapped no trees yet. Afternoon very warm. Visited Mrs William Upham with Ketchum and Betsy, Mrs Dibblee and a large company The snow was so soft that the horses broke down to the bellies in the road. In returning, Mr Griffith's horse and Ketchum's, both fell down, and they were obliged to unharness them to get them up.
Apr 3 A cold morning. Fredk gone to carry grain to mill and bring a Rum Puncheon from Mr R. Smiths. Ketchum and William began to tap their trees. 1 o'clock very warm, and the sap runs very well indeed, but not sweet?. Night married Adam Sharp and Elizabeth White Peabody by licence, Harriet and R. Smith with us.
Apr 4 Sunday. Clear after a smart frost. 10 o'clock grows very warm; a very good day for sap. The cattle began for the first time to pick a little from the ground along the bank, where the snow blew off. Afternoon very warm.
Apr 5 Clear after a smart frost. Ketchum, very early, went to Mill, and brought the flour of 10 bushels of wheat and 2 of corn. Capt Ketchum and Shiner ??? on their way home, the Militia being dismissed. The warmest day we have had this spring, and exceedingly good for sugar. The snow goes fast, but there is yet a great quantity on the Improvements. The boys tapping their trees as fast as possible. Began to boil down sap, having caught yesterday about 3 barrels - from 160 trees. River rises.
Apr 6 Clear and warm. No frost last night, it being cloudy. Jack got home before his breakfast. No sap today. Eight Navy Gentlemen dined and stayed several hours, it being too soft to travel. They are on their way to Lake Ontario, to take charge of our shipping on the Lake. They left here for Philips's at sundown. The snow goes fast.
Apr 7 A very clear and cold morning. A severe frost. Never a better day for sap. Early, Fredk brought a Rum Puncheon from Richard Smith. Parks came to dress flax. Ketchum cut his face just above his eye severely. Moved bag and baggage to camp. Mrs Griffith & Mary drank tea with us. The snow never went faster, and never was it warmer at this season. The ice begins to break and the River rises very fast.
Apr 8 Clear and cold morning after a cold night. Wind rises at n west and high, the best day as yet for sap. The ice goes fast and the River rises. All hands at the camp but Jack, who is threshing oats. Maria Heifer died last night. The snow does not go so fast as yesterday. Cold.
Apr 9 Cloudy morning after a frosty night. Little sap. They boys caught only 2 barrels. Sugared off better than a 100wt. Ketchum sick with his hurt.
Apr 10 Cloudy after a little rain in the night. No frost, of course no sap. 12 o'clock clears off with the wind Norwest and high, but warm. Jack threshing oats. The rest at the camp. Deb calved.
Apr 11 Sunday. A cold windy morning from north. Very little sap it being too cold. The ice broke in the middle of the River and ran down to my lower line.
Apr 12 Clear and cold morning - seldom a colder day. 12 o'clock moderates. Ketchum and Jack getting wood. Wm. and Fredk at the camp. Afternoon Ketchum went to camp. Snow thesee two days, wetted very little; there is now only here and there a little piece of ground bare on the Improvements, and that where the snow blew off. The rest of the ground covered 2 feet deep. Never such a spring. Boys sugared off 47 lb good sugar. Like now for good sap weather. It runs this afternoon very well. Finished spiles - made 620.
Apr 13 Clear and cold morning but soon clouds up from the south. The sap runs pretty well today. 12 o'clock begins to snow and then turns to rain but moderate, wind very high at sou east. Boys at the camp. Jack carried Captn Ketchum's Baggage to Mr. Wm Uphams's. Night rains fast but quite warm. Preparing for Good Friday. Ice breaks slowly.
Apr 14 A very rainy morning after a rainy night. The sap runs all night. Rains fast till 1 o'clock when it clears off. Very warm and still. Boys at the camp, gathering and boiling down. Jack with the horses and oxen broke the road to camp, but found the snow very deep. Browna calved. Ice broke from my lower Bar and ran down a small distance. The rain has settled the snow very much, but there is yet small places bare.
Apr 15 Foggy morning and warm, no frost. The sap ran all night. 12 o'clock clouds over. Night rains fast, wind south. Ketchum and William sugared off 104 lb of good sugar. Ice broke from my upper Bar & fell down. Jack & George brought up from the old garden the potatoes. They had opened the post basket and box their way up and brought Jack's paper of 1st of April.
Apr 16 Cloudy and some snow from north. It rained very hard the most of last night, and then snowed fast to cover the ground. The River rises very fast, and the ice broke at Mrs Griffith's and came down to the jam at the lower end of my Interval. Afternoon clear but cold. William, Fredk George emptied their troughs.
Apr 17 Clear after a smart frost, a good day for sap. The boys caught from 9 to 10 barrels. Jack went to his place. Sugared off 60 lb of good sugar. The ice broke of Mrs Griffith's and down to the jam of my Interval, but it is yet fast at Mr Bedell's. River rises slowly. Preparing for Easter.
Apr 18 Sunday and Easter. Clear cold morning after a very cold night. No wind today and warm indeed. Never a better day for sap. The ice remains as yesterday. A small congregation, no passing the river, and on this side, they are making sugar. About one quarter of the meadow bare.
Apr 19 Cloudy and very warm, small wind at south. Little frost last night and of course little sap. The snow now goes very fast but there is not now half the Improvements bare; The jam of ice at my Interval broke at 2 o'clock and ran down; and 2 hours before sundown, the ice above came down and ran very thick til we went to bed. Suppose it came a good distance. Boys caught only 3 barrels of sap. Boiling down. Harriet & Maria visited camp in the evening. Jack relieved Ketchum & William this night.
Apr 20 Cloudy and foggy with some rain. No ice running to day. William and Fredk at the camp. Ketchum mending shoes and Jack fanning oats. No wind and the warm misty weather wastes the snow
Apr 21 Still cloudy and foggy all day without any wind. It rains by turns all day. We know not if any ice had run these two days, it has been so foggy that we cannot see the River. Wm and Fredk sugared off last night better than 100 lb of good sugar. They have gone to finish what honey they have today. Quite warm. Snow goes very fast; but deep in the ?
Apr 22 Cloudy, wind north and cold. It froze some last night which makes the sap run considerable. William and Fredk sugared off 50 lb sugar. This makes 460 lb. Dug the first parsnips but considerable frost. The snow is now more than half off the Improvements. River rises very fast. From the small ice passing today, we suppose the main ice has run, either in the night or fog. Pink calved last night. Morning emptied their trough.
Apr 23 Clear and still, cold morning. It froze hard last night. A little wind rises from the norwest, but quite warm. No better weather for sugar. All hands at the camp. Jack dressing some flax. Began to spin for rope.
Apr 24 Cloudy and warm, very little frost, and of course very little sap. The boys caught yesterday 12 barrels of sap. All hands at the camp, but Jack at the flax. The ice done running. River rises.
Apr 25 Sunday. Cloudy but no rain. Very chilly, wind nor-east.
Apr 26 Cloudy and still but no rain. Quite warm. The boys last Saturday night sugared off 75 lb of sugar. No frost and no sap. Jack gone to haul his wheat for threshing. Ketchum & William in the woods. The snow is now almost off the Improvements, but in the low places, and the sheep, horses and cattle pick considerable. The snow is yet 2 feet in the woods. This afternoon Mr Raymond set out for Fredericton.
Apr 27 Clear and warm. Little frost. Some sap today. Jack came from hauling his wheat. A small quantity of fine ice ran today.
Apr 28 Clear and pleasant morning. Fredk & boys gathering sap for honey. Jack at the flax. Wm and Ketchum in the woods. Began to fix garden. The River rises fast, a little ice today, which seems to be the last. Spinning for ropes. The snow almost gone.
Apr 29 Clear and very warm. Ketchum & William begin to haul their timber. Jack at the flax. Boys making honey. Fixing garden. The River is now on the Interval. Grass grows Visited Mrs Griffith with Betsy and Captn & Mrs Ball. Very warm.
Apr 30 Clear and warm as June. Jack getting rails. Wm & Ketchum finished hauling their timber. Boys at the honey. Sowed lettuce, peppergrass and peppers. Made ropes. River rises.

May 1 Clear and warm indeed. Ketchum and Jack getting rails. William gone to help Thomas Griffith haul timber. Boys boil sap for honey. River is now up to my Rock but does not rise fast. Lile died. Planted cucumbers in a hot bed. Cloudy, like for rain. the snow is now all gone but in the woods and low places.
May 2 Sunday. Clear and cool morning. Little frost. No rain. River is now half way up to the Rock, but does not rise fast. Quite dry, grass grows and bushes bud - a good prospect.
May 3 Clear and cool. Considerable frost but made no sap. The River almost done rising. Morning ploughed the garden. Afternoon, began to plough the old pasture. Fixing garden. Brought in all the things from the camp, having made 538 lb of sugar and several gallons of honey.
May 4 Clear and very warm day. River now fallen. It has been a very moderate fresh, only just up to my Rock. Sowed my cabbage plants, set out sage roots. Ketchum, Jack, boys ploughing and burninging the Old Pasture. William at the rails. There is yet snow in the low places but grass and bushes quite forward.<
May 5 Clear and warm. Ketchum, Jack with the boys clearing. William finished hauling rails. Sick with headache. River falls fast.
May 6 Still clear but cool wind east. Clearing but Fred harrowing for wheat. Set out parsnips, beets and carrots for seed. Digging garden. The River continues to fall. Grass grows. A pretty good spring. Cherry calved.
May 7 Still clear and warm, wind south. Sowed one bushel wheat. Sowed sage, parsley and more peppergrass. Set my tree onions. Jack & Ketchum clearing. Fredk harrowing wheat. Wm with the boys gone forenoon to take up their canoes at the camp, and take home the rest of their things. Three rafts of timbers have gone down these two days.
May 8 A little cloudy. Some appearance of rain, which is much wanted. All hands clearing but Fredk harrowing wheat. Sowed 2 bushels of wheat. Planted some onions. Planted my new squash. The pepper grass and lettuce is now up. The River falls slowly, and is yet on the Interval.
May 9 Sunday. Cloudy and little rain, wind sou-wast
May 10 Cloudy, wind sou-east. Sowed one bushel of wheat - Jack went to work on his place. Visited Capn Bull with Mrs Griffith, Mr and Mrs Bull. Towards night, rains very hard. The River falls slowly indeed and is yet in the Interval.
May 11 A very rainy day, wind no-east. Nothing done but cleaning wheat.
May 12 Cloudy and quite cool, wind no-east but no rain. Very wet and mild. River rises fast. Ketchum & Fredk ploughing. William gone to help Jack. Malory Raymond having come in sick. Boys clearing
May 13 Still cloudy and very cold. Ketchum, Fredk ploughing River at a stand. Brindle missing. Hope she has gone to calve. Quite cold.
May 14 Partly clear and cold, wind nor east. It froze, ice last night. Nothing grows but grass. The trees and bushes have not ? their buds these 6 days owing to the cold weather. Several showers today. River begins to fall again.
May 15 Cloudy, cold morning, wind still at no-east. Several smart showers today. Ketchum and Fredk ploughing. Boys planting potatoes in the garden. Set some hyssop roots and scythe. Too cold to garden.
May 16 Sunday. Clear and little warmer. Jack and William came in last night
May 17 Cloudy, but warmer after cold night. William & Ketchum clearing for wheat. Jack and George gone to his place to prepare to sow. River now falls fast, but no eddy yet. Set long net where we fish for trout.
May 18 Cloudy, wind no-east and very cold. It froze the ground last night. Several heavy showers today. Cleaning wheat for Jack, and sowing.
May 19 Still cloudy and very cold. Caught first salmon. Nothing grows but grass. Sowed 2 3/4 peck of wheat. Harrowing annd clearing. William took Jack's wheat and provisions to Mr Upham's where Lyon took them out and to help Jack. Set both nets in the eddies, but a small eddy by the Old House.
May 20 Clear at last, but cold frosty morning. The wind is now getting to the southard. It has been no-east for ten days and very cold. Harrowing and clearing of the garden. Caught a salmon in the long net. The River falls very fast.
May 21 Clear and cold. It froze the ground considerable last night. Ploughing and harrowing in the old pasture. Caught two salmon, one in lock net. One very large. Digging for parsnips. Wind north and high.
May 22 Clear after a little frost. Ploughing and harrowing the new ground in the old pasture for wheat. It now grows quite warm. Wind norwest, but very little. No salmon. Digging garden. The peas have been up for 6 days, but have not grown til today, owing to the very cold weather.
May 23 Clear in the morning but soon clouds over with the wind at sou-west, and like for rain. Wm and Sally Bull with us.
May 24 Cloudy and little rain but very warm. Everything now grows surprisingly. Set both nets. Afternoon clear and warm indeed.
May 25 Clear and warm. Wind norwest. Sowed 2 1/2 bushels of wheat making 8 1/2 bushels in the old pasture. Caught 3 salmon. Planted William's onions yesterday. Today sow beets, carrots and parsnips. Planted sweet peas & 'stertiums. Sowed more lettuce. Night cloudy.
May 26 Cloudy and very rainy forenoon. Caught one salmon. Afternoon cleared. Warm indeed. William harrowing. Ketchum making fence.
May 27 Clear and cool, wind norwest, Caught one salmon. William harrowing wheat. Ketchum making fence. Boys planting potatoes
May 28 Clear and very warm. Caught one salmon William ploughing for corn. Fredk went to Jacks place to bring in his oxen. George came with him. Jack has now sowed 2 1/4 of wheat. River rises fast.
May 29 Clear foggy morning and cold, but no frost. Caught one salmon. William ploughing. Charles harrowing new ground. Boys howing round stumps. Planted marrowfat peas and 15 hills of pole beans. Afternoon cloudy and rains a little.
These two last days must be moved back a day.
May 29 Sunday. Preparing for Prince William.
May 30 Mull calved. A very fine warm day at Prince William.
May 31 Showery all day. Came home, but from a severe thunder storm when we were just below Mr Jeffrey's, got very wet. Boys caught only one large shad while absent. Everything now grows finely.

Jun 1 Clear, wind norwest, cool. Ploughing and carting dung.
Jun 2 Clear and warm. Wind west and high. Sowed 2 bushels of wheat, making in the whole, with Jack's, 12 1/4. Caught 2 salmon.
Jun 3 Clear and very warm. Began to plant corn. Ketchum and William Dunging the Hills. Jack harrowing. Caught two salmon. Planted pole beans and all my bush beans. It never was warmer.
Jun 4 Clear and warm indeed. Everything grows amazingly. Caught 2 salmon. Planting corn. Sowed potatoes, oats. Sowed 2 bushel of peas. Jack harrowed them in. The River falls slowly.
Jun 5 Still clear and very warm. We never had 6 days so warm the first week in June. Planting corn. Afternoon Jack began to plough down the Spring for potatoes. Caught 2 salmon, one in Josamy Griffith's net.
Jun 6 Sunday. Finished planting corn in the lower field. Still clear and warm as ever. Very dry. Caught 4 salmon.
Jun 7 Still clear and very warm. Never warmer. Planting potatoes above the Spring. Poled my peas. We want rain very much. But everything grows fast.
Jun 8 Cloudy and a little rain in the morning. Sowed 6 quarts of flax seed. Captn. Bull, Mr and Mrs Bedell, Mrs Lookend and Mrs Griffiths with us. Afternoon a very heavy thunder shower. Thanks be to God for this great blessing. One salmon. Yesterday Mr P. Fraser drank tea with us, and brought us good news. Planting potatoes.
Jun 9 Clear and warm, wind west. The rain has made every thing start up surprinsingly. Finished potatoes above the Spring, having planted there not quite 13 bushels. Jack ploughing for oats and peas and barley. Put up scarecrows. The corn coming up. Caught one salmon. Never a better prospect for good crops.
Jun 10 Clear and warm. Never a finer day for the crops. Wind north. Finished planting potatoes, having planted about 25 bushels. No salmon. My long net is now so rotten that numbers break thro' it.
Jun 11 Cloudy and heavy showers all day. Set out 395 cabbage plants. Ketchum began to dig his cellar. Jack ploughing. Boys mending fence. Caught a noble salmon. We never had so many large salmon so early before. A thunder shower just at night.
Jun 12 Clear and cold morning. Wind norwest and soon rises high. Sowed 2 bushels of barley. Jack still ploughing for peas oats and buckwheat. William and Thomas Griffith drifted last night and caught 3 noble salmon.
Jun 13 Sunday. Clear and very cold morning. There would have been a frost but the fog prevented it. Wm. and Thomas Griffth caught 4 noble salmon.
Jun 14 Clear and cold. Sowed 1/2 bushel of barley and 1 1/2 of oats. Fredk harrowing. Ketchum at his celler. Jack ploughing. Wm at the fence.
Jun 15 Clear and cold. Wind no-east. Sowed 1 1/2 bushels of oats. Jack still ploughing. William at the fence. Fredk harrowing. Visited Mrs Dibblee. William and Tommy Griffiths caught one salmon & one shad.
Jun 16 Clear and cold morning. Col. Hacket went down. Lockwood, who was here and went away very early to Captn. Cunliffe's, found frost all over the ground from Mr M Smith's to Capt. Cunliffe's, but we had none. Sowed 2 bushels of peas. Fredk at the harrow. Jack finished ploughing for this year yesterday, and today gone on Militia duty. Wm at the fence.
Jun 17 Clear and warm. Wind is now at south and some appearance of rain which is much wanted. Sowed almost 3 pecks of buckwheat which finishes the crop, having sowed 13 bushels of wheat, planted 2 1/2 rows of corn, sowed 2 1/2 bushels barkey and 2 bushels of oats, 4 bushels pf peas almost 3 pecks of buckwheat and planted 25 bushels potatoes, and may God add a blessing to our labours.

Nov 2 We have had one of the best summers that we ever experienced in this country. Very warm and more thunder showers than for 2 summers past. Wheat very good and better filled than usual. Corn never better. Buckwheat uncommonly good. Oats peas and potatoes never better. Thanks be to God for all his blessing. The fall to this date never better. We had no frost till the 9th of October, and then very little thro' the month. We are now digging our last potatoes; we have a great crop of them, 500 bushels at last. Very cold yesterday, wind north and cloudy. This morning it began to snow, and completely covered the ground, but not as cold as yesterday. Afternoon clears off warm, which takes off the snow. Major Morehouse left here on Sunday morning Oct 31st with Walter Davidson. William left home this evening for Fredericton in Mr Philips's boat. He goes to St John if he has an oppotunity.
Nov 14 From the last date, very good pleasant weather, without any frost, but this day cold and cloudy, and at night began to snow.
Nov 15 It snowed just to cover the ground, and at 10 o'clock turns to hail mixed with some rain all day. Wind high and cold, no-east.
Nov 16 Still snow and hail very cold, wind north and high.
Nov 17 Cloudy, wind north. The snow and hail is now 7 or 8 inches on the ground, and packed so hard we fear that it will not go off this fall. Jack gone to Mill with Benjamin Griffith in Mr Bedell's large canoe He took to mill 8 bushels of wheat, 3 of corn and 3 of buckwheat.
Nov 18 Clear at last after a still and cold night which has made a little ice in the River for the first time. Afternoon quite pleasant. At night William came home with Major Morehouse. Grows cloudy annd warm.
Nov 19 Cloudy and misty, wind sou-east and warm. William and Major Morehouse gone up to Captn Smith's, after an American. Afternoon begins to rain fast and very warm. River very high.
Nov 20 A little cloudy in the morning after a severe rain all night which has carried off the hail and snow very much, but the ground is yet covered. 12 o'clock clears off, very warm and very muddy. Night Major Morehouse returned from Capt Upham
Nov 21 Sunday. Clear and pleasant indeed. Snow goes very fast. Major Morehouse went after church to Captn Upham's, came back at night.
Nov 22 Cloudy but quite warm. Major Morehouse left here after breakfast for home. Jack gone to work on his road. William Bull and Sally came to make us a visit. Night clear.
Nov 23 Clear and pleasant as September. The snow almost gone. Jack at his road. William and Fredk carting dung. Ketchum finished his chimney. Very muddy. Night wind gets norwest.
Nov 24 A little cloudy but very warm. Mrs Dibblee quitting Fredericton. The River is now very high, as good poling as summer. No frosty nights for a week past. Never had so fine a fall.
Nov 25 Cloudy and some small rain, very warm. William and Sally Bull went home. Carting dung. Night Jack came home. Evening very rainy. Wind sou-east high.
Nov 26 Cloudy and some rain early. We had last night the greatest rain we ever knew, and the small brooks higher than we ever saw them. 12 o'clock clears off warm as Septr. Jack fixing barn. William banking up the house. Boys making fowl house. Peter Bull left home yesterday for Fredericton with 10 bushels of wheat.
Nov 27 Clear and still. A little frost last night. Jack at the barn, William at the house, boys at the fowl house. River rises.
Nov 28 Sunday. Clear after a little frost. Wind norwest. Cool.
Nov 29 Clear and still. It froze the ground some last night. William gone after our cloth. Jack fixing barn. Boys threshing wheat. The River is now up to the alders.
Nov 30 Cloudy but quite warm. At the fowl house. Jack and Wm at the barn.

Dec 1 Cloudy and misty. Wind south. Very muddy. The cattle, horses and sheep get almost their living in the fields. As good poling as summer. At the fowl house. Boys at the barn. River very high.
Dec 2 Cloudy and some small rain all day. Peter Bull came home from Fredericton on foot, having had his canoe stolen. Boys fixing stables. We had last night a very severe rain and towards day, some snow just to cover the ground, but is now chiefly off. Towards night the wind rises at north and chilly.
Dec 3 Cloudy and snow squalls. Wind high at north and very cold. Killed hogs, William Upham helping the boys & Ketchum. Our hogs weighed 1203 1/2 and Ketchum's 425 1/4 - very good.
Dec 4 Cloudy and very cold. The ice today for the first time thick and of very ??? and salted pork. William at work on the road. Ketchum moved to his house. Towards night, clear and still.
Dec 5 Sunday. Cloudy but moderate and still after a cold night. The ice very thick indeed, and slow. The River very high.
Dec 6 Cloudy but warm, wind south. Finished fowl house. William on the road. Afternoon clear and pleasant indeed. Jack at the barn. The ice begins to run off, and the River falls fast.
Dec 7 Cloudy and begins to rain after a little snow fall. Still and very warm. Jack hooped the large ?fence for hams. The rain continues all day, but moderate, The snow is now all gone.
Dec 8 Cloudy and misty morning but very warm. Salted my hams for smoking. Jack at the barn. Afternoon clears off very warm. We never had such a fall and winter so far. The cattle, horses and sheep are picking all over the fields like September. The ice is entirely done running and it is now as good poling as summer.
Dec 9 Cloudy and snows a little all day after some snow snow in the night. Shut up cellar. Jack at the barn. Boys threshing. River very high.
Dec 10 Cloudy and still, but snowed considerable last night. There is now snow on the ground about 7 inches. William and George Bull came from mill with Mr Bedell's log canoe. William 4 1/4 bushels of wheat and 1 1/4 corn and George Bull 8 bushels of grain. They went yesterday morning. Night clears off, and still. Eliza Smith and Harriet Griffith spent the evening with us, and John K. Smith.
Dec 11 Clear, after a still clear night, and of consequence, cold. A little ice this morning running, but not to stop log canoes. Remains still and clear all day, and therefore warm and pleasant.
Dec 12 Sunday. Cloudy and snows fast for a little time, and then cloudy the rest of the day.
Dec 13 A little coudy, wind norwest, but not very cold for the season. Jack at the stables. William on the road. Ketchum killed his steer, very good. Considerable ice running. River falls. The ice now lodges on my Bar.
Dec 14 Cloudy. Wind north, but not cold. Considerable ice today. Jack at the stables. William on the road. Boys threshing. Mending chimney.
Dec 15 Cloudy. Wind noreast and warm, Jack and William at the Hovels.
Dec 16 Clear and still night and therefore cold, but never a finer winters day. Thaws very much. Drank tea with Betsy, Mrs Griffiths and Capt Bull.
Dec 17 Cloudy and still, but not cold. A little ice running. Boys fixing yard.
Dec 18 Cloudy and warm. Yesterday took up my beets and carrots and buried them in my cellar. Very little ice. A great appearance of a thaw. Never a better fall and winter so far. The ground is now just covered with snow, but not sufficient for the slay. Boys at the yard.
Dec 19 Sunday. Cloudy and warm. Wind south. At 9 o'clock a gust out of the Norwest with snow and cold, and then clear and cold the rest of the day.
Dec 20 Clear and cold wind north, but little. Ice thick today.
Dec 21 Very cold indeed. Snow squalls all day. Wind north and high. Jack and Ketchum gone to look for timber for shingles. Wm & Fredk geting wood at sugar camp. Visited Mr Bedell with Charles & Betsy.
Dec 22 Clear and never colder morning. But no wind. The River closed up as far as my Interval. 12 o'clock quite moderate.
Dec 23 Cloudy but warm. Wind south. The ice has not made any today, it being too warm to freeze. Like for rain
Dec 24 Cloudy and warm in the morning, but a gust from the norwest brings cold and heavy snow squalls all day. The ice increases fast and is now up to my Bar.
Dec 25 Christmas. Clear and never colder. Wind north and high.
Dec 26 Sunday. Clear and cold as ever, never colder. Wind high at north.
Dec 27 Clear and colder if possible. Wind not so high. The ice is now stronger than ever known so soon after it closed. Afternoon more moderate. Visited Mrs Griffiths. Very cold holidays.
Dec 28 Cloudy but still and now quite moderate weather in the middle of the day. A little wind from the south. Visited Mr Beardsley with a large company. Spent a very pleasant evening. Quite warm.
Dec 29 Cloudy, wind north but not high and quite warm. It snowed a little today. George and Peter Bull celebrated the season with a ball. Towards night, snows faster but very moderate.
Dec 30 Cloudy. Wind still no-east and warm. Misty with some snow.
Dec 31 Cloudy and a little snow, but quite moderate, We celebrated the season, Captn and Mrs Bull, Mr and Mrs Bedell, Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Beardsley, Mrs Wm Dibblee and mother, Mrs Griffiths, Ketchum and Betsy spent the evening with us. Night clear and cool.


Jan 1 New Year. Clear. Still and very pleasant. Never a better New Year's Day.
Jan 2 Sunday. Very good day. Major Mooody came down.
Jan 3 Clear and cold, wind north and high. My children celebrated the season with a large party at dancing. We never knew so little snow of this time of winter, there being more than 5 or 6 inches on the ground.
Jan 31 From the last date we have had most remarkable weather. No storms of snow, rain or wind, and but one cold day and night. There never was, since we have been in this country, such a January. The ice strong indeed, there having been no snow to prevent freezing. The snow is now not more than 6 inches on the ground, and the horses and sheep are continually in the fields, scraping away the snow to get at the ground. The cattle have for three weeks gone every day into the wood, and, what never happened before in winter, twice they have stayed out all day and night. Jack is now gone to Fredericton with a load of flour. Slaying very good on the River, but bad indeed on the land for want of snow. They are now breaking down the ice thro' the falls, when the road will be all the way on the River to Fredericton. This is to accommodate the troops who are to set out next week for Canada. last night the wind came round to the norwest, and today very high and of course very cold. The snow for the first time drifts today.

Feb 8 From the last date, we have had two or three small snow storms from the southard, but not more snow fell than 3 or 4 inches. We have had three still clear, very cold nights, but one cold day. Never a more pleasant winter. Jack returned from Fredericton on the 6th. 373 sailors with their officers have now passed here for the Lakes of Canada, and two companies of the 8th battalion. Three or four companies more are expected to follow this week. On the 6th, I buried Mr Wm. Abby, master in Royal Navy, who died very suddenly at Mr. Thomas Philips' on his way up with the sailors. It snows a little today from the south, very warm.
Feb 23 From the last date we have had most remarkable weather, warm and pleasant, and scarce a cold day. William and myself arrived this day from Fredericton with Richard in a visit. The last detachment of troops for Canada passed here on Monday the 21st. Mr Peter Clements with us. He carried up to Presque Isle the officers of the last company. Feb 25th We have this day a very heavy rain from sou-east. The rain continued all night long. This we hope will set the mills a going. It clears off warm and pleasant. Never has there been such a winter. William's heifer calves Feb 21st.

Mar 1 The weather continues remarkable, we had one of the deepest snows this winter day before yesterday. The snows fell 8 inches but next day warm and pleasant. James and Phebe with Walter Davidson and the Squire on a friendly visit with us.
Mar 13 Since the last date we have had two cold nights, but fine pleasant days. Never a better winter and spring thus far. Tuck calved Mar 7. The cattle go every day into the woods, the horses and sheep into the fields, and scrape away the snow with their feet to the ground.

Apr 3 Sunday. From the last date we have had very cold weather for the time of year til March 31st, which was as warm as June, and the snow melted surprisingly. April 1st equally as warm. We never knew the snow go so fast. We tapped a few trees but the sap ran but very little. April 2nd, warm and rains fast all day, which almost carries off the snow from the Improvements. William Bull came this day from Mr Allen's mill and R. Smith from Fredericton. Travelling very bad and grows dangerous. The ice begins to break in several places, and the River is now rising. Deb calved, March 26th. William brought the last load from mill yesterday. Preparing for sugar.
Apr 4 Clear in the afternoon, after a little frost in the night. Boys tapped about 50 trees, and caught 1/2 barrel sap. Wind rises from the south. Quite warm and grows cloudy. Afternoon visited Capt. Smith with a large company. Hardly any snow in the path. Night very like for rain.
Apr 5 It began to rain in the night and continues very fast all day. Very warm. The snow is now all off the Improvements, only by the fences. The road entirely bare.
Apr 6 It cleared off last night. Cold, which froze the ground a little, and made some sap. William and George tapping trees. Jack opened the potatoes in the lower field. Pretty good. Getting them in. Afternoon boys gathering sap. The River rising fast indeed, and ice breaking up.
Apr 7 A clear morning after some frost. Wind rises at norwest. A middling day for sap. Tapping as fast as possible. River rises fast. Last evening, the ice broke from my lower Bar and ran down out of sight. The ice breaks fast.
Apr 8 Good Friday. A very fine morning after a still cold night. Never a better day for sap. The boys caught 10 barrels from a little better than 300 trees. Several jams of ice ran today. The ice is gone no further than Dr. Larle's old place. From there it is jammed up to my lower Bar. It has come from Capt Smith's island, and is clear from there to the jam below me.
Apr 9 A clear morning after a cold night. But it soon clouds over, with the wind at south, and like for rain. The sap runs but not equal to yesterday. Boys moved out bag and baggage to camp. Afternoon rains a little. The jam of ice has broke below me and ran down. Small ice today.
Apr 10 Easter Sunday . It snowed last night so as to cover the ground. Cloudy morning. Before church was out, it began to rain fast and continued till late in the night. Very warm.
Apr 11 A cloudy morning morning, but it soon clears away. Warm. Wind norwest. The ice run this morning several hours. We suppose it came from Presque Isle. We suppose the jam of ice below is gone thro' the falls, from the River having fell very much.
Apr 12 It clouded over last evening and soon began to rain and continued chief of the night. In the morning, cloudy, but the wind is north, and cool. 12 o'clock clear, wind high. No sap. Boys sugaring off. The ice has run for 4 hours very thick. Jack carried out to his place a load of Hay. Night very cold. River falls owing to the ice going.
Apr 13 A clear and very cold morning. It froze hard last night. An excellent day for sap. No ice today. The wind rises at south. All hands at camp. The boys caught 10 1/2 barrels of sap.
Apr 14 A little cloudy after a small frost. Wind south. A middling day for sap. Boys sugared off 176 lb good sugar. Jack relieved Wm last night. A jam of small ice today. Suppose it to be the last. Preparing twine for my nets. Afternoon very like for rain.
Apr 15 Fast day. Cloudy and very chilly. Wind sou-east and some fine rain during the day. Boys sugared off 10 lb sugar. Night, rain very fast and then a little snow. Some fine ice today.
Apr 16 A cloudy morning and cold wind north. Boys sugared off 64 lb good sugar. Began knitting my short net. The ice done running. There is yet a few banks of snow, about fences, but the Improvements have been bare these 10 days. Very little snow in the woods. Afternoon is clear and cold. Like for good weather for sap. There is considerable frost in the ground.
Apr 17 Sunday. Clear and still morning after a little frost. The wind rises at south and blows heavy. Towards night, very cloudy and some showers. In the evening clear, and remarkable Northern Lights. The boys caught 3 barrels only of sap.
Apr 18 A cool morning, wind north. Some sap today. Jack and Maria sick with the mumps. Boys caught 6 barrels today.
Apr 19 A very cold morning. Pretty good for sap. 8 1/2 barrels. Wind rises from sou-east. The snow now almost gone but there is considerable frost in the ground. River has fall these 4 days and is too low for a good eddy by the old house. The River was never so low at this season before. To appearances no fresh this spring.
Apr 20 Clear and cool. Little frost and of course little sap. Boys boiling down. Very warm. Wind west. A good spring.
Apr 21 Clear and pleasant wind west. Boys boiling down. Maria still sick but Jack had the mumps very light and has not lost a day and only two dinners. Knitting nets.
Apr 22 Clear and warm. Wind light at sou-west. Boys sugaring off. Jack and small boys clearing up the bushes. Betsey sick. William gone after Dr Claredge towards night and begins to rain. Evening Betsey brought to bed with a fine boy. Finished nets. Dug the first parsnips. No frost.
Apr 23 A cloudy snowy morning after a severe rain in the night. Fredk and George boiling down sap for honey, They sugared off yesterday 108 lbs good sugar. The River falls a little and is now just over my Bar which we never knew at this season before. Afternoon wind very high and cold. 12 o'clock William arrived with the doctor. Towards night, Dr Price left here for home. Night, cold indeed.
Apr 24 Sunday. Clear and cold morning. Ground frozen as hard as a rock. Wind amazing high, at north. Too cold for sap.
Apr 25 Clear and still, but very cold morning. Wind soon rises at north, but not so cold as yesterday. Ketchum's sap runs well. Ours only middling. Boys clearing above Spring.
Apr 26 Clear and never a warmer day in June. Wind west. The sap never run better. The boys caught 12 barrels and have not finished gathering. There is now in the woods considerable frost in the ground. It is this, and two amazing cold nights, which has made so much sap. Fixing garden. George & Fredk boiling sap. Jack and the rest clearing above the Spring. Mrs R Smith & Sophia drank tea with us. River rising The snow is now all gone in the woods. Grass grows this day finely. Ketchum's pied cow calved. Night warm indeed.
Apr 27 Clear and warm as yesterday. Wm, Geo & Fredk at the camp. Jack and Henry clearing. Sowed lettuce & peppergrass. Fixing garden. The River rising fast. The ground dries fast and the best prospect of an early spring we ever knew.
Apr 29 A shower last night brought the wind to north and high. Blows fresh all day, and cool. Boys clearing above Spring. Fredk boiling down. Night, brought home their beer and some things from the camp. The River is now above the alders. Dug parsnips & onions. Fixing garden. Night cold.
Apr 29 A clear cold morning after a considerable frost. William sugared off 84 lb good sugar. Brought all in from camp. They have made this season 540 lb of excellent sugar and a large quantity of honey and vinegar with beer. Fixing garden. Jack gone to his place to work. Captn Bull & lady spent the afternoon with us. Quite warm.
Apr 30 Clear and very warm morning. Not the least frost. Planted cucumbers. River rises very fast, and is now up to my Rock. Trimming currant bushes. Wm & Ketchum began to plough on his place. Fredk & George carting dung in the garden. 11 o'clock clouds up suddenly and begins to rain fast. Quite warm. Grass grows finely and the bushes are more forward than we ever knew before. The rain if it continues long will give us a large fresh.

May 1 Sunday. Cloudy and some smart showers today. The River rises a little. The first pig yesterday had 7 young ones.
May 2 Clear and cool, after a little frost. Wind norwest. The River has rose 6 inches by the rain and is now upon my Rock about 4 inches. At night, the River falls a little. Boys began to plough above the spring. Brought in the potatoes from the upper hole. Entirely good. Planted my early peas. Old sow gone to Pig. Second small sow had 16 pigs first litter, after two days 11 alive. Third sow only 3.
May 3 Clear after a smart frost, which froze the ground. The River fell last night 6 inches. It has been the lowest fresh we ever knew if it rises no more. Got off some old logs and fresh from the Interval. Set out turnips and cabbage stumps. Began to spin for rope. Boys ploughing.
May 4 Cloudy morning, like for rain after some snow in the night. Lockwood breakfasted this morrning here on his way home. Brought the report of peace in France. Spinning for rope. Boys ploughing potato ground for wheat. Afternoon visited Mrs Griffith with Capt Bull & Lady. The River fell last night above a foot, and to appearance the Fresh is over.
May 5 A cloudy morning after some rain. Thunder and Lightening in the night. River falls. Finished spinning for rope for nets. Boys ploughing. Jack began to do little jobs, after being sick with a most severe cold for 5 days, which he caught when at work on his place. The consequence, we suppose, of the Mumps. Set more turnips.
May 6 A very cloudy and 11 o'clock begins to rain fast, wind east-no-east. Spin two more balls for rope, Afternoon breaks away but showery. My peppergrass is now up.
May 7 Cloudy after a chilly night. The wind has come round to the south and we hope for clear warm weather. It has been very chilly for 8 days past, Finishd the ground above the Spring, and then moved the garden fence for ploughing. Too wet to plough in the field. Made my ropes for my nets. The River rises a little from the rain. Jack making posts for bars at the barn. Very chilly.
May 8 Sunday. A lovely morning after a severe raining night.
May 9 A cloudy morning with showers all day, and very cold. Wind north. We have had 10 or 12 days very wet and cold weather. There has been no ploughing, gardening or sowing, and today cold as winter. The River has rose very much and is almost as high as at first. William and George went out to work on his place. Night the River done rising. It was this second time just up to my Rock.
May 10 Clear and cold morning. It froze the ground hard last night. Jack ploughing for wheat. Fredk at the fence. River falls but vey slowly. Fixed flower bed, and then digging garden. Grows warmer.
May 11 A fine warm morning. Wind sou-west. The River falls, but little, slower than we ever knew. Jack ploughing. Set out my ?raw ropes. Burnt the old hen house. Digging garden. Afternoon cloudy. Took off first goose with 7 goslings. Every egg hatched. Sundown begins to rain. Quite warm.
May 12 Cloudy rainy morning, but quite warm. Wind sou-west. Strung my nets. Rains all day. Afternoon some small pieces of ice running which we never knew before at this time of the year. Bad indeed.
May 13 Cloudy morning. Wind sou-west. After we had just got to work, it began to rain, and continues all day. The ground was never wetter and colder than now. Nothing grows but grass. The River neither rises or falls from the rain, and is yet on my Interval. Bad prospect.
May 14 Cloudy but warm. Wind still at sou-west. River rises. Sowed my cabbage plants. Jack ploughing. Wm & Fredk carting dung above the Spring. Henry sick with the Mumps. Night very cloudy.
May 15 Sunday. Cloudy morning, wind still at sou-west 12 o'clock clear and very warm. River rises from the rain and is now up to my Rock. Sundown begins to fall. Set turkey on 19 eggs.
May 16 Clear and very warm indeed. Everything now grows fast. Sowed 1 1/2 bushels wheat for Ketchum. Fredk harrowing. Jack helping Ketchum plough the side hill. Wm at the fence. Boys began to plant potatoes in the garden. River falls very fast.
May 17 Clear and warm morning. Wind sou-west. Sowed 2 bushels of wheat above the Spring. Fredk harrowed it in. Jack & William went to their place. 12 o'clock cloudy and soon begins to rain, and continues all the afternoon. River falls, but is yet on the Interval, and too high to set nets. Bad indeed.
May 18 Cloudy morning after some rain in the night. It soon begins to rain fast. No wind. 12 o'clock a little wind from north, and never a greater rain. The ground is covered with water. We fear it will raise the River. Cleaning wheat. We never had a more rainy day, and continues till 8 o'clock night.
May 19 Clear and warm morning but the wind soon rises nor-west and high, but not cold. The River rises again. Sowed 3/4 pecks on wheat on new ground above the Spring. Fredk harrowed it in.
May 20 Clear and still after a cool night, but no frost. Sowed 1 3/4 pecks of wheat for Ketchum. Fredk harrowing. George and Harry planting potatoes in the old garden. Night, wind rises fresh at sou-east. Set long net where we fish for trout. River falls.
May 21 Cloudy and soon begins to rain very fast, but in an hour breaks away, when we sowed 2 bushels of wheat on the corn ground. Fredk harrowed it in. George and Lewis planted their melons amd cucumbers. Planted new squash. Night rains fast.
May 22 Sunday. A cloudy morning after a most severe rainy night with thunder. We never had such heavy rain. It soon begins to rain and continues very heavy all day. Never was there so wet a season. George fetched William home. Took up net. No fish. The water is yet too high.
May 23 A cloudy morning but warm. The wins rises from the norwest but no cold. Ketchum ploughing Raymond field. Too wet to sow. Cleaning wheat and mending fence. We had a bear about us last night. The River is now rising very fast and is on my Interval. We never knew such a long fresh. Grass and trees remarkably forward. My peas never grew so fast.
May 24 Clear and cool but no frost, there being a thick fog. George carried 2 bushels of wheat to William. Sowed 1 bushel of wheat on the corn ground, and 1 in the potato ground & in the lower field. Fredk harrowed it in. Harry planting potatoes in the old garden. The Lovely's brought me 5 hundred cedar rails. River falls fast.
May 25 Clear and very cool but no frost. Foggy. At the garden. Ketchum and George ploughing Raymond field. betsy here for the first time since sick. Mr Smith sheared part of my sheep. Wind N-west and high. Set both nets below, but small eddies. River falls very fast.
May 26 Clear but no frost. Wind rises Nor-west and high. No fish. Digging for beet, parsnips and carrots. Ketchum and George ploughing Raymond field. 2 o'clock set fire to his new ground. Burnt very well. Mr Smith finished shearing my sheep. Fredk helping Ketchum.
May 27 Clear and warm. Wind norwest and high. No frost. Sowed my new oats and half a bushel of Peabody's peas. Fredk harrowed them in. Afternoon harrowing Ketchum's new ground for wheat. Planted my parsnips, beets and carrots. Sowed some hyssop seed. River falls fast, but no fish. Set both nets in their eddies, now pretty good. Jack & William at their place with his oxen. Never a better spring.
May 28 Clear and warm. Sowed 1 bushel of wheat for Ketchum on his new ground. Planted my marrowfat peas and some pole beans. Howed my early peas. No fish.
May 29 Whit Sunday. Cloudy. Appears like for rain. No fish.
May 30 Rains moderately all day. Nothing done. Jack came in last night, would have gone out today but the rain stopped him. Set both nets. The eddies now very good.
May 31 Cloudy and drizzly. Wind east and cool. Bad indeed for the farmer. Jack and George went to his place to finish his crop. Planted Ketchum's squashes and some of the new squash. We have now four of the new squash in sight, coming up. Plant more cucumbers, melons, watermelons and my bush beans. Very wet. No salmon. This is what never happened before. We have always caught salmon as soon as we had an eddy. But we have been now for ten days with our nets out, and good eddies. But not one fish. Afternoon, visited Mrs Bull with all our neighbours.

Jun 1 Cloudy wind no-east and vey chilly. Afternoon wind gets to the east and warmer, like for more rain. Fredk harrowing corn ground. Poled my peas. No fish.
Jun 2 Clear and very warm. William came in last night having sowed 2 bushels of wheat. Finished poling my peas. Began to plant corn. Ketchum helping William and the boys dunging the hills. Caught one salmon, the first. The new squash are now up. Everything now grows finely. Grass very forward. We have had no frost for 3 weeks.
Jun 3 Clear and very warm indeed. Black flies were never so troublesome. Planting corn. Planting my pole beans. No salmon. Bad indeed. Caught a fine mess of small fish. 12 o'clock Jack and George came in, Jack having sowed 2 1/2 bushels of wheat and planted some potatoes.
Jun 4 Clear and warm. No salmon. Planting corn. Jack ploughing. Finished planting my pole beans. Some appearance of showers. Afternoon a fine breeze.
Jun 5 Sunday. We had last night 3 thunder showers which brought the wind north and cool, and cool, but no frost.
Jun 6 Clear and cool morning. Planting corn. Planted my white early potatoes, and more pole beans, and pumpkins. Set both nets. Fine growing weather. Jack ploughing.
Jun 7 Finished planting corn. A fine warm day. Caught a small salmon. Weeded my lettuce. Afternoon Capt. Bull and Lady, Mrs Griffiths & Mrs Woodhead and Captn Smith and Lady, Captn Upham & Lady, Mr Bedell and Lady with us.
Jun 8 Clear and warm indeed. Quite dry. Planting a little more corn today. Jack ploughing. Ketchum and William carting dung. Caught a noble salmon. Flies and mosquitoes never more troublesome. PM very warm.
Jun 9 Clear and very warm. It is now very dry. Captn Turner came from Fredericton last evening and brought the good news that Bonaparte was dethroned. Sowed 1/2 bushel of barley and 1 1/2 of peas. Caught 2 salmon.
Jun 10 Still clear and warm, wind sou-west. Sowed my flax seed. Boys planting potatoes. Caught a large salmon. Preparing for Prince William. We want a shower very much.
Jun 11 Clear and warm, wind at south and high. Sowed one bushel of barley and buckwheat, and 4 bushels of oats. Jack and Fredk harrowing. William and boys finished planting potatoes on the Interval. One o'clock a fine shower from the norwest, a great blessing. Planted more cucumbers, the grubs having eaten up the boys first planting. Disappointed in going to Prince William. No salmon.
Jun 12 Sunday. Clear and very pleasant, warm indeed.
Jun 13 Clear and very warm. Never a more growing season. Planting potatoes in the garden. William ploughed the ground.
Jun 14 Clear and warm. Henry planted some corn that was left. Planting potatoes in the old garden. Afternoon cloudy. Jack making back fence. William last night went to fence his wheat. Caught a noble salmon.
Jun 15 Cloudy morning, after a fine rain in the night. Boys finished planting potatoes. Jack and Fredk at the back fence. June 13th Jack sowed 2 1/4 of oats which finished our crop, all but buckwheat. No salmon.
Jun 16 Clear and warm. We never had so much warm weather so early in summer before. Caught a salmon.
Jun 17 Clear, wind south, like for rain. Sowed 3/4 pecks of oats, all the crop but buckwheat.
Jun 18 Clear and very pleasant after a small rain in the night. Never was there more growing season. Jack gone on Militia duty.
Jun 19 Sunday. Sunny, clear and warm. Quite dry. Caught a salmon. Wind north. Dr Rice with us. There is a great appearance of the fly which we fear will hurt the crops of wheat.
Jun 24 From the last date, we have had most excessive warm weather, till yesterday, when we had a very heavy rain, which was a great blessing, the ground being very dry. The wind is now very high, at north, and very cool. We fear there will be a frost. Set out 600 cabbage plants. Sowed our Swedish turnips. All hands gone to the Muster, Major Morehouse and Harry being up. This is the last day. We have caught this week 9 noble salmon. Jack gone to Fredericton from his Militia duty.

Sep 5 We have had one of the wettest and coldest summers ever experienced in this country - wretched. Soon after the corn was up, for near three weeks, hot dry weather. This started the corn forward surprisingly. But from that time we have had continual very heavy rains, and as severe, almost, as West Indian rains. The River, of course, has been very high. And altho' a few hot days, scarce one hot night. Grass never better, wheat especially so, no bunt, and well filled. The fly, in the early part of the season, injured the crops of wheat, but when the rains set in, it got ahead of them, and altho' some fields are thin from the fly, yet the head being very large and well filled, there is the prospect of great crops of wheat. The people are now just beginning to harvest. Yesterday, preached at Prince William. One of the warmest days and nights that we have had. Just at daylight, a very severe gust from north brought a very cold air with it, and continued till 8 o'clock. John Larle brought me from Major Morehouse's, altho the wind was so high. Towards night, wind almost died away, and we had a severe frost. Some fog in the morning took off the principal part of the frost from us. But Ketchum and others have suffered severely. Buckwheat entirely killed, and the stalks of the corn, and in some places the corn itself very much injured. We fear also the late sowed wheat has suffered. All the settlements from the River where there was no fog, everything that was not ripe cut off. Bad indeeed. Potatoes never better. Sept 15th We have had, since the last date, three very severe frosts which has injured the late sowed wheat very much, and almost ruined the corn, and the late planted potatoes. We greatly fear that all kind of grain will be very scarce and high.

Oct 20 The fore part of the month very wet and cold, the rest to this date, very warm and pleasant. Potatoes in general very poor. Our potatoes good. Peas hardly worth cutting. Hardly any corn.

Nov 16 This month to this date, the weather remarkably good and warm. Only one cold day and night. No ice or snow. Yesterday, William brought 9 bushels of old wheat and some corn from mill. Mr Wormwood began to work this day.
Nov 17 Cloudy, wind south and warm. Jack and Wormwood at his place. Mr Ketchum and Fredk gone to mill, to get buckwheat ground for hogs. Philips boat came from Fredericton today. Never better going. Boys at school at Mr Bedells. They are now on the 3rd week.
Nov 18 Cloudy, wind south and quite warm. Jack and Wormwood at the house. Ketchum and Fredk came from mill. Never better poling. River high, being over my upper Bar. Wm making hog pen.
Nov 19 Still cloudy, misty and warm. Jack & Wormwood at the house. Wm finished hog pen. Stopped the snow from drifting in by the rafters in the garret. Afternoon, rains considerable. Very warm.
Nov 20 Sunday. Cloudy, wind in north but not cold. It rained most of the night. Very muddy. A most excellent fall.
Nov 21 Cloudy and cool. Wind north, but moderate. Jack & Wormwood at the house. Some little spits of snow today emblem of winter. We have foddered only a little hay up to today to the cattle. Horses and sheep get a good living, and there being a great quantity of beech nuts, the hogs fat as far as they would upon corn. They have not yet been shut up. George Morehouse spent the afternoon with us yesterday for the first time. He came up with his party for the winter a week past. His quarters at Mr Wolvertons's.
Nov 22 Clear and pleasant. Major Morehouse came last evening for me to bury Mrs Armstrong. Set out with him very early in a birch canoe with an Indian. Arrived at 1 o'clock and buried Mrs Armstrong at 3 o'clock, then went to the Major's for the night.
Nov 23 Very pleasant, a little wind norwest after some rain in the night. Went to Mrs Davidson's. At night begins to rain.
Nov 24 A most severe wind at north. No moving this day.
Nov 25 A little more moderate, but excessive cold. At 2 o'clock left Mrs Davidson's for Mr Allen's. Stayed all night. Cold but no ice in the River, it being very high. Very cold night.
Nov 26 Left Mr Allan's early. Wind still at north, but not so high as some days past. All the eddies froze over strong Arrived home 7 o'clock at night. Evening still, and the ice began to make fast, for the first time this year. Excellent fall.
Nov 27 Sunday. A cold morning. A large quantity of ice running.
Nov 28 Clear and not so cold. Ice very thick. Plastering. Sally Hazelton came to work at 3 dollars a month. [From 1786, Spanish dollars were valued at 5s. in New Brunswick.]
Nov 29 Clear and quite moderate. Warner finished plastering. having been 5 days. Night visited Mrs Bull. Peabody's boys brought over some bricks from the kiln, landed on the Interval. The ice very thick and has closed back of the Island. Night cloudy.
Nov 30 Cloudy and snows for the first time. Wind south. Moderate.

Dec 1 Cloudy but not cold. It snows about 2 inches last night.
Dec 2 Clear and pleasant, wind no-east. Wormwood went home. Ice not so thick. The sheep and horses peck considerable. Night cloudy.
Dec 3 Cloudy morning after about 1 inch of snow in the night. Wind Norwest but not cold. The ice still runs but not thick.
Dec 4 Sunday. Cloudy but not cold. Wind south. Afternoon begins to snow and continues all night.
Dec 5 Cloudy, wind north and high. It snowed last night 8 inches. The snow has made the ice very thick.
Dec 6 Cloudy and very windy at north. The ice is now closing up to my Bar. Wormwood came in at ?
Dec 7 Clear and cold. Wind still at north. The River now closed fast and very smooth. Wormwood at ?
Dec 8 Cloudy. Wind still at north but not very cold. The River now closed fast with ice as far up as Wakefield, and no doubt Grand Falls. We never had it shut up smoother, it having not ?
in the least, and what is very singular, with less cold we were ever sensible of before. The boys have hired ? for two months, who began work yesterday being the 7th December. Wormwood left here this morning having done all the work for this winter. George fetched two bushels of ? from Bentley's. We never had so good a fall, and the winter equally good to this date, having been steady cold, but not severe from the day I arrived from burying Mrs Armstrong, which was Nov 26th, without any thaw, and with only 8 inches of snow.
Dec 9 It began to snow last evening and continued all night and the whole of this day, but very moderately. Wind high north. They now cross the River at Rogers on the Ice.
Dec 10 Still cloudy and snows a little all day. Wind at west, not so high. George and Fredk gone to get wood at Mr Peabody's, for school, and Jack to fix the room. Wm gone out to his land.
Dec 11 Sunday. Cloudy and misty. Quite moderate. Snows at night.
Dec 12 A little cloudy but very pleasant. Maria had her friends to a tea.
Dec 13 A very fine day. Killed hogs. The 6 hogs weighed 1178 lbs.
Dec 14 Snows a little from the norwest, but not cold. Ketchum killed his hogs. Cut up and salted pork. Night still and clear.
Dec 15 A clear still cold morning. Jack went to fetch in his wheat.
Dec 16 Cloudy but warm, wind south. Just at night, began to snow and continues very thick all night. Jack and Wm came in at night and 2 more teams, with all his wheat. Dr Rice stayed with us.
Dec 17 Cloudy but warm, wind west. It snowed last night 10 inches. The snow is now deeper than ever we knew it so early in winter. Put brine to my hams yesterday. Major McBay and George Morehouse dined and stayed til 10 o'clock at night, when they went over the River.
Dec 18 Sunday. Clear and pleasant, wind north
Dec 19 Clear and still morning, and very cold. Jack and Ketchum with an Indian went to get timber. William getting wood.
Dec 20 Clear and cold, wind north. Ketchum, Jack & Wm in the woods.
Dec 21 Clear and very cold night and morning. No wind. 12 o'clock moderates Boys and Ketchum getting timber. William Bull went to Fredericton yesterday. Married David Jackman and Rebecca Huntley.
Dec 22 Clear and pleasant. Married John Clark and Sarah Bull.
Dec 23 Cloudy but not cold. Snows a little. The ice very hard.
Dec 24 Very pleasant. Preparing for Christmas.
Dec 25 Sunday & Christmas. Clear and cold. A very large congregation. Night never colder.


