Rev. Frederick Dibblee's Diary - references to George

Rev. Frederick Dibblee kept a diary. Below are the references in the diary to George Jarvis Dibblee son of Frederick. George was born in 1800, so I have given his approximate age. This may not be all the references to George. Rev. Frederick Dibblee talked a lot about 'the boys', which presumably may have included George. Several of Rev. Frederick Dibblee's friends were also called george. Normally they were referred to with surnames as well, but some of the 'George' references below may be to them.

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Diary entry
20 Nov 18099George and Henry went over to Mrs. Wollard's in my Birch Cannoe.
24 Dec 18099George and Henry came home by way of the Island. The Ice very Strong.

15 Jun 181010George planted his beans.

4 Dec 181515Jack, George and Fredk. gone to Mr. Bedell's to fix Room for School and to get wood.

8 Apr 181616Began to tapt our [maple] trees. William hawled some Hay from Mrs. Rogers. Frederick and George at the Camp. Jack and Ketchum fixed Potash Kettle.
13 Apr 181616Jack & George gone to drive Cattle out to his Stack of Hay on his place. Maria with the Slay to Fetch them Home.
15 Apr 181616Jack & Ketchum & Frederick taping trees as fast as Possible - George boiling down Sap.
16 Apr 181616William, Frederick & George at the Camp. Jack & Ketchum making troughs.
17 Apr 181616The boys caught 6 barrels [of sap].
23 Apr 181616Jack at the Timber, Frederick at the Camp - William after more hay. George unwell. Henry and Lewis at school.
27 Apr 181616George & Frederick at Camp. Jack & William hawling their Birch Timber.
29 Apr 181616Clear and never a Warmer Day in May - We had some Frost - the two last Nights - but too warm for Sap - it Runs well a little While - Jack and William Hawling their Birch Timber - Ketchum, Fred. & George at the Camp
30 Apr 181616Clear and never a Warmer Day in May - We had some Frost - the two last Nights - but too warm for Sap - it Runs well a little While - Jack and William Hawling their Birch Timber - Ketchum, Fred. & George at the Camp
30 Apr 181616George boiling down the last Sap. Jack & William hawling their Birch Timber. Frederick at the Flax.
1 May 181616Jack & William at their Timber - Frederick and George sugared off better than 80 lbs. Sam'l and Raymond ploughing.
2 May 181616 It Froze some Last Night - but little Sap - Jack & William at their Timber - Fredk. & George Sugared off better than 80 lbs.
4 May 181616George and Harry gone to gather the sap for honey and beer. Jack & William clearing -
6 May 181616Sugared off this Day 47 lbs of good sugar - the last - having made this bad season 635 lbs. of good sugar.
8 May 181616Jack & William rafting. Frederick and George gathered Sap and made two barrels of beer. Brought all from Camp.
10 May 181616Jack & George gone to Chop on his place.
11 May 181616Jack & George on his place. William & Frederick ploughing.
13 May 181616Jack & George Ploughing - Fredk. & William Spreading Dung
15 May 181616Snow Disappears Afternoon Jack Ploughing - Fredk. & George at the Flax.
25 May 181616George at harrowing - Wm. & Henry - clearing
26 May 181616Fredk. came in last Night from Jack, and George & Henry went out with more wheat & Provisions
27 May 181616George came in, left Henry to help Jack.
28 May 181616George Harrowing; Wm. & Fred - Clearing
30 May 181616Wm. & Henry Harrowing. Jack, Fredk. & George Making Fence
5 Jun 181616George went to Mill, 2 Bushels.
12 Jun 181216Jack & William Making Fence above the Rapid Rock - Fredk. & George Harrowing. Henry Helping Ketchum plant Potatoes
13 Jun 181616Henry helping Ketchum - Jac & William at Fence. Frederick & George harrowing.
18 Jun 181616George Harrowing Buckwheat
24 Jun 181616Frederick & George on the Road - William set out from Fredericton.
25 Jun 181616Jack fixed Celler. Fredk & George at the Road
1 Jul 181616George Drove 6 Head to Pasture at Mr. Lane's
15 Aug 181616Jack & George now cutting Hay on his Place... Jack and George came Home from the Prospect of Rain
23 Nov 181616Warner finished Plaistering the School-House this Night, Fredk. & Ned made the Mortar. Two Days and Half each. George Volunteered.
29 Nov 181616William and Richard lathing; George & Fredk. at the Dung
2 Dec 181616Kendall began School this Day in the New House. Henry and Lewis at School, George & Fredk. geting Wood.
6 Dec 181616Boys at the Stable & Dung. Night Captn. Bull and Jack fixing Writing Tables at the School-Room George and Harry and Lewis at School.

