Passengers of the unnamed ship from Weymouth - 1635

Here is the roll of passengers of an unnamed ship, bound for New England, sailing from Weymouth, Dorset, in 1635.

This is taken from 'The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; religious exiles; political rebels; serving men sold for a term of years; apprentices; children stolen; maidens pressed; and others who went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700 ... from Mss. preserved in the state paper department of her Majesty's Public Record Office, England. Edited by James Camden Hotten: London 1874 - see original texts. This ship list starts at page 283.

This describes the ship as Bound for New England" and sailing from "Waymouth, ye 20th March 1635". There is a footnote by Hotten to the date, saying "Really 1635/6". There is a reference to this ship on a website from Weymouth, Dorset on this webpage, which dates it 1636/7 and gives the Master: John Driver. See discussion of dates.

Thomas Dible is number 72 on this list, and his sister (sonor) Francis is number 73. Thomas Dible is a husbandman (farm labourer) and is 22 years old. Francis Dible is 24 years old.

Comments on my transcription: I have tried to give the spellings of names as they are given in the original. The numbering system went wrong in several places, but I have stuck to the original. The people are obviously grouped into families so I have inserted a blank line between them - this is not in the original. The descriptions seem to tail off towards the end, and some of the ages are frankly absurd - perhaps the "cleark" got tired! For accuracy, please consult the original - see above.

NameLocationJob / relationshipaged .. Yeare
1Joseph Hallof Somerseta minister40
2Agnis Hallhis wife25
3Joane Hallhis daughtr.15
4Joseph Hallhis sonne13
5Tristram Hallhis son11
6Elizabeth Hallhis daughtr.7
7Temperance Hallhis daughtr.9
8Grissell Hallhis daughtr.5
9Dorothy Hallhis daughtr.3
10Judeth Frenchhis s'vaunt20
11John Woodhis s'vaunt20
12Robr. Dabynhis s'vaunt28
13Musachiell Bernardof Batcombe, SomersettClothier24
14Mary Bernardhis wife28
15John Bernardhis sonne3
16Nathaniel Bernardhis sonne1
17Rich: Personssalter & his s'vant30
18Francis BaberChandler36
19Jesope Joyner22
20Walter JesopWeaver21
21Timothy Taborof Batcombe of Som'st.taylor35
22Jane Taborhis wife35
23Jane Taborhis daughtr.10
24Anne Taborhis daughtr.8
25Sarah Taborhis daughtr.5
26Willm Feverhis s'vaunt20
27Jno: Whitmark39
28Alice Whitmarkhis wife35
29Jmo: Whitmarkhis sonne11
30Jane Whitmarkhis daughtr.7
31Ouseph (or Onseph) Whitmarkhis sonne5
32Rich: Whytemarkhis sonne2
33Willm. Readof Batcombe in SomersettTaylor28
35Susan Readhis wife29
36Hanna Readhis daughtr.3
37Lusan Readhis daughtr.1
38Rich: Adamshis s'vante29
39Mary Adamshis wife26
40Mary Cheamehis daughtr.1
41Zachary Bickwell45
42Agnis Bickwellhis wife27
43Jno. Bickwellhis sonne11
44Jno. Kitchinhis servaunt23
46George Allin24
47Katherin Allynhis wife30
48George Allynhis sonne16
49Willm. Allynhis sonne8
50Mathew Allynhis sonne6
51Edward Poolehis s'vaunt26
52Henry Kingman40
53Joane Kingmanhis wife39
54Edward Kingmanhis sonne16
55Joane Kingmanhis daughtr.11
56Anne Kingmanhis daughtr.9
57Thomas Kingmanhis sonne7
58John Kingmanhis sonne2
59Jn. Fordhis servaunt30
60William Kinge40 (or 30)
61Dorothy Kingehis wife34
62Mary Kingehis daughtr.12
63Katheryn Kingehis daughtr.10
64Willm. Kingehis sonne8
65Hanna Kingehis daughtr.6
66Thomas Holbrookeof Broudway Somm'34
67Jane Holbrookehis wife34
68John Holbrookehis sonne11
69Thomas Holbrookehis sonne10
70Anne Holbrookehis daughtr.5
71Elizabeth Holbrookehis daughtr.1
72Thomas Diblehusbandm.22
73Francis Diblesoror24
74Robert Lovellhusbandman40
75Elizabeth Lovellhis wife35
76Zacheus Lovellhis sonne15
78Anne Lovellhis daughtr.16
79John Lovellhis sonne8
Ellyn Lovellhis daughtr.1
80James Lovellhis sonne1
81Joseph Chickinhis servant16
82Alice Kinham22
83Angell Hollard21
84Katheryn Hollardhis wife22
85George Landhis servaunt22
86Sarah Jandhis kinswoman18
87Richard Joanesof Dinder
88Robt. Martyrnof Badcombehusbandm.44
89Humfrey Shepheardhusbandm.32
90John Vphamhusbandman35
91Joane Martyn44
92Elizabeth Vpham32
93John VphamJun.7
94William Graue [Grave]12
95Sarah Vpham26
96Nathaniell Vpham5
97Elizabeth Vpham3
98Richard Wadeof Simstuly Dorst.Cop [Cooper]60
99Elizabeth Wadehis wife6 [sic]
100Dinah Wadehis daughtr.22
101Henry Lushhis s'vant17
102Andrewe Hallethis s'vaunt28
103John Hoblehusbandm.13
104Robt. Hustehusbandm.40
105John Woodcooke2
106Rich. Porterhusband3 [sic]

At the end, the list is signed John Porter, Deputy Cleark to Edw: Thoroughgood.

John Winthrop was founder of the colony of Massachusetts Bay in New England, which included Dorchester. In his journal, in the early 1630's, he describes each ship arriving at the colony, but on June 3 1635, he just says: "There came in seven other ships, and one to Salem, and four more to the mouth of the bay, with store of passengers and cattle. They all came within six weeks." He sounds rather overwhelmed! Presumably Thomas and Frances Dible's ship was one of these.