Nov 12:Sunday - Clear after a Cold Morning - Afternoon Pleasant.
Nov 13:A Still and very Cold Morning - The Ice for the First Time began to Run, but Small and Thin - Captn. Ketchum's Boat went Past Early Yesterday Morning and Philips at Night - William Turner Breakfasted with us this Morning on His way Home. Dr. Rice came in Yesterday to my Daughter Ketchum - Betsy this morning much better - Frederick came in on Saturday Night, but not having finished Their Work, Jack Remained, and Fred went out this Morning with Provisions and John Smith to help them- This Day the People began to get the Timber for the School-House - 12 o-C- grows very Warm and Pleasant, it being Intirely still.
Nov 14:Clear and Still, very Cold - The Ice this Morning very thick and has Stoped all going on the River - The People again geting Timber for the School-House.
Nov 15:Clear and very Cold - But Still However a Pleasant Day. The Ice id now Runing in Large Cakes - The River Falls Fast - Visited Mrs. Bedell with Mrs. Griffith - Evening Captn. Smith arrived at Mr. Street's from Fredericton and has brought me one bb. of apples - 1 Box of Glass - Stove for School-House - and 2 Pots - Killed 7 Hogs - and Ketchum 3 - one large.
Nov 16:Cloudy like for Rain Wind Sou-West but little - Cut up and Salted Pork - The 7 Hogs weighed 1014 lbs. Very Good Considering we had no Corn and but few Potatoes and Meal to give them. Night, Mr. Street with us.
Nov 17:Cloudy and Snowy morning - just to Cover the Ground. Salted the Hams; and put away Meat that was Fresh. Wm. & Ketchum Killed 3 Pigs - Quite Warm - The Ice Done Runing - River falls. Night, Jack & Fredk came in from His Place; the Snow prevented their Finishing.
Nov 18:A little Cloudy, but Warm - Put Brine to Hams. Boys geting Wood - Harry caught a Sable - No Ice Runing - But a great deal on the Bars.
Nov 19:Sunday - Cloudy and warm after Church a little Snow - but warm
Nov 20:Cloudy and warms. Boys at the Dung - mended Windows.
Nov 21:Still Cloudy and Warm - fixing Stable - Night Wind at South. Mr. Street and Thomas Griffith spent the Evening with us.
Nov 22:Still Cloudy but cool the Wind being at North, but little. The Snow is now of the Improvements and no Ice. Married John Hea and Mary Dickinson. Towards Night it begins to Rain - Maria & Betsy, Turner with the Boys and Mr. Street spent the Evening at Mr. Bedell's. Rains the first part of the night; But clears off before Day.
Nov 23:Clear and Cool Wind Norwest but little - Boys at the Dung - Spent the Evening at Captn. Bull's with Mrs. Griffith & Elisha & Thomas, William & Mrs. Street, Maria & Betsy Turner - 11 0-C- Came Home. Dark.
Nov 24:Boys at the Dung - A fine Day clear but not Cold. William Turner came for his Sister - Stayed all Night - Went to Peabody's.
Nov 25:Cloudy and Snows till 12 when it Clears off verey Pleasant. It Snowed about 3 Inches - Boys fixing Hovels - afternoon William & Wm. Turner went to Captn. Ketchum's - The Storm Prevented Betsy from going Home in a Cannoe.
Nov 26:Sunday - A little Cloudy but not Cold; Some Ice this Morning. Betsy for the First Time Since her Swelling on her Thumb at Church.
Nov 27:Clear and Cold Wind North but little - The Ice very Thick, the River is now very Low Indeed - We never had a Colder Night in Novr. Boys making Horse Stable - Shut up Cellar. N. Cunliffe Stayed at Night.
Nov 28:Clear Still and very Cold Morning. Ice very thick and large cakes. Boys at the Horse Stable. Dr. Rice called this Morning, being on his way home from Mr. McLaughlin's whose Daughter Hariot is very sick.
Nov 29:Cloudy and Misty Wind South but little Quite Warm. The River is closed up with Ice to Roger's, but must go again to all Appearance. Afternoon some Rain. Jack at the Horse Stable. Boys Banking House.
Nov 30:Cloudy after a Rainy Night but Quite warm - 11 O-C- the Wind rises at North and begins to snow and continues all the Afternoon. Went to Mr. Peabody's. Mrs. Woollard Supposed to be a Dieing. Boys geting Wood and at the Barn. Everet Came to Kill the Cow tomorrow.

Dec 1:Clear and very Cold Wind High at North - Boys at the the Horse Stable - Everet Killed the Cow - very Good Beef - Mrs. Woollard died Yesterday at half after 11 O-C- The Ice from the late Snow very Thick, and Closing up Fast - The River is now full up to my lower Bar.
Dec 2:Clear and Seldom a Colder Morning - A little Wind at North. Buried Mrs. Woollard. They Brought Her over the River Acrost my Bar on the Ice, alto' it Closed up last Night. We never had the River Closed with the Ice and Crossed So Soon before. Very Cold Day.
Dec 3:Sunday - A Clear Still and vert Cold Morning. But Soon Moderates.
Dec 4:Cloudy Wind South and Quite Warm. A little Snow and then Misty with Some Rain all Day. Jack, George and Fredk. gone to Mr. Bedell's to fix Room for School and to get wood. Cut up and Salted Beef - Captn. Bull carried up the Stove and got Wood
Dec 5:Clear and Cool, Wind Norwest - Boys at the Stable & Dung. This Day Mr. Kendal began the School for one Year at 10/ Pr. Schollar at Mr. Bedell's who has hired a Room for 10/ Pr. Month. Afternoon Captn. Bull and Jack Fixing School - Room.
Dec 6:Still Cloudy and Warm - Wind South - The Ice is now Fast having Moved down several Times toDay - Warner Finished the Chamber - William and Richard Tended Him - Towards Night a Few Spits of Snow.
Dec 7:Cloudy Wind South and very Warm - The Ice has moved Down several times toDay and is Jamed very much. The River never Closed up so High before - It is now as High as it was last Spring - Warner Plaistering the Entry above.
Dec 8:Sunday - Cloudy Warm Morning but not Rain. The Snow almost Gone - The River is now Closed up very Thick.
Dec 9:Clear and Cold - The Wind Rose last Night at North and High - and of Course very Cold - Warner Plaistering and Fixing Stairs. Jack Smith and Ketchum gone in to get Shingles. Kendal began School this Day for another Year at 10' pr. Scholar.
Dec 10:Cloudy and Cold, the Coldest Day we have had - Packard began work againt Yesterday afternoon - Warner Plaistering - afternoon grows Moderate - Wind Rises South.
Dec 11:Cloudy and Warm Wind South Like for Rain.
Dec 12:Cloudy and very Warm after a little Rain in the Night. Packard and Warner Finished this Day and went Home, with a Steer bought of William for L6.5
Dec 13:Clear and Warm as September. Fixed Smoak House - Beardsley made Sink - Elisha Cunliffe and Betsy Spent the Evening with Us - Night Foggy - Snow almost Gone
Dec 14:Clear and very Warm - We never had warmer weather at this Time of Year - Put up my Hams to Smoak; after a Heavy Snow Squal brought the Wind North and Colder.
Dec 15:Sunday - Cloudy after a Severe Windy Night not Cold.
Dec 16:A little Snow in the Night, brought the Wind at North and very High and very Cold - Richard went with William to Wakefield to get Timber with William Turner. Visited Betsy with Captn. & Mrs. Bull and Street. Put both my hams to Smoak. Night never Colder - Wind very High
Dec 17:Clear and Cold Indeed - Wind No-East. Some Appearance of Snow Fredk. caught a Fox - Richard went Home, having Brot Slay.
Dec 18:Clear and Moderate after 6 Inches of Snow - Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Beardsley, Wm. & Mr. Dibblee with us - Night Wind Norwest.
Dec 19:Clear and not Cold - Richard Fetched Home Broken Slay from Captn. Ketchum's - Night maria had a large Party - Still and Clear.
Dec 20:Never a Colder morning - it having been Still and Clear all Night - Mr. Beardsley Mending Slay - Still, Clear and Cold all Day.
Dec 21:A Cloudy morning, but not so Cold - Afternoon wind Rises at North and Cold Indeed - Beardsley finished Slay.
Dec 22:Cloudy Wind Nor-West but not Cold - Boys at the Barn and Geting Wood - Fixed the Spout for Discharging the Water, which Runs a little.
Dec 23:Clear after a Cold Night - but a fine Pleasant Day, only a little Cloudy - Jack gone to Mill - Boys Preparing Wood, etc, for Christmas.
Dec 24:Sunday - Cloudy Wind South-East and Snows fast - before Church time, turns to Rain, which continues all Day - Quite Warm.
Dec 25:Christmas. Cloudy but warm a little wind at North - A Large Congregation.
Dec 26:A little Cloudy Wind Nor-west - but warm - fine winter weather. Jack & Fredk. laid up with Colds. Mary Ann Ketchum with us. Never better winter weather - Maria, Betsy Turner & Mary Ann Ketchum with the Boys on a Party to Captn. Uphams.
Dec 27:Cloudy a little, but Pleasant, Wind Nor-West - A Party of 21 with Us, Cellebrating the Joyful Season. Mr. Bedell came Home on Sunday Evening, went Down this Day to Fredericton.
Dec 28:Clear and Colder, Wind North, but not high - Very Unwell with a Bad Cold.
Dec 29:Clear and Cold but not Severe, fine winter weather.
Dec 30:Cloudy and Cold a little Wind at South. Quite Unwell with a Cold. Last Evening Captn. Rainsford, William Davidson and his Sister Deborah came to make us a Friendly Visit at this Joyful Season.
Dec 31:Sunday - Cloudy Wind East and Warm. 12 O-C- begins to Snow fst from the East, and continues all day fast indeed. Ketchum & Betsy, Betsy Turner, Dined with us and our Friends - Mr. Street spent the Evening - No Church, Too Unwell. Night, Wind, No-East and Storms Amazingly.


Jan 1:Cloudy after a Severe Snowy Night. The Snow fell 8 or 9 Inches - Wind Norwest but not Cold - Breaks away Pleasant - Mr. Street Dined with Us and our friends, Benjamin & Sophia Smith spent the Evening - Ketchum & Betsy - Betsy Turner still with us.
Jan 2:A little Cloudy Wind North but Quite Warm. Our Friends Jack & Maria & Betsy Turner Dined at Ketchum's and then, with Mr. Dibblee Mr. Street & Captn. & Mrs. Bull Spent a very Pleasant Evening at Mrs. Griffiths.
Jan 3:A very Clear Warm and Pleasant Day. After Breakfast W. & Phebe Davidson & Captn. Rainsford left here for Prince William.
Jan 4:Clear and Still - a fine Day - It Thaws Considerable.
Jan 5:Clear Morning after a very Still Clear Night and of Course very Cold - Jack brought Home a year old Pert Steer that He bought of Nicholas cunliffe - Ketchum brought a Grist from Mill - Afternoon clouds over like for Snow.
Jan 29:From the last Date, we have had five Days that were Remarkably Cold - Constantly Cold and Clear Night & day. Two very Deep Snow Storms followed, and the Snow was never Dryer or Lighter, and then we had 3 as Cold Still Days as we ever Experienced. We have had no Norwesters, which is very fortunate, for if the wind had blown as usual after Snow Storms it would have driven the snow all into Heaps - after the Severe Cold a Thaw took Place, and it Rained Surprising fast and very Warm for two Days. This almost Carried off all the Snow and made the Roads and River almost Intirely Ice - and what is very Singular, we had 7 Days Continual Warm Pleasant Weather without any wind - Since then moderately Cold, Clear and fine winter weather - They now travel the Principle Part of the way to Fredericton, on the Ice. Buried a young Daughter of Mr. Peabody Jany. 25 1816.

Feb 1:From the last Date fine Pleasant Weather, not Cold in the least, and yesterday too warm to work in our Cloaths - This Day Cloidy and a little Snow in the Morning; Wind Sou-East and Warm, like for Rain, Afternoon a little Rain, and in the Night a most Severe Gust of Wind from the Norwest. We never knew a heavier blow; but it did not do any damage in this neighborhood.
Feb 12:From the last Date only three Cold Days, the Rest as fine winter weather as we could reasonably wish - Cloudy morning with Some Snow and then Rain - Wind Fresh at South, very warm. It rains most of the Night, and then Clears off Pleasant.
Feb 19:From the last Date very Pleasant and Clear Weather. This Day Cloudy Wind south but warm - Soon begins to Snow a little. Set out for Fredericton with William. It Hails some with Some Rain all Day, went to major Morehouses, stayed all Night; the Road very heavy. - Next day left the Major's for Fredericton - Very Pleasant but the Road drifted very much and heavy - arrived at Sundown at Vanhorne's.
Feb 23:We had a most Severe Snow Storm from No-East - It Snowed all Day and Night, and Drifted the Streets full, that it was very Difficult to travel the Streets in Fredericton; Detained by the great Snow till Tuesday when we set out for Home; Road very bad. But got to Mrs. davidson's - Stayed all Wednesday, a Small fall of Snow in the Night - Wind High at North, which fills the Road all up with Snow - Thursday Set out and got Home, but our Horses beat out. found Bell Allen here - very stormy bad weather for some Days

Mar 5:Jacob Allen with his sister Mary came on a visit - the 6th Nicholas Cunliffe's Great Ball - Two of the Miss Simpson's with their Brother, Dined with us and then all Hands to the Ball. The next night at a Ball at Mr. Wm. Upham's.
Mar 8:Edward Street, His Sister and Miss Hanah Hubbard arrived - Spent the evening at Mrs. Griffith's. the 9th all our friends Dined with Us and then went for the Evening to Captn. Ketchum's - Preparing to go to Mrs. Philips's to Preach toMorrow - the Weather very Cold and Blustering which Drifts the Snow very much and Spoils the Road. We never knew a worse beginning of March; a large Quantity of Snow on the Ground, and Driven by the Wind into large Heaps - It has Scarcely Thawed these Tow Days - Girls and Boys all Compleatly tyred with Dancing.
Mar 11:A fine Spring Day - Wind Nor-West it Thaws Some toDay - came from Mr. Philips's last Night - Found our friends at the Church with the Singers - This Morning after Breakfast Mr. Street, His sister and Miss Hubbard - Jacob Allen and His two sisters left Us for their Home.
Mar 15:Bad Cold Weather from the last Date till Yesterday when the Wind from the South, brought Snow and then Some Small Rain, but before Night Clears off very Pleasant, and the Wind Rises Norwest and Blows Fresh all Night - After Breakfast John and Maria set out for a Visit to Fredericton - a Cold Blustering Morning
Mar 16:Cold Morning - but Soon moderates - Wind Rises South and Clouds over - Night begins to Snow - very Chilly Indeed - Fredk. went with Benjamin Griffith and the School-Master to Presque Isle.
Mar 17:Sunday - Clear and very Cold Morning - Wind very High and Drives the Snow well into heaps - George Bull came last Night from Meramachi
Mar 18:Never a Colder Morning after a Severe Cold Night - Fredk. came Home - the Wind drifts the Snow Surprisingly all Day and Never Colder
Mar 19:Cold as ever Known after a most Severe Cold Night - But Soon Moderates, it being Still and Cloudy; like for Foul Weather.
Mar 20:Snows most of the Day from South and Chilly - Visited Mrs. M. Smith with a large Party - Little Snow fell but very Dry.
Mar 21:Clear and Cold, Wind very High at Nor-west - The Snow Drifts very much toDay - Captn. Ketchum came from Fredericton - George Bull Gave a very Exclusive Ball; Including all the Young People in the Parish.
Mar 22:Clear and Cold Morning - Wind Fresh at Nor-West, but Does not Drift the Snow as Yesterday - We never had such a March so Far - The Snow is now Deeper than we ever had it, at this Period, and it is Packed amazing Hard - Not the Least Thaw by the Sun or Rain this Spring. It has Scarcely Thawed about the House - and none at all in the Road, and the Slaying is exceeding good - The Ice never Stronger or Lower.
Mar 23:Clear Cold Still morning - after a most Severe Cold Night - afternoon Wind Rises from the South and like for a Storm - Night Wind High.
Mar 24:Sunday - Clear after a little Snow - The first appearance of Spring. married Anthony Woollard and Sarah Schriver - Night Clear and Cold
Mar 25:Cold Morning and Cloudy with Some Snow from the South, and then Clears off - 12 o-c- Wind Comes from North with Snow - Bad indeed.
Mar 26:Cloudy and Some Snow from the South, very Chilly in the Morning. Dined with Captn. Bull in Company with Captn. Ketchum and Lady - Chas. Ketchum & Lady, Mrs. Griffith and Elisa, Wm. Bull and Lady - Thomas Griffith spent the Evening - Quite Warm in the Night.
Mar 27:Clear and warm Something like Spring Weather.
Mar 28:Cloudy and very warm after a Smart Shower in the Night, Wind at South. The Snow now for the first time Settles fast - George Bull set out for Merimachis. Isaac Smith went to Fredericton with Him. Some Rain in the forenoon and then Clears off with the wind Norwest.
Mar 29:Clear and Cold as January - Wind very High from the Norwest. Jack and Maria came Home at 2 o-c- Cold Indeed.
Mar 30:A Severe Cold Night and Morning - Not the least appearance of Sugar and the Snow has Settled but very little; it is Deeper now on the Improvements than any Time of Winter - Bad Indeed. Never Such a Spring - Ketchum went to Mrs. Davidson's to bring Potash Kettle.
Mar 31:Sunday - Clear and Warm it Thaws Some toDay.

Apr 1:All Fool's Day. Cloudy after some Rain in the Night; Wind South - Misty and Warm - Lockwood with Us - Afternoon Lockwood went Home - Ketchum came with the Kettle - Towards Night, Rains fast and Continues most of the Night. Snow goes Surprisingly.
Apr 2:Cloudy and Misty Morning - Preparing for Sugar - after a little Rain it clears off with the wind Nor-west and Very high
Apr 3:A very Windy Cold Morning - Ground Froze hard as a Rock - Making Spiles - Boys making Troughs - Very Windy Cold Day.
Apr 4:Clear Still and as Cold a Morning as in February - Terrible Spring - at the Spiles - Boys at the Camp and Ketchum - Afternoon warmer and the Sap Runs a little for the first time - The Snow has not melted in the least for Some Days - Nicholas Cunliffe and his sister Phebe - drank Tea with Us
Apr 5:Clear Still and Warm Day - The Snow goes now fast Enough, and the Sap Runs Well, but we have not Tapted any Trees - Making Troughs and fixing Camp - at the Spiles - Elisa Griffith Drank Tea with Us - This Morning a Slay Drove down on the Ice, in the middle of the River
Apr 6:A very warm and Misty Morning - The Snow went last Night very much and the water is coming all over the Ice. No part of the Meadow bare - at Night it Rains fast - The Sheep and Horses went for the first time into the Meadow.
Apr 7:Sunday - Clear and Cool Wind Norwest. The Sap Runs Well this Day.
Apr 8:Clear Still Morning after a Cold Night - little Sap toDay. The Snow has gone this Thaw very much Indeed, but there is yet but very Small Patches in the Meadow that are bare - The Cattle & all are out on the Fields trying to get at the Ground - afternoon Wind Rises at South and Some Appearance of Rain - Began to Tapt our trees - Visited Wm. Bull with a large Party - William Hawled Some Hay from Mrs. Rogers's. Fredk. & George at the Camp. Jack and Ketchum fixed Potash Kettle.
Apr 9:Cloudy Morning and 11 o-c- begins to Rain Fast, and very Warm - all hands at the Camp - Taping as fast as possible - William gave Mr. Rogers a Bushel of Wheat for Damage the Oxen Did Him last Harvest - 3 o-c- Clears off very Pleasant: the Boys Caught 2 1/2 Barrels of Sap - Captn. & Mrs. Cunliffe, Captn. & Mrs. Bull, Wilm and Mrs. Dibblee, Mr. and Mrs. Beardsley Drank Tea with Us. Evening very fine.
Apr 10:Clear, Cold, Blustering Morning - Wind North and very High. Too Cold for Sap - Boiling Down what they had Caught. Never Colder Day in April - The Ice breaks against the House - but Strong in general.
Apr 11:Very Cold Night and Morning. Wind North. Opened the White Potatoes. Very Good. The Ice broke from my Lower Bar and 1 o-c- from my Upper Bar - But Ran only about 30 Rods - Afternoon a little Sap - and the Snow Thaws a little, but the Meadow almost covered yet. We seldom had a worse Spring thus far. And we never had so much Snow in the Woods. Deb Calved the 4th of April.
Apr 12:Good Friday - Cloudy Wind High at Sou-East and very chilly before Church begins to Snow and Continues all Day very Cold
Apr 13:Cloudy and Misty but Warm - Wind East - Jack & George gone to Drive Cattle out to His Stack of Hay on His Place - Maria with the Slay to fetch them Home - It Thaws some toDay - The Snow fell 4 Inches. Afternoon tapting Trees and Clearing Troughs.
Apr 14:Easter Sunday - Cloudy and Snow Showers all Day. Some Sap.
Apr 15:Still Cloudy and some Snow by Squals all Day but quite Warm - The Sap runs Midling toDay - Jack & Ketchum & Fredk. Taping Trees as fast as Possible - George Boiling down Sap - The Snow goes fast, but there is not a quarter of the Improvements bare
Apr 16:Still Cloudy and Snow Squals - but warm - Afternoon Rains Fast - The Ice has now broke from my Upper Bar below the Barn - But People Pass the River on the Ice - Wm. Fredk. & George at the Camp. Jack & Ketchum making Troughs - Little Sap.
Apr 17:Still Cloudy and Snow Squals all Day - Little Sap, the Boys caught 6 Barrels - Visited Mrs. Griffith, no other Company. The Ice broke from Mrs. Griffith's and Jamed up below my Upper Bar.
Apr 18:Still Cloudy and Snow Squals all day - The Weather very uncommon - The Squals of Snow - Sometimes from the West and then from the East - Then will follow from the North and then from the South - but very little Wind - It has thus Varied from one Point of the Compass to another for 5 Days - and all the Squals Snow but one. Bad weather for Sap - Ketchum and the boys sugaring off for the first time. Smith Cow Calved yesterday.
Apr 19:Still Cloudy and by turns Snows, but as bad as Yesterday. The Boys Sugared off about 100 pounds of Good Sugar yesterday - I then opened a Cabbage Hole and found them good - It being clear by Turns last Night there was Frost and the Sap runs Well toDay. Considerable Snow in the Morning, but most of the Day clear and very Warm - This is the 8th Day that we have had Snow; and the Weather Such that the Snow that fell only Melted - William Sugared off again this afternoon 76 lbs.
Apr 20:Cloudy Morning after Some Snow in the Night - Wind soon Rises at No-East and High - Grows Cold - Boys Caught Yesterday 10 Barrels the best Day for Sap yet - Blos and Cherry Calved yesterday, but last Night Blos's Calf was Killed by a Cow laying on it. Midling Day for Sap, Last Night Uncommon Northern Lights - The Snow and Ice Remain as before.
Apr 21:Sunday - Still Cloudy and Rainy most of the Day, Wind High at No-East - A Small Jam of Ice came Down toDay.
Apr 22:Still Cloudy after a little Snow in the Night, Wind very High at No-East - very little Sap these two Days, there having been Scarce any Frost - The Ice last Night broke at the lower End of my Intervale and Run off - Several Jams of Ice Ran toDay Suppose from the Grand Bar - The Snow has gone, so as to be near half off the Improvements - Fredk. at the Camp - Boys at the Barn - Jack & William geting Timber
Apr 23:Still Cloudy after a warm night, not the least Frost and therefore not the least Sap - Wind No-East but not so High nor so Thick Cloudy as before; it has now some Appearance of being Clear, no Rain or Snow toDay. Last Evening a Jam of Ice Ran - and in the Night a large Jam, Suppose from above the Grand bar - opened another Cabbage Hole; found them very good. Jack at the Timber, Fredk. at the Camp - William after more Hay. George Unwell. Henry & Lewis at School. The worst Spring yet.
Apr 24:Clear at last and Cold - It froze the Ground Considerable last Night - The Best Day for Sap yet - Last Evening the Ice began to Run very Thick and Continued to Appearance all Night; the Bars being Covered and Some Ice Running in the Morning. No doubt the main Body of Ice has come Down - all Hands at the Camp and in the woods - Wind Rises at North - Afternoon very Warm, and the Snow almost gone of the Improvements - But more than we Ever Knew at this Time, in the Woods - River low - Just over my bar
Apr 25:Clear after a Cold Night - It Froze the Ground Hard - Caught yesterday better than 10 Barrels - Afternoon too warm for Sap. Midling Day for Sap - All hands at the Camp and woods - The Ice Ran 3 hours very Thick - Mr. & Mrs. Smith with us, Only a few Patches of Snow.
Apr 26:Still Clear and Cold Morning - Froze much last Night, but too warm for a great Day of Sap - All hands at the Camp and Woods. Very Muddy 0 Considerable Fine Ice toDay - Suppose the last - River on the Rise - But only just over my bar - Remarkable for so late in the Spring.
Apr 27:Clear and Cold Morning - Considerable Frost - but too warm for much Sap - They Caught only 6 Barrels yesterday - 12 o-c- Still very warm - Snow all gone in the fields, but the Fences and Low Places - George & Fredk. at the Camp - Jack & William hawling their Birch Timber - Opened the Out Cellar Door - Some Small Ice Runing - No Doubt from above the Falls - Afternoon warm Indeed.
Apr 28:Sunday - Clear and very warm - Wind High at no-East
Apr 29:Clear and never a Warmer Day in May - We had some Frost - the two last Nights - but too warm for Sap - it Runs well a little While - Jack and William Hawling their Birch Timber - Ketchum, Fred. & George at the Camp - Endeavouring to Set the Water a Runing - River Rises fast and is now geting on the Intervale - This Day they Began to Burn above me - Promising Indeed
Apr 30:Clear and Warm as yesterday - George Boiling Down the last Sap - Jack and William hawling their Birch Timber - Fredk. at the Flax - River Rises very Fast. From Breakfast to Dinner the Ice Ran very Thick and Fine - The Last no doubt - Dug Parsnips. No Frost.

May 1:Clear and Cool Wind Sou-East - Jack & William at Their Timber - George and Fred, Boiling down Sap - Dug my Parsnips in old Garden - Fixing Garden - Afternoon visited Betsy with our Friends - River Rises but Slowly - Cloudy and at Sundown begins to Snow - Very Chilly - the wind gets No-East.
May 2:Clear and Cold Morning - the Ground Covered with Snow. Wind Rises at North - It Froze some Last Night - but little Sap - Jack & William at their Timber - Fredk. & George Sugared off better than 80 lbs. - Got back toDay my Twine - Set Willows North Side of the Garden - Preparing Garden - River Rises, it is now halfway to my Rock - Saml. & Raymond Ploughing - the first this Spring
May 3:Clear and Cool - after a Smart Frost - Which makes Some Sap - River is now up to my Rock, but Rose but Little last Night - fixing Garden and then put my Twine in Bark for Dying. Let Wormwood have two Bushels of Wheat - Boys at the Flax - Grass now grows well.
May 4:Clear and Cold Morning - The Ground Froze Hard - Fredk. and George and Harry gone to gather the Sap for Honey and Beer - Jack & William Clearing - Dyed my Twine for Nets - Afternoon Still and very Warm - River falling fast.
May 5:Sunday Cloudy and like for Rain - at Sundown begins to Rain.
May 6:Clear after a small Rain in the Night - Wind west and very Warm - Jack & Ketchum with William Rafting their Timber - Fredk. Sugared off this Day 47 lbs. of Good Sugar the last - having made this bad Season 635 lbs, of good Sugar - Fixing Garden - Boys at the Flax - River falls.
May 7:Cloudy and a Shower in the Morning - Jack & William at their Rafting - Ploughed the Old Garden - first Ploughing - the River at a Stand - Began to Knit my Short Net - Afternoon a Shower
May 8:Cloudy but no Rain - Jack & Wm. Rafting - fredk. & George gathered Sap and made Two Barrels of Beer - Brought all from the Camp - Sowed Lettuce - Pepper Grass - Parsley - Cabbage Plants - and Planted my Early Peas. Set out my Cabbage Stumps - River Rises a Little - Nothing Grows but Grass.
May 9:Cloudy and soon begins to Rain with a Sprinkling of Snow Wind No-East and very Chilly - Jack gone to Maductic in a Jury with a Dead Indian, killed by Tobin - Kniting Net during Rain. Afternoon the Rain turned to Snow and Continued to fall very Fast for Several Hours, Completely Covering the Ground 3 Inches.
May 10:Cloudy Chilly Morning - Jack & George gone to Chop on his Place - 2 o-c- Clears off Warm when the Snow Disappears. Finished my Short Net - Mrs. and Elisa Griffith, Mrs. Peabody, Mr. Street, Ketchum & Betsy Drank Tea with Us.
May 11:Clear but Cool, Wind Sou-West - Jack & George on his Place, William & Fredk. Ploughing - Set out more Cabbage Stumps and Planted my Onions - afternoon warm and Pleasant - River Rising.
Account of work done on the School House
13 Nov 1815: Wm. Dibblee 1 day
14 Nov 1815: Wm. Dibblee 1 day
16 Nov 1815: Wm. Dibblee 1 day framing
May 12:Sunday - Cloudy Wind Sou-East, very Chilly - Soon begins to Rain - after Church, the Rain very Severe.
May 13:Clear Wind Sou-West and very High - Jack & George Ploughing - Fredk. & William Spreading Dung - Began my long Net - too wet for Gardening - The River Rising Slowly.
May 14:Clear Wind at Sou-West - William, Isaac Carvell and a Passenger with a Horse on the Raft, Started early this Morning. This Day, we got the Water Runing in the Aquaduct, before 12 Clouds up Thick and Begins to Rain - grows very Chilly - Afternoon Rains fast - River Rises now fast - Just at Dark begins to Snow.
May 15:Clear and Still Morning with the Ground Covered 4 Inches Deep with Snow - Wind rises at West and Cloudy - 3 o-c- Snow Disappears Afternoon Jack Ploughing - Fredk. & George at the Flax. Kniting. River now almost as High as before - Never - Never Such a Spring.
May 16:Clear and Cold Wind Norwest - Jack Ploughing. Boys Spreading Dung. Afternoon Began to Plant Some Potatoes in the Garden. Kniting Net and then at the Garden. River Rises.
May 17:Cloudy but no Rain - Very Cold for the Season - Jack Ploughing - Boys Clearing - Planted Parsnips
May 18:Cloudy but not so Cold - Wind North - Jack Ploughing. Boys Clearing and Burning - Planted my Marrow Fat Peas. River now a falling - The Lowest fresh we ever had - Major Morehouse & Capt. Lee Stayed all Night with Us -
May 19:Sunday - Clear and warmer - Grass now grows fast.
May 20:Clear and very warm - The first warm weather after 36 Days - The Supervisors went Down after a Jury with Captn. Bull, who gave Him for the Road this His Farm L35
May 21:Clear and Warm enough - Jack gone with his Oxen to his Place to Work - Boys Clearing - Planted Cucumbers, Mellons, Water Mellons - Sowed more Lettuce, Peper Grass - Planted Squash and Windsor Beans - River falls but slowly.
May 22:Cloudy Wind Sou-East and Chilly - Boys Clearing & Harrowing - Planted beets Carrots and my Bush Beans. Visited Captn. Bull, Fredk. went to Jack, Set Short Net.
May 23:Clear but Chilly, Boys Clearing & Harrowing. Planted Acorn Squash & 6 Pumpkin Mrs. Peabody - No Salmon.
May 24:Clear after a Smart Frost, that Made Ice in the Cannoe. Clearing & Harrowing - Planted 24 Hills of Pole Beans - Set out Some Corn - Planted more Cucumbers - No Fish.
May 25:Clear after another Smart Frost - warm Day - Sowed 1 3/4 Pecks of Peas and 2 Bushels of Barley - First Sowing. Caught 2 Small Salmon, the first this Spring. George at harrowing - Wm. & Henry - clearing - Night Set net
May 26:Sunday - Cloudy but warm. Some Rain toDay. fredk. came in last Night from Jack and George & Henry went out with more wheat & Provisions - Caught 3 Salmon - River falls fast.
May 27:Cloudy very warm - Boys Clearing - George came in left Henry to help Jack. Planted Some of my Potatoes - Strong and Set Long Net - Caught one Salmon - Every thing grows fast.
May 28:Cloudy after Rain in the Night - Sowed 2 Bushels of Wheat on the New Ground the first - Caught a Salmon - George Harrowing; Wm. & Fred - Clearing - Very Warm.
May 29:Cold Indeed after a Small Thunder Shower just at Night - Sowed 2 1/2 Bushels of Wheat on the New Ground - Jack & Henry came in having Sowed 4 Bushels of Wheat on his Place; New Ground. Mr. Smith Sheered my Sheep 27 - Never was there so Could a Day at Time of the Year. With My GreatCoat Buttoned up - I could scarce keep myself warm in Sowing - Caught a small Salmon. Very windy. North.
May 30:Clear and Cold Morning - It Froze Ice about the House and the Ground Considerably Hard - Sowed half a bushel of Wheat - Making 5 Bushels on the new ground. Wm. & Henry Harrowing. Jack, Fredk. & George Making Fence - Planted the whole of my Potatoes - Wind very High at North - and Cold as yesterday - caught a Small Salmon - all in the short net.
May 31:Clear and very Cold Morning - The Ground Froze Hard and Ice were ever there was water - The Frost has Destroyed every thing that will not bear it - Began to Plant corn - William finished Harrowing Wheat on New Ground - Sowed some Cabbage Seed - The Frost having killed my old ones - The River has Rose a little Some Days Past; but now falls again - Caught a Salmon in Large Net. Afternoon quite warm and Pleasant. We hope for good wheat.

Jun 1:Clear and warm enough. Wind sou-west & high. Jack & Fredk. Casting Dung - the other Boys Planting Corn - William Ploughing above the Spring for Wheat - Caught 2 Salmon in the Short Net - the long not being set.
Jun 2:Sunday - A little Cloudy wind North but not Cold.
Jun 3:A Cloud Cast night - brought the Wind Nor-west and very High - and therefore very Cold - Boys finished Planting Corn - William Harrowing above the Spring for Wheat - Planted my last Pole Beans - C 1/2 Craig took our borrowed Cannoe; He Claiming it - River falls very fast - No Nets Set.
Jun 4:Clear and Cold Indeed - This Morning the Ground Froze Considerable Hard - and Ice in all the Ponds. Boys Dunging & Planting Potatoes - Sowed 3 Bushels & a Peck of Wheat above the Spring - William Harrowing it - little wind - and grows Warmer - Pink Calved Friday May 31st - and a Heifer Jun 2nd.
Jun 5:A very Rainy Morning and Day - Wind at Sou-East - Set Short Net last Night with a Raft and Caught 2 Salmon - George went to Mill, 2 Bushels.
Jun 6:Cloudy and Rains most of the day, Wind at No-east and Very Cold - Mr. Allen Stayed all Night on his way up the River - Planting Potatoes till the Rain Stopted Us - Caught One Salmon.
Jun 7:Cloudy and Cold as Winter. Snow Squals all Day. The Snow fell last Night So as to Cover the Ground - Terrible Indeed - Never knew Snow in Summer before. Mr. Allen left us before Breakfast. This Day our Meeting about Parish Schools - River Rising fast - No Salmon - Never was there such weather - People Ploughing & Harrowing with their Great Coats on - Wind High Norwest.
Jun 8:Still Cloudy and very Cold; Wind High at North - Planting Potatoes - Lockwood came for 2 Bushels of Seed Wheat. Raining Fast. Set no Nets. Showry all Day.
Jun 9:Trinity Sunday. Cloudy and Colder if Possible. Wind very High at North - This Morning the Hills on the other side of the river were covered with Snow - Towards Night Rains fast.
Jun 10:Still Cloudy and very Cold - it Rained last Night mixed with Snow - and this Morning the Hills on the other Side were Intirely Covered - Never was there such a June. The Boys finished planting Potatoes on the Intervale and then Planting in the Old Garden - afternoon clears off.
Jun 11:Clear and Still - a very heavy Frost, the Ground all White - Some Fog - 10 o-c- grows warm, and we laid aside our Great Coats, which we have worn for 11 days. Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Oats - the Wheat is now just coming up - Nothing has grown but Peas; the Rest of the Seeds remain in the Ground - But Some Beans in Sight. Caught one Salmon.
Jun 12:Clear and Warmer, wind Sou-west - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Oats. Jack & William Making Fence above the Rapid Rock - Fredk. & George Harrowing. Henry Helping Ketchum plant Potatoes - Afternoon Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Oats - Grows Cloudy and after Sunset a Heavy Shower with Some Thunder.
Jun 13:Clear and Cool Wind High at North - Sowed 2 of Oats, finished the Stuble Ground - Making in the Whole 6 Bushels and 3 Pecks. Henry Helping Ketchum. Jack & William at the Fence - Fredk. & George Harrowing. No Salmon these Two Days. The Oxen tore my Long Net. River falling fast.
Jun 14:A foggy Morning - No Frost here but some at Captn. Bull's - very Chilly Wind Sou-east but little - grows Cloudy - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of the new Buckwheat - and 2 Quarts of Flax seed - when the Rain drove us all Home, and Continues all Day - Never was there Such a Season - one Salmon
Jun 15:Cloudt Wind No-East and Chilly. Jack went to major Morehouse's. Boys harrowed the Buckwheat & Flax Seed - very Muddy. Plowed the Cabbage Yard - and then Planted Some Potatoes there. William at the Fence by the Road - afternoon clear, but chilly - One large Salmon.
Jun 16:Sunday - Clear and very warm at last - No Wind. Nancy Cunliffe with Us - We hope now things will grow.
Jun 17:Clear and warm after a Cool Night, but not Frost. Sowed more New Buckwheat - making 1 Bushel and 3 Quarts, of the New Kind- Nancy Cunliffe and Maria Visiting at Captn. Smith's. Set up Scare Crows, the Corn coming up - It has been Planted a Fortnight to Day. Wheat that has been Sowed 14 Days only just Coming up.
Jun 18:Clear and warm enough - William & Fredk. at the Fence - Sowed a Peck of Old Buckwheat which finished the Crop - Mr. Cook came last Night and began to work this morning - Visited Mrs. Griffith with our friends - Jack about on a visit - George Harrowing Buckwheat - 2 Salmon
Jun 19:Clear and very Warm Indeed - Sowed Some Grass Seed - Boys at School - fredk. & B. Griffith fetched 11 Hundred feet of Boards from Philip's mill for School House - Afternoon a Thunder Shower - Mended Long Net - Wind North grows cool - 2 Salmon
Jun 20:Clear, wind very high indeed at North - and of Course very Cold - We fear a Severe Frost - Wormwood began to Work at the School House - Planted 15 Hills of Pole Beans - Bushed my Early Peas. Wind Blows a Gale; Caught 2 Salmon.
Jun 21:Cloudy Morning and cold, but not Frost - Finished Sowing Grass seed - Grows Warmer - Like for Rain - 4 Salmon, in the Short Net - mended and Set Long Net, but no Fish.
Jun 22:Cloudy Morning - but soon Clears off very Warm Indeed . Mrs. B. Rainsford, Mr. Winslow and his 2 Sisters came last night 10 o-C- After Breakfast went for Presque Isle on Their way to Canada. I Salmon.
Jun 23:Sunday - Clear and warm Indeed.
Jun 24:Clear and never warmer - Poled my Marrow Fat Peas - Mr. Rainsford and Miss Winslow called on their Way Down at 12 o-C- Stayed to Dinner and then went on their Journey. Everything now grows fast - The Corn just up and looks well - The Last Planting of Cucumbers now just up - Beans also and look well - just at Night a Shower brought the Wind Nor-West. Fredk. & George on the Road - William set out for Fredericton - Set Short Net.
Jun 25:Clear and Cooler Wind at Nor-west - Jack fixed Celler. Fredk & George at the Road - At the Garden - Jack Sold his Oxen to Peter Bull for L46. Mrs. Crookshanks called and left a Letter from Coln Jarvis to me - would not stay all Night - Caught 3 Salmon
Jun 26:Clear and never warmer - at the Garden - Boys Diging Trench for Mr. Cook - Captn. & Mrs. Bull, Mr. & Mrs. Bedell, Mrs. Griffith Drank Tea with Us - no Salmon.
Jun 27:Clear and warm indeed - at the Garden - Boys Diging Trench - Jack helping Mr. Cook fix the water works - Caught 2 Salmon 1 in each Net - Afternoon clouds up
Jun 28:Cloudy and a little Rain - very Warm - Mr. Cook finished the acquedut having Carried the Water to the Barn - which was 17 Rods at 5' 3 Pr. Rood - L5..16..3. 2 Salmon. Short Net.
Jun 29:Clear and Cool. Wind North. We never had such a Season. When the Wind Comes from the North, it is immediately very chilly - Tho' ever so warm before - Dr. Emmerson & Lady with a young woman Staid all Night on Their Way to Canada. 2 Salmon.
Jun 30:Sunday - Clear but a very foggy morning which prevented Frost - a Very Cold Night - after Breakfast the Dr. left Us.

Jul 1:Clear and Still - a warm Day - after a Cold Night - George Drove 6 Head to Pasture at Mr. Lane's. Began to How our Corn, but little Prospect of any, we have such Cold Nights. Poling Peas - my Early Peas just beginning to Bloom, and Cucumbers only the 3rd leaf - too Cold for Such Tender Plants
Jul 2:Clear after Another Cold Night - William Came last Night from Fredericton - Howing Corn and Clearing the Garden. Caught 2 Salmon One very large - a warm Day

Aug 15:From the last Date we have had Some few Cold Nights, but in general never warmer nor more growing summer - Very heavy Rains and some Thunder Showers. Everything Grown Astonishingly and all look very well, but from the cold till July very Backward - Corn is now in the Silk, but little Planted - People have just begun their Haying - Grass is much better than Expected - Jack and George are now Cutting the Grass on his Place. Gresner and Benjamin Griffith half done their Hay - They this day went to Fredericton with Captn. Smith's Boat for Gresner's Things - Cloudy, and a little Rain, but Carting in hay.
Altho' the Salmon have been very Scarce at Fredericton and on the River, we have been very Successful and Caught more than for Several Years Past - Wheat now looks very Promising. The Cold Dry weather kept it back and the Fly never more Plenty - But after the Warm Weather began we had a very Heavy Warm Rain, and the Fly Intirely Disappeared - and the Wheat grew almost beyond Belief - Peas, Barley and Buckwheat look as well as we could Wish - Potatoes also good but late; If we have no early Frost, we may yet, with the Blessing of God - have Good Crops. Beans good but just fit for Picking. The first Mess toDay - Cucumbers only now Seting - Jack and George came Home from the Prospect of Rain - Afternoon Captn. Smith's Boat went Past.

Sep 7:From the last date we have had Cool Nights but Warm Days - never Better Season for geting Hay - and never Hay yet in Better Order - but one Rain during the Whole Time. The last Day of August, we had a Frost, but it did no hurt only to the Buckwheat - what was not Ripe was Injured - The Wheat to all appearance very Good, but Exceeding late - There being None at this Date fit for Cuting - But changing fast - The Weather at this Date warm enough, and every thing now ripens fast - Cut our Barley this Day - Jack went to fredericton with Jacob Allen yesterday - Mr. Slocum also went from here Yesterday - The Pole for the Election of Members for the County of Yorke Closed at Thomas Philips on Wednesday March 4th when Mr. Fraser, Allen, Agnew and John Dow were Chosen

Oct 3:From the last Date we have had very Uncommon Cold Weather and some Frost as severe as the last of Novr. in Common Years - Never was there such a Summer and Fall - The Cold Weather Prevented the Wheat from Ripening and the Frost has Destroyed the Wheat throughout the Province - and Almost the Oats - The Potatoes not Half a Crop - and then not Good - We never had so bad a Prospect, Corn Intirely Killed - No Vegetables, Scarcely a Cabbage Head - Turnips very poor - only a little Barley and Peas for our Hogs - The Country was never in so distressed a Situation - By Good Judges not Three Months Bread [This is The Year Without A Summer.] This Day Mrs. Moody and Children and Servants Stayed with us and Mr. Fair Wife and Sister - They are on their way, with Captn. Bradley and Family, for Canada. Mrs. Gordon and Mr. Peter Clements on a Visit - Wind Norwest and never Colder this Time of the Year.
Oct 4:Cloudy and Cold Wind high at Nor-west - 12 o-C- The Boys took Mrs. Moody and Children on Horseback to Mr. Philips - The two young Miss Bradley's and their Brothers spent the Evening with Us - at 10 o-C- Night Captn. Rainsford came for the Design of Stoping his Sister Caroline from Going to Canada and Taking her Home - Very Cold and a Severe Frost.
Oct 5:Cloudy and Snows Fast - Clements & Garden left Us this Morning for Home - Captn. Rainsford brought his Sister here this Morning - Cold Day
Oct 6:Sunday - Cloudy and Rains and Snows. The Ground is now Covered with Snow. William went rhe Horses to take the Miss Bradley's to Presque Isle.
Oct 7:Still Cloudy and very Cold - Captn. Rainsford and Sister left Us this Morning - They went in Captn. Smith's Boat - the Ground is now Intirely Covered with Snow - and Froze Hard - Most of our Wheat is now in the field and all the Oats - never never such Weather.
Oct 8:Cloudy, Wind South and Warmer. Some Rain which took off the Snow - Preparing for Fredericton.
Oct 9:Set out for Fredericton with John Smith - Poleman.
Oct 15:Came Home - Wind Sou-East and Some Rain - While absent the Weather Clear and Cold Frosty Nights - The River was never so Low before - The Dryest Fall ever Known.
Oct 21:From the last Date Good Weather but Frosty Nights - Jack This Day set out on his Visited to the Unighted States; Henry Morehouse went with Him, having been upon Militia Duty - We have now got all our Potatoes in, not more than 100 Bushels - When we might with a Good Season have looked for 400 - Bad Indeed - Quite Warm & Pleasant
Oct 22:Warm and Cloudy Wind Sou-West - like for Rain. William went with the Cannoe and Jack's baggage to Fredericton; the River has Rose a little, but yet very low
Oct 25:Clear and Pleasant - after a severe Rainy night - We have now our turnips in - Very Poor - Fredk. fixing for Raising. fine warm weather and we have had no Frost for 6 Nights.

Nov 1:Since the last Date we have had Fine Warm Weather, but Continually Wet - William and Frederick Morehouse came this Day from Prince William and went to Nicholas Cunliffe's Great ball - who had brought Cuff from Fredericton to Play for them - a General Collection - The River is now Rising very fast, but not yet over my Bar.
Nov 3:Sunday - A wet Day after a Rainy Night - Richard and Frederick Morehouse came from Captn. Ketchum's.
Nov 4:Cloudy Wind South and Warm. F. Morehouse went Home - Our Boards from the States arrived for the School House and Amos Putnam brought 1500 for Us - Afternoon Very Rainy.
Nov 5:Never a more Rainy Night and Morning - Wm. & Amos Putnam gone to the Madusniacnak to get the Boards - This Day Packard & Putnam began to Work on the School House.
Nov 6:Still Remarkably Rainy, Wind high at South and Warm as Summer - no frost for three Weeks - Brought the Boards to the School House. River Rising very Fast.
Nov 7:Clear and Warm - Brought our Boards from the School House - Very Muddy - Afternoon Cloudy like for Rain
Nov 8:Cloudy after a Rainy Night and Warm Indeed. Never knew so much Cloudy Rainy Weather and Warm as Summer. Shut up our Hogs to Fat Yesterday. Fredk. gone to Mill toDay.
Nov 9:Cloudy and Warm but no Rain.
Nov 10:Sunday - Cloudy Wind Norwest and Chilly.
Nov 11:Clear after a Clear Frosty Night, the first after 15 Days - Brought in Some Cabbages - Ketchum Killed His Hogs - Pretty Good - River now Falls, but it very High - Almost Equal to the Spring.
Nov 12:Cloudy and Cold - Fredk. Helped Ketchum Cut up his Hogs. Fixing the Water Works and House - Elisa Griffith, Benjamin Gresner and Kendall spent the Evening with Us.
Nov 13:Cloudy and Cold - The Ground Froze Hard - Fredk. and Ketchum gone to Sow 2 1/2 Bushels of Rye on Jack's Place.
Nov 14:Clear Wind North but not so cold. Married George Baker and Ruth Shea. Ketchum & Philips went up.
Nov 15:Cloudy Wind South and Warm - Killed Hogs - Mr. Smith Helping the Boys - Afternoon Rains fast. The 7 Hogs weighed 1029 wt. Better than we expected from the Poor Crop - River fall but yet High.
Nov 16:Cloudy and Cold Wind North but little and Soon Grows Warm - Cut up and Salted my Pork - Night Still & Warm. Ketchum & Fredk. came in last Night having Sowed 2 Bushels.
Nov 17:Sunday - Cloudy Wind South and warm as Summer - Betsy for the first time since her Sickness with Us
Nov 18:Still Cloudy and very Warm indeed. no wind - Afternoon Packard & Putnam began work for Us - Captn. Smith's Boat this Day went to Fredericton.
Nov 19:Cloudy and Warm as Ever - Remarkable Weather - Everet Killed the Steer and 21st Cut up and Salted - Beef; next day put Brine to my Hams.
Nov 20:Cloudy after a very Rainy Night and Morning - Warner began to lath the House - Beardsley arrived from Fredericton - Warm as ever.
Nov 21:Cloudy Morning and Rainy after a most Severe Rainy Night Warner and Carpenters at Work. Afternoon Grows cold and Clears off. Wind North.
Nov 22:Clear and Cold Morning - Ground Froze Hard - Warner Went to Plaister School House and the Carpenters after Breakfast. We carried up the Lime yesterday and Fredk. & Ned fixed Mortar Half a Day.
Nov 23:Cloudy and Cold. Wind South. Married William Thompson and Elisabeth Blackmore - Warner finished Plaistering the School-House this Night, Fredk. & Ned made the Mortar. Two Days and Half each. George Volunteered.
Nov 24:Sunday - Cloudy and Cold. It Snowed last Night 3 Inches. Captn. Smith's Boat got up to Street's this night Some Small Ice from the Snow for the first Time in the River.
Nov 25:Cloudy Wind North - more Snow about 4 Inches which has made Considerable Ice in the River - Mr. Beardsley came to cover the Shed - Wind North and Cold Indeed for November.
Nov 26:Still Clear and Cold Mr. Beardsley Working at the Shed and House. Married James B. Schriver and Maria Willis - Night Beardsley went Home.
Nov 27:Cloudy Wind South and a little Snow - Boys at the Dung, Wm. Lathing for Plaistering - Henry Volunteered and Robert Griffith to Clear out rhe School-House - not so much Ice toDay.
Nov 28:Clear after Some Squals of Snow - Wind High at North - which drifts the Snow Considerable - Ice very Thick toDay and large Cakes - River very High, the Ice Runs Clear over my Bar - every Appearance of Winter
Nov 29:Clear and Still after a very Severe Cold Night - It Thaws a little on the Fences toDay - Ice very Thick - William and Richard lathing; George & Fredk. at the Dung - Fixed Cellar and Shut up Front Door.
Nov 30:Cloudy and a little Misty - Warm - Captn. Bull got Wood at the School-House - Fixed Stove - Boys finished Dung & Fixed Hovel.

Dec 1:Advent Sunday - A Fine Clear Morning - but the wind Soon Rises Norwest and grows Chilly - The Ice yet very Thick. River falls.
Dec 2:Clear after a Severe Cold Night - Ice now in large Cakes Wm. & Turnewr came last Night for our Wm. to go and See about geting [?] Both Set off this Morning - Kendall began School this Day in the New House. Henry and Lewis at School, George & Fredk. geting Wood.
Dec 3:Clear and Cold Morning - No Wind - Warner began Lathing. Killed Patty.
Dec 4:Cloudy and very Cold - Night William came Home - Visited Captn. Bull.
Dec 5:Cloudy and More Moderate. Wind South. Warner began to Plaster the Chamber - The River closing up with Ice - it is up to my lower bar.
Dec 6:Clear and Still but very Cold Morning - after a Severe Cold Night - Boys at the Stable & Dung. Night Captn. Bull and Jack fixing Writing Tables at the School-Room George and Harry and Lewis at School.
Dec 7:Cloudy Wind South but little; quite warm - a little Snow and then Misty all Day. Boys at the Barn & Dung. Fixed Smoak House
Dec 8:Cloudy morning, but Clears off, Wind Norwest and Colder - Put my Hams to Smoak and Smoak Beef to Pickle. Boys at the Barn. Fredk. Caught a Large Red Fox last Night - afternoon wind High.
Dec 9:Clear and very Cold; Boys at the Barn.
Dec 10:Sunday - Clear and Cold Indeed; Wind North - We never had So much and So Severe Cold weather before and So early.
Dec 11:Clear Still and never a Colder Morning Boys at the Barn.
Dec 12:Cloudy Wind South and little Snow, it is now Quite Moderate again after one of the Coldest Weather, for 5 Days, that we ever knew before Christmas. Tried to Open Spring, but did not succeed - Ted caught a Peokong - Night warm Indeed.
Dec 13:A Cloudy morning after a Warm Night, but soon clears off with a little wind at North - Pleasant as the first of Novr. Jack making a new Sled, Fredk. gone to Mill - Dr. Rice came last Night from Mr. McLaughlin's; His Daughter almost gone; found the Travelling very Good. The Dr. Staid all Night at Bedell's. Fredk. Caught another Fox.
Dec 14:Maria's Birth Day. Cloudy but warm Wind Sou-West. Jack at the Sled. Fredk. gone after his Grist at Mill. brought Flour of 4 Bushels.
Dec 15:Cloudy Wind NorEast and Cool - Jack finished Sled - Boys geting Wood - Maria had a Party at Dancing. Fine Winter weather.
Dec 16:Cloudy but warm - Wind No-East - Misty. Jack gone to the Blacksmith's in Wakefield - fixed Spring and got water at the lower Spout - Beardsley mended Church windows.
Dec 17:Sunday - Cloudy and Misty with some Hail. It Snowed at Nightabout 6 Inches - afternoon fine Rain - Very Warm.
Dec 18:Cloudy and very warm, Wind No-East. Jack & Ketchum gone to grind their Axes Jack brought home Saturday Night. Fredk. went first to School. Misty and fine Rain all Day. Quite Warm now for 8 Days.
Dec 19:Cloudy but Warm and still - Boys at the Barn. This Night the first Singing School.
Dec 20:Cloudy and Some Spits of Snow. Wind North, but not Cold.
Dec 21:Clear after a Windy Night - Wind High at North but not very Cold - Betsy had a Sowing Party - Captn. R. Smith and Sophia Drank Tea with Us and then went to my Daughters. Boys at the Barn. Killed Turkies. Hung up my Smoak Beef for Summer.
Dec 22:Sunday - Clear Wind at North and Never Colder -
Dec 23:Cloudy and Still, Grows Moderate - Mr. Hazen Stayed all Night on His Way Home - All Hands went to Singing School.
Dec 24:Still Cloudy and Smoaky - Quite Warm and Pleasant - after Breakfast Mr. Hazen left Us - Richard & Maria went to Captn. Ketchum's to fetch home William for Christmas - Killed Turkies & Rest of Fowls.
Dec 25:Christmas. Cloudy after Some Snow in the Night. But Quite Warm. a large Congregation.
Dec 26:Cloudy Wind NorWest but quite Warm.
Dec 27:Cloudy but very Warm, Wind Sou-West - This Day we Cellebrated the Joyful Season - Captn. Ketchum & Lady - Mrs. Griffith, Mr. Bedell & Lady, Captn. Bull & Lady, Dined with us - Night William, and William Turner came from Presque Isle.
Dec 28:Still Cloudy but not so warm - Jacob Allen came to Bring his Brother Adam Duncan to go to School.
Dec 29:Sunday - Still Cloudy and Warm
Dec 30:After a little Snow in the Night, the Wind Comes Norwest very High and of Course very Cold - Jacob Allen went Home. William & Wm. Turner went to work at Timber.
Dec 31:Clear and not Cold - Young Company at Mrs. Griffith's.


Jan 1:Cloudy and Quite Warm again.
Jan 2:Clear and Pleasant as Novr. Mr Miller Called on his way Up. Celebrated the Season at Captn,. Bull's Captn. Ketchum & Lady Mrs. Griffith, Charles Ketchum & Lady, Parson Dibblee and Lady, Mr. Miller and William Bull, Dined There. Never was there a finer Night in Winter.
Jan 3:Clear and very Pleasant - Never knew such Weather in Winter Before. Maria at Captn. Ketchum's. a Party of Young Fry at Captn Cunliffe's.
Jan 4:A very Rainy Morning. Wind South and Quite Warm - The Rain continues all Day - Very Warm Indeed.
Jan 5:Sunday - Cloudy after Some Snow in the Night which did a Great Blessing - for otherwise it would have been all Ice.
Jan 6:Cloudy and Warm - a little Snow - William came Down with the unhappy Intelligence that Mr. Turner was Dead.
Jan 7:Cloudy Wind North Cold with Some Snow. Went to Presque Isle to Bury Mr. Turner, at the Garrison just at Sundown..Capt. Ketchum Captn Upham and Mr. Bedell went with me - A Very Distressed Family.
Jan 8:Came Home - A very fine Day not in the least Cold - Night - Captn. Smith & Lady - E. Jenkins from Fredericton, Sophia, Mary Ann Ketchum, Mr. Street, Spent the Evening & William Bull & Sally who Stayed all Night.
Jan 9:Cloudy and Warm William & Ketchum geting Home Jack's Wheat - Still and Pleasant.
Jan 10:Cloudy and a little Snow but Warm.
Jan 11:Cloudy and moderate after a Severe fall of Snow - more than we have had this Winter Before, but yet hardly Sufficient for Good Slaying - William and Ketchum finished last Night hawling in Wheat, all but John McKeen, who Stayed at his Father's with the last Load - We never had a better Winter to this Period - Moderate Weather and little Snow, good for Timber.
Jan 22:From the last Date we have had Five days, Still and Severe Cold Weather - Mr. Allen, Mr. N Hubberd, and Captn. Clark arrived on the night of Jany. 11th and made a Friendly Visit of three days - on Saturday following We had a Severe Snow from Sou-East. It fell 14 Inches and a Smart Rain; when the Wind came Round to the North - when it Snowed 5 or 6 inches more - There is now 2 Feet of Snow on the Ground. The Travelling very Bad, the Roads not yet Broke; Captn. Ketchum, Benjamin Griffith have been Down for above a week and our Master Lee [??] look. for them toDay. - the Bad Weather Detained them - Beardsley this Day for Fredericton.

