References to Deeble in Dorchester Town Records

These references are taken from Dorchester Town Records. Dorchester was one of the original settlements which became Boston, Mass. I have used the book published in 1880. In the introduction it says 'In February last the following order was passed by the City Council:- "Ordered, That the Record Commissioners be authorized to have transcribed and indexed the land records of the town of Dorchester, and to have the same printed and distributed in the same manner as their previous reports, at an expense not exceeding $1,000; to be charged to the appropriation for printing..."' The records start in 1632. See original texts for the full book (and to check my transcription!)

The dates given in the records can be confusing. I have given the modern version of the date in the page index below. Please read the discussion on dates for an explanation. Also, read discussion on area for more on land measurement, for the land grants. The page numbers below are of the Victorian book, not the original Dorchester Records, nor the scanned version. I have put the entries in their date order, rather than the order of the book.

These records seem to prefer the spelling Deeble. They refer to Robert Deeble and his son Thomas Deeble.

Modern date
17 Dec 1635Dorchester land grant to Robert and Thomas Deeble
4 Jan 1636Second land grant to Robert and Thomas Deeble
18 Mar 1638Third land grant to Robert Deeble
18 Mar 1638Robert Deeble made bailiff
13 Feb 1639Robert Deeble reappointed bailiff
Jan 1640Fourth land grant to Robert Deeble
Jan - 1 Apr 1640Robert Deeble reappointed bailiff
7 Feb 1642Setting up maintenance for a new free school
unknownPayment to Robert Deeble

Page 13 The 17th day of December 1635. It is ordered that Robert Deeble shall have inlardgment of Two goad in length from his house vpward, and that, and that his sonne T[hommas] Deeble shall have six goad next him, to goe with a right lyne vp from the pale before his house on condition for Thommas Deeble to build a house there within one yeere or else to loose that goad graunted him.
Page 15 The 4th of January [1636]
It is ordered that the p'tyes here vnder written shall have great lotts at the bounds betwixt Roxbury and Dorchester at the great hill betwixt the sayd bounds and above the marsh as foll. not to inclose medowe.
Henry Tookes.........................20 acres
Widdow Purchase....................16 ''
Mathias Sension......................20 ''
Thomas Thorneton...................16 ''
Thomas Samfford....................16 ''
William Sommer.......................20 ''
Roger Clap..............................16 ''
Aron Cooke.............................16 ''
John Pope...............................20 ''
mr. Pinny...............................20 ''
Henry Wright............................20 ''
William Hannam.......................16 ''
Barnard Gapin and his sonne..30 ''
Thomas Swift...........................20 ''
Robert Deeble and his sonne..30 ''
Mr. Demicke............................20 ''
John Eales..............................20 ''
George Procter.........................20 ''
Richard Wade...........................20 ''
Robert Winchell........................16 ''
Page 29March 18th. [1638] It is ordered that all the hoame lotts and great lotts shalbe sufficiently fenced agaynst swine and great cattle p' the 25th of this mounth. on payne of thre shillings for euy goad found defectiue, to be leuied p'distresse, besides damedg.
The Proportion which each man is to haue in the necke according to the rule agreed on for deuideing the same as here vder fott .... The Proportion which each man is to haue in the Cowes Pasture and other lands according to the same rule of deuision for euery on this side the Riuer .
Mr Stoughton262620
Mr Glover13..131
Mr Whitman262620
Mr Bates82..8320
Mr Meinot712083
Mr Newbury71287128
Ed Munnings1031210312
N. Duncan553
J. Holman88
Tho: Richards1122012
Mr. Trobridge71207120
Mr. Hill73208-10
Mr. Biggs4220432
Mrs. Tilly4304-30
Mr. Mather12....12....
Mr. Martin4....6220
Mr. Gilbert9209128
Mr. Hawkins822411-20
Mrs. Knight210103
Mr. Butler62109-10
Mr. Aderton6320132
Mr. Withingtpn722736
Widow Smed3..83-8
Mr. Parker32303312
Thom: Joanes53306110
Alexander Miller4..204-20
Andrew Pitcher12351235
Austen Clement311311
Brey Wilkeins23322332
Henery Way22122212
Chr. Gibson33323332
David Price22122212
Ed: Clap4 1 12 4 2 32
Ed: Bullocke 3 3 8 2 1 8
Ed: White 3 .. 35 3 - 35
Geo: Dyer 4 2 32 4 3 32
Geor: Procter 4 1 5 4 1 4
Geo: Weeks 3 2 36 4 2 10
Tho: Dickerman 3 1 17 3 2 37
Ralf: Tomkins 2 3 37 2 3 37
Rich: Wright 3 1 18 3 1 18
Jonas Humfry 2 3 16 3 1 6
Henery Wright 2 3 4 2 3 26
Joseph Tuchill 3 1 32 3 1 32
John Moore 3 3 37 4 2 37
John Whetcomb 4 3 10 4 3 10
John Smith 2 0 30 2 - 30
Widd. ffoster 2 .. 30 2 - 30
John Phillips 8 .. 17 8 - 17
Joseph Flood 3 .. 35 3 2 10
John Capen 2 .. 10 2 1 30
***o Eales 5 2 20 5 2 20
**o Nile 2 1 2 2 1 2
** Heydon 4 .. 12 3 1 12
** Hill 3 .. 3 3 1 23
** Pope 4 .. 18 4 18
o Holland 6 .. 20 6 20

