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These relate to the children of Rev. Frederick Dibblee including George Jarvis Dibblee. The information was got from the website Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, aprt from the alumni of College of New Brunswick, which came from the publication: "The Register being a list of former students and graduates of the College of New Brunswick later King's College and since 1859 the University of New Brunswick". The dates given are the date of the event.

John Dibblee
William S. I. Dibblee
Maria Jane Dibblee
Richard Dibblee
Elizabeth Dibblee (later Ketchum)
Frederick Beach Dibblee
George Jarvis Dibblee
Henry Ebenezer Dibblee
David Lewis Dibblee

John Dibblee

directory1865Hutchinson Directory John Dibblee living in Woodstock; occupation: Magistrate and farmer.
newspaper9 Dec 1871Woodstock Carleton Sentinel d. Woodstock (Carleton Co.) 30th ult., Phebe Mott DIBBLEE w/o John DIBBLEE, Esq., age 79.
newspaper29 Aug 1879St John Weekly Telegraph The death is announced of one of the oldest residents of the river St. John, John DIBBLEE, Esq. who died at his residence three miles below Woodstock on Aug, 23rd at age 92. His remains were interred in the Episcopal Church yard below Woodstock on Tuesday. He came to Woodstock when only an infant and followed farming owning one of the finest intervale farms on the river. The deceased was born March 3rd, 1787. He was appointed Justice of the Peace but never held any office of emolument.

From the website 1851 Census of New Brunswick: 1851 Census of New Brunswick, Carleton County, Woodstock Parish, page 31:

LineFIDSurnameGivensSexRelationAgeRaceOccupationDate of Entry
1314149DibbleeJohnMHusband64NativeFarmer J.C.P.

William S. I. Dibblee

newspaper11 Nov 1874Woodstock Carleton Sentinel d. Woodstock, 11 Nov 1874, William S.J. DIBBLEE s/o late Rev. F. DIBBLEE, age 86.

Maria Jane Dibblee

newspaper13 Mar 1872Woodstock Carleton Sentinel d. Woodstock (Carleton Co.) 13th inst., Maria L. DIBBLEE, age 81

Richard Dibblee

newspaper23 Jan 1856Saint John Morning News d. On her 90th birthday, at residence of her son in law, Richard DIBBLEE, Upper Woodstock (Carleton Co.), Jane GARDEN widow of William GARDEN, Esq.
newspaper24 Dec 1857Woodstock Carleton Sentinel m. Upper Woodstock (Carleton Co.), by Rev. John Hunter, Rev. David STOTT, Minister of Church of Scotland / Elizabeth Jane DIBBLEE d/o Richard DIBBLEE, Esq.
cemetery22 Mar 1858Woodstock Anglican, Carleton County DIBBLEE, Richard; Born 1794-Jul-5; Died 1858-Mar-22; Relationship 3rd s/o Rev. Fred Dibblee.
newspaper22 Mar 1859New Brunswick Courier d. at his residence, Woodstock (Carleton Co.) Richard DIBBLEE, Esq., age 65.
newspaper7 Jan 1877Woodstock Carleton Sentinel d. Sunday, at residence of C.L. KILBURN, Bay Street, Toronto, Ellen DIBBLEE widow of Richard DIBBLEE, Woodstock, N.B., 87th year.

From the website 1851 Census of New Brunswick: 1851 Census of New Brunswick, Carleton County, Woodstock Parish, page 8:

LineFIDSurnameGivensSexRelationAgeRaceOccupationDate of Entry
1511258DibbleeE. GFDaughter23Native
1611258DibbleeW FMSon21Native

Elizabeth Dibblee

newspaper17 Oct 1895St. Andrews Beacon W.O. Raymond who has been writing the local history of Carleton in the columns of 'The Dispatch' has this to say respecting the Ketchum family ... Charles Ketchum was born in Norwalk, Conn. in the year 1770. He married Elizabeth DIBBLEE, the eldest child of Rev. Frederick DIBBLEE and this circumstance led to his moving to Woodstock about the year 1810 and settling on the farm now owned by his son, Major John D. KETCHUM which had been given up by Rev. F. Dibblee to his daughter as a marriage portion. In politics Charles was one of the tories of the olden time, a firm upholder of Church and State and the uncompromising anything that bordered on republicanism. He and his children after him were staunch supporters of the parish church at Woodstock and to it their gifts have been neither few nor small. Charles Ketchum survived his wife some twenty years and died March 14, 1856, aged 85 years.

Frederick Beach Dibblee

alumni1822College of New Brunswick Dibblee, Frederick B. entered from Woodstock, N.B.
alumni1830College of New Brunswick Dibblee, Frederick B. B.A.
cemetery5 Oct 1861Woodstock Anglican, Carleton County Elizabeth, w/o Frederick B, Died 1861-Oct-5; Age 70 Years.
cemetery1874Woodstock Anglican, Carleton County DIBBLEE, Frederick B; Born 1798; Died 1874; h/o Elizabeth.
newspaper18 Jan 1874Woodstock Carleton Sentinel d. Woodstock, Frederick B. DIBBLEE, age 76, s/o late Rev. Frederick DIBBLEE.