Feb 16:From the Last Date we have had, in general, Still Clear and Very Cold Weather - But one Bad Storm, and that only one Day - the Snow is not more than one and one-half feet on the Ground - It has Snowed these two Days Past, but little, and the weather is more Moderate. We can not call it a Bad Winter to this Date; it has been Excellent for getting Timber - The Cattle have wintered thus far very well.

Mar 6:From the last Date we have had in general good Weather, but one Heavy Snow Storm, it fell about 1 foot 8 inches, the Snow is now 3 feet and Half on the ground - William and myself went to Fredericton in Court Week - Fine weather and never better Travelling. Brought Phebe Davidson Home with us - We had for three days very Warm Weather and it Thaws very Much - Yesterday Richard, Maria and Phebe Davidson Set out for Prince William on Their Way to Fredericton - This Day Warm Indeed, Wind at South and Some Appearance of Rain - The Thaw has made it Heavy Travelling - the 7th a little Rain. Night Clears off very Cold and Continues Two Days - and then very Pleasant again.
Mar 21:From the last Date we have had very Good Weather to 18th when we had a very heavy Wind from the Sou-East - which Ended in Snow and Continues to this Day - The Snow has fell 1 1/2 Feet, and is now deeper than we ever Knew so late in March. Richard Came Home on the 15th with Mr. Copper and Beall and Margaret Allen - On the 17th He took the Girls Home and to Fetch Maria from Prince William. This Day Mr. C.{ harles} Raymond with His Young Bride { Polly Beardsley} Set out for Kingston. Mr. Beardsley went to Fredericton.
Mar 25:From the 21st We had Moderate Pleasant Weather, but Cloudy and a little Snow - Sunday was Remarkable Clear and Warm for March - Saturday 22nd - Charles and Betsy went on a Visit to Prince William - Sunday Evening Richard Came Home and left Maria at Mrs. Davidson's for the Weding - I go Tomorrow.
Mar 26:Cloudy and a little Snow - Set out for Mr. Allens - Richard Drove me, but our Slay Broke - Richard went back and Borrowed Captn. Bull's - Afternoon Snows very fast - Stayed all Night at Mr. Allen's.
Mar 27:Cloudy and Snowy morning after a snowy Night, it fell 10 Inches - went and dined with Major Morehouse - Snow Squals all Day - 4 o-c- went to Mrs. Davidson's and Married Her Daughter Deborah to Captn Charles Rainsford - a large Company, William Joined us in the Evening.
Mar 28:Clear and Pleasant - after Breakfast left there with Maria for Home - a fine Day and Good Road
Mar 29:Clear and Warm - after a very Cold Night - Mr. & Mrs. Allen - Charles & Betsy - Dined with us - Evening a large Company.
Mar 30:Sunday Clear after a most Severe Cold Night, but a warm Day; Good Slaying and a very large Congregation. After Church, Mr. & Mrs. Allen went to Mrs. Griffith's.
Mar 31:A very Cold morning but fine Day - Dined with Mr. & Mrs. Allen, Captn. & Mrs. Bull - Captn. & Mrs Smith at Mrs. Griffith's - Spent the Evening at Mr. Bedell's, Major Morehouse joined us there - they came home with us - Began to Prepare for Sugar - but no Sap yet

Apr 1:All Fool's Day. A little Cloudy in the Morning but soon clears off very warm, Wind at South - the warmest Day yet - After Breakfast - the Major, Mr. & Mrs. Allen left Us for their Home - Visited afternoon with our Friends. William & Sally Bull - a fine Ride - Boys fixing Camp - William from Fredericton this Night - Lockwood With Us.
Apr 2:Clear after a Most Severe Cold Night; afternoon warmer, and a little Sap in open Places, but not any at our Camp - Night Cloudy.
Apr 3:Cloudy Morning and Cold but no Rain; the Snow has not Settled in the least, and there is above 2 feet on the Intervale.
Apr 4:Good Friday - Clear and Cold Morning, and Day.
Apr 5:Cloudy but no Rain - warmer, but too Cold for Sap.
Apr 6:Easter Sunday - A Cold Cloudy Morning, but Soon Clears off and Warmer - No Sap - A large Congregation.
Apr 7:Cloudy and Like for Rain; Some Sap in Open Places
Apr 8:Clear and not so Cold - Began Taping for the first time. A Little Sap on our Place - Married Nathaniel Ingraham and Margaret Watson - Mr. Bedell went with me - A good Weding.
Apr 9:Cloudy Wind West and Warm - Snow now goes fast. William went to Presque Isle. George Drove Him - Boys Taping as Fast as Possible. Miss Genkins Stayed all Night. Henry Morehouse and Stella Allen Dined and then with Miss Genkins went over the Creek. 3 o-c- Begins to Rain very Warm; We Hope a Good Rain - There never was so much Snow at this Time of Year - There is 2 feet at least on the Improvements, and the People are Travelling on the River like Winter - and there is now near 2 feet of Snow on the Ice; and from the Great Jams of Ice, We fear a Ice Freshet; there never before was so great a Prospect.
Apr 10:Clear Wind Norwest and High but Warm - No frost and of course no Sap - Fredk. & Henry Boiled Down a Pail of Honey the first - Afternoon Warm and very Cloudy - George came Home
Apr 11:A Cold Blustering Day with Snow Squals - It cleared off before Day, which made some Frost, and therefore a little Sap.
Apr 12:A Clear Morning after a Severe Cold Night; Cold Enough for February - Too Cold for Sap - No appearance of the Ice Breaking - The Snow has not Melted any these Two Days - Never So Bad Before - Afternoon Maria, Richard & Fredk. went to Captn. Ketchum's.
Apr 13:Sunday Cloudy Wind High at South and Soon begins to Snow and Continues mixed with Rain all Day - Henry Morehouse and Hetta Allen after Dinner went Home. The Snow goes a little toDay.
Apr 14:Cloudy and very Cold; Wind High at North - Never was there Such a Spring - The Ice as Strong as Winter and the Improvements all Covered with Snow - It Scarcely Thaws any toDay - a little Sap Yesterday but not any toDay - Boys Taping - Fixed my Water to Discharge Back of the Kitchen - Took in Smoak Beef - Fixing House for Hams.
Apr 15:Never a Colder Morning in April, Wind North, 12 o-c- grows warmer and the Sap in the Afternoon runs Midling - Boys Caught 7 Barrels - Sister Dibblee, Captn. Bull & Lady, Mrs. Griffith, Elisa, Benjamin and Gresner Drank Tea & Spent the Evening with Ketchum & Betsy. Towards Night grows Cloudy and Warm.
Apr 16:Cloudy Warm and a little Rain. The Sap ran last Night 3 Barrels - Boys gathering and Boiling Down - Cloudy all Day.
Apr 17:Cloudy and Rainy Morning after a Severe Rain in the Night. The Snow now settles Fast, but no part of the Improvements bare. Clears off Warm. Afternoon heavy Squals of Wind, Norwest. The Boys Sugared off about 33 lbs. of Sugar - the First - Very Windy Night.
Apr 18:Clear and Very Cold morning the Ground Froze Very Hard. Some Sap toDay; but too Cold for a great Run - Miss Genkins & Sophia Smith with Us last Night - gone to Camp for Candy - afternoon to Betsy's with Captn. & Mrs. Bull - Never - no Never so Cold a Spring.
Apr 19:Clear and Colder if Possible - No Sap it being too Cold for the Trees to Thaw in the Least - Wind not so High ending the Afternoon a little Warmer, but no Sap - Richard & Fredk. Sugaring Off - This Morning Miss Genkins & Sophia left Us - The Ice is now Breaking a little, Round the Great Bar.
Apr 20:Sunday - A little Cloudy but warm - Some Sap toDay
Apr 21:Cloudy and Snows fast till it Covered the Ground 2 Inches, 12 o-c clears off very Warm - Boys gathering Sap - It runs Well toDay - We hope now for Some Sap Weather having had very little yet - toDay for the first Time the Sheep and Cattle went out into the Fields. But there is only small Patches Bare. The Ice as strong as winter and the Slays go on the River as Usual. Afternoon visited Mrs. Bull - There never was such as spring as this, not the least appearance of Summer; The Ice and Snow is like Winter 21st of April.
Apr 22:A very Clear and Cold morning - Wind rise norwest and Cold - Too Cold for a Good Sap Day - Caught about 9 barrels. First calf - Wm's cow.
Apr 23:Cloudy Snowy Morning - The Snow has fell 3 Inches - Bad - Bad - No Sap. Boys Boiling Down - Cold Snow Squals - It hardly thaws the Snow that Fell - Opened a Potatoe Hole in the Garden. Very good. 2 more calves, one dead.
Apr 24:A fine Still Clear Morning after a very cold Night; but it soon Clouds over from the South. Betsy, Eliza Griffith, Maria and Street, Gresner & Benjamin gone to the Camp for Sugar - Candy - Pretty good Day for Sap - Boys Caught 11 Barrels - Night begins to Snow.
Apr 25:Cloudy Snowy Morning - It Snowed all Night and Continues the Whole Day. The Snow is almost over Shoes, Altho' it has settled very much and heavy as Water. Wind East - no'East before Dinner Boys Boiling Down and Clearing Troughs - The Ice Does not Break, but the River Rises - Never, no Never such a Spring.
Apr 26:A Still Clear and Very Pleasant Morning - after a Cold Night. The Warmest Day this Spring - the Best Day for Sap - Boys caught 12 barrels. Wind rise Norwest - 2 o-c- Wind Comes Suddenly from the South and Clouds over - Before Sundown begins to Rain, but Quite Warm
Apr 27:Sunday - A Rainy Morning after a Severe Rain in the Night - It carried off the Snow Considerably - Before Church it clears off Wind North but not Cold - There is now again a few Small Places on the Improvements bare. But the Ice has not Broke, but Strong as ever.
Apr 28:A Clear Morning but little Frost, and therefore little Sap. Boys brought in Some Sugar, and Sugared off - They have now made 400 lb.
Apr 29:Clear morning after some Frost - A middling Day for Sap. The first Warm Day - The Snow goes fast, but only a quarter of the Meadow bare; The Ice Breaks a little Round my great Bar and the River Rises.
Apr 30:Clear and very Warm at Last - The Snow goes this day very fast indeed - The Ice breaks and the River Rises - Bloss Calved.

May 1:A Clear Morning after a Smart Frost - The Boys Caught 6 Barrels - Sugared off - Maria, Richard & Fredk. and Mr Street gone to Benjamin's Camp for Sugar Candy - Never a warmer Day in May - Turned our cattle into the Woods for the first time. Afternoon Baptised the Infant Daughter of Mrs. N. Smith. The Snow almost off the Meadow - The Ice Started and Run Down a Little.
May 2:Clear and Warmer than Yesterday - Mrs. Dibblee went to see Mrs Smith - William with Mr. Clopper Came Home to Breakfast - The Ice Remains but the River Rising Fast Indeed, and the Snow never went Faster - The Ice yet Strong - They Crossed at Streets on Foot last Evening - Mr. Hazen brought Two Yoak of Oxen a Crost the River on the Ice above Shaws, Down to Peabody's. Yesterday the 1st of May - Never was the River Crossed on the Ice by Oxen in May before - But if the warm Weather Continues we may yet have Good Crops - Which God of His Infinite Mercy Grant - Dug the first Parsnips; but the Frost in the Ground Prevented my Getting more than Half of Them - Richard and George Boiling Down What They Caught Yesterday - which We believe and Hope is the last - Half the old Garden is only Now Bare. There never was so late a Spring for Ice and Snow - Neither Grass nor anything Else, have started in the Least - to this date; and there is a great quantity of Frost in the Ground - The Small Brooks never Higher and we look for a Very Great Fresh; and greatly fear that the People below will be Injured.
May 3:Clear and Warm as June - Richard Sugared off the Honey They Boiled yesterday - William & Boys Opened and brought in the Potatoes in the Lower Field - Pretty Good - We Suppose to have 45 Bushels of Good Potatoes - Just before Night last the Ice Jamed by my lower Bar, Broke and Run off - Very Warm - This morning we found the Ice Runing Amazing Thick - and Strong; it Raised the River so that the Ice is Jamed on the Alders - It Ran till 12 0-c- when the River fell 3 feet.
May 4:Sunday - Cloudy but no Rain - The Ice Ran Thick 3 Hours
May 5:Cloudy but Soon Clears Off - Wind Sou-East and Chilly - Boys gone to Gather and Boil Down for Beer, what Sap has Run for 5 Days. No Ice Today but what Falls off the Banks - Began to Fix Garden and Set out Roseripes and Planted Onions - Richard with the Horses went with Mr. Clopper to the Creek.
May 6:Cloudy but soon Clear Wind South and High. The River Rose Last Night Surprisingly - at least 3 1/2 feet, and is now as High as last Spring - The Ice very Thick and Fine most of the Day - Suppose from above the Falls - Opened Cabbage Hole; not very good - Planted my Onions, and took in Cabbage - The Boys Brought in Their Beer, Sugar and all their Things - Having made this Bad Season 602 wt of Good Sugar, Some Honey and Beer - Afternoon very Warm.
May 7:Cloudy Wind Sou-west and very High; and warm enough - Dug my Turnips; Good and a great quantity - The Snow disappeared in Old Garden, but there is Frost in the Ground on the East Side. Planted my Early Peas - The River has Rose but Little ToDay, - Boys mending Fence. William went to Richmond last Night, to see the Ry - The Grass begins to grow. But the Bushes and Trees Scarcely Bud.
May 8:Clear and Warm as July, Wind South and very high - River now almost to the Top of my Rock - Boys Clearing Wm. & Richard began to Plough Soard Ground - Sowed my Lettuce & Pepper Grass.
May 9:A very Rainy Morning after a Gale of Wind from Sou through the Night, and Continues till 12 o-c- Very Warm; The Grass now Grows Finely - and the Trees begin to Bud - The River Rises at a Great Rate - and is now over the Bank - Never Saw so much Stuff and Old Trees Drifting Down - Afternoon Wm. & Richd at the Plough; fixing Garden; Night the Water covers the Island
May 10:Clear and Cool but no Fresh - The River Rose one Foot last night - 12 o-c- at a Stand - The Highest Fresh out of Three, but one, since we have been in this Country - Ploughing. Afternoon Cloudy. Mull and Pink calved yesterday. Night River begins to Fall.
May 11:Sunday - A very rainy morning - And continues fast all Day. River falls Fast.
May 12:Cloudy Wind North and High and Cold - Set out Beets, Carrots, Turnips and Cabbage Stumps - Boys Clearing off the Drifted Stuff on the Bank - River still Falls alto' we had a great Rain. The River has been half way up the Bank by old House.
May 13:Clear and very Cold Morning; the Ground Froze Hard, So as to make it muddy the Forenoon - Sowed the rest of my Onion seed - Too Cold and Muddy to Dig - William and Richard began to Plough by the House - The River has fell to a Common Fresh - The Trees Do Not Yet Show Their Buds, Except the Willow and the Currents; Goosbery only Show the Leaf - Grass hardly grows - The Most Backward Spring.
May 14:Cloudy and Cold - The Ground Froze, but not as yesterday - Wm. & Richard began to Plough above the Spring. Boys Clearing. Sowed Different Kinds of Lettuce, more Cabbage Seed - Small Yallow Turnips - Planted Mellons - Water Mellons - and some Cucumbers in Hot Beds - Sowed some Imperial Lettuce in Hot Bed for Plants.
May 15:Cloudy Wind South - The Ground Frose Some last Night - William went to Raft his Timber at Mrs. Turner's - Lewis took him with the Horses to the Creek - 10 o-c- begins to rain and at 2 o-c- we had a Thunder Shower from the Nor-west Attended with Hail and Snow so as to Cover the Ground - Planted my Oyster Plants.[salsify]
May 16:A Clear Cold Morning after a Severe Frost - It Froze Ice in a tub 1/2 an inch thick. Soon grows Warm. A Fine Day. Wind South. Planted Cucumbers in Hot Beds and Two Hills of Beans - River Falls Fast and is now down to the Alders.
May 17:A little Cloudy, wind South. Some Frost Again last Night Richard began to Cross Plough for Wheat - Henry Harrowing - Potatoes Ground - at the Garden but too Cold to Plant.
May 18:Sunday - A Warm Rainy Day, Maria very Unwell. William Came with his Raft.
May 19:A very Rainy Morning but warm after a Most Severe Rain in the Night, the Brooks are now higher, than in the Spring. Afternoon Cloudy and very warm - Had a letter from Jack. Mr. Smith Killed a Calf for Us - Planted my Parsnips and Mangowarsel - Wind Rises at North - Pepper Grass just up - and Early Pease in Sight
May 20:Clear and Cold Wind at North but not High - Maria very Unwell - Dr. Rice came to see her. River Rises fast from the Rain. Planted Beets and Carrots. Sowed Sage seed - and Parsley. Sowed two bushels of early Peas - Diging garden.
May 21:Clear and Cold Morning - Considerable Frost. Dr. Rice Visited Maria again - no better. Sowed some Turnips. Richard Harrowed in the peas - Afternoon Dr. Rice went home - Planted marrow Fat Peas - early peas coming up. Some Cucumbers in sight - a little Frost but warm Day.
May 22:Clear and very warm Wind Sou-west and High - Preparing for Beans - Sowed more Cabbage Seed - Afternoon sowed 1 1/2 bushels of Morehouse's wheat, first sowing; the Ground, being too whet and cold before - Boys finishing Planting Potatoes South of the House - Burnt New Ground . A fine Burn - River falls - Rose came in with a fine heifer calf - Set Short net where we fish for Trout.
May 23:Clear and Warm enough - Wind Sou-West and High - Sowed 4 1/2 bushels of wheat on the Intervale - Richard Harrowed it in - No Salmon - Boys Clearing New Ground - Burnt Old Spring House.
May 24:Clear and a Very Fine Day - Warm enough; Wind at Nor-west - Visited Beardsley's Child who has a very bad swelling under his Chin - Cut Down Willow Tree - Richard finished Harrowing Wheat - Planted my Bush beans - no Salmon - Boys at the New Ground.
May 25:Whit Sunday - A Clear warm and Excellent Day.
May 26:Cloudy but Warm Wind Sou-west. Some Showers which brought the Wind Norwest - Planted Pole Beans and Pumpkins - Boys Clearing, Richard Harrowing - New Ground - Set Short Nets.
May 27:Clear and Very Cold Morning - The Ground Froze Hard, and everything killed that cannot bear the Frost - Wind very High at North - Sowed 3 bushels on New Ground - No Salmon - Wm. Turner arived
May 28:Clear and Cold Morning - The Ground Froze Hard - Wind High at North - Planted some Corn in the Garden - Boys Harrowing Wheat and for Barley - Caught a Small Salmon - Mr. Clopper with Us
May 29:Plowed Old Cowyard and Planted Corn there - Mr. Clopper went to Fredericton on a raft with Gresner - Mrs. Genkins also went home on a Raft with Benjamin Smith - Afternoon Pleasant. Set long Net.
May 30:Clear and Warm - No Frost last Night - Sowed 5 Bushels of Barley - Richard and Fredk. Harrowing - Boys Clearing Calf Pasture - Caught a Noble Salmon in long Net - The Second this Year - The River Falls Slowly, But there are Good Eddies in Both Places; But the Salmon never so late Before, Nothing has Grown for 5 Days owing to the Cold - and the Spring never so Backward. Visited Betsy.
May 31:Cloudy and Chilly, Wind South - Planted More Corn in the old Garden - Sowed Some Cabbage Seed in a Box - Finished Harrowing barley. Jack arived Friday 30th of May - Caught a large Salmon in Short Net.

Jun 1:Sunday A Cloudy Rainy morning after a Heavy Rain in the Night. A Small Salmon Long Net.
Jun 2:Clear and Pleasant - No Frost - Sowed 4 Bushels of Oats - Richard and George harrowing - Jack Grafting - Boys Clearing - A fine warm day Wind West NorWest - Found first Sow 3 pigs.
Jun 3:A fine Day after a Still Clear cool Night - A Smart White Frost - Planted my Early Potatoes - Sowed more Cabbage Seed - Afternoon very warm - Boys began to Plant Potatoes in the lower Field. Richard harrowing for Buckwheat. One Small Salmon in Long Net.
Jun 4:A fine Morning no Frost - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of new Buckwheat - Richard harrowing it in - Boys planting potatoes. The River has rose Considerable from the late Rain, and is now too High for Good Eddies - One Salmon in Short Net - The 6th.
Jun 5:Clear and very Warm Wind South - Boys finished Planting Potatoes - Sowed more Lettuce Seed - Afternoon Cloudy and Soon Rains but never Warmer - 2nd Sow Piged. No. 6 - No Salmon.
Jun 6:A fine Clear and Warm Day - after a Severe Rain in the Night, but Never Warmer - which has Made Every Thing grow beyond Conception - Fredk. & George went to Tompkins Mill - Transplanted Lewis's Cucumber & My Mellons into Garden. Afternoon Showers - Beardsley's Child Died 1/2 After 12 - No Salmon
Jun 7:Cloudy and Some Rain but Warm - buried Fyler, Beardsley's Child - Planted Some Cucumbers - afternoon Wind Norwest and Cold - No Salmon
Jun 8:Sunday - Clear after a Smart White Frost - Wind North and high and very Cold - Mr. Miller Called this morning and after Church Mr. Miller went Down.
Jun 9:A Clear Morning after another White Frost - Bad Indeed - Ploughed Up and Sowed over 2 of Wheat that Did Not Come Up - Planted my last Cucumbers - Wind Rises at South and very Warm - Cloudy.
Jun 10:A Cloudy Rainy Morning after a very Rainy Night but warm - Planted my Scotch Beans - and my last Pole Beans - Afternoon Captn. & Mrs. Bull - Mr. John Bedell, Mrs. Griffith Drank Tea with Us and Ketchum & Betsy - Caught a Small Salmon in Short Net - The Long not being Sot - Cloudy & some Rain all Day.
Jun 11:A Rainy Morning after a very Severe Rain all Night - 10 o-c- Clears off Wind North and Exceeding High - We greatly fear a Frost - William went with his Timber to Fredericton - Never a more Blustering Day - Caught a small Salmon long Net, but were obliged to take up Nets, the River Rising Surprisingly - Planted over my Beets,t the first not coming up - Choping Down Trees.
Jun 12:Clear and Cool - Wind Amazing High at Nor-West - Sowed a Bushel of Oats - 3 Pecks of Buckwheat, Old. I peck flax Seed - Boys Planting 2 Bushels of Peabody's Potatoes on New Ground. The River has Rose too high to Set nets - it is just on the Intervale
Jun 13:Clear and Cool - but no Frost - Wind High at Norwest - Richard Finished Harrowing Oats - Flax Seed - and Buckwheat - River Still Rises
Jun 14:Clear Still and very Cold - Some White Frost in Places but did no Injury to my Garden - Poled my Early Peas - Weeded Garden - The River now Falls Again - Nothing has grown some days owing to the chilly Norwest Wind - Afternoon Warm and very Pleasant
Jun 15:Sunday - Cloudy Wind Sou-east and Chilly - no Rain
Jun 16:Clear and very Cold - Wind North and very High - Sowed some Turnip seed - afternoon Visited Mrs. Griffith - very Cold - set Nets.
Jun 17:Clear and Cold Indeed - Considerable White Frost - but my Beans escaped but two or three - Wind very High at Norwest. Howing Garden Boys Clearing for more Turnips. One Salmon.
Jun 18:Clear and bad as ever - more Frost than Yesterday. But most of my Beans Escaped - The Corn Yellow Down to the Ground - Fear all the Buckwheat that is Up is Killed - the Season Worse than Last Year - God have Mercy on Us. Rebecca Ginson came to live with us on Monday the 16th of June. Still at last and Warm enough - Boys fixing Acqueduct - Caught a small Salmon - the River has Fallen so as to make Good Eddies yet very Few Fish - never so few before, Which is much to our Disadvantage, as Provitions are so Scarce and Dear
Jun 19:Cloudy Wind Souwest and very Warm, after the Warmest night this Season - Everything Now Grows very Well - Fly's and Musquitos made their Appearance for the first time on the Improvements - Pidgeons very Plenty. and Injure the Wheat - caught a Small Salmon - The 3 last in Long Net - Like for Rain
Jun 20:Longest Day. Clear and Warm enough - Boys Making Calf Pasture - William arrived from Fredericton - Poling Marrow Fat Peas. Caught a Salmon - Short Net - large - Some Rain in the Night.
Jun 21:Clear and Warm enough - Wind West - Finished bushing marrow Fat Peas - Everything now Grows fast Enough - Boys finished Calf Pasture & Richard on a Visit to Capt. Ketchum's. Caught 2 Salmon, one in each Net - the first time taking two.
Jun 22:Sunday - a Very Warm Day
Jun 23:Cloudy and Some Rain - a great Blessing - Sowed more Turnip Seed - Fredk. went to Mill - finished poling Peas - grubs very Troublesome - Capt. Smith Brought us a bb. of Flower & one bb. of Pork but very bad - to go back again - set Both Nets - Warm Rain
Jun 24:Clear and very Pleasant, Wind Norwest but warm, Sowed More Turnip Seed on New Ground, where the Wheat failed - This finishes all sowing and Planting for this Season, and everything looks now Promising tho' late; and if the Warm Weather Continues Thro' the Blessing of Heaven, We may yet have Good Crops - Which God - off his Infinite Mercy Grant, to his Distressed Creatures - Two Salmon - One in Each Net. The Salmon were never so scarce; we have only taken 15 to this Date, and most of them very small.
Jun 30:The week Past has been good weather, Warm Days, but Cold Nights, the 28th - a fine Rain which was a Great Blessing. There was Some Frost at Mr. Roger's that Niped Some Corn and Potatoes, but none at Captn. Bull's - We have taken in the Week 8 Salmon - a few large Ones - Set out on Saturday and this Day about 1000 Cabbage Plants. Grubs Destroying a Number William arrived from Fredericton left Boat at Huistis's.

Jul 30:From the last Date, June 30th Never - no Never - Thank God for his Great Mercy - was there so fine a Month for the Benefit of the Country - Continual warm Days and Nights and Sufficient Rain for Vegetation; which has been Great, almost beyond Belief - Everything looks Exceeding well, but Grass - altho Backward - But another Such month will make everything as Forward, as in our Former Good Seasons - which God Grant.

Aug 15:From the last Date, Continual Warm Days and Nights - as much So, as we ever Experienced - and every thing has grown accordingly - The Earth has become very Dry; but for 5 Days We have had very heavy Rains - which has Raised the River over my Bar - We have Cut a Little Grass, but it has been wet and wet, and is, or will be, if the Rain Continues much longer, Intirely Ruined - We have had for Five Days Severe Rain, with Small Intermissions; this will Secure all the late Crops, and Especially Potatoes which wanted Rain.

Sep 6:From the last Date; Never Finer and Warmer Weather. The Crops of all Kinds as good as ever we had them; People now begin to Harvest their Grain; Winter Ry in General very good - Wheat very well filled - but some complain of Smut - The Grass only Midling; the last Mowing Best - owing to the Wet Wheather, which brought up a Thick Undergrowth. Never a better appearance of Potatoes - Barley and Buckwheat very good - This Day the first mess of Corn; What little we Planted never Better. Two Days Past - the 4th and 5th - Never Warmer both Days & Night All Kinds of Garden Produce good indeed - and we never had a Greater Prospect of Turnips - Thanks be to God for all these Blessings - Pulling Flax toDay - Very Good
Sep 15:From the last Date - Never finer warmer Weather; both Day and Night, till Saturday the 13th when from a Gust from the Norwest brought a Very heavy Wind - and on Sunday Morning we found a severe White Frost - It killed all Runing Vines and Beans; and the Tops of Potatoes Down to the Ground, and Everything Tender and Exposed to Frost, We have a Small Patch of Corn; the Frost has Killed the leaves and Husks on the Out side, but has not Hurt the Corn - We fear the late Wheat is injured - Harvest very late; We have just begun to cut our First Wheat. 3 Bushels Sowing very Good - Came Home this Morning from Mr. Philip's having Performed Divine service at Mr. George Miller's Sunday Sept. 14th. Mr. H. Davidson with us. A Cold Morning but foggy - after a Very Warm Day - Boys gone to Help Elisha Cunliffe Raise a Good Barn

Oct 28:From the last Date - Good Weather till October when we had some Severe Frosts - Crops all gathered in and good - The Wheat never better where the Seed was good; but Some have Considerable Smut. Great Crops of Buckwheat and very good - and never such Quantities of Potatoes and very Good - We have above 400 Bushels and Very Good - 115 of them of the Early White Blue Nose - Cabbages did not Head Well. This Day Came from Mr. Newman's Home from Fredericton; Stayed at Mr. Allen's on Sunday Night the 26th when it Snowed So as to Cover the Ground 4 in. at least - when it Turned to Rain, and Continued Misty all Day, with the Wind East - at 10 o-c- Set out and Came to Mr. Newman's. Next Morning Wind High at West Norwest, but clear and Cold Indeed. The Whole of October Colder than Usual, all but 2 Days - Frederick went with me to Fredericton - left Him at Prince William.
Oct 29:Clear and never Colder in October - This Day the Militia Drilled at Captn. Tompkins - wind very High at North - Henry Morehouse came Down from Tobac to Drill the Militia - Captn. Ketchum, Mary Ann, James, Henry and Frederick Morehouse Dined with Us - Captn. went Home in the Evening - James and Frederick Morehouse, Drank Tea and Stayed all Night at Mrs. Griffith's. Mary Ann and Henry Morehouse with Us.
Oct 30:Never before on this Day So Cold a Night and Morning - There is now Considerable Ice Runing in the River - The Ground Frose as hard as a Rock - Bad Indeed - Wind west Sou-west and grows more moderate - 11 O-C- Jack & Henry Morehouse in his Cannoe and Frederick on his Horse, left Us for their Home and Jack for Fredericton - Mary Ann and James Spent the Day.
Oct 31:Cloudy Wind Sou-west and Moderate - Frederick arrived last Night

Nov 1:A Cloudy Pleasant Morning, Quite Moderate. William Set out for Fredericton, with Captn. Ketchum in his Boat, 12 O-C-.
Nov 2:Sunday - Cloudy Wind East-No-East and very Chilly; at 11 O-C- begins to Snow very fast and Continues all Day - Mrs. Griffith, rec'd a Letter Informing Her of the Death of Her Son Thomas and Her Nice, Daughter of Ralph Ketchum at Augusta
Nov 3:Still Cloudy and Snows all Day fro No-East; the Snow is now 10 Inches Deep - Mellancholy Indeed - So much Snow never known at this Season before. We fear Great Distress among our Cattle, Hay being Short, and We fodder as in Winter.
Nov 4:Clear and Pleasant, No wind - The Snow has not Settled; But it Thaws about the House - Visited Mrs.Griffth's in Her Distress.
Nov 5:Powder Plot. Clear and Warm; the Snow goes fast - A warm Day - But the Snow very Deep - Both Horses Sheep and Cattle are Foddered as in the Hight of Winter.
Nov 6:A little Cloudy, Wind Sou-West - Snow Settles very fast. Married Nathaniel Woollard and Nancy Nicholson by License.
Nov 7:Cloudy and warm after a little Rain in the Night. The Snow goes fast and the Sheep Horses and Cattle all over the Fields.
Nov 8:Clear and Not Cold, Wind Norwest, but little; the Snow is almost Gone. The River has Rose for Some Days and is over my Bar - the Cattle, Horses and Sheep now again get their Living.
Nov 9:Sunday - Cloudy and very warm - Wind Sou-West
Nov 10:Clear and warm as June - Sowed 4 Bushels of Ry - Richard Harrowed it in - Boys clearing for Wheat
Nov 11:Foggy Morning - Went to Mr. T. Phillip's and Married Amos Dickinson and Maria Shaw - and then went to Captn. Ketchum's - Afternoon, never Pleasanter in Septr. - In the Evening - Jack & Wm. and Henry Morehouse Came; the Boys, on Foot from Fredericton.
Nov 12:Cloudy Morning, but Soon clears off with the Wind at Sou-West and warm Indeed - Never finer Weather - Wm. and Henry Morehouse went to Captn. Ketchum's on a Visit
Nov 13:Clear and Cold - We had a very heavy Gust of Wind and Rain last Night, which brought the Wind Norwest and very High, but not very Cold - Went to Grurier's and Maried His Daughter Hannah to Amos Hartley - and then Married Abraham S. Schriver and Enice Hillman - Returned to Mr. Phillips's - Wind blows heavy all day
Nov 14:Clear and Some Wind at Norwest, but not Cold for the Time of Year - Came very Early from Mr. Phillips's And found Edward Brooks and Sarah Green at Mr. Street's where I married Them before Breakfast - Afternoon H. Morehouse came from Captn. Ketchum's with His Steers.
Nov 15:Clear Cold Morning after a Still Cold Night, a White Frost. After breakfast, H. Morehouse left us for Home - Boys Began to Bank up the House. Cloudy - like for Southardly Wind.
Nov 16:Sunday - Cloudy after Some Rain in the Night - Afternoon Clears off with the Wind high at North and Cold - A very Windy Night with Some Spits of Snow
Nov 17:Clear Wind High and Cold - William got subject of Hamlet. Boards of Gresner - Jack gone to the Nocawicka to look for Timber with the Morehouses' - It Thaws but little toDay.
Nov 18:Cloudy Wind South and Warm - Soon begins to Rain, and Continues fast all Day and most of the Night - Quite Warm.
Nov 19:Clear, wind high and cold - Wind North - Boys finished Banking House - William went to Richmond. River high. Philips's boat went up Yesterday - No Ice in the River yet
Nov 20:Clear after a Still Clear Night and Cold, but no Ice. Wind Rises at South and Grows Moderate - Everet Killed the Old Ox - Good - 2 -c- quite warm - a Very good Fall - Boys at the Dung.
Nov 21:Cloudy and Cold - The Ice Thick this Morning for the first Time, Except a little in Octr. Cut up and Salted Beef. Boys at the Dung - Frederick fixing Water Works, But Did not Succeede
Nov 22:Cloudy and Still - Very Cold - The Ice now Thick & Strong
Nov 23:Sunday - Cloudy and Some Snow after a very Snowy Night. The Snow fell 4 Inches - Afternoon Clear and Cold - Ice very thick.
Nov 24:A little Cloudy and very Cold Indeed - Cutting Wood - and preparing to Kill Hogs - Wind High at North - The Ice now in Large Cakes and Thick
Nov 25:Cloudy but more Moderate - Wind Sou-west. Killed Hogs - Mr. Smith did not come up as Expected, and the Boys got Ketchum to help them - Night Mr. Street with Us.
Nov 26:Clear Wind High at North and Cold - The Ice Runs Thick - 10 o-c- Mr. Beardsley arrived with William Turner on foot from Fredericton. Cut up and Salted Pork - The 6 Hogs Weighed 1086 lbs. Just at Sundown Jack arived from Fredericton on foot - Crossed at Woolverton's in Cannoe
Nov 27:Clear after a Still very Cold Night, But a Pleasant Day. Put Brine to my Hams - Afternoon Wind Rises at Norwest, but not Cold, Fixed Stove in Boys Chamber- The Ice Still Runs - River low.
Nov 28:Clear Still and very Pleasant - It Thaws Considerable toDay - Richard and George at the Dung - Wm. & Fredk. opened and brought in Potatoes from the Intervale - Fixed Stove in the Front Chamber - Never a finer Day in November - The Sheep are all over the Fields
Nov 29:Clear and Still - Warm Indeed - Never a better Day in November - Jack mended Chimney - Richard & George at the Dung - Fredk helping Jack - Hardly any Ice Runing
Nov 30:Advent Sunday - A Cloudy warm Morning after a warm Night. Snow almost gone. Before Church was out, it began to Rain and Continues all Day and most of the Night. Captn. Ketchum Dined with us. Quite Warm.

Dec 1:Cloudy Wind North and high, but not Cold. There is now no Ice Runing - River Quite low. Ground almost Intirely Bare - Richard and Street gone to visit Clopper at Presque Isle - George and Harry Plastered Hen House - Did Some Plastering.
Dec 2:A Cool Morning after a Still Clear Night - Wind soon rises at Sou-East. Smoaky and warm Very little Ice in the River - Spent the Evening with Mrs. Griffith - Night quite Warm - Wind High and grows Cloudy
Dec 3:Very Cloudy and Rains fast - Wind high at Sou-East - and Never warmer in Winter. It Rained very Much in the Night; and has taken off the Ice and Snow - Very Muddy - After Breakfast it Clears off very Pleasant, and Warm as Septr. Visited Captn. Bull - with Betsy and Ketchum.
Dec 4:Clear after a little Snow in the Night, but did not Cover the Ground. Wind Sou-west. A fine Winter's Day. Wm. & Fredk. gone to help Ketchum Kill his Hogs - George gone to Mill - Mr. Street and Richard returned from their Visit yesterday. Mended Windows Yesterday. No Ice.
Dec 5:Cloudy after a Still Cold Night, No Wind, and like for Snow. Richard & Fredk Gone to get wood at the Sugar Camp - Jack & Wm. geting Timber - Ketchum's Hogs weighted 500 lbs. very good
Dec 6:Cloudy but no Snow - Cold - The Ice Now Runs very Thick- Jack & William geting Timber - Frederick with the People geting Stove Wood for the Church - Richard and George Threshing and at the Gravel.
Dec 7:Sunday- Cloudy after a little Snow in the Night. Cold.
Dec 8:Cloudy and Cold. The Ground is hardly Covered with Snow at this time. The Ice Runs Thick. Jack & William geting Timber - Richard & Fredk geting Wood at the Camp. Fixed Smoak House for my hams. Afternoon moderate.
Dec 9:Clear and Warm, Wind South. It Thaws toDay; The Ground bare as September, but very hard and Hubby - Mr. Smith Killed the last Ox; Very Fat Indeed - Put my Hams and Beef of the First Ox to Smoak. Never better winter weather - The Horses and Sheep almost get their living and the Cattle every Day into the Woods for Ten Days - The Ice Continues to Run.
Dec 10:Cloudy after a Still Clear Night, but not Cold. Some Spits of Snow toDay; and like for a Nor-East Snow storm - The Ice is now closing up the River - It Froze over at Fredericton and filled all the way with Runing Ice, and is now up to my lower Bar - Cut up and Salted Beef. and for Smoaking - Put away Fresh Beef in the Garret - Boys geting Timber and Wood
Dec 11:Clear Cold Morning - No Snow - The Coldest Day but fine winter weather - The River last Night Closed up with Ice very Smooth - Wind North, but little. It does not Thaw any toDay - but the cattle gone into the Woods.
Dec 12:Cloudy Wind-east -No-East and soon begins to Snow, but little all Day - Night Wind hauls to the Southard - Snows fast.
Dec 13:Cloudy and Some Snow after a very Snowy Night - It fell 9 inches - Shut up front door. Fredk & George hawling wood - Jack & William at their Timber - Wind Sou-East - Not Cold - Fredk. caught a Fox.
Dec 14:Sunday Cloudy Wind Sou-East and warm - after Church it begins to Snow and then Turns to Hail and Rain which Continues all Night
Dec 15:A Cloudy Rainy Morning - All Shallow Places full of Water 11 o-c- the Rain Ceases - but Continues Cloudy and Foggy all Day.
Dec 16:Clear and Warm - No Wind - It Thaws some toDay. Jack in the Woods - William Unwell with the Tooth-ach. Night Still Clear and Cold - Mrs. Griffith and Elisa - Benjamin & Gresner, Charles Ketchum and Betsy, Drank Tea and Spent the Evening with Us.
Dec 17:Cloudy Morning after a Still Clear Night - The Coldest Night we have had this Season - but not Severe - We never had a better Fall and Winter to this Date, Tho' Some Cold Spells. The Rain has made the river a complete body of ice; and cold last night, has made it Strong enough. Fredk. and Ricjard banked up the Kitchen chimney. Jack & William in the woods - Took in my Smoak Beef and Tongues. Took out the Rest of my Smoak Beeff from the Brine - Like for a Storm
Dec 18:Cloudy and Moderate. Some Snow forenoon and then Clears off very warm. Richard & Fredk. Hawling Wood. Jack & William at Their Timber - Fine Weather Indeed. Put the last of Beff to Smoak - Afternoon Richard & Fredk. Gresner, Street, Benjamin & Robert Griffith Skating - John Bedell, Mr. Wm Dibblee and Jane Drank Tea and Spent last Evening - Mrs. Dibblee made [typescript thus]
Dec 19:A very Snowy Morning - Very Damp, Wind South, but little The Snow Continues fast till 1 o-C- when it Turned to Drisly Rain. The Snow fell about 5 Inches - Before Night Clears off very warm.
Dec 20:A little Cloudy and then Clear - No Wind - Never a finer Day in Winter even at New York - We never had such weather before - Not a Day that might be called Cold in this Country yet. Richard, Fredk and George geting Wood - Jack, Wm. at their Timber. Killed Fowls and Turkies Yesterday; ToDay Stowed them away.
Dec 21:Sunday - A Very Snowy Windy Day - Pink Calved. The Snow never fell faster, and the Wind very high at No-East- It Continues till Sundown - No [typescript thus]
Dec 22:Clear and Cold Wind North and High - The first Cold Day Jack & William began to hawl their Timber - The Snow fell Yesterday 10 Inches.
Dec 23:A very still Cold Morning after a Cold Night Indeed- Afternoon warm grows moderate - No Wind - Jack & William Hawling Timber - Afternoon warm. This is the last day of Kendall's Keeping School; he having left us for Clerk to Mr. Thomas Philips and the School in that Neighbourhood.
Dec 24:Clear and Still - Not Cold - Jack at the Timber - William and George Hawling - Preparing for Christmas - Fixed Church for the Great Festival of the Birth of Christ - Afternoon Richard went to Captn. Ketcm Night - Never a Pleasanter Evening in winter - Clear, warm and light as Day - Richard Came Home - Brought James with Him
Dec 25:Christmas- Cloudy very warm Indeed - After Sun-Rise begins to Rain - and Continues fast till Night - Wind South - We seldom had Such a Thaw at this Time - The Snow has Melted in a Surprising Manner - and the River almost water. Mr. Street with Us - John Bedell & His Sister & Polly Smith Spent the Evening - We had a large Congregation; large Considering the Rain.
Dec 26:Clear and Cold - The Wind, in a Heavy Just [?] came Nor-west last Night; and brought its Constant Companion, Cold - Jack & Willm. in the Woods - Richard and Fredk. Hawling Wood. Night Mr. Clopper came with Mary Ann Ketchum; went and spent the Evening at Mr. Bedell's with Maria and the Boys.
Dec 27:Clear, Still Morning after a very Cold Night - Mr. Clopper and Mary Ann - Dined with Us - Boys Skeating - Mr. Street spent the Evening and Oliver Smith - Towards Night grows Moderate. Good Weather.
Dec 28:Sunday- Cloudy Still and Quite Warm. A large Congregation - after Church Mary Ann went Home; Clopper Dined with Us.
Dec 29:Cloudy with Snow - Wind South but very little; the Snow fell 2 Inches and then Cleared off - Still Warm - We never had better Winter Weather - after Dinner - Jack Clopper and Maria went to Captn. Ketchum's.
Dec 30:Clear Still and a Cold Morning - Before Breakfast Jack came Home; left Maria - Clopper went Home - Jack & William at their Timber - Boys at the Barn - Put away Smoak Beeff.
Dec 31:Clear and Cold Morning after a Still Night - Afternoon Quite Moderate - Jack & William Hawling and geting Timber - Boys at the Barn. Married William Pyle and Margaret Farley by Banns.


Jan 2:Celebrated the Season. Capt. and Mrs. Bull, Capt'n & Mrs. Ketchum, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Sister Dibblee, Mrs. Bedell, Mrs. S. Bull, Charles & Betsy, Dined with us. Mr. and Mrs. Beardsley, Mrs. William Dibblee drank Tea with us.
Jan 2:A little Cloudy but warm and Pleasant - Jack and William in the Woods - Sally Bull with Us - Concluded the Season at Squire Upham's with a large Party of our Friends - at Tea and Evening.
Jan 5:A Clear Pleasant Day after a Blustering Night - It has been fine weather and not in the last Cold from the last Date. Yesterday Cloudy but warm - Friday Evening on Coming Home from Squire Upham's found Mr. Harley, Harry, and John Morehouse Here - Next Day after Breakfast went to Captn. Ketchum's and on Sunday went Home - Tho very Snowy and Blustering after a Rainy Night - Put Ketchum's Hams to Smoak this Day - Never a better Day in January - George began the School in Room of Kendall, who has left us.
Jan 12:From the last Date there has been Three Cold Still Nights but the Days fine Winter Weather - There has also Been two Snows. The first about 2 inches - The Other about 4 Inches - and a Windy Day followed - Richard has been Unwell a Couple of Days. Ketchum Set out Yesterday for Fredericton and Kingston. His Seting out on Sunday was owing to His being Obliged to be in Town on Tuesday to answer for Jack as Grand Jury Man. Last Night Still and very Cold - The Coldest Night and Morning this Season - Jack went this Morning to get Timber with the Morehouse's - William, with the Provitions and Baggage goes with Captn. Ketchum - Who is Expected toDay - Clopper on a Visit.
Jan 17:We have had, the 13th and 14th Two Nights and one Day as Cold, as in our last Winters, but intirely Still - Captn. Ketchum came so late with Clopper, that He Stayed all Night - On Tuesday after Breakfast, William and Baggage and Ketchum for Major Morehouse's - Clopper and Richard Dined with Street, and then with Maria, up to Captn. Ketchum's - Thursday, Mr. Street went and brought Mary Ann, and Clopper, Elisabeth Ketchum at 11 o-C- went Home - Still Clear but Moderate - No Storms - Friday Mr. Clopper went Home, and Fredk. with him on a Visit
Jan 26:We have had from the last Date, good Winter Weather, one Day, after a little Snow Wind very High at North, and the Snow Drifts very Much and Cold - This Detained Ketchum at Ingraham's all Day, on His way Home from Kingston; He arived on Saturday Night Jany. 24th... We have had Four Snows but a Small Quantity fell Till Yesterday, when a Storm from South east gave Us about 6 Inches of Snow, very light; But has Cleared off Remarkable Warm and Still - Never a Pleasanter Day in January - Captn. Ketchums Daughter not arived - Looked for toNight
Jan 29:We have had Cloudy Snowy Weather for Two Days, but little fell - warm as we could wish; This Day Clears warm and Still - Pleasant Indeed - Mr. Clopper came last Night - after breakfast Set out for Fredericton - Captn. Ketchum not yet arived - Frederick caught a large Fox last Night.

Mar 30:From the last Date we have had Good Winter Weather, Some Days and Nights Still Clear and Very Cold; But one Bad Snow Storm the middle of February - from that Period Common Good Weather - March has been Uncommonly good - But 3 Days blowing weather, and 3 weeks warmer than Usual. One Day Sap Ran Well, we made a Quart of Honey - the 28th was a very bad Stormy Day of Snow and Hail - It fell 10 Inches - Before that the Sun had Carried off 2 Thirds of the Snow - Yesterday towards Night it began to Rain and Continued fast all Night - and till 10 O-C- when it Cleared off very Pleasant. It has not been what may be called a bad winter; and we have formerly had much better - The Cattle and Sheep have wintered very well and are in better Order than Usual at this Time. All Prepared to make Sugar, but no Trees at the Camp Taped.
Mar 31:Cloudy with a little Snow mixed with Rain - Boys geting Timber.

Apr 1:All Fools Day - Clear and Cold after a very Windy Night, Wind Norwest and High - Too Cold for Sap - Boys geting Timber - Fredk. & Ketchum at Sugar Camp - Afternoon Fredk. Hawling Timber - Barked my Twine for Long Net - The Ice as Strong as Winter - It has broke only a little by my large Bar.
Apr 2:A very Cold Morning - Wind North - Afternoon Cloudy and Wind Comes South - Visited Mr. Bedell with Mrs. Griffith. Tapped a few Trees but no Sap - Ice as strong as ever - River begins to Rise.
Apr 3:Cloudy and Snowy morning Wind South. It Snowed last Night 3 Inches. Cloudy all Day but warmer - Visited Mrs. Bull, Charles & Betsy - Boys geting Timber - Bad Spring.
Apr 4:Cloudy Morning. 12 O-C- Clears off very fine. Boys now Taping as fast as They can - The Sap now Runs a little - Visited Mrs. Dibblee who is Quite Unwell - Ice just so.
Apr 5:Sunday - Cloudy but warm wind sou-east.
Apr 6:Cloudy Wind No-East. Not Cold - Misty - The Sap Runs Considerable. William Bull Came Home last Night - The Snow goes slowly and the Ice as Strong as Ever - The Boys begin to Boil Down for the first Time.
Apr 7:Still Cloudy Wind East - but no Rain - The Boys caught 3 Hhds. of Sap from Saturday from 4 Hundred Trees - The Improvements are yet Covered with Snow and the Ice so strong that They Travel on the River Continually - Visited Mrs. Phebe Smith with our friends. Lill Calved.
Apr 8:Still Cloudy Wind Fresh at East - No Sap - Richard gone to finish Boiling Down what they Caught - The rest geting and hawling Timber. The Snow hardly melts any toDay - and the Ice Just So - a bad Spring. Visited Betsy with our friends.
Apr 9:Clear Wind Still at East but warm - a little Sap toDay - Wind very High - Mrs. M. Smith with Us - Afternoon Mr. Smith - The Ice begins to Break. Captn. Bull broke into the River in Crossing from Mrs. Wolverton's. Richard Brought in Some Honey from the Camp - The Snow goes very fast - Some small places bare on the Intervale. The Sheep and Cattle on the Bare Places to get at the Ground.
Apr 10:Clear wind No-East; but little. It Frose some last night, but little Sap - Boys and Ketchum Sugaring off their Honey and Taping. Ice Breaks Slowly. The Snow goes fast - Knitting my long net. William Hawling Timber.
Apr 11:Clear and Still Morning It Froze hard last Night; Wind Rises at Nowest - a good Day, the first for Sap - The Snow almost gone, on the other side of the River, not more than a Quarter bare on the Improvements; Ice goes in Places. Jack and William at Their Timber. The Boys Caught 16 Barrels.
Apr 12:Sunday - Clear but Not So Cold as yesterday morning and not so much Sap. The Boys caught 12 Barrels. The Snow Continues to go.
Apr 13:A very Cold Night. The Ground Froze Hard. Wind Rises North and Cold. River Rises, and Ice to appearance must go in a few days. Too Cold for a Good Day for Sap. The Boys caught only 10 Barrels of Sap. Ice Remains.
Apr 15:A Cloudy Morning after very little Frost. Wind Rises again Fresh at East and Chilly. Another Calf. 11 O-C- quite clear but not good for Sap. Boys Sugaring off - The Ice has Broke at Mrs. Griffiths and Run Down. There is now a Streak open in the Middle of the River, as far as we can See up, and Down to Mr. Streets - The Ice never Broke in this manner before. It must be owing to the low State of the River, for the Ice remains on the Bars and the Shores and open in the Middle. The sap toDay has not been worth Emptying - Sugared off 80 lbs.
Apr 16:Cloudy after a little Frost. Wind at Sou-west. 11 O-C- begins to Snow. Afternoon begins to Rain. Little Sap. Boys caught 5 Barrels - Sugared off
Apr 17:Cloudy and Snowy fasts - It has fell 2 Inches in the Night - Wind Norwest. The Ice broke last evening from my Bars and Ran Down below the Intervale. The Snow that fell Intirely gone; River Rises very Slowly. Afternoon Clears off.
Apr 18:Clear after some frost - But soon clouds up from Sou-East.
Apr 19:Sunday- Cloudy and Misty with Some Rain after a Severe Rain and Some Snow at the Island below.Street's. Some Ice Ran toDay. It is now open to Captn. Ketchum's. The Snow goes slowly. No Sap weather for 2 Days.
Apr 20:Cloudy and Some Showers - Wind Sou-west - Some Small Jam of Ice Ran in the Morning - The River very low. It is just over my large Bar. The Ice laying on it. A party at the Sugar Camp for Candy. 11 O-C- The Ice began to Run very Thick and Continued for 3 Hours. It raised the River 5 Feet.
Apr 21:Still Cloudy and Chilly. No Frost. and of Course Sap for Several Days. No Ice toDay. Jack gone to get his Timber down.
Apr 22:It cleared off last evening Cold and Frose the Ground Hard - But Cloudy and Several Snow Squals. Wind Sou-East. To appearance Good Day for Sap. Boys gone to gather - Wm. Simpson with us last night. After Breakfast left us. No Ice Running. On gathering Sap had only 10 Barrels and by upseting lost 2. Cloudy and Some Drisly Rain.
Apr 23:Cloudy after a little frost. Little Sap today. Bad Season for Sugar. This morning found the Ice Running very Thick till 9 O-C- and then fine Ice till 1 O-C We suppose that the Chief of the Ice has now Run up. Boys gone to Boil Down Sap, and to gather. Afternoon Clear Wind at Norwest, and Some Appearance of Good Sap weather.
Apr 24:Clear and Cold; it froze some last night - No Ice ToDay. Afternoon warm - The Snow is now almost gone on the Improvements but Considerable in the woods. The River low for this time of year. The Boys gathered only 8 Barrels of Sap, and lost Two by upseting. Dug the first Parsnips for the Widow Dibblee. Another Calf.
Apr 25:Cloudy after Some Frost. But Soon clears off very warm Wind Sou-West. Beardsley helping Boys make Cannoe - No Ice ToDay. Suppose it must all have run. The Snow is now all off the Improvements but there is Considerable in the Woods. Boys caught only 5 Barrels of Sap.
Apr 26:Sunday - A little Cloudy - Very warm - A little Ice ToDay.
Apr 27:Clear after a little Frost. Very Warm. In diging Parsnips found Frost - A Very Promising spring - River begins to Rise. Boys caught only 3 1/2 Barrels of Sap - Cloudy in the Afternoon. William opened Potatoe Hole - Good - Some fine Ice toDay.
Apr 28:Clear and very Warm - Wind South - Visited Widow Dibblee Richard Sugared off (for we suppose) last Honey. Never a Worse Season for Sugar - They have Taped more trees than Usial and have made only 733 wt. With Ketchum - Night very Cloudy.
Apr 29:Cloudy Morning after a little Snow in the Night, but soon clears off Very Warm - Boys now mending Fence and working on New Land. They began to Plough Yesterday on the other Side - River Rises fast, but is hardly up to the Alders. Mrs. Red & Mrs. Griffith, Captn. Bull & Lady, Charles & Betsy with Us. Grass begins to Grow.
Apr 30:Cloudy Wind No-East - But Warm - Set out Some Onions Sowed Some Lettuce and Pepper Grass - Wm. & Fredk. Hawling Timber. Boys fixing Meadow & Mending Fence.

