From Wakefield Dibblee's will

These images are taken from a single sheet of paper found in my parents' papers. This part relates to a snippet from Wakefield Dibblee's will, which is interesting, and not, as far as I can see, available anywhere else. The rest of the writing, which I have left out, is about Frederick Dibblee senior setting up his crest, and various suggestions as to what it might be.

Note on Wakefield Dibblee's will

Transcription: The Will of Wakefield Dibble which was proved May 2nd 1734 bears date Jan.3[1]st 1733-4 He directs his executors to pay all "ye charges which do, or may arise upon ye education of his son Ebenezer, also £30 towards furnishing him with books etc." Probate Rec. Fairfields Co., 1716-35, P.263.

Note on Wakefield Dibblee's will

Transcription: Ebenezer Dibblee was Papa's Grandfather. I forgot to send you this last mail. Sarah discovered this working on the book this was taken from.

The paper is undated and unsigned. My parents noted that the second side, with the explantion as to where it came from, has the same handwriting as a letter known to be from Grace Dibblee, daughter of George Jarvis Dibblee. Since George is indeed the grandson of Ebenezer Dibblee, this seems likely. Sarah is another daughter of George Jarvis Dibblee. The handwriting of the two sides is different, so presumably the first side is written by Sarah.