Various wills

The dates given in the records can be confusing. Please read the discussion on dates for an explanation.

Modern date
11 Feb 1676Settlement of affairs of Ebenezer Dibble (the older)
1 Nov 1689Will of Thomas Loomis (father-in-law of Wakefield Dibble)
17 Feb 1700Will of Thomas Dibble (senior)
24 Feb 1715Will of Zerubbabell Fyler (another father-in-law of Wakefield Dibble)
21 Nov 1723Will of John Fyler
31 Jan 1734Will of Wakefield Dibble

Settlement of affairs of Ebenezer Dibble (Wakefield's father) is given on the page of Ebenezer Dibble the older. It mentions Wakefield Dibble.

From Early Connecticut probate records Vol 1 1635-1700 page 482

Probate Records VolumeV page 40.

Loomis, Thomas, Windsor. Invt. £377-01-06.

Taken 1st November, 1689, by John Moore and Joseph Loomis.

The children: Thomas, b. 17 March, 1655-6; Hannah, b. 8 Feb., 1657-8; Mary, b.16 Jan., 1659-60; Elizabeth, b. 21 Jan., 1663-4; Ruth, b. 16 Oct., 1665; Sarah, b. 1st Feb., 1667-8; Mabell, b. 2nd Oct., 1672; Mindwell, b. Aug., 1676; Benjamin, b. 20 May, 1679.

Court Record, Page 7 — 11 November, 1689: Adms. to Thomas Loomis.

Page 12 — 6 March, 1689-90: Dist: To Eldest son, £130; to the youngest son, £65 ; to the Lame daughter Sarah, £50; to Each of the other daughters, £24 (a part before received by the Married daughters). William Judd, Michael Tayntor & John Lee sign as having received. Again Hana had £8, Mary £7-01-08, and Elizabeth £11-03-00.

Page 64 — 14 December, 1693 : The Brothers-in-Law of Thomas Loomys of Windsor having appeared before the Court of Assistants, Octtober Last, & Desireing This Court to Settle the Father of sayd Loomys his Estate, they being dissatisfied with the Dist. of the County Court:
The Court of Assistants turning it Back to the Consideration of the County Court, who, having Laboured in it. The sayd Tho. Loomys, John Lee in behalf of his Wife, & Michael Tayntor, agreed in Court that Benjamin Loomys his portion should be as the former Court ordered, £65, & Wakefield Dible's wife's portion £50, & that Thomas Loomys should add to the portions of his six sisters now surviving Fower pounds Ten shillings apeice to each of them, to be paid as soon as he can conveniently, in corn, porck or Neat Cattell ; & the Court appoynts Thomas Loomys to be Administrator to his Father's Estate.

The will of Thomas Dibble (senior) is given on the page of Thomas Dibble. It mentiones Wakefield Dibble.

From Early Connecticut probate records Vol 2 1700-1729 page 200

Invt. and Agreement in Vol IX, Pages 30 and 50

Fyler, Zerubbabell, Windsor. Invt. £374-17-05.

Taken 24 February, 1714-15, by Nathaniel Hosford and Jonathan Elsworth.

An agreement, made this 13th day of April, Anno Dom. 1716, for the settlement of the estate of sd. Zerubabell Fyler, late of Windsor, deceased, between the heirs of Zerubabell Fyler:

For the peaceful settlement of the estate, we, the subscribers, heirs, do agree in manner and form following:

First: We mutually agree that the widow of the sd. deceased, or the mother, shall have, besides her thirds of the movables to be at her disposal, which she hath received and is therewith content, 1-3 of the real estate of the sd. deceased, viz., 1-3 of the homestead, on the north side; also, 8 7-8 acres of land in the Great Meadow, on the north side, for her sole use during her natural life.

Secondly : We agree that Wakefield Dibble and Jonathan Deming have, besides what they have received of the movables, with which they are content, the 54 acres of First Grant Lands and 30 acres of Second Division Lands in Suffield.

Thirdly: We agree that Zerubabell Fyler have, besides the movables, the 30 acres of woodland up by the marsh.

Fourthly : We agree that Experience Fyler have, besides the movables, 3 acres of the meadow land in Suffield ; also 1 1-2 acre and 30 rods of the lot by Horsford.

Fifthly: We agree that Elizabeth Fyler have, besides the movables, 3 acres of the meadow land in Suffield;
also one acre, 1-2 and 30 rods in the lot by Horsford.

Lastly : We mutually agree that Thomas Fyler and Stephen Fyler have, besides the movables, the remaining part of the lot by Horsford ; also the remaining 2-3 of the homestead on the south side ; also the remaining part of the meadow land in the Great Meadow, on the south side, in equal proportion, to the value of £3-15-00 each, and then the sd. Thomas to have 2-3 and the sd. Stephen 1-3 of all the remainder.

In testimony and confirmation thereof we hereto set our hand and seals.