May 1:Cloudy Wind No-East but warm - Set out Beets - Parsnips, Carrots, Clopper's Turnip & Cabbage Stumps. Grass grows finely. The River ToDay Slowly. It is now just on the Intervale in the low Places.
May 2:Cloudy and Rains Wind Sou-West. But at 12 O-C- Clears off very warm. Wind west. A fine Spring So far. The River has rose not any toDay. No appearance of Much Freshet. Fredk. finished Wheel Barrow. Spun yarn to make reins for Horses.
May 3:Sunday - Cloudy and Soon begins to Rain and fast all Day.
May 4:A Severe Rain in the Morning, Wind high at Sou-west. Very warm. The River now begins to Rise fast Indeed, and if the Rain has Extinded to the Branches of the River, there will yet be a Great Fresh. Afternoon at the Garden - Boys in the Fields.
May 5:Cloudy and Some Rain. Wind very high at Sou-west. River rose last night 2 1/2 feet perpendicular and Continues all Day. William began to Plough Soard Ground. Very wet and Cloudy Weather - Set out Turnips for Seed - Diging - Wm. Ploughing. Boys Clearing New Ground. Grass grows finely.
May 6:Still Cloudy after Some Rain in the Night and Morning but clears off at 1- O-C- warm and Pleasant. Wind West Nor-west. William finished Soard Ground. Diging for Peas. River Rose last Night Very Much, and at 12 O-C- is 8 or 10 Inches over my Rock. Sundown at a Stand. Richard left Home for Mr. Slocum's. No Intelligence from Jack.
May 7:To our Surprise found it Raining Hard this Morning. Wind South. The River fell a little last Night, But we fear the Rain will Raise it again. Afternoon Clear.
May 8:Cloudy and Some Rain Wind Sou-west - Fredk. Cross Ploughing fro Wheat - Boys at the Fence. River fell last night above a foot - It has been more than a common Fresh. Planted States Peas; My Peas and Some Early Peas from Kingston. Planted Some Parsnips and Sowed a Bed of Early Turnips, and Pepper Grass - Wind gets to Norwest.
May 9:Clear and foggy morning Several Showers toDay. There has not been the least Fresh. for more than 3 weeks and Constantly Cloudy. River now falls very Fast. Boys Cross Ploughing and Fencing New Ground Sowed my Cabbage Seed in Old Cannoe. Cleaning Garden
May 10:Whit-Sunday - A Cold Morning with a Smart White Frost - but a very Warm Pleasant Day - Not a large Congregation.
May 11:A Cloudy Morning after a little Rain in the Night. Cleaned 6 Bushels of Seed Wheat - William began to Raft his Timber - Afternoon Rains very hard - Boys Harrowing for Wheat.
May 12:Cloudy and Some Showers. Sowed 3 Bushels of Wheat the first. Fredk. Harroed it in. Wm. Rafting. The River has Rose a little owing to the Rain. Thomas Cunliffe's Youngest Daughter Died. Heard from Jack - Well - by Beardsley.
May 13:Cloudy morning but soon clears off Very Warm - Morning fixing Garden and then Buried Cunliffe's Child. Afternoon Cleaned a Bushel of Wheat - George Harrowing.
May 14:Clear and Warm Indeed - Jack Came Home last Night. Wm. finished Rafting. Sowed 3 3/4 Pecks of Wheat in the New Ground, above the House - Afternoon fixing Garden - River falls again
May 15:A Clear but Cool Morning after a Smart White Frost - 9 O-C- Grows very Warm - Jack and Young Baker Started with Their Raft Early this morning - Planted Some Cucumbers in Hot Beds - Sowed the large bed with Onions - Never a warmer Day in May.
May 16:No Frost last Night and as warm as June. Excellent weather Praise be to God, the Author of all Good - Sowed Onion Seed the Small Bed - Planted Oyster Plant - Sowed Some Early Yorkshire Cabbage Seed - Planted Some Cucumbers in Birch Bark - Placed them on the Hors Dung. William Killed first Calf - River now falls fast - Boys at New Ground.
May 17:Trinity Sunday - A Clear and Warm Day Indeed
May 18:Clear and Warm. Planted over my Peas, having Killed the first by Soaking in Lye. Afternoon visited Mrs. Griffith with our friends.
May 19:A little Cloudy but warm. Palnted my Beets and more Parsnips. Sowed more Turnips and Peper Grass. Sowed Parsley - River falls very slow, it is yet on the Intervale. Boys have had four Days very good for burning the New Ground below the House; almost Done.
May 20:Cloudy and Rains falls fast all Day. Wind East and Chilly
May 21:Cloudy and Some Rain by Showers all Day. Wind East and Chilly. Planted Mrs. Philips's Cucumbers. Sowed more Lettuce - Set out some Lettuce. Planted my Bush Beans. Sowed Sage seed. Boys at the New Ground.
May 22:Cloudy in the Morning Wind Still East No-East. Afternoon Clear and very Pleasant. Fixed the Water on the New Ground into one Branch. Boiled Short Net in Strong Lye of Bark - River falls Slowly it is yet on the Intervale. We Fear the Small Salmon will all go by.
May 23:Clear and Warm enough - Sowed 2 Bushels and 4 Quarts of Wheat below the House Fredk. Harrowed it in. William and Harry Ploughing New Ground - Jack came last Night from Fredericton. Harry Morehouse Stayed with Us last Night.
May 24:Sunday- Clear and Warm as July.
May 25:Clear and warm as ever; Wind North and High. Sowed near a Bushel of Wheat on the New Ground above the House, when the Wheat failed - Boys at the New Ground below the House. The River now falls fast and is off the Intervale. Set Short where we fish for Trout. Planted 58 Hills of Pole Beans.
May 26:Clear and Warm as ever - Wind Rises Nor-West - Planted my 6 Potatoes - Planted more Cucumbers and Sowed more Lettuce. Caught a small Salmon, the first.
May 27:Clear and very warm - Sowed 3 Bushels and Half on the New Ground below the House - No Salmon
May 28:Clear and warm as ever - Sowed 1 Bushel and 3 Pecks and the New Ground below the House. Planted over my Cucumbers in the Hot Beds. The First Seed not good. Set the Short Net last Night in the Old Place, but Scarce any Eddy. No Salmon 2 Days - Afternoon Thunder Shower, the first this Season - A Great Blessing
May 29:Clear and warm enough, wind west. Sowed 1 1/2 Bushel of Wheat on the New Ground, below the House, the last of our Wheat; making in the Whole 17 Bushels - All in the best order, the Ground being New but 2 acres near the House. Jack Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Peas May 20. He Sowed 1 1/2 of Peas the 25th Caught a Good Salmon. Night a fine Trout.
May 30:Clear and very Pleasant - At the Garden. Plowed for Corn and Cabbages - Boys Harrowing Peas and last wheat. Caught a small Salmon. Good Eddies and both Nets Set. Never a Better Season. Thanks be to God.
May 31:Sunday - Clear and Warm as July - Wind Sou-west.

Jun 1:Cloudy and 1 O-C- begins to Rain and Continues all Day. Jack Sowed More Peas - Making 4 1/2 Bushels in the whole - Boys Planted Old Yard with Corn Saturday evening - Caught 2 Salmon.
Jun 2:Cloudy and Misty but very warm - Wind South - Planted Some Corn in the Garden - Boys Casting Dung and Plowing for Potatoes. William's Cow came in with a fine Calf. No Salmon. Afternoon Cloudy but warm as July.
Jun 3:Clear and never warmer in June. Planted my Early Corn in the Garden. Boys Preparing Ground for Potatoes - River has Rose So as to Prevent Seting Nets.
Jun 4:Clear and as warm as ever - Never - No Never So fine a Season - The Praise be to God, the Giver of all Mercies. Visited Mrs. Bedell - Gresner Set out for Canada - Set Short Net.
Jun 5:Cloudy but never warmer - Rains by Showers all Day - Wind Comes round to Norwest - Boys began to Plant Potatoes in lower field. Planted 25 Hills of Pole Beans. Making in the Whole, 83 Hills Bushed Some Peas. River falls fast. Caught a Salmon. Set both Nets.
Jun 6:Clear and never warmer in June - Sowed over half a Bushel of Flax seed and Some Barley. Boys planting Potatoes - Afternoon a Very Severe Thunder Shower. No Salmon.
Jun 7:Sunday - Cloudy Wind Sou-East and Chilly. Caught last Night an Uncommon Large Salmon and a Shad.
Jun 8:Cloudy and Cool - Wind East - River Rising - Fredk. went to Mill and Weaver's. Bushed my Peas and Set Out 172 Cabbage Plants. Boys finished Potatoes, having more than we ever did before. Night Set Both Nets, but very Small Eddies - Captn. Ketchum Arived from Fredericton.
Jun 9:Still Cloudy but warmer. No Salmon, the River having Rose up to the Alders. Frederick finished Ploughing for Barley and Buckwheat. Poled my first Beans.
Jun 10:Clear and Very Warm. Sowed 4 1/2 Bushels of Barley. Making in the whole 5 1/2 Bushels - William & Henry making Fence Round New Ground above House. Caught 2 Salmon One very Large. The 2 Large Salmon and Shad in Long Net. Flys and Mosquitoes never more Plenty.
Jun 11:Clear and never Warmer in June. No Salmon. Sowed 1 of Buckwheat Both Kinds. Afternoon a Very Severe Thunder Shower - Dr. Emerson arived in the Rain.
Jun 12:Clear and very warm. after Breakfast the Doctr. Set out for Fredericton. Transplanted Cucumbers. At the Garden. Caught one Salmon in Long Net. Afternoon showers again.
Jun 13:Clear and cool. Wind Norwest. Beardsley helping William make the Cannoe. Sowed 7 buchels of Oats. finishing the Crop - Having Sowed 17 Bushels of Wheat - 5 1/2 of Barley. 4 1/2 of Peas - 1 of Buckwheat - Near half a Bushel of Flax Seed - Planted More Potatoes than we Ever did before, and a little Corn - We have 6 Bushels of Rye; Sowed last Fall.
Jun 14:Sunday - Cloudy but very warm. Clopper Dined with Us.
Jun 15:Cloudy but very warm. Never a More Growing Season. Afternoon Severe Thunder Shower - Finished Cannoe and gave her a coat of Tar - River falls Far - Set both Nets
Jun 16:A very warm Day - More Showers - Jack gave the Cannoe a Coat of Paint - Making Fence around the wheat above the House - Set out 500 Hundred Cabbage Plants. Caught a Noble Salmon, Short Net. Never so Few Salmon.
Jun 17:A Severe Gust of Wind from Norwest at Day Light. Wind heavy till afternoon - Then Clouds up and before Night Rains hard - Maria and Jack gone to Visit the Cunliffes. Set out more Cabbages - Caught a Small Salmon in Short Net.
Jun 18:Cloudy and Cool. Wind North - Some Showers - Boys at the Fence Round the New Ground below the House - Set out more Cabbages - Poled Short Peas - Caught a Large Salmon - Short Net
Jun 20:Clear and Very Warm - Wind West - Boys finished Fence. Frederick on a visit to Mr. Allen's - Caught a large Salmon.
Jun 21:Sunday - Clear and very warm. Wind high at North - William set short net and caught a Noble Salmon.
Jun 22:Clear and warm but not as Yesterday - Wind at North - Boys making Fence Round the Apple Trees for the Pigs - Set Nets
Jun 23:Clear and Never Warmer - Frederick came last Night - Poled my last Beans - Afternoon Boys went to help Beardsley Raise his Barn - Caught 2 Noble Salmon. One in Each Net. Mr. Bedell & Oty arived.
Jun 24:Cloudy like for Rain, which is much wanted - Caught a Salmon, Short Net. Boys fixing Aqueduct - Jack and Wm. Making fence - Visited Mr. Bedell.
Jun 25:Clear and very Warm - Boys began Choping - Mr. B. Rainsford Called on His Way Down - Caught 2 Salmon one in Each Net - One Et by the Eels - afternoon some appearance of Rain - which would be a Great Blessing; it being now very Dry. Wind sou-west
Jun 26:Clear and very warm - Major Morehouse Came at Night - Boys Choping - Caught one Salmon, Short Net
Jun 27:Clear and warm Indeed - The Major and Jack gone to Contract for Rebuilding Bonnel's Bridge. Caught One Salmon Short Net. but Injured by the Eels - Night the Major and Jack Returned - Dined at Major Ketchum's.
Jun 28:Sunday - A little Rain in the Morning and than a fine Thunder shower - The rest of the Day very warm.
Jun 29:Clear and Cool, Wind very high at North - after Breakfast the Major Set out for Home. Boys working on the Road - Set Nets, Long at the Bar. Visited Ketchum with Captn. Bull and Lady.
Jun 30:Cloudy and a little Rain. Boys at the Road. Transplanted my Beets - afternoon; Thunder Shower. Caught 4 Salmon - One in Short Net 3 in Long Net. We hope the Salmon now wll be Plenty - There never was so few to this Time; having in the whole Caught only 21. Some of them very Large, more than Common.

Aug 3:From the last Date Never a more growing or better Season. Continual Warm Days and Nights - and as Much Rain as is Necessary to Keep the Earth Continually Wet - More Thunder and Lightning than for 3 Years Past. Crops of all kinds Never in this Country more Promising. Grass Double, and Pasture Never Better - Began to Cut our Winter Ry this Day. Thin but large Heads and Well filled. Bad Season for Getting Hay - So much Rain - We have only got in a few Tuns - But Considerable in Cock - A Very Rainy Day. Thanks be to Our God for giving Us this Most Excellent Season, after 3 years bad Crops.

Sep 9:From the first Date, the Weather has Continued very Warm both Day and Night - and we have had a Number of Heavy Thunder Showers - The People in general are now in the midst of their Wheat Harvest, and never better - we have cut neer half and find it very Good - No Smut or Rust - The Greatest Prospect of Potatoes we Ever knew, and all other Kind of Grain - Buckwheat Especially - Arived yesterday from Prince William, were I Performed Divine Service on the 6th. Gilbert Carvell my Pole-Man - The week before, Phebe and John Davidson made us a Friendly Visit of 4 Days - The Weather for Some Time, very Good and Dry - But this Day a Heavy Rain from the No-East - The River quite low - But Poling Good.
Sep 15:From the last Date, the Weather has been Unfavorable for Harvest - but Two Good Drying Days - The 10th and 11th - Cold and High wind from North - But Hail at Night, which Produced Fog - Which Saved Us from Frost - There was Some on the Improvements back from the River, But did no Damage. Everything being so Forward, that They were out of the Way of Frost - We have now only about 100 Dozen of Wheat in the Barn - Yesterday it Rained Most of the Day - Wind South, but warm. ToDay the Boys began to Reep the New Ground below the House; the Field above not quite Finished, and Most of what is Cut, in the Field - That by the House, all in the Barn - This Day Cloudy and Misty - Wind at Sou-West - But Moderate.
Sep 21:From the last Date - Continual Rain and Very Warm; The Wheat has grown Considerable and Barley more so - We never had Such a Harvest - The greater Part of the Grain is now in the Fields, and very Much Injured. It now Rains again, after the Morning being Clear, wind still at Souwest - but much Cooler than it was - Mr. Peter Fraser and Mrs. Fraser with Mr. James Burton left us, and Bell Allen, at 4 O-C- on their Way Home. They Came on Saturday Evening and after Church, Dined and Stayed all Night with Us - went this Morning at Breakfast with Mrs. Griffith and after Dinner Set out for Home. Very like for more Heavy Rain.

Oct 9:We have had from the very last date but a few Days of Good Weather, Rain Continually, and Very Warm - Saturday Septr. 26th I went to Prince William - a Heavy Norwester - Never went Down with Such Expedition - But Several Showers, So as to Wet the Grain - Sunday Very Heavy Wind, Showers and Cold. Monday equally as Bad - after visiting the School, Capt. Huestis at 12 O-C- Came to Millers. Started very Early Breakfast at Mr. Philips's - at Home before Dinner. Found George and Alexander Garden - with their Sister Hellen - Richard and mary Allen - Peter Clements had gone to Captn. R. Smith's - After a Very Friendly Visit of 5 Days went Home - William and Maria with Him - Mr. Clements remained till Tuesday and then went Home - A good Day but Cold, wind north and High; which on Wednesday Morning Produced a Severe White Frost - the first we have had; My Potato Vines, being as green as ever till then. The two next Days very Warm, no Frost but a Thick Fog. Jack Cuting Oats. William Bull helping Him. So as They may tomorrow go a Timber Hunting - Fredk. and Henry began to Thresh the Buckwheat, very Good - There is yet Considerable Grain in the Fields; But a Prospect now of Warm Dry Weather and but Two Frosty Nights - Never was there in this Country So wet and warm a Summer and Fall to this Date. Came from Fredericton on the 20th - George went with me, left Him at Major Morehouse's - Came Home last Night - Jacob Allen with James Ketchum left Here for St. John's. We had a Smart Rain last Night, but as fine a Day this as we could Wish - Clear and very Warm - The Grain moveabl Secured and Most of the Potatoes - We are in the Midst of our Diging, Not half done - But Potatoes never Better. Hetta Allen came up with Mary Ann Ketchum and Her Brother - Remains here till the boat goes - William Hired Thomas, a disbanded soldier of the 98 - to work yesterday - Fredk. gone to Captn. Tompkins' Mill.
Oct 28:Good weather as We could Desire - No Frost to Injure the Potatoes - almost done, Finish ToMorrow - We shall have above 600 Bushels - 500 of them White Blue-Noses and never Better - Yesterday Morning Mr. B. Rainsford and H. Clopper left here for Fredericton, after breakfast, and Major Morehouse for the New-Bridge - Look for Him back to toNight. Cloudy and Smoaky, but warm.

Nov 13:Better Fall never was known. On Finishing our Crop of Potatoes we had above 700 Bushels. No Frost from the last Date; The Weather uncommonly warm and Dry till Saturday last - when we had a Severe Rain for 3 Days but Cleared off very Warm - The Rain has Raised the River up to the Alders, Tho' very low before. We have almost got all the Dung out and have Plowed all the Ground on the Intervale and the Lot above the Garden. Mr. Allen has been up Surveying Mr. Fraser's Property and a line for Peabody 12 Days. Went Home yesterday. William also went to Fredericton in my Birch Cannoe. Jack with a Frenchman has been a week Sawing their Boards for the Church Yard - gone this Day to look for Timber with William Bull - Clear and Wind norwest like for some Frost. But Better Weather we could not wish.
Nov 16:The last three Days - Warm as summer - Jack Sowing - Fredk. Plowing - Henry and Thomas at the Dung - A little Rain Testerday - ToDay Cloudy Wind North and Colder - River falls fast. Captn. Ketchum's Boat went up toDay.
Nov 21:From the last Date we have had 3 Cold Days attended with Snow to Cover the Ground - ToDay Wind at South and Cloudy - The Snow now melts fast, and like for Rain. Major Ketchum very Sick with the Jaundice. Jack Gone to visit Him. Sick with a Bad Cold and Soer throat. Dr. Emmerson Called this Morning and got Breakfast on His Way Down - William and Jack at the Church Yard - Fredk. and Thomas Banking up the House with Gravel - River falls - No Ice Yet.
Nov 22:Sunday - Clear and Pleasant Morning after Some Rain in the Night - Afternoon Snow Squals from the Norwest - Cool.
Nov 23:Cloudy and very Chilly; Wind South. 11 O-C begins to Snow very fast. Continues most of the Day - The Ground Covered.
Nov 24:Cloudy Wind North and High - The Coldest Day Yet. William Brought Yesterday 11 Hundred Feet of Boards from Captn. R. Smith - ToDay Hawled them and Covered the Hovel - Afternoon Put up the Old Slay.Visited Mrs. Bedell with a large Company. Good Slaying - But a Little Hubbly - Phillips's Boat went up.
Nov 25:Clear after a very Cold Night - A little Ice Running this morning for the first time - A fine Day - It Thaws fast of the House and Barn - Fredk. & Thomas Threshing Peas - Jack & William Mended the Kitchen Chimney.
Nov 26:A Sudden Change - last Night it Clouds up and this Morning, Snow from the South, but Soon turns to Rain Quite Warm - There is now Considerable Ice in the River - Jack & William Mending Oven.
Nov 27:Clear Wind Norwest, not cold, a fine Day - Jack at the water-works - Thomas and Fredk. Thrashing Wheat - Afternoon Thomas and Henry finished the Dung - Ice runs Considerable Thick - River falls - The Ice now lodges on the Bar-above and below the Barn - Still and Threatens Snow
Nov 28:A little Cloudy; Still and Pleasant - Jack at the water works - Boys at the Barn - Ice yet Runs thick. William Bull and William gone again to look for Timber.
Nov 29:Sunday - Cloudy and soon begins to Snow, so as just to cover the Ground.
Nov 30:Clear and Cold Morning - No Wind - Jack, William and William Bull went toDay to get timber - back of Lockwood's Place. Fredk. Henry and Thomas Succeeded in bringing down the water. Made Hatters - Lockwood Stayed last Night with Us; He is at work at Mr. Frasers's New House - Afternoon wind Rises Fresh at Norwest - Considerable Ice Running. Heard yesterday of the Death of the Hon. Mr. Odell - Polly Smith with Us. Sowing for Maria.

Dec 1:Clear and Cold Morning after the Coldest Night Yet. Ice very Thick. Henry went to Mill. Lockwood at work at the Mill; not finished - to grind tomorrow. Fredk. & Thomas Threshing Weat - Afternoon Pleasant. Benjamin Griffith and Sister - John Bedell & Sister Spent the Evening with Us.
Dec 2:Clear and Very Cold - The Ice now in large cakes - Shut up beyond the Island - Henry brought 5 Bushels of Turnips from Benjamin Griffiths. The Blacksmith Shewed William's Oxen and the Horses - Regulated the cellar. William Bull, Jack and William came in from the woods at Night;
Dec 3:A very Cold Night and Morning - Ice yet Runs but Thick. Blacksmith finished the Oxen. Lockwood came from the Mill having put it in good repair. Visited Mrs. Bull.
Dec 4:The Coldest Night and Morning Yet. Clear and Still. Afternoon Pleasant. The Boys Killed the 5 Pigs. Henry Fetched Grist from Mill. Evening Cut up and Salted the Pigs; the 6 Pigs Weighed 616 lbs. The largest 121 lbs. - April Pigs.
Dec 5:Clear and More Moderate - No Wind - A fine Day. The Boys Making Shed and Beting Wood - The Ice has Jamed up in Sight This Morning. But Settled Down again. Afternoon Pleasant.
Dec 6:Sunday - Cloudy Wind Sou-East - and Soon begins to Rain.
Dec 7:Clear after a Most Severe Rain in the first of the Night. The Wind Comes Round to west and Snows So as to Cover the Ground - Never a better Day in December - Still and Warm - Built out the Chimneys this Morning - Jack and William with Wm. Bull gone this Day for Timber - The Post came from Fredericton to Mr. Phillips's - Ell River on the Ice - The River is Closed up with Ice to Mr. Fraser's Place
Dec 8:Clear and Cold - The Wind came from the Norwest last Night and High, and of course Very Cold - Boys geting Wood - Bought 3 Turkies from Mrs. Bull - The Ice has broke from above and Runs very Thick
Dec 9:This Morning found it Snowing fast - It fell about 4 inches when it Cleared off very Pleasant. Ketchum killed His Hogs - Frederick and Thomas Helping Him. Very Good.
Dec 10:Clear and Still and Cold - This Morning the River Closed up Very Smooth - Boys geting Wood - Married Nicholas Cunliffe and Margaret Gates McKeen by License - Henry Drove me out - A large Weding
Dec 11:A Very Cold Night and Morning - The Coldest we have had - Boys geting Wood - Salted William's Hog - He had of Ketchum, it weighed 173 1/2. Mr. Bedell & Lady, Captn. Bull and lady, Mrs. Griffith and Betsy and Ketchum spent the Evening with us. At noon it clouds up and Soon begins to Snow from the South - Little Wind - Decr. 12th Cloudy and Some Snow Squalls - Wind North and Blustering The Snow fell 4 Inches - Boys geting Wood - Not very Cold
Dec 13:Sunday - Clear and not very Cold. Major Ketchum at Church and with us for the first time after his Sickness - Afternoon Pleasant and Still.
Dec 14:Clear and Still - A Cold Morning after a Cold Night - Boys killed large Hogs - Moved Ashes out of Smoak House - Jack Cuting his Road to Draw Timber - William, Fredk. Thomas and Henry Killed the Hogs - Afternoon Fredk. and Maria visited Mrs. R. Smith; Very Cold. The Ice now very Strong - They cross the River with Horses.
Dec 15:A Still very Cold Morning after the Coldest Night yet. Cut up and Salted Pork. Let Captn. R. Smith have 107 lb. The 4 Hogs Weighed 816 lbs. John Bedell and his sisters Jane and Ann and B. Griffith Spent the Evening - The Weather more Moderate; a little Cloudy, but still. D. Ketchum and Henry brought in a load of John's Rye.
Dec 16:A little Cloudy but still, and Quite Moderate. Put Bine to Pork - Made Brine for Hams - Henry gone to Mill and to carry Captn. Smith his Pork - John and William yesterday and toDay cuting their Road, with William Bull - Quite warm.
Dec 17:Clear and Cold but not Severe; Wind Nor-west. Boys geting wood. Put Brine and Salt Petre to the Hams. Fixing Stove.
Dec 18:Clear and Still; the Coldest Night and Morning. Jack and William at Their Road. Fredk. and Henry Threshing and Wood. Clopper with us.
Dec 19:Clear after a Cold Night. Wind South and Soon Moderates. Moved the water works, the water coming into the Celler. Examined the School - Major Ketchum and Squire Upham Dined with Us - Phebe and Polly Smith. Afternoon pleasant.
Dec 20:Sunday - A little Cloudy but not very Cold - Afternoon pleasant At Night Kendall had a Singing School at the Church.
Dec 21:Cloudy and a little Snow all Day - Jack & William gone into the Woods till Christmas - Stopted the Water Runing into the Cellar. Charles Morehouse Dined here on his Way to Major Ketchum.
Dec 22:Clear after a little Snow - It fell only 3 Inches - Wind Norwest - but not very Cold - Examined Kendall's School
Dec 23:Clear after the Coldest Night and Morning yet - A Very Cold Day - Boys geting Wood - Jack and William in the Woods
Dec 24:Still very Cold - Boys at the Barn and Wood.
Dec 25:Christmas Cloudy and Moderate - A large Congregation.
Dec 26:Cloudy Wind Nor-west - But Moderate - Jack making Bob-Sled - William gone to Blacksmith's and George to Connel's.
Dec 27:Sunday - Cloudy and Moderate. Wind North.
Dec 28:Cloudy Quite Moderate; Wind Sou-west - A little Snow Visited Old Mr. Campbell, who appears to be approaching towards His Dissolution - Mr. Bedell with me and Major Ketchum - Afternoon very Pleasant.
Dec 29:Cloudy and a little Snow - But warm - No wind
Dec 30:Still Cloudy, but quite warm - Wind South - Married William White and Mary Ann Ryer at Mr. Sheffeny's - A little Snow again. George Morehouse and Mr. Harley arived - Dined with Us, and then went to the Subscription Ball at Mr. Phillips's. A fine evening.
Dec 31:Cloudy and Still but warm - We never had better Holy Days Just as Night began to Snow from North. Visited Captn. R. Smith with a large Company. A Very Pleasant Evening.


Jan 1:Cloudy and Still. Very Pleasant - The Snow fell at Night about 5 Inches - The most we have had yet. Dr. Rice Stayed with Us last Night - Mr. M. Smith Killing the Fat Cows, with the Boys - who came in Yesterday - George Bull gave a Most Extensive New Year's Ball to all the Young Ladies and Gentlemen.
Jan 2:Still Cloudy and Moderate - Cut up and Salted Beef (Very Good) Maria & Boys had the young Ladies and Gentlemen this Evening to a Ball.
Jan 3:Sunday - A Cold Morning after a Still Clear Cold Night - after Church - Harley and George Morehouse went to Major Ketchum's.
Jan 4:Cloudy Wind North, but not very Cold - Adam and Joseph Allen came Saturday Night - Joseph for School - Adam went Home this Morning - All Hands toNight to Captn. R. Smith's for the last
Jan 15:From the last Date, we have had Continual Clear and Steady Cold Weather, except the 10th and 11th which was Quite Warm - Maria is just now Recovering from the Scarlet Fever - William with Frederick for School, set out for Fredericton the 12th - We never had so little Snow fall Since we have been in this Country - and no Rain since the Cold Set in. There is not more than 5 inches of snow on the ground and very little
Jan 20:We have had 5 Days Continual Warm Cloudy Weather, with a little Sprinkling of Rain which has Carried of almost the whole of the Snow and left nothing but Ice. William came from fredericton with the New Sleigh on the Evening of the 18th - Major Kethum last Night - It began to Snow this morning from the No-East, but quite Moderate in the afternoon, Clears away Pleasant Indeed. The Snow has not fell more than 2 Inches. Every Appearance of a great Storm goes off with very little Snow and very little Cold; Never known before - The wind has come round to the South-East and Drifts the Snow Considerable; But warm.

Feb 2:We have had since Jany. 20th Continual Warm and Cloudy weather till the 24th when we had a Severe Rain and very Warm which carried off all the Snow and left nothing But Ice - The Cattle and Sheep all over the Fields - We never had such a winter to this Date - Three Days past we have had 2 Snows when there fell about 6 Inches of Snow. And one Could Day and Night; but this Day Cloudy and Warm, and like for Rain, wind South. Mrs. Dibblee & Her Friends this Evening - a large Collection - Buried a Child of Mrs. Huff.

Mar 2:Never - no never had we So Favourable a Winter, from the last Date, not one Bad storm and the Ground almost bare, but never better travelling on the River, all the Way to fredericton. Not one Could Day from the 1st of Febry., but it has Thawed almost every Day. Bad for Hawling Timber for want of Snow. Jack & Wm. have only hawled one week, but it now Snows fast and we hope good hawling this month. Dr. & Mrs. Rice Captn. Cunliffe and wife Dined with Us yesterday. Evening went to Baptise Squire Upham's Child - a very large Company - Never a Pleasanter Day in March than Yesterday; but it Snows toDay very much and the Wind high at No-East.
Mar 17:From the Last Date we had had Continual Cold Stormy Weather, and the Severest Storms of Snow, more so than any this winter. The Snow is now two feet on the Ground, and the Roads all Drifted full. Very Bad Travelling. Richard arrived last Monday week on a Visit and on Tuesday Mrs. Dibblee and Myself with Henry Set out for Prince William on a Visit to Mrs. Davidson, Stayed all Night at Mr. Allen's. Dined there next Day, and then with Mrs. & Mr. Allen went to Mrs. Davidson's. Dined with them on Thursday - Friday after Breakfast, Called on Major Morehouse and then, owing to the Appearance of a Bad Storm, Came Home. Saturday never a worse Snow Storm - Found A. Garden here and Richard Very Sick with a Cold in His Face. Mary Morehouse and Frederick came up in the storm to Captn. Bull's - and on Sunday - Still Storming - They went to Major Ketchum's - Tuesday march 14th Peter Clements, George Garden, His Sister mary and Mrs. Genkins, came up with their Horses - Best - out - from Captn. Tompkins and William Grants - Garden with the young ladies went to Captn. R. Smith's; and Peter Clements after Breakfast with one of our Horses Likewise - A. Garden and Maria now gone to See them, this Morning, Tho' very stormy - Wind high at Norwest - and the Snow Drifts - Never a worse March - Tonight, all Hands are going to Mr. T. Cunliffe's on a Party of Dancing. Richard, so much better, that He Proposes going with them.
Mar 19:A fine Still Warm Day after a Very Cold Night for the latter part of March - Yesterday a very windy Blustering Day and the Snow Drifted Much - Mary Clements and Her Brothers and George Garden came from Captn. Smith's and Dined with Us - this Night they were bound, all hands, on a Party to Major Ketchum's; Mary Morehouse and Frederick Remain there - They have not yet been Down here.
Mar 23:Never such a March - Saturday a Very Severe Snow Storm - Sunday Morning Pleasant; but Clouds over and begins to Snow from the South, and when Church was out, a very Severe Squall from Norwest, with Snow which never fell faster, and Continued all Night - Fredk. & Mary Morehouse; Peter Clements and His Sister - A. Garden and Wm. Turner, Ketchum & Betsy Dined with us. Witter Davidson came in the midst of the Storm - Monday Clear and Pleasant Wind North - Jack & Witter spent the day at Major Ketchum's - At Night all Hands at Mr. Bedell's Dancing. It snows again toDay. After Breakfast A. Garden and Witter Davidson left Us for Home - Never a Colder Morning in March - George Hurt His Arm last Night.
Mar 24:Clear after 4 or 5 Inches of Snow in the Night - Wind Norwest. It Thaws some on the House, but not in the Road. We have now as Much Snow or More, than is Usuial at this time of Spring. Never a worse March.
Mar 25:Cloudy, after a very Cold Night. Wind South and Like for another Storm. We have not more than one Clear Day for 3 or 4 Stormy Ones, and Cold enough for December - March pays us for our Good Winter. Mr. Clements and Sister, Mrs. Jenkins and Maria on a Visit to Catherine Bedell last Evening - Frederick Morehouse and Mary at Major Ketchum's.
Mar 26:At 11O-C- begins to Snow fast from the South and Continues all Night - The Snow has fell 6 Inches, and again filled up the Roads.
Mar 27:Clear and very Pleasant, but 2 O-C- Clouds up from the South with Snow. Wind High, the Snow has fell 5 or 6 Inches. There is now fell as much Snow as we Commonly have at this Time of the Spring. Peter Clements and Sister - Frederick Morehouse and Sister left there at 11 O-C for Their Home - Examined the School. Afternoon Wind very High at Nor-west, and Drifts the Snow Terribly.
Mar 28:Sunday - Clear and very Cold - Wind North and Exceeding High - The Snow Drifts all into Heaps
Mar 29:Clear and Cold Morning - Equal to any we had in January. Never was there Such a March - The Snow is Deeper than we ever had it before at this Time of March; and there has not been the least Thaw - either from Rain or Sun - The Wind North and High, but the Snow Does not Drift as Yesterday; but a Most Severe Cold Day - No appearance of Sugar, or the Ice Breaking.
Mar 30:Cloudy and Snows fast - Still - Afternoon Wind Rises at Sou-East and Rains the Rest of the Day - Dismal Indeed - But warm.
Mar 31:Cloudy and warm after a severe Rain in the Night - It has Settled the Snow Very Much, and the Road is so Soft that the Horses Slump at every step. Afternoon Wind Rises No-East and grows Cold - Like for fowl Weather - Set a Goose on 12 Eggs on Monday March 29.

Apr 1:All Fools Day - Clear and Cold Morning - Wind Nor-west - Afternoon warmer - First appearance of ap - But no preparation yet.
Apr 2:Clear and pleasant, it Thaws much toDay.
Apr 3:Clear after a cold Night - Wind South a Fine warm day. 11 O-C- adam D. Allan and His Sister Peggy Arived and Witter Davidson and John from Prince William - afternoon cloudy
Apr 4:Sunday - Cloudy and Some Rain in the Morning, and then Pleasant John Davidson went Home - James Ketchum and Mary Ann - Witter Davidson and Dunkan Allan and his Sister Dined Here. After Dinner James and His Sister, Witter and Jack went to Major Ketchum's - Jack and Witter on Their to Tobique.
Apr 5:Cloud and never Rains faster, Very Warm, Wind Sou-East - The Ice now begins to break below my Bar - the Roads and River all water - Duncan and Peggy Allen Stayed last Night at Mrs. Griffith's. Afternoon clear and Very Pleasant; The Snow is gone very Much.
Apr 6:Cloudy and Wind High at Nor-west - A.D. Allen and Peggy Breakfasted and then set out for Home - Very Soft and the Road full of Water - Visited Mrs. Bull in Compy. With Captn. And Mrs. Cunliffe. Mr. T. And Mrs. Phillips - Charles and Betsy - Night very Cold.
Apr 7:Clear and Cold Morning - It Froze Hard last Night - The fields are now getting bare, and the Cattle for the first time out on the Improvements. Harry and Thomas began this Day to fix Camp for Sugar - But no Sap yet. The Ice this morning as Strong as Ever - Afternoon visited Mrs. Bedell.
Apr 8:Cloudy and 12 O-C- begins to Snow and Continues all Day - The Snow just covered the Ground; wind south and High - Ice has not broke
Apr 9:Good Friday - A little Cloudy - Wind high at North and Very Cold
Apr 10:Clear and Cold - We have not yet Tapped a Tree.
Apr 11:Easter Sunday - Clear, Still and Warm Morning - 12 O-C- Wind Rises at Sou-East - Very Chilly - Small Congregation, no Crossing the River or Creek with Slays - Night Cloudy.
Apr 12:Very Cloudy and soon begins to Rain, Wind exceeding high at Sou-East. Never knew a much greater Rain till 4 O-C- This Prevented all Attentendance on Easter Monday - The Snow is now half off the Improvements. Ice has not broke any these Ten Days, but the river is now all Water.
Apr 13:Clear and cold, Wind North, Something Cloudy - Began Taping; 2 Hundred Trees - It Runs toDay Midling - Sister Dibblee, Caty Bedell, Betsy and Charles, Dined with Us - Wm. Dibblee Drank Tea - Caty Bedell and Miss Genkins who Came in the Evening Stayed all Night.
Apr 14:Clear and Cold Morning - Still all Day, and Warm enough. A very Good Day for Sap, Taping as fast as possible - The Snow goes fast Indeed. The Improvements almost Bare, But the Ice Strong as ever; the River Rises Fast - Jerry Connall Came with His Slay for Wheat. After Breakfast the Young Ladies left Us - Afternoon Warm as June. Mrs. Dibblee visited Mrs. Sm-
Apr 15:Clear and Still after a Cold Night, but a Very Warm Day. A good Day for Sap - The Boys Caught yesterday from 300 Trees 3 Hhds. Of Sap. The First - Began to Boil Down toDay - The Snow never went faster The River Rising, but the Ice Yet Strong Tho' breaking Round the Bar - Afternoon Married Jacob Smith and Elisa Griffith
Apr 16:Clear Still and Very Warm - Little Sap too Warm - Ice breaks.
Apr 17:Clear and very Warm Wind Sou-west - Two warm for Sap - Jack and Witter Davidson came Home, They came from Clopper's. The Boys and Ketchum Boiling Down and Taping. The Snow is now almost off the Improvements and Roads - The Ice on my large Bar Started and Ran a few Rods. River Rising.
Apr 18:Sunday - Cloudy and Chilly - Witter Davidson went for Home after Dinner yesterday - Wind Sou-East and High - Clopper here.
Apr 19:Cloudy and Cold. No Sap these 3 Days - Wind Sou-East. Opened a Potatoe Hole - Very Good - Ketchum and Henry Sugaring off - The Ice broke from my Bar and Ran Down, but Jamed up now below my Intervale - Clopper this Day with us - Jack and William gone to hall their Timber.
Apr 20:Clear after a Cold Night - A Midling Day for Sap - Wind South in afternoon - Henry Taped more Trees - Ketchum and Henry now Gathering - Last Night another Calf - They Sugared off Yesterday 146 lbs. the first. The Ice Remains as before - After Breakfast Clopper left Us - Very warm in the afternoon. Afternoon Ice broke behind the Island and Ran very Much, But the Great Jam Remains at Mr. Bedell's. Boys Caught 10 Barrels of Sap.
Apr 21:Clear and Cold Morning a good Day for Sap - Wind Sou-west grows Very Warm - Dug the first mess of Parsnips - but the frost Prevented geting more than a Third of them - The Jam at Mr. Bedell's broke at Sundown and Ran down - There was a Quantity of Timber with it - The Property of the Smith's - The Boys caught 11 Barrels of Sap - All the Ice that has run has now Jamed up at Jimison's - Wind High at North - The Coldest Day for Ten Days Past - Not very good for Sap - Began to Clean Seed Wheat - The Main Body of Ice Supposed to have run last Night, from the Great Quantity that is Jamed on the Banks and the Height of it. It Raised the River almost to my Rock - The Ice Continued to Run till 11 O-C and has Carried Down the Jam at Jimison's; the River fell 4 feet Since the Jam has Broke.
Apr 23:A Cold Still Morning - The Boys Caught Yesterday 10 Barrels of Sap. Wind Rises again North - Cleaning Seed Wheat - No Ice toDay - The fourth Calf
Apr 24:A Cloudy Morning; Some Hail and Snow Squals; Afternoon Rains. Wind No-East; A little Small Ice in the Morning - Second Parsnips. Very little Sap. A Cold Rain. River falls, it is just over the Bar.
Apr 25:Sunday - Cloudy Wind No-East and Some Rain - Chilly.
Apr 26:This Morning found it Snowing fast - The Ground Covered one Inch or more - Jack & William gone to Hawl Timber - 11 O-C- Snow ceases and in one hour all melted - Henry and Thomas got some wood.
Apr 27:A white Frosty Morning - Wind North a Midling Day for Sap Mr. and Mrs. Bedell, Captn. & Mrs. Bull, Mrs. Griffith, Charles and Betsy Drank Tea with Us - No Ice Since the Jam Ran. The River is falling - Not high enough for Good Fishing - To Appearance no Fresh. This Spring - The Snow almost gone in the Woods, but there is Considerable Frost in the Ground yet - The Boys Caught 9 Barrels of Sap.
Apr 28:Clear and Warm after Some Frost - Little Sap toDay - Married Charles Burt and Dorcas Shaw - at Mr. W. Upham's - Very Muddy Riding - Boys finished Hawling Timber - Henry and Lewis Boiling
Apr 29:Clear after some frost - The Sap Runs Some toDay - Boys Sugaring off - Wm. Opened another Hole of Potatoes - Good - Afternoon geting them in - Fixing Fences - Very warm - The River is now Rising from the Very Warm Weather
Apr 30:Clear after Considerable Frost - Wind North and High but very Warm. Boys caught 10 1/2 Barrels of Sap - Sugaring off - Jack began Yesterday to Plough - Wilm. & Thomas geting in Potatoes Very Good. The Runs Runs again toDay, owing to a Great Quantity of Frost in the Ground - We never had So Much before. Burning this Day, above and Below for the first Time.

May 1:Clear and Warm, Wind East - River Still Rises but Slowlt. It is not yet on the Intervale - No Sap there having been no Frost - Henry and Thomas Boiling Down - Making Hot Bed - Sowed Lettuce and Peper Grass. Jack Ploughing - William Geting in Potatoes - Afternoon went to Mr. Philips's - Took of Goose with 6 Goslins - The Frost almost out of the Ground; but Considerable in the Woods - Grass begins to grow finely.
May 2:Sunday - Clear and never warmer in May - River Rising fast
May 3:It Clouded over last evening and began to Rain just as we went to Bed - Rains moderately all Night, but very Warm, wind South. It Rains a little this Morning, and then Ceases Quite Warm - Grass now grows fast; Planted my Hot Bed with Turkey Cucumbers - Fixing Garden - River Still Rises but not so fast - Mending fence - Jack Cross Ploughing
May 4:Clear and as warm as June - We never had Warmer Weather in May and so Early - Henry and Lewis Sugaring off their last Honey - River Rose last Night only one Inch - The lowest Fresh we ever knew. It wanted 4 Inches Perpendicular, to come to my Rock, At the Garden.
May 5:Clear and as warm as June - Wind Sou-west - River at a Stand - Barked my Twine - Dug my Parsnips - Diging Garden. Jack Ploughing - Henry, Lewis and Thomas Gathered and Boiled into Beer Their last Sap - Brought in Their Things from Camp - They have made only 436 lbs. Never a worse season for Sap.
May 6:A Little Cloudy but Warm - Sowed Some Summer Ry. Planted Water Mellons in Hot Bed - Digging for Early Peas - Jack, Wm and Thomas gone to Raft Their Lumber - River falls a little. Peper Grass and Lettuce now up - Never so Early before.
May 7:A Cloud Morning after some Rain in the Night; but soon clears off and warm - Wind Sou-East - Jack & Wm. & Thomas at Rafting Timber - Henry finished Harrowing in the Ry - Planted my Early Peas - The River has now fell 1 1/2 feet - Rafts toDay.
May 8:Clear but not so Warm - My Cucumbers are now coming up - Sooner than I ever had them, even in the Hot Bed - Planted a Hill of Water Mellons in a Hot Bed last year for Cucumbers. Boys finished their Raft - River falls fast - Planted my onions. Set out Turnips
May 9:Sunday - One Mellon up. A fine warm Day. Visited Mr. Purdy - Very Sick
May 10:Cloudy Wind Sou-West - A little Rain, but warm. Kniting my Short Net - Boys Ploughing and Harrowing above the Garden for wheat. River falls now very fast, and is of the Intervale. Night runs fast.
May 11:Cloud Wind High at No-East and Chilly. Clears off at 2 O-C- - Henry Cross Ploughing for Wheat - Brought in the White Potatoes very Good - We have a great quantity of Potatoes - Finished my Short Net. River Continues to Fall, but not so fast. It is yet too High to Set Nets.
May 12:Clear after a smart frost. Jack and the Carvells Started this Day in the Morning with their Raft of Timber - George went with them Strung my Short Net - No Eddies Yet - The River has Rose 4 Inches from the Rain. Boys Cross Ploughing & Harrowing
May 13:A Clear warm Day after a little Frost - Sowed 3 Bushels of Wheat, the first, above the Garden, Willm. & Thomas moving Some Fence by the Brook - Henry and Lewis Harrowing the Wheat - Afternoon Visited Purdy almost gone
May 14:A very warm Day after a cool Night but no Frost. Wm. & Henry finished Harrowing and then Ploughed both Gardens. Lewis & Thomas Planted Potatoes by the House - The First - Moved my Water Mellons into their Place - Sent for to visit Purdy, but found Him Dead
May 15:A Clear and Very Warm Day after a Warm Night. Transplanted Cucumbers and Mellons - Sowed Sage and [ ] Seed - Sowed Some Peas in my Garden; Planted Stertions, Mr. Bedell's Beans and Squashes, Sowed more Lettuce. George arived last evening, left John in Fredericton.
May 16:Sunday - Cloudy and Some Rain. Buried Mr. Purdy.
May 17:Cloudy - and heavy Showers; wind Sou-East, cool. Began another Short Net. There is now a good eddy - Transplanted Lettuce. Grass grows but nothing else.
May 18:Still Cloudy and Rains forenoon; afternoon wind High at Sou-west - Boys caught last evening 7 Small Fish.
May 19:This Morning found it Raining Very fast, wind No-East and Chilly - Set Short Net last Night, but the River rose from the Rain and Covered it over - Finished Second Short Net - No Ploughing or Sowing Since Saturday. A Very Rainy Day. Wind Comes Round the Southerd - A Good Sign.
May 20:Cloudy and Showers; afternoon very Thick and Rains fast - No work - Too wet and Muddy - River rising fast
May 21:Clear wind high at North and Very Cold - Sowed my Early Turnips - Henry Ploughing Potatoe Ground - Too Wet to Sow. River Rising now slowly, near its Hight. Visited Ketchum.
May 22:Clear Cold Morning after a Smart White Frost - No Wind - 10 O-C- Quite warm - afternoon Clouds over and Soon Rains Fast - Sowed our Russian Wheat, and other Wheat in the old Barn yard - Planted my Bush Beans - Began to Plant Corn but the Rain Soon Stopted Them - We had a foggy Morning which took of the Frost.
May 23:Sunday- Clear and Warm, wind North - River falls
May 24:Clear and Warm Morning - Thomas and Lewis finished Planting Corn - about 2 acres - Planted my Brown Corn - and all my Turkey Cucumbers - William Harrowing for Wheat, John Ploughing. Henry gone to pay Mr. Smith a Day for Sheering our Sheep on Saturday the 22nd. Afternoon Clouds over and Rains fast.
May 25:A Very Rainy Cold Day. Wind Sou-East - Nothing Done. We Set the Short Net last Night and Caught a Small Salmon, the first.
May 26:Still Rainy and Very Chilly Wind No-East - No Salmon.
May 27:Cloudy and wind high at north, and Cold Indeed, Planted my early Corn in the Garden - William, Lewis and Thomas Planting Potatoes in the Field above the House; Jack Ploughing but very wet. We Seldom ever had so Long and Cold Rain at this Season - River Rising very Fast, No Setting Nets. Too wet and Cold for Sowing
May 28:A Cold Morning but no Frost it being Cloudy - Wind Norwest But Not So Cold - Wm. Lewis & Thomas Planting Potatoes. Jack Ploughing. Sowed 3 Bushels and 3 Pecks of Wheat on the Intervale - Henry Harrowing - Afternoon Jack - The River is now just on the Intervale, The Timber Running Very much toDay.
May 29:Clear and Cool Morning but no Frost - Wind fresh from Norwest - Quite warm again - Sowed 4 Bushels and a Peck of Peas - Henry Harrowing - Jack Sowed Grass Seed on the Wheat Ground and then Harrowing - William Lewis and Thomas Planting Potatoes. The River fell last Night 4 Inches - A Number of Rafts toDay.
May 30:Whit Sunday - A Good and Warm Day.
May 31:Clear and very warm. No Wind - Planting my Acorn Squash. Planted 31 Hills of Pole Beans - Set both Nets - Good Eddies.

Jun 1:Cloudy but warm - Wind South. Sowed 3 pecks of Bald Barley - 1 1/2 of Oats - Planted 33 Hills of Pole Beans. No Salmon, Jack Ploughing. Henry Harrowing - Willm. & Thomas Planting Potatoes. Towards Night begins to Rain.
Jun 2:Cloudy after a Rainy Night - Quite warm and still - William and Thomas finished Planting Potatoes, having above 30 Bushels - Jack Ploughing. Henry finished Harrowing Oats and Barley - Planted more Cucumbers and Sowed more Cabbage seed and Radishes - Afternoon Clear and very Warm.
Jun 3:Cloudy morning after a Thunder Shower in the Night. But very warm - Alexander Garden came Night before last from Mr. Phillips's after Breakfast went on to Jackson Town, last night came back; This morning after Breakfast left here for Home. Sowed a peck of Flax Seed - Caught a salmon one in each net - afternoon showery.
Jun 4:Clear and warm indeed - Jack Sowed 6 Bushels of Barley, and one of New Buckwheat - Henry and Thomas Harrowing; Planted my Parsnips - Caught a Noble Salmon in long Net. Afternoon seldom Warmer - The River has rose from the Rain 5 Inches.
Jun 5:Clear and never warmer - My Corn is now coming up, and also in the field, Jack Sowed 2 1/2 Bushels of Oats - Planted my Beets and Carrots, and Some Oyster Plants. Sowed Some Pepper-Grass - Caught a very large Salmon and Shad in long Net and a Small Salmon in Short Net - The river fell last Night a little
Jun 6:Trinity Sunday - Clear and Warm Indeed.
Jun 7:Clear and warm as ever - Jack Sowed 3 1/2 Bushels of Oats. Bushed my early Peas - Boys Harrowing and Mending Fence, Set both Nets. Good Eddies, the River having fell fast 2 Day - Cloudy
Jun 8:Cloudy and a little Rain, but soon breaks away - Diging Garden, Boys Harrowing and at the Fence, Caught 3 Salmon in Short Net. One very large; Very warm; Never finer weather.
Jun 9:Clear and warm enough. Fly's and Musquitos very Troublesom - Caught 3 Salmon 2 in Long Net one the largest yet - Supposed to way 18 lbs. Finished Harrowing Oats. The River has rose again 6 Inches. There must have been a great Rain above.
Jun 10:Clear but Soon Clouds over, Wind very high from South. But warm indeed - Boys at the Fence - Jack Preparing to Set the Church Yard 2 Days - Visited yesterday afternoon Sister Dibblee and Mrs. Raymond - Several Thunder Showers - Brings the Wind Norwest, but quite warm - No Salmon - The River falls a little.
Jun 11:Clear and Cold Morning. A Small Frost, but did very little Damage. Jack & Wm. Began to set their Posts for Church yard - Caught a Salmon large Net - Sowed Yesterday 1 1/2 Bushels of Barley and Jack 1/2 a Bushel of Old Buckwheat which finishes the Crop.
Jun 12:Cloudy wind very high from south - Jack, Thomas and William at the Church yard - Caught a Salmon in Short Net. Mr. Lockwood with us last Night - Ducked William's Colt - Planted last Evening more Cucumbers - 12 O-C- Wind dies away and Rains Moderately.
Jun 13:Sunday - A Clear and warm day.
Jun 14:Clear and warm - Jack at the Church yard - William Ploughing Soard Ground for Buckwheat - Set both Nets,
Jun 15:Cloudy and warm - wind sou-east. Set out 150 Cabbage Plants - William finished Ploughing Soard Ground. Afternoon like for Rain - Caught a Salmon Short Net. River falls fast.
Jun 16:Cloudy and a little Rain the morning but 12 O-C- Clears away very Warm - Set out more Cabbage Plants - which finished the ground by the wheat - It took about 300 Plants - Jack and William at the Church yard - Henry gone to Mill - Frederick to Maductic for my Canoe - Caught a Salmon in Short net. The River falls fast, and too low for the lower Place.
Jun 17:A fine Clear and warm Day, after a Thunder Shower Early in the Morning - Wind Fresh at Norwest - Sowed 2 Acres of Old Buckwheat - Married Peter Moran and Chatherine Issabelle Grant. Planted my last Cucumbers - Caught a Salmon in Short Net the long not set.
Jun 18:Clear and very warm - Began to How Corn - Planted 13 Hills of Pole Beans - Caught a Salmon Short Net - long not Set - The River is Rising - from Rain above, there having been none here to Raise the river.
Jun 19:Clear and Warm. It is now very dry - No Salmon - Went to Prince William - A fine shower when at Major Morehouse's.
Jun 20:Sunday - A very fine Day - A large Congregation - Found Mr. Jimison's Boy, that was Drowned, 1 1/2 above Major Morehouse's.
Jun 21:A little Cloudy and Some Sprinkling of Rain. Came Home. Sun 2 Hours High - Abijah Raymond, Poleman - I never came from Mrs. David - son's So Soon before. They brought the Boy up.
Jun 22:A Clear and Warm Day - Buried Mr. Jimison's son. Caught a large Salmon. Supposed to weigh 22lbs. The River falls.
Jun 23:Clear morning; But Soon Clouds over - Jack went to Fredericton in the Boat - Took his Horse to Mrs. Davidson's in the Captn. Smith's Boat - Set out 130 Cabbage Plants, when the Rain began - and Continues fast all Day - A Great Blessing - A. Garden arrived at 12 O-C. Afternoon went with Wm. And Fredk. To Captn. Smith's. Caught a Salmon in Net, the long net not Set for Three Days.
Jun 24:The Rain Still Continues - Nothing Done - A. Garden here.
Jun 25:The Rain Still Continues - Nothing Done - Had a Severe Turn of Sickness last night - Afternoon Rain not so fast - Visited Captn. Bull with our friends - Garden and Frederick Set out on a Visit to Clopper's.
Jun 26:Clear and wet and warm - William went after Garden and Fredk. To Clopper's - Caught a Salmon - River Rising fast; And took off 2 Rafts that had grounded on my large Bar.
Jun 27:Sunday - A fine warm day - River still Rising.
Jun 28:A little Cloudy but Very Warm - Poled my Beans - Towards Night John Smith arived with the Boat, brought a Bbl. Of Salt. In the evening Jack arrived from Fredericton. The River is now full high enough for Good Eddies - Phillips went down in his boat. Boys Howing Potatoes. Afternoon went to help Beardsley Raise Mr. Fraser's Barn. Set the Short Net. Garden went Home.
Jun 29:Cloudy and some appearance of Rain. Boys at the Potatoes. Cleaning Garden. No Salmon. The River fell a little last Night.

July 6:From the last Date we have had the Greatest Rain we ever Knew in Summer, which Raised the River almost to the Alders. It fell a little last Night, but no Salmon for 8 Days - The June Salmon not yet Come - We have a Commet, first Discovered on Sunday evening July 4th. It is in a Northern situation - a little to the west of north when first seen at night. It has a Tail of about 2 feet in appearance. [This is Comet Tralles. It had a tail 14° and magnitude -2. It lasted several weeks.] Never a [ ]
July 27:The weather from the last Date - warm enough both Day and Night - Crops never looked better - Corn is now in General in the Silk - 14 Days Sooner than when we had Good Crops of Corn. Grass very Good - We began on Wednesday the 14th of July - When John Kirk came for a Month a L5. This Day Jack set out for Mirimachi with a Yoke of Oxen to join Witter Davidson in Prince William - Never was a more growing Summer - Wet enough and Warm enough - Thanks be to God - The Author of all Blessings.

Sep 2:From the last Date, the weather as good as we could wish. We never had a Warmer summer - and Never, in General Better Crops - More Grass in this Neighbourhood, than Ever before. We are now in the Midst of our Harvest - Wheat not so well filled, as Some Cold Summers - But Good - Corn never better, and almost fir for Gathering, and all other kinds of Grain Equally Good - George and Maria set out Yesterday on a Visit to Fredericton - Mrs. Clopper who has been in Wakefield and Woodstock above a Month went from here on Monday the 30th of August in Phillips's Boat. Williams has hired Thomas for a year at 32/10. He came on Monday the 30th of August - Never a Warmer Day than this the 2nd of Septr. A. Garden with Us Last Night - Dines toDay with William Bedell and Tomorrow they go to Clopper's.
Sep 25:The Weather has Continued Remarkably Good from the last Date; We never had better weather for securing all the Crops; Very little Rain for a Month past - and Very Warm - The River was never lower, and the Mills almost Dry - We have had Two Frosts, which has killed all the Running Vines, but did no other Damage. Wheat does not appear to be so well filled as Some years, it has been too Hot a summer for wheat, but in General Good, and Free from Rust. The Yellow Buckwheat, not Good. But rthe Old, very Good, Tho' not so Abundant as Cool Summers - The Crops of Corn never Better; We have just finished our Corn - Perfectly Hard, and as much from an acre and 3/4 as we ever experienced from the farmer[? - "former'?]. Best Season for Corn. We never had a greater Crop of Pumpkins - large and good - We have not yet begun to Dig the Potatoe Field but they appear to be good - and there is a large field of them

Oct 15:Cloudy and Cold with Some Spits of Snow for the first time - The weather has been Remarkably Warm till Yesterday, from the last Date, not the least Frost, Clear and Dry - The River Remains very low; Never lower in the Dryest Season. William Set out Sunday Afternoon October 10th for Fredericton; with Alexander Garden, who had been up on Election business; Fraser, Agnew, Allan and Dow, the old Members, are again Chosen. - Married Peter Clements and Mary Catherine Bedell, Octr. Ninth; and they with Mr. Bedell went Home Yesterday in Woolverton's Boat. John Bedell and Charles Ketchum had the Boat to bring up their Stores and Wm's - Mr. Peabody Died yesterday in a fit at Edward Campbell's, a Tavern Keeper, Octr. 12th - alas - Alas!
Oct 15:[duplicate date? Preceding from internal evidence should be Oct 13th] Now Diging our Potatoes, very Good - much better than our Neighbours have made in our Cellar, where we put them. Wind North and Chilly.
Oct 27:From the last Date we have had Considerable Rain, which has Raised the River to good Poleing - There has been a few frosty nights but an Excellent Fall - Night before Last, it Snowed so as to Cover the Ground, but not very Cold - ToDay mostly gon.e.[?] We have yet, in the ground, above 100 Bushels of Potatoes. Major Ketchum and Henry Morehouse Stayed with us last Night. This Morning Started with Their Two Boats for Fredericton.
Oct 28:A very Frosty Morning - Ground Froze Considerably. Lockwood Breakfasted here this Morning, gone to work on George Bull's house. 12 O-C- Warm and very Pleasant - Diging Potatoes.

