People who lived in Gwydir Street in 1913

This information was taken from Historical Directories. Apologies if I have made any mistakes. The printing is sometimes hard to read!

The directory is The 1913 Street and General Directory of Cambridge, published by W.P.Spalding, 43 Sidney Street, Cambridge.

West Side
Here is Norfolk Street
 Plum, HerbertPrince of Wales
3Bennett, J. Robert, seniorbuilder
5Benstead, George Jamestailor
7Dean, Mrs. 
9White, Mrs. 
11Beale, A.tailor
13Blackburn, Jamescarpenter
15Abbs, A.G.butcher
17aBenstead, George Pledger 
17Legge, Dennisfried fish dealer
17Newstead, Georgebrewer's labourer
19Clarke, Mrs. Mary Ann 
21Page, Alfredcarpenter
21Ambrose, H.E.builder
23Banyard, Philipbuilder
25Leach, Davidhosier's assistant
27Burling, Williamtailor
29Miller, Harryfruiterer and florist
31Harrison, George Frederickcoach-body maker
33North, Harrycarpenter
35Gymer, Mrs. F. 
37Cutting, Johnbutcher
39Hornsby, Williamtaxi-cab driver
41Ginger, Mrs. 
43Cundie, Williamwoodman
45Emery, George A.Gwydir Arms
47Wallis, Johngreengrocer and confectioner
49White, Harry W.painter
51Phillips, Henry T.clerk
53Pettitt, Frank Josiahjoiner
55Huckle, Henryengine driver, Leys School Laundry
57Cornwall, Mrs. E. 
57Pamphilon & Sonbuilders, contractors
and funeral furnishers
59Pamphilon, Nedbuilder
61Mansfield, Harrypainter
63Moule, Frederickfitter's labourer
65Hogg, Jamesbutcher
67Burton, James J.butcher
69Meadows, Walter Williamgeneral shop
71Elliot, John WilliamG.E.R.servant
73Barnard, Thomascarpenter
75Thompson, Jamescarpenter
77Charter, Williamcarpenter
79Moule, Arthurcabinet maker
81Dunthorn, Jabezcarpenter
83Wilson, Alexanderbuilder's engine driver
85Alderson, Robertplasterer
87Sutcliffe, RichardDewdrop Inn
89Hardy, Walterpainter, writer and grainer
91Pepper, Jamescement worker
93Doggett, Miss Sarah 
95Rutter, Waltercarpenter
97Allen, Herbert Alfred Fdkcarpenter
99Kempton, Frank Edwardbricklayer
101Matthews, SamuelG.E.R. servant
103Barnes, FrederickBrewers' Arms
105Jillians, Miss 
107Fallows, Mrs M.A. 
109Sanderson, Davidsweep
111Doggett, Jameslabourer
113Parr, Mrs A.E. 
115Butler, William Matthewengine driver, G.E.R.
117Perry, Johnrailway servant
119Kirbyshire, Edwardex-police inspector
121Waters, AlfredG.E.R. servant
123Tookey, Waltercarpenter
125Franklin, Arthurpainter
127Baker, Mrs S.M. 
129Butler, Charlesengine driver
131Hopkins, Jamespaperhanger and painter
133Trudgett, Mrs. Elizabethcertified monthly nurse
135Hawkins, F. Seymourmilkman
Here are Gwydir Cottages
137Butcher, Abrahampainter & decorator, Fitzroy Cottage
139Hayward, Francis C.G.E.R. goods agent
141Worledge, George C.commercial traveller
145Lambert, Kingevangelist
147Eagle, Edwardcarpenter
149Reynolds, Mrs William 
151Spencer, Leonard 
153Beasley, Henrypainter and decorator
155Pratt, HenryExton Cottage
Start of Lorne Terrace
157Rout, Miss 
157Rout, J.E. 
159Parr, Johnhorsekeeper
159Parr, Missdressmaker
161Nunn, Mrs A.A. 
163McGregor, Missnurse
End of Lorne Terrace
Building plot and advertsing station
167Kent, John and Sonsslater and tilers
Bahia Cottage
167Kent, Missdressmaker
167Kent, William 
169Phillips, Arthurbookseller
171Newell, Mrs. 
173Plumb, Fredrailway servant, G.E.R.
175Munns, Lushertelegraphist
Leicester Cottage
177Senior, W.H.clerk
Gwydir Cottage
179Hawkes, Georgebrewer
Stanford Cottage
181Dale's Brewery
Dale, Frederick
brewer, wine and
spirit merchant
183Nunn, Alfredcustodian of
Christ's Piece
185Bainbridge, Alfredtailor
Here is Mill Road
East Side
Here is Mill Road
Side entrance to Gwydir House
Dale's stables
192Baker, John 
190Lander, Frederickcement employee
188Mansfield, Frederickwarehouseman
186Parr, Davidpainter
184Legge, DennisGothic House
182Green, Johntaxidermist
180Pateman, Haroldrailway servant
178Biggs, Charles S.foreman mason
Start of Connaught Terrace
174Cook, Alfredgardener
176Perrin, Mrs. 
172Goddard, Mrs. 
170Greenhill, Johncook, G.E.R. Refreshment Department
168Lilley, Frederick Johnpolice-sergeant
166Scarr, Robertpolice constable No 16
164Jackson, Alfredprinter
164Jackson, Mrs A.L.C.M.teacher of the pianoforte
162Rayner, William S.coachman
160Deeks, Mrs 
160Deeks, Miss A.M.dressmaker
158Elliott, Philipengine driver
End of Connaught Terrace
156Green, Williamtraveller
154Rogers, Edward Thomaslaundryman, Holmlea
152Hayden, Frederick Charlesprinter
150Harding,Arthurtown postman
148Bigg, G.Edwingeneral printer Sturton Town Printing Works
146Francis, Mrs E. 
144aKerry J.W.bootmaker
144Watson, Sidney H.grocer and provision merchant
142Pilsworth, Thomasplasterer, Norton Cottage
140aWoollard, Edward Williamtailor
140Easton, Miss 
Here is Hooper Street
138Butler, Bros.
Butler H.E.
grocers and provision merchants
136Garland, Johnbootmaker
134Whitmore, Mrsfried fish shop
132Vigar, Mrs.general shop
130Pearce, Johnsawyer
128Parker, Alfred Williampolice constable No. 20
126Smith, Frederick servant
124Odell, Arthur Edwardengineer
122Wells,William Johnbootmaker
120Brown, Samuelengine driver, G.E.R.
118Reed, Joseph ThurlowP.O. mail messenger
116Ginn, Louis Georgeengine driver
114Gibbs, Albertpainter
112Langlet, Mrs. 
112Arber, Sidneycollege porter
110Stubbs, Johntaxi-driver
108Wolfe, Harry Isaac 
106Burbage, William L.baker
104Butler, Mrs. 
102Clark, Mrs. 
100Sutton, Williamrailway servant
98Ison, Mrs 
96Simons, Samuelbricklayer
94Hobbs, Mrs. 
92Pointon, Henry J.plasterer
90Hornsby, Willam 
88Cook, Mrs M. 
86 -- 
84Earle, Georgemachinist
82Sanders, Martonplatelayer, G.E.R.
80Smith, H.J.engine driver, G.E.R.
78Glover, HarryG.E.R. railway servant
76Shoote, Thomaswoodman
74Loker, Frankbaker and confectioner
72Denston, Bernard Charlestailor
70Smith, Tompoulterer
68Clarke, Edmundporter
66Watts, Robert S.carman
64Brown, C. and Sonsoil and hardware merchants
62Brown, Charles 
60Rolfe, Mrs 
58Thoday, Samuelcarman
56 - 
54Lawrence, Thomaslabourer
52Finbow, Williamcoal and coke merchants and furniture remover
50 - 
48Melton, Sidney Jamescarpenter
48Melton, Mrs.laundress
46Wesson, Mrs. Harriet 
44Denson, Frederickcarpenter
42Millard, Mrs Ann 
40Benstead, Williamcarpenter, Hope Cottage
38Webb, Mrs A.greengrocer and newsagent
36Dobbin, Edwardcement employee
34Beales, Alfredcarman
32Brown, Robertoil and hardware merchant
28Baker, Williamironmonger's assistant
26Carter, William Jamestailor
Alpha Cottage
24Tiplady, Georgetailor
22Shaw, Joseph A.Alexandra Arms
Here is Milford Street
The Beaconsfield Club
12Elsden, Reubenengine fitter
10Long, Charles W.B.G.E.R. clerk
8Dewsbury, Arthurinsurance agent
6Harben, Edwardbutcher
4Reynolds, Arthur Johnpostman
2Tiplady, Charlestailor
 Plumb, H.cabinet maker and furniture dealer
Matthews, Reubenhouse decorator
Here is Norfolk Street