Signed and sealed

in presence of
John EliotExperience Fyler, LS.
Mary EliotThomas Fyler, LS.
Josiah Churchill and Zerubabell X Fyler, LS.
Philip Goff, Jr.,Stephen Fyler, LS.
Witnesses to Jonathan Deming.Wakefield Dibble, LS.
Experience X Fyler, Jr. LS.
Elizabeth X Fyler, LS.
Jonathan Deming, LS.

Court Record, Page 239 - 7 March, 1714-15: Adms. granted jointly to Experience Fyler, the widow, and Thomas Fyler, son of sd. deed.

Page 15 (Vol. IX) 14 April, 1716: Agreement exhibited, allowed and confirmed. And upon the motion of Experience Fyler of Windsor (who was, with the son, Thomas Fyler, appointed Adms.), this Court doth now dismiss and discharge her from her trust of Adms. on sd. estate, and declare the sd. Thomas Fyler sole Administrator.

From Early Connecticut probate records Vol 2 1700-1729 page 510

Page 195-6-7-8-9.

Fyler, John, Windsor. Inventory as presented by Thomas Fyler, Adms., taken 21 November, 1723, by Ebenezer Fitch, Jonathan Elsworth and Samuel Strong.

Court Record, Page 33 - 6 November, 1723: Eliakim Marshall, of Windsor, exhibited in this Court the last will of Mr. John Fyler, late of sd. Windsor decd., and desired it might be proved and allowed. Stephen Fyler, Elizabeth Fyler and Wakefield Dibble appeared to contest the probate of sd. will, and this Court having considered the will with the evidences and pleas on both sides produced, and also the general capacity of the testator, upon the whole do not allow nor approve sd. will for probation, and grant Adms. unto Thomas Fyler of sd. Windsor, son of Zerubbable Fyler deceased.

See File : An agreement concluded between all ye heirs of Mr. John Fyler, deceased, for ye peaceable settlement of ye estate of sd. John Fyler. Wee, the subscribers, heirs abovsd., do mutually agree. In witness whereof we have set to our hands and seals this 23 April, 1726.

Thomas Filer, LS.
Stephen Filer, LS.
Zerubbable X Fyler, LS.
Wakefild Dibel LS.
Josiah Willard, LS.
Elizabeth X Willard, LS.
Experience X Fyler, LS.
Abigail Deming, LS.
Nathaniel Higley, LS.
Jonathan Sacket, LS.

A special covenant for the division of lands, made between the heirs or legatees of Mr. John Fyler, late of Windsor decd., viz., to Thomas Fyler, to Stephen Fyler, to Zerubbabell Fyler, to Wakefield Dibble's wife Jane, to Abigail the wife of Jonathan Deming, to Experience Fyler, Elizabeth the wife of Josiah Willard, and to the heirs of Samuel Fyler decd. And in confirmation whereof we the subscribers have hereunto set to our hands and seals this 5th day of April, 1726.

Thomas Filer, LS.
Zerubbabell X Filler, LS.
Stephen Filer, LS.
Abigail Deming, LS.
Witness: Joseph Backus, Jr.,
Eben: Williamson.
Josiah Willard, LS.
Wakefild Dibol, LS. Jonathan Sacket, LS.
Experience X Filer, LS.

Whereas, there is made and confirmed articles of agreement among and between the heirs of John Fyler, late of Windsor decd., upon the 5th day of April, 1726, concerning the settlement of all his real and personall estate, we the subscribers, being heirs of said estate, and pursuant to said agreement, haue and do ratifie and confirm the same in the dividing and settleing of all the lands laid out or that shall hereafter be laid but to the heirs of sd. John Fyler, lying in the Township of Torringtown, viz., the heirs of Thomas Fyler to haue 2-9 of all the lands as to quanity and quality, and Stephen Fyler to haue 1-7 and 1-2 part And the remainder to be equally divided between Zerubbable Fyler and the heirs of Jane Dibell decd., and the heirs of Abigail Deming decd., and Elizabeth Willard, and the heirs of Experience Chiles decd., and the heirs of Samuel Kyler decd.And we do further agree that Thomas Marshall, Benjamin Sissill, Noah Wilson, Abill Beach and Epaphras Shelding, all of Torinton, shall be the persons to dist. sd. lands. In confirmation whereof wtf have hereunto set our hands.

Whereas, Silas Fyler doth represent (by purchase) Thomas Fyler, Stephen Fyler and Zerubbable Fyler. Dated in Windsor, this 21 September, 1759.

Silas Fyler,
Jonathan Hoit, Jr.
Samuel Filer,
Jonathan Sackett,
Nathaniel Higley,
Charles Deming,
Elizabeth Willard,
Jonathan Deming,
Abigail Deming,
Ebenezer Goodrich.

The will of Wakefield Dibble is given on the page of Wakefield Dibble.