Nov 3:A very Rainy Day - Wind no-East - We have now Done Diging Potatoes - a Great Crop - The whole that we have kept on Currant of 807 Bushels - But suppose above 900 - Shoe-Maker came on Friday Octr. 29th We have not had Such a Rain for Thre Months - Must Raise the River. William killed a Sheep. Ketchum not yet arived with his Boats - No Fresh for Some Days - Quite Warm.
Nov 4:Still Cloudy and Some Rain - Henry went to Mill.
Nov 5:A Very Rainy Morning - Ketchum with Henry Morehouse arived this morning with their boats - got breakfast - and then went uo - Tho' very wet - William went with them to get our brick.
Nov 6:Clear and Warm - a very Pleasant Day - Captn. Smith and Oliver brought our Brick; and then with their Boat went to Fredericton. Henry went to Mill for the Hogs - Afternoon Clouds over.
Nov 7:Sunday - A very Cloudy and Thick Fog - Never knew so Dark a Day - Had to go to the Altar Window to Perform Divine Service. After Church Some Rain - The River has Rose Quite over the Bar.
Nov 8:Clear and Cold Indeed for November - William went to Mill Visited Mrs. Bedell - Jane, who has been very sick, mending fast.
Nov 9:A very Cold Night and morning. It Froze the Ground Severely last Night, but no Ice in the River. William Bull arrived yesterday from Fredericton, brought Papaers - Afternoon Clouds over from the South, like for Foul Weather. William, Henry and Thomas Banking up the House. Henry Morehouse Started yesterday for Tobique.
Nov 10:It began to Snow last Night So as to Cover the Ground, with Some Rain - Wind South and Chilly - Henry and Thomas Banking House - The River now Falls again - Afternoon Pleasant.
Nov 11:Cloudy Wind Sou-West - Not Cold - Visited Mr. Bedell to get Putty - Boys finished Banking House. The Bar is now geting Bare again Very Good Poleing.
Nov 12:Cloudy and foggy - after a little Rain in the Night - Henry and Thomas began to Cast Dung - Mr. Smith Killed the Old Ox from Blackmore's - Good - Mended Church Windows and School - House Window - Dr. Emmerson came from Mr. Phillips's and got Breakfast - The Snow Intirely Gone Lewis gone to Mill
Nov 13:A fine warm morning - But Soon Clouds over and 12 O-C- begins to Rain and Continues all the rest of the Day - Cut Up and Salted Beef - Captn. Smith arived with his Boat - With a Box and Letter for Lewis Thomas absent on a Frolic with his friends. Suppose at Roger's.
Nov 14:Sunday - Cloudy - Cold - and Blustering Day - Wind North.
Nov 15:Clear and Cold - Wind Norwest - Visited old Mrs. Bell; Very Sick, but mending. The River now falls fast, and the large Bar is now bare.
Nov 16:The Coldest Night and Morning yet - A little Ice in the River for the first time - Wind Nor-est, but little - Killed Hogs - very Good - Mrs. M. Smith and Ketchum, Helping the Boys - They have 10 to Kill.
Nov 17:Cloudy and Warm - Some Rain. Cut up and Salted Pork - The 10 Hogs weighed 1806 lbs. The Best for their Age we ever Killed - The first weighed 253 - 2d-243 - 3d-228 1/2 - 4th-201 - The largest of the Spring Pigs weighed 157 lbs. The Oldest Hogs were only 1 year and 3 months Old - And the Spring Pigs only 8 and half Months Old. The Boys are keeping the large Sow till Christmas - Afternoon Rains fast - Some time after Dark - Dr. Emmerson arived very Wet - His men arived Night before Last, with His two Yoke of Oxen, William keeps one Yoke for the Winter, and Ketchum the other.
Nov 18:Clear and as Pleasant as the first of September after Breakfast the Dr. left Us - Put Salt Petre Brine to Hams - River Rising
Nov 19:Cloudy and Some Rain - Wind South and Warm enough.
Nov 20:Clear Still and Pleasant as the Middle of Septr. A Very Good Fall - Mr. Philips bought 3 Oxen of William for L62 - William gone to Help Philips Drive the oxen over the Creek - james Ketchum came from Fredericton - Brought Letters from Richard and Frederick - Set out my Rose Pipes, as an Experiment - Afternoon Pleasant Indeed.
Nov 21:Sunday - Clear and Colder Wind Norwest. But a Pleasant Day.
Nov 22:Clear after a Cold Night, but no Ice in the River, wind at Norwest and Fresh - Therefore, grows Cold - Ketchum Killed his Hogs. River at a Stand - It has not Rose quite over the Bar - William Turner Called on His Way up from St. John's
Nov 23:The Coldest Morning yet and Night - It has made Considerable Ice in The River - Cloudy and Still - 10 O-C- begins to Snow fast and Continues all Day - 12 O-C- Mr. Cook came to fix the Water Works. River falls
Nov 24:Clear and very Cold after Snow in the Night - The Snow fell 6 Inches. Mr. Cook finished water Works - Afternoon grows Moderate. The Ice Thick and has Closed up behind the Island. Sooner than we ever knew it.
Nov 25:A Great Change in the weather - Cloudy and Misty Wind South and Quite warm - Shoe-Maker finished toDay - The Ice Thick, but the snow goes very fast - like for Rain. Hary gone to Mill.
Nov 26:A very Pleasant Morning, Still and Warm - Two Masons began to Mend Chimney and Make an Oven - wm, Hary, Thomas assisting - Afternoon clouds over from the South, and towards Night, Some Rain and then a little Snow - Quite warm - The Ice Thick ToDay - River falls fast - A large Boat went Down.
Nov 27:Very Cloudy - Wind Sou-East, but little, like for a very Heavy Storm - Afternoon Some Rain - Masons finished - Ice still Thick.
Nov 28:Sunday - Clear Wind North and Cold - No Ice toDay.
Nov 29:Clear after the Coldest Night Yet - Ice now very Thick - Shut Up Cellars - Henry & Thomas at the Dung - Lockwood went home from George Bull's House - Went to Captn. Bull about Dr. Rice.
Nov 30:Clear and Cold Indeed - The River is now Froze over at Mr. Philips's and at Mr. Watson's, Sooner than we ever knew it. Afternoon Clouds over from the South and Grows Moderate - William fixed water for the Cattle and Shed for the Winter - Harry and Thomas at the Dung - Night quite warm.

Dec 1:Cloudy and Mild Wind South - Married Benjamin Brooks and Rachel Jostlin - Jane and John Bedell Drank Tea and spent the Evening. At the Dung and Wood. Boys Skiating - Night Snows a little. But warm.
Dec 2:Clear and Pleasant after about an Inch of Snow - Boys at the Dung - Afternoon Wind fresh from Norwest and Cold
Dec 3:Clear and Very Cold - Wind High at Nor-west - The Coldest Night and Day yet - William gone to Mill with the Old Slay - The River is Closed up to the Island at Jimison's with Ice - Henry & Thomas at the Dung and Wood
Dec 4:Clear and Very Cold - The Ice is now up to my lower Bar. This Day Moody fell in the River in Crossing the Ice at Jimison's.
Dec 5:Sunday - A very Cold Day Indeed - James Ketchum and Captn. Smith Crossed on the Ice and Came to Church - Never Colder in December.
Dec 6:Clear Still and Cold Indeed - The River is now Shut up with Ice Sooner that we ever Knew it Put up Stove in the Chamber.
Dec 7:Cloudy and Still after a little Snow - No so Cold. They now Cross the River on the Ice. Killed Fowls - 22 - Henry Caught a Fox.
Dec 8:A little Cloudy but quite warm - Put Fowls in Snow - Henry and Thomas yet at the Dung - Henry caught another Fox.
Dec 9:Cloudy Smoaky and Warm - Some Rain - Went to School-House about the School - The Snow almost gone - Very wet - Mr. & Mrs. Bedell, Mr. M. Smith and Phebe, Mrs. Griffith with Us - Night Rains fast - Henry and Thomas at the Dung - Hary caught another Fox.
Dec 10:A Very Heavy Rain in the Night - and then Turned to Snow. Continues to Snow most of the Day; but warm - Henry and Thomas at the Dung - Phebe with us - The Snow fell about 2 Inches
Dec 11:Cloudy but no Snow - The Snow in the Night fell 8 Inches Wind North but not Cold - Henry and Thomas at the Dung. Phebe here.
Dec 12:Sunday- Cloudy but not Cold - Some Spits of Snow.
Dec 13:Cloudy after Some Snow in the Night - This is the Eight Day when we have had Continual Cloudy weather and Some Snow - Wind at North but warm - The Snow is now Eight Inches on the Ground - Fixed Smoak House. Henry and Thom. Geting wood, William Helping Ketchum Kill His Cow - The Boys finished the Dung on Saturday
Dec 14:Still Cloudy and Warm - Wind No-East but light - William gone after Cloath - Henry and Thomas at the Wood - Put up my Hams to Smoak.
Dec 15:Still Cloudy Wind North and Cooler Weather - William making Hovel by the House - Henry and Thomas at the Wood - married George H.N. Bull and Amelia Maria Smith. A Good Wedding.
Dec 16:Still Cloudy and Not Cold - Wind North - William gone to Richmond - Boys at the Barn - This makes 12 Days of Warm and Cloudy.
Dec 17:Clear after a Little Snow in the Night - Still and Pleasant as Septr. Put Ketchum's Hams to Smoak - Boys at the Wood - Wm. At the Hovel.
Dec 18:Cloudy but not Cold - Wind No-East - Like for a Heavy Snow storm.
Dec 19:Sunday- Cloudy but warm - William Bedell arived bringing letters from John - May Upham - Eliza and Emily Smith, John and Albert Spent the Evening.
Dec 20:Cloudy and Snows fast - but then Turns to Rain - Quite warm Wind Sou-East - Henry and Thomas Threshing - Mended Locks
Dec 21:Cloudy with little Snow - Wind North and Grows Colder
Dec 22:Cloudy and Colder wind very high at North - Shut up Front Door
Dec 23:Clear and Pleasant a Day as any in December - Killed Old Sow - Very fat - Put up the Emblems of the Approaching Season in the Church - Spent the Evening with Mrs. Griffith - Hary gone to Richmond - Fredk. Arived
Dec 24:Cloudy but warm - Afternoon snow fast - It fell 4 Inches
Dec 25:Christmas - Clear Wind North and Cold. A large Congregation
Dec 26:Sunday- Clear and Cold Indeed - Miss Rice with Us.
Dec 27:Cloudy with little Snow - But Warm - The Young People at Mrs. M. Smith's Celebrating the Season - William gone to Mr. Phillips' yo Examin the MillStream for a Saw Mill - Night Quite Warm
Dec 29:Clear Still and Pleasant Indeed; All the Young People at Captn. Smith's - Married last Evening John C. Fox and Rebecca Niles - Henry and Thomas at the Wood - Never a Pleasanter Day in Winter.
Dec 30:Clear and Very Cold - Wind North - William arived last Night from Mr. Phillip's - Killed Turkies and Geese - Very Good - Spent the Evening at Captn. Bull's - Commissary Plant went up toDay - Night Cloudy
Dec 31:Cloudy and Snows very fast - Wind East - Ketchum making Harness for Jack - Afternoon a Heavy Squal of Snow - Wind West


Jan 1:Clear and Cold - Wind Norwest - A fine New Years Day - Mary Upham and Ketchum Dined with Us - In the Evening, all the Young People at Charles Ketchum - Mr. and Mrs. Philips and Miss Webster Spent the Evening - Miss Webster and Miss Upham Stayed all Night.
Jan 2:Sunday - Clear and Still and never Colder - Miss Upham and Miss Webster after Church went Home - Afternoon Milder
Jan 3:Clear and Still - Cold Indeed.

Feb 17:From the last Date we have had the best winter Weather; we ever Experienced..Very little Snow. Not more than one foot and half. And not any Rain till 1 Sunday, Feby. 13th and then very little - Monday never a Warmer finer day in March - On that Day William and John Bedell joined Horses and went to Fredericton in My Slay - Tuesday very Warm and a little Rain from Sou-East - Wednesday - as fine a Day as April. Married Marsden Hallet and Asiah Watson at Her Brother's Peter Watson. A large Weding. - This Day Cloudy Warm and Misty with Some Rain from the Sou-East - Major Ketchum and Henry Morehouse Started Yesterday for Tobique. - H.G. Clopper and Mary Ann Ketchum were Married on Wednesday the 9th of February - Just Recovered from a Severe Attack of an Imflamatory Sore Throat.

Mar 1:From the last Date - Never better Weather - One bad week, All the rest as warm as April with one great Rain - William and John Bedell Returned on Monday February 21st With Mrs. Clements, Jane Bedell - Eleanor Garden and Richard on a visit - Friday the 25th, Mr. Peter Clements came for his Wife - Saturday and Night a Very heavy Rain and Warm as June - Monday the 28th - A Snow Storm from Nor-west - at Night Maria had a Party of 31 at Tea and Dancing - Wednesday a fine Day - Clear and Thaws about the House, Wind Norwest - Mr. & Mrs. Clements with Mr. Bedell Set out for their Home - Richard Unwell from a Cold and Dancing. A Great Appearance for a very Early Spring, but little Snow. The Sheep and Cattle all over the Fields.
Mar 5:Sunday - A fine Day. Afternoon Clouds over and in Evening Begins to Rain - Wind Sou-East, Quite warm.
Mar 6:A Rainy Morning after a Very Rainy Night - The Snow goes fast - Rainy and Misty all Day
Mar 7:A Good Day - Wind North but not Cold - William with Richard and Miss E. Garden Set out for Fredericton - Afternoon Clouds over and Like for Snow.
Mar 8:A very Snowy Morning - Wind No-East - Narried Daniel Watson and Elisabeth Woolverton - Snows all Day - Arriving at Home found Wm. Bedell from Miramichi - Jack Well - Major Ketchum and Mr. Bedell Arived from Fredericton. A Snowy Night.
Mar 9:A Snowy Morning - Wind at South - 12 o-c- Turns to Hail Very Chilly - The Snow has fell 5 Inches.
Mar 10:Cloudy and Very Cold for March. Wind North.
Mar 11:Clear and Cold - Wind North and High - The Snow Drifts Very Much - Charles Street Called Here being up on Business.
Mar 12:Sunday - A Cold Morning but soon grows Warmer. Major Ketchum Charles and Betsy with Us - Street at Mrs. Griffith's.
Mar 13:A fine Day - Street and Wm. Bedell and Ann spent the Evening.
Mar 14:Cloudy and Soon begins to Snow - Wind Sou-East - and Warm Like for Rain - William and Phebe Davidson arived - Snows very fast - at Night and then Some Hail. Bad Indeed.
Mar 15:Cloudy Wind High at Norwest, but not Cold - at Night Clear The Snow Drifts Much toDay. Wm. Gone to Mill.
Mar 16:Clouidy and Some Snow and Snow Squals all Day; Wind High at Norwest, but Moderate - Boys and Girls at Mr. Bedell's.
Mar 17:Clear and Still after a Still Cold Night. The warmest and Finest Day yet - All Hands Drank Tea at Betsy's. Mr. Plant and Mr. McGlaulin arived 3 O-C- and after Dinner, Mr. Plant went to Major Ketchum's - MacGlaulin all Night - The Warmest Day Yet - Preparing for Fredericton.
Mar 19:Sunday - Cloudy but no Snow - John Davidson arived.
Mar 20:Clear and Pleasant - Set out for Fredericton - Wm. Drove the Slay - John and Phebe Davidson went with Us; arived at Mrs. Davidson's an Hour before SunSet - Just at Dark, William Bedell, John Bedell and Charles Street.
Mar 21:Cloud and Snows very fast. Wind East - all Day. The greatest Snow we have had this Winter. Stayed all Day at Mrs. D.
Mar 22:Clear and Pleasant - Put John Davidson's mare alongside of Corporal - Went to Fredericton.
Mar 23:Clear and very Pleasant - Thaws much - An Express from St. Andrews brought the Intelligence of the Death of Our Good Old King.[George III] He Died January the 29th - 33 Minits and 13 Seconds after 11 O-C-. The Duke of Kent died on the 22nd of the same Month.
Mar 24:Clear and Warm Indeed, the Streets of Fredericton all Water - Just at Night went up to Mrs. Garden's
Mar 25:Clear and very warm - After breakfast left Mrs. Garden's The Sun an Hour High, Stopted at Squire Elligood's and Baptised a Child for His Scotsman.
Mar 26:Sunday - Cloudy and Soons begins to Rain, went from Mrs. Davidson's to major Morehouse's found Him Better. Gave the Sacrament to Major, Mrs. And Mary Morehouse and to Thomas Rundle, who appears to be near his Dissolution.
Mar 27:After an Early Breakfast left the Major's for Home; Rode Very Bad on the River from the Water - Cloudy and very chilly - Wind Sou-East - Boted at Lockwood's, when it Began to Snow - Called on Mr. Philips - Very Unwell - Misty and just as we arived Home, Rains fast.
Mar 28:Clear and Warm Indeed - Wind West and High - All hands Preparing for Sugar - No Trees Taped Yet; the Sap Runs well in the open Woods 3 Days
Mar 29:Cloudy Wind North Chilly, making Spiles.
Mar 30:A little Hazy and some fine Snow, A very Cold Night and Morning - Wm. Gone to Mill - Boys at the Camp. Wind High - at North. Visited Captn. Bull. Found William Davidson Here.
Mar 31:Good Friday - Clear and Still a Good Day. James Ketchum, Mrs. Clopper and Elisabeth, Arivwed, Drank Tea and then went Home.

Apr 1:All Fool's Day. Cloudy and Snows fast, wind south, But Not Cold Frederick Morehouse came from Major Ketchum's and after Breakfast went Home. Afternoon wind came round to North. High and Cold with Snow. Last Night a Woman came to Hire, and this Day began Her Month with Us. Pit came from John.
Apr 2:Easter Sunday - Clear but Chilly - A good Congregation.
Apr 3:Clear but Cold Wind Norwest - Choose our Church Officers Married William Baker and Lidya Tompkins - Major Ketchum and Mrs. K. Thomas and Mrs. Philips, Mrs. Webster, Charles and Betsy Spent the Afternoon at Tea and the Evening - Cold Evening Indeed
Apr 4:Clear and Still, after a Night Cold enough for Janry. 12 O-C- Moderates - Visited Mrs. Dibblee with our friends - Boys Preparing for Sugar, but no Trees Taped Yet, and it must be much warmer for Taping.
Apr 5:Clear and warmer, wind very High at South. Too Cold for Sap. Before Noon Boys all at the Camp Preparing for Sugar - Making Spiles Betsy here - It Thaws Some.
Apr 6:Cloudy and warmer, Wind High at South - Making Spiles - Boys geting Wood - Just at Night Snows fast - The Wind Comes Norwest, with a Terrible Gust of Hail and Snow, and very Cold - Never Such Cold Weather in April before. Maria, George and Thomas with Maria Ketchum. Visited Mrs. Clopper. First Calf April 3rd - Second Do - April 6th - Set 2 Geese.
Apr 7:Clear and Cold Morning - Making Spiles. Boys geting Wood Visited Mrs. M. Smith - with our Friends - Night Cloudy - Major Ketchum Set out for Tobique, with 2 Loads of Hay - Like for a Storm
Apr 8:Cloudy and Snowy Morning, it fell in the Night 2 Inches. Quite Warm - A little Snow all Day - William gone to see about His Pine Trees cut of His Land - Harry and Thomas Hawling Hay from Ketchum's. Never a worse April to this Date. No Sap.
Apr 9:Sunday - A little Cloudy and Chilly after a little Snow.
Apr 10:Clear and Cold Indeed - No Sap at the Camp. No Trees Taped yet. From a few Trees above the House Caught 1 1/2 Pail of Sap for Some Days William brought a Tun and Half of Hay of Peaboddy - Henry fixed the Flax 70 wt - aftertnoon warmer. Taped more Trees above the House.
Apr 11:Clear and Still, after a very Cold Night. The warmest morning - Boys now begin to Tap at the Camp - 12 O-C- Clouds over - wind rising south and like for Rain. Made Some Honey the First. Night Wind High and Very Cloudy. Finished Spiles 767 - Cherry Calved
Apr 12:Cloudy after a Rainy Night - 11 O-C- begins to Rain fast and Continues the Rest of the Day - Quite Warm - Made a little more Honey
Apr 13:Cloudy and very foggy - But Quite warm - Henry and Thomas Boiled down and Sugared of 6 or 7 lbs. of Sugar the First. They are now Taping - William gone to Philips's and Mill. Afternoon Wind comes to the Norwest with Snow Squals and grows Cold - Beardsley and Fredk. Morehouse arived - Beardsley brought Letters and Papers from Fredericton.
Apr 14:Clear and Cold as Winter - Wind North and High. Too Cold for Sap - Never was there Such an April - As much Snow as we had Thro' the Winter; and the Ice as strong as is Usial on the first of March. No Bare Ground.
Apr 15:Clear and Cold Morning - Wind North, but not So Cold as yesterday - Midling Day for Sap - Boys Caught above 6 bbls.
Apr 16:Clear and Cold Morning - Ground Froze Very Hard - Wind Still at North - A good Day for Sap - Boys caught 11 1/2 bbls.
Apr 17:Clear and Cold Morning - Ground froze very Hard - a midling Day for Sap - Boys Caught 8 bbls. of Sap - Afternoon very Warm and Still - The Ice now begins to Break around the Bar - But They Travel on the River. Abijah Ingraham came on the River this Day - after Dinner went Home. There is small Places on the Improvements bare, and the Cattle and Sheep are out. Snow goes fast, but a great quantity yet and more in the Woods.
Apr 18:Clear Still and Very Warm - after Some Frost in the Night Not very Good for Sap - The Snow goes very fast - and the Ice Breaks. William gone to Phillips's after Plough - Henry and James at rthe Camp and Sugaring off. The Road now Geting Bare in Places - Visited Mrs. Bedell with our Friends, The Warmest Day this Spring.
Apr 19:Clear and very warm, wind rises at Sou-West, last Evening John Nicholson came after Joseph Phillips, who had Cut himself Severely on His Ankle on the 16th. The Snow goes fast Indeed, but a Great Quantity on the Improvements, and more in the Woods - The Road almost Bare - The Boys yesterday caught 8 1/2 bbls. toDay they had caught only 3. The River Rising fast. Ice Breaks
Apr 20:Cloudy and very Warm after a little Rain in the Night - William Sugared off - about 80 lbs - Barked my Twine for Long Net
Apr 21:Cloudy but no Rain - William and Henry Sugaring off - No Sap - Began to Knit my Long Net - Wind Sou-East - Ice breaks slowly. The Snow is now half off the Improvements; but a large quantity in the Woods.
Apr 22:Very Cloudy Wind Sou-East - Kniting Net - Henry at the Camp - 11 O-C- begins to Rain fast and Continues the rest of the Day - Quite Warm - The Ice broke from my lower Bar and went Down - But fast at Jamison's.
Apr 23:Sunday - A little Cloudy after Rain in the Night, Quite Warm. The Ice broke in the afternoon from above the Bar and Ran Thick a little Time; it has also broke at Jamison's and gone Down
Apr 25:Cloudy Wind very High at North - Boys gone to Empty Their Troughs - last Night a jam of Ice Ran - 11 )-C- The main Ice came Down - and Ran very thick till 4 O-C- and then fine Ice for two Hours - Night Lockwood came from Philips's; Stayed all Night, with Snow to Cover the Ground - Finished my Net - Wind No-East but not Cold - No Sap from the 18th. The Snow all off the Improvements but low places - Very little Frost in the Ground - But a Great Quantity of Snow in the Woods and in my Old Garden - Henry and Thomas Spliting Cedar Rails.
Apr 27:Still Cloudy and Sometimes Clear - Some Frost last Night and therefore Some Sap - Henry, William and Thomas Spliting Rails and making the Division Fence between Ketchum and Us - First Lamb. Dug the First Parsnips; but some Frost in the Ground. River Rising.
Apr 28:Still Cloudy Wind No-East - and Chilly - Boys gathered what Sap Ran Yesterday - They got from 7 to 8 bbls - Sowed Parsnips - Henry and Thomas Holmes Boiling Down - Turned my Brook - There is now large banks of Snow on the Island and in my Garden; but little in the Woods - The Fourth Calf - Frost almost out of the Ground - River Rising
Apr 29:Very Cloudy Wind No-East and Chilly - But no Rain - Henry Boiling Down - William and Thomas making Fence below the House.
Apr 30:Clear at last and warm - Henry Sugaring off - Wm. And Thomas at the Fence - Dug Parsnips for Betsy and Dr. Rice - Wind No-East but little - Found the Ice running Pretty Thick and Small - 12 O-C- it began to Run very Thick and Continued for 4 Hours - The River is now up to my Rock - Planted Some Spinage - The first at my Garden - and there is a considerable Bank of Snow yet

May 1:Clear and Pleasant - Wind North and High - Dug my Parsnips - William and Lewis Began Ploughing Soard Ground - Afternoon Henry and Thomas began to Plough above the Garden with the Oxen. There is yet Snow in the Garden and on the Island - River Rising Again - The Sap Ran Yesterday and Today - there having been Frost both Nights
May 2:Clear and Cold - the Ground Froze Hard - Wind North and High - William and Ketchum gone over to the Blacksmith's - Afternoon Ploughing - Henry and Thomas forenoon Ploughing - Afternoon Gathering Sap - The River Rising Slowly - Visited Mrs. Griffith - Finished my Parsnips
May 3:Clear and Warmer - The Boys got only 4 Barrels of Sap Yesterday. The Snow having melted away, a great many Troughs upset. Ploughing. Thomas Boiling Down, and then brought all their things from Camp. The worst Season yet, having made only about 300 wt. And Some Beer. Sowed Lettuce and Pepper Grass - Preparing Hot Beds - River falls
May 4:Clear and Warm Indeed - The warmest Day yet - A small white Frost - Wind South - Boys Ploughing - Planted my Early Peas - The Snow this Day Disappeared in the Garden, but large Banks on the Island - The River has fell above a Foot - It has been about as high as last year The Two Smallest Freshets we ever knew - Made Hot Beds
May 5:Clear and Very Warm, wind high at South - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Summer Ry, and 1 1/2 of Early Peas above the Garden - Planted my green Flesh Mellons in hot Bed - Henry and Lewis Harrowed in Ry and Peas.
May 7:Sunday - Clear still and Warm as the last of June - The River is now rising fast, from the Lakes Breaking, and the very warm weather.
May 8:Clear and warm after a small white frost - Planted Onions and three hills of Beans and then Sowed 3 Bushels of Wheat, the first, above the House. Afternoon wind high at sou-east and like for Rain. Very Dry. Visited Dr. Rice. River Rising.
May 9:Cloudy and still very Warm - Soon begins to Rain and in Two Hours Rains fast. A Great Blessing, Towards Night, Wind Rises at North and Ceases Raining - Grows Cool - River almost done Rising.
May 10:Cloudy and Cold but no Frost - Sowed 4 3/4 Bushels of Wheat above the House; Making in that Field 7 3/4 of Wheat, Henry Harrowed it in. Planted the Flower Garden with Potatoes - Afternoon Lockwood came for Potatoes, bought of William.
May 11:Clear after a white frost. At the Garden - Moved a Mellon into the Hot Bed - 12 O-C- Henry Finished Harrowing the Wheat - William and Henry afternoon Ploughing below the House - The Warmest Day Yet - The River is now falling - Preparing for my Cabbage Plants
May 12:Cloudy and soon begins to Rain - No Wind - William and Henry Ploughing below the House, but wet - Sowed my Cabbage Plants - River Falls very fast - The last Rise Something Higher than last year. Afternoon very Rains very fast and Chilly. Planted Henry's Watermellons in the Cannoes and Mellons with one of Cucumbers; the Old Seeds not coming up.
May 13:Cloudy but soon clears off very Warm - William and Henry Ploughing the Calf Pasture for Potatoes - Planted 2 Hot Beds with Smooth Turky Cucumbers and long Prickly Cucumbers in the old Barn yard - River falls fast, but on the Intervale.
May 14:Sunday - A Very Rainy Morning - Wind South East - At Church Time, breaks away and then Clear and Warm - River now Rising from the Rain
May 15:Clear and Warm Indeed - Wm. And Henry Ploughing the Calf Pasture - Thomas and Lewis Planted Potatoes in the Old Barn Yard - Sowed more Onion Seed - Planted 4 Squash Seed from Ketchum's - Sowed Lime Mustard - Planted over the Hot Bed with Mellons, the Seed not Good - The River rose last night, and is now almost as High as before
May 16:A fine Morning. Very Warm; But Soon Clouds over. Ploughed the Old Garden. 2 O-C- Begins to Rain Very Fast but warm, and Continues the Rest of the Day.
May 17:A very rainy Morning after a Rainy Night, 10 O-C- Rain Ceases, But Misty, Planted Street's Squashes. Planted Stertions - Planted 3 of Early Corn in the Hot Bed, where the Mellons failed - Sowed more Mustard in the Old Yard - Planted the South, Turky Cucumbers in the Hot Bed where the Mellons Failed. River fell a little last night, but not rising from the Rain.
May 18:A little Cloudy, wind sou-east - but warm - River has rose only a few Inches - Night at a Stand - Planted some Green Bush Peas Planted Stertions and Brown Corn - William gone to mend the Fences round His land and John's
May 19:Clear and very Pleasant - Wind Sou-East - Trimed the Plumb Trees in the Garden - Planted Sweet Corn in the Garden - Henry, William and Lewis Ploughing the Field below the House, the Second Time for Wheat - The River fell last Night near a Foot, but is yet on the Intervale - We never had so low and long a Fresh - We have now had the Sou-East 13 Days.
May 20:A Very fine Morning - Clear, Still and Warm - Sowed 3 3/4 of Wheat below the House - Henry and Lewis Harrowing - 12 O-C- Clouds over and soon begins to Rain - Wind Rises at South very Warm - River never fell faster.
May 21:White Sunday - A Cloudy Misty Morning but Clears off very Warm, Never a Warmer Day in June - The River is now off the Intervale
May 22:Clear and Warm as ever - Wind Sou-East - Sowed my Early Peaase, Clements Peas - Liverpool Peas - and a Bushel of our Peas - Henry and Lewis finished Harrowing Wheat and Peas - Afternoon Harrowing for Corn - diging Garden - There is now Small Eddies - Set 2 Nets - one where we Fish for Trout - the other below - I now have Cucumbers up in the Hot Beds - We never had warmer Wheather in June - River falls.
May 23:Clear in the Morning and never Warmer - Planted my Bush Beans - And 28 Hills of Pole Beans - Afternoon Showers and then a Thunder Shower the first this Season - Henry Ploughing for Oats - William and Lewis began to Plant Corn - No Salmon - Lewis Caught 8 Chub
May 24:Clear and Cooler - Wind high at Norwest - Planted my Early Corn - Henry Ploughing for Oats - Wm. & Thomas Planting Corn - Lewis and Mr. Smith Sheering Sheep - Caught a Noble Salmon the first, it weighed 15 lbs. Strung my New Net and Set it at the lower Place.
May 25:Clear and warm in the Morning - Caught a Good Salmon in new Net - Planted my States Pumpkin - Planted my long Turky Cucumbers, the first not coming up - Planted Common Cucumbers in the Hot Bed by the Mellon - Afternoon Clouds over - Night John Came Home.
May 26:Cloudy and like for Rain - Planted Fraser's Squash and 2 Hills of Mrs. Garden's Squash - 1 O-C- Begins to Rain, very Chilly; in 2 Hours, begins to Snow very Fast, and Continues till near Sun Down, and then Rains moderately all Night - No Salmon - River falls fast
May 27:Cloudy and Misty Morning. Not so Cold - Wind east, but little - Caught a Small Salmon in the Middle Net - The Short Net not Set - Henry Ploughing - Wm, Lewis and Thomas Planting Potatoes in Calf Pasture - Bushed my Early Peas
May 28:Sunday Trinity - A Good Warm Day
May 29:Clear and Warm. Wind West - Henry Ploughing for Oats - Wm. Lewis and Thomas Planting Potatoes on the Intervale.
May 30:Clear and Warm - Wind high at West - Planted my Beets and some Parsnips - afternoon a Severe Thunder shower. No Salmon. Captn. Bull and Lady, Charles and Betsy Drank Tea with Us - The Afternoon very Rainy.
May 31:Clear and Cold, Wind high at North - Caught a Noble Salmon in New Net - Sowed my Sage, Parsley and some Radishes. Planted Watermellons in Hot Bed - 2 Cannoes in Hors Dung and one Bed in Old Garden - Mr. Bedell and Lady, Dr. Rice and Lady, Nancy Rice and Mrs. Griffith - Charles and Betsy Drank Tea with Us.

Jun 1:Clear and warmer - No Frost but foggy and Chilly morning - Sowed 8 Budhels of Oats - Afternoon Jack Sowed 3 Bushels and 3 Pecks - Henry and Lewis Harrowing - No Salmon - but only Short Net Set - Night Set Long Net. John, Maria and George at Mr. Bedell's - Wm. gone after more Oats
Jun 2:Clear and very warm - Wind Norwest - Clopper arrived - No Salmon - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Barley in Oats Field not having Oats to finish the Ground - Planted Carrots and the Parsnips to finish the Bed - Sowed Pepper Grass - Wm. & Boys finished Their Potatoes May 30th having Planted about 50 Bushels - Frederick and James Ketchum arrived from Fredericton.
Jun 3:Clear and very warm - Wind Sou-west and High - Visited and Examined the School - Transplanted the Cannoes with Water Mellons into their Places in Old Barn Yard - Planted my Crum Squash - Afternoon very warm indeed - Caught a Small Salmon
Jun 4:Sunday - Clear and never warmer in June - Major Ketchum, Mrs. And Mr. Clopper with Us after Church
Jun 5:Clear in the Morning, but Soon Clouds over, and the wind Rises from North and grows Chilly - John Sowed on Saturday 3 1/2 Bushels of Barley, which makes in the whole 4 3/4 Pecks of Barley - Married Thomas Hews and Jane Ginson - John Set out for Miramichi - Henry Harrowing Barley - Sowed Some Buckwheat, but it soon began to Rain which put a Stopt to Sowing and Harrowing - afternoon Rains Fast and Very Cold.
Jun 6:Cloudy and Cold Morning, but Soon Clears off - Wind North Sowed 3/4 Pecks of Yellow Buckwheat and then Put up Scarecrows the Corn Coming up Handsomly - Then at the Garden - Caught a Good Salmon. Last Evening Planted Some of my Early Corn in old Barnyard - The River falls fast, a small Raft of Timber, this Day lodged on my Bar.
Jun 7:Clear and Cloudy by Turns - No frost, but Cold Morning - Examined Ketchum's School - Several Showers and Two Thunder Showers - Henry Poled me up - Went to Major Ketchum's He is gone to Tobique after a Raft, that got a Ground - One Coming Down, We had a Smart Hail Shower - Caught a Small Salmon
Jun 8:Clear and Cold Morning, but no frost - William went to Fredericton with Mr. Clopper in Philip's Boat - At the Garden - Caught 3 Salmon, one in Short Net, 2 below in long Net - A Cool Day, wind High at North
Jun 9:Clear and Cold Morning - A Small Frost in Places, but did me no Damage - Caught a Small Salmon in Short Net - Planted my Oyster Plants and Sowed Asparagus, and Some Turnips - Afternoon Visited Betsy - with Mrs. Bedell, Dr. Rice, Captn. Bull and Their Ladies. Mr. Raymond, - Henry made a New Tongue to the Cart - Thomas for Two Days Hawling Rails Down the Road for a New Fence - Towards Night Warmer.
Jun 10:Clear and Much Warmer, no frost - Caught a Salmon in Short Net - Dressed Onions - Put large Brush to Peas - Afternoon Transplanted 2 Water Mellon Plants - Henry and Thomas began New Fence - Afternoon Henry George and Lewis - went to the Rising of William Bedell's House
Jun 11:Sunday - A very Warm Day after a Cold Night - There was Considerable Frost in Some Places and at Captn. Bull's - But None Here.
Jun 12:Election Day - A fine Warm Day, wind sou-west - It is now very Dry, the Wind having been North Ten Days - Planted 20 Hills of Pole Beans - Finished Poling my Early Peas - Dressing Onions - Henry and Thomas at the Fence - Mr. Bedell and Mrs. Griffith Set out for Fredericton - Night Set all Nets.
Jun 13:A little Cloudy - Planted Cucumbers, and then at the Garden - 10 O-C- begins to Rain fast and Continues the Rest of the Day; but wind No, East, but little - Caught 2 Salmon in Short Net.
Jun 14:Clear and very warm - Everything grows fast indeed, for the ground was very Dry - Set out 77 Cabbage Plants - The River is now Rising - Sowed Some Turnips in old Garden - Caught a Salmon in Short Net - Night grows cloudy - Black Fly never worse
Jun 15:A very Rainy Morning, wind Sou-west, but very warm - Preparing for more Cabbage Plants, when the Rain drove me of - The River Rose last Night, very much, and Carried of a Net for Us Set at the Ridge of Rocks - Caught a Salmon in Short Net - Night Planted more Cabbage Plants.
Jun 16:Clear and warm enough - wind west - No Salmon - Set out more Cabbage Plants - At the garden - Henry and Thomas at the Fence
Jun 17:Clear and Warm Indeed - Wind Sou-West - Henry and Thomas at the fence - Caught a Good Salmon Short Net - Long not Set - Preparing ground for more Cabbage Plants - Hewed my Great Bush Peas - Night Wm. arived from Fredericton - and Frederick from Major Morehouse's - with Miss Ginkins - afternoon seldom warmer
Jun 18:Sunday - A good and very warm day.
Jun 19:Clear and very warm - Wind High at West Sou-west - Set out more Cabbage Plants - At the Garden - Wm. George and Thomas with the oxen, work on the road at the Madusnickeck - Night Mrs. Plant arived - Wm. Simpson on Sunday morning - Ran His Raft of Timber on my Bar - James Ketchum, who was here, Wm. George, Henry and Thomas - west to Help Him, but could not get his Raft off the Bar - He is now Rafting over his Timber - Henry Harrowing for Flax and Old Buckwheat - Night Set Short Net.
Jun 20:Longest Day. Clear and never warmer - Early Mr. Plant left Us - William Simpson, with Two Hands to Help Him, almost done Rafting over his Timber - Caught a Salmon, but the Ells got One - Sowed Some Flax Seed - and better than a Bushel of Old Buckwheat - which finishes the crop for this Season - And May God Bless our Labors - It is now very Dry Henry Harrowing - The Rest on the Road - Mr. Bedell, Mrs. Griffith, arrived yesterday.
Jun 21:Clear and never warmer after a severe Warm Night - Howed my Early Corn, very Dry - Caught a Good Salmon, Long net. The River now falls fast, but over the Bar. This morning William Simpson started with His Raft of Timber - This Day the Election of Candidates is at David Philips's - ToMorrow at Baker's - Afternoon warm indeed.
Jun 22:Clear and Never Warmer. Caught a Good Salmon. Finished Howing my Corn - Thomas Holmes Howing Potatoes in Old Barnyard - Afternoon 2 Thunder Showers - a Great Blessing, the Ground being very Dry - Set out more Cabbage Plants - Transplanted the Plants of cucumbers from Mary's Bed - Boys all gone to the Election.
Jun 23:Clear and Cool, Wind North and high - Howed my Sweet Corn. Planted 10 Hills of Pole Beans - Sowed Some Radishes - Preparing Ground for more Turnips - Afternoon visited Captn. Bull, Began to How Corn - William came from the Election at Baker's. Maria and Frederick visiting Mrs. Clopper - No Salmon.
Jun 24:Clear and Warm - Wind North - Caught 3 Noble Salmon - in Long Net - lower Place - Boys Howing Corn - Sowed 5 Beds with Turnips - Set out all the Ground in old Garden with Cabbage Plants - Afternoon, wind comes round to Sou-East, Clouds over, like for Rain.
Jun 25:Sunday - A Cloudy Rainy Morning, and then Misty all Day.
Jun 26:Clear and Cool - Wind North - Set out Onions - Dressed Carrots - Boys Howing Corn - 2 Rafts one on the Upper Bar - one on the lower Bar. They belong to Avery in Fredericton - Set the Nets - Set out last Cabbage
Jun 27:Clear in the Morning and Warm - Set out more Onions - Dressed Beets and Parsnips - Poled my Beans - No Salmon - Boys Howing Corn - Afternoon Showers - Night like for Rain
Jun 28:A Cloudy morning after a fine Rain in the Night - Boys finished Corn - Set out Onions were the Parsnips failed - Caught a Good Salmon in long Net - where we fish below on the Point of the Bar by the Intervale - Fredk & Maria on a Visit to Captn. Smith.
Jun 29:Yesterday Mr. Fraser & Berton called on their Way Down - Dr. Rice and Mr. Bedell came with them - The Dr. has Leased an house of Mr. Fraser at 2S of pr. Year - by the Church. Caught a Salmon in long Net Boys Howing Potatoes on the Intervale - Dressing Garden - Set out 62 Cabbage Plants from Mrs. Griffith.
Jun 30:A Clear and very Warm Day - No Salmon - Put Bush to my Cucumbers and Stertions - Boys at the Potatoes - Captn. K - and Mrs. Smith, Miss Genkins, Charles and Betsy Drank Tea with Us.

Jul 1:Clear and Warm - Wind High at North - There were Heavy Showers to the North last Evening and Night - Frederick this Day left Us for Fredericton, in John Smith's Boat - James Ketchum went with them to Major Morehouse's - Caught 2 Salmon, one in each Net - Boys finished their potatoes, first howing - Miss Genkins Stayed all Night - after Breakfast went Home, Maria with Her - Poled my Cucumbers in old Garden - Howed last Time my Sweet Corn - We never had a Better Summer, and Every thing looks as well and are as Forward, as we ever knew them - Thanks be to God, the author of all Good, for this Blessed Season. The Wheather Constantly Warm - Dry, and most of the Nights - and wet enough for every Kind of Vegetation - Shurely Our Hearts must be Thankful.
Jul 2:Sunday - Clear and very warm.
Jul 3:Clear and Warm Indeed - John Bedell set out for Fredericton in His New Boat - Mrs. Clopper - Jane Bedell and Dr. Rice were Passengers - James Ketchum came from Major Morehouse's - after Tea went Home, and William went with Him on Militia Duty - Night Set 3 Nets.
Jul 4:Still, Clear and Never had we a Warmer Day - William not yet arrived - Henry and Thomas Holmes howing Potatoes in the Calf Pasture - Dressing Garden - Caught 5 Noble Salmon - 3 in the Long Net - 1 in the Short Net - and 1 at the Bar 1 o-C- George Garden arived - after tea William and Garden went to Captn. R. Smith's.
Jul 5:Clear, Still and never Warmer at New York - Caught 2 Salmon before noon Garden went and Fetched Miss Genkins to Dinner. A Small Shower at 1 0-C - before Night we had a heavy Thunder Shower, Rain Enough. A Great Blessing - Night William went with Miss Genkins to Captn. Smith's.
Jul 6:Cloudy and Foggy - Garden Started for Home before Sunrise Cloudy and a little Misty all Day - Transplanted Beets - Boys Howing Corn last Time - Caight 4 Salmon - a little Rain in the Night
Jul 7:Cloudy and very warm - Very little Wind - Boys finished Howing Corn last time. Poled Mrs. Garden's Beans. Dressing Garden - Afternoon Boys Howing Potatoes on the Intervale - Caught 2 Salmon - Never Warmer - Everything looks well.
Jul 8:Cloudy after a little Rain in the Night - Howing Potatoes Howed Cabbage first time - No Salmon - Afternoon Clear and very Warm - Finished my Composition Heep, Old Garden.
Jul 9:Sunday - Clear and Very Warm Day - Afternoon 2 very Fine Showers - We never had a more Growing Season.
Jul 10:Clear and Pleasant, wind high at North, but warm enough. William gone to manure Land for Clearing on His Place - Henry Helping Charles Sow Some Turnips - Set out Turnips. Dressing Garden - The first Mess of Peas - But quite Old. Night Set Nights [Nets?]
Jul 11:Clear and Warm indeed - Militia Day. Major Ketchum and Henry Morehouse came to the Muster on their way Home from St. John. They Dined here and then went Home - One Salmon but Eat by the Ells - William went to the Muster and then for Fredericton in John Smith's Boat Miss Genkins went with them - John Bedell Sunk his Boat Below Jones's. He got home at Night.
Jul 12:Clear and warm as ever - One Salmon - Dressing Garden - After Dinner a very heavy Thunder Shower - Visited Mrs. Griffith
Jul 13:A little Cloudy but very warm - Howing Cabbages - Henry and Thomas Holmes Clearing Ground and Heaping Logs - No Salmon
Jul 14:Cloudy Wind Fresh at Sou-East - In the Morning a little Rain - Set out Turnips again - the Hot Weather having Killed the first - Mr. Smith Killed the second Calf - Dr. Rice had a hind quarter - it weighed 24 lbs. Caught One Salmon, but Eat by the Ells - Afternoon Clear - Mrs. Bull and Captn. Charles and Betsy with Us - Henry Preparing for Mowing.
Jul 15:Clear and very warm - Henry Morehouse came here with George last Night - Dined with us on Veal and Peas - No Salmon
Jul 16:Sunday - Clear and warm Indeed - after a fine shower in the Night, with Severe Thunder - Major James Ketchum and Henry Morehouse Dined with Us - just at Night a Good Shower
Jul 17:Clear and very warm - We never had such warm Days and Nights - and never was there a more growing Season. Henry and Holmes Clearing of the Land back of the House. Set Nets. Night William arived Unwell - and another Shower.
Jul 18:Clear and Warm as usual - at the Garden - Henry and Holmes Clearing - William Sick - No Salmon - George and Maria visiting Major Ketchum - Night a Heavy Shower - Fixed more Brush to the Cucumbers
Jul 19:Cloudy Wind North but quite Warm - Soon begins to Rin and Continues fast 3 Hours - Pulled up my Early Peas, and Set out Turnips. Jack Smith arived with William's baggage - George & Maria Stayed all Night - Afternoon Charles Ketchum had a Mowing Frolick - the first that has begun Haying - No Salmon - Salmon very Plenty in St. John.
Jul 20:Clear and cool, Wind North - John Bryden came yesterday July 19th to work 2 months at L4 / 10 per month - Caught 2 Salmon - Dressing Garden - Henry, Holmes and Bryden Clearing - William Preparing Rakes, Forks, and Sythes for mowing - Afternoon very warm.
Jul 21:Clear and Cool, wind North, but not High - Henry and Holmes Clearing. Bryden gone to Prepare for His marriage. William at the Rakes and Sythes - Caught one Salmon - Married John Bryden and Catherine Shaw - 12 o-C- a Small Thunder Shower.
Jul 22:Clear and Cool, wind North, Boys and Holmes at the Clearing - Mr. Plant called on his Way down - Afternoon Henry with the Cart Helping Dr. Rice hawl his Boards from the Landing - Caught a Salmon
Jul 23:Sunday - Clear and very Warm - major Ketchum with Us.
Jul 24:Cloudy and Warm - Like for Rain - Henry Helping Ketchum to Stack his Hay - Beardsley made a New Body to the Cart - Bryden came to work - having been Absent 3 Days Including Sunday - Afternoon very Cloudy - Set Nets
Jul 25:Cloudy and a little Rin Early and then Clears of very Warm - 11 o-C- Began Mowing - Ketchum with the Boys - Caught 2 Noble Salmon - One Supposed to Weigh 25 lbs. James Ketchum arived from Major Morehouse's - George Morehouse was married on Saturday July 22nd. Afternoon never warmer.
Jul 26:Clear and warm - Wind west - At the Hay - William last evening killed the last Calf - Dr. Rice had Two Quarters, they Weighed - 43 lbs. - No Salmon. Dressed Garden.
Jul 27:Cloudy and a small Shower in the Morning - afternoon William had the young men to mow - They cut a large Quantity of Grass. There were 15 Mowers Including our Own - One Salmon but Eat.
Jul 28:Clear and a Warm Day - Carting in and Raking - One Salmon but Eat - Never Better Hay Weather
Jul 29:Clear and very warm - Carting in and Raking - They have now secured all that was Mowed into Cocks - one Salmon - Never better Hay weather - But geting Dry.
Jul 30:Sunday - a fine warm day - Wind Nor-west
Jul 31:Clear and warm as Ever - Henry and Bryden Cartin in - William and George gone to Help Raise Dr. Rice's House - Never Better Hay weather. But we want Rain.

Aug 1:Still clear and warm - Carting in and mowing - Caught 2 Good Salmon, one Eat - Afternoon warm Indeed
Aug 2:Clear and warm morning - William hired another Mower who began this Day - Last Night we had a Small Shower. Wm. Henry, Bryden and the American mowing - 12 O-C- another small Shower and towards night a very heavy Thunder Shower - A great Blessing. 3 Salmon one Eat - one weighed 18 3/4 after being Dressed.
Aug 3:Clear and Cool - Wind Norwest - All Hands at the Hat - Finished Hilling Cabbages in Old Garden - We have now Plenty of Cucumbers - One Salmon eet Lewsis gone to Mill with Corn - Mrs. Bedell for Fredericton.
Aug 4:Clear Morning and warm Wind high at South - 12 O-C- a heavy Shower which Stopt all Haying - Began to Cut the Ry - Afternoon a Severe Thunder Shower - Bad Indeed as we have a large Quantity of Hay Exposed - No Salmon - Night another Shower
Aug 5:Clear morning - but it soon clouds over - all at the Hay, 1 O-C- a Small but heavy Shower - Finished Cuting Ry - William Cut the Peas by the Corn - One Salmon Eat - Night more Rain.
Aug 6:Sunday - Clear and Cool - Wind High at North
Aug 7:Clear and warm - a fine Hay Day, Carting and Cocking the Hay - Began to Cut the Wheat above the House.
Aug 8:Another fine Day for Hay. Carting in and Stacking. Dr. Rice sent his Man to Help the Boys. Henry Helping Ketchum to Secure his Hay, who finished toNight. William and the Dr.'s man reaping Wheat - Bound up and Shooked Ry - Set one Net - Night Like for Rain.
Aug 9:Partly clear - Carting in Hay and Reaping - 12 O-C- finished bringing in all the Hay that is Cut - Caught 2 Salmon - one Eat - Afternoon a small Shower.
Aug 10:Clear after a smart shower in the Night. Wind North and Cool - Mowing - and 2 Reaping. No Salmon. Walter Bedell Set out for Miramichi - The River never lower - We have not had one Steady Rain during the Summer, but Plenty of Showers.
Aug 11:Clear and very warm - reaping - William brought 2 loads of Wheat - The Ry and Peas - Buried Mrs. Tompkins - One Salmon but Eat - Afternoon never warmer.
Aug 12:Cloudy - and after we began to Cut Hay - It began to Rain fast - but in one Hour, Clears off very Warm - reaping - Caught 2 Salmon, one Eat - William killed a Sheep, the first -Never a more growing Summer
Aug 13:Sunday - A good Day - Afternoon a Small Shower - Major Ketchum and Elizabeth; mary Bull and Emily Smith Dined with Us.
Aug 14:Clear and cool wind North - Reaping - Diged a bed for my winter Wheat - Afternoon warm - Carted in 2 Loads of Wheat - Very Good.
Aug 15:Clear and Cool - Wind Sou-East - Reaping and Carting in - One Salmon but Eet - Afternoon visited Captn. Bull Dr. and Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Griffith - Mrs. Dibblee unwell did not go
Aug 16:Cloudy morning, but after a little Sprinklin of Rain Clears off - Very Pleasant - Reaping and taking in - No Salmon - Planted Allan's Winter Wheat in old Garden - Now Plenty of Green Corn
Aug 17:Clear in the morning and warm - Mowed some toDay - 12 o-C- Clouds over and soon begins to Rain - No Salmon.
Aug 18:Clear after Rain in the Night - Cool - Wind West - Mowing in the morning - Afternoon finished Reaping the field above the House. William Cuting the Peas below the House - No Salmon.
Aug 19:Clear and warm - Wind west - William Finished Cuting Peas, Carted in the rest of the wheat - There was 220 Dozen of Good Wheat in the Field above the House - Mowing and Raking Hay - afternoon Cocked what was cut yesterday - No Salmon - Took up Nets for this Season
Aug 20:Sunday - Clear in the Morning and Warm - after Church Several Thunder showers; which compleatly wet the Hay, that was cut
Aug 21:Clear and Cool, wind North but little - a good Hay Day - Mowing and carting in.
Aug 22:Clear after a very foggy morning and cool - Carting in and finished Mowing on the Intervale
Aug 23:Clear and very warm - Reaping and Mowing the Meadow below the House - afternoon warm indeed. Visited Mrs. Beardsley.
Aug 24:Clear and Warm in the Morning. Reaping Carted in all the Hay on the Intervale - Afternoon Clouds over, wind Rises Fresh from South - Cut Two Mellons
Aug 25:Cloudy but no Rain - Wind High at South - Carted in Barley, Peas - and some Hay from below the House - Married James Collins and Ann Hargrove.
Aug 26:Still Cloudy Wind Sou-East - Finisted the Ricks of Hay on the Hovel - and then Reaping
Aug 27:Sunday - Cloudy and soon begins to Rain fast. Afternoon clear and warm.
Aug 28:Clear and warm. Pleasant indeed - Reaping - Dr. Rice's men Helping Them - Almost finished Wheat Below.
Aug 29:Clear and warm - Finished the Wheat field below the House Afternoon Reaping Oats - Betsy Turner came at Night
Aug 30:Clear and warm - Reaping Oats - 11 O-C- Betsy Turner went Home - Mrs. Rice & Dr. , Mrs. Peabody, Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Smith.
Aug 31:Clear and very Warm - Carted in Wheat below the House - there was 130 Dozen - Making in the Whole Wheat - 350 - Dozen - Henry, Bryden and Cain Reaping Oats - Afternoon wind fresh at South.