The Beaconsfield Club
Stevens, J.H.president
Elsden, R.hon. sec.
Long, Chas. W.B.hon. treas.
Males, Edwardcustodian

Gwydir Cottages
1Combe, Robert M.tailor
2Human, H.woodman
3Pollard, J.painter
4Bement, Charlesfishmonger
Upper Gwydir Street
East side
Here is Norfolk Street
1Hayward, Henrycollege servant
2Bradbury, Johncabinet maker
3Overton, Henryplumber
4Holmes, Harrybutcher, Holland House
5Martin, MrsNewton House
6Cream, Charlesporter
7Wolfe, Arthurshop assistant
8Holland, Williambuilder
9Garner, Johncarpenter and joiner
10Cook, C.W.coal and coke merchant
Here is Edward street
West side
Salvation Army Junior' Hall
 Endersby, rooms
Here is Norfolk Street

The jobs in this directory are similar to those in 1904. The main difference seems to be a rise in people working with engines (some of these might be railway, but some are definitely not) and the disappearance of smiths.

Food and Drink
2 baker
1 brewer
1 brewer's labourer
4 butchers
2 fried fish dealer
1 grocers
3 greengrocers
1 milkmen
1 poulterer
6 publicans
Total = 22

2 police constable
1 police-sergeant
1 ex-police inspector
Total = 6

3 engine drivers
1 platelayer
8 servant
1 goods agent
1 Refreshment Department
1 clerk
Total = 15

2 taxi-cab drivers
5 engine drivers
1 engineer
1 engine fitter
3 carmen
1 horsekeeper
1 coach-body maker
1 coachman
Total = 15

Books &
1 bookseller
3 printers
Total = 4

& Appearance
3 dressmakers
2 laundry
3 bootmaker
9 tailors
1 hosier's assistant
Total = 18

White collar
3 nurses
2 clerks
1 telegraphist
1 insurance agent
2 commercial travellers
Total = 9

Other Retail
2 oil and hardware merchants
1 ironmonger's assistant
1 coal & coke merchant
1 furniture dealer
2 general shops
Total = 7

2 bricklayers
4 builders
14 carpenters
1 joiner
1 cabinet maker
3 labourers
9 painters
3 plasterers
1 slater and tiler
3 cement worker
1 foreman mason
Total = 42

Other workers
1 warehouseman
2 postman
1 P.O. mail messenger
1 gardener
1 college servant
1 college porter
1 woodman
Total = 8

1 evangelist
1 taxidermist
1 teacher of the pianoforte
Total = 3

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