The rest of the Division of the Neck.

Rest of the Division of other land.
John Hull 4 - 36 4 1 36
John Grinway 4 3 6 4 1 6
John Kinsly32103210
Joim Binham32103210
Joseph Pharneworth 51325132
Nicho : Clap32284..8
Mr. Billingham3303..30
Nicho : Upsall425425
Natha : Wales41..41..
Rich : Joanes53215321
Widdow Purchase12281228
Rich : Wade12391239
Roger Clap4....4....
Robert Elwell22392239
Robert Deeble23222320
Richard Collicot63386338
Thom. Lumbert3-353210
Thom. Demicke3344..24
Tho. Swift31123112
Tho. Andrews21302310
Tho. Millet234234
Tho. Hatch316316
John Pierce4..24122
Tho. Tilestone232232
Will. Sumner52125212
Will. Blake32..5....
Will. Read33363336
Will. Lane32163216
Will. Preston338338
Mr. Hathomes House33264..30
Will. Gaylor53125312
Tho. Wiswell5..65..6
Tho. Kinnerly324324
Tho. Sampford21242124
Benjamin Fen13261326
Good : Topley214214
Jo : Rigby2212
Mr. Hutchison33103310
Geo. Way22173113
Mr. Witchfeilds House33203320
John Miller2..202..20
Bernard Capin2..122212
Mathew Sension323214
Mr. Makepeace12226136
Richard Hawes2326316
Tho. Tredwell33203326
Robert Peirce32
Somms is538322
Page 32March 18 [1638] ...
Robert Deeble is chosen Baylif for half a yeere or till an other be chosen and it is ordered that he shall levy all fines rates and amercements for the Plantation by impounding the offenders Goods, and then to deteyne them till satisfaction be made and if the owners of the goods shall not make satisfaction within 9 dayes it shall be lawfull for him to sell the goods and to returne the overplus to the p'ty offending and to be alowed 12d for euery distresse and 2d for every impounding of Cow horse or hogg and for euery goate a penny and if said Baylif shall be negligent in discharging his office and delay the takeing distresse he shall be loyable to a fyne as shall be thought fit by the 20 men. It shall be lawfull for the said Baylif to recouer any rates or amercements by way of distresse on any goods.
Page 38 February 13th. [1639] ...
It is ordered that Good. Deeble shall be baylif for this yeere to execute and have pay for his labour according to the order of the last yeare.
Page 40 It is ordered at a Generall meeteing in January [1640] ...
There is graunted to Robert Deeble 1 akre of Land joyning to his owne hoame lott and next Mr. Addertons towards the dead swampe in leaueing the wood to the Towne.
Page 42 [Jan - April 1st 1640] It is ordered that Robert Deeble is to be Continued Baylif for the yeere foll with the same power according to the order of the former yeere.
Page 104 [7 Feb 1642] Wheras the Inhabitants of Dorchester haue formerly ordered Consented and agreed that a Rate of Twentie pound p ann shall issue and be payd by the sayd Inhabitants and there heires from and out of a Certaine porcon of land in Dorchester Called Tomsons Hand for and towards the maintenance of a schoole in Dorchester aforsayd. And that vppon experience it is found to be a matter of great labour and difficultie to collect the sayd rent from soe many severall p'sones as ought to paye the same accordinge there seuerall p'portions the p'sones that haue title to land in the sayd Iland and who therfore ought to pay the sayd rent, beinge noe lesse in number than six score or