Sep 1:Cloudy and some Appearance of Rain, which is much wanted, the Earth being very Dry - reaping Oats - Henry, Maria, Mrs. Rice, Lewis and Joseph - Forenoon Blackberying - My Brown Corn has now been Tasselled out 5 Days - Never better Weather for Harvesting.
Sep 2:Clear after a Small Thunder shower in the Night - Finished Reaping Oats - We have 211 Down on about 5 acres - and never better filled - Elisabeth Ketchum, Mary Upham and Eliza Smith with Mary Griffith Visiting maria - They Stayed all Night - Very warm in the Afternoon.
Sep 3:Sunday - A Warm and Pleasant Day - After Church Girls went Home.
Sep 4:Clear and warm - Forenoon Carted Oats - Afternoon Mowing - William gone to his Place - The Dr. had the Cart and Oxen to send a Quarter of Beef. Sally left us this morning with her husband.
Sep 5:Clear and very warm indeed - Carting in Oats and finished mowing. The Quarter of Beef we had of the Dr. Weighed 94 lbs. Good Beef - The River is now much lower than we ever knew it before - The Earth also never Dryer.
Sep 6:Clear and warm as July - Carting in Hay - finished Cuting New Buckwheat - Mr. Bedell had Corporal to go to Wakefield.
Sep 7:Still Clear and warm - Carting Hay - Threshing Buckwheat. Burnt Down Old Dry Burch Tree - Howed Garden last time
Sep 8:Still Clear and very Warm; wind now South, and some little Appearance of Rain - Finished last stack of Hay, and also Finished Thrashing Buckwheat - Picked my Early Corn - Perfectly had above a week - The River is now so low, that it is Scarcely Passable up for Canoes.
Sep 9:Cloudy and very warm, wind sou-west - Brought in Some Buckwheat - Finished the Fence by the Potatoes - Afternoon warm Indeed
Sep 10:Sunday - Never warmer - Cloudy a little Wind Sou-west - Major Ketchum, Frederick Morehouse from Tobique and Betsy Turner on her way to Fredericton with her Mother, left Us.
Sep 11:Cloudy after a good Shower in the Night, a Great Blessing Finished clearing and bringin in Yellow Buckwheat, 22 Bushels from half a Bushel sowing - Finis,d the Stacks of Hay - Henry, Lewis with Frederick Morehouse too yarn to [ ] Betsy Turner in Phillup's Boat for Fredericton. Afternoon warm as July.
Sep 12:Cloudy Wind Sou-east and very High - Henry and Lewis Pulling Flax - William at the Fence - Afternoon Wind High Indeed - But warm as Ever - Cain left us after 2 Months - Visited Mrs. Bull - Mrs. Griffith, The 2 Captn. Smiths and Ladies.
Sep 13:Clear and very Pleasant after a Good warm Rain in the Night - Began to pick our Corn - Night Mr. McGauhlin arived
Sep 14:Cloudy but soon clears away - after Brekfast McGauhlin left Us - Picking Corn - Never Better - Night more Rain. The River is now Rising very fast from Rain above.
Sep 15:Clear and very warm, wind south and High. Gathering Corn Rayan helping the Boys - a good Shower. Set a Net, there being some Salmon in the River
Sep 16:Clear and warm Indeed - Caught a large Salmon - Royan and Boys at trhe Corn - The River is now almost over my large Bar - Never finer Weather.
Sep 17:Sunday - A very warm good day.
Sep 18:Clear and warm. We never had a better fall. Finished Picking Corn - Afternoon Cloudy - River falling
Sep 19:A fine warm morning - Husking Corn - afternoon Clopuds over from Norwest and soon Begins to Rain.
Sep 20:A Rainy Morning after a very Rainy Night. Finished Husking Corn - got some wood - Afternoon clear and cold wind north - Set the Net - Mr. Cary geting out Frame for New Barn - Night still clear and cold.
Sep 21:Clear and still after a very cold Night - The first Frost but severe; It has Killed all the running Vines and every thing Subject to Frost - Henry and Cain began to Plough the New Ground Yesterday - Began to Pull my Onions; Very good - Took in Squashes - and Brown Corn - Caught a Salmon.
Sep 22:Equi-Nox - Clear and not so cold - Some Frost - William Cuting old Buckwheat, very Good - Henry and Cain Ploughing - Caught a Salmon - Afternoon warm again
Sep 23:Clear and quite Warm - No Frost - William finished Buckwheat and Set it up - No Salmon - Cain gone to his Place.
Sep 24:Sunday - A very Rainy Morning - But Church Time, Clears of very warm - Betsy last night had a Daughter
Sep 25:Clear and warm, wind sou-West - Henry and Cain Ploughing with the Horses - Preparing for my Journey up the river. Set out toMorrow - Visited Mr. Bedell.

Oct 5:Returned last Night from Tobique - having Performed my Duty - I find there are in the Military Settlement, to the Tobique, 306 Children - I Baptised 95 Children and 8 Adults - There never was at this Time of the year, better weather, but too warm for most of the time, for Travellin in a Cannoe - Never was there so Dry a Season, and the River never lower, never lower, but we found it good Poling - The Crops Remarkably Good, of all Kinds, up the river, Corn and Potatoes Especially - The Settlers have more than their Bread; we are now in the Midst of our October, Very good for the Dry Season - George caught a Salmon while absent.
Oct 6:Clear after some Rain in the Night, the first after 3 Weeks Wet only just to Lay the Dust - Frederick, who has been absent some Days, and George Set out for Fredericton in a Birch Cannoe - Wind North and Cooler
Oct 7:Sunday - A very Good Day Wind North but not Cold. Major and Mrs Ketchum with Us.
Oct 9:Clear warm and pleasant - Diging Potatoes - Afternoon cloudy.
Oct 10:A Rainy Morning after Some Rain in the Night - 10 O-C- Clears off - William set out for Fredericton - Diging Potatoes - Afternoon warm Indeed
Oct 11:Clear in the Morning and Warm, Wind High at Sou-East - 1 O-C- begins to Rain fast, and Continues till Night. Diging Potatoes.
Oct 12:Clear and Cold for October, Wind very High at North - Afternoon Visited Mrs. Griffith and Baptised Mrs. Smith's Twin Daughters - in the Evening found The Surveyor General and Mr. Blair here.
Oct 13:Clear and Cool Wind North and Fresh - after Breakfast, Mr. Lokwood and Mr. Blair with Mr. Bedell went to View the Scotch Settlement - to Return toNight. Mr. Bedell & Mrs, Captn. Bull & Lady, Mrs. Griffith with Us. Lockwood and Blair and Mrs. Bedell came in the Evening.
Oct 14:Clear and Good Dy. Set out for Prince William. Baptised Jacob Allan's Boy and Dined at Mr. Allan's and then went to Mrs. Davidson's
Oct 15:Cloudy Wind Sou-east, but no Rain. Sundown William and Richard with James Ketchum arived at Mrs. Davidson's from Fredericton. Mr. Lockwood and Blair set out for the Falls.
Oct 16:Cloudy and soon begins to Rain, wind high at Sou-East - went in the rain to Allen's - Captn. Clinch there - afternoon Rains very fast.
Oct 17:Clear Wind North and Cool - After breakfast at Jacob Akken's and Baptising a Number of Children came Home - Captn. Clinch and Jacob Allen Arived Soon after - Stayed all Night.
Oct 18:Cloudy and like for Rain - Clinch and Allen went to Jackson Settlement, and then to Major Ketchum's - Richard got a Bad Cold in the Rain.
Oct 19:A very Rainy Morning. Dr. Emmerson here - Captn. Clinch & Jacob came to Dinner in the Rain, and then went Home. Never a greater Rain.
Oct 20:Clear wind North and Cool - Dr. Emmerson with His Oxen went up for his Place - River Rising fast Indeed.
Oct 21:Clear and Cool, Wind Norwest - but no Frost - River is now over my bar - a Great Rain Indeed - Diging Potatoes
Oct 22:Sunday - Clear and Warm, a fine Day. The Surveyor Genl. and Mr. Blair came from Major Ketchum's to Church - Mr. Plant and McLaughlin came to Breakfast from Phillips's. Mr. Plant went on - McGlaughlin to Church - and then Dined with Us - with Mr. Swimer - Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Blair Dined with Mr. Bedell, and then Called here and at Sundown went to Mr. Phillips's. Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Swimer on Horseback - River at a Stand
Oct 23:Clear and very Pleasant - Richard went Home in Dr. Emmerson's Log Cannoe - Diging Potatoes - River begins to fall again.
Oct 24:Cloudy and warm; Wind South - River falls fast - Diging Potatoes - with a Hired Hand, almost Done. Afternoon a small shower brought the wind Nor-West, and Cooler. Henry took up a Log Cannoe
Oct 25:Cloudy like for Rain - Finished Potatoes - Very Good - about a 1000 Bushels - Towards Night Begins to Rain - after Dark - George and Mr. Clopper came very wet from Fredericton - River falling.
Oct 26:A Cloudy and Cold Morning, wind North - After Breakfast Clopper went up to his Wife - Major Ketchum came in the afternoon to go Down in Phillips's Boat for St. John - The Boat came at Night - Mrs. Plant and Samuel Carney came in the Evening - Stayed all Night, but went very Early for Fredericton. Cold Indeed for time of Year.
Oct 27:Cloudy and Cold. Hardly Thaws toDay - Wind North but not High
Oct 28:Clear and Cold - Wind North - afternoon Cloudy - Married Isaac Carvell and Elisabeth C. Rogers - Betsy here for first time after Sickness.
Oct 29:Sunday - Clear and Good Day - River now falls very fast
Oct 30: Cloudy but not Cold - William Unwell with Soer Throat - Cain and Henry making New Hog Pen - John Bedell went Down
Oct 31:Clear and Warm - Wind South - Took in Beets and Carrots - This Night Dr. Emmerson came Down with His Oxen from His Place - Shut up 7 Hogs in New Pen for Fatting - and 2 Sows in old Pen.

Nov 1:Clear after a Smart Frost - but warm Day - Dr. Emmerson gone to Captn. Smith's to get his Oxen taken Down by water - Dr. Emmerson Returned and went Down with his oxen, the Boat not going.
Nov 2:Cloudy and Some Rain but quite warm. Took in Cabages - Ploughing.
Nov 3:Cloudy and Misty Wind South - Quite warm. Began to Pull Turnips.
Nov 4:Cloudy but Warm - William Bedell arived. Brought in more Turnips
Nov 5:Sunday - A very Stormy Day - Rain Mixted with Snow.
Nov 6:Clear and then Snow Squals - James Ketchum with his Boat and Mrs. Clopper went Down - Ploughing - William gone to Connell's.
Nov 7:Cloudy and Cold; Wind North - Ploughing - The ground is now covered with Snow, but mostly gone by Night - Married Nathan Milbery and Margaret Squires - Nancy Price, Eliza & Emily Smith, Elisha Cunliffe Spent the Evening with Us - Night Clear and Pleasant but Cold
Nov 8:Cloudy but not so Cold, Wind South - 10 O-C- begins to Snow which covers the Ground but very Damp - like for Rain - John Smith arived with 2 Barrels of Salt - a Quintal of Fish - a Box of Smoked Herrings - a Barrel of Aples - A Present from Mrs. C. Street to Mrs. Dibblee.
Nov 9:Cloudy but not Cold - some Rain which takes of the Snow - Miss Genkins and Polly Smith left Us, having a Day & Night - Sundown Wind Rises fresh from North and Cold - A Very Blustering Night.
Nov 10:Cloudy Wind High at North and Never Colder in November.
Nov 11:Clear with some squals of Snow, Cold Indeed. Some Ice in the river for the First Time - George left Home for Fredericton in Watson's Boat - Afternoon very Cold - Night Major arived with His Boat - He Stayed all Night - The Boat went to Bedell's. Night never colder in December.
Nov 12:Sunday - Cloudy Still and Cold Morning - The Ice now very Thick and Strong - It is Closed back of the Island - Never known before at this Season - The major had to leave his Boat and load at mr. Bedell's 12 O-C- begins to Snow and Continues fast the rest of the Day
Nov 13:A Cold Blustering Snowy Day. Never such before at this Time. The Snow has fell Now 8 Inches at least - The River appears to be Closing - William Sold a Steer to Captn. R. Smith for Boards, 1750 feet. It was the Steer George had of Rogers - Mrs. Dibblee Unwell.
Nov 14:Clear after a Snowy Night - Wind North, but not so Cold. It thaws some about the House. The Snow is midling Deep, and very much Drifted. The Ice very thick, but not Closed.
Nov 15:Cloudy but not very Cold - Wind west. It Thaws about the House toDay.
Nov 16:A little Cloudy, wind souwest and warmer. Heiffer Calved. henry and Cain have now Three Days Hawling Dung - William gone to Mrs. Hartley's after Cloath. Mended Windows. The Ice has Jamed up to my lower Bar, but settled down again - The River Rising very fast as Usial when the Ice is closing. Never had the River Closed in November before; nor so Much Snow on the 16th. We fear a long tedious winter. No word yet from John Bedell, who has been Caught by the Ice, on his way from Fredericton.
Nov 17:Clear and very warm - The Snow goes fast - The Ice has broke and Run Down. It was froze over at Peter Watson's. Mended Church Window. Henry and Cain at the Dung. Heard from John Bedell. He left His Boat at Mr. McLaughlins and is hawling his goods up in Sleds. William came last Night with the Cloath. At Night Cloudy like for Rain.
Nov 18:Clear Still and Very Pleasant - Henry and Cain began to Bank the House.
Nov 19:Sunday - Cloudy Wind South and very Chilly - brought out the large slay for Church - At Night rains very fast - and Quite warm.
Nov 20:Clear and Cold, wind high at North - Banking the House. Suck Calved. It Rained only a few Hours, and then Cleared of from the North. The Small Streams and Rivers never lower at this time of year.
Nov 21:Mrs Dibblee Unwell. Dr. Rice gave her a Puke which Removed the Sickness from Her Breast - Much Better - Nelson Garden from Canada, got Dinner and then with William went to Woolverton's - Night They came from Woolverton's.
Nov 21:[?] Cloudy Wind soon Rises from South and High - 12 0-clock begins to Rain, at Night Rains very Fast, but Soon clears off still and Pleasant. Mended Chimney.
Nov 22:Cloudy Winds rises South and Fresh - Plastered the Oven and Back of Chimney. Put up Stove in Front Chamber - Afternoon Rains fast - Mended the Hearth. Nelson Garden left Us.
Nov 23:Cloudy but soon clears off very Pleasant and Warm - Went to Mr. Bedell's - not at Home, Surveying at the Scotch Settlement - Afternoon very warm.
Nov 24:Cloudy and Warm, a little wind from South, like for Rain.
Nov 25:Still Cloudy and Misty, no Rain. Warm. Boys at the Dung. The School-Master arived Yesterday from St. John's, on foot, Mr. Philips the Day before.
Nov 26:Sunday - Still Cloudy and Warm
Nov 27:After a little Rain in the Night, the Wind Came North and very High Indeed and Could - a very Blustering Day - The Master began School this Day - Sick with a Bad Cold in my Face. Mr. Jones here.
Nov 28:A Cold Morning after the Coldest Night this Season - Dr. Rice and Mrs. Griffith spent last evening - The Ice now very Thick.
Nov 29:A Still Cold Day and Cloudy. William and Mr. Jones crossed over to the Island, alto' the Ice was very thick, Yesterday - came back towards Night - It Snowed last Night about 5 Inches. Henry and Cain at the Dung.
Nov 30:Cloudy and Cold Wind No-East but little. Mr. and Mrs. Beardsley spent last Evening with us - Henry and Cain finished this Day Geting out the Dung - William gone to Mill - The Ice Thick and in large Cakes, but not yet Closed. Night Cloudy and very Cold.

Dec 1:The Coldest morning yet, cloud, no wind, and grows moderate.
Dec 2:Cloudy but quite moderate. The Snow melts. The Ice is now up to my lower Bar- Put up Cannoes - Afternoon the Ice broke, and gone Down.
Dec 3:Sunday - A fine good Day - Very little Ice Running. Snow almost gone.
Dec 4: Cloudy and warm - William gone to [.....] of the Boards at Capt. R. Smith's - Ketchum Killed his Hogs. Henry and Cain Helping Him.
Dec 5:Cloudy and warm, after some Snow in the Night, just to cover the ground.
Dec 6:Still Cloudy with little Snow, but warm - This Day People Got Wood for the Church and Singing School - Mr. Cary began the Singing School
Dec 7:Still Cloudy, wind North but not Cold - Killed Hogs. Ketchum Helping them.
Dec 8:Still Cloudy and Warm. A Little Snow last Night. There is now about 4 Inches on the Ground - Cut up and Salted Pork. The 9 Hogs and 2 Pigs Weighed 1833 lbs. Very Good for Such Young Hogs - 3 of them Weighed 199 lbs. Miss Genkins here Sewing for maria. Fixed Cellar and Shut up the Door.
Dec 9:Still Cloudy and Warm - Put Brine to Hams - Began to fix the Hovel by the House - The Ice is now Closed up above my large Bar, very Smooth
Dec 10:Sunday - A Cloudy Snowy Morning and Day - Wind North
Dec 11:A little Cloudy after a Snowy Night - William last evening carried Miss Genkins home - The Snow has fell 10 Inches - Wm, Henry and Cain Killed the first Cow, Pretty Good - The Coldest Day Yet - Wind Norwest.
Dec 12:Cloudy and Cold, Wind Norwest; Night Clear and very Cold. Wm. and Cain Cut up Beef last evening. ToDay Salted Beef and put the Smooth Beef in Brine. Mr. and Mrs. Bedell spent last Evening and William Bedell with us. Mr. J. Phillips called from Singing School.
Dec 13:A Clear, Still and Cold Morning, but a very fine Day. it Thaws in the Sun toDay about the House - Caryed Dr. Quarter of Beef Home weight 104 lb. Married Wm. F. Bedell and Phebe A Cunliffe.
Dec 14:Cloudy but not very Cold - William Hawled a load of Boards from Captn. R. Smith's - afternoon Clear and Pleasant. Henry and Cain at the Barn.
Dec 15:Cloudy wind south - William Hawled another load of Boards The Trustees Visited the School - Spent the Evening at Dr. Rice's with Major and Mrs. Ketchum, Captn. T. Cunliffe & Wife - Thomas Philips and Wife, Ketchum & Betsy. A little Snow.
Dec 16:Clear and Cold, Wind Nor-West, William gone to Connel's, Mrs. Dibblee made Candles. Henry at his Shoes. The Post Crossed at Connel's with His Slay.
Dec 17:Sunday - A very Good Day. More Moderate.
Dec 18:Cloudy but warm and Still. William at the Hovel by the House.
Dec 19:Cloudy Wind South and Moderate. William at the Barn. T. Philips went yesterday to Fredericton. No Crossing at Jemison's, but very good at Connels.
Dec 20:Cloudy and Moderate - William Finished Hovel by the House. Visited Captn. Cunliffe with a large Company. Charles Drove Mrs. Dibblee and me out.
Dec 21:Shortest Day - Clear still and Pleasant. William fixed the Shed.
Dec 22:Cloudy and Cold. Wood and at the Barn.
Dec 23:Clear and very Cold after a little Snow in the Night. Miss Genkins here last Night.
Dec 24:Sunday - Cloudy and Very Cold. Soon Begins to Snow. Frederick came last night.
Dec 25:Christmas - Clear and Cold Indeed - after 6 Inches of Snow. The Largest Congregation we ever knew at Christmas - Phebe, Charles and Betsy with Us.
Dec 26:Still, Clear and Coldest Night and Morning yet. Afternoon Moderates.
Dec 27:Clear and very Cold Morning and Day. Wind North. Charles Morehouse Arived, and went on to Captn. Cunliffe's. The Young Cellebrated the Season.
Dec 28:Still Clear and Cold Indeed - Killed Fowls - married William Asher and Mary Dunnam at Mitten's. Night Cloudy and Could.
Dec 29:Cloudy and soon begins to Snow, but morte moderate. Wind Souwest. This Night, The Young People Cellebrate the Season at Dr. Rice's. But little Snow.
Dec 30:Clear after Snow and Hail in the Night - Went to Lockwood's. Married Sanford Lockwood and Eliza Armstrong. A Blustering Day; Cain Drove me Down. A large weding. Wind North and Very High.
Dec 31:Preached at George Miller's - a good Congregation. afternoon came Home. Wind at Nor-west. But not Cold. Mrs. Dibblee Unwell.


Jan 1:A fine New Year's Day, not very Cold. Maria and Betsy Ginnings Preparing for a Party toNight; the New Married Couple and their Friends.
Jan 2:A Clear and Very Cold Day. A Merry Party Last Night; Keeping New Year.
Jan 3:Clear and Colder, after a little Snow in the Night. All Hands Preparing for Dancing at Captn. Smith's toMorrow Night - Afternoon Could Indeed
Jan 4:Cloudy and a little Snow - But Soon Clears of Could as ever. A large party at Captn. R. Smith's.
Jan 5:Clear and Seldom Coulder - This Day finished the Joyful Season, by having to Dine with Us - Major Ketchum & Lady, M. Smith and Lady - Dr. Rice and Lady - Wm. Dibblee and His Mother, Charles and Betsy and Charles Morehouse. Thus ends the Season for 1820 - We never had more cold weather before New Year - and seldom less Snow - not the least Rain and the Springs and Brooks never so Dry.
Jan 22:From the last Date, we have had the most Remarkable Weather; Indeed, We Seldom Experienced such a Winter - No Snow Storms, and not the least Rain - All the Small Streams and Springs Intirely Dry. We go to the Mill at the Beckagimack - William went on the 21st with 12 1/2 Bushels of Wheat and Returned the Same Day. The Slaying never better from the Tobique to Fredericton, and has been so for more than a month. The Weather, Continually Cold and the Wind Constantly at North but little - The Night of the 20th Never Colder, but from that Day it has moderated, and Yesterday and toDay warm enough - Sick with a Cold; Mr. Bedell read Prayers for me Yesterday - Lockwood, with Sanford and his young wife came to Church, Lockwood here, but Sanford and His Wife went to Mr. Beardsley's and Lockwood at Night after Singing School - Henry went this Day to School to Gault

Feb 1:From the last Date; the Same Steady Cold Dry Weather as the Rest of the Winter, till January 28th when it Moderated and the Wind came to the South - Soon Clouds over and grows Quite Warm - The Same Weather for Three Days - When it began to Rain very Warm, but very little - But last Night, it Rained Considerably and has Settled the Snow much - ToDay Wind Norwest and grows Cooler. There has not been Rain sufficient to Raise the Streams, which were never Dryer - Very Sickly - Wm. Bell was Buried on the 25th of January by Mr. Bedell. Betsy Cunliffe just Recovering from a Severe Plieurisy, Sally Bull, now Sick with the same Complaint. Mrs. Clement's little Boy very Unwell for Some Days - and Bad Colds frequent - John McLaughlin Supposed past Recovery - Samuel Carney Dined here toDay on his way Home from His Brothers. The Sheep and Cattle are over the Fields toDay; But small Places bare. Just Recovering from the Effects of a long and Severe Cold.
Feb 5:From the last Date, warm and Pleasant but Cloudy Weather. This Day it Snows all Day but very light. Mr. Clements came Saturday Feb. 4th - His Boy very Sick with a Bad Cold - Seymor Dibblee very Sick Indeed, with an High Fever - There are a great many Complaints, Never knew so Sickly a Winter, alto' it has been a Continual Cold Dry Weather till within 10 Days, which has been warm and a little Rain. It has now the appearance of considerable snow - which is wanted for Sledging and Slaying.
Feb 19:Continual Moderate Weather from the last Date, and very little Snow or Rain, we never knew so little Snow or Rain to This Date; and for three Weeks quite Moderate, upon the whole a very good Winter Thus Far. Tho' the first of the winter Very Cold Indeed - On Saturday the 17th it began to Snow from the No-East, and Continued all Day fast, and a little Sunday the 18th. The Snow fell about 18 Inches, the greatest we have known this winter - William and Maria where to have set out for Fredericton toDay, but the Snow has Prevented Them till tomorrow - Jabez Upham came last week from Kingston after his Sister Mary - and brought Mrs. Clopper. They were to have set out on their Return toDay, but the Great Snow has Prevented for Some Days, till the Road is better - William this days goes to Phillips' Mill for a Grist, and Maria to see Mrs. Clopper - Henry has now caught 3 Foxes.

Mar 10:We have had from the last Date at from the last of February Some Snow and More Winds that last Part of Winter, which has Drifted the Snow and made the Roads Bad. No Rain yet, and the Mills Continue Dry - This Day William went to Backagimack with 16 Bushels - We look for maria and Phebe Davidson toNight by Major Ketchum. Was at Prince William to Bury Jacob Allan's Child on Saturday February 29th and Preached the next Day at mr. Davidson's - Monday John Davidson brought me Home a good Day, but the Roads heavy - The Next Day, He went Home, a most Blustering Day Indeed, Wind North and the Snow Drifts very Much - Henry caught another Fox - We have now Two sheep killed by the Cattle and a Calf by the Spring where they water. A Good Day, but some appearance of a Storm. The weather is warm enough for March; but it Thaws but little. The Sickness has now chiefly left us, and a prospect of an Early Spring.
Mar 12:Cloudy and some appearance ofg Rain, wind Fresh at Sou-west - Drank tea with Betsy - Charles Hurt by his Colt Throwing Him - William gone to Cunliffe's Mill - Quite warm.
Mar 13:Cloudy and misty morning after some rain in the Night, quite warm. The Snow settles very fast. The Cattle and Sheep on the Bare Places on the Meadow, where the Snow blew of the Ridges - Afternoon Clear Still and very warm - Wm. and Cain Threshing Oats.
Mar 14:Clear and warm. It Thaws much toDay. The Sap Runs a little.
Mar 15:Cloudy Wind Sou-west and like for Rain. Quite warm. Buried Mary, wife of John Bell; aged 33. Died with the Concumption.
Mar 16:Clear and very warm; wind sou-west - The Snow goes fast. Baptised Jane 12 Days old, Infant Daughter of John Kirk [?] and John Camber, a Boy of 13 Years old, bound to Mr. Bell in Northampton
Mar 17:A very [...] Morning after a Severe Rain in the Night, very warm - Afternoon rains fast Indeed till in the Night - The Snow is gone Surprisingly, almost of over the River. Water everywhere.
Mar 18:Sunday - The wind came to the North last Night and it Snowed 4 Inches - The wind very high and Snow Squals all Day.
Mar 19:Clear wind very high at North and Never Colder in March.
Mar 20:Clear and Cold, Wind North, but no so Fresh as Yesterday - Making Spiles for Sugar - Married Andrew Murphy and Phebe Shaw - John Bedell Set out for Fredericton - Visited the 19th, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond. A large Company.
Mar 21:It Clouded over last night and Snowed 4 Inches - This Morning it Rained fast till 12 o-c- and Cleared of very Pleasant, wind west - Making Spiles - Made now 220 - William gone to Phillips's Mill - River has Rose.
Mar 22:Clear and very Cold; Wind High at Norwest, but soon grew quite moderate - Making Spiles - Afternoon Sap runs a little
Mar 23:It Clouded over last Night and Snowed 3 Inches; it now Rains fast till 12 O-C- when it breaks away - at the Spiles - Night very Cloudy
Mar 24:Cloudy and snows most of the Day, but Warm; Wind Sou-East. major Ketchum Dined here. William gone to Phillips's Mill.
Mar 25:Sunday - Cloudy and warm, wind Sou-east. Some Snow and after Church - Rains fast - Beardsley - Captn. I Smith and John Bedell arived from Fredericton - The River is geting Dangerous; and Several Horses are lost.
Mar 26:A Good Clear and Warm Day - No Wind - The Sap runs toDay. First began to fix Sugar Camp and Prepare Wood. Mr. Thomas Phillips had a large Party of the Young Fry at Tea and Dancing. Maria, Henry & William
Mar 27:A Cloudy Snowy morning, but warm; no wind. William and Henry came from the Great ball at Break of Day - Maria went to Major Ketchum's. Threshing wheat; Nothing done at Camp. Still at the Spiles.
Mar 28:Cloudy cool morning wind Sou-west - William Sold John Bedell Hay, 2 Loads. Afternoon Wind Comes Norwest and Cold - Captn. Joseph and Mrs. Cunliffe Dined with us, and Eliza Smith. Afternoon Captn. Thomas Cunliffe and Lady, Charles and Betsy and Gault at Tea, and Bn Griffith, Evening; Mr. Dunphy came in the evening and Stayed all Night - Night Cold
Mar 29:Clear still and cold morning. After Breakfast, Mr. Dunphy Returned to the Military Settlement; wind rises Norwest, but Thaws much. No Taping Yet - Finished making Spiles, having made 637 - afternoon William went to Phillips's Mill - Visited Mrs. Bull with our Friends.
Mar 30:Clear Still Morning and very warm - Henry Morehouse came on Foot from Major Ketchum's, having left his Horse there last evening, and went home. Examined the School. Henry and Ketchum fixed Camp and Kettle, a Taped a few trees, but little Sap with us; in the open woods its runs well toDay for the first time - The River now breaks fast The Snow almost gone from the Improvements, But Considerable in the Woods - afternoon wind rises norwest.
Mar 31:Cloudy and Snows moderately all day - Wind sou-east and warm - George Morehouse and William came from major Ketchum's this Morning to Breakfast - George Morehouse having been up to his land in the Military settlement - after breakfast went home. Afternoon William went to Cunliffe's Mill. Henry and Cain Dressing Flax.

Apr 1:Sunday - Cloudy and some snow all day Wind Sou-east - Major Ketchum, Elisabeth and Sarah ketchup, Jack sent Ketchum's horse home, drive on Saturday.
Apr 2:Still Cloudy and Spits of Snow - Wind south. William and Cain threshing wheat. Henry and McGee geting wood. Afternoon William fetched the grist from Mill. Eliza went Home. Mr. Bence [?] here at noon.
Apr 3:Cloudy wind very high at North and Cold - Henry and McGee getting wood. Wm. and Cain at the Wheat - Began yesterday to Knit a Short Net.
Apr 4:It Snowed last night 3 Inches; and this morning very Cold, wind high and Drifts the Snow all into heeps. Seldom such a Blustering Day in April. Afternoon moderate and the Sap Runs in the open wood Pretty Well. Baptised George Bull's Child - a large Company - The Snow that fell all melted and the Road almost Bare. The Second Calf, the first Dead.
Apr 5:Clear and Exceeding Cold Morning - Wind Rises North but not High - Married Ira Miller and Salome Esty Hartly - Afternoon Sap Ran well in the Open Woods; but have not Taped.
Apr 6:Clear and Still after a Cold Night - No Better Day for Sap - Ketchum, Henry and Cain Taping as fast as possible - 11 O-C- Jacob Allen drive, came Thro' the Falls and on the River - But the Ice is Breaking in Places - after Dinner, He went to Richmond after Seed Wheat - Wind Rises at South, and like for Fowl Weather [origin of expression "nice day for ducks'?]. The River was never lower in April. The Snow almost of the Improvements - To appearance a very early Spring.
Apr 7:Cloudy Wind South - Like for Rain - but quite warm - The Boys caught yesterday 8 Barrels of Sap - It Runs Some toDay - Began to Boil down for the first. Jacob Allen came last night after we were abed. Henry took care of him - Started for Home at Daylight - afternoon very warm - A very good Prospect for an Early Spring.
Apr 8:Sunday - Cloudy and misty, Wind South, but little. Soon begins to Rain. Henry Ketchum and Cain in the Morning, gathered the Rest of the Sap and Secured the [...?]
Apr 9:Clear after a Heavy Rain the first part of the Night, Wind Norwest, and Froze Considerable, a Midling Day for Sap - The Snow almost off the Improvements, but large banks in the Old Garden - Began More Spiles - Finished 49 Spiles - In the whole 686.
Apr 10:Clear after a Cloudy Night, but it Froze considerable. Wind Rises North and too Cold for Sap. Mrs. Rice and Nancy, Mr. and Mrs. Bedell, Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Smith, Captn. and Mrs. Bull; Charles and Betsy and Nancy Cunliffe Drank Tea with Us - Nancy Rice and Nancy Cunliffe Stayed all night. The Dr. was called to Wakefield to Visit Mr. Snow who is Sick. Henry brought in some sugar.
Apr 11:Clear after a Still Cold Night - It Froze much - Wind rises North and is Cold; Midling Day for Sap, too Cold for a great Sap Day. Early in the Morning Elisha Cunliffe came for his Sister, after Breakfast they went home, and maria waited on Nancy Rice Home. Mended and Fixed my Nets for Salmon. Henry ketchup and Cain at the Camp. William Threshing Seed Wheat. River low.
Apr 12:Clear and very Cold Morning, the Ground Froze hard. The Boys Caught yesterday 8 Barrels of Sap - A Great [Day?] for Sap. This Day Caught 10 barrels. Towards Night Cloudy.
Apr 13:A very Snowy Morning, Wind Sou-East and Fresh: Henry Back at the Camp; Cain Hawled Some Boards to cover the Camp. Thomas Lovely came last evening to sell Cedar Rails, Stayed all night. 10 O-C- The Snow has fell 4 Inches; and Seldom Snows faster. Afternoon breaks away, the Snow 5 Inches.
Apr 14:Cloudy and Cold, but no Rain, It Thaws but little toDay. Mr. Gault Dined here and then went to Camp with William for Candy. Drank Tea and then in the Evening left us. Henry and Ketchum with Cain Sugaring off and Emptying Troughs. Night Clear and Still.
Apr 15:Sunday - A very Cold Morning after a Still Cold Night - It froze hard Indeed - Cloudy Chief of the Day - but warm; the Snow has not yet melted - went to Church in Slay - a good day for Sap. Very Muddy.
Apr 16:Cloudy Wind North and Soon begins to Snow and Continues 3 Hours fast, and then Clears off very Cold, and Wind High - The Snow fell near 2 inches. The Boys caught yesterday 14 barrels of Sap - Afternoon Snow almost gone.
Apr 17:Clear after a very cold Night, wind rises at North and to appearance a Most Excellent Day for Sap - All Hands at Boiling down and Sugaring off. Beardsley brought Home my Wheat, for the Hand barrow. Ice Strong, and the river never lower in the middle of April.
Apr 18:It Clouded over last Night and this Morning found it Snowing very fast. It has fell 2 Inches. Cloudy and Drisly the rest of the Day. Wind No-East and Cool. The Boys caught yesterday 14 barrels of Sap. The Most yet; for when they caught 14 Barrels before, it had Run some the Day before. All hands at the Camp; Boiling down and Sugaring. Ice Breaks Slowly.
Apr 19:Cloudy but warmer, all hands at the Camp. Spits of Snow all Day. Yesterday 11 Bbls.
Apr 20:Good Friday - Cloudy, after no frost, But Cool, Wind Nor-west. Afternoon Clear and Warm - Heiffer Calved. Fair for Sap - only 7 Barrels - Snow almost gone.
Apr 21:Clear after a Still cold Night - Wind Rises from South and very warm. All hands at the Camp; like for the Best Day. Afternoon Clouds over.
Apr 22:Easter Sunday - A very Rainy Morning after a Severe Rain in the Night - Wind South and very Warm - The Ice breaks fast, but the River very low - The Snow almost gone, and frost out of the ground. The Boys caught yesterday 11 Barrels of Sap. Towards Night Clears of still and cool.
Apr 23:A Still Clear and Cold Morning. The Ground Froze Hard. All hands at the Camp Emptying Troughs. Choose our Church officers. Good Day for Sap.
Apr 24:Cloudy Wind sou-west. No Frost. All Hands at the Camp. Afternoon clear and very Warm. The first Parsnips, but some frost. William spreading Dung - Cut of the Bushes from the Fishing Places. Ice broke Thro' in the Midle of the River at Jimisons. It Runs much toDay.
Apr 25:Clear morning and warm. No frost - Found the Ice this Morning Runing Very Thick, the Main Body, and Continues till 3 O-C- My Bar yet Covered with Ice. Beardsley making Harrow - Henry at the Camp Sugaring off, as we suppose, the last Honey - 12 o-clock Clouds over and soon begins to Rain, and then turns to Snow very fast for 2 Hours. Wind North.
Apr 26:A foggy morning, after a still, clear and very cold Night. The Sap Runs Some toDay, but too warm for a Great Sap Day. The Ice Runs Some toDay in Small Pieces; what drops from the Jams on the Shore and Bars - Afternoon, Still and Very Warm Indeed - mended my Wheel-Barrow - Afternoon Visited Betsy - Another Calf. Wm. and Cain began Soard Ground.
Apr 27:Clear and Very Cold Morning, Wind North - It Froze hard last Night - William and Cain Ploughing - on the Intervale- Henry with the Oxen Ploughing back - Afternoon Wm and Lewis Ploughing back and Henry and Cain gone to Gather Sap - Triming Aple Trees. 2 O-C- Fine Ice began to Run with Timber, Suppose from Tobique, 2 Men went Down on a Small Raft in the Ice.
Apr 28:Clear and very warm. No wind - The Boys gathered yesterday 11 barrels of Sap - Boiling Down for Beer and Honey - Brought in their Sugar having made this Season 630 bbls [? Lbs ?]. A Good Season for Sugar. Finished Triming and Plastering Aple Trees - Some fine Ice toDay. River Rising, but only just over my Bar. There is Snow in the old Garden.
Apr 29:Sunday - A very still and Warm Day. Never Warmer in April. The Ice Ran this Morning, Pretty Thick for 3 Hours. Grass grows finely. We never had a better Prospect of an Early Spring. Afternoon Cloudy.
Apr 30:Cloudy and rains moderately; very warm Indeed. The Grass never grew faster, and the Willows and eldersBuding fast. If no more Cold weather; Never a better spring. Manuring Aple Trees. River now rises.

May 1:Cloudy and very warm - At the Aple trees - 11 O-C- Rains fast and continues all Day - Kirk took away the Steers - The River Rising very fast, and like for a good Fresh from the Rain - Cannoes now going on the river. William went over to the Blacksmith's - Malted our Beer - Grass never grew better.
May 2:Clear and very pleasant - Wind Norwest and warm - Wm. Ploughing Soard Ground on the Intervale - Henry and Cain making Fence round the New Ground for Wheat - Sowed Lettuce - and Pepper Grass - Diging Parsnips. Very Good - River Rising Very Fast, and is now over the Bank by the River. Henry Stoped 5Low Logs, from the Madusnecrick - Sundown River on the Intervale - Never a finer Day in May - 2 Lambs the first this Spring.
May 3:Clear after a little Frost - Wind North and Cooler but a fine Day - Finished Parsnips - Diging for Early Peas - Wm. at the Soard Ground - Henry and Cain at the Fence - This morning found the Ice runing Thick, and continued till 12 o-C- We had supposed, the Ice had all Run, River is now up 4 Inches on the Rock - But after the Ice had done Runing it began to fall - and at Sundown - had fell 1 foot - It has been 6 In. higher than last Spring - Beardsley got some Edicks [?].
May 4:Clear, but soon Clouds over, and wind very high at Nor-east - set out cabbage stumps, turnips for seed and greens - Set out Beets and Carrots. Planted my Early Peas - Wm. at the Plough - Henry and Cain harrowing the Land Ploughed last fall - 12 O-C- the Wind Blows a severe Gale, and blew down the Hovel by the House, but did no Damage. Afternoon visited Mrs. Bedell with our Friends. Found Mr. Clopper here on Coming Home; on his Way to the Tobique, to Search for Forfited Timber - Very Cold - River falls Fast.
May 5:Cloudy and Rainy after some Hail - Wind No-East, and still very High - After Breakfast, Clopper went for major Ketchum's. Very little Done, owing to the Rain - Afternoon turns to Snow and Continues for 3 Hours, very chilly - The Wind almost Done Blowing - River falls
May 6:Sunday - Cloudy and Rains till 2 O-C- Then Clears off Cold.
May 7:Clear and warmer - wind No-East - River falls but is yet on the Intervale - Fixing for Onions - William Ploughing. Henry and Cain Harrowing
May 8:Clear and Cold Morning after a Smart Frost - Plowing and Harrowing - Fixing Garden - The River falls, but not fast owing to the Rain - Wind High at No-east. This is the fifth day that we have had a cold No-Easter. Usial in Freshet time.
May 9:Clear and Cold Morning. The Ground Froze Considerable. The Sap has Run these Two Days - Ploughing and Harrowing - Fixing Garden - Afternoon went to Mr. Bedell's on School Business - River falls but slowly - Rafts now Plenty.
May 10:Clear and warm after a cool Night - Sowed 1 Bushel of Peas and 2 of Wheat, above the Garden, first Sowing - Henry Harrowing Peas and Wheat - Cain Ploughing - Wm. at the Fence. Beardsley Started this Morning with His Raft for Fredericton. Afternoon very warm; wind high at Sou-West.
May 11:Clear in the Morning and warm, wind high at South - Henry finished Harrowing Wheat - Planted my Onions - Put 2 Canoes in Horse Dung - Mellons and Water mellons - 12 O-C- begins to Rain and Continues the rest of the Day. Very warm.
May 12:Clear and cooler - wind north, but little - Made 3 Hot Beds; and put 3 more Canoes in Horse Dung - Mellons and Water mellons - Dunged and Dressed Goosberrys. Ploughing and Fencing - At Night Cool. River Rising.
May 13:Sunday - Clear and foggy after a cold Night - River Rose last Night 3 feet Perpendicular - and is now higher than before. Old Stuff Plenty - with Some Timber - The warmest Day yet - At Night, the River half way up my Rock - It Continues to Rise 10 Hours Longer, it will up to the top of the Rock.
May 14:A Rainy Morning, but soon clears off with the Wind North and Cold - The River Rose last Night 10 Inches and is now above half up my Rock - 11 O-C- at a Stand and soon begins to fall. Sowed Dr. Rice's and my early Cabbage Plants - Fixing Garden
May 15:A Clear and Very Cold Morning - The Ground Froze Considerable. We never had a Colder Day in May - Wind high at North - Warmed our [...?...] and set it to Working - Diging for Parsnips - Lewis Set out his Onions for Seed - River falls fast.
May 16:Clear and Cold Morning after a Smart Frost - Sowed my Parsnips, Henry and Cain have been 4 Days Cross Ploughing and Harrowing New Ground for Wheat, and William Making the Fence - A very warm Day. Set Net.
May 17:A Clear but Cold Morning. Sowed Seven Bushels of Wheat on the New Ground - Cain and Henry Harrowing. Wm. Clearing off Old Stuff.
May 18:Found it Raining very fast this morning; wind sou-east and Very Chilly - No Farming - Mended Garret Windows - Sprained my Knee.
May 19:Cloudy and Very Chilly. Never a Colder Day. Henry finished Harrowing the Wheat, Sowed before the Rain - William finished the Soard Ground - and others plowing below the House - Took up Net no fish. Sowed my winter Cabbage Plants - Planted more Mellons & Water Mellons.
May 20:Sunday - Cloudy and Some Showers - Very Cold Indeed - Major Ketchum with Us.
May 21:Cloudy and soon begins to Rain wind sou-west and very cold. Finished the new Ground, having Sowed 11 Bushels of Wheat. Henry and Cain Harrowing - Afternoon Rain Ceases, but very Chilly - River falls slowly
May 22:Cloudy and Cold as Winter, wind North - Showers all Day, but sometimes clear. Sowed more Cabbage seed - Sage, and Raddish - Never so cold a May. Henry and Cain finished harrowing the wheat on the New Ground - in the best order.
May 23:Clear and Cold Morning - A Severe Frost - the Ground Froze Some. The Wind Rises at Norwest, not so Cold. Sowed a Pack [Peck?] of Flax Seed - Henry Harrowed it in - Fixing Garden - Planted my Everlasting Peas - Set Net
May 24:A Clear and Cool Morning after a little Frost - Ploughed and Harrowed old Garden - Harrowed old Barn Yard - Cain Sowed 2 1/2 Bushels of Peas and One and half of Foreign Oats - Henry harrowed them in - Diging Garden - Sowed 2 Bushels of Wheat on Potato Ground. Caught a Small Salmon the First - I have had 4 mellons Killed by the Cold weather - a fine warm Day in the afternoon.
May 25:A warm Day at Last - A little Cloudy - This Day Sowed the 2 Bushels of Wheat on Potato Ground and Caught the First Salmon - Cain Sheering the Sheep - Planted my Oyster Plants - Sowed Some Early Turnips and Mustard - Planted Bush Beans. Wm. Ploughing on the Intervale for Wheat - River falls but slowly, No Eddies but only half way Down to the Fishing Place, where we caught the Salmon
May 26:Clear in the Morning and Warm - but soon Clouds over, wind south, and high - Diging Garden - Afternoon Rains a Little, and Grows Chilly. Planted Three Kinds of Cucumbers where I had the Hot Beds last year - No Salmon
May 27:Sunday - A Cloudy Cold Morning - and Day - Wind North.
May 28:Cloudy but not so Cold - Wind South - Planted my Brown Corn - Ploughing Intervale for wheat. Took in Potatoes. Dr. Emmerson's Oxen went to Jimison's. Mr. Fraser has Bought them - The river has fell so that the Eddies are good - Set Three Nets in Their Proper Eddies
May 29:Cloudy Wind South, but warm - after breakfast, it begins to Rain and Continues till 12 O-C- very fast, and then Clears of very Pleasant - Planted my Stertions. Henry Ploughing, Old Buckwheat Field. Preparing for my Sweet Corn - River Rising from Rain.
May 30:Clear and at last warm enough - wind west - sowed on the Intervale 3 1/2 Bushels of Wheat - Making in the whole 18 1/2 - No Salmon - River Rose last Night Considerable - John Bedell Started toDay with His Raft for Fredericton. Henry harrowing - Wm. Lewis and Cain Planting Potatoes. Planted my Sweet Corn.
May 31:Clear and Cool, wind high at North - No Salmon, the River has Rose last Night 4 Inches; but now done rising - Boys finished Planting Potatoes on the lower Part of the Intervale; about 27 Bushels. Planted Mr. Garden's Canada Squash and Pumpion - and Mr. Fraser's Squash.

Jun 1:Clear after a Cold Night, but no Frost - A warm Day - Planted Corn - Planted States Pumkins, and Acorn Squash - No Salmon. The River is now Falling fast, and the Eddies never better and yet no Salmon, which we never knew before, having only 2 Very Small Ones.
Jun 2:Clear after a Cold Night - We never had so Cold Nights so late before - George arived last evening on a Visit - Planted early corn in Old Barn Yard - Dressed my early Peas - Planted my Liverpool Peas - Wind North, but Warm.
Jun 3:Sunday - Clear and warm. First warm day.
Jun 4:Clear and warm indeed. Planted Potatoes above on the Intervale. Henry Ploughing for Oats. Caught a Midling Salmon. Bushed my Early Peas. Afternoon visited Dr. Rice. Very Warm Nights first.
Jun 5:Clear and warm enough - Dressed Lettuce - At the Garden - Wm. gone after Boards to Phillips' Mill. Finished Potatoes, having Planted more than last year - No Salmon.
Jun 7:Clear and Warm wind North - John Smith arrived with his Boat from Fredericton - Caught a Small Salmon. Henry and Cain Harrowing
Jun 8:Clear and warm after a cool Night - Sowed 14 1/2 Bushels of Oats - Making in the whole 21 Bushels - Planted more Pole Beans. Henry and Cain Harrowing Oats - William at the Fence. No Salmon.
Jun 9:Cloudy and a Thunder Shower before Breakfast - Finished Ground in Old Garden for Cabbages - Henry and Cain Finished Harrowing for Oats - No Salmon - Afternoon rains fast but warm; wind at Sou-west. A Raft of Timber Lodged on my Bar.
Jun 10:Whit Sunday - Clear and Blustering Day. Wind High at North. Major Ketchum and Captn. Shore arived afternoon, and after Tea, Went Home.
Jun 11:A Cold Foggy Morning, which prevented Frost, for it was Cold enough. Militia Day, all hands at the Muster at Mr. Larne's Place - Planted over my Water Mellons Beds with Cucumbers - and more Cucumbers
Jun 12:Clear and Warm enough - Dressed my Onions - Howed Garden - William and Cain Mending Fence - Henry Plowing for Barley - afternoon Clouds over from the South - wind high, but warm - maria and Boys at Mrs. Smith's.
Jun 13:Last Night a heavy Thunder Shower - which brings the wind north and very High but not Cold - Howing Garden - Henry finished the ground for Barley. George started early this morning for Fredericton. William Cleaning Barley - Some Heavy Gusts and Showers - We fear a frost. No Salmon. Never less.
Jun 14:Clear and cold but foggy. Some Frost at Jimison's. Sowed last evening 5 Bushels of Barley - Henry Harrowing, and then with William went to help Raise the Mill. Cain finished Harrowing Barley and then to Ploughing for Buckwheat - Lockwood here, at Night went to Captn. Bull's - Cloudy like for Rain.
Jun 15:Clear and Cold indeed - Some Fog at Sunrise, but Frost, [...?...] Staid all Night to finish Raising - Wm. went afternoon - No Salmon - Planted over States Pumpion - Now warm.
Jun 16:Clear after a Cold Night, but no frost - warm enough toDay, Sowed Half a Bushel of Old Buckwheat and one of yellow - Cain Harrowing - Henry yet at the Raising - Sowed my Everlasting Peas - drying Parsnips, and weeding Garden - afternoon cloudy but little rain.
Jun 17:Trinity Sunday - Clear and warm. Wind North.
Jun 18:Clear and warm Indeed, after a cool night - John Smith took our wool to the Carding Mill - afternoon Isaac Carvell came to work to pay for the Potatoes. Phebe, with us - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Old Buckwheat on the Intervalee - which finishes the Crop - and May God Bless our Labors - Night like for Rain - Geting very dry
Jun 19:Cloudy in the Morning but soon clears off and warm. Transplanted last evening 2 Plants of the Canada Squash. Preparing for Turnips Sowed one Bed with Turnips - Carvell at work - and this Day - Cary with four hands began to Frame the New Barn.
Jun 20:Longest Day - Cloudy and very warm after a good shower which is a Great Blessing - Everything now grows surprisingly. Framing Barn - Henry and Cain Preparing the Ground for Barn. Sowed 2 more Beds of Turnips Set out 106 Early Cabbages - Frederick arived, came on First - Set 3 Nets Afternoon warm Indeed.
Jun 21:Cloudy after a fine Rain in the Night - Never a more growing Season. Caught a Good Salmon but hurt by Eels. Set out more plants making in the Old Garden 306 - Henry began Howing Corn - Wm. and Cain hewing Timber - Brushed my Everlasing Peas - Framing Barn - Set Nets
Jun 22:Clear and Warm Indeed - Never a more Growing time - Framing - Henry and Cain finished Corn - Poled my first row of Beans. Planted 6 Hills of Pole Beans - Preparing Ground in Old Barn yard for Cabbages. Boys Caught a Fine Mess of Eels - Caught a Good Salmon - Afternoon warm Indeed.
Jun 23:A little Cloudy and not so Warm - Preparing for Raising. Afternoon Raised the Barn - 28 Hands - A Noble Frame and no accident
Jun 24:Sunday - This Morning John Smith arrived with his Boat, brought Nails and Spirits - Smoaky but very warm - Caught 2 Good Salmon - But one Et - Flys and Musquitos Plenty
Jun 25:Clear and warm Indeed - Carpenters at the Barn - Henry and Cain Howing Potatoes in the Garden - William gone to Wakefield after Boards - Evening Set Nets - It is now geting very Dry - One Salmon
Jun 26:Clear and Seldom warmer - Last Evening a Severe Thunder Shower. A Great Blessing. Major Ketchum and Frederick Morehouse arived just as the Rain began - Went Home Early. Wm. with the Boards 12 O-C-.
Jun 27:Cloudy and like for Rain - Wind South - Last Evening finished Seting Cabbage Plants - Cain and Henry Hawling Boards - Cary with 4 Hands, Frmed and Raised the barn in 5 Days - On Monday Cary and 3 Hands began to Cover - Tuesday - Cary and 3 Hands Covering - toDay 3 Hands; Cary Preparing for Fredericton - Poled my Second Row of Beans - Transplanted Squashes and Cucumbers and One Pumpion. Caught 2 Noble Salmon - Afternoon Cloudy, Some Appearance of Rain.
Jun 28:Cloudy Morning - Set out more Cabbage Plants - William and Cary Set out for Fredericton. Dr. Rice also - Preparing Ground for Turnip Plants - Afternoon Rains fast - 3 Carpenters at the Barn half a Day - No Salmon
Jun 29:Cloudy but no Rain - Wind No-east. The Carpenters gone to the States - Set out 140 Turnip plants - Set out the last Cabbages - Transplanted Onions - Henry on the Road Yesterday - Henry and Cain on Foot on the Road toDay - Caught a Good Salmon - There has been Rain enough.
Jun 30:A Clear and very Warm Day - Henry gone to Help Raise Nicholas Cunliffe's House - Cain began to How Potatoes. One Salmon Eet - At the Garden

Jul 1:Sunday - A Clear and never warmer - Evening three Severe Thunder Showers - We seldom ever had a more heavy Rain in Showers.
Jul 2:Cloudy and some Rain all Day - Transplanted more Onions and Beets - Set out a few Cabbages - Poled the last Beans - Henry and Cain Choping Down 3 Days - Wm. Arived. No Salmon.
Jul 3:A Clear and Cold Morning, Wind high at North - Some Frost on the Bottom of the Cannoe - All hoeing Potatoes - Making Fence to Shut out the Sheep - No Salmon - River Rising
Jul 4:Clear and Warm enough - Finished Potatoes below the Barn - Ashed my Cabbage Plants - Samuel Carney with Us - Caught 2 Noble Salmon - River falls - But it is yet over the Bar.
Jul 5:Clear and warm - after Breakfast Carney left Us with the Box of Books - Frederick and Miss Genkins from Major Morehouse's - Howing Potatoes above - Dressed my States Pumpions - Finished Fence against the Sheep - Wind Fresh from South, and Some appearance of Rain. No Salmon.
Jul 6:Clear and Pleasant - wind south - Howing Potatoes - At the Garden - Everything looks well, and grows fast.
Jul 7:Clear and windy - Fresh from the South - But no Rain - Ashed my Cabbages in the old Barn Yard - Howing Potatoes above - Very good - Caught a Good Salmon
Jul 8:Sunday - Cloudy and soon begins to Rain by showers till 12 O-C- Very Warm - Night a Thunder Shower
Jul 9:Clear and warm - Never a more growing season - Henry and Cain finished Potatoes - and began to How Corn last time - Shaw and Young Cary at the Barn - Howing Garden
Jul 10:Clear and warm - Shaw and young Cary at the Barn and old Cary half a day - Henry and Cain Howing Corn - William Set out in Captn. Richard Smith's Boat - No Salmon - Howing Corn
Jul 11:Cloudy and in the afternoon a little Rain - Finished Corn and then howing the Early Corn in old Barnyard. Shaw and young Cary at the Barn - One Salmon.
Jul 12:Cloudy and Rains Considerable most of the Day, wind East, and Cool - Dr. and Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Griffith and Charles and Betsy Drank Tea with Us - Set out 32 Cabbage Plants - Shaw and young Cary at the Barn One Salmon.
Jul 13:Cloudy and showery, wind north and Fresh. Quite Cool - Dressed Turnips - Henry and Cain Chopping - Shaw and young Cary at the Barn - No Salmon.
Jul 14:Cloudy and cool; wind North but little; Shaw, Cary and Young Cary half a Day at the Barn, when they Finished it, having been in Framing and Covering Forty Nine Days and a half - Dressed my Onions last time
Jul 15:Sunday - Clear and warm wind North.
Jul 16:Clear and very warm. No Wind - Henry and Cain choping - John arived - No Salmon but a Skin.
Jul 17:Clear and Warm - First Peas but Old - James Ketchum and John Smith Dined with Us - Cain and henry Choping.
Jul 28:From the last Date, fine warm and wet weather; we never knew a more growing Season, and Crops never looked Better - Mr. John Gault began to act as Clerk of the Church July 22nd 1821 - This Day, the Boys with James Ketchum finished Runing the Line of new Lot. Dined - Mr. Sheffey Cary - Lot Rockwell and Mary Prosser Elizabeth Rockwell - Jeremiah Prosser - Elizabeth Whitehead.

Aug 3:From the last Date we have had 2 Remarkable Warm Days and Nights - and then a fine Thunder Shower, which made everything grow Surprisingly - We this day carted in for the first, 6 Loads of Hay - Old Meadows very Indifferent - but the new Good; all other Crops as Promising as we could wish. Thanks be to God.
Aug 20:From the Last Date, very Dry and Some very Cold Weather, which has made some Frost, but did no Hurt in our Settlement, but in the States - Jas. Putnam had his Crops very much Injured. He supposes to the amount of L40 We this Day are Carting the last of our Hay, all in Excellent Order, but the last which a Very Heavy Thunder shower on Friday Night the 17th, which has a Great Blessing, for the Earth was Very Dry, and we were fearful that the Potatoes would be hurt by the Drought. We have Cut 2 Dozen of Wheat, but hardly ripe. The wheat is very Promising and Oats never better, but Backward. Indeed we never had a more promising season excepting Corn which is late owing to very cold Nights - We have now the early Corn fit for Boiling, but 15 Days later than last year.

Sep 4:From the last date 3 Cold Days but no Frost, the rest as warm as any we have had, and wet; Bad for Harvest. The lot above the garden had 60 [?] and safe in the Barn, very good - we have about half the Lot Back, Cut, but none carted, owing to the Dull weather, but never warmer - Cain and Porter are toDay Cuting Some of the Poland Oats, that are Down, it being too Wet, for the Wheat - John gone out to Woolverhopper's to get his Watch mended
Sep 22:From the last Date, Never worse weather for harvest; wet and warm, which has made some of the wheat to grow, even Standing, but not to Injure the flowers. We have all the Wheat in the Barn; 536 Down in the Whole, and Good - About half the Oats in, the Rest out, but Cut. No Frost to Kill the Runing Vines to this Date - Richard and Eleanor Garden here on their visit - A good warm day. The Corn has Hardened Surprisingly, and there will be a Midling Crop. Potatoes very Good and large but not so Abundant as some Years.

