Petition of George Jarvis Dibble

This transcription is an extract from a handwritten document on Provincial Archives of New Brunswick .

Mr. Eud Chairman of The Select Committee appointed pursuant to the directions of the act of the General afsembly of this provinces made and pafsed in the Ninth Year of the reign of his Late Majesty George the Fourth, intitled "an act to regulate the trials of controverted Elections or Returns of members to serve in General assembly" - to try and determine the merits of the petition of George J. Dibblee and others freeholders of the County of York praying an Inquiry into the Qualification of John Allen Esquire a member for the said County, to hold his seat, and also praying that the same might be invalid and also that the Sheriffs return might be altered by inserting the name of George F. Street Esq. as the next candidate at the late Election for the said County duly qualified and that the Said George F. Street Esquire might be allowed to take his seat, or that other writ might ifsue forth for the Election of a Member in the room of the said John Allen Esquire, and that the petitions be might heard by Counsel and produce Evidence if necefsary, also a petition thereunto annexed from the said George F. Street Esquire prying that the said action might be amended and the name of the said George F. Street Esquire be inserted" - Reports that - Having heard the Petitioners and the Sitting Member by their respective Counsel and the evidence by them produced, and having duly considered the premises the Committee determine as follows-

That the said John Allen Esquire elected to serve in General Afsembly as a member for the said County of York, was duly qualified so to be elected, and further That the said petitions do not appear to the said Committee to be frivolous or vexatious -

Saturday March 5th 1831

William Eud Chairman

Later on in the document the following names were sworn in before the Speaker of the house:

George Frederick Street, John Ambrose Street and Alfred Locke Street.