9 Apr 181717William went to Presque Isle. George Drove Him
10 Apr 181717George came Home
2 May 181717Richard and George Boiling Down What They Caught Yesterday - which We believe and Hope is the last
2 Jun 181717Richard and George harrowing - Jack Grafting - Boys Clearing
6 Jun 181717Fredk. & George went to Tompkins Mill
28 Nov 181717Richard and George at the Dung - Wm. & Fredk. opened and brought in Potatoes from the Intervale
29 Nov 181717Jack mended Chimney - Richard & George at the Dung - Fredk helping Jack
1 Dec 181717George and Harry Plastered Hen House
4 Dec 181717Wm. & Fredk. gone to help Ketchum Kill his Hogs - George gone to Mill
6 Dec 181717Jack & William geting Timber - Frederick with the People geting Stove Wood for the Church - Richard and George Threshing and at the Gravel.
13 Dec 181717Fredk & George hawling wood - Jack & William at their Timber.
20 Dec 181717Richard, Fredk and George geting Wood - Jack, Wm. at their Timber.
24 Dec 181717Jack at the Timber - William and George Hawling .

5 Jan 181818George began the school in Room of Kendall, who has left us.
13 May 181818George Harrowing.
9 Oct 181818Came from Fredericton on the 20th - George went with me, left Him at Major Morehouse's.
26 Dec 181818Jack making Bob-Sled - William gone to Blacksmith's and George to Connel's.
23 Mar 181818George Hurt His Arm last Night.
12 May 181818Jack and the Carvells Started this Day in the Morning with their Raft of Timber - George went with them.
15 May 181818George arived last evening, left John in Fredericton.
2 Sep 181818George and Maria set out Yesterday on a Visit to Fredericton.

6 Apr 182020Maria, George and Thomas with Maria Ketchum.
1 Jun 182020John, Maria and George at Mr. Bedell's - Wm. gone after more Oats.
10 Jun 182020Henry and Thomas began New Fence - Afternoon Henry George and Lewis - went to the Rising of William Bedell's House.
19 Jun 182020Wm. George and Thomas with the oxen, work on the road at the Madusnickeck. Night Mrs. Plant arived - Wm. Simpson on Sunday morning - Ran His Raft of Timber on my Bar - James Ketchum, who was here, Wm. George, Henry and Thomas - west to Help Him, but could not get his Raft off the Bar.
15 Jul 182020Henry Morehouse came here with George last Night.
18 Jul 182020George and Maria visiting Major Ketchum.
19 Jul 182020George & Maria Stayed all Night - Afternoon Charles Ketchum had a Mowing Frolick - the first that has begun Haying.
31 Jul 182020William and George gone to Help Raise Dr. Rice's House.
5 Oct 182020George caught a Salmon while absent.
6 Oct 182020Frederick, who has been absent some Days, and George Set out for Fredericton in a Birch Cannoe.
25 Oct 182020George and Mr. Clopper came very wet from Fredericton.
11 Nov 182020 George left Home for Fredericton in Watson's Boat.
13 Nov 182020William Sold a Steer to Captn. R. Smith for Boards, 1750 feet. It was the Steer George had of Rogers.

2 Jun 182121George arived last evening on a Visit.
13 Jun 182121Henry finished the ground for Barley. George started early this morning for Fredericton. William Cleaning Barley.
29 Dec 182121 George and Mr. Cury arived on the Night before Christmas....Mr. Cury and George, and Charles with his Sister, who came from Major Ketchum's Dined at Mrs. Griffith's.

5 Jan 182222Yesterday, Cary, George, Charles and Mary Morehouse and Elizabeth ketchup with John for Miramichi all left here for their Homes.
23 Jun 182222George with John Bedell left us for Fredericton - having been home a week.
14 Oct 182222This morning Clear and Cold which has made considerable Ice in the River and Stopted all Boating and Poling. George and Maria have been from Tuesday Octr. 11th over the Creek and we fear cannot Pass from the Ice. Bad Indeed.
15 Oct 182222George and Maria with James Ketchum came Home last Evening; They Crossed the Creek on the Ice.

29 Nov 182323William in the Woods, Jack and George above.
5 Dec 182323Wm. Cuting Wood - Henry, George and Charles yesterday runing Ketchum's line between us.
8 Dec 182323John and William making their Camp - Henry & George & Ketchum runing Lines.
24 Dec 182323Frederick & George fixed the Church for Christmas.
29 Dec 182323Richard and George Set out for Fredericton with John Smith. William and His Men with both Yoke went to begin to Hall Timber.

5 Apr 182424George came at Night. Sally Ketchum and Polly Smith Here.
7 Apr 182424George gone with Sally Ketchum home.
18 Nov 182424George arived.
26 Nov 182424Maria George and Henry on a Visit to Captn. Phillips's.
7 Dec 182424Maria and George on a Visit to Major Ketchum's.
9 Dec 182424George left Home for Fredericton.
12 Dec 182424major Ketchum, George, Elisabeth and Randolph here - Cad. Bull Died last Night.

14 Apr 182525John gone to His Place - George to the Weding - Henry and Stafford geting in Potatoes
10 May 182525George Helping me Garden - Set out Rose Pips. Seed Onions. Parsnips. Beets and Carrots - Sowed 3 Kinds of Lettuce. Spinage. Set out Seed Turnips. Sowed some Scotch Kail and Capers.
11 May 182525George Diging. Henry has been 3 Days Ploughing above Ketchum's.
20 May 182525Frederick arived - Henry and George finished harrowing wheat.
23 Jun 182525John last evening Sowed our Buckwheat. George today harrowing it in.