From the website 1851 Census of New Brunswick: 1851 Census of New Brunswick, Carleton County, Woodstock Parish, page 32:

LineFIDSurnameGivensSexRelationAgeRaceOccupationDate of Entry
514241DibbleeFrederick BMHusband54NativeFarmer
1014241AnnetMary A.F15Native

George Jarvis Dibblee

newspaper22 Dec 1825New Brunswick Royal Gazette m. Woodstock (Carleton Co.) 22nd ult., by Rev. F. Dibblee, George J. DIBBLEE, Esq., Barrister at Law / Elizabeth KETCHUM second d/o Major KETCHUM.
newspaper22 Jul 1827St John City Gazette d. Fredericton (York Co.) 22nd inst., age 24, Elizabeth DIBBLEE w/o G.J. DIBBLEE, Esq. and d/o Richard KETCHUM, Esq.
newspaper31 Aug 1848St JohnNew Brunswick Courier d. Fredericton (York Co.) Friday eve., Susannah Mary DIBBLEE w/o George J. DIBBLEE, Esq., Barrister at Law and fifth d/o late Thos. WETMORE, formerly Attorney General, age 42.
newspaper12 Nov 1850Woodstock Carleton Sentinel m. Tuesday, St. Paul's Church, Portland, by Rev. W. H. Shore, George J. DIBBLEE, Barrister at Law / Jane PETERS d/o Hon. Charles J. PETERS, formerly H.M. Attorney General.
directory1867Hutchinson Directory George J. Dibblee living in Queen Street, Fredericton; occupation: barrister n clerk
directory1871Lovell Directory George J. Dibblee living in Fredericton; occupation: Notary & Clerk of Peace
newspaper22 Jan 1877St John Daily News d. Fredericton, 22nd Jan., George J. DIBBLEE, Barrister-at-Law, age 76. [They got his age wrong!]
newspaper16 Mar 1886St John Daily Telegraph d. At residence of Dr. PETERS, Carleton (St. John), Jane DIBBLEE relict of George DIBBLEE, Esq., Fredericton (York Co.) Funeral Friday morn. on arrival of train from St. John.

Here is the second wedding of George Jarvis Dibblee.

George Jarvis Dibblee and Mary Wetmore's marriage

This is from the website 1851 Census of New Brunswick. George Jarvis Dibblee has his middle initial wrong and the family name spelled Dibbler - these might be transcription errors.

1851 Census of New Brunswick, York County, Fredericton City, page 117:

LineFIDSurnameGivensSexRelationAgeRace OccupationDate of EntryRemarks
123481DibblerGeorge IMHead50 NativeBarristerBirthTenant
223481DibblerJaneFWife43 NativeBirth
323481DibblerEmma WFDaughter20 NativeBirth
423481DibblerMaryFDaughter18 NativeBirth
523481DibblerSophia J BFDaughter16 NativeBirth
623481DibblerElizabethFDaughter15 NativeBirth
723481DibblerFrederick LMSon13 NativeBirth
823481DibblerThomas WMSon11 NativeBirth
923481DibblerCashalin HFDaughter9 NativeBirth
1023481DibblerGrace HailyFDaughter7 NativeBirth
1123481DibblerSarah PFDaughter5 NativeBirth
1223481SlavinPatrickMServant30 IrishServant1846
1323481McEwingNancyFServant25 IrishServant1846
1423481RyanJaneFServant20 NativeServantBirth
1523481BannonBarneyMServant 14 NativeServantBirth

Henry Ebenezer Dibblee

directory1865Hutchinson Directory Henry Dibblee living in Woodstock; occupation: Custom house officer & Fa[rmer?]
directory1867Hutchinson Directory Henry Dibblee living in Main Cor Maple [Street], Woodstock; occupation: Custom house officer
cemetery28 May 1883Woodstock Anglican, Carleton County DIBBLEE, Henry E; died 28 May 1883; aged 81 years; relationship: wife Nancy A.
newspaperMay 28 1883Saint John Daily Telegraph Our Woodstock (Carleton Co.) correspondent telegraphs us that Henry DIBBLEE, Esq. of that town died at his residence yesterday morn, from paralysis. He was born in 1800 [wrong!]. In 1825 he was appointed Deputy Provincial Treasurer and held the office until after Confederation when he was appointed Collector of Customs.

From the website 1851 Census of New Brunswick: 1851 Census of New Brunswick, Carleton County, Woodstock Parish, page 31:

LineFIDSurnameGivensSexRelationAgeRaceOccupationDate of Entry
114148DibbleeHenry EMHusband49NativeFarmer
414148DibbleeHenry WMSon19Native
514148DibbleeCharles F RMSon5Native
814148DibbleeM JFSister58Native
914148DibbleeD LMBrother46NativeBarister? MPP

David Lewis Dibblee

alumni1828College of New Brunswick Dibblee, David Lewis entered from Woodstock, N.B., 1828.
alumni1832College of New Brunswick Dibblee, David Lewis, B.A.
alumni6 Feb 1836College of New Brunswick Dibblee, David Lewis admitted Attorney-at-Law
alumni11 Feb 1837College of New Brunswick Dibblee, David Lewis, Barrister-at-Law
newspaperOct. 1 1880Saint John Daily Telegraph David Louis DIBBLEE, barrister, usually known as Col. DIBBLE, died at 3 o'clock this afternoon, 75th year, one of the oldest inhabitants of Woodstock.

The 1851 census shows that David Lewis Dibblee was living with his brother Henry Ebenezer Dibblee in 1851.