Gwydir Street in 1883 directory

Apologies if I have made any mistakes. The printing is sometimes hard to read!

Kelly's Directory of Cambs, Norfolk & Suffolk, 1883

Edited by E.R. Kelly, M.A., F.S.S. Printed and published by Kelly and Co. Price to subscribers, twenty-five shillings - non-subscibers, thirty shillings (this would be £1.50 in modern money)

There is a Court Directory in this directory, but no entry for Gwydir Street. The Rev John Jull is still there (see the 1879 directory) but he has moved to Brunswick Terrace.

In the commercial directory, there are more people than in the 1879 directory, with some entries for Upper Gwydir Street. There are far more house numbers, and these are definitely the 'new' numbering. There are 6 people both in the 1879 directory, and this 1883 directory. However, since there are more people, it may be that more have decided to pay for entry into the directory rather than there was a quick turn-over of traders. The directory is both in surname order, and trade order. I have only given the references to Gwydir Street in the surname ordered directory, since the entries are the same in both.

Commerical (by surname)
Last nameFirst nameTradeHouse number
AbbissThomasboot maker136 Gwydir St
BementWilliamboot & shoe maker29 Gwydir St
BennettJohn Robertbricklayer3 Gwydir St
ClarkJosiahAlexandra Arms22 Gwydir St
ClaydonWilliam Thomasflorist Gwydir St
DuncombeMorrisstone mason163 Gwydir St
EllwoodJamesbeer retailer103 Gwydir St
HeapEdwardchemist138 Gwydir St
HolderThomasGwydir Arms45 Gwydir St
HollandWilliambuilder8 Upper Gwydir St
KeyEdwardshopkeeper50 Gwydir St
LambertGeorgetobacconist132 Gwydir St
MillardHarriet (Miss)day school42 Gwydir St
Pamphilon Brotherscarpenters57 Gwydir St
ParrPhilipshopkeeper135 Gwydir St
RobbinsSarah (Miss)day schoolTemperance Mission hall, Upper Gwydir St
SherringhamWilliamshoe maker47 Gwydir St
StartJosephlinen draper69 Gwydir St
StrangeJosephbeer retailer87 Gwydir St
StrangeSidneybeer retailer79 Gwydir St
WatsonHerbert Johnsongrocers64 Gwydir St
WebbBernardstationer39 Gwydir St
WilderspinLutherbutcher67 Gwydir St

Cambridgeshire Population in 1881

North Witchford15,464

If you compare these figures to the 1879 directory, it is interesting that Cambridge and Chesterton have increased in size, while all other towns' populations have fallen slightly.

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