Places in Connecticut connected with the Dibblees

This page refers only to my immediate ancestors, not other Dibbles or Dibblees.

Thomas Dibble (or Deebell as he signed himself) was born in England, probably in the West Country. He emmigrated to Dorchester, near Boston, in 1635, but almost immediately moved to Windsor, Connecticut. His family stayed in Connecticut for several generations, but were associated with several different towns.

Towns connected with the Dibble family in Connecticut


Thomas Deebbell moved to Windsor around 1636.

His son Ebenezer were born here in 1641.

Ebenezer's son, Wakefield was born here in 1667.

When Ebenezer died in the Great Swamp Fight, near Kingston, Rhode Island, Wakefield, his son, carried on living in Windsor for a while. He married here (twice) and some of his children were born here. Wakefield and family moved away around 1704.


Hartford was an important town where, for example, Ebenezer Dibble (the older) was made a Freeman of Windsor in 1670.


Wakefield Dibble and his family moved to Danbury around 1704.

His son Ebenezer Dibblee (later Rev.) was born in Danbury around 1715.

New Haven

Ebenezer Dibble (the older) married his wife here in 1663. (I'm not quite sure why.)

Wakefield Dibble was a representative for Danbury at a General Assembly held at New Haven 1609.

Ebenezer Dibblee (later Rev.) studied at Yale, New Haven. He graduated in 1634.


Rev. Ebenezer Dibblee was Rector at Stamford for fifty years until he died in 1799.

Frederick Dibblee (later Rev.) was born in Stamford in 1753.

Connecticut in 1766

Connecticut in 1766