theraboute, And inasmuch as the sayd rent of Twentie pound when it is duly collected and payd is not of it selfe suffitient maintenance, for a schoole without some addicon thervnto for the augmentinge therfor of the sayd rent and to the intent that the same may heneforth be more readily collected and payd It is heerhy ordered and all the prsent Inhabitants of dorchester aforsayd Whose names are heervnto subscribed doe for themselues and there heires heerby Covenant consent and agree that from henceforth the said Iland and all the benefitt and prfitts therof and all there right and Intrest in the same shallbe wholy and for euer bequeathed and given away from themselues and their heires vnto the Town of Dorchester aforesayd for and Towards the maintenance of a free schoole in Dorchester aforesayd for the instructinge and Techinge of Children and youth in good literature and Learninge. And to the intent that the better maintenance for a free schoole as is heerby intended may arise from and out of the sayd Iland It is therefore the mynd of the prseut donoures that the sayd Iland shall from tyme to tyme be lett, assigned and set ouer by the Inhabitants of Dorchester for the time beinge or theire agents for such yearlie rent or rents as shall in Comon Estimation amount to the full value of the sayd Iland.
And to the intent that the godly intentions of the prsent donoures may not be frustrated or disapoynted nor the free schoole heerby intended suffer any pruidice or damage by insuffitient tenante or Tenants to the sayd Iland, or through none payment of the rent that ought to be payd for the same It is heerby ordered and the prseut donoures doe hearby declare that it is there mynd that the sayd Iland shalbe lett assigned and sett Ouer only to such Tenant or Tenants as shall by land or otherwise suffitiently secure the payment of the rent therof for the vse and behoofe of the schoole as aforsayd in such manner and forme and at such time and tymes of payment as shalbe agreed vpon by and betweene the inhabitants of Dorchester or there agents, one the one prtie and the sayd Tenant or Tenannts one the other prtye.
and for avoydinge the Trouble that myght arise in collectinge and gatheringe the same Rent by to great a Multitude of Tenants that ought to pay the same, and to the intent that the rents which shalbecome due for the sayde Iland may be the better and the more redylie collected and payd, it is heerby ordered and declared that the sayd Iland shall neuer be lett out to soe many tenannts as shalbe aboue tenn in number at once.
In witness wherof the prsent Inhabitants have heervnto subscribed ther names the Seaventh day of the Twelfth moneth in the yeare 1641.
Memorand. that before the subscribinge of these prsents the donoures aforsayd did further agree and declare that it was and is there mynd and true intencons that if at any tyme ther shall happen and fall out a vacancie and want of a schoolmaster by meanes of death or otherwise, yet the rents and prfitts ishuinge and arisinge of the sayd Iland shalbe converted and applied only to and for the maintenance and vse of the schoole either by augmentinge the stipend for a schoolemaster or otherwise but not for any other vse.