Oct 6:From the last Date we have had Continual Warm and Wet Weather - it having Rained almost every other Day; which has been very Hurtful to the Grain that was Sowed late - The Crops in General never Better - The Corn only a Midling Crop - and if the Frost had been as Early as last Fall, there would have been not any - To this Date, there has been only Frost Enough to kill the Runing Vines and the Tops of Potatoes. We had this Day the last Mess of Sweet Corn and Shell Beans as good as in the Summer - Shut up our Hogs for Fattening this 6th of Octr. On Thursday Octr. 4th Arived from my Trip up the River - Found a Great Increase in the Improvements and Remarkable Good Crops - Baptised - 51 Children and 12 Adults - Performed Divine Service at the Scotch Settlement - Married Benjamin Smith and Miss McIndoe.
Oct 29:The last Week Remarkable Weather - On the 19th we had a Heavy Snow Storm - Snowed 6 Inches Deep and very wet; and was followed by a Heavy North Wind and so Cold that it Froze the Madusnecneck over above the Dam. On Saturday Octr. 19th John went in John Bedell's Boat for Fredericton - major Ketchum and His Lady Arived in Their Boat and Stayed all Night, and Started very Early on Sunday Morning for Home. A good Day, this and warm. Finished our Potatoes toDay - We find a great many Froze. We had brought in about 900 Bushels before the Frost. There are yet a great many out and a great many lost. Began to pull my Turnips. Married John Butler and Lydda Stiles at the Church. William working on the Roads.

Nov 8:We have had good weather from the last Date. Some still Frosty nights, but generally quite warm - we have had considerable Rain, which has raised the River over my large bar - Never better poling and boating - Killed yesterday a 2 year old Steer - Very good for so young a Creature - Done Ploughing and one in the Midst of geting out the Dung - Dug and Buried my Parsnips - The Cattle being in the Garden - William Turner called last Evening for me to sign some papers or his Mother. This is the second Rainy Day but quite warm.
Nov 16:From the last Date we have had Continual Cloudy and Rainy Weather and some Snow - but no Frost - John and Cain are now Sawing Plank for Stable and Boards - Henry finished Ploughing toDay - River never higher at this Season, but now falling - Finished Plastering. Wm. and John Banked up the House yesterday - Very Cloudy and like for Rain
Nov 20:Warm to this Date and Cloudy - last Night Clear and Some Frost the first after 20 Days - Killed Hogs - River now falls fast
Nov 21:A Frosty Morning and the Coldest weather we have had yet. Cut up and Salted Pork - The 10 Hogs weighed 1855 lbs. Very Good.
Nov 22:Cloudy and warmer - Put Brine to Hams - The Ground is now Froze a little - The Shoe Maker came Novr. 20th
Nov 23:Cloudy and Snowy Morning Wind south and Quite Warm - It Snowed last night 5 Inches - 10 O-C- Clears off Warm and Pleasant - Thaws much - Towards Night Cloudy like for Rain.
Nov 24:Cloudy but quite warm after a little snow in the Night. This morning Jack Cut his Foot.
Nov 25:Sunday - A very Rainy and warm morning; wind very high, at Sou-East - Never more sloppy and Muddy Walking - A Boat went up toDay - William Simpson went Down on a Raft of Boards.
Nov 26:Cloudy and Warm; Snow almost gone - Casting Dung.
Nov 27:Clear and Coldest Day yet - Wind Norwest - William gone after Cloath at the Weavers - Henry Choping - Cain and John Casting Dung.
Nov 28:Still Cloudy and Cold - William Killed the Two Steers. Very Good.
Nov 29:Still Cloudy and very Cold - Considerable Ice this Morning - the first - Cut up and Salted one Steer - John Bedell had the other Put Brine to Smoak Beef - Dunphy and Mount arived from Fredericton.
Nov 30:Clear at last and very cold - no Wind. The Ice is now very Thick and in large cakes - John gone to work at the Barn with his Cut Foot, but mending fast - River falling very fast - Ice lodges on the Bar

Dec 1:Clear and Cold - Last Night the Coldest yet. John gone to Richmond - Geting wood - Kean gone to Mill. Afternoon Pleasant.
Dec 2:Advent Sunday - Cloudy and Cold - Wind South - Like for a Storm.
Dec 3:Cloudy, after a little Snow in the Night and Misty, Quite warm - No wind
Dec 4:Cloudy and warm no wind; Visited Mrs. Bedell; but bad Slaying.
Dec 5:A little Cloudy; still and warm; the ice is now almost done Runing. Albert Smith set out this Morning for Fredericton in a Cannoe. Took letters for Mrs. Slason and Boys. Never better Fall and Winter so far
Dec 6:Clear and colder, wind north. No Ice in the River - Finished Dung.
Dec 7:A Cold Clear Morning, but soon clouds over. The Ice now runs again - Henry mended oven - Jack for some Days making the Horse Stable - Wm. Cain and John Choping and geting wood - River now low.
Dec 8:Cloudy and a little Snow - but warm - Wind south - The Ground is now Scarcely Covered with Snow - 12 O-C- Albert Smith came from Fredericton - having been only 3 1/2 Days - He came on Foot.
Dec 9:Sunday - Cloudy in the morning, but soon clears off very Pleasant. major Ketchum with Us, He Rode across the Creek - At Night a Gust from the Norwest, in the Night, wind very High and therefore Cold,
Dec 10:Clear and Cold Morning, but a very Pleasant Day; the Ice now Runs thick Again - Choping and Preparing for Shed by the House
Dec 11:Cloudy Wind South, like for Snow - Hawling Boards from the river and making Shed, by the House. Afternoon Mr. Welsh called on His way to Fredericton - Night begins to Snow fast - all hands to Mr. Wm. Uphams.
Dec 12:Clear but not very Cold, wind North, the Snow Drifts a little -The Ice is now Jamed up to Mr. Bedells - Very Smooth, if it does not go again. Buried Mr. Robert Carmen. Died with a Consumption in the Scotch Settlement.
Dec 13:Cloudy and a little Snow. Wind South. But not Cold.
Dec 22:From the last Date Continual Cloudy Weather with some Snow and some Cold Days - Frederick and the Surveyer arived on Sunday Morning Decr. 26th. [?] The Surveyer went down Yesterday. Visited Mrs. Beardsley with our Friends. A Cloudy warm day.
Dec 29:From the 22nd we have had cloudy days and 4 Snows, which has made very good Slaying - George and Mr. Cury arived on the Night before Christmas - Seldom a better Christmas Day - A very large Congregation. The Day after Christmas - Mary and Charles Morehouse arived - Then went with the Young Folk to Mr. Beardsley's to Celebrate the Season - A large Company - Last Night all hands at Captn. R. Smith's. And never a larger company in Woodstock - there being 55 - Dancing and Rejoicing. after some snow from South; the wind came from Norwest and very high - and the Snow Drifts very much. Seldom colder - Mr. Cury and George, and Charles with his Sister, who came from Major Ketchum's Dined at Mrs. Griffith's. Frederick above, did not come home last Night.


Jan 5:From the last Date, a little Snow, and a small Thaw but no Cold Weather. Yesterday, Cary, George, Charles and Mary Morehouse and Elizabeth ketchup with John for Miramichi all left here for their Homes Yesterday at half after 11 O-C- A Good Day but some appearance of Snow - after a little Snow in the Night, the Wind comes from North and Seldom a Colder Day than This.
Jan 29:We have had 3 fine and warm cloudy days, but no Rain. Captn. Clark and John Davidson, with Miss Lucy Clark, jane Hubbard and Peggy Allan came on a visit on Saturday the 26th - and left here this Day on their way Home. We have had more than common Cold Weather to this Date but no Bad Storms; the Snow is as Deep as Usial at this time.

Mar 1:We have had some bad snow storms and one Day Drifted Exceedingly but otherwise not such bad storms as former winters. For a week past we have had Moderate Weather, indeed; and yesterday and toDay as warm and Smoaky as the first of may. The Snow is going very fast, and the Sap runs toDay Veery Well. There has been but one small Rain to this Date. William and Maria now at Fredericton. We look for Wm. this night.
Mar 28:From the last Date, Remarkable Weather Indeed, and never warmer - To this date, the Sap has run Repeatedly and Very Sweet - but no Trees Tapped - Not a Rain yet - Frederick Clements and his Sister Caroline have made us a Visit of 5 Days - Caroline is gone Down to Mrs. Allen's - but Frederick has been up the River to Presque Isle, to carry the Slay to George Morehouse who is moving up to His Land in Kents and has just arived here from Captn. R. Smith's. Married Michael Gruier and Mary Hartley - It is now very Cloudy and Rains - Wind Sou-East - Very warm - Should it Continue long the Ice must go - The Snow is off the Improvements in Places and the Road is geting Bare, but never better going on the river - All Ice -
Mar 28:Clear after a Rainy Night - Mr. Josiah Brown with us last Night, went Home after Breakfast - a fine warm day - Visited and Examined School -
Mar 29:Clear and Cold - No Sap - The men finished Threshing Wheat toDay.
Mar 30:Clear and Cool - No Taping Yet - Afternoon William and John Bedell Set out for Fredericton - 2 O-C- John Giberson with His Sled and Horses Broke into the River opposite the House, and lost the greater part of his Load. The woman and Children very Wet - Stayed all Night.
Mar 31:Sunday - Giberson, with his Carpenters and Family, having found a few things, after Breakfast, set out for Home. Samuel Laskey came to Breakfast.

Apr 1:All Fool's Day - Cloudy and Snows fast, wind south and chilly. Carneywent very Early to take Mr. Bedell up to Mary his Daughter and Survey. Mr. Philips and Kendal called before Breakfast - on Their way for Fredericton - The Snow fell 5 Inches - Afternoon clears off with a little Rain.
Apr 2:Clear and very Cold - Wind North and High - It thaws very little toDay - Visited Mrs. Bull - Night John arived from Miramichi.
Apr 3:Cloudy Wind South and Snows a little, and then clears off with Rain
Apr 4:Clear and very Cold wind High at North - John gone to Major Ketchum's.
Apr 5:Good Friday - Clear but Cold Day Wind North.
Apr 6:Cloudy but Warmer, it Thaws some toDay, but No Sap.
Apr 7:Easter Sunday - A Very good Day, and Thaws Considerable. Jacob Allen and his wife - Bell Allen and Mrs. Allen's young sister and Child came last Evening - wen to Church and Sacrament - A large Congregation.
Apr 8:It snowed last Night 5 Inches, and Cleared of very Cold. Wind north and Cloudy - The Allen's went Home after Breakfast - Choose out Church officers.
Apr 9:Clear and warmer - They taped a few trees today, but runing very little. They Quited - Buried Edward Carmen of the Scotch Settlement.
Apr 10:Cloudy - Visited the Upper School with Mr. Bedell and Upham. Went to Major Ketchum's - Soon began to Snow fast from Sou-East - this made it again good Slaying - Before the Road in Places was Intirely Bare - Went out and Baptised Saml. Porter's child. Came to William Bull's when it began to Snow fast and Continued till in the Night - we never had so good a March, and we never had so bad an April thus far - No Sap Yet - Hay very scarce above and the Cattle are Suffering - We fear there will be a great loss of Stock - There is more snow now than ever before at this time of April. The Ice very Strong; They Travel yet on the river in the Mornings.
Apr 12:Clear and very Cold Morning - Wind rises North and Cloudy. Henry and Charles Taping as fast as possible - It Thaws much and the Road is all water - The first Day for Sap. It Runs Pretty Well - Ann Bedell with us. Captn. and Mrs. Cunliffe also Drank Tea with Us - Evening clears off very fine
Apr 13:Clear Still and Very Pleasant - All Hands at the Camp - Took out the Hhds - and Kettles - Taping - Begins to Run Well - 12 O-C- Clouds over all Hands Emptying - 3 O-C- begins to Rain - Finished Emptying - Caught 6 1/2 Barrels - Sundown turns to Snow and Never Snowed Faster. Uncommon weather indeed.
Apr 14:Sunday - Cloudy after a Severe Snow in the Night - The Snow has fell 7 Inches. We have Scarse had more any Time in the Winter. Henry, Kain, and John with Lewis Cleared their troughs.
Apr 15:Clear and Cold. Wind North and high. But no Frost in the Night - Took out the rest of Their Things to the Camp. Afternoon Clouds over and towards Night begins to Snow - Caught 6 barrels but water with the Sap. We never had such an April before.
Apr 16:Snowy Morning - The Snow has fell 4 Inches - Boys at the Camp and Sugared of about 23 lbs. the first Night. Snows again.
Apr 17:Cloudy and warmer - Boys Emptying and Boiling. John, Wm. maria and Mary Bull on a Visit to Richmond after Dinner, very good Slaying - The Ice Yet Strong - afternoon warmer.
Apr 18:A very Clear and Coldd Morning - Never a better Day for Sap - Afternoon clouds over and like for Rain - Boys caught 16 Barrels - One Barrel more than they ever caught before. Ice yet Strong. Sugared off 60 wt. in the whole.
Apr 19:A Cloudy Morning after a Snow in the Night. It fell 3 Inches. We never had so bad an April to this Date. The Improvements all covered and a greater Quantity in the woods than Usial so Late. Hay being very Scarce, the Cattle must suffer - We may look for a great fresh. All Hands at the Camp - Boiling and Emptying - Quite warm
Apr 20:A Cold Cloudy Morning, but soon clears off very warm, with a little Wind at North - The Sap runs very well - Married William Podget and Jane Haws, who came from Wakefield, on foot, 16 Miles. Mr. Gault visited our Camp this morning - Borrowed Miramichi to go to Cunliff's Sugar Camp this afternoon.
Apr 21:Sunday - A Clear Still Cold Morning after a very Frosty Night. The best Day for Sap but one. The Boys caught 11 Barrels - Afternoon Wind rises at Sou-west - but quite warm - Went to Church in Slay for the last Time.
Apr 22:Cloudy Wind Sou-East, but no Rain - Nancy Rice, mary Griffith, Eliza Smith and John went to Sugar Camp to get Candy - Afternoon wind comes to North with a Snow Squal - No Frost last Night; and therefore no Sap.
Apr 23:A Clear Still and Cold Morning - A good Day for Sap - Henry, John and Ketchum at the Camp - Sugaring off and Geting Wood - Jack, William, and Keen Choping. Went to Camp; found more snow than ever before at this Period. The Ice breaks very slowly; and they Cross this morning with Horses - The Improvements all covered Deep, but where the Snow blew off - Bad Indeed - Afternoon wind south.
Apr 24:Cloudy Snowy Morning, but soon turns to Misly Rain. The Boys caught yesterday 10 Barrels - but little Sap toDay, being Cloudy all day and chilly - the snow scarcely melts any, and the ice strong. Bad Indeed.
Apr 25:Still Cloudy and wind sou-eastand a little Rain - The Snow goes very slowly, and the Ice Remains - No Sap - Nelly had a Boy yesterday at Sundown - Very comfortable.
Apr 26:Cloudy misty morning after Lightning and a small Shower in the Night - 12 O-C- clears off warm - No Frost and therefore No Sap.
Apr 27:Cloudy Morning with Snow and Hail - but Turns to a little Rain and then Cloudy all Day - The Boys Choping - The Ice has Broke a Channel through by Dr. Rice's and a few Pieces has Run, the first this Spring - but the Snow hardly Melts. No Sap for 4 Days.
Apr 28:Sunday - A Cloudy Misty Morning - Church Time - begins to Rain - and Continues all Day - Elisha Cunliffe came last Night and Stayed till after Church. Lockwood and his Son with Us.
Apr 29:A Cloudy Misty Morning with some Rain - But 12 O-C- wind comes Norwest - and breaks away very Pleasant - Afternoon Some Showers - A Small Jam of Ice Ran this Afternoon - The Snow is gone Considerably, but the Improvements are only half bare, and in the Woods the Snow is near Two Feet Deep - We have not had so bad a spring since the year 1817 - Henry Sugaring of, as we Suppose, the last Honey.
Apr 30:A Clear Morning after a very Windy Night, but not Cold - Wind Norwest - Took a Mess of Cabbage out of the Ground; Good. This Morning the Ice Broke from my Lower Bar, and Ran Down. No frost and no Sap - Afternoon Wind comes Sou-west, and warm. Brought in all the Cabbage into the Cellar - Towards Night, the Ice broke from my large Bend Bar - The Snow goes fast

May 1:Very Warm and Cloudy - Wind Sou-west - This Morning found the Ice Runing Thick for 3 Hours - The first Mess of Parsnips from the Garden - Jack and Cain went yesterday to Chop on His Land - Afternoon the Ice begins to Run very Thick and Continues till Night - Suppose the Main Body - Never a warmer Day in May - The Grass now begins to Grow.
May 2:Clear and Warm - wind south - Preparing Bark for Twine. Ice Runs thick for a few Hours. Afternoon a smart Shower.
May 3:Clear and cool, wind Norwest and Very High - Barked my Twine - Boys Clearing and Fencing by the House - River never Rose Faster.
May 4:Clear and Cold Indeed. Wind Norwest and Blows a Gale. The Ice this Morning Runing very Thick, and River has Rose Surprisingly - it is now 5 Inches over my Rock - Began my long net - Never 2 Days So Cold in May; the ground Froze hard, but no Sap - The Snow all of the Improvements, but a large Quantity in the Woods. Night the River, from the Cold, begins to fall.
May 5:Sunday - Clear and not so Cold - The River has rose full near 3 feet Perpendicular - Yesterday first Lamb - Night like for Rain.
May 6:Cloudy but turns with Hail, snow and Rain, Never was worse weather in May - The Water Falls fast - Henry and John gathered 5 or 6 barrels of Sap and Made Beer - There is in the Woods a large quantity of Snow - Set out Cabbage Stumps and Turnips for Seed - Too Cold for Gardening.
May 7:A Cold Morning - Ground Froze Hard - but a warmer Day - Set out Carrots and Beets - Spread the Dung - Brought in all our Things from Camp - having made only 380 lbs of Sugar - The worst Season ever known, for Sap. Night Cloudy.
May 8:Cloudy after some Rain in the Night - Soon Clears off - Two Showers brought the wind North and Very High and very cold - This is the third Say William has been Plowing Soard Ground on the Intervale - John and Cain yet on His Place - John and Henry Clearing the Hay Pasture for Potatoes - Kniting Long Net.
May 9:A Cold Morning Wind Norwest - Fixing Garden. Wm. and Lewis began Ploughing by the House - Henry, and John Clearing.
May 10:Still Cloudy, Wind Norwest. Set out Onions and Turnips. Sowed Lettuce, 4 Kinds - Henry and John began to Cross Plough Back Field. The Ground Amazing Wet and Cold - There is now in orchard a little Snow - which has been Exposed to the Sun the Whole Spring - The River falls very little, it is now as high as a common Fresh - A large Quantity of Snow in the Woods - This is the worse Spring - The Grass Hardly Grows. Still Cloudy and Cold - Nothing Grows - fixing Garden - There is so much frost under the Dung that we cannot plough the Garden - William & Henry Ploughing and fixing Garden - At Night, John and Kain came in
May 12:Sunday - Clear and a warmer day at last - Major Ketchum with Us. Grass now begins to grow.
May 13:A very warm day - wind South. Soon clouds over and like for Rain, which is much wanted - Sowed my Cabbage Plants in old Garden and in the Trough with Cucumbers.
May 14:Clear and very warm, wind sou-west - All hands at Clearing and Plowing and Harrowing - Planted my Early Peas after Henry had Plowed and Harrowed the Garden - Ploughed Potato Ground for Early Planting - and then fixed his Maw's flower beds - Seldom warmer in May - In ploughing the Garden, there was Frost, where the Dung Heaps lay.
May 15:All Hands Preparing for Sowing - cloudy but warm. Henry Transplanted English Goosberries - sowed all kinds of Mr. Layton's English Seeds - 10 O-C- begins to Rain, a great Blessing. Afternoon a heavy shower which brings the Wind North and Chilly - River now rising very fast - Evening Rains fast.
May 16:Clear and Cold Morning after a little Frost - Wind Soon Rises North and very cold - Jack began to Sow the Back field with the Oats that he brought from Miramichi - Sowed some of Layton's turnip seed and Mustard - The River has rose almost as high as before - Considerable Timber Runing
May 17:Clear and Cold Morning - the Ground Froze Considerable. Never such a Spring - Sowed my Onions - jack finished Back Field, having Sowed 13 1/2 Bus. of Oats and 2 Bushels of Wheat - River rose last night above a foot.
May 18:Clear after a shower in the evening which brought the wind again to the Norwest, and Cold - Planted 2 Hills of Cucumbers in the Hot beds in old garden - The river is falling after the highest fresh. except 3.
May 19:Sunday - Clear but Cold after a White frost - afternoon warmer - Jack Sowed yesterday - 4 Bushels of Peas and 1 of Oats.
May 20:Clear, wind North after a smart frost, the Ground Froze some. Sowed my sage seed - Parsley and more Mustard - Planted Carey's Peas.
May 21:Clear, wind North after a Smart Frost. John began the Garden Fence; and then Sowed 13 1/2 Bushels of Oats on the Intervale below. Diging for Beets, Carrots, Parsnips - The River Falls fast, but is yet very High - No Frost
May 22:Cloudy Wind Sou-west, but very warm, Diging for Beets, Carrots and Parsnips. The River falls fast, but is yet very high. No frost. Diging, John at the Garden Fence - The rest Ploughing, Harrowing and Clearing as fast as possible. 11 O-C- begins to Rain, and continues fast all Day. Night major Ketchum and Frederick arrived from Fredericton. Never a warmer rain and very fast.
May 23:Cloudy and Some Rain in the morning, but soon clears off Pleasant, Wind comes Norwest, but not as cold as Usial, Finished my Long Net, and Diging. The River now again Rising fast from the Rain, and is higher than a Common fresh. Never was there so Backward a Season for Grass and everything else. The Aple trees just show their buds and the Trees in the Woods.
May 24:Clear wind north and Cold Enough for March - John at the Garden Fence. Planted my Parsnips, Beets, and Carrots. Wm. Henry, Kain and John Plowing and Clearing the New Ground. River at a stand - Night cold indeed.
May 25:Clear after a Severe white frost. Henry Plowing; Sowed 5 Bushels of Wheat on the Intervale below the Barn - Keen and William harrowed it in. John Sowed 2 Bushels of wheat above the Garden - Keen and Lewis Harrowing
May 26:Whit-Sunday - A Cold Morning after a little frost - Afternoon clear and warmer.
May 27:Clear wind west and warm enough at last. Sowed more lettuce and Cabbage Plants - with Radishes - Sowed all Kinds of Mr. Layton's English Turnips - John Sowed more wheat above the Garden - and Hay Seed. Betsy Ginkins Here and has been Very Unwell but is geting better
May 28:Clear after a most severe Warm Night, and the first this season. Everything now grows very well - Planted my Beans - Cary's Squash and Fraser's Squash. Henry finished Cross Ploughing for Wheat. The River is now falling, but no Eddies yet. 12 O-C- a Thunder Shower the first - John Sowed more wheat - Warm enough
May 29:Clear wind North and Cool - John finished Sowing Wheat on the Intervale having Sowed above 18 Bushels - Planted more Cucumbers - and acorn squash - Night Set Net below - There is now good Eddies.
May 30:Clear Cool Morning, but no frost - Finished harrowing wheat - Plowing and Harrowing for Corn - No Salmon - Afternoon very warm - Wind high at South - Began to plant corn - planted more cucumbers. Lockwood here.

Jun 1:John and Nell left us for Ireland. Cloudy and soon begins to Rain and Continues fast all Day.
Jun 2:Sunday - Cloudy and some Rain. Henry Morehouse came last Night - and Stayed till after Church. Wind comes to North and Cool.
Jun 3:Clear and Cold Wind North and High - Began to Plant Potatoes - Visited Mrs. Bedell - Finished Corn on Intervale.
Jun 4:Clear and Cold Morning. The Ground Covered with a White frost - Caught a Salmon the first - The River Rising - There are now only Small Eddies. Never knew the river so high before in June. Planting Potatoes on the Intervale. Afternoon warmer - Frederick left on a Raft.
Jun 5:Clear and warm. Stringing New Net and at the Garden - Wm. and Keen at the Fence finish toNight. Finished Planting Potatoes on the Intervale - Preparing to Plant Corn on the New Ground - Finished New Net and Set it at the lower Eddy. River now falling fast.
Jun 7:Cloudy and soon begins to Rain fast wind south and Chilly. Began to Bush my early Peas - afternoon Rains fast - Began to Plant corn on the New Ground - Afternoon Rains fast
Jun 8:Cloudy and a severe Thunder storm at Sun Rise - Caught a small Salmon - 10 O-C- Clear and Pleasant - Finished Bushing Early Peas. 12 O-C- a heavy shower which brings wind north and cold - finished planting Corn on New Ground - Sowed my Millet on New Ground - Night wind very high
Jun 9:Sunday - Clear and Cold after a Severe Windy Night - Major Ketchum, Phebe, Sally Bull and Mary Bull with us.
Jun 10:A Still Cold Foggy Morning - but no Frost - the Fog Saved us - Planting Potatoes by the House - The Wind Rises Norwest, but not so Cold as Yesterday. Weeding Garden - Nancy Cunliffe and Miss Webster with us in the afternoon. Warm and pleasant - Maria had a party at Tea. Night the young ladies went home.
Jun 11:Clear and Pleasant - No Frost - We hope now for warm weather - Planting Potatoes - at the garden - afternoon cloudy - but quite warm.
Jun 12:Cloudy and Soon begins to Rain - Wind south - Planting Potatoes. Set out 100 Cabbage Plants - Red, Early Yorkshire, and Drum head. English seed - No Salmon and Never better eddies. We fear there will be few fish this Year.
Jun 13:Clear and Cool, we fear a frost - Finished Planting Potatoes, having planted about 100 bushels. John at the Garden Fence. Caught a Small Salmon. The Corn is now coming up. William and Cain at the Fence.
Jun 14:William and Cain at the Fence - Clear and Cold with Fog. Some Frost, but it did not Hurt - Sowed 1 1/2 of Barley on the New Ground - Afternoon warmer, sowed flax seed.
Jun 15:Clear and warm, at the garden. John at the Fence. William Keen and Henry making Fence. No Salmon.
Jun 16:Sunday - Clear and warm enough - Afternoon a very heavy Thunder Shower - A Great Blessing.
Jun 17:Clear after a cold night - The Shower having brought the wind North - and very High - Wm. Henry and Cain at the Fence. John at the Garden fence. Set out more Cabbages. Weeding Garden and Bushed Carey's Peas - Quite Cold.
Jun 18:Clear and Cool, but no Frost - Weeding Garden and preparing for Cabbage Plants - John finished Garden Fence all but Gates. Afternoon warm enough.
Jun 19:Clear and Cold Morning with a Small Frost, but killed nothing, but makes everything backward. Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Old Buckwheat. James Ketchum arived, Set Net with His Cannoe.
Jun 20:Clear and warmer - a good Night - Caught half a salmon - Sowed our Turnips - Jack at the Garden fence at the House
Jun 21:Clear and warm day and Night - Some Showers toDay a great Blessing - John at the House Fence - Wm. Henry and Cain mending fence.
Jun 22:Clear and warm enough - Sowed more Turnips - Layton's seed and Radishes on the New Ground - 12 O-C- A Shower - Set out Some Cabbage Plants - Weeded Lettuce - John Hanging Gates at the House Yard, Henry and Cain at the Fence. William set out for Fredericton at 8 the Clock.
Jun 23:Sunday - Clear in the Morning and Very Warm - James Ketchum came before Breakfast - Several heavy Showers but no Thunder.
Jun 24:A very Foggy Morning - Set out more Cabbage Plants - 10 O-C- begins to Rain Fast - Henry and Keen with the Oxen work on the roads. We caught yesterday morning 3 Salmon in the Long Net and one in the short Net - We hope now They will be Plenty - Henry on Friday made a Trap for Pidgeons, they being very Plenty - The first hall 17 - the next 10
Jun 25:Clear wind north but not Cold - All Hands work on the road
Jun 26:Clear and Cool Morning - Wind North - but warm - All hands on the Road - Weeding Garden - No Salmon - Afternoon Cloudy.
Jun 27:Cloudy after a little Rain in the Night - Mending Fence. Weeding Beets and Carrots - No Salmon - Set out more Cabbage Plants.
Jun 28:Clear after a cool Night - Wind Norwest - Began to How Corn - Weeding Beets and Carrots - John at the Fence for Calves
Jun 29:Clear and very warm, wind South - Finished Carrots and Beets - afternoon made a Composition Bed - James Ketchum and his Sister Sally came - All Hands after Tea went to Drill at Raymond's.
Jun 30:Sunday - Finished Corn last evening - A warm day. Afternoon cloudy and like for Rain - Mary Bull, Emily Smith and Sally Ketchum Dined with Us, and then went Home.

Jul 1:Clear and warm indeed - All hands choping Down.
Jul 2:Cloudy and 12 O-C- Rains fast; A Great Blessing this warm weather - Afternoon some Showers - Visited Mrs. Rice
Jul 3:Cloudy set out more Cabbage Plants in the Garden - Henry Set out for Fredericton with Wm. Bedell - afternoon Clear and warm indeed - Choping Down - William bought a Cannoe of T. Philips. Set Nets.
Jul 4:Clear and warm - Choping - Captn. McLaughlin with Us - Caught 2 Salmon - At the Garden.
Jul 5:Clear and warm as ever - Began Howing Potatoes - After Breakfast McLaughlin left Us - Caught one Salmon
Jul 6:Clear and never warmer - Howing Potatoes - At the Garden
Jul 7:- Sunday - Clear and warm as ever. It is now very Dry.
Jul 8:Clear morning, but soon clouds over, wind south, and 2 O-C- begins to Rain - Set out more Cabbage Plants in the Garden - Howing Potatoes - Afternoon Rains fast - Transplanted Onions.
Jul 9:Cloudy after a Rainy Night. A Great Blessing - Set out Cabbage Plants on New Ground - Finished transplanting onions - Forenoon Choping down, afternoon howing potatoes. William Bedell arived with William's Goods - Cool.
Jul 10:Clear and Cool - Wind Norwest, and high - Howing Potatoes. Put high Brush to Cary's Peas - Caught a Skin - Everything now grows remarkably fast - and looks very promising, but Backward.
Jul 11:Cool foggy morning, but soon grows very warm - finished howing Potatoes on the interval and then howed the corn the second time. Afternoon cloudy and at Night Rains a little - No Salmon - Writing my Institution Letters.
Jul 12:Cloudy and Rains fast after a Rainy Night - No Salmon
Jul 13:Cloudy but no Rain, warm Indeed, Howing Potatoes by the House.
Jul 14:Sunday - A Very Warm Day, Major Ketchum and Captn. Smith.
Jul 15:Cloudy and Foggy - after Breakfast the Major with His Boat went Home. Captn. Smith early - Howing Potatoes. Visited Wm. bedell. Afternoon several showers. No Salmon for 12 Days. Howing Potatoes.
Jul 16:Clear and very warm. Made the last Composition Bed. Married John Wilson and Rosena Chace - Howing Potatoes - Afternoon cloudy.
Jul 25:From the last Date, we have had Continual Warm Days and Nights, and more Rain, than in Common summers, which has made Vegetation Surprisingly Great - and everything looks exceedingly well, and is now almost as forward as Common Years - Corn is now Seting for the Ears, and if we get a good fall, we may yet have great crops of Corn. Potatoes never looked better and grass goof indeed - Thanks be to the father of all Mercies - We begin our Haying Tomorrow. The River from the Great Rains is now over my large Bar - and is not done Rising - We have taken in the week past only 3 Salmon

Aug 2:From the last Date we have had a Great Rain on the 27th which has Raised the River almost to the Alders - from the 27th we have had Continual warm days and Nights. Never better Hay weather - We have now in Barn almost 8 Tuns of Excellent hay. Grass never better. ketchup has his barn almost Covered; Lockwood His Carpenter. This Day the first Beans - Later than Usial by 15 Days, but never more promising or more Luxuriant - Never did the earth look more pleasing - I hope we are truly thankful.

Oct 28:Just arived from my Trip up the River - Baptised 30 Children and One Adult. This Day we had Snow just to Cover the Ground - But never a better fall - The Crops all secured - grass never better - Wheat good in General, but in places some rust- We had 500 Dozen, but some of it hurt by Rust - Corn good - Buck wheat, Peas and Barley Good - We have 1500 Bushels of Potatoes. But they were not so good as some years having Run too much to Vines. Garden Vegetables never better - In all respects we never had a more Fruitful Season.

Nov 6:From the last Date we have had some very Cold weather and some snow. But the ground is now clear, and no Ice in the river. Fatening our hogs as fast as possible. William is now in Fredericton - Yesterday Philips's Boat brought his Trunk with a Barrel of Fish. A fine Day. Henry went to Mill with the Cart. Cain went toDay to Chop on his Land.
Nov 18:We have had from the last date, good clear Holesome weather, with a little Rain, and some warm weather, and some Cold Nights, but no Ice in the river till this Day, after a Cold Night, the Ice for the first time, Runs Considerable, and has Stopted all Poling and Cannowing 12 O-C- quite warm with the wind at South and Some appearance of a Thaw - No Snow
Nov 19:A very Rainy Day after a Rainy Night, and quite warm. Henry caught yesterday 4 Sables, having caught befoe 2 Sables and Peckong [fisher (Martes pennanti)]
Nov 20:Cloudy and Chilly - Dr. Rice and Lady, Captn. Bull and Lady, Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Phebe Smith, Charles and Betsy Drank Tea with Us. and Evening. Last Night, young Mr. Street, on his way from Canada, with Us. Went early this day.
Nov 21:Cloudy and soon begins to Snow, Wind No-east - Continues all day. Phebe, this day with us. Evening Mrs. Smith Drank Tea with Us
Nov 22:Cloudy but no Snow - The Snow has fell 4 Inches, and made good Sledding. Phebe went home, Maria with Her on a Sled. Lewis going to Mill. John Bedell and Mr. Clopper arived forenoon. Went to Mrs. Bedell's to Breakfast - Casting Dung. William to Phillips's.
Nov 23:A Cloudy and very Cold Day after a little Snow - Wind North
Nov 24:Sunday - A Cold Day Wind North - James Ketchum with Us.
Nov 25:Clear in the Morning and Very Cold - Foggy. The River is now Froze acrost in Several Places were there is no Current. Never before so Early - Afternoon wind Rises Sou-East and Cloudy - Night begins to Snow fast - Wind High
Nov 26:Clear and Cold - Wind Nor-west - The Snow is now 7 Inches Deep, and Good Slaying - geting wood - The Shoemaker Came - Crossed the Creek on the Ice.
Nov 27:Cloudy Still morning and not so Cold - Geting Wood - Killed 2 Pigs
Nov 28:Cloudy Still Morning and Not Cold - Jack and Cain went to his Place to get out a Frame for his Barn - Wind Rises South and grows warmer - Geting Wood
Nov 29:Clear and Pleasant. At the Dung - Dunphy arived from Fredericton on Foot. The River is Froze over at Fredericton, so that they Cross on Foot, and Several Places on the way up.
Nov 30:Cloudy and little Snow in the morning, but soon turns to Rain, and Continues all Day; quite warm - The Snow goes fast - Lockwood Dined with Us

Dec 1:Advent Sunday - A very Rainy and warm Day - Wind High at Sou-west.
Dec 2:Clear and Still morning the Snow is now Intirely Gone, and the river Rising very fast - The Cattle, Horses and Sheep all over the Fields - Jack and Cain came in Saturday Night and Gone out Again this Morning - The Ice has been Runing much, and the river is now almost over my Bar - The Ice must all go - Preparing to Kill Hogs - grows Cold.
Dec 3:A little Cloudy Wind west and some spits of Snow - Ice very Thick - Killed Hogs - William Upham and Ketchum helping Boys
Dec 4:Clear wind not Cold, wind west - Cut up and Salted Pork - The 10 Hogs and 4 Pigs Weighed 2390 - the largest Wt. 213 lb. William Salted 5 Barrels for Mr. Phillips in Hgheads - The Ice Continues to Run Thick and in large Cakes
Dec 5:Cloudy but no Snow and Warm a little Wind at South. The Ice not so Thick - Put Brine to Pork and Hams.
Dec 6:Cloudy Wind South but Moderate - Geting wood.
Dec 7:A little Snow McGee arived from Fredericton. Ground now Froze very Hard - Jack and Cain came in from His Place - Shoemaker not come this week.
Dec 8:Sunday - Still Cloudy with a little Snow - River falls
Dec 9:Clear and Colder - Ice Runs now fast again.
Dec 10:Clear and Pleasant Morning - Afternoon Clouds over and begins to Snow, wind east - Ice not thick toDay - River falls.
Dec 11:A very Snowy Morning after Snow in the Night and Continues all Day, but not fast - grows Cold. Wind North.
Dec 12:A little Snow in the Night, 12 O-C- Clear and very Pleasant. We have now Snow for Slaying - William hawled a load of Boards from the Creek.
Dec 13:Clear Still Cold Morning - But a fine Pleasant Day - Boys put up the Hovel by the House - Afternoon grows Cloudy Wind Sou-East.
Dec 14:Cloudy and Misty - Quite warm. Very little Ice now Runing. Night begins to Rain - John and Cain came in, Lewis brought them on a Sled
Dec 15:Sunday - A little Cloudy after a most Rainy Night, which has taken the Snow almost of the Ground - Afternoon wind High at North and Grows Cold.
Dec 16:Clear, the coldest Night yet - The Ice now again very thick, and the River must Close, which we greatly want - John and Cain gone with the Horses and Fodder, to Hawl His Barn Frame. Wind high at North. A Very Cold Day.
Dec 17:Cloudy and Snows fast. Clopper came last night and this morning, Set out in the Snow. Afternoon, clear and Pleasant. The river is Closed up with Ice very Strong. The Snow fell 6 Inches.
Dec 18:Clear and Still. Very Pleasant. Killed Fowls and Steer.
Dec 19:Cloudt with Snow. Wind sou-east and Warm. Salted Beef and Put Brine to Smoak Beef - 1 O-C- begins to Rain Quite Warm.
Dec 20:Clear and Pleasant, wind Nor-west - a fine Winter's Day. Put up my Hams to Smoak - Afternoon Ketchum brought his Hams.
Dec 21:Cloudy but not Cold - geting Wood and Threshing.
Dec 22:Sunday - a cold cloudy Day. Jack and Cain came in.
Dec 23:A Very Cold Day. John making Horse Sled
Dec 24:Seldom Colder after a Severe Cold Night. Wood and Sled. Frederick and Garden came.
Dec 25:Christmas. A fine Moderate Day. A Very Large Congregation.
Dec 26:Another fine day - Clear and still.
Dec 27:Another very fine Day. Visited Mr. Phillips. Better. Boys had a Party to Dine, and Girls at Night to Dance.
Dec 28:Cloudy but Warm. Like for Snow.
Dec 29:Sunday - A Clear and Cold Day.
Dec 30:Clear and Still, and also Cold. Major Ketchum, and Charles Morehouse, who brought Betsy Ginkins and Caroline Clements on Saturday Evening from His Brother Henry's, went down. Major Ketchum for Fredericton. Garden went also.


Jan 1:A little Cloudy but Still and Cold. Put up my Smoak Beef - Unwell with a Cold - Jack at the Sled.
Jan 2:We have had very Uncommon Weather for this Stormy Season for 18 Days past, there has Scarce been a Cloudy Day, and only a Small sprinkling of Snow - There is so little Snow on the Ground; which at this Time we never knew before - It began to Snow last evening very fast from the South, and this morning, but soon breaks away Moderate - All Hands last Evening at Oliver Smith's, a large Party - Cellebrating the New Year by Eating, Drinking and Dancing.

Apr 7:We have had from the last Date till the 15th of Febry. one of our best Winters - Not Cold and free from Storms; but never a worse Month than March - The Weather is now as good as Common Springs - the Snow goes fast, and the Ice is So weak that Horses are breaking in Continually. The Snow having Drifted into Heaps, there are Places were it is in Great Bodies. But near half the Improvements are bare. Cain and Horses arived from hawling Timber on the 5th of April and Frederick with George Garden and William Davidson set out for Fredericton on the 6th. It rains considerable toDay and the Snow and Ice go Remarkable fast. To appearance a Good Early Spring. There is yet a large quantity of Snow in the Woods, and we may look for a Heavy Fresh this Spring.
Apr 16:From the last Date Continual Clear and Good Weather - The Improvements are now Clear of Snow but low Places - There is less Snow in the Woods than Common Years - The Ice breaking fast, and has started a Small Distance from my large Bar; the River very high, being over the Bar - They are only Taping a few trees for Honey and bring the Sap to the House. It has been Thus far a good season for Sugar - Wind fresh at South and some appearance of Rain. There is a good quantity of frost in the ground. But every appearance of an Early Spring. Jack making Harrow.
Apr 17:A warm cloudy morning after a little Rain in the Night. Before Sundown last Night, the Ice Broke away from my Bar and Ran Down. The River fell 3 Feet - In the Night the Ice broke from Mr. bedell's and Considerable jam Ran from the Ice lodged on both Bars - Very little Ice Runs today.
Apr 18:A Cloudy Rainy Morning. Afternoon Rains fast. No Ice runing toDay - Afternoon Boys geting Rails - Night Rains very fast
Apr 19:Cloudy morning - but soon clears away wind norwest, but not Cold - Tryed Parsnips but found too much frost - Boys geting Rails - Afternoon Henry and Lewis Emptying Troughs. 5 O-C- Ice begins to Run Thick and Continues till Night - Suppose from the Grand Bar. We have now two Calves - The First a week old and the other 3 Days
Apr 20:Sunday - A Clear and warm Day. The Ice last Night amazing Thick. We never had a heavier run of Ice. Thick and Strong.
Apr 21:Cloudy wind east - a Jam of Small Ice runing this morning. Suppose the main ice has run. Cain left us this Day to live on His own lot - Lewis went out with Him with the Horses and Sled and all His baggage. Some Drifting Rain and Snow, til 5 O-C- , when it Snows fast. Boys have Hired a Man in the Room of Cain; who began to work today - First Parsnips, but some frost.
Apr 22:Cloudy, but it soon clears away very warm - Baptised Edward, son of Benjamin Smith. The Snow fell last Night 4 Inches; But in the afternoon all off - The River rising very fast, and is now up to my Rock.
Apr 23:A Cloudy, Rainy, Chilly Day. John and the Hired Man went out to Chop on his Place - A Small Jam of Fine Ice Ran toDay.
Apr 24:A Cloudy Rainy Chilly Day. A large Jam of Small Ice toDay. River Rises but Slowly. It is now 4 Inches up the Rock. Dug the Second Parsnips, Some Frost Yet. The Snow almost gone, but Considerable in the Woods. Henry Sugared off a little Sugar toDay.
Apr 25:Clear and Cool, wind Norwest - Sap runs Well, Caught 5 Barrels from 300 trees. Opened my Cabbage Hole, found them good. River falling.
Apr 26:Cloudy wind at South and High - Walter Bedell set out for Fredericton on His Way to Miramichi - Buried Mary M. Carmen - The River has fell 2 1/2 feet - Frost entirely out of the Ground - A good Prospect of an Early Spring.
Apr 27:Sunday - Clear and Cool; wind Norwest, a Small Jam of Fine Ice ran toDay. Suppose from above the Grand Falls - River falls slowly.
Apr 28:Clear after a Cold Night - A very Cold Day, wind Norwest, Began to Prepare Garden - Brought in Cabbages from their hole in the Garden. Very Good - Those that I turned the Heads into the Ground all Roted - My Onions that I put into the Ground also Roted - River falls.
Apr 29:Clear after a very Cold Night - Wind Norwest. A Cold Day. William began Ploughing toDay, Potato Ground by the House. Diging Parsnips - River falls, but slowly - Henry Killed Two Black Ducks.
Apr 30:Clear and a fine warm day - Ploughing and Spading Dung. Finished Parsnips, Very Good. Set out Cabbage Stumps. Henry and Lewis gathered 3 Barrels of Sap. One of our Best Springs.

May 1:Clear and a very Warm Day - Little Wind Souwest. Set out my Bountiful Spouts, Scotch Cale, and Brockalow. Set out My Beets and Carrots - Jack Sowed Two Patches of Peas, Ploughing.
May 2:Clear in the morning; wind fresh at sou-west - Sowed Lettuce, Peper Grass and Some Early Turnips - Set out Leeks - Diging for Early Peas. Jack hawled into Garden Manure for my Asparagus Roots and Hot Beds - Finished harrowing the Peas. Two Bushels - 12 O-C- Clouds over and at 4 O-C- begins to Rain very Warm.
May 3:Clear and Cool wind Norwest - afternoon very Pleasant - Planted my Early Peas - John Melvin helping me Clear the Garden - Boys Ploughing and Harrowing - River Rising fast
May 4:Sunday - Clear and Warm - Wind Rises Fresh at South - The River is now almost as high as before - Afternoon Cloudy
May 5:Clear and Cold after a Rainy Night River at a Stand - Jack Sowed 6 1/2 Bushels of Wheat on the Potatoe Ground by the House
May 6:Clear and very Cold Morning - Ground Froze Hard - River falls. John Sowed 1 Bushel of Oats and 1 1/2 with Peas on the Intervale. Set out Some Onions and Sowed Radishes.
May 7:Clear and yet Cold - Wind still at North - Strung my Herring Nets - Set out more Onions, Ploughing, at the Fence
May 8:Cloudy Wind Sou-East and Chilly - River falls but not so low as before. Making Hot Beds and Fixing Old Asparagus Bed. Boys Clearing and Ploughing
May 9:Cloudy Wind sou-east and Cool. Sowed some early Yorkshire Cabbage for Early eating, also Parsley and Endive. Set out Rose Rips [? Pips? Hips? see 'pipe' above]. Henry Ploughing - Boys and Melvin Lodging - River now falls very fast and almost Good Eddies.
May 10:Cloudy and Cold Morning - The Ground Froze hard - Lodging
May 11:Sunday - Cloudy Cold Rainy Morning - till after Church.
May 12:Clear wind norwest, but warmer. Jack brought a yoke of oxen from Philips's - Loging - Diging for Onions.
May 13:Clear after a smart white frost - Sowed my Onions - Jack Sowing Oats in the lower field on the Intervale - Lodging - Wind Rises South and Warm - Sowed three kinds of Spinach - Set Herring Nets and Caught a Succer [sucker? a type of fish] - Diging for Cary's Peas.
May 14:Clear, no frost. Warm enough. Sowed mustard - Opened a large hole of White potatoes; Some Injured; Jack finished Oats in the lower field, having sowed 13 1/2 Bushels. Henry began Plowing for wheat and Corn - Caught 5 Succers
May 15:Clear and Warm; No Fresh - Planted Cary's Peas. geting in Poytatoes - Ploughing - The River has fell very little for 5 Days - Rafts very Plenty Two Days - Frederick arrived Tuesday Night.
May 16:Clear and Very Warm - Henry Ploughing Intervale - Boys birning New Ground - Fires runing very much - Planted this morning, Not last Night, Cary's Peas. Diging Garden - River now falls a little. Set Short Net in the Old Place, but little Eddy - Caught 7 Succers - afternoon never warmer in May.
May 17:A little Cloudy, wind high at South - Henry finished the Intervale, and then Ploughed and Harrowed my Garden - and the Potatoe Garden - William and Lewis went to look for the Hogs in the Woods - After noon rains Moderately - No Salmon.
May 18:Whit Sunday - A very warm Day.
May 19:Clear and never warmer in May - Jack Sowed better than 5 Bushels of Wheat on the Intervale - Planted 3 Hills of Cucumbers. No Salmon.
May 20:Clear and very warm - Planted first Potatoes in the Garden - Diging.
May 21:Clear and very warm - finished diging for Parsnips, Beets and Carrots.
May 22:Cloudy Wind Sou East. Planted Beets, Carrots and Sowed Winter Cabbage - Planted Jimison's Peasa - 10 O-C- begins Rain, but Warm - Continues all Day.
May 23:Cloudy after a Rainy Night, but soon Clears off very Pleasant - Planted my Sweet Corn - John Melvin finished sheering sheep. Boys Yet Preparing New Ground for Wheat - Afternoon wind norwest and cold.
May 24:John Sowed near 3 Bushels of Wheat on the New Ground - No Salmon - Clear and warm in the morning - wind south - sowed some Sage seed and more lettuce and Radishes - Preparing Cabbage Ground - Afternoon Cloudy.
May 25:Sunday - Trinity - Early a Severe Thunder shower - and then Rains fast until 3 O-C-
May 26:Cloudy with 2 Heavy Showers, which brings the wind North and very Cold - finished ground for cabbages - Diging for Beans - Elisha Cunliffe arrived.
May 27:Clear and Never a Colder Morning in May - It Froze a Tub over by the Spring - Preparing for beans - jack Sowed more Wheat on New Ground - Wm. and Lewis Harrowing and John at the Fence by the barn - Wind High at North and Cold Indeed - The River from the Rain has Rose a Foot
May 28:Clear and Cold Morning - A Severe White Frost - But a warm Day - John Sowed 7 Bushels of Oats above the Spring - Planted 16 Hills of Pole Beans and 3 Water Mellons Seeds in the Hot Bed, where there was only one up - River falls again - Sowed my Parsnips and Ketchum's Peas - Afternoon Could
May 29:Cloudy and Cold Morning - Wind Sou-East and High - Diging up old House Foundation - and preparing for more beans - No Salmon yet
May 30:A Very Rainy Day and Cold - Wind Sou-East. John and Henry went to Raise William Bull's barn - John Came Home; Henry Staid all Night.

Jun 1:Sunday - A Clear Cold Frosty Morning. The Ground all White. Soon Clouds over, Wind North, but not so Cold - We never had 9 Days, so Cold and Cloudy in May.
Jun 2:Cloudy Wind NoEast and Cold - But no Frost - At the Garden Planting Corn - Afternoon a little Rain - River falls fast - but no Salmon
Jun 3:Still Cloudy and Cold - but no Frost, wind No-East. John and a Hired Man went to Work on His Lot - Planting Corn and harrowing for Potatoes. (Visited School)
Jun 4:Clear Still and a little Frost - a warm day at last - Planted Cary's Squash, and Sowed English mustard. Bushed my Early Peas. Finished Planting Corn - afternoon very warm - No Salmon.
Jun 5:Clear and warm Indeed - At the Garden - Planted over the Cucumbers, the first not coming up, and One New Hill - William and Lewis Planted a little More Corn - Henry harrowing for Potatoes - Never better Eddies but no Salmon - Everything now begins to grow, afternoon a number of heavy thunder Showers, but quite warm.
Jun 6:At Night a heavy Thunder Shower from North last Evening. Brought a Strong Blustering Cold Wind - and Blew Exceeding High all Night. Cloiudy till 12 O-C- and Wind high Indeed; afternoon Clear and Warmer - Sowed more Lettuce, Radishes and Cabbage Plants - Sowed some white onions - Boys Planting Potatoes - Towards Night Wind dies away and warmer
Jun 7:Clear and foggy morning, no Frost - A fine warm Day. Planted Acorn Squash - and Fraser's Squash - Sowed more Mustard - John Sowed above 2 Bushels of Wheat on New ground - Henry Plowed over more Soard Ground by the Barrack and they planted Corn this 7th of June. - afternoon warm enough, Wind Sou-West.
Jun 8:Sunday - A Cloudy windy morning after some Rain in the Night - Wind North and very High - Seldom a colder day in May.
Jun 9:A Clear Cold Day after a Severe Frost - the Ground all White - afternoon warmer - Boys at the Fence - Afternoon John and Henry with Ketchum went to McKeen's after their Hogs - Dressing Garden and Preparing for more Beans
Jun 10:Clear Cold Morning - a Smart Frost - but not so much as Yesterday - Planted more Beans - Preparing for more Cucumbers - Began to bush Carey's peas - Set Long Net.
Jun 11:Clear and Cold - with a little Frost - Finished Brushing Carey's Peas - Sowed a Peck of Flax Seed - Henry harrowed it in - Boys at the Fence - A very warm Day - No Salmon
Jun 12:Clear and warm; the warmest day yet wind South - John Set out for Fredericton - Sowed 1 1/2 Bushels of Oats - Planted more Cucumbers - Caught a Good Salmon the first - Black Fly and Musquitoes now Plenty - Afternoon very Warm and Night Cloudy.
Jun 13:Clear Early but soon after sunrise, a small Shower, and then Moderate Rain the most of the Day - A Great Blessing after 2 Warm Days - Bushing Jimison's Peas - and at the Garden - We hope now everything will grow - Caught a Noble Salmon, Supposed to weigh 12 lbs. in long Net - The First in Short Net - A large Raft lodged on my upper Bar. The Raft Proves to belong to Phillips. They took it to Pieces and got it up by Night - Maria had a Party at Tea - Elisha Cunliffe and Sister - Seymour Dibblee and Wife - Wm. Bedell and Wife - Albert Smith, Polly and Emily and Mr. McGigion - Night Chilly, Wind fresh at South
Jun 14:Cloudy morning - Planted More Pole Beans; the first now just coming up - After Breakfast a Heavy Thunder Shower, followed by showers all Day - Put up Scarecrows - the Corn coming up - Afternoon a Smart Shower brought the Norwest - No Salmon
Jun 15:Sunday - A Cold Blustering Day Wind high at North.
Jun 16:A Cold Morning, some Frost, but the Fog Rose at Sunrise and took it of that it did no Damage - Sowed 1 1/2 of Buckwheat, which finishes the Crop. Caught a good Salmon, but hurt by the Eels - Afternoon quite warm - Hopper brought in her Calf.
Jun 17:Clear and warm after the first warm Night - At the Garden Wm. And Henry Choping - Bushing Jimison's Peas - Weeded Lettuce - No Salmon
Jun 18:Clear and Never warmer - Everything now grows fast - 1 O-C- a heavy Thunder shower and 2 More in the afternoon and one in the Night - Dressed my Onions - Boys Choping - Caught a Good Salmon
Jun 19:Clear and Blustering Day - wind very High at North - but warm - Finished Jimison's Peas - Howed my Sweet Corn, but little came up - Married Saml. Lovely and Catharine Kenny - Caught a Good Salmon - John with James Ketchum in the evening arrived - Boys Choping.
Jun 20:Clear and wind high as yesterday - At the Garden. Choping. Caught half a Salmon - Killed old Turkey - Afternoon quite warm
Jun 21:Clear and Warm - at the Garden - John and James Ketchum arived last Night - Wm. And Henry Choping - No Salmon - Afternoon Showers
Jun 22:Sunday - A Shower last Evening brought the wind North and very High - A Cold Blustering Day - Sundown wind dies away and warmer
Jun 23:Clear still and cool Morning, but no Frost. At the Garden, Boys began to How Corn - Caught a Salmon, but much Eat - George with John Bedell left us for Fredericton - having been home a week.
Jun 24:Clear and warm - Howing Corn - 12 O-C- Henry and Maria set out for Fredericton in Philips's Boat - Afternoon a Small Shower - No Salmon
Jun 25:Clear and very warm - Planted my last Cucumbers and Sowed Turnips in the Garden - Afternoon William Set out with the Courier for George Morehouse's - Buried George Wall - Caught 2 Good Salmon
Jun 26:Clear and very warm - Poled my Beans and put large Brush to Peas - Finished Howing Corn and Potatoes in the Garden - No Salmon.

Jul 17:From the last Date we have had Continual Hot Days and Nights and Scarcely a drop of Rain - We never Experienced such a Dry Season for so Long a Time; and it has Injured the Grass and late Sowed Grain very much - Yesterday it Pleased God of his Great Mercy to give Us a Heavy Shower and then Rain at Night, which has made everything Grow Exceedingly - and with a Continuance of His Mercy we Hope for Moderate Good Crops, altho' late - William has been laid up for more than a week, with a very bad Cut on his Foot; jack left Home for Fredericton this Day - We have been more Successfull in Taking Salmon since the last Date, than formerly, but the Eels destroy a great many - Our first Peas July 12th - The Garden very Backward

Sep 24:From the last date until Septr. We have had Continual Warm Dry Weather. Never a better season to Get Hay. We have cut more than any former year; but grass in general very poor - Wheat Hurt much by Rust - We have now in the barn 146 Dozen - Oats pretty good - but we have some yet in the Field. Corn has grown the latter part of Summer Surprisingly, and is now geting hard and a Good Crop - Potatoes light, from the Dry Weather. The first of September a light frost, but did no Damage to the Garden and Fields. The 20th of Septr. We had a Frost that Killed the Topts of the Cucumbers and Squash vines, but did not hurt the Corn. We never had the Ground so dry as it is now, since we have been in the Country.

