Wills connected with Dibbles

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Modern date
11 Feb 1676Settlement of affairs of Ebenezer Dibble (the older)
17 Feb 1700Will of Thomas Dibble (senior)
24 Feb 1720Will of Samuel Gibbs (son-in-law of Thomas Dibble senior)

Settlement of affairs of Ebenezer Dibble is given on the page of Ebenezer Dibble the older.

The will of Thomas Dibble (senior) is given on the page of Thomas Dibble.

From Early Connecticut probate records Vol 1 1635-1700 page 388

Gibbs, Samuel, Windsor. (Died 8 February, 1719-20. See File.) Invt. £111-03-09.

Taken 24 February, 1719-20, by Israel Stoughton, Jonathan Elsworth and Nathaniel Horsford. Will dated 1st October, 1718.

I, Samuel Gibbs, Sen., of Windsor, do make this my last will and testament:

I give to my eldest son Samuel my gun, one-half my wearing apparell, besides what I have given him already by deed of gift.

And as to the woodlott lying near Two-Mile Tree by Thomas Thrall, which was my father Dibble's, my son Benjamin hath it by deed, having paid Samuel for 1-2 of it.

I give to my son Benjamin, besides what I have already given him, my cutless.

I give to my son Benjamin all my lands which I have not already disposed of, viz., 4 acres in Hoit's Meadow, 3 acres in the Great Meadow, and 41-2 acres by Benjamin's home lott, provided he pay the full value of the sd. 3 pieces of land to my daughters hereafter named, viz., to the heirs of my deceased daughter Hepsibah Dickinson, to Patience Denslow, to Elizabeth Hayden, to Joannah Loomis, to Experience Huxley, and to Miriam Bissell, to all in equall proportions.

Item. I give to my daughter Patience my great wainscot chest.

Item. To my daughter Elizabeth, my great Bible.

Item. To my daughter Joannah, a young mare.

Item. I give to my daughter Experience a young mare and colt.

Item. To my daughter Miriam, my featherbed and bedding belonging to it, with the bedstead ; also, my bell-metal skillett.

I hereby constitute my sons, Benjamin Gibbs, Josiah Bissell and Moses Loomis, to be executors.

I also desire my trusty friends, Mr. John Eliot, Dr. Samuel Mather and Mr. Ebenezer Fitch, to be overseers.

Samuel X Gibbs, LS.
Witness : Samuel Strong,
John Allyn, Bridget Fitch.

Court Record, Page 121 — 1st March, 1719-20: Will proven.