Israel StoughtonGeorge Proctor
Richard MatherRichard Hawes
George MinottAugustene Clement
Henry WithingtonHenrie Waye
John GlouerJohn Smith
Natha : DnncanDavid Selleck
Thomas HawkinsBray Wilkins
Tho: ClarkeGeo. Weekes
John HolmanJeffrey Turner
Nathaniell PattenJohn Pearce
Humfrey AthertonMr Warham
Thomas MakepeaceAndrew Pitcher
Henry WrightWilliam [mark] Lane
Christopher GibsonThomas Jones
John PhillipsJonas Humffrey
John WiswallEdmunde [mark] Munings
John CapenJames Bate
Joane Capen WeddowGeorge Dyer
William BlakeRobt Howard
Nico : ButlerJohn Grenaway
Nicholas UpsallEdward Breeke
Thomas SwiftRichard Collacott
Thomas WiswallJeremy Howchin
Thomas DickermanThomas Tilstone
Roger ClapJohn Holland
Joseph FarnworthThomas Millit
Hopestill FosterAlice the wife of Richard Jones
William ClarkeNathanael Wales
Michael WilesJohn Rigbye
John PearsRobert Deeble
Nicholas ClappEdward Clap
John [mark] PopeWilli Sumner
John FarnhamJohn [mark] Hill
Baranbas FawerClement Toplif
Thomas [mark] Andrews
Richard Baker
John Mandesley
[When I have written -mark-, in the original there is a letter in the middle of a name, sometimes with 'his mark' or 'the sign of' written by it. These are the signatures of illiterate people. These actual signatures are reproduced here.]
[This is not the first reference to the school. The Record says:
It is ordered that the 20th of May 1639, that there shalbe a rent of 20ls yeerely foreur imposed vpon Tomsons Iland to bee payd p euy p'son that hath p'prtie in the said Iland according to the p'portion that any such p'son shall fro tyme to tyme inioy and posesse there, and this towards the mayntenance of a schoole in Dorchestr this rent of 20ls yeerly to bee payd to such a schoolemaster as shall undertake to teach english latin and other tongues, and also writing the sayd schoolmaste to bee chosen fro tyme to tyme p the freemen and that is left to the discretion of elders and the 7 men for the tyme beeing whether maydes shalbe taught with the boyes or not. For the levying this 20ls yeerely fro the p'ticuler p'sons tliat ought to pay that according to this order. It is farther ordered that somme man shalbe apoynted p the 7 men for the tyme beeing to Receiue that and refusall to levye that p distresse, and not fvnding distresse such p'son as so refuseth payment shall forfeit the land he hath in p'prietie in the sayd Island.
This method of funding the school was obviously going to lead to problems. There were six score (120) people on the Island and they were paying in proportion to their land holdings, so were all paying different amounts. This led to the town meeting on 7 Feb 1642, given above. Since Robert Deebel was bailiff for part of the time between 1639 and 1641, responsible for levying "all fines rates and amercements for the Plantation", I wonder if he had to deal with this mess, and was one of the speakers at the meeting! This school still exists although not in its original location. It is the Mather Elementary School, Boston.]
Page 32 [The dating of this entry is tricky. Some entries nearby are as late as 1687, but the next account is dated 1641. It seems likely that it is a payment for his job as Bailiff, so some time from 1639-1641.]
William Blake and Nicholas Clap Constables are to haue for moneys p them disbursed as foll :
Iprs payd to Mr Meinot 6-.. -..
For surveying lands and carying the Compo ou the Ferry -9 -6
more payd mr Holman for making pt of the high way aboue the mill 1 -18 -
more payd Jo : Phillipes for his help in measuring land -12 -
more payd Christon Gibson for the same -17 -
To Nathaniel Wales -10 -
For worke at Muddie Riu -19 -
more for worke there 1 -4 -
more for Corne for Goo : Webb which the treasurer should pay to the County 1 -4 -
more pd for a Rugg for Steeven -6 -
more payd Mr Stowghtons bill 3 -14 -6
more payd Mr Oliuer 3 - -
more payd Roger Clap for a lock and setting vp Rayles at the neck -8 -
more payd Jo : Smith for worke at the bridge 1 -3 -
more payd him for a gate to the mill -5 -
To Alexander Miller and Peeter Aspinall for worke at the Bridge -5 -
pd Mr Atherton at seuall tymes 4 -3
pd Goo : Grinway for Steeven 1 - -
more payd Mr Glour bill 4 -8 -
more pd Ed : Breck for mending the high way -12 -
more payd the Deacons for chargs about the bell 2 -10 -
more pd Jo : Smith for worke at the bridge -4 -
To Natha : Duncan for his Rate -11 -
To Nicholas Vpshall -16 -
To Richard Collicot 1 - -
To Robert Deeble1 - -
To Nicho : Clap for his teeme 2 days and other worke for a man -15 -
To John Smith for a towne fence -6 -8
To allow for non payment of wm Reed and Thom : Starr -3 -6
Rests p Willia Blake and Nicho : Clap to ball this acco 3 -4