Entries in Matthew Grant's Old Church Record concerning Dibbles

Matthew Grant's Old Church Record 1639-1681 is a very old record of Windsor. I am taking the version in an appendix of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut Vol I (history) by Henry Reed Stiles, starting at page 871 (with one entry on page 228).

Here are some extracts which mention members of the Dibble family, including Thomas Deble, his son Ebenezer Deble and his grandson Wakefield Deble.

872 A list of those members of the church that were in Dorchester and came up here with Mr Warham and still are of us.

of menof women
Henry Wolcottmftrs Phelps
William PhelpsDecon moors Wife
John WitchfeldRic. Vors Wife
William GaylardJonath. Gillets Wife
John Mooreliftn. fillers Wife
Thomas ffordTho. Debls Wife
Humphrey Pinnegeorg Phelps Wif
Matthew Grant
Thomas Deble senr
George Phillups
Jonathan Gillet senr
Nathan Gillet
Richard Vore
Abram Randall
Begat Eggelfton
George Phelps
874 June 21 1668 It was by vote of the Church assented to that Adult persons be it husban or wife that desired to have their children Baptized by mr chancy, should, it they presented themselves to the elders in privat, and declared to their satisfaction thir knowledg in the principles & owned the fathers covinant, then there should nothing be required of them in publick until they presented themselves for full communion. before this time it had been the practic to call such persons in publiqu, to stand forth and answer to questions of catechism propounded to them and to own the church covinant. And the time which mr warham first begann this practic was january 31, 1657 and went onne in the practic of it untill march 19, 1664 which day he declared to the church that he had met with such arguments against the practice conserning the baptizing of members [chi]ldren, that he could not get throw at present, and could not goe one in practis as hee had don without scrupiel of conscience, therefore must forebare to give [ ] not that he intended to cast of the practice holy, but only to delaye it for a time till he could better be able to answer his present scruples, for if he should act and not of faith rom.14 would be sin to him. So the delaye of it from marh. 19 64 was three years and so much as from the 19. of March to the 21 of Juen that mr chancy set it one agyne.
875 Here I note down the persons in order as they tendered themselves publickly, to attayn baptifme for thir children (from the time mr Warham firft begann untill he layed it downe) and remayne so still and have not put one for full communion nor have not joyned them felues with the other company, [That is, the other church, under Rev. Mr. Woodbridge.] ...
decmbr . 11 . 64 . ebenzr Deble ...

Since Mr Chancy begann as I can Judg by his baptising thir children ...
Ifrel Deble septem . 18 . 70 ...
Ifrell Debel Wif oct 6 . 72 ...

Here I fet down the names and ages of persons both of men and women kind that have ben borne and baptised in Windfor church and are yet unmarried and not of those that have turned to the other society but live under the churches cognicence.
men kind...
Thomas Debel . feptm . 3 . 47...
Wakefeld fonn of ebenezr Deble . fepm . 15 . 67 . baptifed May . 17 . 68
Ebenezr of ebenezr Debl baptifed . aguft . 17 . 71 .
876 women kind
meriam Deble Defim . 7 . 45...
877 Mary of ebenezr Deble born Decmr . 24 . 64 : baptifd . 25 64
8781641 Samuel Deble buried
Page 880[Deaths]
70 year 7 persons ... Ebenezer Debles Daughter

75 year 12 persons ...
Samuel Marshall in war
Edward Chapman in war
Ebenezer Deble in war
Nathaniel Pond in war
Richard Saxston in war ...

76 ... Son of Abram Deble
Page 881 The wife of Thomas Deble sen. died May 14, 1681

August 17th 1677 I herewith set down what children have been born in Windsor from our beginning hitherto so far as I am able to find out: ....
Thomas Deble 6
Isrell Deble 4
Ebenezer Deble 5
Samuel Deble 5
883 The account of persons taken into church communion and years when, that are now living Dec.21, 1667.
Only yet living that came from Dorchester in full communion...
Thomas Debles sen...
Sister Deble
[He then listed men and women taken into communion afterwards. There are no Dibbles, although there is S.Gibbs wife both Sept 1666 - possibly Hephsiba Dibble]
Page 885 [Deacon Moore's account levy, apparently for the wine for communion]
Thomas Deble 3 6
Page 228 This is the account of what persons gave to the voluntary contributon made for the poor in want in other colonies upon motion sent to this colony of Connecticut. It was done June 11,'76. [The poverty was caused by King Philip's War.]
Thomas Dibble , sen'r ...1s 3d        [See Discussion on money for an explanation of shillings and pence.]
Abram Dibble ................1s 3d

Founders stone in Windsor, Connecticut

This stone is obviously later than the original foundation of Windsor. This stone says the following, and gives a list of the founders. Thomas Dibble is on the list.

The founders of Windsor
the first Congregational Church
in Connecticut
which came to America
in the Mary and John with
its Pastor John Warham
May 30 1630
settled in Dorchester Massachusetts
and migrated to Windsor
in May and October 1635

Founders stone in Windsor, Connecticut