Oct 13:From the last Date, we have had great Rains and Some Very Cold Weather. On the last Day of September, it Snowed 6 Hours fast. We have had a Good crop of Corn, better than we expected from the Season. On Diging our Potatoes found them better than our Neighbours, but nothing Equal to Common Years - The River from the Great Rains on the first of October has been very High, So as to Come on the Intervale, but now falling
Oct 14:We have had a Severe Cold Day and Two Nights; and then Snow to cover the Ground entirely - We never had Snow and such cold weather Early before. This morning Clear and Cold which has made considerable Ice in the River and Stopted all Boating and Poling. George and maria have been from Tuesday Octr. 11th over the Creek and we fear cannot Pass from the Ice. Bad Indeed. 12 O-C- Clouds over from the South and Soon begins to Snow - , but not so Cold - John and Patrick have been out on his Place from Monday
Oct 15:Cloudy and a little Snow by Turns - George and maria with james Ketchum came Home last Evening; They Crossed the Creek on the Ice. This Day William and Henry with Two [....?....] wen to look for Timber. The Ice very Thick and large Cakes - Octr. 16th Sunday - Clear Wind North and Very Cold - Seldom a Colder Day in November.
Oct 17:A Still Clear and Very Cold Morning - Jack and Patrick who came in on Saturday Night, went out this Morning again to work on his Place - Afternoon Clouds over and like for Snow - Ice now Closed up back of the Island - and very Thick in the River.
Oct 18:Clear and Pleasant Day, but Cold - The River has now Froze over at Captn. Philips's.
Oct 19:A little Cloudy after a Cold Night - The Ice now Runs very Slow, a sign that the River is Froze over below as well as above. The Snow Covers the Ground 4 Inches and is good Slaying but Ruff from the Hubs - We never had such weather in November before; there has been 12 Steady Cold Days. Bad for the Cattle in General, as the Hay is short this Season.
[Mss. has a foot-note: "These Dates must be November". If so, the error may start with the first entry dated in October: working ahead from the last previous Sunday - June 22nd - October 16th cannot be Sunday; but November 16th is a Sunday]
Oct 20:Clear and Smoaky, more Moderate - The Ice is now jammed up to henry Cronkhite's - Married Mark Simpson and Sarah Larlee.
Oct 21:Clear and very Smoaky - Quite Moderate - Very little Ice.
Oct 22:Cloudy and Warm - Rains all Day but little - Henry mended Chimney - Jack and Patrick came from his Place
Oct 23:Sunday - Wind High at North, with Snow Squals. Grows Cold.
Oct 24:Clear and Cold. Wind High at North. The Ice now very Thick again. Killing Hogs - They Killed the whole 26 this Day.
Oct 25:Clear and very Cold Morning. 12 O-C- Warmer. Charles Killed his Hogs.
Oct 26:Cloudy and some hail Wind South. Timber Hewers went out. Cuting up Hogs. Quite Warm. Evening Salting Pork.

Nov 27:[See comment under Oct 19 above] - Cloudy and warm - Finished Salting up and Cuting Pork. The 15 large and 11 small Hogs weighed 3853 lbs. 5 of the Hogs were over 200 lbs. The largest 238 lb. - next 219 lb - next 214 - and largest small Hog 113 lb - They were June Pigs - Never Cheaper Pork.
Nov 28:Clear and Very Cold - Jack and William with Michael gone to open a Road to the Creek to hall Timber - Put Brine to hams and Pork. The Ice now very Thick and Slow.
Nov 29:Clear still and Cold Morning - This Morning found the river closed up with Ice, very Smooth Never known before in November - William in the Woods, Jack and George above
Nov 30:Advent Sunday - Clear after the Coldest Night - Afternoon Moderate

Dec 1:Cloudy and some appearance of a Thaw - Boys gone to Cut a Road to their Timber - Henry and Patrick at the Dung
Dec 2:Cloudy and more Moderate, no Wind. John and Patrick gone to His Place
Dec 3:Still Cloudy but quite warm - Like for a Thaw - Wm and Michael at his Road - Phebe here - Henry Mended the Chimney and Oven Yesterday - toDay at the Barn - Decr. 4th Cloudy wind south and warm - William and man on the Road for Timber
Dec 5:Cloudy after a severe Rain and very high wind in the Night. Wm. Cuting Wood - Henry, George and Charles yesterday runing Ketchum's line between us.
Dec 6:Clear and Cool Wind North - The Snow is now Entirely gone - Lewis with the Old Slay gone after John and Patrick - Night Cloudy and Still
Dec 7:Sunday - Cloudy and Like for Rain - Major Ketchum here -
Dec 8:Clear and very pleasant after a little Rain in the Night. John and William making their Camp - Henry & George & Ketchum runing Lines.
Dec 9:Clear and very Cold - Wind North - William in the Woods.
Dec 10:Clear and Cold Indeed - The Coldest Nights and Day yet. Killed Cow last evening - Thrashing and geting Wood. William came in. Night Cloudy.
Dec 11:Clear after a very Snowy Night, but moderate. The Snow fell 10 Inches. William went into Woods - Henry Caught a Fox - William's Cow Died - Married Michael Hilly and Elisabeth Ferris, by Banns.
Dec 12:Clear but not very Cold - Wind West - Killed Fowls
Dec 13:Cloudy and Warm - Geting wood and Threshing.
Dec 14:Sunday - Cloudy and Warm - A little Snow - Major Ketchum wiith Us.
Dec 15:Cloudy after 4 Inches of Snow - Wm. And his Men went out.
Dec 16:Cloudy Wind East No-East and Snows fast. Killed Turkies.
Dec 17:Cloudy and Snowy all Day wind North - Threshing
Dec 18:Cloudy but no Snow - There is now a Foot and a Half of Snow.
Dec 19:Clear and Very Cold Wind Norwest - Wm. Went out with the Oxen.
Dec 20:Cloudy and Very Warm wind Sou-East. The Snow never went faster - Afternoon begins to Rain and fast till 12 o-C- we never had so great a Thaw in so short a time. Wm. Came in.
Dec 21:Sunday - Clear and Cool. Wind North and High.
Dec 22:Cloudy and Could Indeed - The River now all Ice. Night Richard and Frederick arived. Grows warm - A little Snow.
Dec 23:Cloudy but quite warm - Lockwood mended doors - William had his Oxen Shod - and then went out with one Yoke.
Dec 24:Cloudy after a large fall of snow in the Night - Snows some all day - Fredk and George fixed the Church for Christmas - Quite warm
Dec 25:A little Cloudy, wind Norwest, but no cold, we never had a Finer Day for Christmas - and never so large a congregation. Major Ketchum and Lady - Mr. Clopper, who with his wife and Child arived on the 24th, Edward Garden - Dined with us - Night grows very cold.
Dec 26:Clear and very windy - Never much Colder - Cellebrating the Season, with a Party at Dinner, and a large Party at Night Dancing.
Dec 27:Cloudy and Cold - Soon begins to Snow Day and Night.
Dec 28:Sunday - Cloudy but not so Cold - The Snow is now above 2 Feet Deep.
Dec 29:Clear and Cold Still Morning - Richard and George Set out for Fredericton with John Smith. William and His Men with both Yoke went to begin to Hall Timber - A party at Wm. Bedell's and Phillips's Dancing.
Dec 30:Cloudy and warm - All Hands at Major ketchup's Dancing.
Dec 31:Cloudy and Some Rain; after a Rainy Night - No Dancing toDay. William came in to go to Blacksmith's. Good Beginning.


Feb 18:From the last Date we have had most Uncommon Weather, but Two or Three Days very Cold, all the rest warm and Moderate weather. And the 12th of this month we had a warm severe rain which lasted two Days, which took of the Snow from the land and the river almost Intirely and left nothing but Ice. It Raised the Creeks and River very much, and broke the Ice in some places, and made it very hard for the lumber men to get up to the Tobique. There is now very good travelling all the way to Fredericton on the Ice - John is now at Fredericton - having set out on the evening of the 15th with Captn. Phillips - It Snowed last Night 4 Inches which will Help the Roads for drawing timber - We never had a better winter - we had our full complement of Snow before the Rain, but it all went off.

Feb 8:From the last Date not one Cold Day We had one of the greatest Snows this winter, and the next morning very blustering, and the Snow Drifted Terribly, but at 2 O-C- mild as ever - This was March 2. 2 Days after we had a night of Rain, warm and still, but by 10 O-C- Clear and 2 Days warm as may. Yesterday some Rain in the Night, but a fine warm Day for the Church - In the Night Clouds over and soon begins to Rain fast and Continues most of the Day; Wind Sou-west, and very warm. We never had so mild a winter. The Snow is all gone but where it drifted into heaps and in the Woods. The Cattle, Sheep and Hogs all over the fields these three Days. We fear it will break the Ice and Stopt all our lumbering. The Roads all ice with some bare Places.

Apr 1:From the last Date, we have had Still Remarkable weather. Not a Cold Day - a small Quantity of Snow and then a warm Rain. The Fields have been bare 6 Weeks and little Snow in the Woods - The Ice Breaking fast, and the Brooks and Streams Rising. We never had but once such a winter and Spring. John Bedell went this Day to Meductic.
Apr 2:Cloudy and some Sprinkling of snow. William's Menn came in from Hawling Timber, having finished - Wind North, but warm.
Apr 3:Clear and pleasant - Wind Norwest and a fine Day for Sap. It Runs well toDay. Jack hawling out Shingles. First Calf.
Apr 4:A clear fine Day - Taping Some Trees and Choping. The Ice Breaking fast, and some Men and Horses Falling in. John and William Hawling Singles and Hay to hus Place.
Apr 5:Sunday - A Very warm Day - Baptised Jane Peabody's Child. The Ice broke as far as Connell's and Ran Down; but Jamed up at the Island below, the 4th of April - This Day it broke and Ran from Above Captn. Smith's Island - George came at Night. Sally Ketchum and Polly Smith Here.
Apr 6:A Clear and very warm day - Wind west - John and Lewis carried out hay and Potatoes to his Place - Wm. And Michael gone to the hut; Henry Boiling Down Sap, 3 barrels, and Patrick Choping - The Girls with Maria gone up the Road - No Ice toDay - The Cattle gone into the Woods. We never had a better spring; the Ground setling fast and the Frost almost out - and if the warm weather continues, we may Plough in a few Days.
Apr 7:Clear and very warm indeed; wind south and High and Smoaky - Mr. West called on his Way down. George gone with Sally Ketchum home. Got Bark for my short net - John Michael and Patrick Choping - Henry Boiling down Sap and at the Flax - No Ice Runing toDay - Towards Night Cloudy and like to Rain. Wind very high.
Apr 8:Cloudy morning and Rains very fast, after Rain in the Night. Ice making very thick and large Cakes - Barked my twine - It Rained very fast till 12 O-C- when the wind came round to North, which soon brought snow, which fell very fast till Night.
Apr 9:Clear and Cool wind North, but not high - Found the Ice Runing Thick, but Fine; Suppose it came from some of the Rivers - Continues till 12 O-C- Wm. And Michael with Patrick gone to Run His Timber down to the Creek. John and Henry Geting Wood. The Snow Melts but slowly the wind being very chilly - We suppose the Ice has come, Down from the Grand Falls - Plenty of water in the Creek to get the Timber down.
Apr 10:Clear and Cold Morning - The Ground Froze Hard - Wind at North - William and His Men geting Down his Timber - John and Patrick with Henry Choping and Hawling Poles - The Ice Runs a little toDay.
Apr 11:Sunday - Clear and Cold Morning; but a warmer Day - Little Sap too Cold - William at his Timber, which is Jamed in the Creek - Very little Ice, only what falls off the shore. The Post went down in a Cannoe Yesterday.
Apr 12:It Clouded over last night and we found it Raining this morning - but moderate, wind East sou-East - Lost a Cow, the Ox pushed her over the Fence by which she broke her leg. First parsnips but some Frost. Rains all Day.
Apr 13:Still Rainy. The Creek has Rose Considerable and they have got Wm's Timber all down to Mill Dam. No Ice Runing.
Apr 14:Still Rainy. The River is now Rising fast - William and His Men at the Timber. John Hired a man to Work on his Place.
Apr 15:Cloudy and a little Rain. Towards Night begins to Snow. William and Five men still geting diwn his Timber.
Apr 16:Good Friday - Cloudy with some snow. It Snowed last Night to Cover the Ground 3 Inches - went to Church in old Slay - Afternoon Turns to Rain - Snow all gone but chilly - Secured Parsnips. No frost. No Ice. River Rising.
Apr 17:Cloudy but warm. Choping. Wm. At his Timber
Apr 18:Easter Sunday - A little Cloudy and Some Spits of Snow. Never more Muddy. Major Ketchum, Elisabeth and Elisa Smith with Us - Small Congregation.
Apr 19:A fine Day - major Ketchum Stayed all Night - Chose our Church officers - William and his men finished geting down His Timber - Choping - No Ice and the River falls - It has not been on the Intervale. Second Calf the 18th - The Ground dries fast.
Apr 20:A Clear Day, wind west and High - Choping - William's men went Home - Took a Pike - The Ground Dries and we shall Plough Soon.
Apr 21:A Clear warm day - Choping - Kniting Net - The Ground has froze some two Nights Past, which gave us a little Sap - No Ice
Apr 22:Cloudy by Spells, wind south and High, but quite warm. Began to Plough by the House - Began loging - A small Sprinkling of Ice toDay - Suppose from Rustick. River rises a little. Finished my Net - Never a better Spring - Grass grows.
Apr 23:Cloudy and a little Rain, but not to Stop Ploughing and Loging - William with 4 Men rafting His Timber. Night Rains fast.
Apr 24:Cloudy Morning but soon clears away with the wind North and High; and of course cool. River has fell a foot. Henry Ploughing, John and Patrick with McGlaulin loging - Wm. Rafting. Strung my New net. Married William Seely and Mary Ginson.
Apr 25:Sunday - An Excellent Day - Quite warm - wind south.
Apr 26:Cloudy and some Rain but not to Prevent work - Ploughing. Loging. Began to fix Garden. River rising fast Timber runing.
Apr 27:Clear and very high wind at North - Cold - River rising fast Timber runing - Ploughing and Loging. Set out my Seed Onions. The Current Bushes and Willow Trees are now fast Buded - The Grass growing fast and the Parsnips have grown 4 Inches - 14 Days Sooner than we ever had them.
Apr 28:Cloudy Wind South - The River Rising and is now as high as last year. Sowed Lettuce Peper Grass and Spinach - Ploughing and loging
Apr 29:A Rainy morning - No wind - William finished Rafting last evening - at the garden - River at a stand - Loging and Ploughing.
Apr 30:A fine clear and warm day - William started this morning with his Rafts - 2 of the Beardsleys - Craig and another man. River now falls a little; not quite so high as last year. At the garden for Early Peas - Loging and Ploughing - Afternoon wind rises at SouEast.

May 1:Cloudy and some Rain; but soon clears off, with the wind North. Planted my Early Peas - Set out some English Gooseberries - I had a stalk of Asparagus up Yesterday - Afternoon begins to Sow Oats. River falls but slowly - Dressed my asparagus Beds - Excellent Spring.
May 2:Sunday. A Rainy Morning. After church it Rains Fast. Wind south.
May 3:A Cloudy Day and Chilly, but no Rain. John With Patrick and McLaughlin went out to his Place - Henry Sowing Grass Seed - Lewis finished harrowing Oats. River falls but slowly - 3 Rafts toDay - Set out Some Currant Bushes - Fixing Garden.
May 4:Cloudy Drisly Day till 11 O-C- when the wind Comes North with Some Rain and very Cold - Visited Captn. Bull - Plenty of Rafts - At the Garden - Henry Plowing - River falls very little - Night Cold.
May 5:Clear and very cold morning - Ground Froze hard - took up my Sage roots - henry and Lewis Plowed and Harrowed Garden. Henry began to Plow the Potatoe Ground by Ketchum's - Wm. Arrived.
May 6:Clear and warm after a small white frost. Plowing at the Garden - Sowed on the 4th Bountiful Sprouts - Scotch Kail and Mustard - River Rose last Night and today 4 Inches - Afternoon very warm.
May 7:Cloudy but warm - at the garden - afternoon rains fast. River now falls again - but is on the Intervale
May 8:Cloudy but warm - Trimed Willow Trees - Made my Onion Beds - Diging for Parsnips and Betts. Night Rains.
May 9th:Sunday - Cloudy after a very Rainy Night, Wind North; Very Cold.
May 10:Clear and Cool; wind north and exceeding high; it blew down the Fence in Several Places - Diging for Beets, Parsnips and Carrots. Henry Ploughing Intervale. Wm. And Ketchum went to His Place to Sow Wheat. River falls and is now just off the Intervale.
May 11:Cloudy Cold Morning but no Frost - Wind again North and very High - Never a colder forenoon in May - Henry Plowing - Finished and laid out beds for Beets.
May 12:Clear and Pleasant after a Smart Frost which Froze the Ground to Prevent Diging in the Morning - The Third Calf toDay. Afternoon quite warm. Henry Ploughing and Lewis harrowing. River now falls fast - but on the interval.
May 13:Clear in the morning and warm - Sowed wheat, the first on the Potatoe ground - It Clouds over and began to Rain which Prevented my finishing the field. The Intervale is now bare where we fish for Trout.
May 14:Cloudy and a Drizly Rain all Day - Finished the Field with Wheat, having sowed 5 Bushels and a Peck on the Potatoe Ground. Lewis harrowed it in - Henry Plowing - The Fourth Calf toDay.
May 15:Cloudy and cool - Wind still at North - The River now rising very much and brings down a great quantity of timber.
May 16:Sunday - A Cold Blustering Day Wind Still North. The River is now as high as before. Nothing grows owing to the Cold Cloudy Weather.
May 17:Still Cold and Blustering; with some Showers of Rain and one with Hail - Sowed one Bushel of Peas and 5 of Oats on the Potatoe Ground - Stoptford and Lewis Harrowed them in - River now falls.
May 18:Another Cloudy Cold Blustering Day - afternoon warmer. William and Stoptford Set fire to the Log Heaps - Burnt Well - At the Garden - The River falling very fast - Men geting of Timber.
May 19:Cloudy but warmer - At the Garden - began to Sow on the Intervale - 12 O-C- Wind Rises South and like for Rain - Afternoon Ketchum finished Corn and Potatoe Ground, having Sowed Five Bushels of Wheat - Set the Herring Net and the Short Net - Caught Two Succers
May 20:Clear and Cool, wind high at North - Planted my Beets and Sowed Pepper Grass and Planted my Onions - Finished Diging Garden - All at the New Ground. Henry Returned at Night - River Falls, but we set the Net at the Trout Place.
May 21:A Cloudy Cold Morning, Wind very High at North. A Smart White Frost - Sowed my Parsnips and Carrots - Dressed old Asparagus Bed. Caught Two Succers - Dr. and Mrs. Rice with Mrs. Griffith, Charles and Betsy Drank Tea. Never Colder in May. And the Whole of May.
May 22:Clear and Warmer, but the wind still at North. A heavy Frost. Sowed Early Cobble Yorkshire and Planted a Hill of Mellons in the Trough. Sowed Common Cobble. Turnips Radish, Common Turnip, Sage, Parsley and Radishes - Caught 3 Succers - Afternoon quite warm.
May 23:Sunday - A fine warm day after a Smart White Frost.
May 24:A very warm day - Wind Sou-west - No Frost Cold Night. Sowed More Lettuce and Spinach - Lewis Harrowing New Ground, by the lower field, for sowing - Henry and the Men Clearing - John Cleaning Wheat - John Arthur Shearing Sheep - Afternoon Planted my Liverpool Peas in the Garden - May 22nd John and His Men Came Home, having sowed 10 Bushels of Wheat on New Ground - Set Nets in the Old Eddies.
May 25:A Shower this morning brought the wind Norwest and very Cold; Never Colder in May. John Sowed 4 Bushels of Wheat on New Ground by the Lower field. Cleaning Seed Wheat. 3 Succers.
May 26:Clear and Cold Indeed - A severe white frost - It made Ice on the Troughs and Froze the Ground Considerable - Preparing for Beans - Lewis and Patrick Harrowing the wheat on the New Ground - John - Henry and Michael Clearing - Night Cold Indeed.
May 27:A Clear Still and Cold Morning - More Frost than Yesterday - but soon grows warm wind Sou-west and Cloudy - John Sowed 2 1/2 Bushels of wheat on New Ground in the Woods, which Compleats the Wheat; having Sowed 25 Bushels and half on New Ground - and 10 and a Peck on old Ground, making in the whole 35 and Three Pecks - Henry and Michael Plowed Old Garden and Planted a few Potatoes, the first - John Brought 2 Bushels of Seed Wheat from Peabody.
May 28:Clear after a little Rain in the Night - Quite Warm; wind west and High - Henry mending Old Garden Fence - Lewis and Patrick finished Harrowing Wheat; and then harrowing Corn Ground - John and Michael Howing - around the Stumps - Planted 24 Hills of Pole Beans - Caught 6 Succers.
May 29:Clear and Cold Wind very High at North - Never so Cold a May - William left home for St. Johns with the Post - William and Mr. Bedell Set out for St. John's on a Raft - Casting Dung and Plowing above the Spring for Potatoes. Caught 9 Succers - Preparing for more Liverpool Peas.
May 30:Sunday - Clear and Cool, with a Smart White Frost - Afternoon warm.
May 31:Cloudy wind sou-west and warm - Afternoon Clear and warm as we want - Began to Plant Corn - Henry Plowing for Potatoes - Afternoon John went to look up the Cows - River falls very fast. It is now very Dry. Set Nets.

Jun 1:Cloudy and Some Appearance of Rain, which would be a Great Blessing. Henry Plowing for Potatoes - The Rest Planting Corn - Caught 2 Salmon the first overhauled and Set the Long Net - Very Warm Wind south - Mrs. Dibblee visiting and in the Night a Heavy Cloud from North brought the wind to that Quarter very high and Blustering. Clear toDay, wind high, but not so Cold as Usial - Henry gone to look for Cows in the Woods, but could not find them - They have been out 5 Days - Preparing for Cucumbers and Squashes - Dunging and Planting Corn - Caught a Salmon in Long Net & 7 Succers.
Jun 3:Clear and warmer, wind souwest - Finished Planting Corn last Evening - Preparing to Plant Corn on New Ground - Frederick and John Davidson arrived last Evening - Planted Cucumbers and Squashes - Sowed more Mustard - No Salmon - River falls fast.
Jun 4:Clear and very warm wind south. It is now very Dry. Planted a bed of Mellons, and sowed more Cabbage Plants - Ketchum and all Hands Clearing New Ground for more Corn - Sowed over Bountiful Sprouts and Scotch Kail. The Frost having Injured the Old - No Salmon.
Jun 5:Cloudy and very warm morning after a heavy Rain in the afternoon and Night. Planted some of Mrs. Garden's Sweet Corn - John Davidson here from Surveying - No Salmon. All Hands Planting Corn on New Ground. Frederick set out apple trees - Grass now grows fast.
Jun 6:Whitsuntide - A very fine warm day - Major Ketchum here - Finished Planting Corn on New Ground.
Jun 7:Clear and warm enough - Began to plant my Liverpool Peas - by the garden - All Hands Planting Potatoes, but Henry Plowing for Oats - The River has rose some from the Rain - but now falls - Caught a Salmon
Jun 8:Clear and very warm - Finished my Liverpool Peas - Planting Potatoes - Henry Plowing - Caught 2 Salmon - John Smith arived with William's Things from St. John - Everything grows fast enough.
Jun 9:Clear and Warm wind South and Fresh - John and Patrick went to Fence his Wheat on His Place - Planted my Early Peas by the Garden - Michael with his wife who is Sick - Henry Plowing - No Salmon. Afternoon cloudy.
Jun 10:A Very Rainy Morning and Day - but warm - Planted 3 Beds of Mellons by the Garden - Put up some Fence for Calf Pasture - Caught one Salmon - William arived with the Post in the Rain 10 O-C- Night wind Norwest.
Jun 11:A Cloudy morning after a Rainy Night - But soon clears off with the Wind at North and Very High and therefore Cold - Planting Potatoes - Sowed Radishes and Cabbages on New Ground. Planted 2 Beds of water Mellons Caught one Salmon the Eels Hurt it - Mrs. Nicholson called with Her Paper.
Jun 12:Cloudy and Cold but no Frost - Wind very High at North - The River now Rising fast from the Rain - No Salmon - Henry Plowing for Oats. Night John and Patrick came in having finished Fencing his wheat. Finished Planting Potatoes on the Intervale above the Spring. Afternoon Moderate.
Jun 13:Trinity Sunday - Cloudy morning and cool, but no Frost
Jun 14:Cloudy and Blustering with some showers, wind north and cool - Began to Sow Oats Back - Ketchum also sowing Oats Back. The River now begins to fall - having been almost to the alders - The Man Planting Some Potatoes on the New Ground and Fencing the Wheat. Set Nets. Planted 25 Hills of Beans - Dressed Lettuce and Spinage. Put up more scarecrows.
Jun 15:Still Cloudy and Cold, wind North and High - Preparing Ground for Cabbages - Finished Oats - They Sowed 10 Bushels of Oats and Ketchum 3 - making in the whole - 39 and a half of Oats - Men Fencing Wheat. New Ground. No Salmon. The two Gardens arived 1 O-C- I have had 4 Cucmber Plants killed by Frost.
Jun 16:Still Cloudy and Cool - Wind North and High - Planted over Cucumbers - Sowed some Lettuce - Preparing Ground for more cucumbers - and Cabbages - Caught 2 Noble Salmon - Afternoon William and Garden set out for Tobique. Frederick and Edward Garden visiting above. River now falls very fast - Good Eddies.
Jun 17:Wind still North and High, but no so Cloudy. This is the Seventh Day we have had Cold Cloudy Days, but more Moderate Nights. Planting Potatoes, where the Lime Killed the Corn - No Salmon - Henry Harrowing for Buckwheat - Mr. West called and took up William's Baggage. John gone above. The Men Mending Fence by the Road.
Jun 18:Clear and now warmer, but the wind still North. Poled my first Beans - Preparing Ground for Cabbages - One Salmon - Night Captn. McLaughlin arived - Now warm
Jun 19:Clear and still and warm enough - McLaughlin and John, after Breakfast Set out for Fredericton - Garden and Frederick with the Post - Planted 3 Hills of Cucumbers. No Salmon.
Jun 20:Sunday - A Clear and very warm day.
Jun 21:Clear and warm Henry Harrowing for Buckwheat - Mending Fence.
Jun 22:Cloudy wind sou-east and some appearance of Rain - Set out 107 early yorkshire cabbage plants - sowed our turnips on new ground - sowed 12 bushels of buckwheat which finishes the crop - and may God bless our labors - caught 4 salmon - everything now begins to grow
Jun 23:Seldom a more Rainy Morning - and Continues fast till 3 O-C- very warm - Everything starts up surprisingly - No Salmon.
Jun 24:A little Cloudy after much Rain in the Night - 11 O-C- mostly Clear and Seldom Warmer - Vegetation never greater - William arived. The River is Rising fast - No Salmon - The Rain has been a blessing Indeed.
Jun 25:A Very Rainy Morning, wind sou-east and High. Rains most of the Day. Poled my Second row of Beans - Planted last Cucumbers - Caught yesterday a Noble Salmon - The River has Rose Surprisingly and is now almost to the Alders - No Salmon.
Jun 27:Sunday - A very warm Day - Buried Widow Gilbert.
Jun 28:Clear and seldom warmer - Wind sou-east - afternoon cloudy - Choping - John arived at 12 O-C- Planted last Beans.
Jun 29:Never a more Rainy Night, and never warmer. Continues all Day.
Jun 30:Partly Clear and warm indeed. River rising very fast. Choping. No Salmon.

Jul 1:Clear in the Morning and very warm, wind south - Afternoon a very heavy Thunder Shower, and Rains in the Night. Began to How Corn - George Smith and Wife Here.
Jul 2:Clear - Wind North and High but quite warm - Finished Howing Corn. Weeding Garden - The River had fell a little but is now rising amazing fast, and has Stopt all Fishing. Never knew such a Fresh in summer; it is coming on the Intervale.
Jul 3:Clear and warm enough; the river at 12 O-C- begins to fall; it was almost on the Intervale by the Fishing Place. Finished Howing the Potatoes by the Corn
Jul 4:Sunday - Clear by spells and cool, wind very high at North - There was a shower to the northward in the Night.
Jul 5:Clear and warm - Choping - Sprouting Wheat. Set Nets.
Jul 6:Clear and warm. Howing Potatoes above the Spring. John went out to work on His Barn - Caught 3 Good Salmon. Afternoon Clouds over and like for Rain. Set out Cabbage Plants. Night Rains.
Jul 7:Cloudy morning but soon Clears of very warm. Wind West. Patrick gone to Mill - Transplanted Cucumbers and Set out more Cabbage Plants - Caught one Salmon - Our Friends here.

Sep 17:From the last Date, we never had such continual wet and Cold Summer and everything very Backward - Grass hardly midling Crop - Wheat very great as to Show and Some never better filled, but Some hurt with Rust - Corn never so Backward, it is now only geting too hard for Boiling - Potatoes never more promising. Oats never better. Buckwheat good. The Garden very late; Cucumbers only now Plenty - all other Vegetables Plenty and good, but late - We have had from Septr. warmer Weather Night and Day - than any this summer - We are now in the Midst of our Wheat and Oats Harvest; having got in about half - William has Cut his Wheat, very good - but John's is yet Standing - Arthur Garden left here this morning having come with Richard Septr. 9th and Septr. 13th Richard brought Eleanor Garden from Mrs. Allan's - This Day it Rains fast, but never warmer - we fear if it Continues long the wheat will grow - The Field by Ketchum's and by the Barn, and some from the Back fields, all in, but there is Some not Bound, and Considerable in Shock. Had not this very warm weather set in, there would have been no Corn; and if it doesn't continue until after the Equinox, there will be but little that is Hard.

Nov 5:We have had from the last Date very Cold Weather and Rains every few Days - Never was there so Cold a summer, and Fall. We have had two Snow Storms; the last of Wednesday the 3rd of Novr. which fell 6 Inches and is now very good Slaying - John Started for Fredericton on the 2nd - We have our Potatoes all in, but there are a good many not dug and our Cabbages and Turnips are out; The Turnips are pulled and Stacked - We now fodder as in Winter, like for Rain, which we hope will take the Snow off the Ground. John Bedell with his Bride on his way from Fredericton.
Nov 6:Cloudy and very Rainy all Day.
Nov 7:Sunday - Cloudy and some Rain and Snow - The Snow goes fast.
Nov 8:Cloudy and Cold . Wind North. The Snow almost of the Ground.
Nov 9:Cloudy and a little Snow, but warmer. Plastering School House.
Nov 10:Couldy and Misty, with Some Snow - Night John arived from Fredericton.
Nov 11:Still Cloudy and Cold Wind North - Two Patricks work on the Bridge at the Creek.
Nov 13:A very cold Morning. Considerable ice in the River. The first this Fall. A good clear day. But the Ice has Stopted Boating.
Nov 14:Sunday - Cloudy and very chilly. The Ice now Thick.
Nov 15:Cloudy after a Snowy night, and some Snow all day. But not cold.
Nov 16:Cloudy after considerable Snow in the Night. Misty with Some Rain and Hail, all day. Married David Dow and mary Weay by License. Wind Sou-East and Warmer.
Nov 17:Clear and Pleasant. It Thaws some about the House. Never better slaying. Elisha Cunliffe and sister spent the Evening with Us. William came from the Tobique on Foot. Never such a November.
Nov 18:Cloudy wind North and Cold. It Freezes all Day. George arived.
Nov 19:A little Cloudy and Cold - Buried a Child of John Carmen. John and Patrick went to Work on His Place - wind Nor-west.
Nov 20:Cloudy and not so Cold - They now drive Horses over the Creek.
Nov 21:Sunday - Cloudy but not cold - George Ketchum and Elisabeth with Frances after church - Elisabeth stayed with us.
Nov 22:Cloudy wind sou-east and warm - It Thaws much - John Patrick with Stafford went to work on His Place.
Nov 23:Still Cloudy and Warm - Got in our Cabbages.
Nov 24:Clear and Colder. Wind North. The Road all Ice. Shea went to Help John. Cadwalder Bull in a Strange State having taken no Nourishment for Eighteen Days.
Nov 25:Cloudy after a little Snow in the Night, about one inch - Visited Cadwalder Bull - Very Weak, having taken no kind of Nourishment for 21 Days. Clear and Pleasant - Benjamin Griffith with Robert and Mary Spent the Evening with Us. Very Good Slaying - Ice ran much toDay.
Nov 26:Clear wind south. Afternoon Cloudy. Maria George and henry on a Visit to Captn. Phillips's. Evening begins to Rain. Quite warm.
Nov 27:Cloudy wind north and some snow after a very Rainy Night. Which carried the Snow almost off. 12 O-C- Clears off and cool.
Nov 28:Advent Sunday - A Cold Morning but a pleasant afternoon.
Nov 29:Cloudy and Chilly - Elisabeth Ketchum and Sally, after Dinner went Home.
Nov 30:Cloudy but not cold. John Patrick and Stafford at work on his place.

Dec 1:Cloudy but not Cold - Wind South - Henry fixing Stove in the Hall.
Dec 2:Clear and very pleasant - it thaws some today. No Wind.
Dec 3:Cloudy and some Rain. Very warm. Killed large Sow. Brought in some turnips. The Snow goes fast, and the Horses, Sheep and Cattle all over the Fields.
Dec 4:Rains fast, wind rises at North - cut up and salted pork. The Sow weighed 282 lbs. Married Andrew Currie and Honle Javis Beardsley. Night Hail Rain and Snow. Grows Colder.
Dec 5:Sunday - A Cold Snowy Day - Wind North and the Coldest weather we have had.
Dec 6:Cloudy and quite warm, wind south, John and His Men gone to his place.
Dec 7:Still Cloudy and Warm - Maria and George on a Visit to Major Ketchum's.
Dec 8:Partly Clear and Pleasant, wind norwest. Afternoon William set out for Fredericton. Cadwalder Bull remains in the same distressed State without Eating.
Dec 9:Clear and not Cold - George left Home for Fredericton.
Dec 10:Cloudy and Moderate - Wind Sou-west - There is now Good Ice from the French Village to Fredericton; but the river is Open from the Falls below to the Grand Bar. Night wind North.
Dec 11:Clear and Cold. Ketchum Killed his Hogs.
Dec 12:Sunday - Clear and very Cold. major Ketchum, George, Elisabeth and Randolph here - Cad. Bull Died last Night.
Dec 13:Cloudy after a very Cold Night, Wind south and like for Snow - John and his Men gone to His Place. 11 O-C- begins to Snow very fast - Buried Cadwalder Bull - Wind high at Sou-East, grows Warmer - Night begins to Rain - But not much
Dec 14:Cloudy and Moderate - William arrived - Wind Rises Nor-west.
Dec 15:Cloudy wind north and high. Grows cold - Killed Hogs. James and George Ketchum spent the Evening and Night with Us and after Breakfast went Home - A fine winter's Day.
Dec 17:A Cold Morning, but a pleasant winter's Day. Killed Cow last evening. Very Good - Salted Pork, and put Brine to Beef, and Hams. The 14 Hogs and Sow weighed 3259 - one large Sow to be Killed - afternoon Very Pleasant - The River not Closed
Dec 18:Cloudy and Snows fast till 11 O-C- when it Rains the Rest of the Day - afternoon John and Stafford came in
Dec 19:Sunday - Cloudy after a Rainy Night.
Dec 20:Cloudy after a warm Night - Wind Rises Norwest and grows Cool. John and Stafford gone out again.
Dec 21:A little Cloudy - Warm and Pleasant.
Dec 22:Cloudy after a warm night - Wind Rises North and Colder. Buried George Currie - Killed by falling Timber at Tobique.
Dec 23:Cloudy but not cold wind north - afternoon clear.
Dec 24:Clear and colder - afternoon clouds up, wind south, and at night begins to Snow - Benjamin Griffith Started this Morning for Fredericton - Yesterday the first time crossing the Ferry [?] with Horses.
Dec 25:Christmas - A very Fine Day - Jacob Allen came to Church. The largest Congregation yet - Frederick & Lewis arived 12 O-C-
Dec 26:Sunday - A little Cloudy - But a warm Day - Never a Better Christmas
Dec 27:Cloudy and still, but moderate. Married William Trafford Christy Ann Flanagan. The Ice is now just up to my Lower Line and from thence open to the Grand Bar - [?] laste evening.
Dec 28:Clear and Still - A Very Good Day - Cellebrated the Season at Dr. Rice's. This Evening a large Party Here - Afternoon cloudy and warm.
Dec 30:Cloudy and warm. Mr. Clopper and George Ketchum here.
Dec 31:Cloudy and quite warm - Maria and Boys at the Major's last evening


Jan 1:Still Cloudy and warm - A large party to Dine and Cellebrate the New Year - Major Ketchum & Lady, H.G. Clopper and Lady and Daughter - Ralph Ketchum and Charlotte, Captn. Philips & Lady - Mr. Webster & Lady, William Dibblee & Mother - Charles & Betsy, Dr. Rice & Lady - A very Sociable Day and Evening.
Jan 2:A Very Snowy Morning. Wind High at North. And Grows Cold.
Jan 3:Clear Cold Morning; but the Wind soon Rises Fresh and Colder.
Jan 14:Then settled with Caty's Father and Due Me 17 pounds 11.
Jan 20:From the last date, we never had such pleasant winter weather, not one cold Day; never better slaying - this day clear still and warm - Henry and James Ketchum gone towards Tobique, after Smuglers. This Day put my Hams and Beef to Smoak. Afternoon Thaws much.

Mar 1:The winter from the last Date, has continued good and Pleasant, and few snow storms, and not the least Rain, till yesterday, when we had a moderate Rain. This was a Blessing for the Mills were almost Dry. This Day never was Pleasanter in March. We never had so Mild and Pleasant a Winter Since we came to this Country.

Apr 8:From the last Date till March 28th Never better or Pleasanter Weather. Nor a better Season for Sugar. But from march 28th We have had Cold Weather and Some Snow Storms but no Rain. Mrs. hazen, Peggy and Hetty Allan and Joseph Came the Day before Easter and went Home on Easter Monday April 4th - frederick and Lewis had been Home about a week. They Set out toDay with John Davidson on Foot for Fredericton.
Apr 9:Clear and Cold morning. There is now more snow, than for a number of years, at this season. The Roads are getting Bad, but there is not a foot bare on the Improvements, and a Great Quantity in the Woods. The Ice begins to Break in Some Places, and is covered with Snow. Cold Nights, but warm Days. Never better Season for Sap. We fear a great Fresh.
Apr 10:Sunday - A Clear and very Warm Day - Snow goes fast, but no places Bare on the Improvements - Ice breaks round the great bar; late Indeed
Apr 11:Cloudy and like for Rain. Wind South. Buried Frederick Blecher. First Calf. We have now over 6 Lambs - Towards Night begins to Rain - Quite warm
Apr 12:A Snowy Morning so as to Cover the Ground - but soon went off. The Ice broke, last Night, from my lower bar and Ran Down a little. Noon it Breaks away - No Wind - John Bedell had a party at Dancing - Henry and Maria Stayed all Night - The Roads are now getting bare, and Slaying almost over.
Apr 13:Cloudy and chilly wind North. Had a Meeting at the School House and formed ourselves into a Branch Bible Society. Afternoon Mr. Bedell and Lady; Capt. Bull & Lady, Mrs. Griffith and Charles Drank Tea, and Spent the Evening - last Night the Ice broke from my Large bar and Ran down, but Jamed at the Ferry - John Dow Esqr - Mr. Woolverton and Peter Watson Crossed on the Jamed Ice and Came to the meeting at the School House
Apr 14:Clear and Cool wind north - John gone to His Place - George to the Weding - Henry and Stafford geting in Potatoes - Afternoon the Ice Broke at Mr. bedell's and Ran down, but how far we know not; the Snow melts slowly. The Sheep and Cattle pick a little on the Bare Places - Most of the Intervale is yet covered.
Apr 15:A Clear Cool Morning after a considerable frost - The Ice Ran last Night and Jamed up from Woolverton's to my great Bar - at 10 O-C- broke and Ran off - and soon after the Ice came Down Thick and in large Cakes - and Ran for an Hour and a Half - Suppose from the Grand Bar - The Ice has broke and Ran off in the Creek - without injuring the Bridge - afternoon very warm.
Apr 16:Another Cold Morning and Day. The Ground Froze Hard. Never a better season for Sap. Found the Ice running very thick this morning - No doubt the Main body - It Ran four Hours, and Raised the River very much - Wind North and Chilly. Tryed the Parsnips, but too much frost in the ground - The Snow goes very slowly.
Apr 17:Sunday - A Clear and Very Warm Day. The warmest Yet.
Apr 18:Cloudy and Some little Rain - 2 O-C- wind comes from Nor-west and very high - The Ice Ran five hours very fine, Suppose from above the Falls. The Snow is now off the Meadows, but the Low Places; but considerable in the Woods. River Rising fast.
Apr 19:Clear and warm little wind. Eleanor Ketchum Died 11 O-C- Henry and Stafford went to Chop on his Place by his Brother John.
Apr 20:Cloudy and a little Sprinkling of Rain Towards Night. The Wind comes North and very High. No Ice toDay, but what Dropped off the Banks of the River.
Apr 21:Cloudy and Snowy Morning - It Snowed last Night and this morning 4 Inches and Drifted all into Heaps - A Small Run of fine Ice - Suppose the last - Afternoon Clear and the Snow gone - quite chilly. Buried Eleanor Ketchum at 11 O-C- Very muddy.
Apr 22:Clear and Cold Morning - The Ground Froze Hard - Began to take Colomell and Physic - William set out for Tobique - and John to the States - Henry went again to Chop. Afternoon warm and wind fresh at Sou-West. Second Calf. But Clear. No Ice. River Rising Slowly.
Apr 23:Clear and warm Day - Wind Sou-West - William Returned. His men not being Ready - Dug the first Parsnips. No Frost. Barked my Twine for Long Net - River Rises very slowly owing to the Cold Weather.
Apr 24:Sunday - A Clear and Very warm day - The Ground Dry's fast.
Apr 25:A little Cloudy and Some Prospect of Rain. Snow off the improvements, but Plenty yet in the woods. The River has Scarcely Rose Any owing to Cold Nights; Wm. gone again for the Tobique - and henry back to Chop - Stafford with Him. John & Men Choping.
Apr 26:A Clear and Warm Day. No Wind - Grass now makes its appearance. Henry with Stafford out Choping - John and the Men began lodging Back
Apr 27:Clear and Rainy Morning, at little wind South - 3 O-C- Clears off warm and Pleasant Indeed - The River Appears to Rise a little but now no prospect of a great fresh, without very heavy rains. Geting in last Potatoes.
Apr 28:Clear and Pleasant. River now rising - Loging - Henry at his Place.
Apr 29:Clear wind south, very warm. The Grass grows fast. Afternoon wind very high and grows cloudy. River rising very fast. Night begins to Rain.
Apr 30:Cloudy after considerable Rain in the Night; Clears off at 9 O-C- very warm - River is now on the Island in the low Places. Old Stuff Plenty.

May 1:Sunday - Morning Clear and very Warm - Afternoon Cloudy.
May 2:Cloudy Wind Rises No-East and Cold. River has Rose 10 Inches above my Rock - and is now at a Stand - afternoon it began to Snow very fast, and continues till Night - Patrick arrived from Tobique in the Snow, with the Horses, having come down in Major Ketchum's boat. Night River Falls.
May 3:Cloudy and some Snow till 9 O-C- when it breaks away. The Snow was 3 Inches on the Ground, but in a few Hours, all Disappeared. The River fell a little last Night. Afternoon wind at North, with Showers and Cold. We have had the greatest Fresh. this Season, than for 7 years Past, and we fear that it will Rise again, there being a great quantity of snow above the Tobique.
May 4:Clear and Still and Some Warmer - River falls fast. Clearing and harrowing. John's Horse fell on a Stump and hurt himself very much - afternoon clouds over
May 5:A Cold Rainy Morning. Wind No-East - Magee came to Doctor John's Horse. Towards Night it begins to Snow fast Indeed, and Continues for an Hour. Walter Bedell brought down his Horses in a Boat Yesterday and Started toDay for the Tobique again. The River has now fell 6 Feet. Clearing and Lodging. Kniting long net. Very Cold.
May 6:Cloudy and Showers. Very Cold. Wind North. River at a stand. Clearing and lodging.
May 7:Cloudy and Blustering with Some Showers. Very Chilly. Finished my Long Net. 43 1/2 Fathoms. Clearing and Lodging. River neither Rises nor Falls; owing to Rain.
May 8:Sunday - Clear and warmer. River falls. Major Ketchum with us.
May 9:Clear and warm enough - began to fix garden - John gone to Sow Oats on His Place - Henry and Men Clearing and Harrowing - River is now fell for Fishing at our Front Place, but no Cannoe. Afternoon very warm.
May 10:Cloudy and warm a little Rain, wind west nor-west. George Helping me Garden - Set out Rose Pips. Seed Onions. Parsnips. Beets and Carrots - Sowed 3 Kinds of Lettuce. Spinage. Set out Seed Turnips. Sowed some Scotch Kail and Capers. Married Ralph Lannon and Rebeca Teed - River Rising from the warm weather - Night Wind Norwest and Cold.
May 11:Clear and Cold Morning wind north. Planted my Early Peas. And Onions. Sowed Some Turnips and Mustard. George Diging. henry has been 3 Days Ploughing above Ketchum's. Elisabeth Ketchum has been with Us from Monday afternoon - Maria and Her this Day on a Vist to Captn. Phillips's. Mrs. Dibblee gone to Captn. Bull's.
May 12:Clear and Cold Morning; A Smart White Frost. Henry Plowing - Men Clearing - River Rising - Planted a Bed of Liverpool Peas, and Sowed a few Early Cabbages in a Box. Toward Night Patrick came with a Raft; But the wind Blowing very High, could not get it on Shore, he went down.
May 13:Clear and Cold. A White Frost. Patrick came from Cronkhite's. The Raft gone on to Camber's Cove - Patrick Set out again for the Tobique. Afternoon Henry went to help raise Bedell's House, but this was yesterday.
May 14:Clear and Cold Morning - The Ground Froze Some; River falls - Planted another Bed of Liverpool Peas. Planted Sea Kail - afternoon very warm. Set fire to Log Heaps, Burnt very well. Henry Ploughing on Intervale.
May 15:Sunday - A Clear warm Day. John Came in last Night, having sowed 20 Bushels of Oats on His Place - River falls but very slowly.
May 16:Clear and warm enough - Stafford gone to sow William's lot with Oats - Sowed Bountiful Sprouts and more Scotch Kail - Henry ploughing.
May 17:Clear and Warm. Carted in Manure and made Hot Bed. John begins to Sow Wheat on the New Ground. Henry Plowing.
May 18:First Heifer Calved may 9th - The Second 12th of May - Dressed my Strawberries. Planted Cucumbers in Hot Bed. John finished New ground with Wheat 7 Bushels. Went to Sow Grass seed on William's Oats.
May 19:Cloudy but warm after a little Rain - Sowed my Cabbage Plants, cord Radishes and Turnip Radish. Noon John came Home. Men Planting Potatoes, first.
May 20:Cloudy wind sou-west and Very warm - Planted Beets, Carrots and Parsnips - Afternoon Rains very fast - A Great Blessing - Frederick arived - Henry and George finished harrowing wheat. River rises.
May 21:Clear and warm indeed - Planted 10 Hills of Pole Beans. Fixing Garden - Everything grows remarkably. Harrowing for Oats. Men Planted Garden by the House with Potatoes. Afternoon a shower from Nor-west, but no Thunder - Patrick arived with a Raft and Cannoe.
May 22:Whit Sunday - Clear and cool, Wind North and Very High.
May 23:Clear after a little Frost - Made Hot Bed and Planted Mellons - Diging - Stafford came in on Saturday Night, having Sowed on William's Place 20 Bushels of Oats. John sowing wheat on the Intervale. Henry Harrowing and Casting manure. Afternoon very warm. River falls fast, set the nets at the Trout Place, but no fish.
May 24:Clear and very warm - John finished sowing wheat, 18 Bushels and half - Henry and the Men harrowing and casting Dung. Stringing long Net - Everything grows finely, caught 3 fish in small net. Afternoon warm indeed - River falls.
May 25:Another very warm day - Never a more growing Season. Sowing Oats - Sowed my early Peas. Finished my long net - Planted 30 Hills of Pole Beans.
May 26:It Clouded up at Night and soon began to Rain and Continues most of the Day. Wind at 11 O-C- Rises from North and grows Cold. The Cold Rain affects the Sheep being Sheered Yesterday - Four of them were brought into the House but all Recovered. River falls fast, and we Set both Nets at the Old Eddy, being now very good.
May 27:Clear after a Blustering Cold Night, but no Frost. Wind North and Seldom Higher. Sowing and Harrowing Oats - Men casting Manure for Corn and Potatoes. Caught a Salmon and Small Fish.
May 28:Still Cold but no frost. Wind North but as High as Yesterday. River has rose surprisingly, but caught a Salmon. Finished Sowing Oats at Home, having sowed 12 Bushels, making in the whole 52 Bushels.
May 29:Sunday - Clear and warmer, but the wind still at North.
May 30:Clear and warm enough - Began to Plant Corn - Set the Net the River having fell very much - Preparing Ground for Cabages.
May 31:Clear and Warm, wind sou-west - Finished Planting Corn having planted about an acre. Caught a Salmon and 7 Succers. Afternoon began to plant Potatoes - Frederick and Maria Preparing for Fredericton.

Jun 1:Clear and warm indeed, wind sou-west. Planting Potatoes. Frederick and maria Started this Morning for Fredericton. An Indian took them down. Caught a Salmon - Preparing Ground for Cabbage Plants. The Eddy never better.
Jun 2:Cloudy and 8 O-C- began to Rain very fast but very warm after a night warm Indeed, and the first this Season - Cuting Potatoes. Caught a Salmon - Great Rain.
Jun 3:Cloudy but warm. John Set out for Weding. Sowed some mustard and last Cabbage plants. Planted Carey's Peas. Clearing New Ground for Corn - River rising fast - No Salmon.
Jun 4:Clear and warm. Began to Plant Corn on New Ground. The river is now up to the Alders. No fishing. River too high. This Day Richard is to be Married.
Jun 5:Sunday - Clear warm morning wind south - Soon Clouds over and Rains.
Jun 6:Cloudy and Rainy by turns all Day. Planting Corn - Bushed my Early Peas. Planted some own Squash, and Planted more Cucumbers. Patrick and Stafford arived.
Jun 7:Clear and very warm day. Patrick and Stafford took Down William's from Smith's Cove. Finished Planting Corn on New Ground. River falls and is now Good Eddies for Salmon.
Jun 8:Clear wind high at North but warm. Finished planting Potatoes below on interval. John arived at Night. Caught 2 Small salmon.
Jun 9:Clear and very warm indeed - Henry plowing by the Birch for more Potatoes - Caught 3 Small Salmon - River falls fast.
Jun 10:Clear after a very warm night - The warmest Day yet. Planting Potatoes by the Birch. John and Ketchum gone to the Scotch Settlement to lay out the Road - Afternoon Henry Visiting - Caught 2 Small Salmon. At Night Cloudy.
Jun 11:Clear and never warmer - Poled my Beans yesterday - Bushing Liverpool peas
Jun 12:Sunday - Cloudy and a little Rain in the morning - wind sou-west and chilly. But from Church time no Rain. Caught a Salmon. Everything grows finely.
Jun 13:Clear and pleasant - No Salmon - Planted Cucumbers, (Ketchum's Seed) and Transplanted some of mine in the Hot Bed - Major Ketchum had a raft lodged on my Bar.
Jun 14:A fine Thunder Shower last Evening brought the Wind Norwest and Cool. Blows heavy all Day. Night William arrived - Bushing Peas. Caught one Salmon.
Jun 15:A Cold Morning but no Frost - Wind north but little. 6 Rafts lodged on my Bar - Ketchum one, William one, they are now geting them off. No Salmon. Henry started in Major Ketchum's Boat for Fredericton - Afternoon warm and like for Rain.
Jun 16:Clear and warm enough after a little Rain in the Night. William and James Ketchum and John Smith got their Rafts off. Two heavy showers with little Thunder brought the wind North and High - Howing in Garden
Jun 17:Clearing and very Blustering after a cool Night - went Wakefield and Married John Grey and Esther Foster. Very Cold. Caught a small Salmon.
Jun 18:Clear and Cold Foggy Morning - John and Ketchum gone to Lay out Roads. William started for Fredericton in a Boat. One Salmon.
Jun 19:Sunday - A Clear and warm day.
Jun 20:Clear and cool morning - Began to Plow for Buckwheat. No Salmon.
Jun 21:Clear and very warm - Set out a few Cabbage Plants - Plowing - one Salmon. It is now very dry.
Jun 22:Clear and cool. Wind North - Last Night we had a most severe Thunder shower, and more Lightning than I ever knew. The Rain a great Blessing for the Ground, very dry. Set out more Cabbage Plants and Turnips. No Salmon.
Jun 23:Clear and Pleasant. Wind west. John last evening Sowed our Buckwheat. George today harrowing it in. One small Salmon. The Calf for killing is this day a fornight old.
Jun 24:Clear and warm. Sowed Turnips. Afternoon began to How Corn. Night Henry and James Ketchum arived from Fredericton. No Salmon.
Jun 25:Clear and warmer. At the garden - Finished howing Corn.
Jun 26:Sunday - Cloudy after a very fine rain in the night. Never did crops look better.
Jun 27:Clear and Pleasant indeed, wind west. John at Prince William. All hands on the road.
Jun 28:Clear and warm. John arived last Night. All on the Road. Last Cow calved. One Salmon.
Jun 29:Clear after a fine Rain in the Night - Henry and the Men gone to Richmond choping. Never a better season. Thanks be to God. One Salmon.

Jul 28:Clear and warm day and night last tea days.

Sep 17:From last date continued warm and dry weather, never the like before in this country. Crops all in but corn and potatoes without any rain.

Oct 15:From last date the same remarkable dry weather. Fires run both in the woods and on the improvements in a surprising and destructive manner. In Fredericton near an hundred houses, stores and barns burned. On the Oromocto several houses and children burned and numbers suffered in other parts of the province. We never knew such a time before. The earth is so dry that fire burns a considerable depth, and nothing but a great rain can stop it, which God grant.

Nov 17:It is ascertained that above 200 have perished by fire and in the river at Miramichi. All furniture, clothes, provisions and every kind of stock, houses, stores and barns at Newcastle and a number of other settlements entirely destroyed - Terrible indeed!


May 4:Very unwell.

A few short entries follow, and the last entry in the diary is dated May 11th [1826]. These words are added in the hand of Col. John Dibblee, "My revered father continued to grow worse from the above date till 17th May, at a few minutes before 8 o'clock, when his spirit fled to its creator. He bore his severe illness with the most exemplary patience and fortitude, and left this world with a full and perfect assurance of a happy resurrection through the merits and sufferings of Jesus Christ."

Maple sap gathering

The diary extracts above often mentions "sap". This is maple sap, gathered by tapping maple trees in the spring when the sap flows. This is boiled down to make syrup (which Frederick Dibblee calls honey) and sugar. There are mentions of beer made from the sap, anr even vinegar! The family, especially the boys, would camp near the trees to catch the sap. Setting up camp is mentioned, so is some of the equipment used, such as pails, barrels, troughs. The amount gathered varied from year to year. The start of the sap flowing was an important event, often mentioned in the diary. It was very dependent on the weather.

For a comparison, click here for a modern (if old-fashioned) maple syrup maker.

Here is another account, from an American correspondent:

Maple sap gathering:

The trees are "tapped" with a pointed tube and a bucket hanging from it. (Modern day techniques include hose-like tubes running to a large vat.) The tapping is done when the sun begins to hit, and warm, the winter trees and the sap rises from the bottom to the top. On a colder, grayer, day the sap doesn't rise so the gathering of it is only a few drops. When the weather warms in spring, when the trees themselves stay warmer at night, the "season" is over. Yes, trees are that picky AND "intelligent".

For several years we gathered sap and made syrup for our own use. Boiling it down from tree sap (watery) to thickened syrup takes hours and hours - outside, over an open fire. Sap tends to get foam, ash, bits of stuff in it and has to be skimmed repeatedly. Tastes heavenly. Must be done outside (or in a rather open shed) so that the steam escapes from the boiling.